Hairdresser Reacts To People Bleaching Their Hair Following My Tutorial

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Brad Mondo

10 aylar önce

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people follow my at home hair coloring tutorial and things didn't go exactly as planned...

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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Fernanda Machado
Fernanda Machado 20 saatler önce
a menina do minuto 8 36 parece a Amy Lee
Bil 2 gün önce
go buy l'oreal hair dye it is hands down the best dye, My hair was box dyed black and i got white blonde with one box!!
Katelyn Elms
Katelyn Elms 7 gün önce
"But that was a girl mannequin, and this is a boy mannequin" 😂😂😂
delia 7 gün önce
Hello from my house to yours
Kyra brianna
Kyra brianna 10 gün önce
The second persons hair came out really really good tho
L‘Auréal 11 gün önce
First one doesn’t look good on the guy, black was better
faith vineyard
faith vineyard 14 gün önce
Brad! You look so gooooooodd in orange! Love this style you rocking. Ugh adore you.
Sydney Ellis
Sydney Ellis 16 gün önce
She said “this is a boy mannequin” lmao
S Kaz
S Kaz 20 gün önce
I just want you to know that your videos make me happy and seriously help to brighten my day. xo
Kate Reeves
Kate Reeves 22 gün önce
0:14 well I'm on PC so are you truly in my house?
Ren Kinoshita
Ren Kinoshita 24 gün önce
I need prayers
I Love My Everything
I Love My Everything 25 gün önce
Is no one talking about his shirt, I was distracted the whole time...🧐😅
putgordon 28 gün önce
Please remember the ROOTS ARE IN THE SCALP!! The correct wording is OUTGROWTH PEOPLE.!!!!!!!!
Jorie Thomas
Jorie Thomas Aylar önce
Why does no one bring up that dark hair will take at least 2 but usually more sessions and you're supposed to wait a few weeks in between?! This is why I went to a professional and I had non dyed hair. And clearly no one listened to him cause he HATES T18! Lol
TheMusicalFreak Aylar önce
BRAD!!!! Something you need to say to the viewers is that they HAVE to measure with a scale and NOT eyeball it, that fucks up the hair more then anything else.. I am a hair dressing student and work at a hair dressing studio and I work with high end pro's and it is safe to say that this is information that people need to know
L0v3brittany Aylar önce
why wouldnt you shampoo your hair...
Mrs Hongerholt
Mrs Hongerholt Aylar önce
Here i am watching most of the videos thinking i want some highlight to my hair and Am i the only one everytime i watch brad mondo is i was thinking Damon salvatore🥰 from the vampire dairies🥰
Meek H
Meek H Aylar önce
Use unrefined coconut oil from the supermarket if u have fried ur hair after bleaching it. Just leave it on over night and just keep doing it till it fixes ur hair. it’s the only thing that helped my hair
ballet_dancer Aylar önce
I'm about to test strand my hair
Mai 3
Mai 3 Aylar önce
His intro “hiii-eee” made my bf laugh 😂
Put a finger down
Put a finger down Aylar önce
7:39 brad looks and sound like he’s going to cry cause he’s so proud of her
White Wind
White Wind Aylar önce
I am sorry but why do you guys have to torture your hair ?
Jasmine Shaikh
Jasmine Shaikh Aylar önce
Other youtubers : welcome back to my channel Brad: Hello SCRUMPTIOUS SNACKYPOO THANK YOU FOR INVITING ME INTO YOUR HOUSE
Madison Hale
Madison Hale Aylar önce
I miss your blue hairrrrr💙
Ariana Aylar önce
For a hair dresser I feel like your hair should look better than that 😬
Nila 2 aylar önce
Her poor boyfriend… or maybe, ex? 😭
Premium YT
Premium YT 2 aylar önce
Samantha C
Samantha C 2 aylar önce
Everyone Is like don't bleach your hair at home, Me doing my hair for 4 years, hair always great never fell out. 1 month ago went to salon to get shadow roots. $200 later my hair is falling out , still falling out a month later, I cannot get it soft again, I am now terrified to go back to a salon.
