Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Architecture

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Everything you need to know before starting a career in architecture. This video discusses things they don't teach you about the profession and the industry in school.

Project Scale - 1:53
Project Complexity - 4:14
Project Constraints - 5:31
Specialization - 7:09
Career - 9:21
Licensure - 12:34
Money - 14:58

Here are the notes in point form if you want it in written form:


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DamiLee 9 aylar önce
What do you think? Does this not make you want to go into architecture?!
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith 12 gün önce
Great vid summary. I kind of wish you had put in actualy starting salary numbers based on year published and between StArchitects, small and larger firm settings. The struggle is real. The pay is very low and challenge especially since schooling is expensive. I did get my arch and do regret it. The design and creativity is wonderful...really. But the work force is hugely different. I think if you're passionate about entrepreneurish that woudl be the way to go. I veered over to ecommerce and also RN which offers me concrete hours instead of outside of office work when I leave (all too common unfortunately now adays). 12-3 RN w/ 4 days off for fun consulting and ecommerce. No one teaches you how to "life" after school! what a learning game it's been. How long have you been practicing Demi? Thanks for the video. I'd have to say it's hard to beet all the great people you meet in Arch school !
Rituraj Kumar
Rituraj Kumar 17 gün önce
@Veronica Alessandrello you talking efficiency!
Veronica Alessandrello
Veronica Alessandrello 17 gün önce
It does make me want to go into architecture. It's similar when you work in engineering for a big firm. From building engines, I want to change careers and build landscapes instead.
Rituraj Kumar
Rituraj Kumar Aylar önce
the 'It's a trap!' thumbnail scared me to hell, but throughout the video my confidence about my decision of going to take B.Arch grew and hopefully I'll get into a school this year! Thank you!
Akram Shaikh
Akram Shaikh Aylar önce
Im new here darling 💓
*EmpressChe 2 gün önce
Wow! This just showed up in my recommended and it’s eye-opening! I have harboured a desire to get my degree in architecture..but am too tired and broke to go back to school for it. Instead, I got my diploma for a Structural Drafter. And am discovering how hard it is to get into a solid company. So I started doing freelance work on construction drawings and fire evacuation plans, building up experience. In my spare time, I’m having some fun with designing and drawing homes. Maybe designing my own career is a idea for me as well.
Khema Pen
Khema Pen 2 gün önce
I called u teacher 😁 I don’t know how to draw , I don’t have a skill about drawing but I want to study architecture. Can I go to architecture????
F.B.I 3 gün önce
Im shit at maths so this is not for me
THARANISH 3 gün önce
Dheeraj Gupta
Dheeraj Gupta 3 gün önce
Architecture is interesting and opens multiple avenue if you want to pursue something else later. Everything is okay except money.
itsjustprina 3 gün önce
Thank you!
Mim's World
Mim's World 5 gün önce
Are Interior designer and Architect same? What's the different?
Mim's World
Mim's World 5 gün önce
Hi..I am new here..Thanks for all of your information..Actually I like to draw home,building and decorating home and making design and much more..I want to do a job which i really want to do..I am so passionate for designing,decorating..Plz Say..Is Architect best for me or other job??
Architect Syed Sohrab Afzal
Architect Syed Sohrab Afzal 6 gün önce
Seeing the title while I'm an Licensed Architect from India... All you need to keep in mind when you wish to be an Architect... :- 1. Work Hard.... 2. Work more hard.... 3. Work on everything........ 4. But if your dad's rich, just chill and open a firm in your area with a fancy name and keep increasing contacts and back-supports...!!! 😂😂👍.... 5. Either follow no. 4 or 3/2/1...😂👍!!
