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Time Team Classics

Time Team Classics

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🥉 TRY RANK YOUR THREE FAVOURITES BELOW🥉 (The full episodes are in the description.)
00:00 - The Trouble With Temples
(Friar’s Wash, Hertfordshire)
Series 16, Episode 1
• “The Trouble with Temp...
24:00 - Lost Centuries at St Osyth
(St Osyth, Essex)
Series 12, Episode 9
• Lost Centuries at St O...
41:15 - The Druids' Last Stand
Series 14, Episode 4
• The Druids' Last Stand...
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@winterlighthome 6 aylar önce
My top 3: 1. Two amateurs had found a chapel and monastic site on the island of Mull. The police had to come because of 3 teeth. There was the skull of a lost to history saint under a monument thing (I don't know how to spell it - sounded like "locht"). There was a pottery sherds vs. quartz pebbles funny rivalry. It all had to do with St. Columba. And, Mick Aston was having a grand time. 2. They were on a beach on the Outer Hebrides, and storms had revealed very ancient graves in the sand dunes. 3. They were working with soldiers who had both physical and mental health problems and were digging up lots of Anglo-Saxon graves. Honorable mentions: 1. There was a very enthusiastic woman named Penny who wanted to prove things about her house, and she mucked in with the digging and kept Phil on his toes. 2. They were on Fetlar looking for Viking stuff. 3. There were a lot of Anglo-Saxon finds, and they pretended Raksha's funeral.
@woodbeck 6 aylar önce
I heartily agree! Well described 😂 I knew straight away which episodes you meant.
@thetragicyouth 5 aylar önce
Yes - Raksha's funeral! And didn't Phil read the eulogy??
@christopher_ecclestone 5 aylar önce
​@@thetragicyouthYes! Raksha. Dave's daughter. Digger lady!
@christinavuyk2026 3 aylar önce
That’s the exact opposite of most people’s choices 😂
@lisaart5301 2 aylar önce
Thats very acurate 😂🫶
@harriethowell5444 5 aylar önce
I agree that my favorite is whatever I am watching at the time! I am addicted to TIME TEAM!
@Tanya-ty2rc 3 aylar önce
Ahhh Phil 😁🤣 just love him ...!!!! he's passionate and truly shows how much he loves doing this 😍💘
@annk.8750 6 aylar önce
1. The one in the Hebrides (Barra?) where the beach was eroding and they found skeletons and a wheel house. 2. Isle of Man. Marvelous! 3. A special, I think, not a regular program, where they were on a mound in the Orkneys and went down deep inside the hole in the top it to a chamber.
@thefunnyman51784 2 aylar önce
This is the one thing that I'm thankful for COVID I found this show!
@ruthadamson5128 6 aylar önce
It's very hard for me to pick favourites! I started thinking about finds, like the cemetery with all the buckets - I do like a nice grave good. But then if we're talking graves, there's the prehistoric cemetery in the dunes, or the lock of hair from the Isle of Man, or the spelunking adventures of the bone caves. And then, prehistory wise, the mesolithic footprints, the pictish symbols... But on the other hand, I love a bit of industrial archaeology, the viaduct in Wales that took multiple big diggers, or the mint under the housing estate... Maybe my favourite is just the one I've watched most recently...
@curiousfirely 6 aylar önce
You know it's going to be a fabulous day when Phil's jean cut-off shorts make an appearance 😂
@ChrisHopkinsBass 5 aylar önce
His Daisy Dukes!
@SlickWillyTFCF 4 aylar önce
​@@ChrisHopkinsBassDaisy Dudes*
@christinavuyk2026 3 aylar önce
@@SlickWillyTFCFbrilliant 😂😂😂
@deborahparham3783 20 gün önce
Phil makes it a fabulous day no matter what he's wearing. He is so much fun to watch anytime.
@Go-Dawgs Aylar önce
This was my Favorite Episode!!! Thank You Dr. Francis Pryor 🌟 Bravo Tony for asking questions we would!
