The FULL Story of Alina & The Darkling | Shadow And Bone (S1)

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Byun Baekhyun
Byun Baekhyun Yıl önce
Angeles K
Angeles K 2 aylar önce
Bruh did you just spoil the book for me :O
Edith Moreno
Edith Moreno 2 aylar önce
And Netflix ships them hard!
SRI RIJUL DAS 4 aylar önce
@Byun Baekhyun you will get bored after 3rd season, it was one time watch series
Byun Baekhyun
Byun Baekhyun 4 aylar önce
All the replies I've been getting makes me want to watch the vampire diaries again 😭
SRI RIJUL DAS 4 aylar önce
@NM EditzI think after they started dating in real life, it was clear that they would eventually get together but before that Stefan and Elena love story was planned to last till end.
mariah dominguez
mariah dominguez Yıl önce
Listen if they didn’t want us to want them together, they shouldn’t have 1. casted Ben Barnes and 2. made him ask for consent because that sealed it for me
ChereiPeach 17 gün önce
@Lavinia Snow yeah but we ain't alina. we know men like him only fatal but it's fiction nd when have toxic but hot mfks that need to be fixed not managed to excite the living shit out of like most of us. i want him end up with alina so bad lol
Punten 96
Punten 96 Aylar önce
Kalia 2 aylar önce
I know they made one mistake after another 😭 I keep convincing myself that they shouldn't be together but I just can't. They made me think of the maybe she can fix him cliché 😂. This show taught me that I'm very susceptible to toxic relationships if the other half is Ben fucking Barnes.
Rumaisa Reem
Rumaisa Reem 2 aylar önce
lulu718 3 aylar önce
Slf Flores
Slf Flores Yıl önce
The darkling and Alina has a better chemistry than Alina and her best friend. I said what I said end of the story.
Michelle Burford
Michelle Burford 26 gün önce
100% I was like damn he’s fine, I bet he’s a bad guy. I’m still tootin go for it though. Everyone like a good villain turned good.😊
Shelby Johansen
Shelby Johansen Aylar önce
I have vet mixed feelings, but I’m also not very far into the show so ya
Aziza Karami
Aziza Karami Aylar önce
Indeed ❤️ they definitely has a much better chemistry than with her best friend & that scene of their kissing is live in my head like free rent 🥵🙈 this chemistry is something esle 🥵🥵🥵🥵 love it hope they are endgame they are better hopefully it won’t follow the book let’s hope change make them as endgame because they are perfect for each other her best friend Should stay as friend that is end of the story
Slf Flores
Slf Flores Aylar önce
@Andrea Rimini I was thinking the same thing😭
Serena Ledini
Serena Ledini Yıl önce
When he asked her 'Are you sure?'...I DIED😍😍😍 Sometimes good boys don't even care if you are ready or not, while bish, how are we supposed to hate you when you act like this???
Érika T.V.
Érika T.V. 3 aylar önce
Wi wi
Wi wi 4 aylar önce
Did he ask for consent when he put that collar on her?
hothotheat3000 6 aylar önce
If a boy doesn’t care, he’s not a good boy.
LB DJ 7 aylar önce
He's a man of his word.
DK 7 aylar önce
No iba a ser así Ben Barnes influenció para poder decir eso en esa escena Por que lo llego a incomodar la escena ya que el Darkling solo lo hacía por interés
fabee Yıl önce
Darklina has the POTENTIAL to give us a proper lovers to enemies to lovers/enemies to lovers story. They can be the 🔥BADASS COUPLE🔥 ! I know the darkling is very bad and toxic and manipulative,basically THE VILLAIN and shipping darklina is like morally wrong but you know what- it’s fictional,COMPLETELY FICTIONAL! So I ship them because I feel like they belong to each other and have this bond like no other. I shipped them in the books too and in the show I know they hurried up because there was less time/were less episodes but still loved them and I cannot deny their BEAUTIFUL chemistry 😭.. Also they are interesting and fun to watch. Netflix NEEDS TO CHANGE THE ENDING AND THE ENDGAME like they already changed SO MUCH OF THE THINGS so like please 🥺🌘☀️🖤
ChereiPeach 17 gün önce
okay lets be very fucking real, it's the HOT TOXICITY!! like that shit is what makes my heart do whole summer sault. nd who doesn't like enemies who want to kill each other become a couple that wld kill for each other.
