Watch Out For These Braves Rookies

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The Lefty Catcher

The Lefty Catcher

Yıl önce

Michael Harris and Spencer Strider are NL Rookie of the Year frontrunners. They weren't supposed to be this good. Will it continue?
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OSRS Chilling
OSRS Chilling Yıl önce
Michael Harris gets better every single day, a rookie not having a high walk rate is incredibly normal, acuña swung at everything his rookie year then came back disciplined the next year. Braves fans should be so excited for him
James Garner
James Garner Yıl önce
September 2 and Harris is still unbelievable and Strider just struck out 16 setting a new modern era Braves strike out record last night.
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
I’m always going back and forth who I think will win ROY. Harris has been outstanding but then Strider goes out and has the best pitched game I’ve ever seen from a Braves pitcher
Hehe Yıl önce
The Braves told Harris that they wanted him to play really great defense, anything they got at the plate was a bonus
V.Lad Yıl önce
Watching this a month later and Harris is at 14 home runs. I think he’s improving on that power
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
When I made this I had an inkling the power would come on. He had the exit velocity, but not the lift. But clearly he’s got 30-30 stuff now
You can tell the braves are having fun love the vid
No Carbon Footprint
No Carbon Footprint Yıl önce
My two favorite players on my favorite team. THANK YOU
Isaiah Yıl önce
This is a great video. I will say as a Braves fan that Strider has had a couple bad outings where he walked the world and so they may be swinging his BB% a little higher than what he usually outputs, and seeing what he just did to the cardinals (9ks in his first 3IP) I think he'll be fine. Also you can tell by his interviews that he is very thoughtful and puts tons and tons of work into his craft so even if he does falter there's no reason to believe he won't pick up exactly where he left off with some adjusting.
Areola Grande
Areola Grande Yıl önce
So I'm coming to this on July 10th, and Strider had another dominant start, 2 hits, 0ER, 2 walks, and a career high 12 K's. What has Harris II been doing since this video? Just raking. He's hit 3 more homers, 5 more RBI, and 3 more stolen bases. All with a sterling slash line of .300/.331/.520. The gold glove defense was a godsend. Now, there is a big hole in the lineup left when Ozzie Albies broke his foot, and Orlando Arcia has not been good. They just signed Robinson Cano from the Padres' minor league system, but he hasn't been very good there. But their biggest concerns were a 5th starter (although Ian Anderson has decided to have a really rough season, overall... so the 4th spot is tenuous at best atm) and production to replace what they lose in Albies and at the bottom of the order. Lo and behold... Batter groups 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 have almost identical run productions. I just love how this front office operates. Adding 3 ho-hum outfielders last year that no one really thought too much about, only to have one end up leading the league in HR's and RBI, one end up the NLCS MVP,, and the other the World Series MVP. It's so infuriating when franchises see a few problems with the roster and the knee-jerk reaction is always immediately "we have to tank now!!" These guys scout like gurus. Harris II was a 3rd round pick, 98th ovr, and Strider was a 7th round player that they'd been scouting for a good while. Every organization can do this, but they are either too lazy, not good/smart enough, and then some are the what's the worst part of baseball: they are happy tanking and refuse to sign high-dollar talent so they can keep their payrolls low and maximize profits from the fanbase.
NM Larfey
NM Larfey Yıl önce
So glad to have both these guys on my fantasy team...
USS Bridge Four
USS Bridge Four Yıl önce
We also have William. This is a youngish Braves team
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Love Billy too-I was shocked he exhausted his rookie eligibility last season-didn’t feel like he played that much
raccy Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher Travis was out for a little bit and he started a lot of games because of that
averys626 Yıl önce
And Michael Harris II is FAST 💨 I WOULD PAY TO SEE A RACE, Harris, Acuña, Ozzie, and Dansby
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
But would he beat The Freeze?
averys626 Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher Good question
Drumf Bum
Drumf Bum Yıl önce
1 week later and Harris has 3 more home runs for 7 total, the last one went on top of the Chop House, the one before went 439 ft.
