AC Milan 2010/11 ● Road to the 18th Scudetto ● Part 1

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Matrix Comps

Matrix Comps

Yıl önce

🔴 AC Milan - 2010/11 - Serie A - Scudetto - Campione D'Italia ⚫

Part 2:

📺 Video presented by Matrix Comps.

This two part video series takes you through the journey of AC Milan winning their 18th Serie A Title in 2010/11. In part 1 of the video, the first 19 games of the season are covered. The remaining 19 games are covered in part 2!

Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly referred to as A.C. Milan or simply Milan, is a professional football club in Milan, Italy, founded in 1899.

🎻 Music: 300 Violin Orchestra Fast Version

AC Milan 2010/11 ● Road to the 18th Scudetto ● Part 1

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Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 11 aylar önce
Click here for part 2:
Milanista Vietnam
Milanista Vietnam 7 gün önce
Ibra is still the soul of Milan. Cant deny what he has done since he came back to Milan in Jan 2020. If Milan won this year's Scudetto, it would be the best ending for all of us. Forza Milan ❤🖤.
Mamba 2 saatler önce
Aldi Syah
Aldi Syah 10 saatler önce
And just realize Maldini was not there.
ManpreeT SehgaL
ManpreeT SehgaL 2 gün önce
We did win it❤🖤
Andre Dave
Andre Dave 10 aylar önce
Ibrahimovic, pato, inzaghi, Ronaldinho, Robinho 😱😱
FF_Music Gün önce
@Difesa88 Attack ma cosa rispetto per superpippo
Boom 2 gün önce
seedorf, ambrosini, nesta
Napoletano sheva milanista
Napoletano sheva milanista 4 gün önce
Però nel complesso il Milan era inferiore all'inter il Milan veniva da 2 campionati deludenti secondo e terzo posto mentre l'Inter da un triplete
drip 4 gün önce
Cassano last one
Abdul Fatah
Abdul Fatah 9 gün önce
Ronaldinho,Pirlo,Gattuso 🔥🤩🤩🤩
Marcin Ł.
Marcin Ł. 9 aylar önce
Milan in years 2010-13 had Nesta, Bonera, Jankulovsky, T. Silva, Zambrotta, Oddo, Abate, Favalli, Mexes, Pirlo, van Bommel, Beckham, Gattuso, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Flamini, K.Prince Boateng, Cassano, Ronaldinho, Pato, Ibrahimović, Inzaghi, Robinho, Borriello, Pazzini, Abbiatti, Z.Kalac.... what a power
LabGorilla Yıl önce
This was an amazing squad. Compare to today and not one player would go into it. And I include donnarumma. They worked together very well. They have power and an abundance of technical prowess and of course a manager that knew how to do his job.
Fabrice Zillmer-Stumpe
Fabrice Zillmer-Stumpe 3 aylar önce
Theo would make the team
Tracy McGrady
Tracy McGrady 4 aylar önce
@Andjelko Zlotvor Very few of the ten eleven squad that you compared with were considered first team players though, Tomori and Kjaer not better than Silva or Nesta for example
steven jibs
steven jibs 6 aylar önce
Liked the ucl squad of 07 more.
jerry cloward
jerry cloward 7 aylar önce
Donnarumma will surely make the starting team here!! He’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than abbiatti
Camey Hayes
Camey Hayes 9 aylar önce
Donnarumma would easily replace Abbiati
Angga Dedy Pratama
Angga Dedy Pratama 10 aylar önce
Ibra Pato and Robinho the best trio this season🔥🔥🔥
Angga Dedy Pratama
Angga Dedy Pratama Aylar önce
@Eky Mochamad Yanuar Eh iya ya gw inget pokok nya Cassano datang tahun 2011
Eky Mochamad Yanuar
Eky Mochamad Yanuar Aylar önce
@Angga Dedy Pratama cassano masuk di tengah musim (januari 2011) pas ronaldinho pulang kampung k brasil
Azim Majid
Azim Majid 5 aylar önce
Adolfo Visca
Adolfo Visca 5 aylar önce
In the this season 2010/11 IBRA, pato and robinho totalized 42 goals in serie A without champions league and coppa Italia...
