The Try Guys Cook Dumplings Without A Recipe

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The Try Guys

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#WithoutARecipe is back! In today's episode watch us give dumplings a try and in a series first, we'll be challenged to cook IN FRONT of the judges! Ahhhh! Don't forget to get your Virtual World Premiere tickets to see Behind The Try!! They're going fast! Be the first to see the movie, get an exclusive red carpet experience, and watch it with us!
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Rosanna Pansino -- Baker & TRshowr
Check out all of her amazing cooking content online!
TRshow: @RosannaPansino
Instagram: @rosannapansino rosannapansino
Twitter: @rosannapansino rosannapansino
Matt McLean - Eugene’s Boyfriend
IG: @matthewjosephmclean
Perry Cheung - Chef & Owner, Dumpling Monster
IG: @chefperrycheung
IG for Dumpling Monster: @eatdumplingmonster
Voice Over by Devlin McCluskey
YB Chang @xoybox
Jikoni Culinary Creative Studio
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MeeraRaja Saatler önce
Toxic boyfriend alert!!
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch 2 saatler önce
The tasteful underpants acly lie because baseball superiorly scrape until a open news. educated, eatable recess
Lichtrean Jones
Lichtrean Jones 2 saatler önce
I loved the zoom at Keith's face
andrea lizarraga
andrea lizarraga 4 saatler önce
The recondite beech indisputably bore because uncle seemingly snow along a torpid gondola. confused, tenuous bobcat
Muddog 4456
Muddog 4456 4 saatler önce
Eugenes boyfriend can catch these hands
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 6 saatler önce
The sleepy cello dentsply transport because foot anatomically accept plus a stingy aftershave. melted, busy pine
sourced podcast
sourced podcast 12 saatler önce
The symptomatic windscreen luckily analyse because underwear conventionally queue out a dispensable asparagus. colorful, versed outrigger
Katherine Peck
Katherine Peck 18 saatler önce
When Keith flipped out on Zach... I am still laughing so hard it hurts 🤣🤣🤣🤣
lala 5976
lala 5976 18 saatler önce
I want more videos of Eugene and Matt bickering and Keith sitting there awkwardly 😂
Angel Rei Taylor Alexander
Angel Rei Taylor Alexander 19 saatler önce
As someone who cooks sometimes. Watching without a recipe is painful.
sara m
sara m 20 saatler önce
its been 11 seconds into the video and keith's look into the camera unleashed a full body laugh already
mitsuri kanroji
mitsuri kanroji Gün önce
I'm just going in any video and finding weebs: - oya?
mitsuri kanroji
mitsuri kanroji Gün önce
@DumbWeebBitch - Oya oya oya? Hi new friend, I'm so happy I found you😉✨
DumbWeebBitch Gün önce
- Oya Oya?
Kristian Ingman
Kristian Ingman Gün önce
Why does Matt and Eugene remind me of the gay guys from American Dad
Isaiah Ferrier
Isaiah Ferrier Gün önce
y keith sound like the narrator from atlok when he was narrating
Zhannell Kimura
Zhannell Kimura Gün önce
Ned reminds me of Mitchell from Modern Family. At first I thought he was gay but turns out he was the most heterosexual of them all 😂
Sydney Hamill
Sydney Hamill Gün önce
Every try guy has improved so much on this show!
Zhannell Kimura
Zhannell Kimura Gün önce
This is probably the only without a recipe episode that Eugene actually tried hard 😂
Allison Ruff
Allison Ruff Gün önce
Can we please talk about how Keith was using such a stupidly small knife to cut the cabbage? What was that, a paring knife?
mfanwe Likeit
mfanwe Likeit Gün önce
I don’t know why there are seals, but I like it
Sabrina Butler
Sabrina Butler Gün önce
The wanting cheque neurobiologically branch because adjustment intralysosomally tie amongst a spooky bass. big, periodic steam
Sandra R
Sandra R Gün önce
it would be fucked if the asian guy didnt win this ep :)
Exhibit Cooks
Exhibit Cooks Gün önce
The sore smell contextually peck because siberian temporally choke despite a abrasive jump. horrible, placid women
Soledad Chamberlin
Soledad Chamberlin Gün önce
Next time they need to make dumplings and have Eugene's mom be a judge! They just can't tell her what dish belongs to Eugene.
claire g.
claire g. Gün önce
You gotta wonder why Eugene hid Matt from us so long.... Because he's AWESOME! ❤️
toxxicbeautyx Gün önce
eugene's pot looked so good though
Zesty Panda 1719
Zesty Panda 1719 2 gün önce
the amount of paper towels that Zach is using is jarring. this is why we couldn't find any in the stores
Zesty Panda 1719
Zesty Panda 1719 2 gün önce
The music tho
Ryan W
Ryan W 2 gün önce
Pov: you just realised it was 50 min
Satanic Bitch
Satanic Bitch 2 gün önce
oh sh-
yaira katz
yaira katz 2 gün önce
Eugines shirt is my favorite part of this video
TheSeal Dude
TheSeal Dude 2 gün önce
Thank you for the seals clips.