Areola Grande
Areola Grande Yıl önce
although NO ONE thought he had this kind of power, that bomb was an "okay... they've already got 'em to kneel/bow before them, now they're forcing the poor Natty-lites to lick their boots to a polish before they turn on the mercy and let them go home." The HR was the the capper right before the _final_ capper that turned an 8-2 'big win' into a 10-2 'laugher' before Ozuna, who has been rounding into form in his own right (batting 17 pts higher in July so far than June, and 29(!) pts higher than a very forgettable May), gave WSH the Iron Sheik "You are a gayy... you are a F-GJIT!! So I make you HUMBELLL!! I will FOX you in de ARSE!!' treatment in the 8th inning 2-RBI hit with 2 outs... and I know EXACTLY why he did it. The game's over with, everyone should be gentlemen, go through the motions as fast as possible to rest up for game 2. It's the 1st game of the series, so, typically it's another one of those 'unwritten ... things" (not rules) in baseball that when you've thrown in the towel, especially in a game 1, you just put some position player out there with the bare-minimum threshold of being able to underhand-lob it within 3 feet of the plate at anything above 35-40mph. Well... this motherf**ker Dave Roberts is playing a--hole games with a team nearly 30 games under .500. He tasks an _actual_ one of their relief pitchers, Erasmo Ramirez, out there as, idk... a parting, highly unsportsmanlike "F you," probably because how friggin terrible Atlanta has to this point, and will end up making the Natty lites and he look by the when all 16 are written and etched, that's all the WSH front office will be playing on a loop in their heads when they fire him soon enough... but THAT's where the rub comes in. Ramirez is a guy with a cutter that rides flat @ ~91 a Sinker that can reach mid-90's and a 4-seam that avg's 94-95 and gets to 97-98 when he rears back and leans into it. Friggin' Roberts sends him to the mound, and after Arcia pats a soft single on the back on a 93 sinker, runs a full count on Harris II with _everything_ mid-90's, finally taking a 94mph cutter for a magic carpet ride on a moon shot. He strikes out Acuna on "standard" stuff between an 83- off-speed 94, and then although it's annoying as hell that they're spiteful enough to put in a guy to throw wayyyyy inside to Acuna bc it gets him pissed off (no sh**, Professor Dave... let's recap: getting plunked with hardball 4-seamers by professional flamethrowers that have only one command and direction with the game completely out of hand and that is to be a hired hitman and launch deadly weapons at the player that has made a fool of you for years running and will also have a credit in the byline section of your pink slip)... so it gets stupid when Ramirez starts lobbing Chris Rock/Gary Del'Abate-esque [anti]-ceremonial first pitches to Swanson and then Riley. I've seen Eephus pitches before, and they've never been _NOT_ pathetic, but this wasn't even that. This was my girlfriend, after being tasked with such a ceremonial first pitch, being forced by her debilitating hyper self-conscious nature and paralyzing fear of failure, especially in public performance(s) to do as many pushups as possible (~10 max) every morning for a month just to be able to give it an insane enough arc to _JUST_ get it *barely* to that 60'6" mark at a _cool_ 42mph to the plate and breathe a sigh of relief. Well, didn't originally intend to get that rant off my chest, but it is cathartic. God Roberts, his fake 'tough guy' BS that's below what you'd discipline a 5th grader for just piss me off to no end and I love that they're in the dumpster and he's probably bye bye. The point I _ACTUALLY_ (originally) wanted to make is that that particular homer, while it had the "WOW!"... it's *much* easier to cock back and really cork into one when it's 8-2 and you're riding higher than high. I loved so many of his other hits so much more because this kid is (this is objectively speaking, I've actually really racked my brain on this) the *most clutch* player I've seen in *years,* and I struggle to comprehend that he's got super-freeze ice in his veins at the plate. It took Mariano Rivera until his >8th year to become who he was. Derek Jeter didn't become a legendarily clutch HOF'er until year 10. He's the youngest f***ing player in the entire MLB... it's insane to think about it even as I type it. I think of what a complete mess bundle of nerves I was just for my stupid, meaningless HS graduation speech... that 2-RBI double early to make 1-0 into 3-0 in the game when the game was still in the balance that ended up being HUGE because Morton gave up 2 runs the very next 1/2 inning. But holy sh**... we didn't end up winning the game but in that game 3 against the Reds where McHugh spoiled a Morton pitching grandmaster class where Snit took him out after 7 spotless and 94 pitches and getting better... Marcell hits a surprise dinger and then Ice-Harris-Tray came up to the plate and I saw "it." There wasn't a molecule, a proton, a friggin QUARK of anxiety within at least a few time zones of Harris' orbit. Down to the last out and he wasn't messing around with some 7-8+ pitch tango slow dance. I was watching with my kid and they zoomed in on his stance and we just both turned and looked @ each other, no words spoken. It was _ALWAYS_ going down. 1st pitch a swing that looked like you could have just video-shopped Ken Griffey, Jr. onto the screen and not a could would bat an eye. That one was only 10 ft shorter than the recent one everyone is oogling over. After 425 you didn't need 435 to confirm his power, but _EVERYTHING_ else about the circumstances of that 9th inning 2-out shot to tie it and honor your ace's efforts (and there have been sooo many other big hits prior in *such* an insanely early stage of his career) immediately disqualifies anyone that continues along any narratives irrationally skeptical or overly critical as people who people will laugh at for making the dumbest take just because he/she just never wanted to like the dude from minute 0.
