Are The First Stars Really Still Out There?

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History of the Universe

History of the Universe

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Written by Emma Chapman
Check out her great book on this exact subject here:
Narrated by David Kelly
Edited by Manuel Rubio and David Kelly
Thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza: ettore.mazz...
Sound Editing by Craig Stevenson
Animations by the superb Jero Squartini using Manim - MIT License, (c) 2020-2023 3Blue1Brown LLC
CGI of Star Comparison Chart by Moritz Brand
Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESA and ESO.
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Silver Maple And Yehezkel Raz.
Stock footage from Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock.
00:00 Introduction
05:46 Hot Planets
14:52 Population III
29:28 The Hunt (For The First Stars)
43:59 Mammoths

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Sign up now at to get started planning a career that works on one of the world’s most pressing problems.
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Very interesting sponsor! As a law student, I’m quite inclined to check it out and get an overview of possible career paths
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Done and thanks for the info 👍
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Its a party 🎉🥳🎉🎉🎊 any day you put on a new video now I'm going to proceed to put this on repeat and watch it 3 times
@PSwayBeats 2 aylar önce
You should do videos on a certain scientist of any kind and what they did and just their life in general
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Please keep the History of the Universe coming. Best science show on TRshow.
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TRshow? Best show period , everywhere
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Say that again baby
@AT-cc3lf 2 aylar önce
​@@AlecsNeosay that again too.
@bertdemeulemeester 2 aylar önce
Can't keep talking about the history of the universe. Probably a bit more material to talk about than in history of the earth. History of the solar system might give us two episodes too though.
@JosephTatumPage 2 aylar önce
Please Please please 🙏
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After 4 years of hard work next week I'll graduate in environmental engineering and I wanna say that it's also thanks to you. You gifted me with nights of deep sleep when the stress of studying overwhelmed me. Thanks for all you do and shout-out to this whole community :)
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good for you! i'm a retired 'built-environment' engineer (or m&e, back in my day) and though always concerned with designing energy-efficient systems, they were often standalone solutions drawn around existing plans. growing environmental concern has lead to a much more inter-disciplinary approach over the years and it was around 2000 i noticed a lot of our new hires were environmental engineering graduates. i think all your hard work these last four years is about to pay off in spades. not only should you have a career for life, it is noble work you'll be doing. congratulations!
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@@billynomates920 thank you Billy! I hope the path I chose will repay itself with gratification and a solid career just like it did with you
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This comment is criminally underrated! 😭
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@ryanbaker7404 Aylar önce
It is both amazing and humbling to know that "old age" eventually catches up with everything, including galaxies and the myriad stars that make them up. Another outstanding video with top notch production values, thank you. I wish I had access to content like this 40 years ago when I was star gazing with my dad on a rural 165 acre cattle farm under a dark, night sky!
@Thedoctorr5 2 aylar önce
I'm in constant fear that each release will be the last. This series is so bloody good.
@dandywaysofliving Aylar önce
Every end is a new beginning. . Learning to adapt shows our humility
@benjaminmllerjensen8705 8 gün önce
check out 'The entire history of the eatth' - same people :)
@paulm749 2 aylar önce
This is a beautifully told story. It helps provide a bit of understanding about why someone might desire to spend a significant part of their career in science trying to unravel the mystery surrounding these earliest stars.
@DoesNotGiveAF 2 aylar önce
Glad to see this channel doing well and hope to see it grow. Some of the best quality documentaries with excellent writing and editing. Thanks for all the hard work.
@fratercontenduntocculta8161 Aylar önce
I'm always impressed at how important a science Spectroscopy is. Even more impressive is how simple tricks are used by Astronomers like the transit method to find exoplanets. It also gives me faith in our species seeing just how many people are genuinely entertained by education!
@rogerpetronzio8337 2 aylar önce
Simply the best videos on the universe. Nothing pushed down your throat. A wonderful narrator who is only asking you to think, see, and wonder. Very well done.
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Couldn't agree more!
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I was waiting for this!! Thank you for all the hard work every time you put in the video's! Your voice is so calming!❤ You have the one of the best channels out here about astronomy.
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Your videos are educational, entertaining, calming, and fulfilling. Thank you for your hard work, and please, keep at it. As the internet decays with the strides of popular ignorance, we need good sources of information and education.