Jazz 🦆
Jazz 🦆 Aylar önce
But we forget that the Darkling is over one hundred years old, and Alina is roughly 17 in the books…
Andrea Rimini
Andrea Rimini Aylar önce
@Dana Aemilia De los Santos me too. Reading the books, I knew it's impossible but i shipped them all the way. He loved her, and she had power to make him good and loving man. Not villain. I still like Alexander more than Mal.
Tharika Hussain
Tharika Hussain 2 aylar önce
They aren't fictional ......😢they are real to me .....all of it was real to me 😥😥
JisooKomBlackpinkKru 4 aylar önce
​@A Y Bangz Dude you did not just say Matt like I get what you're saying but seriously, Matt 😭 Even Liam is better than him lmfaoooo 🤣🤣
Holly Yıl önce
She is literally the light to his darkness omg
Pinte Mahara
Pinte Mahara 10 aylar önce
yasssshhhhh😭😭😭😭 omg
henna hanif
henna hanif 11 aylar önce
@Holly hope they do 😐
Floryan Cassutti
Floryan Cassutti Yıl önce
Sorry for the spoils
Holly Yıl önce
@Floryan Cassutti a) spoilers and b) yeah ik but Im personally still hoping netflix changes the ending for the show
Mãry Süè
Mãry Süè Yıl önce
It’s Shakíra _
It’s Shakíra _ Yıl önce
I’m totally fine with them changing the book a little just to put these two together. Their chemistry is 🔥 they would be such a power couple !!!!!
holly pc
holly pc 5 aylar önce
i wish she had put them together in the book 😩
Camila Bolognesa
Camila Bolognesa 3 aylar önce
After reading the books, I think that Alina felt something very strong for the darkling, but she never allowed herself to feel it... I think it could have been love, AN EPIC AND ENORMOUS LOVE, but Baghra tells her that the darkling is the black heretic and that he is going to make her his slave and Alina simply believes her, she doesn't talk to him, she doesn't question what she says... and on the other hand there is Mal, who DOESN'T GET AWAY FROM ALINA AT ANY TIME AND MANIPULATES HER ABOUT WHAT HE LOVES HER AND THAT SHE IS LEAVING HIM BEHIND, when in fact HE NEVER SEEN HER AS A WOMAN AND HE SLEEP WITH EVERYONE, including Zoya... if the darkling had the opportunity to be with Alina, they would have ended up together, he would have redeemed himself. Because it He couldn't control what he felt for her, he even hated to feel that way, because it distracts him, makes him want something more than carrying out his plans. For The Darkling Alina is unique and always will be, and so, it's just ridiculous that she stayed with Mal, and that in addition to being with him she had to lose her powers... I really HATED the ending.
Too busy to care 75
Too busy to care 75 15 gün önce
Mal is toxic in a way that a lot of people can relate too irl (me included) unlike the darkling who is just a fictional character so his toxicity doesn't bother me at all.
Blue Aylar önce
serap husen
serap husen Yıl önce
If we’re being honest she’s LITERALLY the light to his darkness like soulmates🙄 anyways Aleksander isn’t the bad guy. He created the fold so that everyone would fear or treat grisha as equals and stop slaughtering them. So if we’re being honest he is the good guy, he just did it a different way
ig14 17 gün önce
@ChereiPeach alright bet then 😭 and say wtv tf you want about my ship at least it’s canon and that freaky shadow bitch is dead anyways ☠️
ChereiPeach 17 gün önce
@ig14 i saw the series just yesterday and he does all those things there for her!! novels, ain't canon for me from now on lmao and don't worry lol, they ain't gonna change the ending, but then again damon still ended up with elena lmfao still srsly tho your lame ass boring ship gonna sail nd thank u very much for the spoiler that man i'm obsessed with canonically dies not once but twice😭💀
ig14 17 gün önce
@ChereiPeach you can ship them but at least acknowledge that he doesn’t feel those 3 things for her 😭 praying the darkling dies as he does 2 times in the novels and alina lives the peaceful life she does with mal bc they’re everything
ChereiPeach 17 gün önce
@ig14 that first line sucks ngl. That second line so hot fr lol That third thing shitty but I'm into toxicity rn so yay. Anyways I've not read the novels, nd cmpltd the show couple hours ago nd im already OBSESSED with them. So thank u for the reply, I'll not proceed to read the novels, but fanfics. Still fingers crossed, Netflix does some miracle nd make them endgame nd throw out that lame ass mal lmao
Sahla Tunze Tuba
Sahla Tunze Tuba Aylar önce
Alina and the Darkling belong together. Light and dark. Like Yin and Yang. Two pieces of each other. And I believe that them being together can actually bring peace and harmony.