Shivani Rajvansh
Shivani Rajvansh 6 gün önce
I agree with you that not preparing students for the professional world is a flaw in the education system. And that's exactly why I don't think you should work for yourself at least until you understand how the entire process works, and what your role is by experience. Because there's no trial and error while you're working on a project by yourself. If you make a mistake, if you fail then it doesn't only affect you, it affects your client, the contractor, everyone who's involved in the project. So while working for yourself is good for people with experience, its not a good advice for fresh graduates. I believe you're constantly learning in this field, but while you can learn from your mistakes in school, there's no place for errors in real projects. Sorry if I sound too amateur-ish... Fresh out of college here😅
Shivani Rajvansh
Shivani Rajvansh 5 gün önce
@DamiLee For me personally, with a good 5-6 years experience under my belt.. Bt it might be different for others... Honestly I don't think I'm ever gonna go off on my own... 🤷🏻‍♀
DamiLee 5 gün önce
I totally agree with you! But what is the point when you would you feel ready to go off on your own?
Robert S
Robert S 6 gün önce
ReeeeeeeEallllllyyyy aNNNNNNNNooooyyyyyyyiiiinnnnnnnggggg vooooooiiiiicccccce and mannerisms.
Linh Hoàng
Linh Hoàng 6 gün önce
Love how your hair flips from the start to the end of the video
standep 7 gün önce
Why all say architect is hard?
Fixl- 7 gün önce
What if..im not smart? and dont know what rlly solving works and my brain is low..and i rlly want to be an architecture,so can i still join architecture even if im like that? cause my brain just dont rlly function on maths XD
Njezza Krass
Njezza Krass 8 gün önce
i am not even in high school,I am in the 9th grade and I do not know what to decide to be an architect or a doctor if I am going to go for doctor I have to go in the medical highschool.I dont know what to decide!!!
Mim's World
Mim's World 4 gün önce
@Njezza Krass Anjeza..Nice name.✌First time I hear about Kosovo country...I am from Bangladesh
Njezza Krass
Njezza Krass 4 gün önce
@Mim's World my name is anjeza and I am from Kosovo
Mim's World
Mim's World 4 gün önce
@Njezza Krass What's your name? Sister ..My name is Mim and I am from Bangladesh❤
Njezza Krass
Njezza Krass 4 gün önce
@Mim's World Is nothing sister,I would like to contact you in instagram
Mim's World
Mim's World 4 gün önce
@Njezza Krass Thank you so much sister...For helping me😊
David Whelan
David Whelan 9 gün önce
I have a few questions 1. How many years of college will I be end up doing 2. Will I have enough free time to do college and get some sort of job
Dot and Slash
Dot and Slash 9 gün önce
Ah yes I wish I knew all of this before I entered hehe now I'm at the end of it just 2 more semesters
aptx 4869
aptx 4869 9 gün önce
The thumbnail killed me already
Dija 10 gün önce
That’s really motivating! I’m planning to start studying architecture soon it made me realllly motivated thank you ❤️🥰
Dheeraj Gupta
Dheeraj Gupta 3 gün önce
Think again.
J Lark
J Lark 10 gün önce
Boring video
Garlath the Annihilator
Garlath the Annihilator 7 gün önce
What the hell
Lebo Mofokeng
Lebo Mofokeng 10 gün önce
Dose architector involve mathematics🤔
matthew hudson
matthew hudson 11 gün önce
What about architecture for a star orbiting planet of eight billion homo sapiens? Especially as global warming has now entered into climate change and buildings will now have to endure harsher local weather conditions.
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley 11 gün önce
Architectes make high 5 figures to 7 figures depending on the property type
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith 12 gün önce
IF you want to do Architecuree, honestly get land, apply your skill in a niche design and turn you work into Airbnb or VBRO for profit.
Tony M. Leitao
Tony M. Leitao 13 gün önce
She's telling the truth, thanks for sharing so others don't fall into what we all fell into, a lie of the real job
Biru peter ibrahim
Biru peter ibrahim 13 gün önce
Nice video dami.....can I be an architect with only the knowledge on 3D designing
Arianna sibille
Arianna sibille 15 gün önce
so i mean, do i go into the career of architecting?
Jet Young-ja
Jet Young-ja 16 gün önce
I completed my architecture study while started working at 19 years old as draftsman. Architecture is really exhausting and fun career to have.
