Concrete Dumbbells | DIY

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Hey everyone! For the first time, we are uploading a video with no GlobMarble products, just a cool project for first time concrete users. Hopefully this will introduce you to concrete, and give some skills to improve your home for pennies on the dollar!! Check out some of our other videos, and check out our website!!

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Josh Bar
Josh Bar Yıl önce
Thanks, you inspired me to make my own dumbbells. Pro Tip: Instead of cutting the bucket when you demold. Add some baby oil in the buckets before pouring the concrete in. Then lightly tap around the bucket when it comes time to demold, it will slide off so you can use it again. This will greatly reduce your cost basis.
S Wilhelm
S Wilhelm Aylar önce
@Sick of Them Very smart!
S Wilhelm
S Wilhelm Aylar önce
@GlobMarble Yeah but rough concrete scratches hardwood floors and anything else it touches. I don't think most people would opt for that. Plus you can reuse the plastic containers. We have enough plastic in our world. :)
YY 5 aylar önce
can I just put cooking oil 💀💀
Jay Man
Jay Man 8 aylar önce
@GlobMarble rough cast does look better definitely. But you can still get that roughness with a light sanding around the outside after 1st 24hrs so you can reuse the molds in future, made my own plates, roughed it up to give some grip for when I applied a rubberised paint... You'd swear they branded plates by time I was finished lol I went bit over the top and wish I just left it with the rough cement look in the end
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 10 aylar önce
@Shane William Dos Santos dawn
Willie Brown
Willie Brown 10 aylar önce
I have watched a ton of these and this is by far the best. Your instructions are clear and precise and the video matches. This is the first video i have seen to explain that concrete doesn't reach it's full strength for 30 days. Nice to see a small biz able to pivot amid the chaos, stay nimble!!!
GlobMarble 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it was helpful!
Wesley Hempoli
Wesley Hempoli Yıl önce
An old bro of mine works for a concrete and masonry company and he made his own dumbbells out of concrete, too, but they were all odd weights when he cast them. Each set weighs the same i.e. a 6.1 lbs set, a 13.7 lbs set, a 19.4 lbs set, etc, but, instead of marking the weird weights by their actual weights, he just labeled them #1, #2, #3, #4, etc, etc, in order of lightest to heaviest.
TylerHixon Yıl önce
comment takeaways: --If your worried about pvc pipe breaking with extreme weight... and dont have the tools to use EMT conduits (drill holes)... just get schedule 80 pvc pipe. most hardware stores will carry that too. schedule 40 is weaker than schedule 80.... albeit schedule 40 should be strong enough already aswell. --Concrete in pvc tube wont make it stronger!!! --Spray outside of finished concrete dumbbells with Line-X a few times and they will be much stronger --Use hockey grip tape to wrap handles, electrical tape will come off after just one sweaty sessions
I Am B
I Am B 5 aylar önce
You can also put some wire and concrete in the PVC itself.
Pretties & Chic By Florence Anne Pierce
Pretties & Chic By Florence Anne Pierce 5 aylar önce
cool! thanks for the tip - instead of spending huge amounts online or at a sports store (when we're able after Covid-whatever strain settles down - in, idk, 2050!), I can just hit my local hardware store (or get it online - God, remember when life was relatively simple?!?). Anyhow, however I do it, I now have a growing list of to-do DIYs (is that called a to-DIY?)
Stefany Dominguez
Stefany Dominguez 10 aylar önce
Rayaan Khan
Rayaan Khan Yıl önce
quick question, I honestly don't know who to ask about concrete stuff, but is it better if I use large metal screws instead of the metal nails he used because it gives it more surface area or will that weaken the dumbbell
hondaiienvy1 Yıl önce
@TylerHixon right on thanks. and you'd suggest pvc sched 80 over abs plastic? I heard some say abs plastic can handle more force.
Camila Cirilo
Camila Cirilo 11 aylar önce
This is great! Thank you. I'm setting up my own garage gym but ain't paying $50 for a dumbell.
GlobMarble 11 aylar önce
Happy to help!