Storm Yıl önce
i never shipped it in the books but as the actors played them both so much and the chemistry between them is so noticeable idk anymore i might actually ship it now
Padud 3 aylar önce
Son unos 3 in 1 Chyntiara.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Mañas no se la 1:55 2:54
Crescentmoon 6 aylar önce
Oh shucks same, I like alina n mal in the books, i feel it's more tragic there. But here, the tv show?? Sjkdisiskd maybe it's ben barnes but idk i ship it too
MemeZ 11 aylar önce
I know right! I can see all his evil but the actors make it so hard not to want them together!
Laura CM
Laura CM Yıl önce
@Lubię Brokuły yeah I think Mal and Alina really were having relationship issues because of being the summoner but at the end they knew and love each other since always so I liked the way they stayed by their side till the end
Lubię Brokuły
Lubię Brokuły Yıl önce
@VentusBruma I don't think that entirely true, I read the books, and in the second one they were trying to escape so she had to hide her power. It was not for Mal sake really... she knew he did not really understood the power and he was feeling left out. But in the third he just step down, he was doing his own thing, trying to be usefull. But anyway, all relationships in that book were quite meh...
Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez Yıl önce
I only except Alexsander and Alina. That is all. Their chemistry is literally jumping out at you in their scenes. Beautifully done, songs, editing, scenes and coloring! 😍 He’s clearly in love with her. She’s in love with him too. Netflix do you hear us? #darklina stop.the.madness
C M 4 aylar önce
Let’s fight for the real victory-chemistry off hook bc pretty sure Ben Barnes might have fallen in love with Jessie mei LI (and I don’t like that phrase, but can’t escape it). Ben and Jessie irl, who cares about darklina!
brownangel55 Yıl önce
*accept, not except
Jermain Cummings
Jermain Cummings Yıl önce
Hahaha I like that.the chemistry is beautiful to see through
Virág Vass
Virág Vass Yıl önce
It's funny how Alina blames her friends' death on the Darkling. SHE burned those maps so SHE would not be separated from Mal. It was HER actions that led to her friends dying. The show should have focused on her feeling at least guilty over the incident, showing that she can be selfish too.
Le Diable
Le Diable 8 aylar önce
@Tippy B I want to write a whole paragraph on how there's no "too soon" to move on from previous relationships. I also want to tell how it wasn't because of the burning of maps that they were attacked, they were attacked because a fool lighted a lamp on the ship, but seriously if you would have understand the show better, you would have known it already!
iman poco
iman poco 10 aylar önce
@Tippy B exactly , you said it all
iman poco
iman poco 10 aylar önce
I noticed that too, and I was surprised, like she just drive her mates to death and I was surprised like she didn't even take a second to be like oh what did I just do ! Or i just killed my friend !
Tippy B
Tippy B Yıl önce
@xo, liyah not just that it looks as if alina is very fickle as well........the way she has a change of heart as far as mal was concerned just because he couldn't come for her when she was in the palace and she started flirting with the heretic almost too soon for somebody who had feelings for her old friend.
Laura CM
Laura CM Yıl önce
She isn't guilty, the opposite, if she hadn't been there even if she had a selfish reason of protecting Mal the whole ship wouldn't been alive
Kaylane Sousa
Kaylane Sousa Yıl önce
The way that he just grabbed her and easily put her on the top of the table was just the end of me. I'm mean like geez Ben Barnes don't do this to me
swetha 11 aylar önce
@Pushpa Rahi 😂😂😂
Aumee Ahmed
Aumee Ahmed Yıl önce
@Pushpa Rahi Haha!! Ik, me too!
Pushpa Rahi
Pushpa Rahi Yıl önce
@Aumee Ahmed I was joking lol
Aumee Ahmed
Aumee Ahmed Yıl önce
@Pushpa Rahi , I feel like that was part of the problem.. 😂😂
A Y Bangz
A Y Bangz Yıl önce
@Pushpa Rahi lmao
Jawia Mustapha
Jawia Mustapha Yıl önce
*"make me your villain".. damn, the emotions he made in those phrases is just so powerful, these two have great chemistry!!*
Rhiannon Morgan
Rhiannon Morgan Yıl önce
If toxic why so much chemistry
Shelby Johansen
Shelby Johansen Aylar önce
This my new motto😂😂
Asha Mae
Asha Mae Aylar önce
​@LooksLikeRain We really should be viewing intense chemistry as.a red flag. We know that the Darkling lies to Alina from the start, so why couldn't/wouldn't he feign attraction as a form of manipulation? If she's in love with him, she'll be less likely to become an obstacle/his enemy. Power such as hers must be under his control-he's clearly unwilling to lose his favoured status, and allowing to know to be a true equal might just make him lose everything. It makes much more sense for their romantic relationship to be Stockholm syndrome, considering who we're dealing with and the skewed balance of power at play.