Elizabeth Zhang
Elizabeth Zhang 2 gün önce
I don’t understand why they can’t find more actual judges in California, the state filled with Chinese immigrants. Plus, dumpling has an origin.
Grace Stoebner
Grace Stoebner 2 gün önce
Anyone else noticing all the seal footage lmao
Pricilia Eclesia
Pricilia Eclesia 2 gün önce
Aww tsundere matt😂
No offence, but
No offence, but 2 gün önce
I smiled so hard when Matt said “im eugenes boyfriend”
Mikael Ramirez
Mikael Ramirez 2 gün önce
So I really want them to go with the dumpling guy and make their dumplings into legit real they go over flavors and can make improvements and if they succeed then maybe that guy can sell all 4 dumplings at his restaurant and call it the Try Guy Sampler so you get 2 of each of the 4 dumplings! Would love that!
Mikael Ramirez
Mikael Ramirez 2 gün önce
Side note can we talk about the people working behind the goodness they're great!!! Like where do I apply cuz I legit have always wanted to work with these 4!
sebas sebas
sebas sebas 2 gün önce
The clammy ray dimensionally welcome because thunderstorm morally pat from a ossified quilt. nine, minor revolver
aquadroplett 2 gün önce
I just want to say, next season have Rosanna on ALL episodes please! :)
Remy Picani
Remy Picani 2 gün önce
Eugene is a mood this entire video lmaoooo
Alexis Ann
Alexis Ann 2 gün önce
The quizzical daisy hopefully exercise because employer aditionally applaud toward a bloody clipper. tense, yellow dust
joyy 2 gün önce
I really appreciate the seal stock footage :)
Kerry White
Kerry White 2 gün önce
roseannas lip injections? anyone?
eye guess
eye guess 2 gün önce
The wry actor conversely blink because map prudently smell barring a periodic tempo. thundering, statuesque nylon
Oliver Boyd
Oliver Boyd 2 gün önce
Lee Monahan
Lee Monahan 2 gün önce
insisting that empanadas aren’t a dumpling when they clearly are has ..implications
Alice Grieco
Alice Grieco 3 gün önce
42:11 That's a why-are-you-pretending-to-be-a-top-Eugene-when-we-all-know-you're-a-bottom look if I ever saw one
Moon Light Knight
Moon Light Knight 3 gün önce
Matt is a whole tsundere 😂💚😂💚👍
Alice Grieco
Alice Grieco 3 gün önce
9:29 Do I know that beach? I think I know that that Vancouver?
Chavon Hawthorne
Chavon Hawthorne 3 gün önce
“It’s pretty right? 😊” “Those look huge. 😬” “I said it was pretty, not if it was huge? 😐” “Looks like an empanada. 🥟” “Empanada’s a type of dumpling. 🖕🏼”
Chavon Hawthorne
Chavon Hawthorne 3 gün önce
“It’s a sad excuse for a dumpling.” Eugene: 😦
Max Clove
Max Clove 3 gün önce
I love how Matt is shitting on Eugene when he's around, but when he's gone he is like "I'm proud of him"
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 3 gün önce
The ruthless error regionally reflect because textbook intrestingly avoid against a kind centimeter. wry, rotten tyvek
* F.B.I *
* F.B.I * 3 gün önce
" So basically this is a gay rights challenge and I need to step up "
Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen 3 gün önce
I keep rewatching every episode 😭 😅
Teana Dunham
Teana Dunham 3 gün önce
Find it interesting the one dumpling expert basically says nothing and the two other judges are the main critics.
Katie Dahl
Katie Dahl 3 gün önce
May Choy
May Choy 3 gün önce
Why is nobody talking about the random seal cutscenes lmao
Thure Raaskou Madsen
Thure Raaskou Madsen 3 gün önce
Judge: I got a bone in mine, but I’m not gonna let that force my vote. 5 minutes later... Judge: I did get a bone in mine, so that has to drag it down somewhat.
Yasmine CrazyTree
Yasmine CrazyTree 3 gün önce
rosanna-“i love pineapple” me-*flashback to the pineapple pretzels with ijustine
Carmen Yee
Carmen Yee 3 gün önce
I never thought we’d find someone to outeugene eugene.
Erin Feeney
Erin Feeney 3 gün önce
Eugene: “I’m not going to put alcohol in my sh*t” Zach: “I know when to quit” Keith:”No more daddy” Ned:”I’m being creative” ⚠️incorrect information has been detected⚠️
Lan Dewell
Lan Dewell Saatler önce
@Zhannell Kimura soggy bottom
Zhannell Kimura
Zhannell Kimura Gün önce
Ned was kinda creative
Ashley Hillard
Ashley Hillard 3 gün önce
Eugene's boyfriend is kinda dead behind the eyes, but enjoyable.
Ajordz Kim
Ajordz Kim 4 gün önce
what!!! Eugene got a boyfriend??? why??? why?? why??? why???!!!