Ovasuni 10 aylar önce
This is really cute, I have made this but it took so long to dry it almost takes 3 days, I think it's because of the humidity of my weather that makes it longer to dry. And I decided to paint the Dumbless with colors to make them look even cooler! Thank you
S Wilhelm
S Wilhelm Aylar önce
What kind of paint did you use and how is it holding up? You posted this 8 months ago.
nicholas berari
nicholas berari 10 aylar önce
This is a great video. weights are way too expensive so I'm planning on making my own and have watched many videos on how to do it.
David Oldenburg
David Oldenburg Yıl önce
This is a great video! I have been watching concrete dumbbell videos and this one was simple and easy to follow.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Awesome! Thank you!
joe bloggs
joe bloggs 8 aylar önce
Hi great vid, thanks ! Just a quick question : How much did the finished unit weigh when it dried and how much water did you add in total for each unit ? For reference the min. water to cement ratio is 0.23:1 just for hydration ( the chemical reaction of hardening ), and 0.35:1 for a more workable mix. This doesn't include the aggregates like sand and stones. You can add up to 0.5 but after that the concrete strength will be affected so they might break more easily. You can mix only the water and cement together first, to make sure you get the water and cement mixing properly so that it will harden right, and then mix the aggregates in later. It will be a pretty stiff mix though. Thanks for the vid
ACE21EDM Yıl önce
Could you think through the same process for kettlebells? Great vid.. concise, detailed, no wasted space.good job Also, if you used spray foam inside the PVC, might that answer the potential for the PVC to crack from stress over time??
Steven Dransfield
Steven Dransfield Yıl önce
@Rayaan Khan screws would be fine, maybe even better, as long as they are a decent size. All they are for is to make a key to prevent the concrete from sliding off the bar. Just don't drill the holes too big, or too close to each other as that would risk the structural integrity of the pipes and weaken them as you say. 2 in each end around an inch apart is fine
Rayaan Khan
Rayaan Khan Yıl önce
@GlobMarble quick question, I honestly don't know who to ask about concrete stuff, but is it better if I use large metal screws instead of the metal nails he used because it gives it more surface area or will that weaken the dumbbell
G S Yıl önce
For a kettle bell do the same thing except buy two 90 degree PVC elbows and a jar of "red hot blue glue". Cut 3 pieces of straight pvc tube to length and glue them together using the 90 degree elbows to make a U shape. Attach nails to both ends of the U and dip them in a bucket of cement.
Liam Wells
Liam Wells Yıl önce
@GlobMarble I thought this was an amazing bit of content marketing for your company. I'd have never heard of your company if you hadn't done this. Maybe you should think about putting together a kettlebell one. I saw someone doing it by using a basketball as a mould then shaping a pvc handle in the oven.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
That might work, but I've been using these for a month so far and had no problems yet. Many people are suggesting to use EMT Conduit instead of PVC. Just remember to subtract the weight of the handle from the total concrete weight to have an accurate dumbbell. Unfortunately, I wont be making a video on kettlebells because these videos have nothing to do with our company. Here is a link to somebody else's video on concrete kettlebells, where he used basketballs as the mold :)
Very interesting and informative. Yes you are very right about pandemic times and the prices of dumbells just exploded. That's actually a pretty smart idea to create own gym. Thanks a lot.
Darwin k
Darwin k Yıl önce
Very cool. I was thinking of spraying the concrete (once it cures) with plastidip.I also have some grip tape I got off amazon (same type used on handle bars and tennis rackets).
Wild Thoughts
Wild Thoughts Yıl önce
Easier : Drill 2 large drywall screws on each end of the pipe, similar to the nails you placed . let the screws stick out at least 3/4 inch from each side. Pipe will never move. I recommend putting chicken wire in the concrete, in case the dumbbell drops , the wires make it 50 times stronger against cracking.
Red Pill Lense
Red Pill Lense Yıl önce
You are a genius, bro! I too have noticed pricing on weights is now ridiculous. Much better to make your own. Great job! 👍
Coeur De Rockeur
Coeur De Rockeur Yıl önce
We used to do that a lot in Africa - Thanks for the souvenir.
wo_ lf
wo_ lf Aylar önce
Im going to do this in africa 😂😂😂✌
Jay TV
Jay TV 5 aylar önce
We appreciate your hard work & fitness ethics 🙏🏼 ❤️ Africa
Skiism _
Skiism _ 5 aylar önce
No cap
Y_E_S 6 aylar önce
Used too?.....we still do.......I know an even cheaper way to make dumbells
Florence 6 aylar önce
@Lucius Christ You just said you are from Africa so are You outsider then?