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Thank you for creating such interesting and beautifully crafted content. Truly an excellent work you are doing.
@Scavendon 2 aylar önce
When I was a teenager I was consumed by the field of physics, fascinated beyond comprehension; life got in the way over the years and interest dwindled. The discovery of your videos has made me a child again. Every thought process seems to circle back to the history of the universe, and the unanswered questions in physics. It’s both my favourite channel on TRshow, and the last channel I’d want to find, because curiosity to that extent can make a person mad.. I’m still going to watch them all multiple times though 🤣
@aurabyss792 2 aylar önce
I just can't get enough of this channel!... Sterling work as always. Thank you 👍
@warrazone 2 aylar önce
I loved this one! I’m actually half way through Emma’s book too! It’s so good to see it visualised.
@tomkent8055 Aylar önce
History of the universe is absolutely amazing. Please keep this going. I recommend your videos to everyone i know and meet. Pure intelligence, captured and regurgitated in a simple effective way so that even i can understand. Absolutely brilliant
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I look forward to these videos so much. I love them. You always do such fantastic work.
@Felipe-xt4id 2 aylar önce
This channel is one of a kind, keep the pristine work, and shout out to the narrator who does an incredible work
@johndeaux8815 2 aylar önce
I wonder if the visible spectrum is an adaptation to the star that we ended up with. Like, if you were born on a planet with a more red star, I wonder if eyes on that planet had evolved to see a different snippet of the spectrum, like what we would consider as IR vision, meanwhile on Earth, they would think everyone has UV vision. It’d be kinda funny if there was some alien who’s weakness was getting sunburnt by blue light 😂
@user-ui6kv2np8i 2 aylar önce
100% correct. Life adapts to the star system (environment) where it was born, and indeed to the specific planet where it was born. If Earth had a heavier mass we wouldn't be able to move, likewise, a smaller mass would enable us to bounce our way around (relative to a human whose muscle strength / kg is what it is atm).
@jaspertuin2073 2 aylar önce
As others have said you are completely right. If you consider photosynthesis as ''seeing with plant eyes'' then we even have good reason to think the early earth had purple plants/life photosynthesising using a similar molecule to chlorophyl. This molecule worked better at the time due to the light from the sun to have a slightly different colour in it's earlier days, so it was more efficient to be purple coloured. I even believe this purple type was a simpler molecule to chlorophyl so it evolved earlier too, but not sure on this last part.
@shanevaldetero1246 2 aylar önce
Idk why you don't have 2 million + subscribers!!! By far, the best science/ space documentaries out there!!!! Also, great to listen to when having trouble sleeping. Hats off to the narrator along with the writer. Everything is of the highest quality!!!! ❤
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As always, astonished at the quality of these documentaries, thank you so much for the production of these amazing programs!
@InDecemberOfficial 2 aylar önce
These video's are a welcome change in a time where we are all relentlessly pushed to be succesful at everything. They gives us, next to a great insight to the world of astronomy, the opportunity to put ourselves into perspective and maybe make us realize it doesn't matter all that much. We're here just for a blink of an eye, try to do things that make you happy, it's too short not to. Thank you History of the Universe for your content.
@Numba003 2 aylar önce
Thank you guys for yet another fantastic episode. Thank you for helping me understand how we search for gen 3 stars and where they might still be around. This channel is one of the best for astronomy and science history that I know of. God be with you out there everybody. ✝️ :)
@basic48 2 aylar önce
Finding an ancient star (Earendel) , caught in the Gravitational Lens of surrounding Galaxies...WOW what an unbelievably rare and utterly FANTASTIC find...I need more adjectives, This video is so brilliant, filled with exceptional information and leaves me speechless. I cannot imagine what Herculean Effort you put into this content Emma, Fantastic Work.
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I’ve had a hard time sleeping for years. Between suffering from PTSD for almost 20 years since my deployments to war, also getting sober in 2016 after an overdose, and throw in your common daily stresses & anxieties, let’s just say it’s been difficult to get a good nights sleep…. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies to no avail… UNTIL I found your channel (being a big lover of astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology etc..). It’s completely changed my life (sounds hyperbolic to some I get it), but every night your videos put me at ease and eventually to sleep, good sleep too. I’ve watched/listened to all of them multiple times. I want to thank you for what you do. You’re not just educators, but so much more.