Tabitha Ann
Tabitha Ann 2 aylar önce
That shirt on you! ❤💥💯
Melissa Hgd
Melissa Hgd 2 aylar önce
Me: omG vip box! Also me: watching 8 months too late
Samuel Young
Samuel Young 2 aylar önce
This woman is giving me Billie Eilish vibes!
Lily Beresford-McIsaac
Lily Beresford-McIsaac 2 aylar önce
I luv ur vids sm!!!
Eva bowler
Eva bowler 2 aylar önce
we need the link to the shirt brad pls
NotVicky 2 aylar önce
You forgot iPads and Samsung tablets in your intro Cant forget about us tablet folk :/
accioanna 2 aylar önce
I truly don’t know what gives people the audacity to attempt to bleach their own hair at home. Truly it does work sometimes but dang I would neverrrrr. It probably speaks a lot to someone’s mental stability. Love y’all tho
Jazzy Belle
Jazzy Belle 2 aylar önce
Please don’t bleach your hair to holy hell at home and expect that a hairdresser such as myself can do a $40 toning service and it look good. Terrible advice 🙈
salt packet
salt packet 2 aylar önce
brad: you look scrumptious me, eating my herb chicken: 👁👄👁
Broccoli Kids
Broccoli Kids 2 aylar önce
So weird thing for me... my head must be cold, because my roots actually lighten the slowest.... and I always do them at the same time and they still stay the darkest
Angelica Lola02
Angelica Lola02 2 aylar önce
Brad your sexy
Jessie Price
Jessie Price 2 aylar önce
I'm glad you did this because I'm about to bleach my own hair at home and have never done this at all ever before and my hair is as long and thick as the girl in the last video so thank you
Siobhan Henry
Siobhan Henry 2 aylar önce
Why can no one follow a tutorial tho like it's honestly concerning hahaha
Tyney Ukulele
Tyney Ukulele 2 aylar önce
Did you say get a cheap toner from a hair salon for JUST $40 Brad...... *faints*
Ashley Murphy
Ashley Murphy 2 aylar önce
Fuck I’m addicted to this channel. Someone send help.
Looney Luna
Looney Luna 2 aylar önce
I wonder if people purposefully fuck up their hair and film it just so they could be in your videos.
Harriett Thomas
Harriett Thomas 2 aylar önce
Our hair looks better dark
Mahée Lefebvre
Mahée Lefebvre 2 aylar önce
Thanks for being hair (here) 😅
Edward John
Edward John 2 aylar önce
That first couple. Are they even still together after that? 😂
Teerno Mukherjee
Teerno Mukherjee 2 aylar önce
Brad: You look scrumptious Me, whose under 18: Wait, that’s illegal
Vince Abella
Vince Abella 2 aylar önce
Now you're one of it, WELCOMEEEE hahaha
cinnamonmon 2 aylar önce
“stop pulling it out-“
Vanessa Rosas
Vanessa Rosas 2 aylar önce
Lmfao "Now Your On It Welcome"🤣👌👏😂 Hahahaha
Kenzie Hyland
Kenzie Hyland 2 aylar önce
see people are gonna say its his routine that caused it, but in reality, they all have different hair history and hair types so everything is going to be different in terms of results. his tutorial is perfect especially for virgin hair. no method is going to be a one size fits all because everyone is different. if you fucked up your hair thats on you 😂
ILuvAyeAye 2 aylar önce
I haven't seen his tutorial, but I bet he started by saying you should probably go to a salon for the safest and most even results. Bleach is no joke.
Jacqueline Prison
Jacqueline Prison 3 aylar önce
How am I supposed to go ginger when I got two or three different shades of brown in my hair-.........I'M SCARED............the under layer of my hair is lighter then the layer on top cuz I lightened it once.....I wanted that tiktok hair XD and at some point i got bored and dyed it brown but it came out lighter then the color I already had on my hair-................