Adam Renkema
Adam Renkema 11 aylar önce
If you dont cut the bucket all the way off, just cut the excess, you essentually have a rubber coated dumbell. You can also get some rubber paint for the outside if you dont like the bucket look. Also, I would reccoment hockey tape over electrical tape. E tape will slide over time and youll get a greasy residue. Hockey tape is meant to be handled often and feels better on the hands.
Lei . K - F
Lei . K - F 5 aylar önce
This is awesome!! 👏🏾 im gonna try cos here in Samoa it's so expensive but this is so easy and I can get the stuff to make it now im excited!! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽
Adolfo Pedradas
Adolfo Pedradas 7 aylar önce
Good video. Thanks. Leaving the plastic buckets on it could also work as a protection to the fragile concrete. Cheers
Th Linn
Th Linn 3 aylar önce
So Boss thanks for the video Its great. As I was watching it at the point that you cut the buckets of the concrete I was anticipating what you said later on about not throwing them around as they will break up. As a person who works with up cycled HDPE plastic a lot I was thinking that you might try to de mold them with out cutting the buckets, then after letting them cure and get all the moisture out you could Remove the upper rim of the bucket and put the buckets back on them and then using a hair drier you can soften the plastic and form it over and around the concrete to enclose them and extend their shelf life a bit. Thanks again for the video, stay safe
Marc F
Marc F Yıl önce
awesome job. did you have any issues with these weights cracking? Or any problems with the pvc pipe bending? is there a silicone spray to cover and protect the concrete?
GlobMarble Yıl önce
I haven't had any of these problems, but you could use a concrete sealer to make them a lot stronger-
Loraine Symington
Loraine Symington 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much, so excited to try and make these! 😎
Miguel Botto
Miguel Botto 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video! I just bought the materials for this here in Portugal! I'd like to keep the buckets though, so how do I go about it? What oil do I add and when during this process?
GlobMarble 11 aylar önce
You need to add a release agent like oil to stop the plastic from bonding to the concrete. Also the main reason I had to cut them out was because I mixed the concrete in the same bucket which I casted in. This created a bunch of scratches inside my buckets which gripped onto the concrete. Instead you should do all of your mixing in a separate "mixing bucket" and pour it into a fresh casting bucket to reuse them :)
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Yıl önce
This is pretty awesome. My dad long ago told me how he made his own weights in Puerto Rico now I'm gonna be doing the same
Janine Anderson
Janine Anderson 11 aylar önce
This is genius!!! Thank you for sharing. 👏🏾👏🏾☺️
Z Z Yıl önce
Great tutorial! Very helpful - I think I might try this just for fun with a couple 30 pounders. THANKS!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Good luck!
Garrett Lang
Garrett Lang Yıl önce
Thanks for the video! Could I use electrical conduit instead of PVC pipe for the grip?
GlobMarble Yıl önce
It depends- Will your 1' - 1.5' pipe bend? if not, you absolutely can!
Narbeh Abramian
Narbeh Abramian Yıl önce
you did a perfect job, I used schedule 80 PVC because its stronger and I used screws but doesn't really matter. I bought liquid plastic to rubberize the concrete but honestly duct tape works great and if you accidentally drop them it'll break or chip but its covered with tape. Liquid plastic will get expensive. My first set looks like shit but I'm improving. Im gonna try to make fixed small barbells with rotors.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks! a great way to make them indestructible without making them look ugly is coating the concrete with LINE-X. Just remember to wait for all the moisture to leave the concrete before spraying (3-4 days)
W.R. Carman
W.R. Carman Yıl önce
Thank you for making this video! I just looked at the price of dumbells and just about keeled over. Don't know why everyone is stressing over a plastic bucket. I bet they were cheap. Probably environmental reasons.
Carmine DeCicco
Carmine DeCicco 7 aylar önce
Waste ! ..... a little spray of oil for release would’ve saved all the wasted buckets ! Yeah - ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS !
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Michael DeMartino
Michael DeMartino Yıl önce
Great video man, gyms still not open in NY, crazy. What size container would I need for a 25lb dumbell? Is there a way to calculate how much concrete? Thanks for posting !!
