Surah Maryam (Be Heaven) سورة مريم Omar Hisham Al Arabi

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Omar Hisham Al Arabi

Omar Hisham Al Arabi

2 yıl önce

Omar Hisham القارئ عمر العربي
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@OmarHishamAlArabi 2 yıl önce
Salam alaikum! Dont forget to leave a comment ♥️ 🔔Click CC for subtitles - request your language below for it to be added
@faizaqazi2414 2 yıl önce
Walaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu 😊
@hamza_qawouq 2 yıl önce
و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته... جزاك الله خيرا
@DawahforMuslims 2 yıl önce
Tamil Translation...
@hanaray5198 2 yıl önce
Sub Indonesia?
@syedasyeda9390 2 yıl önce
Wa alikum assalam wa rahmatullah-e-wabarakatuhu...💓 Urdu translation plz...
@AnNafee 2 yıl önce
It's more like "Be Heaven" in ASMR version. Jazak Allah Khair brother! May Allah bless you ❤️
@KhanInsights 2 yıl önce
@isalamicpath5123 2 yıl önce
An nafee channel... Please do it into bengali translation 🙏🙏
@zakirhossain8967 2 yıl önce
@@isalamicpath5123 এটা অলরেডি বাংলায় আছে, youtube a cc option a bangla select koren. Ekjner recitation arekjn nijer youtube channel deyar kono manei hoina etao ekta piracy.
@UmmYaquub 2 yıl önce
Is this ' be heaven' ?? ???? It does not sound like this at can do much better brother!!!!
@abbeandrieu8944 2 yıl önce
@@UmmYaquub brother be more positive at least he decided to upload a video of his recitation to his subscribers, may Allah swt bless you and your family❤️
@t.s1988 3 aylar önce
To every woman listening to this while pregnant or in labour, I pray Allah grants you an easy pregnancy and labour and a healthy baby AMEEN! AMEEN!
@zarinasalim1369 2 aylar önce
Aameen ❤️
@CelineBoura-gp2kf 2 aylar önce
Amine inchallah 🤲🤲
@ro4678 2 aylar önce
@jasminaakhtar8346 6 aylar önce
When I was pregnant I used to listen to this. When my baby was born I would put this surah on when he would cry and it would instantly settle him. Now he is two years old, and he falls asleep to this surah every night. ❤❤
@naimakadiye3810 4 aylar önce
@salahao9879 4 aylar önce
Mashq Allah love that ❤
@abdulkarimsufyan2133 4 aylar önce
Same thing with my daughter she suddenly becomes calm when I put this on
@fadwa0803 4 aylar önce
Salam Aaleykoum on a le même vécu ❤ Je l'ai mise enceinte, tout le long de la maternité et depuis le retour à la maison avec bébé. Il a 4 mois maintenant Allah'umma barek qu'Allah te le préserve 🤍
@SoLoboo 4 aylar önce
This just made me cry. Thank you.
@Aliyaxassan886 3 aylar önce
I memorized tha quran when I was 14 years old.. Now I'm 20 years old I don't forget yet Allhhmdullah Every morning I listens this is Sheikh❤ from somalia
@AabidHalaal 3 aylar önce
Mashallah sister! May Allah bless you!
@speedone3151 2 aylar önce
Mashalah sister god bless you❤
@yumei_art7889 2 aylar önce
Deue ma demande de revoir le coran pour bébé de mon fils de 5ème mois de septembre à octobre à l'école déguisés et j'ai oublié les deux enfants qui sont partis pour la semaine prochaine
@mehtaabalikhan8790 Aylar önce
A person said "Allahu Akbar" seconds later they said "La ila ha illalala" immediately after that they said "La illaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu min-adh zalimeen" a few seconds later then said "Subhanallah" this way 70,000 good deeds were earned, and this person is you ❤️
@alimusadeadman Aylar önce
And 70,000 for you too insha'Allah. Jazakallah khair!
@margaretdonato7888 2 yıl önce
I was raised a Catholic, accepted Islam on 1976. This Surah touched my soul for all these years and especially during this season. Thank you young brother.
@dontjudgeme7968 2 yıl önce
Welcome to the way of life to Islam Alhamdulillah I'm glad for you dear
@assumptazitoni7408 2 yıl önce
I can also relate This surah "Mariam" has been the most inviting during my transition to Islam 💖💖💖
@hafiz7008 2 yıl önce
@@dontjudgeme7968 welcome? bro she's been a muslim for the last 44 years
@Destruction_edits 2 yıl önce
May allah grant you the highest place in paradise sister Margeret
@iftyrehman157 2 yıl önce
Pray for the whole humanity we’re struggling with the virus at the moment!