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From one stranger to the next, I love you dog 💪truly I do
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Good nights sleep is the most important thing, i know exactly what you mean man. I also love these videos about the universe and his voice and especially the music in this makes it so much better
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Haha weak
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I feel so lucky I can watch these videos every night to relax and unwind. I remember in the early 2000s every now and then the science channel would play a full day of universe stuff and it was the coolest thing ever. Now it's amazing to have that anytime I want.❤
@jimwolfgang9433 2 aylar önce
"....while most Stars are enjoying their best life..." Such a simple, yet really quite relatable description of these unfathomably innumerous entities that require us to engage before potentially "zoning out" looking at pretty pictures. You content is virtually peerless, and I like to think it is less comparable to other channels, rather more an original place that thankfully makes what is usually ivory tower surrounded hard physics. You literally bring it all down to earth for the likes of me. Thanks.
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This comment is perfection. Same.
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This channel is going to be the greatest educational portal on TRshow. Do not stop the hustle you guys.. ❤ from India
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I'm never disappointed in your choice of background music, my friend. Always excellent choices that match the energy of the information you're so perfectly laying out for us to absorb and understand. Thank you for your dedication and amazing work. Still my favorite channel on TRshow.
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So many audiences already said almost everything I wish to say! Although I, as a layman, have no point to add, I would like to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the producers of this wonderful program! "History of the Universe" is one of TRshow's BEST science educational programs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤
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This was outstanding! Even got my GF interested in mammoth stars. So well explained and bautifully made. Please, keep them coming.
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This was utterly refreshing! I was blown away the whole time! Thanks for the hard work!❤
@Xcyper33 2 aylar önce
I love how he manages to relate massive concepts such as the universe to evolution that happens on our planet. The universe rhymes all the time. On the most massive scales to the most tiny.
@nicholascorbett1256 2 aylar önce
As soon as i finished I immediately replayed it. I'm so thrilled when you release these, but I feel sad or anxious about the ending.
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I love this whole series of videos that help explain the universe and the way the think those processes work together. 🎉
@Peter-or8oc Aylar önce
It's crazy to think that if every single star disappeared from the universe now that we wouldn't even start to notice until roughly 4.25 years from now and we wouldn't see the last light from a star for another roughly 13 + billion years from now it's kind boggling how big the known universe is
@thepartysjustbegun5557 9 gün önce
Nah eight minutes 😁 but I get your point
@Peter-or8oc 9 gün önce
@@thepartysjustbegun5557 lol touche my friend touche 🤣🤣
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The GOAT of narrators and Oxfordian english in general: David Kelly Thank you sir, for teaching a young aspiring generation about the marvels of the kosmos in such an eloquent way.
@Peekaboo-Kitty 2 aylar önce
It's "Cosmos" not Kosmos.
@bertdemeulemeester 2 aylar önce
@@Peekaboo-Kitty ah now you see. It actually isn't. The C is actually the true fault. Kosmos is the correct way to write it as it is a non-english word. It's actually Greek and all over the globe it is written with a K, as it should. Up until as late as 1913 it was also written correctly in English and even nowadays kosmos with a K is not considered wrong in English
@user-kcrpine 2 aylar önce
@jasoncamp483 2 aylar önce
@@SCORP1ONF1RE Don't confuse wrong with what makes you mad.
@jasoncamp483 2 aylar önce
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Best science channel out there! The highlight of my month is when new videos comes out. Thank you for your hard work! Btw, you should get a patreon or some other way for us to support you, other than donations here.
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This Show Helps People Deal With Crippling Anxiety and Depression. Keep Them Coming. ❤️
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I love this channel. I only wish new videos came out weekly instead of monthly. Thanks and keep up the good work. I'm already looking forward to next months video.
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Your ability for writing partnered with your intellect in physics is a rare combination. Your poetic presentation of the universe does it justice. It created us after all, that means you too =)
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everyone else has already said, but I'll say it again to help with the algorithm... I cannot get enough of these videos! they are superb, with the right blend of science history, facts and speculation. I only wish there were more HOTE videos as well ;)
@kevinemery1177 2 aylar önce
I love the history of the universe I thought of the channel a couple of days ago when I was watching the hurricane in the Atlantic. It looked just like a galaxy.