L D Yıl önce
Hello your dumbells look perfect! I'm trying this too, thanks for the explanation. Just a question though, if I want 30lb dumbells I just have to measure 15 lbs of dry concrete on each side? The weight of the concrete doesn't change with the matter state?
Madhu Yıl önce
@Angel Ayala he was pressing it then one block land on his head
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala Yıl önce
asys t How did it go?
L D Yıl önce
@mr system yes I did
L D Yıl önce
@GlobMarble thank you for the answer!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks! Technically it will be a little bit heavier but its unnoticeable. Maybe by a few grams
Sarvadha Sanatan
Sarvadha Sanatan Yıl önce
Thanks , your video helped me to make these weights at home and save some money. Instead of cutting the bucket you can use M-oil and use hair dryer also
Tony Martínez
Tony Martínez Yıl önce
Great video bro, but you also can re-use the bucket mold putting engine oil burned inside the bucket before adding the concrete mix and then when concrete is cured, just pop up the bucket without cutting it off
Daniel Leiva
Daniel Leiva 8 aylar önce
very good video, and what kind of pvc is that? do you know how much weight it resists? will hold a 24 kilogram?
Benj Yıl önce
That's awesome! I'm going to try and make some of these.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Good luck!!
Roberto Serrini • The Travelclast
Roberto Serrini • The Travelclast Yıl önce
Really good vid. Litterally the first thing I thought of when I saw the prices online. I wonder if you can dip them in some sort of rubber coating to protect them better?
NoSubstanceAnymore 29 gün önce
I was thinking of adding electrical tape around it and adding some hot glue
GlobMarble Yıl önce
These would definitely make them much stronger but the price would go up too :)
Jeff Owens
Jeff Owens Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing. I would also add in fiberglass fibers to the concrete for extra strength. Maybe coat them after they have fully cured with the spray on bed liner stuff they make for truck beds? That shit is tough as hell. Not sure if it would help or not. Just a thought.
Ian Pašalić
Ian Pašalić Yıl önce
Amazing video, really inspired me for what I am planning to do
Haris Hasanovic
Haris Hasanovic Yıl önce
You have a bosnian surname and not bosnian name.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks man, good luck!!
J K 11 aylar önce
Love this. I'm going to be a pain in the ass and ask you to measure the diameter and height of one end of the 35#. Just wanted to be able to put size into prospective. It would be much appreciated!
Dana Stovall
Dana Stovall 11 aylar önce
Great idea. One thing you will eventually regret, is the electrical tape on the bar. Speaking from experience here. Eventually, the tape will start to slide around slightly, just enough to expose the adhesive. This then leads to a sticky mess on your bar.
hal larious
hal larious 10 aylar önce
I just got the same idea :) Thanks for the kinda instruction!
Alex Hendon
Alex Hendon 9 aylar önce
I recently made dumbbells using leftover lead and cast iron plumbing pipe for the handle. Due to the density of the metal, they appear much smaller than the dumbbells everyone is used to seeing. To recover my pride I made a couple from cast aluminum, these are just too big! If I pretend to strain I look like the hulk.
karl Simmons
karl Simmons 11 aylar önce
I used crisco in the bucket. Worked like a charm to slide out the weight to reuse the bucket and smells just like cookies 😂
barnsel Yıl önce
Great video, was this just plain concrete you used or did you mix with any sand/aggregate? Thanks
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks! The concrete I used in the video was the sakrete high strength mix, but it was much easier to actually balance the tubes with my own mixture of 2 parts sand and 1 part Portland cement. No pebbles
Gys Race
Gys Race 6 aylar önce
ProTip. Spray your containers with silicone spray or cooking spray and you can re-use them multiple times I recently did some kettlebells, great video 🙌🏼
Geoffrey Hughes
Geoffrey Hughes Yıl önce
These look insane, good job.
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley Yıl önce
Worked out well! I’m gonna have to check out your other concrete work. I’m thinking of buying a gallon of flex seal and dipping the weights in it. @$30 a gallon I’m still waaaaaay ahead of buying a set of 25’s Plus it may keep it from chipping etc We’ll see.
readysetnogo Yıl önce
@Bo Diddley look for liquid plasti-dip instead of flex seal. plasti-dip is usually sold in spray cans, but the liquid form might work better for this. typically people use the liquid kind to dip tool handles to add a rubber like grip to them, but I dont see why it wouldnt work on these weights if you completely encased the concrete in it.
quadradus Yıl önce
@Bo Diddley oh man .... I was so looking forward to it.
