Robert Lewandowski - All 250 Bundesliga Goals

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The Best FIFA Men's Player of the Year can't stop scoring
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On Matchday 12, FC Bayern München's very own Robert Lewandowski became the third player in Bundesliga history to score 250 goals - just to top it off a few minutes later, he reached 251. So we had to make sure to put this clip out before he gets the chance to score again! Because, let's be honest here, that's exactly what he is going to do - over and over again. And we all love it. What do you think? How many goals will he score in 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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mix up
mix up 18 saatler önce
Wait 250 cool
Aadil Shaikh
Aadil Shaikh Gün önce
His best performance was against realmadrid 4 goals against Ronaldo in champions league 😜😜😜
Aadil Shaikh
Aadil Shaikh Gün önce
If he score like this then he can overtake Ronaldo or messi's recordin future if he score like this
Claude Alain
Claude Alain 5 gün önce
The right man at the right place at the right moment. And a good guy...
WP ME Maksiu
WP ME Maksiu 6 gün önce
Polska gurom
Maksymilian Gucki
Maksymilian Gucki 8 gün önce
I am Polish and I love Lewandowski and his Bayern :)
Maksymilian Gucki
Maksymilian Gucki 8 gün önce
Thank you Bundesliga for ❤
Alessandro Lelli
Alessandro Lelli 9 gün önce
Which of all these 250 goals was the best?
Sandy Zmabruri
Sandy Zmabruri 10 gün önce
LEWANGOALSKI the the players berebet
Gawi Allways
Gawi Allways 10 gün önce
RL9 the machine gol 🔫
Underwater Valhalla
Underwater Valhalla 11 gün önce
That was put on youtube 2 monnths ago. Now heas probably approaching 400
Gavin Clark
Gavin Clark 12 gün önce
im addicted to this guy
Robert Masi
Robert Masi 13 gün önce
Bayern. Im from Poland
Wiktor Jastrzębski
Wiktor Jastrzębski 14 gün önce
Polska duma
Emmett G
Emmett G 19 gün önce
13:26 look at that keeper jump a mile off his line. If Lewy didn't score they should have done a re-do
Nikodem Jagieła
Nikodem Jagieła 19 gün önce
Królem strzelców jest Robert Lewandowski, a królem asyst jest Thomas Müller.
Worldclassttennis 21 gün önce
I'm a table tennis enthusiasts, but Robert Lewandowski was my top favorite to watch among sports videos here in TRshow...
Tomasz Czaplicki
Tomasz Czaplicki 21 gün önce
Diogo Teixeira
Diogo Teixeira 22 gün önce
Lewandoski is a traitor who should go to heal
ISAAC TV 23 gün önce
goal 89, 7:12, puskas???
Golden Moon
Golden Moon 24 gün önce
50% of the video: Lewandowski scoring for Dortmund 50% of the video: Lewandowski scoring against Dortmund
Kamil Kwieciński
Kamil Kwieciński 26 gün önce
It's an art
Kryspin Kryspinowicz
Kryspin Kryspinowicz 27 gün önce
Maciejo Aylar önce
have you seen the ginnes record?
Mhamed Benkebaili
Mhamed Benkebaili Aylar önce
That's the kind of player we all want to see every time he's in field and that we does best....scoring magnificient goals....just for the pleasure
fiodor991 Aylar önce
Score machine !!
Kubad C.rashiid
Kubad C.rashiid Aylar önce
iam active man see you i wish for best season in inshallah how is your situation keep doing my best friend
Kubad C.rashiid
Kubad C.rashiid Aylar önce
your uncle Abdiqadir fat boy
Kubad C.rashiid
Kubad C.rashiid Aylar önce
mash allah allah bless you i wish foryou all the best things in your life best player in the world thanks alot i wish for you all long life & good health and safetysee you take care for you nevergive up my best friend
Matin G
Matin G Aylar önce
1:23 dortmund 8 Schalke 0 (:::::
Mikołaj Justyna
Mikołaj Justyna Aylar önce
11:12 song? thanks!