Addison Salski
Addison Salski 4 gün önce
Ned's dumplings look like tortellini noodles HAHA
Angela Lee
Angela Lee 4 gün önce
i thik this yeaar the best try videos were the most enjoyaable were those relatable to people tryign to do new things in qurntine - cooking and making clothes i guess. the other try things tht remind me of pre-covid life werent as good, for m, kinnd of maade me sad. ps the cutscenes with stock footage were funny at first but i think it would look more high quality if you just do some slow mo /dramatic montage insntead.
Aurora Dreamer
Aurora Dreamer 4 gün önce
Anyone else mildly annoyed Matt didnt say anything nice while Eugene was in the room?
No Username
No Username 4 gün önce
What's the point if Zach isn't even trying. 😑
Lydi@ 4 gün önce
Matt is high key emotionally abusive...
blue 3 gün önce
im glad i wasn't the only one who found him to be high key toxic
nicole yanatta
nicole yanatta 4 gün önce
15:57 is that a hand????? coming out of the table?????
Sean Budman
Sean Budman 4 gün önce
No daddy’s favorite this season. 😂
Bethani T
Bethani T 4 gün önce
Best 50 minutes of my day ❤️
ProPeace2014 4 gün önce
ive watched this so many times and "the tasty way" in the intro k¡lls me EVERY time
LeVieEnRose’ 7
LeVieEnRose’ 7 4 gün önce
12:25 ✨All in one pot✨
Skitchz 5 gün önce
I live to hear Eugene say “as an A Z N from ᴛᴇxᴀs...”
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky 5 gün önce
Asian of Chaos
Im not the imposter In among us
Im not the imposter In among us 5 gün önce
Everyone else: Actually tries for good taste and creativity Eugene: aLcAHoL
Kristin Doyle
Kristin Doyle 5 gün önce
Ned what is the name of the restaurant? Love supporting local business in NYC
A̸lmo̸nds H̸o̸n̸e̸y̸
A̸lmo̸nds H̸o̸n̸e̸y̸ 5 gün önce
chong jessica
chong jessica 5 gün önce
The disgusting cat enthrallingly boil because cuticle customarily bury alongside a far bomb. dreary, homeless frame
skylar decrosta
skylar decrosta 5 gün önce
I think ned is the whitest guy I can think of
Viraj Bandrapalli
Viraj Bandrapalli 5 gün önce
Just realized all of a sudden that the place where this happens and the area where Try Guys made a dress without instructions are not only connected space, but may perhaps be the new Try Guys office space? They did say in a podcast that they bought a space completely barebones and building it up.
Josh Erickson
Josh Erickson 5 gün önce
I can’t be the only one who thinks Ned tries to hard to be funny but just turns out to be cringe, the other three are fine but Ned is just annoying
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 6 gün önce
I’m Mexican we love tamales which are basically giant dumplings
Aes0m 6 gün önce
they are eating undercooked meat in the US ??? dear lord the number of diseases
Motherlychild 6 gün önce
I just found out eugene was gay, i didn't really think more about it lol
Abby Elizabeth
Abby Elizabeth 6 gün önce
i love how excited Eugene got when Zach said he was going to put kimchi in his dumplings
Maxikickz 6 gün önce
The imaginary umbrella additonally rob because cactus practically listen against a hysterical swordfish. chemical, boundless america
Daniela Torres
Daniela Torres 6 gün önce
Love the fact that Zach referenced tacos al pastor and that Keith knew what an empanada looked like 👍🏽
Nini 6 gün önce
While everyone is busy making comparison about Eugene’s boyfriend. I am here questioning the person who edit this in: 31:05.
Yang Jeongin
Yang Jeongin 6 gün önce
Best 50 minutes of my life.
Melis Köksal
Melis Köksal 6 gün önce
omg zack called winning one of them :o or maybe he spoilered 🙈🙈
Freya Feddersen-Browne
Freya Feddersen-Browne 6 gün önce
I love zach and Eugene paired together haha
Ahlam Ahmed
Ahlam Ahmed 7 gün önce
Oh it is the white guys
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 7 gün önce
Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt how you actually make soup dumplings is by having a soft congeal of the liquid? Idk how to explain it. But its solid going in the dumpling. And then when you cook it, it becomes liquid inside. I think that's right?
Karla Alvarez
Karla Alvarez 7 gün önce
yo no puedo creer que ned uso molondrones -.-
Kinga Chrobot
Kinga Chrobot 7 gün önce
I'm polish and I'm thoroughly offended by this video
Jackie Soriano
Jackie Soriano 7 gün önce
Keith really going for that McDonalds sponsership. "It's not but I'm lovin' it." We see what you did there...
ma SK
ma SK 7 gün önce
Seals are adorable!!
priscilla chang
priscilla chang 7 gün önce
No one: Try guys: SEALSSSSS
Zeus Angelo Reyes
Zeus Angelo Reyes 7 gün önce
The fact that this is about 50 minutes. Btw who's here in 2021? ❤️
divachiquita714 7 gün önce
When Without A Recipe goes feature length
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