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley Yıl önce
I erred That was 32oz can for $30 Oh well.
quadradus Yıl önce
Where do you get flex seal at that price?
Ross Radford
Ross Radford Yıl önce
Flex seal sucks
Sencer Yelken
Sencer Yelken 9 aylar önce
Any idea on how to create a radius around edges of the concrete facind upwards in the mold? radius would help avoiding small fractures/dusting/abrasion around the edges. Also painting with clear glossy concerete stains (polyvinyls, polyacrylics etc.) would eliminate overall dusting if anyone is thinking to use them inside home.
Matt H
Matt H Yıl önce
Thank you for the video do you think PVC would be strong enough for 60 pound dumbbell? Was thinking about using gaspipe.
Matt H
Matt H Yıl önce
@GlobMarble hey, does adding the water change the weight of concrete? I figured it would at first, but once it dries? Im trying to make 60lb dumbells.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
I honestly wouldn't trust a pvc pipe for 60 lbs. at that point I would use something metal :)
Antoshkastar Builds
Antoshkastar Builds Yıl önce
Looks sweet! Can’t wait to try it out. Do you know where I can get good concrete mix?
Basel Kaskas
Basel Kaskas Yıl önce
home depot has it for $4.20 I bought the high strength mixture I'm gonna build this tmrw can't wait
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks! Any home depot or Lowes location
Renato Rodriguez
Renato Rodriguez 6 aylar önce
truck bed liner spray works great on giving the concrete a nice nonslip surface- and also protects the surface! just a thought!
xGARIDx Yıl önce
To add more strength to dumbbell you can add wire mesh to it.
Ashley Arroyo
Ashley Arroyo Yıl önce
How would you do that?
Irom Necolson
Irom Necolson 8 aylar önce
I already have my own gym with concrete plates.,dumbells,wooden benchpress... your vid also great🖤👍🏻
Alaa Alshoaiby
Alaa Alshoaiby 26 gün önce
I have a question, do you measure the weight of the water and the concrete together or the water dries and remains only the concrete weight?
Misfit Toy Tower
Misfit Toy Tower Yıl önce
This was a very helpful video. Thank you.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Glad it was helpful!
Isaiah Bennett
Isaiah Bennett 10 aylar önce
You could plastidip the concrete sections to make it look even better! :)
Plen122 Yıl önce
Question, I haven't actually listened to the video yet so if you already went over it let me know, but curious if you found out about how much they weigh, based on the diameter of the mold, and thickness of the concrete?
Plen122 Yıl önce
@GlobMarble That's perfect, I'll watch the whole thing, really appreciate it.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
I haven't gotten that in depth, but if you pause the video you'll see which container sized i am using for each weight :)
テビドWil 9 aylar önce
Add latex concrete additive for more durability/shock absorption. Great vid 👍
Pretties & Chic By Florence Anne Pierce
Pretties & Chic By Florence Anne Pierce 5 aylar önce
Shaky-handed & off-centre as I tend to be, I'll use two scrap strips of wood to line up the PVC pipe. Trust me, I'll need it, or the weights will be painful to use! - Also saw @Josh Bar's comment from 2020 about using demolding solutions so you don't have to cut away the bucket each time. He said it saves on costs. - I also realise it saves a lot on plastic waste, which is Huge in the world, so anything you can do to reduce That, fantastic!
mshore74 Yıl önce
Simply putting in a construction screw on the end of the tube would be fine. Reuse your pots by spraying in the nonstick spray from the kitchen before pouring in concrete. The finished product looked great.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks! The screws would work but not as well, and the bucket will not demold because of the scratches inside of it. If you would like to demold the buckets and not waste them, mix the concrete in a separate bucket and pour into a new one. I don't think they would look as cool without the scratches though
Wes Pic
Wes Pic Yıl önce
I love it... I am going to do this.... Thank you so much.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Good luck!!