@hazelsallymay 6 aylar önce
Thank you no matter how many times I have watched these episodes ,they still are very special to me . Very good choice @ editor 1 2 3 💯🙏
@glenchapman3899 6 aylar önce
I have to say my favorite dig (sort of) Was the Seahenge episode. It touched me very deeply on a number of levels, I was so happy they found a second one and have no intentions of ever excavating it. Number two would be a Welsh castle where one of the assistance found a gold coin. His hand were shaking so much you could hardly see the coin. And the final one was the special they did on the Great Eastern. Finding the slipway, understanding why the launch went so wrong, and finding remains of the Great Eastern was very exciting.
@IAlwaysWantedToTryThat 6 aylar önce
Love a top 3 list. Mine would have to be: 1. Finds on the Fairways (lock of hair from a ~14c. Celtic woman and ogham script) 2. the temple where they decided to excavate the parking lot (can't recall the episode name) because it was the only large excavated area worth looking at and discovered massive walls 3. Because I'm a sucker for tessellated tile mosaics, the "Mosaics Mosaics Mosaics" episode where they find a few superb examples, as well as hypocaust from a villa. Plus Tony gets to uncover some of the mosaic himself and you can just feel the glee in his voice. There's another episode where they actually create their own mosaic that I love too, but I can't for the life of me recall what it was called.
@gwendolynfish2102 Aylar önce
I loved seeing Francis again! Along with the old regulars! What a team!
@michaelmelen9062 6 aylar önce
1. Chicksands, with Dr B becoming a Nun for a day. 2. Chenies Manor House, with a Falconry lesson. 3. Guerilla Base of King Alfred, with the Time Team as young children (comparatively). The episodes are all fascinating, but these three are my favorites.
@dldove22 6 aylar önce
For the third one I would've chosen the one on the Isle of Manx, where the grave with hair and the stone with Ogham carving were found.
@elizabethford7263 6 aylar önce
The Isle of Man is my #1 favorite episode
@IAlwaysWantedToTryThat 6 aylar önce
I think they called it "Finds on the Fairway" and yeah, it's one of my top 3 as well. Such an incredible episode -- the chapel, the kist grave w/ hair, and the Ogham script would each have been an amazing episode of their own but all three in three days was just insane (plus the possibility of many many more graves yet to uncover for future excavations!)
@williamjeffersonclinton69 6 aylar önce
Phil, Mick or Raksha in the thumbnail gets an automatic like.
@paintedpilgrim 12 gün önce
Its hard to choose favourites. But, in no particular order. 1. The 4 day Coventry Cathedral dig- extended a 4th day as the area was being demolished to reveal and in some cases destroy for the renewal projects that were in action 2. The Codnor Castle dig - where they found the gold coin. 3. the barbed wire wrapped ancient sword - where method unveiled the planting of the sword.... But i also have to give mention to the Big Digs at Royal sites, the early industrial revolution digs and the WW2 era dig they did as a special in East London revealing old homes amid what is now a park
@townview5322 6 aylar önce
I reckon there's a step up to stop the shrine from flooding. I'm Australian - it's obvious
@unicornsandrainbowsandchic2336 6 aylar önce
Shhh you're ruining Francis's vibe with reasonable ideas 😂
@ChrisHopkinsBass 5 aylar önce
The one with the La Tene sword buried on top of barbed wire….it was so important to show how you can use scientific methods to expose fakes
@Fush1234 15 gün önce
This is fantastic. Here in New Zealand, all you ever get is a few crude stone axes and beer bottle caps
@leighmossien2009 2 aylar önce
Love Time Team .
@nataliemay415 6 aylar önce
7:50 oh come Phil don't you see Henry was trying to help you dig the trench the way you wanted it originally 😂
@mariansmith7694 9 gün önce
I have never liked the 3 day thing. Some digs really deserve a longer time.