Angga Dedy Pratama
Angga Dedy Pratama 7 aylar önce
@Sahrul Hamzah Cassano masuk milan musim 2011-2012 bro
Magic of Football
Magic of Football Yıl önce
OMG this squad was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Ronaldinho, Pato, Filippo Inzaghi, Zlatan Ibra, Gatusso, Pirlo
FlowMustGoOn 4 aylar önce
robinho was good too !
Uvo Ngcukana
Uvo Ngcukana 9 aylar önce
id say only pato and ibra were in their prime
boy kcttt
boy kcttt 11 aylar önce
Beckham kaka
Hulk Green
Hulk Green 11 aylar önce
T. Silva
Arif Saripudin
Arif Saripudin 11 aylar önce
Seedorf dont ever forget 😁👍
د.عبدالرحمن 4 gün önce
Ibra, Pato & Robinho, really its deadly attacking line ❤️🖤
Mr Socrates
Mr Socrates Aylar önce
Dont forget King Bonera hahaha this guy makes me insecure whenever he played, but it was a great season glad im part of it watching weekly till they won, i remember TS33 how fast and strong he was in his first game. Damn what a team. Forza Milan!! Lets go winning for the next Scudetto this season.
Arsénio André
Arsénio André 10 aylar önce
Xe! Este Milan estava cheio de estrelas.
Kamikaze Hussein
Kamikaze Hussein 4 aylar önce
love that many of these games where decided by legends scoring
Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez 7 aylar önce
I love AC Milan and this team was the reason I love football. This is one of the best videos I've ever seen before. Thanks nice job.
NEXT E8G 10 aylar önce
Esse Milan só tinha legends
Sebastiano Baldassarri
Sebastiano Baldassarri Yıl önce
Che bei ricordi, sempre forza Milan❤️⚫
Nia sansiro-passion
Nia sansiro-passion 11 aylar önce
Forza Milan
Madridista_7 11 aylar önce
Can someone here reminds me what went wrong with the manager at the end ? I know, he hasn't won the Scudetto twice, but he still managed to rebuild a strong Milan able to compete at European level by bringing top players, and many qualities to the squad.. I strongly believe that the 2010's could have been the era of Milan's domination instead of Juventus, if everything hasn't felt apart so fast (the firing of Allegri, Zlatan and T. Silva being sold to p$g, Berlusconi's departure)..
Madridista_7 Aylar önce
@Crius XI With Maldini leading the board, and the work made since Chineses left, Milan slowly makes its come-back. I seriously hope they return where they truly belong, and wish them all the best. Forza Milan, from a Madridista.
Crius XI
Crius XI Aylar önce
@Madridista_7 Here I am in 2022, Milan and Napoli tied with 65 points with just a copy games left. And Milan play Bologna tomorrow. They can possibly win the scudetto, hopefully.
Madridista_7 10 aylar önce
@Rafael Don't remember him staying that long, since he hasn't completed his 4th term.. Keeping the old guard for many years didn't helped at all either. The fact that the board didn't helped Allegri (even Leonardo) in the transfer windows has played a huge part in Milan's downfall. They should've rebuild their squad after they won their last European title, but somehow they didn't. Maybe, they'll coming back in the following years (since they were really close to win the scudetto this year, before they fucked up at the end).
Rafael 10 aylar önce
allegri finished 2 in 2012 and 3 in 2013 and left in january 2014 was fired after a 4-3 defeat against sassuolo in january. i think milan performances were bad because he was not backed much anymore by berlusconni in the transfer windows and the great players were leaving or retiring but i'm not sure, i think its easy to find an article or video about it i'm 100% sure of the reasons
Fission Mailed
Fission Mailed 2 gün önce