Kim TATAツ 6 aylar önce
If there were no chemistry they wouldn't even be together. It's the Only reason why they are together
aaa f
aaa f 10 aylar önce
Emely Helfrich
Emely Helfrich 11 aylar önce
Cuz it's boooooth
Femmiex1 7 aylar önce
I saw the show first and now I'm reading the books, I'm halfway through the second one. For me personally the Darkling in the books was not likeable at all, it's like he never cared for Alina and only made her confused about everything, also he was far more cruel than in the show. In the show it's like he really fell for her and thinks what he does is best for the both of them. I hope the show will give him a redemption arc. Oh and I also totally love Mal in both the books and the show, I don't find him annoying at all like most people.
Bessalah Nadia
Bessalah Nadia 3 aylar önce
Svp qu'ells est le nom de la serir
SRI RIJUL DAS 5 aylar önce
I agree too. But in the show the way darkling is portrayed is more likeable. So I hope this show doesn't follow the book
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques Yıl önce
I desperately need more of them, their interaction together is just so intense and addictive
Bilgesu Ozkazman
Bilgesu Ozkazman 3 aylar önce
0:01 The first music: Sam Smith - Fire on Fire (Cover by Tanner James 3:00 The second: Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams (Cover by Avery) 5:38 Ruelle - War of Hearts (Cover by Emily Sin) 9:04 Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Cover by Rain Paris)
Chef-ish Chic
Chef-ish Chic Yıl önce
chemistry even overflow because Jessie admitted in their interview that Ben is her childhood crush😍
Buciin art
Buciin art 9 aylar önce
tbh ben was everyone crush if they just saw him for the first time. im first time saw him on narnia and dude, im still 6 grade that time and im crush so bad on him. who could not crush to him?
Kenna Flores
Kenna Flores Yıl önce
The air was ashy, breathing was becoming inexorably difficult. My lungs were filling with dirt and the noises all around me sounded muffed from the explosions. My sight was becoming blurred and everything looked incredibly slow as if I were looking through a window at someone else’s life. I looked around me: the Crows were holding themselves together, Inej standing in front of Kaz, her eyes wide with surprise and fear. Kaz was on his back, I couldn’t tell if he was injured from here. Jesper was kneeling next to him trying to say something in his ear but he didn’t seem to be paying attention. All his focus seemed to be on the scene before him: Aleksander was in a cloud of night trying to fight off the king’s army on one side and rogue soldiers from Fjerda on the other. He was on his knees, a streak of pain colouring his face, blood rippling from his torso, ruining his uniform and painting the dirt on the ground. My hearing was starting to come back slowly, I turned to my right were few meters away was his majesty’s army. The General was shouting at me, it took a few seconds to register what he was saying - kill him! - his voice scary as he growled at me like a mad dog. I looked into his eyes and I saw it: just pure hate, for who I was, for my abilities. Hate for something I didn’t choose, hate because I was different from them, more powerful. I never given them any reason to be afraid of me, till a few months ago I didn’t even know what I was. But none of it seemed to matter, they still hated me just like they hated Aleksander and I hadn’t even striked back at them. In my mind came back the memories of Aleksander’s past, not the story they taught in their books about the Black Heretic but what had really happened. - I didn’t know what to do… I was just a boy back then trying to learn to control my power - his gaze was fixed on a distant point in the room but I knew he was actually lost in thought - Me and my mother spent months at a time running and hiding, until one day the guards captured us. I was threatened that they would kill my mother if I didn’t do what the king asked, he wanted me to fight for him. He wanted me to round up others like me and win a war for him and we did. You know how history says that I became greedy and insatiable with power? Do you know what had actually happened? The same night we won all my people were sleeping in the barracks and he sent soldiers for a coup: they killed everyone inside. I wasn’t there, I went to break my mother free of the dungeons but I heard it: high pitched screams like the crackling of fire. By the time we had come out the barracks were burning to ash. I spent the next twenty years running away and hiding my people - I looked at him, he seemed suddenly so young