Tom MacDonald - "This House" (WHITEBOY RESPONSE)

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Tom MacDonald

2 yıl önce

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Trenton Johnson
Trenton Johnson 6 saatler önce
Can wait for ur new song to drop 1-29-21 probably gonna trigger a lot people love ur music man keep em coming
E33Tpro 7 saatler önce
This is my all time no:1!
Mark Steelman
Mark Steelman 17 saatler önce
Get it!!!!
City Girl
City Girl Gün önce
You are on another level. Brilliant beyond belief. The lyrics... The passion.... Damn.
Tommy Lofton
Tommy Lofton Gün önce
Mutha fuckin fire. Love this song.
bitoi work
bitoi work Gün önce
I pray Jesus for you and your protection,keep it up !
Addison Dean
Addison Dean 2 gün önce
I love this songggg😆😆
Fern Quinn
Fern Quinn 3 gün önce
We'll celebrate!
Transport Frenzy
Transport Frenzy 3 gün önce
"So we use blood and sweat and tears of enemies to build our flag" That is the most FIRE line I have ever heard in a song. That whole verse was INSANE. MacDonald is the Truth! Motivational Music with a Purpose.
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco 3 gün önce
Your best song ever.
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 2 gün önce
Hmm, "no response" is better in my opinion but yeah this goes hard too
gary shaw
gary shaw 3 gün önce
I just love this so much
Travis B.
Travis B. 4 gün önce
No lives matter and people so stupid pulled me in but this just sold me. Buying your albums.
Kurt Savage
Kurt Savage 4 gün önce
Wholly crap. Run your stuff. It's real and nobody can stop the truth.
Jeremy Hampton
Jeremy Hampton 5 gün önce
Slick Kat
Slick Kat 5 gün önce
Click THUMBS UP if you think Tom is way better than Eminem, even when Slim Shady was at his peak!
Tko 444 Guy dude
Tko 444 Guy dude 5 gün önce
Twisted Mind
Twisted Mind 5 gün önce
"This Tom house!"
temaron cansler
temaron cansler 6 gün önce
tom mcdonald is as good as eminem at painting an image
Richard Steele
Richard Steele 7 gün önce
Screw the haters fam! They mad you spit the truth and do it well lol. Let the haters hate bro
Mary Kenney
Mary Kenney 7 gün önce
A real person among so many fakes
Landon Carr
Landon Carr 7 gün önce
Landon Carr
Landon Carr 7 gün önce
Idk what there is to hate about him
Landon Carr
Landon Carr 7 gün önce
I would have never seen this guy but my dad showed me and I have been listening to rap and now I only listen to him
Not Quite Ripe
Not Quite Ripe 8 gün önce
Mr metal bro
Mr metal bro 8 gün önce
best rapper ever and idc if people come after me for saying it
Jordan Kyle
Jordan Kyle 10 gün önce
Lethal bars
justin brew
justin brew 11 gün önce
Still a jam
Blood Omen
Blood Omen 12 gün önce
I love your lessons. You speak truth.
Anthony Glover
Anthony Glover 12 gün önce
How’s that “Not working” going?? I, for one, are glad you still are!
steelty 12 gün önce
That song is so fucking underrated it’s CRAZY. He’s saying he built his career (this house) with fans. He has no manager, no publicist, no contracts or labels, and he did that intentionally so they can’t hurt him. He built his house with haters in mind because he knew they would come for him, and he built it strong enough to take them. Fucking brilliant.
lego geek Fish
lego geek Fish 12 gün önce
keep it up tom we need men like you at a time like this
Joselynn Gribble
Joselynn Gribble 12 gün önce
Tom you literally inspire me no kidding I’ve always felt this way and I’ve searched for artist like you forever please make more music And never stop this message needs to get across the world and I make it a goal of my to go down in history and you’ve inspired me to go after my dream which is to sing and also change the world 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nick C. Lanides
Nick C. Lanides 13 gün önce
You can't please everyone
Transport Frenzy
Transport Frenzy 14 gün önce
More FIRE!
Magnificent Me
Magnificent Me 14 gün önce
This man had put rhyme and rhythm to everything I've been saying until I had no one else to talk to...
