Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

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Drbeen Medical Lectures

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. Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Dr. Bruce Patterson’s team has discovered that the S1 pieces of the spike proteins persist in the monocytes resulting in immune dysregulation and long-haul syndrome. Let’s discuss these findings with him.

Dr. Patterson’s site: covidlonghaulers.com/

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Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any medical or mental health related diagnosis or treatment. No information in this video should ever be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. ...
This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only.
Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any medical or mental health related diagnosis or treatment. No information in this video should ever be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

Dan Draitser
Dan Draitser 5 gün önce
Does 0.2-0.4 mg/kg sound like a lot of IVM for Long Haul? I weigh 70kgs, so, 25mgs of my 3mg pills is quite a lot of pills daily. Does that sound right?
Harrison Kane
Harrison Kane 10 gün önce
God bless Doctor Paterson!
NaturalSkills _
NaturalSkills _ 10 gün önce
Been suffering with excruciating joint pain for 10 months. The burning pain is so surreal. My body is so inflamed and no meds or answers are helping. Thank god people are researching this. So many suffering.
Cindy L
Cindy L 12 gün önce
Did I hear him right??? Go get the vaccination if you want... and we can get you back to where you were? Why the hell would I want to even take that shot to change my Immune system!!!
James Moore
James Moore 13 gün önce
Thank You, Dr. Patterson, for reassuring me, about the monocytes. It looks like most of the troublemakers, with covid19 go away a little more then a year after infection. I was infected around Good Friday, 2020. So, Easter 2021, is 12 month's, and it has been a little over 6 month's since Easter 2021. Other then the occasional symptoms, I was never debilitated by the disease, so I just need to stay clear of sick people!!! Brother James OSB.
James Moore
James Moore 13 gün önce
Red Yeast Rice, PPQ, and Co-Q-10, will replace statins for those who have side effects. I take them in the morning.
James Moore
James Moore 13 gün önce
I use L-Arganine, and L-lysine, every day for vascular and heart health, plus others.
James Moore
James Moore 13 gün önce
P.S. I have 47 supplements that I take, not all in one day, like a p.e.r.t. treatment. (A pert restores the liver and pancreatic enzymes.) I have something for just about everthing including memory. I guess it is The Monk in me!!!😇🤓🤠 So, If I can treat it at home,,, I will.
James Moore
James Moore 13 gün önce
I have taken the long haul covid test, and out of 93, (or 46 if you take out the repeat's like; swelling glands, and swelling glands in the neck, etc.) and I scored a 3 (three)...however I had covid19 on Good Friday 2020, and I get a symptom about once or twice every month.(No vaccine) A headache, gland swelling, chest congestion, and so on. I think it is just a cold or allergies, but, I am just not sure. My last physical was in June, and I got a 96%. (My glucose, and cholesterol levels were off a bit.) I go in for a re-draw, and re-pee, in 4 weeks. If everything is normal I guess whatever it was, it has resolved itself. Brother James Kendall Moore OSB.
Sue Regan
Sue Regan 13 gün önce
PEM is characteristic of ME/CFS. LDN really does help as an adjunct to other meds. A combination of amitriptyline and Tramadol has, plus LDN mid to late afternoon has worked very well for me. Each of these meds has minimal benefit, but combined do great.
Daisey Fader
Daisey Fader 13 gün önce
Well. Why don’t you ask Falchi. Why he caused thus. Was it on purpose. What does he know If not what was he involved in. What was involved before the virus. A antidote. And he had it. He doesn’t esté a mask. What’s this about. He is a trader.
Manu De Backer
Manu De Backer 13 gün önce
I'm still figuring out whether to take the damn jab or not at the end of 2021. I don't get it when the doc says 'if you want to take it take it. When your immunesystem then shuts down we have ways to fix it.' Sounds alarming.