and so old at the same time. The weight of his words and the memories were showing on his face giving away a truer idea of his real age. But his eyes when he looked at me… he seemed what I would have imagined a frightened ten-year-old Aleksander to look like. A confused child whose life had been stolen from him, a child who was victim of circumstances he didn’t choose. I remembered when he brought me to the fountain saying how he had always made a wish that he could be anyone else, he hadn’t lied about that. Mal shook me out of my thoughts, I turned to him. He was covered in dirt and was pointing his finger towards were I knew Aleksander was struggling. I turned my gaze and saw him fighting to not fall on the ground. One hand was keeping his weight from collapsing, the other was erecting a wall of shadow trying to keep off spears and bullets. As if he felt my eyes on him he turned his head and looked at me and I saw it all over again: a scared boy, confused as to why he had been hunted down his entire life just for being different. I looked over the army again and I rose to my feet. Mal tried to grab my arm but I shook him off - Alina, what are you - I didn’t give him time to finish - I am going to help him - Mal’s gaze looked as confused as if I were speaking some ancient language he could not understand. - What do you think will happen once I help them kill him? What do you think they will do to me? - I pointed a finger at the army with rage. - I am the same thing as he is to them: a threat, an annoyance, a bug on their shoulder jeopardizing their power. The only reason I am still breathing right now is because they think they need me to kill Aleksander. As soon as he drops to the ground they will turn against me as quickly as they once considered me an ally. I will need to spend the rest of my existence running and hiding, fighting for my life. Fighting to not be killed or captured and sold off. And Mal, eternity is a very long time to be afraid - I didn’t wait for his reply, I didn’t even look back at him. I didn’t want to look or I might have changed my mind. I started running towards Aleksander. (Would anyone read it if I wrote an AU ending for Shadow and Bone?)
Nt 9 aylar önce
Ally Lena
Ally Lena 10 aylar önce
Smita Bhattacharjee
Smita Bhattacharjee Yıl önce
Sameeksha Saxena
Sameeksha Saxena Yıl önce
Please do...
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques Yıl önce
Please do it
Jackie Rosas
Jackie Rosas Yıl önce
Haven't read the books, but I know how they end and DAAAAYUM. I hope we get a redemption arc and a solid romance but not a lame one in which the Darkling dies in the end because that shit may have flown in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the show Timeless but NOT THIS ONE! Why does redemption always equate to death? It's stupid. Let the dude live and learn from his actions! LET LOVE CONQUER ALL and all that jazz. These two make my little shipper heart go beep beep (though they definitely have some . . . issues ahem). Also Mal/Alina read too much as siblings, hell I even started to think they looked alike by the end of the series lmao.
Meg Yıl önce
Agreed! 😭❤️
This 2 shall pass
This 2 shall pass Yıl önce
You need help. I love it! 😂😂😂 I’m with you on this. Malina really does look like siblings.
she is
she is Yıl önce
Hahaha Mal and Alina looked alike. I thot they were siblings from the first episode. 😂
Lidija Gomidzelovic
Lidija Gomidzelovic Yıl önce
I concur 100%!!!!!!! Alina and Mal are so boring, no chemistry, no passion, they are just like brother and sister...
lenguan07 Yıl önce
Their encounter is so beautifully yet ill fated knowing how the story goes. His ambition for power destined to set them apart.
Amy Kitchens
Amy Kitchens 9 aylar önce
I just want her to say "I love you Mal.... like a brother" and just end that whole ship because it's hurting me how bland their chemistry is, and how the story is trying so hard to make it work.
Miss Priss
Miss Priss Yıl önce
Can you imagine getting paid to make out with Ben Barnes? Seriously? Best job ever.
Glorified Studios
Glorified Studios 6 aylar önce
@paria ndry ok
paria ndry
paria ndry 6 aylar önce
@Glorified Studios my favorite is ben ... I have had a huge crush on him sincr narnia.
Glorified Studios
Glorified Studios 6 aylar önce
My favourite male actor is jorden patrick smith who plays the role Ubbe Lothbrok what do you guys think of him Lol
Glorified Studios
Glorified Studios 6 aylar önce
@Titin88 nah i am a guy and i am not I don't know what's attractive in a guy...
paria ndry
paria ndry 6 aylar önce
@Glorified Studios he is so hot. hotter than leo or brad or bale !!!