Veronica Alessandrello
Veronica Alessandrello 17 gün önce
Dami Lee, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I needed to hear this. I am interested in a Landscape Architecture career and by just attempting to design and manage my own garden project, I came across lot's of complexities already... administration, legal, construction & engineering... This video was an eye-opener but in a positive way. I feel actually more encouraged to pursue architecture.
Vili Welroos
Vili Welroos 17 gün önce
Sounds like you’re overly pragmatic…do you guys not have ˋConcept Design’ in Canada?
Cookieness 19 gün önce
"Maybe your in high school, or-" Me, in middle school-
Sofie :3
Sofie :3 19 gün önce
I'm seventeen. Am planning to work for someone like for 5 years. Then do it on my own.
Salma Uchiha
Salma Uchiha 13 gün önce
Same here!
Katy Elsey
Katy Elsey 19 gün önce
Ok so, I wanna do architecture and this video helped me a lot. Is there any architects in the comments whos got tips from experience
Jay Xo
Jay Xo 21 gün önce
Currently in the field for nearly 6 years now . Currently in the testing phase and honestly I plan to leave the field for tech as soon as I can! The field is not only exhausting but it’s honestly toxic. The dated practices, lack of flexibility after it’s been proven that hybrid works best for so many, slight hazing for new professionals, the lack of appreciation for the profession from other respected professionals and/or seasoned architects to the newer generation, the “boring” projects and the large/small firm dynamic, and low pay off compared to other professions . Such a draining profession.
navjot singh
navjot singh 21 gün önce
What types of software using in architecture of field as autocad
bdubs 21 gün önce
I graduated in environmental design (school of architecture, but degree wasn't accredited) in 2019 and I started working at an architecture firm in 2020. I was so surprised how little arch school prepared me for the real world. My boss and coworkers are encouraging me to get licensed but honestly? i'm not a fan of all that work lol I never was, even in school. I'm content with drafting, schematic designs, and construction admin work. I'm not much of a project architect and I absolutely hate talking on the phone. Being licensed isn't for everyone.
Fiar Fauzan
Fiar Fauzan 22 gün önce
i click this video just because you're so cute
Vansh Shah
Vansh Shah 22 gün önce
hello damilee i want to ask you that can we practice interior designing after architecture
olowo toluwanimi
olowo toluwanimi 22 gün önce
Do you have a podcast
Hannah Rice Music
Hannah Rice Music 25 gün önce
Designing houses seems cool but a lot of what is involved in licensure and working on big projects sounds pretty dry
DamiLee 24 gün önce
It can also be fun! Your firm and project team can make a big difference.
OhMirawrr 28 gün önce
Mery Minnie
Mery Minnie 29 gün önce
Hello. I'm in my second year. I need a laptop but don't know what to buy. Simple laptop or gaming laptop. Please can you advise me a name?
DamiLee 25 gün önce
I use the Dellxps15
Zharaa. Taha
Zharaa. Taha 29 gün önce
Me at 6 am : I need to target my passion Me searching: architecture why not Me trying to draw: God this is hard but I am not quitting Me watching this video: no absolutely no I’m out
Joons nostrils
Joons nostrils 29 gün önce
i need to be able to speak to clients, actually humans in general😭
ahmed abdulla
ahmed abdulla 29 gün önce
well explained what's actually happens in real life of pro architect and schol architecture student
Leppalimes 29 gün önce
I'll never forget the advice that my NCARB mentor and firm principal gave me during my final year of grad school, "It's not too late to go to business school."
Colin Aylar önce
My advice on starting Architecture? Don't! It's a Ponzi scheme.
Hajarna Sumagka
Hajarna Sumagka Aylar önce
My friend she recommended this vedio why I not try to be architecture instead of MD I don't know exactly architecture or MD.
Jefferson Barnes
Jefferson Barnes Aylar önce
don't do it....such little pay
criz matunog
criz matunog Aylar önce
Hi. I would just like to ask regarding foreign licensed architect on how to practice there? do we need to attend a program for us to take an exam and practice the profession?