Nat C. Love
Nat C. Love 3 aylar önce
Marina 3 aylar önce
11:15 doesn't she sounds like miley cyrus? lol
Calee Calhoun
Calee Calhoun 3 aylar önce
Ok so if I have dark brown dyed hair, do I use color oops then bleach or just use bleach? (My goal is bright blue at the end of the whole process)
madelaine6 3 aylar önce
Brad, I have no idea how you bear all this pressure! Can I help you put together some checklists to improve the chances for success or something?
Tenacious 3 aylar önce
I remember my hairdressing teacher saying use low percentage peroxide at the back for the roots, then as you get half way go to 30, because by the time you get to the front the back has already processed.
Halima M
Halima M 3 aylar önce
Why do people forget about purple or blue shampoo? WHy do they tone with toner, you can tone it with shampoo and its less damaging
Kaelynn Tessier
Kaelynn Tessier 3 aylar önce
You know i wonder if people in hair school watch brads videos for research because i find it pretty informational sometimes
al 3 aylar önce
watching this after i just completely fucked up bleaching my hair feeling like your shirt color rn
Felicia Torres
Felicia Torres 3 aylar önce
The verdant capricorn certainly cross because weed neurobiologically test absent a vagabond celeste. nervous, graceful guatemalan
Ona Halonen
Ona Halonen 3 aylar önce
12:32 whaaat? Wow, how did she get that ashyblonde!?
Michelle 3 aylar önce
This is why the most i like to do to my hair is shave the sides.
JJ 3 aylar önce
"And this is a boy mannequin" *shows human boyfriend*
professor hakase
professor hakase 3 aylar önce
Suddenly I want quarantine to start again
Hughes SignCo
Hughes SignCo 3 aylar önce
40$ is not expensive compared to the price you pay for a high end hair stylist to make a personal appointment during covid just to fix your mess ups.
Hughes SignCo
Hughes SignCo 3 aylar önce
Dude, I thought you had been arrested. Seriously throw out that shirt.
Amber Sherman
Amber Sherman 3 aylar önce
okay nevermind this has completely scared me off of bleaching my own hair, fuck it I'm going to the salon
Amber Sherman
Amber Sherman 3 aylar önce
Hey Brad, what if you bought some boxed hair color and it specifically says in the instructions to NOT cover your head while the bleach is on your hair
Kat R
Kat R 3 aylar önce
🥰🥰🥰 I am a little snacky-poo 🥰🥰🥰
Ivnxria 3 aylar önce
once i spelled bradmodo wrong like breadmando
Gauri Ashok Mehta
Gauri Ashok Mehta 3 aylar önce
i lossssst it when he switched to a southern accent 😂
It’s Private
It’s Private 3 aylar önce
Everyone go to Groupon, you can get a balayage or highlights or all over color for like 80% off!! I spent $50 on the best balayage I’ve ever gotten in my life!!
It’s Private
It’s Private 3 aylar önce
What I did was I got a professional balayage done and then I got a highlighting sectioning comb that sections your hair very easy and when I get about 4” of root I put in more highlights by using the comb to section them out and then I put a foil under the hair I sectioned out and I put on the bleach, I stay about 3/4 of inch from the root and I saturate the hair with bleach, I do 4 layers on both sides and back and hit my money pieces in the front and then I use a toner all over after washing out the bleach. I use T14 because my hair gets literally WHITE after bleaching and very fast too! I find that T14 doesn’t make it that purply gray like T18 , it makes it a perfect ashy beige that’s beautiful and it tones the rest of my hair beautifully even the darker pieces! So if you don’t have money for the upkeep I recommend going on Groupon and just search “balayage” in your area and you’ll find Groupons for balayage really cheap like 50-100$!! The site is not a scam, just download the Groupon app and after you buy one you call that salon and make your appointment and make sure you bring the app in and don’t click on “redeem” until the stylist is ready for you to pay or you’ll mess it up but it will pay her because she has to scan your phone. Make sure you bring a tip , I would give $15 if you’re truly broke or $30 if you can spare it because you’re already getting like 75% off!