Daniel Higuera Slavenas
Daniel Higuera Slavenas Yıl önce
very nice video dude! amazing work! thanks a lot
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Glad you liked it!
Bhima Waskita
Bhima Waskita 9 aylar önce
Just done this and turned out to be great, but i feel a bit insecure about the pvc so i use metal pipe instead of plastic and to solve the slippery metal pipe when wet, i just use some leftover cloth wrapped around.
el cochiloco
el cochiloco Yıl önce
I just used a 160mm ppr water pipe and it works great and i mixed white cement with gravel mix and its hard as a rock Instead of containers i used 7 liter water bottle cut in half
Los Denegados
Los Denegados Yıl önce
excellent quality tw congratulations you are super, my question to give it different weight has levels inside the mold or are different molds, where you bought it I would like to acquire it
videos4mydad Yıl önce
Instead of nails you can also use a bolt and use two bolt-nuts to position the PVC pipe exactly where you want it.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
That was the original plan but these nails ended up being cheaper :)
Michael H
Michael H 7 aylar önce
Great job, I’ll give this a go.
Renato Alonso
Renato Alonso Yıl önce
Very cool idea, thanks for sharing!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thank you :)
serg Yıl önce
very cool idea im gonna do this one for sure!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Go for it!
MicroGab Yıl önce
Is there a kind of concrete that is heavier? It would help to reduce the size :)
Scott Babcock
Scott Babcock Yıl önce
could add led shot to the the concrete
Wacko Porras
Wacko Porras Yıl önce
Wow that was nice... Hope i can make a perfect one like this
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks :)
Wild Thoughts
Wild Thoughts Yıl önce
You didn't need 2 nails on each side. And you didn't need to tighten the nails with lighter. That concrete will fasten the nail / pipe joint beyond your could imagine. Even if the holes were too big for the nails , works fine.
Barry Wensink
Barry Wensink Yıl önce
15 push ups(on dumbells) - 20 squats - 20 - lunges - 15 row - 15 narrew push ups(on dumbbells) 15 cheat curls - 15 glute bridge - 30sec dumbbell hollow hold flutter kicks repeat 3x beginner 5xnormal 8x extreem :D love the video:D
beka beka
beka beka 10 aylar önce
Hi, can i use yellow sand instead of gravel to make concrete? Thanks
GlobMarble 10 aylar önce
Yes, absolutely. It is actually easier to work with this mix. 1 part cement to 2 parts sand.
Darshan sten 6
Darshan sten 6 7 aylar önce
Bro it is helpful thank u so much and I want to suggest a thing ,if u use oil in the pot like pinthing, u dont have to cut the pot 👍bcz it come easily after it is dry
michael smith
michael smith Yıl önce
Hi, what size containers are these? I’m in the UK and want to try this out!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Sorry the video was all imperial, so I doubt you'll get the same containers I did in the UK, but here are the sizes per weight anyways :) :10 and 15 lb. - 3 quart, 20 25 and 30lb. - 5 quart, 35 lb.- 10 quart
Thijs van Gisbergen
Thijs van Gisbergen Yıl önce
hey if you somehow can make a rubbery seal around it, then that makes them much less susceptible to cracking!
Johnny Shanksalot
Johnny Shanksalot 4 aylar önce
I just used plastic bags and then an extremely large amount of duct tape to pretty good effect. My weights were made of 'Portland cement' (plaster of Paris plus sand) which is weaker than normal cement but I don't baby them and they haven't broken yet after a year or so, the thick duct tape layer seems to work pretty well for protecting them. Ugly but functional :)
Estanislao Biertosz
Estanislao Biertosz 4 aylar önce
if u treat them well and avoid them crushing on the floor, will these last enough?
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Yıl önce
how do you know how much concrete to mix for a specific weight? cuz once u add water and let it dry, wouldnt the weight fluctuate?
Richard Chau
Richard Chau 10 aylar önce
wow! love this video, good job man!
Vanya Mazmanyan
Vanya Mazmanyan Yıl önce
What kind of scale do u use to weight the concrete for the dumbbells?
MangoMilitia 4 aylar önce
Cover the concrete part in liquid flex seal for more durability.
HirachieOfSociety Yıl önce
Could you add loose screws in the concrete mix to act similarly to rebar?