DamiLee Aylar önce
Yes there is a program called BIFA for foreign architects!
Dylan Liu
Dylan Liu Aylar önce
Inspiring although what I want is a software architecture video.
London Girl
London Girl Aylar önce
why would it take years though?
DamiLee Aylar önce
Watch my video on how long does it take to become a licensed architect? 😊
Danh Ẩn
Danh Ẩn Aylar önce
you look so great.
reva bandekar
reva bandekar Aylar önce
I am just a high school student but i feel like i should become a architect and i am intrested in that i know there is a lot of hardwork but i feel so......... but now i am confused i should become an architect or not please can u seggest me please..... its a request from a student of high school
reva bandekar
reva bandekar Aylar önce
Do we earn a lot
DamiLee Aylar önce
I might sound like an old fart but I believe that anything worth having requires hard work. 😊
Akil Mohammed
Akil Mohammed Aylar önce
Do you like your Job?
DamiLee Aylar önce
Yes I do!!
Greg Nulik
Greg Nulik Aylar önce
Why does it sound like the most successful independent architects work in govt planning ?
DamiLee Aylar önce
I didn't notice that that's the path for most successful / independent architects but I have noticed that a lot of people who have kids/ partners who have their own businesses, get a job at the city
Pablo'sGaming Aylar önce
glad i found this video it helped me understand the way things work between school and outside life , i’m getting into college soon i want to work towards being a design architect do you think that is a right decision or is there any other way i can possibly get into that position? i want to do college mostly for my license
DamiLee Aylar önce
Check out my video 'how long does it take to become a licensed architect?' I walk through all the steps you need to take 😊
Rangeetha Sharma
Rangeetha Sharma Aylar önce
Can I do B.Arch in one country and M.Arch in the other countries
DamiLee Aylar önce
Yep there's definitely schools where you can do that, just check the admission requirements of the M.Arch program!
JMO8A Veda
JMO8A Veda Aylar önce
I just want to work on my own house and i want to try law and business with art and science
Amna Aylar önce
I’m majoring in computer science, but my dad has a real estate development business and my sister plans to be an architect. I think I’ll go into interior design as a hobby after graduating haha so at least I’d have a stable income.
Ailene Diansay
Ailene Diansay Aylar önce
Hi Whats the difference between Bachelor of Graphic technology major in architecture technology and BS in Architecture?
liyema Tom
liyema Tom Aylar önce
Thank you for the video ❤️❤️, it's multipled my interest for the field 🔥
Bom Cabedal
Bom Cabedal Aylar önce
It's probably also important to realize that being an "architect" means different things in different countries, perhaps even more than any other profession. My Italian sister-in-law is an architect, but she was trained almost entirely in technical matters - by contrast, the Dutch training (and practice) focuses rather on the artistic side of things, almost at the expense of technical competence (which is habitually outsourced to engineers). Meanwhile, an old-fashioned German Baumeister is an architect, contractor, and entrepreneur rolled in one. Building practices in various countries reflect this.
The sounds you Hear
The sounds you Hear Aylar önce
Armen Alexanian
Armen Alexanian Aylar önce
Can someone please tell me what is the most popular design software taught in architecture schools and used by practicing architects? I see a ton online but I have no idea which ones are actually popular. Thanks!
Armen Alexanian
Armen Alexanian Aylar önce
@NameTheTraitor Thanks so much for this extremely comprehensive answer. I really appreciate it!!!
Armen Alexanian
Armen Alexanian Aylar önce
@NameTheTraitor Thanks very much for this excellent and comprehensive response! I will definitely look into these seriously. There's a lot to learn!