Agus Blackbird
Agus Blackbird 3 aylar önce
Keilin gUteres JAJAJAJAA
Tetsurō Kuroō
Tetsurō Kuroō 3 aylar önce
The first guy can do a miya atsumu cosplay
Odalis Gutierrez
Odalis Gutierrez 3 aylar önce
The way he pronounced "Gutierrez"😂☹
Isidora Méndez
Isidora Méndez 3 aylar önce
This video reminds me of our anatomy practices in med school. Everyone was so confident after the teacher´s explanation, and then he made them do the anatomy assignment in front of the cadaver, and we all made the same basic mistakes...
madi b
madi b 3 aylar önce
your shirt is amazing, wear it again pls 👑shiny deflated hot air balloon and there’s a disco happening inside kinda vibes ya know🤩🤩
Umm Abdullah
Umm Abdullah 4 aylar önce
You remind me of Damien from vampire diaries
time is terrifying
time is terrifying 4 aylar önce
i love that second girls voice wtf
Etceterella 4 aylar önce
I love your videos so much, but I really do wish that you had more videos on guy hair cuts as well. Or just short cuts in general and tips for cutting them.
Annabellished Art
Annabellished Art 4 aylar önce
I've always dyed my hair myself typically turns of good. I went from brown to red after green teal and blond. All of witch I did at home. I got tired of thr red and im going to dye it back to dark brown
Erin Rose Hubbard
Erin Rose Hubbard 4 aylar önce
"This is a boy mannequin" umm that's a real person!!!
imz 4 aylar önce
I have black hair and have never colored/bleached it and it look like the person at 10:40 when I first bleached it. Dark hair is tough!
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes 4 aylar önce
I wish the last girls hair wouldn't have went silver at the top, that muted yellow looks so good on her.
Gina Marie Losito
Gina Marie Losito 4 aylar önce
Done brad
Charity Huff
Charity Huff 4 aylar önce
Sometimes i wish i could ft brad mondo when i bleach my hair lmaooo
Niamh Bayes
Niamh Bayes 4 aylar önce
8:17 and 12:25 he is so proud😍🥺
fiona babyyy
fiona babyyy 4 aylar önce
i just started watching you and i love it
sari roti
sari roti 4 aylar önce
I tried bleaching my hair alone when i just started living alone #impulsive. Apparently whatever i did ruined my hair in the long term and I can’t dye it another colour as easily and let’s just say it was BRIGHT ORANGE. my mom got mad and told me to go to a salon. Spent a lot to fix my hair and now it’s a really nice silver. Lesson learn just go to a salon if you can afford it please. It might look good at first but you don’t know what kong term affects you did to your hair 🥴
NIkki 4 aylar önce
The first guy looks like bushy eyebrow Gordon Ramsey
Victoria Howe
Victoria Howe 4 aylar önce
“it’s a little orange, we need more lightener” *tones* *passive aggressive voice* “OK WE JUST GONNA TONE IT WHATEVER JUST TONE IT😃”
Rachael Griffin
Rachael Griffin 4 aylar önce
I did a bleach bath 3 weeks ago and my roots are already grown out an inch. Like wtf 🤣
Bella Ronika
Bella Ronika 4 aylar önce
I AM OBSESSED with your orange shirt omg
anonymous kiwi
anonymous kiwi 4 aylar önce
Me on an iPad
Itss elenaaa
Itss elenaaa 4 aylar önce
not me watching people doing something wrong with their hair bc my hair dresser cut me a strait bangs but i wanted curtain bangs so i can feel betterಥ_ಥ
Anna 4 aylar önce
She use 10 volume . Explain a lot
Charisma Hornum-Fries
Charisma Hornum-Fries 4 aylar önce
The second girl with the hair breakage might have lost some hair but she looks cute with blond hair. The toner did well too.
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