K Q 14 gün önce
Vegan Lion
Vegan Lion 14 gün önce
Angela Merkel in 2014 speak about spike pandemics in 1 interviu. This mummies monsters have the knowledge about this from...2014
Suzanne Hartmann
Suzanne Hartmann 14 gün önce
Cytokines are a broad and loose category of small proteins important in cell signaling. Cytokines are peptides and cannot cross the lipid bilayer of cells to enter the cytoplasm. Cytokines have been shown to be involved in autocrine, paracrine and endocrine signaling as immunomodulating agents. Their definite distinction from hormones is still part of ongoing research.
Suzanne Hartmann
Suzanne Hartmann 14 gün önce
In response to offensive Dr. Yo. If someone has to make excuses for you demeaning a doctor you are not trolling you are demeaning and being a jerk. Plenty of people in the live chat do not even know who you are, never mind you are "joking" so you are not you are simply being offensive. Its only a joke if everyone gets it.
Nice Try
Nice Try 15 gün önce
Why would anyone tell anybody to go get a shot !!
Saras Watkin
Saras Watkin 15 gün önce
Biochemical warfare has been around a long time causing damage to our immune system. Why is there no screening of people who have antigens as they would not need repeated untested vaccine.
Awbritto PACK LEADER 15 gün önce
What can the average person take if they have long covid, tinnitus etc? Anything over counter?.... D3, ZINC, QUERCETIN, ivermectin, VIT C ?
Snoopy 14 gün önce
all of them, especially Vitamin D3 and K2
KidJet Recon
KidJet Recon 15 gün önce
I’ve been deathly sick once in my life around 2016 , not one doctor could diagnosis what I had, I had low grade fever for approximately two weeks with body aches the first day before fever had stomach problems violently sick, at one point in the two week period tried sucking it up going to work installing fire walls in apartments, at one point I completely collapsed , total black out, had blood work done was found to have enormous amounts of potassium in blood work they also had me on fluid for 24 hrs, took Z pack because fluid was building up in my lungs. I did start feeling better but I actually didn’t completely ever really feel completely better to this day. I really get terrible headaches around anyone that’s been vaccinated, I’ve tested my theory five times, I at first thought it was in my head I now believe that what is being said that I possibly had Covid years before first case , I’m also waiting to give blood to see if I have the antibodies.
trissysmom3 16 gün önce
He says to avoid any invasive procedures but also tells ppl to get the vax. Even admits some ppl don’t respond to his mitigation protocol. 😤😤
trissysmom3 15 gün önce
@George Smith I’m talking about a treatment that people are having forced onto them not cancer!! The best option is to avoid getting sick of you can help it no?
George Smith
George Smith 15 gün önce
So what? Not every patient responds to a particular cancer treatment but that doesn't invalidate it. The invasive procedures he was referring to were stupid sh_t like the woman at 56:34 getting shots into her optic nerve that completely ignore the root source of the headaches. He was not referring to vaccination. If you're going to call vaccination invasive then taking any drug into your body would be "invasive". Whether it's from a pill or through a needle is irrelevant. He's ahead of everyone else with regard to his discovery that CCR 5 Antagonist drugs (e.g. Maraviroc) have a dramatic positive effect.
trissysmom3 16 gün önce
‘Go ahead and get vaccinated’😤🙄 when it will make you as sick or sicker than the virus and the great majority of doctors do not know and seemingly don’t give a crap on how to help. Women are being referred for psychiatric care for complaining of their post vax symptoms. If this guy is so great at hitting this bullseye and stopping the vascular inflammation then let him treat covid patients and leave the rest of us alone.
rosemary whitney
rosemary whitney 16 gün önce
Vitamin d3 and what other vitamins or mi oral help with this?