Robert Cullen
Robert Cullen Yıl önce
Fast forward 2 months. Harris is like the best hitter in baseball haha. Kid rakes
J Ygb
J Ygb Yıl önce
Nice video, quick and to the point with no b.s
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
That’s the goal-could i have made this 14 minutes? Yeah but no one wants to watch that amount of fluff. It bores both of us
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy Yıl önce
*5th best record in the majors and knocking on the Mets door for 4th.
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Was underestimating my favorite team’s ability to continue juggernauting
N00bslay3r Yıl önce
bro hates the braves for no reason
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Not sure how you could watch this and come to that conclusion-Strider’s BB%, which was a concern of mine, was elevated thanks to his April, but he’s continued to manage that and is like a top fifteen starter in baseball by FIP. Harris has continued to make adjustments since I made this video and his power really took off afterwards, which was my hope when I made this video. If anything, I’m too high on these guys
The one who got away
The one who got away Yıl önce
Love the content!
Elyfel11 Yıl önce
Hopefully, Michael Harris II will stick around longer than Charles Thomas. Not sure what to make of Strider, but ride the wave, f**k it. Contreras has been fire this year too... but he ain't a rookie... Honestly, what I want to know is: How is Jesse Chavez still getting outs, dude came up when The Show was still called 989 Sports MLB series. (I'm exaggerating)
Blu Rice Inc
Blu Rice Inc Yıl önce
Strider has Degrom like stuff. If he continues to locate and works in his two secondary pitches he will be the best in the league. They say that what he’s said he wants so let’s see what happens next. He bested the Dodgers gave them nothing. He basically did the same to the Cardinals giving up that fluke run. Now here come the Mets.
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Charles Thomas never hit a 439 foot tank. Harris is far better and younger than Thomas was in 2004
Owen 2 aylar önce
This aged well
KDS Yıl önce
time for another braves rookie video lol
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Looks like it, doesn’t it? I keep waiting for Vaughn to cool a little and he just wasnt
John Hudson
John Hudson Yıl önce
great video, subscribed!
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Thanks so much! Hoping to have some more content out late this week
Jonathan Wynn
Jonathan Wynn Yıl önce
Braves will repeat
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Let’s hope (there hasn’t been a repeat in over two decades)
Connor Crist
Connor Crist Yıl önce
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Didn’t think I might have to update this video because they called up another young rookie but here we are
James Weldon
James Weldon Yıl önce
Great vid
Doc Yıl önce
Did you call Acuna a generally decent defender? Dude!! Lol
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Ha yeah I did-hey I’m a Braves fan and while Acuña has great speed and a fantastic arm, he takes some weird routes
DonJon117 Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher exhibit A top of the 9th against the Nats today. 0 excuse to not catch that ball.
Doc Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher that doesn't change the fact he's elite on defense. He'll be a multi time GG winner before it's done.
Doc Yıl önce
@DonJon117 huh? He didn't catch that ball because of how deep he was playing, dude.
Scooter Blalock
Scooter Blalock Yıl önce
The braves should have kept Freddie and gotten rid of Ozuna. Wth.
ephraim Yıl önce
Wait ru actually lefty catcher? Cause I’m also
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
Alas I am not (but I can’t speak for the rest of the writing team on our blog).
ephraim Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher ah it’s a pity there are so few of my rare kind
woop Yıl önce
Well this video didn’t age well
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
If anything it aged perfectly
Conner Creed
Conner Creed Yıl önce
@The Lefty Catcher and added one more lol
Eddie Fernaanbred
Eddie Fernaanbred Yıl önce
Rommil Beri
Rommil Beri Yıl önce
The Lefty Catcher
The Lefty Catcher Yıl önce
I think I’ll make a short on Grissom-he’s just been too good
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