Ecem Yıl önce
I'd fall for him Alina girl how could you not
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques 11 aylar önce
I fell for him haha
CD Yıl önce
@Selina !! i'm reading the second book...i want so badly that alina falls in love with himm
SD Disha
SD Disha Yıl önce
@ALT 0ååååååååö
Pushpa Rahi
Pushpa Rahi Yıl önce
@ALT lmfao hi alina
Lila Yıl önce
I finished this wonderful series last night, and I would like the second season already. I understood that Alexander is the "enemy" of history, but there is also a reason in all this, they made him bad, my hope is that alina will become the light for him, since he is the darkness. I honestly can't see her in a romance with her best friend. indeed, i really hope that the love story between her and alexader continues, i hope that the love he feels for her is true. I don’t know on the books how continues the story between them.. I never read it
˚Peachy Perfect˚
˚Peachy Perfect˚ 9 aylar önce
Since Alina was the only one equal to the darkling. He had a connection with her. He obviously loved her power cause it made him unstoppable. But he did have feelings for her ..... The darkling wanted Alina to help with his plan and become evil ....... But Alina declined and then they both turned bitter enemies 😭😭😭
Mrs Fox
Mrs Fox Yıl önce
Alina and Darkling are the opposite of each other, light and shadow, so they’re perfect together, #darklinaforever
Rana Tamgüç
Rana Tamgüç Yıl önce
Sorry but anyone who read the books can't ship malina. Mal has never understand her and her powers, he wasn't her equal in anyway. Darklina would be the perfect endgame.
Asha Mae
Asha Mae Aylar önce
@Fifi fiji Flowerpots water Yeah it's very screwed up, I get the allure of the chemistry but his treatment of her is pretty despicable...
Abundance Eze
Abundance Eze 3 aylar önce
I was so.scared I was the only person that thought this
Padud 3 aylar önce
Son unos 3 in 1 Chyntiara.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Mañas no se la 1:55 2:54
Sarah Khaled
Sarah Khaled 9 aylar önce
@Vittoria Colonna in the books he kissed her first
Sarah Khaled
Sarah Khaled 9 aylar önce
I read the books and I ship malina, but I also didn't hate the darklina scenes you know
The Secondth
The Secondth 11 aylar önce
I've read the books and oml I ship Alina and the darkling so bad especially when he asks her to say his name once more there chemistry in that scene in the book had so much tension, I think Mal should've had more character development, I understand why she gets with Mal. You know because the way the author wrote the book was as though the darkling was beyond saving when I think he could've had redemption for sure you can see him change a bit more in the book. He had more character development than any other character I feel like. In the books Mal is so judgmental and a bit inconsiderate of Alinas feelings but I do believe Mal and Alina are soul mates I just wish there could've been more character development, Mal and Alina had chemistry but it was more of the innocent type while the darkling and Alina had more SEXUAL chemistry you know?
Aze R.
Aze R. Yıl önce
i gotta stop shipping them or else I'll end up hurting myself
Kebbie W.
Kebbie W. 7 aylar önce
The only people who are on his level with the ability to change his ways are Baghra and Alina.(Or Luda if someone can raise her from the dead) Both A & B have great Grisha powers and annoy him but on an emotional level he won't kill them. They are his only emotional and immortal bonds. Reading 'Demon in the Woods' at the heart of Aleks story is loneliness and being vulnerable as a young living amplifier. In adulthood loneliness and political frustration eroded Aleks humanity over time. Alina immortal & ALONE..... it is likely she would get jaded over time just like Aleks repeating the cycle. If Alina can show Aleks a pathway for Grisha to live without persecution without using his violent methods maybe there he can change? Regardless, there will always be Ravkans who will never forgive him for what he has done in the past . All those 100's of years. For that there is always a price. So even though it would be great due to immortality to see Aleks & Alina as a pairing - working together, in my head a fitting finale would have been that both have died together to protect the Grisha. The words of the book 'like calls to like' and that they were 'each others balance' would then ring more true.
Kesandra kendy
Kesandra kendy 8 aylar önce
The fact I finished this in 6 hours or sum😭😭 and I'm sad now they didnt end up together
Shoshila Khan
Shoshila Khan 11 aylar önce
@urmom he is one of the great prophet ( PBUH) but not God . God is one. No one before him & when all will die God will remain. So pllss search & get & gain more knowledge about our only God ALLAH (swtal)
tiny zhang
tiny zhang 11 aylar önce
@Duuuude_01 cover by Tanner James
To be honest, I shipped these two from the first scene they appeared together(the tent scene). I was getting literal butterflies whenever they were together. Then when they kissed, I melted. I love their chemistry so much. But unfortunately he is not the right man for her because of how he worships power above all else. While Mal would give anything even his own life for Alina. That's why while rewatching this show, I shipped Mal and Alina(Malina). Because Mal is her soulmate. Sure he might be a mortal and her childhood friend but one thing is for sure, he would never break her trust ( in the show).