@Penfold497 2 aylar önce
The thought has crossed my mind that the original “stars” were so large that they went right from hydrogen cloud to black hole, and became the seeds for galaxies.
@nebula1919191 2 aylar önce
It might be worth pointing out that starquakes are extremely rare. Three have been observed. "Starquake" is also a hard sci-fi novel and the sequel to Dragon's Egg.
@RichardRobinson 2 aylar önce
Please keep making more, excellent stuff
@kedaar 2 aylar önce
I simply love your movies. Truly the best science channel on TRshow. Thank you.
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I remember reading about Quasi Stars, which are hypothetical, but the size they possibly were, made our Hypergiant’s look tiny
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This is absolutly amazing. I have so many other questions. Thank you for being the inspiration of my further education.
@starminecraftable 2 aylar önce
Thanks to you now I'm interested in learning about the universe. Thank you!
@OmegaVideoGameGod 2 aylar önce
Their energy would still be in the universe somewhere so it’s definitely possible, I would say we should check the most radioactive and luminous galaxies they seem to have a very good chance of having the biggest stars we never discovered yet.
@priestthebeast9149 2 aylar önce
Love this show. Its so chill its like getting a brain massage lol. The narrator is the sh*t! He loves the dramatic pause 😂
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I think I speak on behalf of most when I say, FINALLY, THANK YOU for the new video!! Keep up the awesome work...
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Thank you for such a great educational video. Star gazing fan here.
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Keep up the great content. Always interesting and always entertaining
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It’s all in the narration …. Perfect !
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lots of respect for this channel, lots to learn!
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Amazing cosmological content, with excellent narration!
@Peekaboo-Kitty 2 aylar önce
It's called "Cosmology." 😁
@weshoward1984 Aylar önce
@@Peekaboo-Kittylol thanks I edited it
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I was born with many difficulties in my life. Although I am not fully educated, I have a strong love for science and the universe. Thank you for bringing it to me. Love you
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Amazing content on this channel. Hopefully more people than me watch each video several times otherwise I am a bit slow to learn...
@clevelandplonsey7480 Aylar önce
Repetition is key to learning and retention. You can only hold onto about 15 new facts/ideas per hour, or so the research showed in the 90s
@michaelpettersson4919 2 aylar önce
I understand that the first start where usually huge but I guess some smaller, and thus longer lived ones must have been created as well. As such it is likely that some of these ancient first generation starts still are around.
@JP-sv4rf 2 aylar önce
Another brilliant video. Thank you! Love your channel!
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You guys are the best!!!! Please keep it coming ❤
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I was so excited to see this in my notifications! Awesome! I love to take little tidbits that I see in your videos and do my own further research.
@maiku3741 2 aylar önce
I didn't expect you to use kingdom two crowns osts... 1:04 you played that game haven't you? It fits pretty well indeed.. Not only a space enjoyer, but also one of simple yer remarkable pixe art games.
@Zantsak 2 aylar önce
The quality of these videos is astonishingly good. Thank you.
@ft5650 2 aylar önce
Hey again a verry good video keep it going it’s so nice to get sleeping and just to learn things about the universe and history. Maybe one tip : get a little more bass in the mic, there is a difference in the audio from quantum dream and this video and I think that if you add a little bass you might get that crispness back but overall really nice video keep it up
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Yes!! I honestly expecting a new episode. What a pleasant surprise 💯
@innerstrengthcheck 2 aylar önce
Im never as excited for new releases on TRshow as i am for HOTU and the Earth channel :)
@BadassRaiden 2 aylar önce
It depends on the size and temperature. It's reasonable to assume that some of the first stars were big and hot, and others were not so big and not so hot. Bigger, hotter stars will burn through their fuel in hundreds of millions of years, some even quicker, so yes, those ones are definitely gone.
@chrisc1140 2 aylar önce
16:00 yes I'm sure these scientists certainly named this star for and old English word, and certainly NOT for Elrond's father, as he sailed across the skies of Arda with a Silmaril on his brow, and whose light was later gathered into a phial gifted to Frodo by Lady Galadriel.