NameTheTraitor Aylar önce
When it comes to modelling, there's a very important distinction made - BIM vs 3D Modelling software. BIM is 3D modelling, but it's unique in the sense that it allows you to extract building information from the model (hence the name BIM). Regular 3D modelling software offer more flexibility in design and are generally better for 3D modelling as a whole. You want to be proficient with both, but make sure you prioritise on one as your stronger option (in my case, I'm specialising more with BIM than regular 3D softwares). For BIM, the software that I would recommend (which practicing architecture firms use) is Revit (an alternative which works for Mac is ArchiCAD, but if you have Windows then use Revit). For 3D modelling I would recommend Rhino. Sketchup is another option, but go with Rhino since it does the same things as Sketchup, but better and a lot of professional practising architectural firms also use this software. Alongside these modelling softwares, you also need to be good with a 2D drafting software. Get AutoCAD, this is a must for anyone pursuing architecture and all firms pretty much use this. Lastly, for editing I recommend the Adobe Cloud products, three primary ones being Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. These are industry standard, and although there are good alternatives available, it's generally preferable to compromise and use these packages.
Khenia Castleman
Khenia Castleman Aylar önce
Do you need to know how to draw to be a good architect. I'm a senior who's applying to college and I enjoy architect and think I'll do well but I'm scared because I like drawing but I'm not really pacaso
Nima shre
Nima shre Aylar önce
Kimmy Park
Kimmy Park Aylar önce
I was really glad that you make this video before I take archi. It made me realize that architecture is fun but in reality you are getting paid low so I think I'll pursue another career that could really help me financially.
Ekemini Umoren
Ekemini Umoren Aylar önce
this is very insightful.
Seif Ashraf
Seif Ashraf Aylar önce
what do u think of majoring in interior architecture and design and taking masters on architecture and does the uni u graduate from really important
DamiLee Aylar önce
Yeah I think that would be a good route!
Northern Amauta
Northern Amauta Aylar önce
I work as a mechanical designer and yes, there are always problems with ductwork, piping, walls, lights, and other equipment. Navisworks and Recap can be a blessing and a curse.
Ayman Zaza
Ayman Zaza Aylar önce
i was searching for the Band
Khushi Mishra
Khushi Mishra Aylar önce
@Damilee does physics and mathematics are important or to be strong to an architect I strongly want to be an architect but these two things stops me ...
Carlos Zuniga
Carlos Zuniga Aylar önce
And I thought building on minecraft with controller was tedious, this is worse than me building a small city/town
Yiannis Petrou
Yiannis Petrou Aylar önce
Is Undergrad in civil engineeing and masters in architecture better or equal to architecture? Make a vid comparing the two.
Yiannis Petrou
Yiannis Petrou Aylar önce
Finishing High school in Melbourne in a couple of months, and architecture is something I always wanted to pursue. But all I keep hearing from wanna be architects and those already in Uni is that it takes up all of your time, you get no sleep, and once you start work IRL its depressing af. Can someone with experience plz confirm or deny this. I'd also love to have a chat with an experienced architect on a call or something and discuss.
Natasha Nicole
Natasha Nicole Aylar önce
My advice is do not embark down the architecture path unless your family or close friends have guaranteed connections to successful firms or even better, their own firm. Don’t waste 5+ years of your life to then be paid a pittance!
Emeliza Legaspi
Emeliza Legaspi Aylar önce
Still get scared even though Iam now in my 4th year at architecture school, but I always remind myself why I started and why I choose architecture. And I really love what iam doing.
Emeliza Legaspi
Emeliza Legaspi Aylar önce
@Yiannis Petrou were barely sleeping and also skipping bath and eating sometimes especially if theres too many work loads, your body will eventually get used to it, time management is the key. Both architecture and engineering are good but also hard profession, its still up to you cause you're the one studying always choose the one that exites you.
Yiannis Petrou
Yiannis Petrou Aylar önce
Which Uni are you studying in? Is it true that you stay up late many times and get little sleep? I'm finishing year 12 in a few months and I can't decide if it's worth it. You reckon undergrad in civil engineering and masters in architecture is better?
FMM12100 Aylar önce
Thank you so much DamiLee for taking the time to make this video. I’m a marine engineer looking into a career transition out of sailing, and I’ve been contemplating a shift into architecture, but I believe my skills and talents would be better directed in another role based on how long I’ve been working in engineering operations. It would seem a bit late to reinvent myself from scratch now. Architecture is nonetheless a remarkable profession, great edifications have been brought about by it, and I’ve always had an interest in it since I lived in New England. I could see a career shift most likely associated with architects as clients and team personnel, possibly in civil engineering. Let me know what you think! Your videos on the subject are great and I look forward to seeing more of them! Keep it up!