ALVARENZA VIBES 5 aylar önce
@Prarthna You are very welcome my dear.
Prarthna 5 aylar önce
this is exactly how i felt, thanks for putting it into words!
Shauna Wade
Shauna Wade 11 aylar önce
“You ride with me” those 4 words had me weak from the very beginning!
Suria Sue
Suria Sue 3 aylar önce
@Aryane Marques i'm in the same ship..hehehe
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques 11 aylar önce
Me too, I think I already fell in love with him in that scene
Guada Aguirre Toledo
Guada Aguirre Toledo Yıl önce
LOVED IT, I really hope to see more of them on season 2, they are PERFECTTTT
Misozi Mwanza
Misozi Mwanza 2 aylar önce
Waiting to see them together again in season 2, so much chemistry, keeping my fingers crossed...
Chibi Chan
Chibi Chan 10 aylar önce
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques Yıl önce
Oh my God I love them so much, I've never wanted a redemption arc so much as I want for the darkling
Jawia Mustapha
Jawia Mustapha Yıl önce
*damn, just finished s1 just for today and the heck, how will i recover from these two chemistry!!? please, let them be the endgame🤧😭*
Ann W
Ann W Yıl önce
If Delena became endgame so can these two....I mean hello, Bellarke ended up married in the books and in the tv show they never even kissed 😂
Saphina Anders
Saphina Anders 5 aylar önce
@Fatma Damon and elena from the vampire diaries
Laura CM
Laura CM Yıl önce
Ohh i didn't know that in the books they got married too (like the actors) I'll have to read them!
Namusoke Jannat
Namusoke Jannat Yıl önce
Yes tell them it could happen
Reeka Ren
Reeka Ren Yıl önce
@sara dee oh, do yourself a favor and ignore season 7 with your life if u wanna remember them the way they are, cause the writing for that season equals game of thrones's final season
sara dee
sara dee Yıl önce
I just finished watching season 6 of the 100 and don't think I should watch season 7 ... I love ckarke and bellamy
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse Yıl önce
The unfortunate thing about this Darkling character in the series is that he is vulnerable, soft, less vile that the books and is played by *Ben Barnes* The writers really went right for our hearts with a sharp knife with this one
Namusoke Jannat
Namusoke Jannat Yıl önce
No this is an endgame couple we all know it. It shows from the start ,we darklina shippers don't need to fear you can also see the tension ,sparks and chemistry between them. HOPE NETFLIX MAKES THEM ENDGAME PLEASE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nadia Dima
Nadia Dima Yıl önce
I have come to the conclusion that I will forgive their lack of future in the series and films if they date and marry in real life :D That chemistry needs to get realised in some dimension, be it fiction or real life.
Elizabeth Ngendo
Elizabeth Ngendo 5 aylar önce
Their chemistry was so good that it reached a point I wished Mal was out of the way😂😂 maybe even killed in a fight😂😂
Pamela Pasco
Pamela Pasco Yıl önce
She is the light to his darkness... Personally, they are my young adult fantasy genre version of Fifty Shades of Grey (minus the BDSM part of course lol). The Darkling and Alina both remind me so much of Christian and Anastasia... both character couples have similarities in their storyline arc of journey. To those who are fans of both stories of these characters would hopefully understand me somehow. I just hope the Darkling gets his character redemption arc just like what Christian had and hopefully he'll get his sweet dramatic and romantic ending with Alina. #LotsOfHopefulThere #DarklinaShouldBeEndgame #StarcrossedLovers 🌚🖤🌞=🌘❤
Lolendangla Longkumtsur
Lolendangla Longkumtsur Aylar önce
Omgg their chemistry is so good man... For god sake I want them back in season 2
Lenize Oliveira
Lenize Oliveira Aylar önce
Me apaixonei por esses dois !! 😍😘
Sieliest Schonwieder
Sieliest Schonwieder Yıl önce
This first song fits the Darkling SO perfectly!
Vanisse Pestana Hayama
Vanisse Pestana Hayama Yıl önce
@Sieliest Schonwieder so much better then SAM smith 🤪
Sieliest Schonwieder
Sieliest Schonwieder Yıl önce
Fire on fire but seems to be a cover :)
Vanisse Pestana Hayama
Vanisse Pestana Hayama Yıl önce
What’s the name of the song?
Eating For The First Time
Eating For The First Time 2 aylar önce
Guys I'm scared I came here again after watching every possible video related to S&B and I feel like they're going to give us MALINA. Like I know Darkling is not that ideal but its high time to explore a challenging relationship and explore that dynamic, instead of taking the same out route of Good VS Bad people.