@cabanford 2 aylar önce
Whoop! I just hit the duvet as this landed. Best bedtime stories ever ❤❤❤
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Good night
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@Aurinkohirvi 2 aylar önce
How about primordial supermassive black holes? Were they formed by stellar size black holes of pop 3 stars? Or did they form through some different process without stellar size blach holes?
@hoodoosemf5528 2 aylar önce
Love you videos!!! Keep them coming!!
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Excellent content, excellent production, just beautiful.
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His voice is the voice that i wanna hear when someone reads me a tale. Just incredible content
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Thanks in advance for another great video. I'm working tomorrow, so this is a great way to unwind after a day of gardening and getting ready for work.
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So could these first giant stars be the super giant black holes we have in the centre of out Galaxy?
@stevenbliss989 Aylar önce
What an amazing episode, THANK YOU!
@burkhardstackelberg1203 2 aylar önce
The first massive stars were surrounded by planetary systems made of - stars. Hilarious! 😊
@YanickGirouard 2 aylar önce
Not only the first stars are still visible, but the universe is so large that the light of some of most of the farthest ones still hasn't reached earth.
@Jan-eh7nf 2 aylar önce
That was unbelievably great session.
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These are my go to for space-time science! Thanks
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Yes! Lovin it! Inchwormy as hell! We need more we NEED IT!!
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This was very awesome episode!!!! I love this channel😍
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Thank you for these. I always feel a little sad when it's over.
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Love these, keep them coming
@avz7001 2 aylar önce
Your work is outstanding!
@ashleyobrien4937 Aylar önce
One notion that I have always had from the moment I first heard about it, is that dark energies physical effect of expanding the universe is simply a direct consequence of all those virtual particles popping into and out of existence, of course the illogical part of that assumption is why should they have any effect at all if any energy they borrow is taken back in full. The so called Casimir force on steroids...but then perhaps somehow an exceedingly tiny percentage of that borrowed energy for their initial creation isn't paid back, leading to the expansion we see. Perhaps that energy is paid back, but on a different time scale than the Planck time we might expect it to be, maybe it is only paid back at the very end of matter's existence, when the universe is at maximum entropy , it catalyzes a snapping or inversion caused by countless eons of energy transfer from space time to another space time, or just time itself starts to reverse, or perhaps the moment of the big bang is simply the explosion of the last, and most massive black hole, that is the accumulated mass of all the mass from all black holes..
@Peekaboo-Kitty 2 aylar önce
This is the best channel on Cosmology ever!
@Sanquinity 2 aylar önce
I feel it's good to point out that early universe hyper giants are only theoretical at the moment. We haven't found any so far.
@TheEvilmooseofdoom 2 aylar önce
Yes, and as he stated finding them will not be easy if it can be done at all.
@Sanquinity 2 aylar önce
@@TheEvilmooseofdoom If they still exist at all. Though I don't think the chance of them still existing, if they exist(ed) is 0. Which likely means they do still exist.
@MySerpentine 2 aylar önce
I think I like the symbolism even more, but this is good too.
@okiforbreakfast 2 aylar önce
This is a great one! Thank you! Poems in Science
@mikaljan 2 aylar önce
so happy to see another new video from this channel! 👍👍👍
@fodderfortynine8706 2 aylar önce
This was fantastic, thank you.
@SuperZekethefreak Aylar önce
Unfortunately, the first stars were galaxy-sized and thus were so unstable, they either exploded or experienced entropy and so created the galaxies we see today, including our own. We may be able to see images of the very last of the first stars if we look far enough away, which is essentially looking backward in time. It's wild, but there it is - the farther away we peer, the farther back in time we peer.
@asafoster7954 Aylar önce
We don't know that yet
@jimc.goodfellas226 2 aylar önce
It's always a treat finding a new one of these
@josephmanktelow3560 2 aylar önce
Great documentary as always thanks 🙏
@danielrobertodecampossilva4851 2 aylar önce
Excelent Chanel! One of the best narration and images!! Keep growing
@pstewart5443 Aylar önce
Ive wondered, if the universe is in fact 13+B yrs old, then it's possible the universe at it's center died already, and it may be quite awhile before it hits Earth.
@manuagrawal7468 2 aylar önce
Oh how much I wait for these!! Thanks @HistoryoftheUniverse what a show!!
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