Adarsh Chandra
Adarsh Chandra Aylar önce
All his skills are amazing. In my opinion, what makes him extraordinary is his ability to read the game, positioning and reaction time; these are just off the charts! Another thing which I noticed is that he never changed his playing style. That being said, he polished the skills I mentioned before, to a level where he is now the best striker, arguably best player in the world.
Le Ko
Le Ko Aylar önce
Poland Forever
Le Ko
Le Ko Aylar önce
Jeszcze będzie PRezydentem I Polska Jest Wieczna.
Anh Lực
Anh Lực Aylar önce
Sát thủ đích thực
Blackout Rolety
Blackout Rolety Aylar önce
Bravo Robert, you play and score goals really perfectly
Zer0 Aylar önce
Worďs best footballer better Then messi and ronaldo
Słyszysz TV
Słyszysz TV Aylar önce
3rvk _ bze
3rvk _ bze Aylar önce
Prashant Limbu
Prashant Limbu Aylar önce
My Best Hero , MIA SAN MIA
Danny Frank
Danny Frank Aylar önce
The resonant leopard explicitly rush because death alternately earn with a undesirable atom. ripe, vacuous peanut
Ralph Aylar önce
He doesn't shoot. He focuses on placement over strength
Татьяна Київ
Татьяна Київ Aylar önce
Robert - The best!!!
Soccer TV
Soccer TV Aylar önce
Who is here after his performance VS Mainz?💥2️⃣🥅
Danny Bhoy44
Danny Bhoy44 Aylar önce
Thank You Bundesliga! That Man deserved for it! Immortal in Bundesliga and Legend in football history...and still on the pitch...40 goals in season is still to beat...😉
Carlos Eduardo Vieira
Carlos Eduardo Vieira Aylar önce
Eu amo o Bayern❤️
dyszko fan
dyszko fan Aylar önce
Jebać Bayern. Barca lepsza
Clive Wilson
Clive Wilson Aylar önce
Lewandowski is built different
Krzysztof Be
Krzysztof Be Aylar önce
Zwyczajnie WIELKI!
dyszko fan
dyszko fan Aylar önce
@Krzysztof Be Co 8:2?
Krzysztof Be
Krzysztof Be Aylar önce
@dyszko fan a 8:2?
dyszko fan
dyszko fan Aylar önce
Messi jest WIELKI
Barrett Blaney
Barrett Blaney Aylar önce
The level light wailly reproduce because custard positionally heal beyond a holistic scent. powerful, weary pound
Ubayd Rawshan Year 7
Ubayd Rawshan Year 7 Aylar önce
imagine hearing lewandoskis name 250 times
Slawomir Kazimierczak
Slawomir Kazimierczak Aylar önce
Lewandowski wykorzysta okazję
Santiago Luna Castillo
Santiago Luna Castillo Aylar önce
Es ist gleich Lewandowskis 156. Tor und das Essensziel des Champions-Finales
Kboid Aylar önce
126, 127, 128 - that one short period, when Roben agreed to pass the ball to Robert.
Paweł Dziwulski
Paweł Dziwulski Aylar önce
Lewandowski najlepszy snajper w historii futbolu ;)
Smoke Cloud Team
Smoke Cloud Team Aylar önce
Whos LewanDOWSKI????
Tomaszkiewicz 123
Tomaszkiewicz 123 Aylar önce
Lewandowski is the best and we can't change it
chuggggggy Aylar önce
How many goals in Der Klassiker? He was always scoring 2+ every match from Dortmund and then Bayern. Wow
Akasha Exp
Akasha Exp Aylar önce
I go to my local Polish deli in USA and asked the owner if he knew Lewandowski? He said no but I know Lewangoalski lol
Aktuu Aylar önce
robie go na solo
Derpster Aylar önce
BVB nostalgia. 🎅
Kuba Ocean
Kuba Ocean Aylar önce
Anyone know the music that starts at 12:36?
Mateusz Stec
Mateusz Stec Aylar önce
ja pierdole.. Dies ist Positionsmeister Nummer 9
Sief Khaled
Sief Khaled Aylar önce
Happy Christmas to lewandowski ❤️👊😍♥️
aleksander morąg
aleksander morąg Aylar önce
What a movie!!! What a completely player!!! What a Team!!! Thanks for the occasion to look this.