G.Belén Alv.
G.Belén Alv. Yıl önce
This two have to much chemistry... I mean nobody is entirely good or bad and as I see it for the darkling is just Alina because it's meant to be... She'd be the light when he can't handle his shadow... It just makes sense
winter 10 aylar önce
Yesss~~ exactly 😭
Yvette Austin
Yvette Austin 11 aylar önce
I really hope the shows writer will change course and make them end up together. I feel like people love the Darkling more than Mal. I know I do.
Asel-Zehra Cakmak
Asel-Zehra Cakmak Yıl önce
I‘m in love with them!!! There’s so much chemistry between them and I literally get butterflies when I see them together but they’re also toxic af like hoooowwww They deserved so much better 🥲
Kebbie W.
Kebbie W. Yıl önce
We need more Darklina and Ben Barnes screen time lol … Just for fun, here are my suggestions for the future plots while we wait for season2 !🥰 > Alina is bitten by shadow monsters and is telepathically linked to Darkling allowing her to empathise with years of his pain and frustrations but falls under the influence of merzost. > Alina then goes dark a season but comes to her senses and falls for Nickolai charms(temporarily). Meanwhile Mal is kicking it with Zoya. > The Dark season has consequences so whose the Daddy? Nickolai , Darkling 🥰 or a jealous Mal after a secret rendezvous… >Alina confides in and bonds with the reformed friendship with Genya. They slowly become more than…..Is the Sankta Alina Bi? > Long burn Darkling redemption arc. 🥰He would do anything to have Alina by his side.🥰 Even more so after the baby reveal slipped by Bhagra but word gets back to the Apparat! [Time Jump] > Bhagra happily looks after her new grandchild but is in shock during magic play when she realises the newborn is an amplifier!key to ending the Fold. Does Bhagra run off with the newborn to safeguard?? >Meanwhile war and political tensions are high in Ravka ……is the damn Fold migrated or dissolved yet?No! It’s getting bigger and more dangerous,out of control!!! Everyone is blaming/turning against Grisha. Slaughterstyle! >Alina and the Darkling now have a serious dilemma. Do they kill their baby tether their combined power to bring down OR CONTROL the Fold? Yikes. Any Grisha Healers on standby to bring babies back from the dead? MAGIC VS SCIENCE (Info in the dusty old library books in the little palace.) >Research from the Apparat confirms THE most powerful amplifier is the offspring of darkness/light! He sells this information to enemy soldiers and helps them capture Mal (the excellent tracker) to force him to hunt down Bhagra + baby before Darklina🥰 can get to them. Who gets there first? Epic fight. My head is spinning in fanfic . 🖤🖤🖤💛💛💛 I need Aspirin.... Heck I need a heartrender too waiting for Season2 to turn up!lol
Sophia Aylar önce
there’s still hope guys no one expected elena and Damon and it still happened
Suria Sue
Suria Sue 3 aylar önce
Just finish season 1.I'm fall in love with General Aleksander Kirigan from the start. He's so charismatic.
Charlie Cheadle
Charlie Cheadle 2 aylar önce
The fact Ben Barnes wanted the Darkling to ask for consent is the cherry on top of his acting preparation for this character. 😫
Note: Not every encounter is a love story, and not all love story ends happily. Sometimes it's just a spark. 😭
Margaret stockton
Margaret stockton Yıl önce
Great 😊 series and I love ❤️ this song. So glad 🙂 there is a season 2. I’m in love with the hero good boy
m c
m c Yıl önce
i love how we know he's the villain, every thing he said to her makes sense after knowing his truth, she's probably going to hate him for a very long time, she's got mal now BUT WE STILL KEEP SHIPPING darlina knowing we'll get hurt. honestly I don't want either of kirigan or mal to get hurt or alina to be hurt picking between them ya know A STORY IS A STORY
Débora Speroto Nascimento
Débora Speroto Nascimento Yıl önce
Ainda tenho esperança que os dois fiquem juntos shippo muito 🥺😍❤️
Aryane Marques
Aryane Marques Yıl önce
@Célia Caetano Azevedo sombra e ossos
Célia Caetano Azevedo
Célia Caetano Azevedo Yıl önce
Por gentileza qual o nome dessa série
Tatiana Souza
Tatiana Souza Yıl önce
Eu também. Ele não era mal, só queria justiça para os seus...No final acabou se perdendo... Decepcionada.
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