rosemary whitney
rosemary whitney 16 gün önce
Do you have to have had covit to have these long haul symptoms. No test avail at test but could not exercise do to heartrate shooting up. Got better got vax came right back but only test neg. For covid
Nick S
Nick S 16 gün önce
Gone Thru Hell after 2nd Vaccine. I have been prescribed hydroxychloroquine by rheumatologist. Should I take it ? Or maybe ask for Ivermectin better? Or maybe just take Nothing? Don't want any more complications than I already have. Any info or anyone with experience - please reply.. thanks! Overview - 49years old. No Major health issues entire life, very healthy before 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. 1st dose = 7/11/21, 2nd dose 8/1/21 3 days flu like symptoms immediately after vaccine, went away 8 days after 2nd dose mild breathing issues Breathing issues got progressively worse for next 3-4 weeks, to point where it was hard to breath 3rd-4th week after 2nd dose chest pain and pressure, start of extremities getting cold (feet, hands, legs, ears, nose) 5th week after vaccine - heart issues - Tachycardia/ Arrhythmia / Blood work abnormal, starting to feel extreme fatigue, headaches, Brain Fog, Dizziness Severe Heart Issues Persisted for 4-5 weeks (breathing issues slightly subsided as soon as heart issues started) 9th week after 2nd dose - Tachycardia started to subside, new neurological issues started 9th week after 2nd dose - Complete numbness, sometimes mild paralysis in arms, numbness in feet, arthritis in hands and feet, tingling and heat sensation of spine and brain, Brain Fog and Dizziness, Extreme fatique 10th week to 13th week after 2nd dose - Continuation of numbness in arms, feet - arthritis getting worse in hands and feet, brain fog / dizziness more frequent , extremities still very cold every day 14th week to 19th week - - heart issues Getting a little better, however still getting numbness in arms and kidneys now being affected and bad arthritis, brain fog, fatique ,etc. Tests ------ EKGs (about 10 tests over 2 months’ time) Blood Labs - multiple blood labs over 2-3 months period Chest x-Ray Echo cardiogram (heart) Holter monitor Cerebrovascular duplex exam Lower Extremity Benous Color Duplex Scan Lower extremity Arterial Ultrasound Spect cardio Stress Test w/ perfusion Liver ultrasound Cardiac MRI MRI of brain Electromylogram Table Test (for Pots) Medications given Dexamethasone 4mg Pulmiicort flexinhaler Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg /day Clonazepam - 2mg Montelukast 10 mg Cyclobenzaprine 10mb Famotidine 20mg Nebulizer / Albuterol Abnormal Blood Results (from 9/10/21) AST - 31 Normal ALT - 49 H PROTEIN TOTAL - 8.2 H Abnormal Blood Results (from 9/22/21) HOMOCYSTIEN - 17.5 H AST - 44 H ALT - 111 H - very high WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT - 12.0 H HEMOGLOBIN - 17.7 H HEMATOCRIT - 50.3 H ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS - 8940 H AB(IGG) - >750 H - Suggestive of past Epstien-Barr EBV NUCLEAR AG (EBNA) - 413.00 H - Suggestive of past Epstien-Barr SARS COV 2 AB(IGG) SPIKE,SEMI QN - >20 H VITAMIN D25-OH TOTAL, IA - 29 L ANA Screen IFA - NEGATIVE SARS COV 2 AB (IgG), NUCLEOCPSID, QL - NEGATIVE SARES CoV 2 AB (IgM), SPIKE, QL - NEGATIVE Abnormal Blood Results (from 9/29/21) AST - 30 Normal ALT - 68 H WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT - 9.5 Normal HEMATOCRIT - 48.1 N ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS - 6859 N Abnormal Blood Results (from 10/13/21) - Over 40 Blood Tests ordered ANA Screen IFA - POSITIVE ANA TITER - 1:40 H CARDIOLIPIN AB (IGM) -26.4 H B2 GLYCOPROTEIN I (IGM) AB - 24.4 H ALBUMIN - 5.0 H IMMUNOGLOBULIN E - 313 H CREATININE, RANDOM URINE- 416 H
The Shepherd Lady
The Shepherd Lady 16 gün önce
Anyone have hearing loss after the jab or tinnitis? I also had a whistling in my ears and I couldn't watch TV or even stand to hear anything, a whisper would put me on the floor in a fetal position!!
Lyn Lawley
Lyn Lawley 17 gün önce
,I hope so and think ivamectin might have those side effects as the borelia and other bites and fungle things are similar to what it was designed to treat, so hope you're spot on x fingers
vina grange
vina grange 17 gün önce
I still have mucus, a cough, and stomach cramps 3 weeks from positive pcr test. I had been very sick with covid so definitely better than I was. Took ivermectin and avoided hospital admission. Stopped it maybe should keep it going. I have hydroxachloraquine here but haven't taken. Should I? If do how much? Blood oxygen level 95 usually 99. I'm not back to myself yet. Take vitamins, quercetin, magnesium, garlic allicin, olive leaf and pro biotics. Just want to clear mucus and get stomach back to normal.