Amazing editing and work, we need another one for this season also ❤🖤 #FORZAMILAN
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 2 gün önce
Almost finished! Will upload soon :)
Griffiths Ohene Boachie
Griffiths Ohene Boachie 11 aylar önce
Big up for your effort, let’s bring Milan back ❤️🖤🔥💪🏾
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 11 aylar önce
Thank you bro 🙏
ChillMyFriend 11 aylar önce
One of the best football videos I've seen great effort
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 11 aylar önce
Appreciate that 😊
Fausto Barbasso
Fausto Barbasso 6 aylar önce
The Great Milan was between 80s/90s, the so-called "IMMORTALS". In 2010 Milan was a winning team in serie A, and yet, just a mere shadow of his ancient glory.
Elle Lawliet
Elle Lawliet Aylar önce
To be fair, also the 2000s were a spectacular time, winning 2 CL in 2003 and 2007 and then the Serie A in 2011.
malkova mia
malkova mia 11 aylar önce
Super great video. Storyline was clear and music is fantastic mixing with the fans reaction at the stadium. Definitely the best football video editing i've ever seen
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much! :)
tka ali
tka ali 11 aylar önce
Great video 👏🏼 Milan 2010 was a perfect squad
Min Htet Ricky
Min Htet Ricky 9 aylar önce
Milan's Forward Ronaldinho , Ibrahimovic , Pato , Robinho , Cassano ,KP Boateng , F.inzaghi 😱😱😱😱 This is so so insane 🔥🔥🔥
Jeferson #spfc
Jeferson #spfc 10 aylar önce
Esse foi o ultimo grande time do Milan
LENNOn Moraes
LENNOn Moraes 7 aylar önce
Que saudade desse time
@CFCMoi11 11 aylar önce
A team full of leaders and class
Aman Matharoo
Aman Matharoo 10 aylar önce
Fantastic video! Need more like this! Perfectly done 🔴⚫️
Mamun Hasan
Mamun Hasan 10 aylar önce
Just feels like yesterday pure footballing era n my favorite season 2010-11
Ivan Ly
Ivan Ly 10 aylar önce
Muy bueno podrían salir mas equipos y mas años en este formato muy bueno los felicio
Iliqn Borisov
Iliqn Borisov 5 aylar önce
Уникален отбор
Kristianto Gunawan
Kristianto Gunawan 4 aylar önce
10 years later, Zlatan's still around, #respect
RYAN SANTOS 10 aylar önce
E de pensar que o Milan já foi time grande!
Deekay 3 aylar önce
Continua grande
criss zl
criss zl 9 aylar önce
ainda é grande, só não tem o mesmo time de antes.
Mirko Raffaello
Mirko Raffaello Yıl önce
What a Club❤️🖤
Arthur Nunes
Arthur Nunes 5 aylar önce
Vídeo sensacional
Luca D.
Luca D. 2 aylar önce
Forza Milan! E grazie per i video 💪🏻🔴⚫
João Vitor Ffreitas
João Vitor Ffreitas 6 aylar önce
10:30 Best moment. Thank you, Ibra! GRAZIE!
GiLLar Mhmmd Rmdhn
GiLLar Mhmmd Rmdhn 10 aylar önce
I'm a big fan of manchester united but i respect ac milan as one of the legendary club in the world..
Allah Diyen Tyler Durden
Allah Diyen Tyler Durden 9 aylar önce
Richard Rooms
Richard Rooms 7 aylar önce
Da Juventino Era un Milan veramente forte Allegri vince con le squadre forti L'anno successivo con uno squadrone le ha prese da conte (gol di Muntari a parte) Avrebbe dovuto vincerlo con 10 punti da vantaggio di quell Juvre Ibra, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Cassano, Robinho, Boateng e tanti altri.
mohammad safayee
mohammad safayee 7 aylar önce
Ac milan team was really good , ronaldinho, Robinho, nesta,Ibrahim's, pato,pirlo,gattuso,inzagi just wow😮
M K 19 gün önce
If Milan win the title this season I hope you will make a video like this 🖤❤️
Natan Lucas
Natan Lucas 4 aylar önce
pato se lesionou muito e desfalcou muito o time
WMILAN83a 11 aylar önce
Bei tempi... e pensare che allora nessuno pensava che 11 anni dopo un cataclisma inaspettato e inimmaginabile avrebbe sconvolto tutti: lo scudetto dell’Inter