James D Jones
James D Jones 15 gün önce
Your words mean everything to you are the best rapper in the world I you can do anything you believe in
James D Jones
James D Jones 15 gün önce
You are the best rapper in the world
Corey Goon
Corey Goon 15 gün önce
Alot of rappers nowadays got ghostwriters frfr. Tom does all his shit haha. Dope asf💯💪🔥
Mr. L
Mr. L 15 gün önce
When this man dies, who else finna break into this house and bring him back. (I'll bring the chalk for the pentagram)
Jayne Richardson
Jayne Richardson Gün önce
I have the ouija board plus herbs and candles 👍🏻
Mr. L
Mr. L Gün önce
@Sabinka hell yeah
Sabinka Gün önce
*raises hand* Chalk (flour would work too with some herbs mixed in), Tom MacDonald CD's. 1 HOG Shirt from the store, some copal, charcoal, 1 ouija board. We got this.
Shout_out _Facts
Shout_out _Facts 15 gün önce
The real(G.O.A.T) in the rap game.! Tom Macdonald....... the greatest of all time!,,,,,,, NO DEBATE ABOUT IT!
Rachael Hohmann
Rachael Hohmann 16 gün önce
watching this in January 72yo mama said "please tell me why he didnt run for president."
Alec McManus
Alec McManus 16 gün önce
He said clip instead of mag. My only complaint.
Alec McManus
Alec McManus 15 gün önce
@MattWebz First, it's a joke. And second, it isn't. the two are completely different. Google it.
Weiner Glockton
Weiner Glockton 16 gün önce
And man they are pissed that you exposed them.
Nocturane 16 gün önce
Dayum…..1:50 to 2:24 is the hardest shit I've ever heard in hip-hop. Brutal.
Derek M
Derek M 17 gün önce
We'll break in with a Ouija board 🤘😎 2021 and this shit is still straight flames. Damn good job Tom
Andi Pandabear
Andi Pandabear 17 gün önce
Yo, I'm a rap snob and my dude right here blows me AWAY CONSISTENTLY. Straight tf up. Keep grindin G!!! You the real deal Tom, already in my top 5 forever. Relevant, VERACIOUS, COURAGEOUS, legible, literary living legend bro. Love from the dfw ✌❤
LyLy Roman
LyLy Roman 17 gün önce
LyLy Roman
LyLy Roman 17 gün önce
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan 18 gün önce
I’m definitely not Tom’s biggest fan but he went in on this
Gerard 18 gün önce
I think Tom is born again
Debbie Bogle
Debbie Bogle 19 gün önce
Debbie Bogle
Debbie Bogle 19 gün önce
You are bad ass
Mintaholic20 19 gün önce
This song screams 2020 and now.
John Shank
John Shank 19 gün önce
Do you want the best music Tom McDonald's the best to escape and get away from it all
Melissa American Made
Melissa American Made 19 gün önce
Thomas, you made a solid argument for cremation. 😂❤🥳😇 ETA: I love your work. #tommacdonald
american pride
american pride 20 gün önce
this man is kick ass....KEEP KICKING ASS!!!!
Steven Clevenger
Steven Clevenger 20 gün önce
Damn, I'm sure you are gonna go down as one of the greats when you gone. Your a poet like em, speaking the truth the world don't wanna hear and spittin bars the haters can't keep up with.
Yeet boi
Yeet boi 21 gün önce
This whole song is incredible. To say the way you built that picture of building the house was.perfect would be an understatement. And something about that ending, man it hits hard. Everyone I've seen react to this song is jamming the whole.time but when that ending comes they just, freeze. Even after listening to this song over and over that ending hits me same way every time. Absolutely amazing!
Commentor4000andK 21 gün önce
Fing Amazing. I would hate to be one of the 2k thumbs down people. Haters gonna hate and that is why they ain't.
Dead by Tactics
Dead by Tactics 22 gün önce
Tom the legend .
Keri Samantha Upegui-Walls
Keri Samantha Upegui-Walls 23 gün önce
👍I love YOU. So much, THANK YOU. 🎧🎶🖤🎯
Ayden Gardner
Ayden Gardner 23 gün önce
the 2k dislikes are the haters that are getting dissed
Alicia Riani
Alicia Riani 23 gün önce
Holy shit!!! I'm sold bro, you are The best Rapper Ever! Besides me haha... But I just started like 3 months ago so maybe I'll see you in a few years 💯🔥😎
Aubrey Smith
Aubrey Smith 24 gün önce
I've been listening to him for 1 month now and its like he's knowing how my life is hes saying it in this video
Noe Aguilar
Noe Aguilar 24 gün önce
This beat is SOOOOOO HARD.....And the song GOOD JOB. T.M
Ryan Palmquist
Ryan Palmquist 25 gün önce
jailyn saunders
jailyn saunders 25 gün önce
i love this i-😳 yes. just yes.
lil curyy
lil curyy 25 gün önce
all your H8ERS are all libtards
Smiley Monkeybunns
Smiley Monkeybunns 26 gün önce
i knew as soon as i heard Whiteboy u were gonna get shit for it. trolls can never get a message because they're too sensitive and/or looking for some negative shit to say. they are very toxic. Best track by far also love that there's not anthem hook lol
Ray Phillips
Ray Phillips 26 gün önce
I can't like this video at All.. because I fkn LOVE IT
nordout Tv
nordout Tv 26 gün önce
that's right tom. fuck em.