Skater kraines
Skater kraines 13 gün önce
I see no reason to stop IVM until you are better. One of the safest drugs. I have no clue about HCQ
Brainwashing Detergent
Brainwashing Detergent 17 gün önce
Thanks Dr. been for sharing and thanks Dr . Patterson for your work in finding this treatment!
hamb4 17 gün önce
Does the use of Vitamin D3 play a part in the Long Haulers? I Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci going to pay for the treatment, your company will provide or is it free?
hamb4 17 gün önce
Why would anyone go down that road? you are a handful of doctors who might have a solution. Most of the Doctors and Hospitals don't know what to do. So why would you tell people to go ahead and get vaccinated when there are other protective meds or supplements. Who needs that in there life. Very few people are telling people are telling people about the use of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin. Why? What of the studies that came out of the University in Sweden? Should we just dismiss it? No one is truly telling us of the long term effects of this man-made virus.
THE BOSS 17 gün önce
Do you people realize that, there are stock's market's, for the shots.? 💯💲💲💲💲💲💲🆘🤤👊💥👁🙊🙉🙈💥👺👹💀👁💀😈👿
THE BOSS 17 gün önce
They put the poison in your system. And you're supposed to take another poison to fix the problem. ?? Everybody jump on the merry-go-round.
meghan vail
meghan vail 18 gün önce
Question what about the people who have serious sides effects from the VACCINE? And side effects from COVID. Not sure if my Dr was correct. My Dr mentioned, be feels they need to change the vaccine. Right now the pharm companies new this vac was potentially dangerous... In your opinion Dr, should they change vaccine to make it safer???? There are lots of people who are having serious side effects FROM BOTH. FROM THE VAC AND OR FROM COVID??? After the vac I know someone personally who lost they're motor function, parallasis, and lots of other side effects... The 3 people I know who went throw the side effects are people with bad mine systems. What's your opinion?
valerie swanson
valerie swanson 18 gün önce
The DNA is being compromised. When the next pandemic hits vaccinated bodies will be weaker and fall faster. Who will be left? Not them. Tch Tch.
valerie swanson
valerie swanson 18 gün önce
Look at the truth , what is being done. We are being killed, silenced, frightened. satan wants to control. Laugh in his face. He has lost. The Lord Jesus Christ has already won. Laugh in the face of the devil.
Achilles 18 gün önce
The governments/scientist/DRs will endure eternal torment for creating and doing what they've done to us.
Keith Whitlock
Keith Whitlock 18 gün önce
A paper from The Royal Society of Chemistry which showed ivermectin, out of dozens of drugs the researchers experimented with, had the “highest score” when it comes to to stopping viral replication of SARS-CoV-2. Notably, the paper showed that Remdesivir, which is currently patented and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, had the lowest score out of all of the compounds.
Keith Whitlock
Keith Whitlock 4 gün önce
@Sylvester Fong Royal Society of Chemistry website under Covid 19 study.
Sylvester Fong
Sylvester Fong 4 gün önce
@Keith Whitlock Where ?
Keith Whitlock
Keith Whitlock 4 gün önce
@Bob B. provided above.
Bob B.
Bob B. 4 gün önce
Sylvester Fong
Sylvester Fong 4 gün önce
Keith Whitlock Please can you post the link here so that we can share with everyone. Thanks. Blessings
Gordon Groves
Gordon Groves 18 gün önce
where can we long-haulers get CCR5 antagonists? The average sufferer is unable to get any help, save a lucky few here and there
I. M. Frank
I. M. Frank 18 gün önce
Wow wow wow
Karen Ashley
Karen Ashley 18 gün önce
Genesis 1:29. John 4:14, and Proverbs 5:15. Ahimsa.