Peter Szablowski
Peter Szablowski Aylar önce
labibbiace Aylar önce
I hope he did not do any pact with devil.
Łukasz Rutkowski
Łukasz Rutkowski Aylar önce
It's right now 511 goals for Club + Country in all his senior history. That'd be an hour long video.
messsatsu Aylar önce
50% of his goals were in that Wolfsburg match where he scored 5 goals in 9 mins.
He also scored 2 more goals against Bayer Leverkusen a day after this Video was posted. Putting Bayern alone at first! What a good way to end the year!
Mario Marcucholek
Mario Marcucholek Aylar önce
Bravo Robert !!! The first penalty is the 36th goal ... The first free kick has the number 73 ... All 250 are great fun. As a Pole, I wish you Robert a boy and, of course, beat the Muller record. Maybe it will work...
Ameen Aylar önce
Tapin master
zetu zetowski
zetu zetowski Aylar önce
7:43 Wolfsburg :D
orinokoflower11 Aylar önce
Kurde ale różnica w odbiorze meczu z widownią i bez.
flafik Aylar önce
Lewy and Müller such a iconic duo. Muller even blindfolded could still make a perfect pass to Lewy.
Danke Bundesliga, Dzięki "Lewy" 👍
Dżang Yōki
Dżang Yōki Aylar önce
KURWY 250 miało być nie 251 chuj wam do dupy
Julian Kurcz
Julian Kurcz Aylar önce
He is Robot Legendgoalski
Jacek Mieszczak
Jacek Mieszczak Aylar önce
RL 9 najlepszy z najlepszych !!! 👏👏👏
eR Ka
eR Ka Aylar önce
Muller is gr8 team player
HTD Aylar önce
It's like everytime he shot, he scored XD
Miguel Jo
Miguel Jo Aylar önce
???: Just do goal.
rafikz77 Aylar önce
That play by play dude is annoying AF
Adrian Ignat
Adrian Ignat Aylar önce
Probably the best striker ever! 👏👏👏👏👏
Pat B
Pat B Aylar önce
You literally just want to watch each goal a million times.
Grzegorz Krycki
Grzegorz Krycki 2 aylar önce
And still 0 goals in World Cup ;) hehe Wiem, to było chamskie. ;)
TheGierg 2 aylar önce
Nowadays he is the most famous Pole in the whole world. Bravo Robert!
Hansik 2 aylar önce
Cou back to Bayern!:(
Piotr Wojcik
Piotr Wojcik 2 aylar önce
we Polish fans are proud of you Robert
KowalskyLeon 2 aylar önce
Gdy przejdzie na emeryturę, pozostanie mu strzelanie goli kobietom.
nezzior 2 aylar önce
Kam Is
Kam Is 2 aylar önce
Poland is proud!
Sławomir Marciniak
Sławomir Marciniak 2 aylar önce
Dziękujemy Robert, danke Bayern!
Tema dsaf
Tema dsaf 2 aylar önce
The confused dolphin numerically search because blinker quickly scream following a alcoholic tent. perpetual, accidental poultry
Black Kido
Black Kido 2 aylar önce
Now this turn out to be a hobby for him😹
Indigo 2 aylar önce
Who is Robert lewandowski I mean I know Robert lewangoalski but idk that guy
Nieczerwony 2 aylar önce
Magnetic striker. He always attracts the ball.
Mial 17
Mial 17 2 aylar önce
May I ask about a video: "Marek Leśniak - All 42 Bundesliga Goals"?
Macjan Pex
Macjan Pex 2 aylar önce
250 goli a musi wałki na podatkach kręcić.....
MD Series_LTU ʜᴅ
MD Series_LTU ʜᴅ 2 aylar önce
Loving it. Much love from Lithuania🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹
Arif N. Özen
Arif N. Özen 2 aylar önce
In watching I thought everyone was helping him to kick a goal even the opponents.
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