A Vapor
A Vapor 27 gün önce
Goddamn bro totally right. Fuck me now I know why you are the best rapper ever
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 24 gün önce
Listen to his "no response", this track doesn't come an inch close to that track
Will Thanks
Will Thanks 27 gün önce
fuck EM this dude sick.....
Akshat Vyas
Akshat Vyas 26 gün önce
Lmao stfu clown
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael 27 gün önce
I’m going through all the videos I haven’t seen yet & I’m glad I waited cus this just shows how much you have progressed & how much more badass you have become you & nova! 🙏💪HOG!
Twisted052 27 gün önce
Speaking truth Tom!
Royce Charlton
Royce Charlton 28 gün önce
Still one of my favorite.
novah child
novah child 28 gün önce
this song is fucking fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i relate to this in such a deep way that if you replaced my ideology and personality with it i swear you wouldnt be able to tell the difference. xD
Austin226 28 gün önce
Artist of 2021!!! Tom you are the man! Keep killing it and slaying corrupt government bastards!
ariel anton
ariel anton 28 gün önce
This guy makes me like hip hop again
Jeramy Whitwell
Jeramy Whitwell 28 gün önce
Fun fact: The ancient Romans mixed pig blood with their cement. And a lot of it is still holding up well.
JPG 29 gün önce
Unstoppable!!!!! 🔥 🔥
petru teodor
petru teodor 29 gün önce
Ya please celebrate the life.
Kimberly Bardwell
Kimberly Bardwell 29 gün önce
Can we please get songs with either eminem, jelly roll, nf or joyner Lucas
Javon Carter
Javon Carter 29 gün önce
Landrew Esor
Landrew Esor 29 gün önce
"The Gift"
Timothy Musto
Timothy Musto Aylar önce
Can I meet you
Timothy Musto
Timothy Musto Aylar önce
I set the traps to😔I don’t think it was evil just the one who got caught in the trap
Timothy Musto
Timothy Musto Aylar önce
Satans me and my brother, brothers gone I’m here, I’d rather expose the truth than live in a house of fear
Daven Sullivan
Daven Sullivan Aylar önce
Love your stuff and messages. Can I send you some of my Artwork? I'm not looking for anything but to free space up on my phone and just want to share my stuff. Keep burning shit down in the industry.
mamiilinylhOvee Aylar önce
i lhovveeeee your songs mann your master rapper
Saun Jo
Saun Jo Aylar önce
Saun Jo
Saun Jo Aylar önce
Allison Costello
Allison Costello Aylar önce
Love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️✨fuck the haters.... there just jealous hun...
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Aylar önce
Best one yet. Damn makes me addicted
Jason Aylar önce
Man I can't believe people are so fucking ignorant that they misunderstand the message in the song White Boy and take offense at it when it is obviously a song about not being racist. There's too many stupid people. We need to start shaming stupidity and sloppy thinking. We've had an anti-intellectual culture for far too long.
Chr Cla
Chr Cla Aylar önce
The levels of complexity in all of you music is on another level, the balls you have to have to stay true to yourself comes from a dieing breed! Lyrically your playin chess while everybody else playin checkers. Dont stop, people need these hard truths! Dont change we want you just the way you are!
zZz-Verified Aylar önce
Bro.....this shit is hella dope
Stephen Preston
Stephen Preston Aylar önce
I know he is Canadian but he sounding like an old school Texas rapper. Like he took wisdom from Pimp C. Much respect.
Zukanator Aylar önce
Never stop spreading the truth tom & Nova
Hoodwinked Hood
Hoodwinked Hood Aylar önce
Way too many things to breakdown
Lady Seshiiria
Lady Seshiiria Aylar önce
Rap Rhyme and Poetry it's back!!!!! This isn't cRap.
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn Aylar önce
Divine and infinite. Taking it further and further. Just real as hell.
Mattea Yoakum
Mattea Yoakum Aylar önce
Straight facts!!!! That beat is so hard... HOG 4 life! Much love
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