@inshaahmed2534 8 aylar önce
I am 23 weeks pregnant, I listen to this Surah almost everyday. Please pray for my baby’s health. Also I am thinking of naming him Yahya!
@sakariyaali4912 8 aylar önce
Yahya is a beautiful name mashallah
@YeahYeah0345 8 aylar önce
I am so grateful my parents named me Yahya. When your child grows older he will also be grateful In Sha Allah
@bg_agby 8 aylar önce
Alhamdoulilah this a good new❤
@MohaCali-vk4sq 8 aylar önce
Name him sam 😢🎉 please
@rams19th13 8 aylar önce
Masya Allah.. 😊🙏🏻🤲🏻
@Saapiriin Aylar önce
It's so relaxing alhamdulilah ;-)
@NarutoUzumaki10012 10 gün önce
Today is November 24, 2023. I finished work and went home. It was raining very hard. I thought instead of music. Why don't I listen to Quran And I started listening to this Quran. As soon as I listened to it, the rain suddenly stopped. And I felt very peaceful I testified there is no other worthy of worship except Allah And I testified the Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah peace and blessing upon him.
@armughanullahkhan2251 10 gün önce
You did great 👍👍👍👍❤
@NarutoUzumaki10012 10 gün önce
@@armughanullahkhan2251 Thank you brother. Please, don't forget to pray for the Palestinians Brothers and sisters who are suffering right now.❤️
@armughanullahkhan2251 8 gün önce
@@NarutoUzumaki10012 Of course 😇💞
@dakihalake7314 9 aylar önce
Alhamdulillah listening to this beautiful Surah am 27 weeks with my baby boy Zakariya.May Allah grant all pregnant women safe delivery and may Allah grant every woman the joy of motherhood.I waited 6 years Alhamdulillah.
@GlamourGadgetsGamingbyLia 8 aylar önce
MashaAllah. Congratulations sister. Ameen to your duas x
@yasi.irfan12 7 aylar önce
@naurinmattappally1318 7 aylar önce
@sokhnadiongue4410 7 aylar önce
Amen Mâchalah congratulations 🎉
@masoodmylife3689 5 aylar önce
Masha Allah Barak Allah sister Can u plz share ur journey coz I am facing fertility issues 😢
@hannuhh3260 5 aylar önce
1. Don't lie 2. Don't be unjust even towards people, who you dislike 3. Don't backbite, 4. Don't gossip, don't spread false rumours, 5. Don't slander, 6. Don't trick people, 7. Don't be two faced, 8. Don't be aggressive, 9. Don't disrespect your parents, 10. Don't skip salats/namaz, 11. Don't have "boyfriend"/"girl friend". Remember these "bf"/"gf" are temporary but the scale on the day of Judgement will effect you forever. Start doing: 1.Daily prayers salats/namaz, 2. Daily Dhikr (for example: Allah Akbar, Subhanallah), 3. Send salawat (salawat is a special Arabic phrase, containing a salutation upon the to the Prophet Mohammad (saw) ) => Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala aali Muhammad, 4. Reading Quran, understanding and following it, 5. Be nice to your parents, talk to them softly, 6. Help your mother with the household, carry big shopping bags for her, tell her "Thank you" for cleaning the house, tell her "Delicious" for the food she cooked, 7.Feed the poor if you can, 8. Feed street animals or pigeons or squirrel in the park or collect rubbish from the parks or beaches and bin them, 9. If you don't have any money to feed pigeons , squirrels , stray cats , dogs etc, don't worry, just put out a bowl of clean water in front of your house or building or in the garden, at least the animals will drink clean water, 10. Help your neighbour or help a child with homework, 11. Bake a cake and give a portion of it to your neighbour, especially if they are poorer than you or they are elderly 12. Fast , if you can 13. Visit a mosque once a week, or more if you can 14. Plant a tree. You don't have a garden? Don't worry, check it on google for tutorials, you can plant some trees in a pot in your balcony, once it grows a lot, then you can plant it in the forest, 15. When you are sitting in a public transportation like maybe in a bus and when you see an elderly person or disabled or sick or pregnant or an adult with little children, give your seat. 16. Support charities if you have financial means. Even if it is monthly only 10EUR, that's still a sadaqah.If you don't have the money, don'r worry, just pray. 17. Spread accurate, beneficial knowledge. And never show off with your good deeds. Your job is not to impress creations like humans. Also even if the list looked like a bit difficult to manage, start from today even if it meant to have 1 or 2 good deeds, you can increase the number of good deeds gradually. Also always remember: Quran 39:53 Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allāh. Indeed, Allāh forgives all sins.Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful." Translation done by Sahih International.