@Sailor376also Aylar önce
Its not an alter,,, Its the place where you pay your entrance fee and buy your souvenirs afterward. And call it whatever you want,, most alters have collection plates as well. T-shirts painted with "I saw the temple of Zeus at Sarenen"
@Go-Dawgs 5 aylar önce
Dr. Francis Pryor is the smartest to watch. My favorite on the show.
@kevinmccarthy8746 2 aylar önce
Such beautiful country sides and the bays and shores lines are beautiful as well. I am planning on joining a Gliding Club called the GREEN DRAGON very close to there. Dear Tony try to be a lot more positive. You are bring down the team and we need a person who is positive.
@RKHageman 2 aylar önce
He’s the associate producer.
@Kmac005 6 aylar önce
"The Trouble with Temples" is one of my favorites. Normally, I think when everything goes right that would not make for an enjoyable episode, but the way everyone reacts so positively and enthusiastically is quite contagious. Although I wish they included the clip of Tony confronting Phil about the possible "plow damage", that was hilarious.
@JulianneTure 3 aylar önce
My three favorites: Orkney Sutton Courtenay Salisbury Cathedral
@Deipnosophist_the_Gastronomer 6 aylar önce
Oh, yes ... we must be careful because we actually have living druids now ... 🤣
@beatriceotter8718 6 aylar önce
This is great. Your next video should be "bottom three time teams"--pick three you didn't actually find anything.
@North_West1 6 aylar önce
My favorite is the golf course fairway.
@jeannienash5249 2 aylar önce
WOW!! Great show!!!
@pretzelhunt 6 aylar önce
Wish the editor said why these were their top 3 choice!
@SamyulDavis 6 aylar önce
Trouble with Temples has some huge, exciting finds in my favourite era, St Osyth is my ends and the Druids episode explores an era that can't speak for itself-resulting in that really interesting chat where Tony has to be reminded not to believe the Roman perspective unquestioningly. Lovely ending on the beach, too.
@pretzelhunt 6 aylar önce
@@SamyulDavis it is a good mix. TwT is hard to unseat, for sure.
@myronkroeker6474 5 aylar önce
They did... but it was... edited.😅
@DeathlyTired 6 aylar önce
0:44 That field is a dead ringer for the outline of Caliornia!
@jmeyer3rn 5 aylar önce
As as American with just a wee bit of Phil's accent broken interpreted I just realized he could be My Fair Lady's brother.
@paulbrocklehurst5993 4 aylar önce
1. Gold in the moat 2. Operation nightingale 3. Street of the dead.
@lotsofspots 6 aylar önce
That chap at 49:00 is really making a massive leap to link anything that's going on today with Welsh 'Druids' to what was going on at the site. He's kinda condescending to poor Tony, too.
@daveseddon5227 6 aylar önce
I remember the first time I saw that episode - the guy is a crackpot! That is, I believe, the technical term. 🙂
@myronkroeker6474 5 aylar önce
​@@daveseddon5227not to be confused with a wing nut😅
@daveseddon5227 5 aylar önce
@@myronkroeker6474 Indeed not! Wingnuts are useful. 🙂
@wishyouwashear5495 6 aylar önce
Phil is definitely WURZEL GUMMAGE'S stunt double..
@deborahparham3783 Aylar önce
Who the heck is Wurzel Gummage?
@TheSouthernLady777 29 gün önce
After seeing Roman statues, the weird rock is a joke. 😅😂
@mathyeti 4 aylar önce
my rank ... 1) temples, 2)druids and 3) osyth
@jacquelinearcher1158 Aylar önce
Sunday tea time was never the same when this ended …..
@jw4620 5 aylar önce
@TheOttomann64 6 aylar önce
Just can´t get enough... ...now that song got to you 🥰
@nicholasbarr1149 6 aylar önce
the best time team was the bucket people hampshire new forest
@michaelkamradt4700 6 aylar önce
When the romans left Britian, did they tear down the temples or were they simply abandoned?