Dolly Dinkle
Dolly Dinkle 18 gün önce
Dolly Dinkle
Dolly Dinkle 18 gün önce
My2cents 19 gün önce
Such a relief to witness intelligent NON POLITICAL information. Thank you for all your hard work, diligence and professionalism!
Andre Fredericks
Andre Fredericks 19 gün önce
Gents, I thank you for your commitment to humanity. Please continue, our family wishes you the best. Be blessed.
chocolate chip cookie
chocolate chip cookie 19 gün önce
Your videos are so informative, thank you
Tzveta Daskalova
Tzveta Daskalova 19 gün önce
can someone share the protocole,please? in europe can't get this specific lab results,need to find a doctor that would prescribe what is needed. so desperate to get better.Thank you
Erin Moskal
Erin Moskal 19 gün önce
Would be interested to hear Dr. Patterson's thoughts on the origin of this illness and if he thinks it was artificially altered.
Janet Donald
Janet Donald 19 gün önce
Please can someone help me, I have watch this but I’m not sure that I have the gist of the treatment suggested. So, is the treatment a combination of ivermectin and statins? If anyone can answer I’d be grateful 😊💕🇦🇺 unfortunately we are a country who has banned our doctors from prescribing ivermectin.😢
Carmen47 Freixas
Carmen47 Freixas 20 gün önce
It's amazing how the brain works, my friend's daughter had a baby 25 years ago, he was jabbed changing his life for ever with Autism, she fought so hard and got in touch with so many mothers, etc. now with this so called pandemic, she has had the shots and so has done her 25 year old Autistic son, in one hand she blamed the jab for the problem yet she has not even thought twice abut this one. How can that be
Jana Leffler
Jana Leffler 20 gün önce
Thank you for your hard work.
Carolyn Kosin
Carolyn Kosin 20 gün önce
Glad they are doing research to help ppl that are having bad reactions 🥰 S1- protein
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 20 gün önce
Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.
Jana Leffler
Jana Leffler 20 gün önce
I am a long hauler and I lost my smell and taste in January of 2021 8 have not regained it yet.
Robin Maze
Robin Maze 20 gün önce
How do I keep updated on studies into chronic fatigue fibromyalgia and other vaccine injuries? It has been many years of hardship for me and I feel hopeful to get some resolution ASAP.
Jana Leffler
Jana Leffler 20 gün önce
When will the rest of the medical profession catch up with this information?
Jana Leffler
Jana Leffler 20 gün önce
I get that full feeling in my head. My Cortisol level tested low, my thyroid tested low, my testosterone tested low and I am now type II diabetic all after Covid. My Doctor can not rule out that Covid was the cause. I have a strong record kept over the years on my thyroid, glucose and hormones. I still show strong antibodies to Covid. My Dr calls me a long hauler. I have not got the shot.
wakeup 20 gün önce
Puff the Magic Dragon
Puff the Magic Dragon 15 gün önce
I hadn’t heard about this. I don’t pay attention to the releases. I do get a kick out of Baby Dog, though. Does he mean that 25% of the people who died were double vaxxed? If 25% of the double vaxxed have died, that would be like 200,000 people.
wakeup 20 gün önce
Gregory Backs
Gregory Backs 20 gün önce
When governments start banning a substance, ie Ivermectin you know it will work. Also, they are forcing the vaccine on us. Why? Not hard to figure out.
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman 20 gün önce
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman 20 gün önce
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman 20 gün önce
Lynn S
Lynn S 20 gün önce
Someone really needs to speak to Dr Robinson about his CONSTANT use of the hesitation sound "UM"! It's 1-ANNOYING 2 - body language readers will perceive that he's unsure of what he's speaking about! OR 3 - he's lying.
Kristen Beaton
Kristen Beaton 20 gün önce
So do microclots and vaacualr, circulatory issues months and months out heal or will tissue damage in toes and other places get worse. Sone feel like aged 30yrs in a year from long haul covid amd hence are tl scared to get vac incase adds to the severe pain, and especially head pressure brain fog lingering.
canuck 20 gün önce
What happens if you are vaccinated, get covid and recover? Is the vaccine a mitigating fstor that allows better recovery?