@Ikumi_Hayashi. 5 aylar önce
Thank you for giving us this reminder may Allah grant you jannah❤
@user-br1lo4ge4f 5 aylar önce
@fazdadhakioine787 26 gün önce
As Salam alaykoum Thank you very much for this message that makes you want to be better. May الله rewards you آمين!!! May الله makes it easier for us to always do our best to be better 🥹 again thank you very much it touched me a lot!
@milaaswrld9514 13 gün önce
Mashaa Allah jazaak Allah for this comment
@zayyanusmani5360 9 gün önce
IMPORTANT.... there's a SAJDAH at ayah 58. Don't forget. May Allah swt reward us and forgive our sins. Ameen.
@9i9i71 3 gün önce
Que la paix est sur lui
@MrMuumin Yıl önce
Whoever listening to this surah right now, may Allah SWT cure your every illness, May HE give you abundance of joy and happiness, keep you under HIS rehmah.. May He grant you and your family Jannatul Firdaus. AMEEN!!
@user-dc2fj6eu8k Yıl önce
@misshonesty86 Yıl önce
Amen 🙏
@Queen-oq9ew Yıl önce
Ameen 🥺❤️🤲
@fallkafa2 Yıl önce
Ameen ❤️
@Alaa-qj6ef Yıl önce
@yasi.irfan12 8 aylar önce
I listen this everyday nowadays during my pregnancy my delivery date is coming near on 21 April I request to all of u for my safe delivery ND my baby's health JazakAllah
@whoismana 8 aylar önce
in sha ALlah this is the most beautiful thing I have seen the whole day.
@aymiharbi 8 aylar önce
Same here may Allah swt make it easy delivery and healthy babies for all of us ...amiim🤲
@tasmiyasabasultana4693 8 aylar önce
@johnmandrake8829 7 aylar önce
In sha Allah may you have an easy delivery to a beautiful healthy pious baby that will always be a blessing to you and your family Ameen
@zamalmehrain6264 7 aylar önce
Save delivery Dear ❤
@alihersi66 4 aylar önce
أنا في هذه السورة الآن وفي الصفحة الأخيرة. لا أستطيع أن أصدق أنني أنهيت نصف القرآن بالفعل بعد عام واحد.❤❤❤❤❤❤😢
@Aaaayol 4 aylar önce
Masha allah I’m on hugraat inshallah 🤲🏾🤲🏾I finish next year
@naimakadiye3810 4 aylar önce
@Younusali012 4 aylar önce
Twoisssss is enough don't neeed more 🙂
@Omarsadiiy-ig8ol 4 aylar önce
It's remove my anxiety and stress headache and stomach pain Mashallah jazakallah khairan.🙂🌸
@LuLu02762 4 aylar önce
Everyone pray for me I'm very ill honestly mentally and physically and.. it's remove my anxiety anger 🙂
@zozoadan7362 15 gün önce
Am at the hospital to give birth and listening to this makes my heart calm ❤May Allah bless me with easy labour and healthy baby. May everyone wanting children be blessed with healthy babies easy labour and good pregnancy ❤❤❤❤❤
@ik-oi6rm 15 gün önce
InshaAllah khair
@eliftekin4423 Aylar önce
Allahu ekberr ne guzel bir ses ve okuyuş Allah razi olsun 🤲🏻🤲🏻☝🏻🇹🇷🇹🇷🤗
@shieldofmuslims552 2 aylar önce
@abdinasirmohamed178 2 yıl önce
I always listen to your recitation in my office everyday,usually i come early before my workmates(non muslims) and they always find me listening to your recitation,they love it tht they always tell me to replay it all the time.And there is this day i didnt come to the office,imagine they phoned me and asked me about the recitation,they downloaded it and they always listen to it.I love your recitation manshaAllah May Allah grant you the highest rank of Jannah Ameen🤲
@sulemuhammad3473 2 yıl önce
@mumthazanjum3287 2 yıl önce
My eyes were filled with joyful tears as I read your comment
@dallmamd7478 2 yıl önce
Mashallah !! incredible !