@stephenarbon2227 6 aylar önce
There weren't that many Romans in the first place, probably most who came from Britain, were from the provinces, and were soldiers, traders, slaves etc. What happened to the Romano-British when the Anglo-Saxons is still a matter of argument among historians. Probably varied with the region. In East Anglia, 80% of the village names are Anglo, 20% Danish [Viking], there are a number of places which apparently meant in Old English: the home of the Welsh ie the British, suggesting that some British survived and were living in Enclaves. Other parts eg Cornwall, were hardly effected by the Saxons, but they weren't all that effected by Romans, some British fled to Brittany [hence the name] or Wales. As far as temples go, the Roman Empire was Christianised well before the fall of the Western Roman Empire, so you might expect that pagan temples would have already fallen into disuse and the stone recycled.
@andypne5454 4 aylar önce
Finds on the Fairway. Very moving.
@williamcross210 5 aylar önce
Let's say in no particular order Waddon, Dorset, finding a henge was great Greenwich Birdoswald, I love Hadrian's Wall
@kvarietyfan Aylar önce
Purely subjective observations on all our parts. I'd let it stand except St. Osyth was more just challenging than best in my view. Turkdean, or Wood henge could easily dusplace that episode.
@gwendolynfish2102 Aylar önce
And Guy too! Double bonus!!
@beckyburrow8576 6 aylar önce
🎉Love…Time Team… Keep’um coming❤
@JamesPetty-sb5gf 2 aylar önce
Turkdean 1 and 2, then I can’t pick one third, there are too many
@earlymorningtwilight9119 6 aylar önce
Favorite program ever.
@jazograyski8708 6 aylar önce
So agreed
@waltercamela 6 aylar önce
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@benjaminotto5711 6 aylar önce
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@waltercamela 6 aylar önce
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@waltercamela 6 aylar önce
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@TheShootist 5 aylar önce
Please consider producing, Time Team stinkers® (Editor's choice!)
@ChrisHopkinsBass 5 aylar önce
Llancaich Fawr - I felt for the guys having to do that one
@evolassunglasses4673 6 aylar önce
Brilliant channel.
@525Lines 6 aylar önce
Sacred stone seems like a long shot.
@Davlavi 5 aylar önce
Very cool.
@neilchippendale1850 5 aylar önce
No 1 Syon Monastery
@wpjohn91 5 aylar önce
The odd shaped rock is a head of the spirit? Or it is an ugly rock.
@AnnaAnna-uc2ff 6 aylar önce
@brianhaskard1042 5 aylar önce
Faye or Helen?
@xtr3m3fLx 5 aylar önce
@stephenconnolly3018 Aylar önce
The Druids are the new intelligencers what a clown.
@farpelito1287 5 aylar önce
Harding is a celt. I think that's how you spell it.
@deborahparham3783 Aylar önce
Yes he is a Celt and proud of it.
@cherylkurucz8852 6 aylar önce
@vincentrandles8105 6 aylar önce
Constantine definitely wasn't Christian....that's a fact obscured by later 'historians' yeah, I said it. That whole "I saw a cross in the sky" - a story told in the year's AFTER his death.
@AJD09FB 5 aylar önce
You can question whether he was a "true believer" or merely professing Christian belief for cynical reasons, and it is quite clear that the historical narratives contain a lot of "legendary" elements in relation to his conversion and the supposed "signs" before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, but even pagan accounts like that of Zosimus (and presumably Z's sources) talk about Constantine's Christianity. He was also responsible for convening the First Church Council at Nicaea in 325 - hardly the act of an emperor who was not professing at least some form of Christianity.
@karlkarlos3545 6 aylar önce
Sigh! This Channel has become like one of them old UHF TV-studios, repeating the same over and over.
@aquil3scach088 6 aylar önce
Great thing romans eradicated all those barbarians🥰🥰🥰
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