GlobMarble Yıl önce
They wont make the concrete any stronger, but that's a great way to make the dumbbells heavier
Stephany Mata
Stephany Mata Yıl önce
Thank you so much for sharing this!!!
GlobMarble Yıl önce
You're welcome!
Mahbub Shahid Shisir
Mahbub Shahid Shisir 5 aylar önce
After casting, try to keep it moist atleast for 7 days to complete the curing process, nice build!
EE214 Verilog Tutorial
EE214 Verilog Tutorial 11 aylar önce
So maybe if you have like a heat gun, I was thinking... You can use some of your old useless plastic cover/bags to apply onto the concrete so to make it more resilient to damage. My worry is that heat gun will make concrete expand and break it somehow, but I’m not sure if it is possible
Omar Thiongane
Omar Thiongane Yıl önce
What’s the container size for the 10s 15s and 25s ? much needed is thanks!
Půppet Mahamad - Píss be upon him
Půppet Mahamad - Píss be upon him Yıl önce
Love you video. Will definitely try that😍
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Good luck!!
Archangel Yıl önce
You can save a lot of molds if you spray the inside with marine grease before pouring the concrete.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
You can get it out without oil. Plastic wont stick to concrete. I had to break it because of the ridges and scratches from mixing inside the bucket.
James Cruz
James Cruz Yıl önce
Love this bro!👌 thanks very much!! & stay safe💪
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Thanks, you too man :)
Citrus Yıl önce
this is so cool! i was just thinking about making some of my own
GlobMarble Yıl önce
Callum Haywood
Callum Haywood 11 aylar önce
What size buckets did you use for the 20kg and 15kg dumbbells
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones Yıl önce
I might do this for my cheap home gym, I had seen on instructables that one guy had used galvanized steel with T fitting at the end for the concrete to sink into
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes Yıl önce
About the pvc pipes, do you think that they won't break with heavier dumbells? Do they bend when you're using the 35's? I wanted to do some 20 or 25kg dumbells but I'm not sure if a pvc pipe is strong enough to handle that much weight... Good video, keep it up!
Garnet Steen
Garnet Steen Yıl önce
GlobMarble half inch or three quarter inch iron pipe used for plumbing and making pipe clamps is very cheap and available at big box stores.
GlobMarble Yıl önce
They haven't been bending on me, and ive been using them for a month. If you want to be extra safe, many people are suggesting using EMT conduit. Concrete in the pipe would not add any strength. Concrete is strong under compression like under a hydraulic press, but extremely weak when it comes to bending, which is why people use rebar to keep it from cracking :)
PEWMMS Yıl önce
you can fill the pipe with concrete too
G P Yıl önce
How do you get accurate weight measurements? What kind of scale do you use
Akhi Yıl önce
@Tony Diethelm yeah you’re muscles won’t notice the 0.5lbs difference lol
Tony Diethelm
Tony Diethelm Yıl önce
Dude, its a dumbbell, not a laboratory standard. Close enough is good enough. :)
Maximus Storm
Maximus Storm 8 aylar önce
Tip: Put fiberglass into the concrete mix, it makes it stronger.
Developer Mode
Developer Mode 11 aylar önce
how much did all of this cost? and how much labor did you put into it? coolvid btw
Tiekeri Richardson
Tiekeri Richardson Yıl önce
Hey will it be possible to list the measurements for the pvc pipes you bought?
ScottM 11 aylar önce
thats pretty cool man, i think the hand grips are a tad too wide for me but thats ok. those are cool
Hasanjana Chandimal
Hasanjana Chandimal Yıl önce
Apply oil layer inside of the container. Then you can easily remove the container without braking..
Hasanjana Chandimal
Hasanjana Chandimal 11 aylar önce
@Miguel Botto before fill concret , apply oil inside of the container .
Miguel Botto
Miguel Botto 11 aylar önce
When do I apply it during this process?
Wild Thoughts
Wild Thoughts Yıl önce
Alternatively , you could have cut-split the pipe ends and stuck a rock inside to form a V at each end . That pipe is going no where with concrete gripping on the V ends. Cheaper and faster , right ?
Matt Warren
Matt Warren Yıl önce
Brilliant idea... Im after more weights.. for weighted dips it's just making sure I get the right formula to make sure the weight is right. Is there a rough guide for working out what weight you want...?
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