Katelyn Woodworth
Katelyn Woodworth 21 gün önce
Your work has just changed my life. I'm going to show this to my doctor. I've been suffering for 6 months since I got vaccinated. I think the vaccine went into my bloodstream, because I had a sensation run up my neck from my shoulder and became light headed immediately after injection. I've had a series of problems, Ivermectin helped with the most severe of them. But now I get measured fevers and exhaustion after doing basic things. I can't work, I can barely take care of the house. My docs have no idea what's going on. Is there a test I can ask for specifically? Does Ivermectin throw other blood tests to look normal?
PaxDisturbia 21 gün önce
My cat is looking for your cat.
ole orm
ole orm 21 gün önce
Have Bruce Patterson taken the vaccine?
Claire O'Sullivan
Claire O'Sullivan 21 gün önce
DCIS treated with surgery (May 2021) D radiotherapy in July. Is Booster not recommended?
jazzymom1211 21 gün önce
Curious, what is the possibility that someone who was asymptomatic developing long haul symptoms later on?
Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe 21 gün önce
I don’t know if there’s a percentage, but it is definitely possible to become a long hauler even after having asymptomatic covid.
A Alvarez
A Alvarez 21 gün önce
Isn’t that mast activation and congealed spike protein or something like that, which you can turn around with ivermectin, zinc, D3 (basic supplements) and some high vit-c injections?
Bryce Clark
Bryce Clark 19 gün önce
How high dose of vitamin C?
Shayna's Miami Home and Health.
Shayna's Miami Home and Health. 21 gün önce
Does anyone know the NAME of the SPECIFIC test that determines if you had Covid antibodies from before or from vaccine??
Jean 21 gün önce
Gary 22 gün önce
It's such a simple thing. We have no v,ac-cines for a v, ir-us. This thing is an engineered in,fluen-za. It's gonna mostly be an annual thing as usual, but we don't know how the-fucker-is gonna mutate so everything else is bullshit. "blind leading the blind." You don't see yell,ow f'ever "breaking out." edit: admittedly didn't view video. don't like advice. too old.
Eden Killswarrior
Eden Killswarrior 22 gün önce
How can I get in touch with this team? I am having long haul symptoms after moderna vaccine. I am going to see my doc, but I believe all of this is going to be beyond his scope
Gina fromCologne
Gina fromCologne 22 gün önce
Thank you for the precious information!
Eternity 22 gün önce
Endocrinology Lymphatic system drainage
WELLNESS FUN 23 gün önce
Does this not suggest gain of function ?
Zina VanB
Zina VanB 23 gün önce
What about a person with Lymphoma (bcell), Diabetes and has had a 5 graft bypass in 2014?
JAC 23 gün önce
Question..so, if the shots are mandated, and this is about the monocytes, will those receiving blood transfusions of either covid longhaulers AND those who got the shots?!?! Then it's like...HIV-tainted blood problem. No one is looking at this! Please correct me. I want to be wrong. Love, longhauler and nurse.
JAC 23 gün önce
Update - Maraviroc has been INCREDIBLE..praying liver continues doing well, and the main effects continue.......Day 611 is when I started this. It was a WICKED severe case, in March 2020. And has been hell on earth with a stroke, seizures, and brain to toe issues from April 2020 and the aftermath of awfulness....I'm starting to feel more human!!!!!!!! HBOT has been great, but this seems to be getting to the root issues so that maybe HBOT won't be necessary. Oh my gosh, the activity stamina is improving. Neuro-cog and physical. I will be doing one heck of a video, and flying to where you guys are, to HUG YOU ALL FLCCC, Dr Bruce Patterson, etc. Hope the main effects stays when I get off the 'Roc. My doctors are all trashing you but I'm a strong nurse, passionate empath and advocate...so don't worry, I 'educate' gently, firmly and with love. THANK YOU!!!!! Thank...you.
Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe 21 gün önce
How long did it take for the Roc to make you feel better, I’ve been on for 3 weeks now, plus Prav and iver, but I’m still soooooo unbelievably miserable
Harry Byrne
Harry Byrne 23 gün önce
It appears the general medical community is very incurious about these mechanisms and the enlightening research that’s going on, I think they forgotten what their mission was, to help patients. It’s very sad what has happened to the medical industry. There’s no creativity, no inventiveness, no initiative, no enthusiasm for research and science any longer. Very sad I do not know whether it will improve in the future.
Vicky Dittfield
Vicky Dittfield 23 gün önce
What is CCR5
Beatrice Thomas
Beatrice Thomas 24 gün önce
They are going try to scare the public again because of voting to allow cheating to occur. Demand paper ballots only! We need open honest and transparent elections with no “lost” and “found ballots.”
Rodney Hill
Rodney Hill 24 gün önce
Interesting that it is not direct infection of monocytes that causes the problem, but that non-classical monocytes act as APCs and that it does not not matter how the spike proteins are produced, from infection or vaccines. It would be better to solve the problem of spike proteins and vaccines in making the vaccines rather than afterwards.
Anthony Campbell
Anthony Campbell 24 gün önce
Many of these symptoms I have had, but I'm a sufferer of polymyositis and put it down to that. Will this new understanding help auto immune sufferers, flare ups are common and long haul too. This was post hospitalization thur 2019 -20 from post op infection just prior to and start of covid. Didn't fit covid template.
janina krzaczek
janina krzaczek 24 gün önce
Great educational video ! Thank You 💗🌻🍃
ubuibme24 *u b u i b me 24*
ubuibme24 *u b u i b me 24* 24 gün önce
@Caroline Stepovich, Long haul covid is not the same as active covid so you are not supposed to test positive for covid with it. Long haul covid is what happens to some people who have had covid and 'recovered'.. And as far as I understand it so far is dr Bruce has discovered that pieces of the virus (but not the whole replicating virus) are still circulating through the blood because there are these nonclassical monocytes expressing the S1 part of the spike protein that bind to the walls of the blood vessel .carrying all around the body.
Dale Ellis
Dale Ellis 24 gün önce
I'm not going to deny the science these doctors are describing about vasodilatation and inflammatory response to vaccines. However, how does anyone doubt that 90 percent of hospitalizations and deaths due to corvid are from the unvaccinated and thus the benefit of the vaccines.
Cindy L
Cindy L 12 gün önce
Dale Ellis You are funny!
jody patton
jody patton 25 gün önce
Did the fbi just leak documents from project veritas to the new York Times?
Angie Kitson-Harris
Angie Kitson-Harris 25 gün önce
Great videos 👍 could you explain what " Ranties " are? Thanks.
My Master
My Master 25 gün önce
So happy someone is working on this issue. Good to see they are doing it in the face of the non-science establishment. Thank goodness science is not dead. It seemed it might be.
Martin Spence
Martin Spence 25 gün önce
I got covid and took hydroxychloroquine and I only had one bad day and no symptoms after 4 daysl
Martin Spence
Martin Spence 25 gün önce
Ivermectin oy temporarily blocks the spike protein, it does not get rid of it.. Thus the symptoms return again..
stanley steamer
stanley steamer 26 gün önce
Not sure what to think about Dr. Bruce..
Raquelita Regondola
Raquelita Regondola 26 gün önce
Thank you doctors very informative from the Philippines.
Urszula 27 gün önce
The more I listen to this Patterson guy the less I trust him. A lot of inconsistencies, a lot of unknown, pushing Maraviroc, pushing vaccine .
Fylde Tai Chi
Fylde Tai Chi 27 gün önce
Post-viral syndrome is a very debilitating and often chronic illness as is "post-vaccination" syndrome and post-bacterial syndrome. It is not uncommon but until covid it was commonly dismissed. This research seems to show great promise for treatment and may now highlight the reality of fybromyalgia, Lyme, post-vaccination syndrome, etc. However, although apparently credible research, as a treatment, it is still tentative science. Great discussion, great explanation thanks.
Urszula 27 gün önce
Maraviroc is made by Pfizer, here we go again.
n suarez
n suarez 27 gün önce
Can the spike protein in the vaccines cause the same damage to your body as the disease? If yes, wouldn't the booster cause even more damage?
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