Alberto Maria Perrone
Alberto Maria Perrone 9 aylar önce
Complimenti, un video pulito con immagini di pregevole qualità e ben costruito!
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 9 aylar önce
Thank you!! :)
mohamad ir
mohamad ir 4 aylar önce
What a team combinig energetic youth like pato with veterans like inzaghi, seedorf, pirlo, nesta, ronaldinho, gattuso and midldle aged super stars like ibrahimovic and thiago silva and robinho plus some above average players like kp boateng and abate... If we had a world class goalkeeper we could compete on the champions league also
Ajaz Asharaf
Ajaz Asharaf 10 aylar önce
Prime ibra is a monster... he certainly is one of the greatest of all footballersz!!
helm proyek
helm proyek 2 gün önce
"to you, eleven years from now" - Ibra in 2011
Jay 11 aylar önce
really nice editing! Nice video! Mamma mia quanto eravamo forti, basta solo guardare i nomi in rosa che mi viene la nostalgia... Ma poi adesso che la rivedo che partita assurda è stata quella contro l'udinese D: incredibile!!!
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps 11 aylar önce
Thank you :)
Pasquale Riggio
Pasquale Riggio 11 aylar önce
Da Juventino ma vi rendete conto la rosa del Milan di quell 'anno. Squadra super completa, fantasia, classe potenza solidità e poi Pato giocatore che meritava una carriera più prestigiosa. Inzaghi giocatore da studiare veramente troppo furbo. Poi non si è capito come mai ha cacciato mezza squadra in una volta
Jake Pennington
Jake Pennington Yıl önce
Beautiful. Thank you!
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps Yıl önce
Cheers mate!! Had to work so hard on this :)
Donnie Gün önce
WHat a team we had in 2010-2011. It was a Joke. ROnaldinho, pato, ibrahimovic, inzaghi, pirlo, seedorf, nesta, maldini, gattuso, robhino, cassano. INSANE. Ibra... one the scudetto in 2010/11......... he came back... and hes won it again.. this says a lot. Shevchenko and Kaka' also legend of the club.
marco viglioglia
marco viglioglia 4 aylar önce
Milan la squadra più forte che cera nella serie a sempre lo sara per sempre che ricordi con questa grande squadra per me rimane sempre nella storia per me e solo uno Ronaldinho tutta una vita pero 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Orapeleng Motsumi
Orapeleng Motsumi 10 aylar önce
Yu may underrate Milan but look at their history too much🤲⚽️
Antonio ACM
Antonio ACM 3 gün önce
Lo riguardo a poche ore dalla partita contro il Sassuolo .. speriamo porti bene♥️♥️
ANIMAL GAES 11 aylar önce
Amazing team
Jessé Silva
Jessé Silva 10 aylar önce
Forza Milan 🇮🇹♥️
Diaz PB
Diaz PB 4 aylar önce
Que buen equipo tenía el Milán, a pesar de tener un pesimo arquero como Abbiati
Dariossss 8 aylar önce
3:56 uno dei gol più belli di sempre
angelboy 6 aylar önce
Talvez seja esse o melhor time que o Milan já montou em toda sua história . O velho Gatuso com toda sua sutileza . Kkkkkk
Abdo Zidane
Abdo Zidane 7 aylar önce
good team 😍❤
reobagus 11 aylar önce
this is what im talking about we dont have play nice....but we keep winning....1-0 ....1-0...2-1...dont care we lose as long as we win a lot!! plus dont need superb goalkeeper with salary 10M or 12M LOL!! if we have good defender doesnt matter....and this is Allegri doing who have been radically criticize by many fans :D :D
Alberto Guglielmi
Alberto Guglielmi 11 aylar önce
Quest' anno siamo tornati in Champions, spero che fra 2 3 anni magari torneremo a vincere lo scudetto,chi lo sa❤️🖤
lorenzo 6 saatler önce
Sono bastati 11 mesi🤩🤩
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