Joniella Marie Suriaga
Joniella Marie Suriaga Aylar önce
i know being in the architecture field is hard but il do my best to not just fit in with people there but also to try and understand everything we need to learn or to keep in mind if your on the field and ill try to improve myself! so thank you for pointing all these important details!
Tejashree MD
Tejashree MD Aylar önce
Today was my last final exam of thesis and I am watching this 😂🤦‍♀️ oh gosh
Mxn Soonn
Mxn Soonn Aylar önce
I’m about to start junior year of high school any advice?
Tai Malik
Tai Malik Aylar önce
Excellent video! As an architecture undergrad, however, I honestly think the profession will go the way of the dodo bird, simply because many architects have let themselves become irrelevant. When you become a cult-like profession and real work needs to get done, society will just move around you...I think construction management and engineering and maybe urban planning will be far more relevant than the traditional architecture profession. And it doesn't help architects that their education is super expensive and a way for colleges to generate revenue without any guarantee of jobs upon graduation. My advice: go for an undergrad in architecture to learn skill sets and get a well-rounded technical education, but with the expectation that you are probably never going to design something yourself until you have your own practice or are independently wealthy! Try to diversify into construction management or something related to architecture at the graduate level, maybe manufacturing and get into product design!
정영희 Aylar önce
i have no idea why i dropped computer science to enroll in architecture this year and then seeing this video... 👁👄👁 way to go i guess
Kai Loblob
Kai Loblob Aylar önce
huh why did i watch this just now that im about to enter my third year of archi school... theres no way out then 👁💧👄💧👁
SupersaneX_x Aylar önce
*Domics want's to know your location*
Dynamite Dingo
Dynamite Dingo Aylar önce
This was really goo information, I’m considering pursuing architecture thank you!
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson Aylar önce
Sd in house
David Konevky
David Konevky Aylar önce
As much as I love architecture, seeing my older sister and the amount of times she had to stay up until 3 am studying or doing projects is CRAZY scary lmao
chunlin bian
chunlin bian Aylar önce
What`s the annual incomes for a licensed architect and not licensed architect?
Mira Dorimon
Mira Dorimon 2 aylar önce
I Love you!!
Pipeh -
Pipeh - 2 aylar önce
Gonna be honest here: I hate architecture. I'm in my 3rd year now and not failing any class, except for one: Design. What do we do in that class? We have to design an architectural project on our own every semester. Failed this class two times and in risk of failing a 3rd time now. The thing is, if I fail one more time, they'll kick me out of college, so you can imagine how I feel. After watching this video I realised maybe I don't hate architecture, but rather the methods they us to "teach" us (bc they never taught us how to design a building believe it or not) and the pressure, the stress, not knowing what they really want, etc. So, thank you for this video. I'll try my best to succeed at my career.
Nimeth Jayathilaka
Nimeth Jayathilaka 2 aylar önce
Too f*cking late!
Joe Allison
Joe Allison 2 aylar önce
I love being an architect.
B R 2 aylar önce
Basically what this lady is trying to say is that Architecture is "clubby" and they don't like Starchitects and you'll be working with a team unless you're actually unique. :)
Boringtuber 2 aylar önce
I’m in highschool and I’m honestly thinking of being an architect and electrician
Spiritual Minded
Spiritual Minded 2 aylar önce
JoseLyn C.
JoseLyn C. 2 aylar önce
I kinda want and kinda don't want to study Architecture but idk what else to study😂.. the only thing is that here in my country, Belize they don't offer the level of education that is needed to become one, therefore you got to go abroad to study it and idk if I can actually manage to not quit half way through😅
Tamizh Arasan
Tamizh Arasan 2 aylar önce
Hlo, what is the basic skills for architect and how to check it
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