@munamuslimgirl6460 2 yıl önce
An j
@abdel-azizousmane2942 2 yıl önce
May Allah Ta'ala guide your workmates to Al Islam. Ameen
@mrs.diarra1631 6 aylar önce
Alhamdoulillah, I listen to this surah before I got pregnant, all through my pregnancy, and now my baby and I are listening to it MaShAllah 🤲🏾🤲🏾
@ISMAILUmar-gy3uw Aylar önce
Masha Allah barakallahu feeki ya uktee
@mei6777 6 aylar önce
I used to listen to this when I was pregnant to all 4 of my kids. Suffering from depression and anxiety now yet this never fails to calm me down. Mashaallah.
@m.g.543 4 aylar önce
May Allah grant you complete shifaa (healing) from your depression and anxiety, as soon as is khayr. The following du'a will help insha Allah: "O Allah, make the Quran the spring of our hearts, the light of our chests, the dispeller of our sorrows, and the remover of our worries and anxiety."
@ro4678 2 aylar önce
May Allah make it easy for you 😢
@xyzvxh12 13 gün önce
Allahu Akbar!! I want to keep listening 🥺😮 What a soothing recitation
@blackqueen1186 5 aylar önce
C'est tellement paisible soubhanallah. Qu'Allah facilite tous les musulmans du monde et nous dirige vers le droit chemin
@kahinatirache2394 22 gün önce
😢يا الله على كمية السكينة عندما اسمع هذه التلاوة تبارك الرحمن الرحيم عليك
@kowszara8322 2 yıl önce
I named my baby Maryan because of this surah so we listen to it every morning ❤️ shes 29 days today Alhamdulillah
@chiefrei318 2 yıl önce
@BusariOpeyemi 2 yıl önce
بَارَكَ اللَّهُ لَكَ فِي الْمَوْهُوبِ لَكَ، وَ شَكَرْتَ الْوَاهِبَ، وَبَلَغَ أَشُدَّهُ، وَرُزِقْتَ بِرَّهُ
@fachriakbari1570 2 yıl önce
MashaAllah, may Allah bless your beautiful baby😍
@tm1541 2 yıl önce
@@fachriakbari1570 ameen
@shazoxr3407 2 yıl önce
Mash Allah
@user-jg8vt3cq2b Aylar önce
Альхамдулиллах я каждый день слушаю эту суру!🙏
@yusnanikhan8555 13 gün önce
Salam, where are you from?
@user-mq5dp3wf8t 13 saatler önce
Je me sens apaisé à chaque fois que j'écoute cette Surah. Qu Allah pardonnes nos péchés et nous guides sur le Chemin de la droiture 😢. Qu'il nous accordes une bonne fin
@zagadka70 2 aylar önce
АЛЛАХУ АКБАР 🤲💝 Очень люблю чтение Омара.Кажлый день слушаем с внуком,он просит поставить это чтения и засыпает❤
@mamebanokonate9054 8 aylar önce
Ça apaise le cœur et le lance dans une sorte de soulagement profonde 🙏🏽 Qu,allah nous fasse parmi les habitants du paradis
@maimaitoure4903 8 aylar önce
@kams691 7 aylar önce
Amin 🙏🏾
@sokhnamoumyfall3876 7 aylar önce
@zinabrahimi5280 6 aylar önce
@mdshorifhossen2089 5 aylar önce
@khatunejannatjumu8025 3 aylar önce
im a Muslim and i love to listen this surah ❤
@lokitalokitaa5688 Yıl önce
Im converted to islam, from France. Your voice is amazing , thank you
@aminayusuf2764 Yıl önce
Allaahu akbar
@boromebaitulyatim7457 Yıl önce
@souhilamahdi1605 Yıl önce
Bienvenue à notre religion
@fatmaabdi8107 Yıl önce
M.a are muslima😍
@abdullahimbida1018 Yıl önce
Masha Allah
@khadijanajma2676 3 gün önce
i love surah maryam ❤❤❤
@zoe-eb7he 6 aylar önce
I have been listening to this recitation for two years. I was suffering from depression and some difficulty in concentrating. Thank you brother 🙏 ❤
@dickofatoumata7805 Aylar önce
Le coran est apaisant et sa voix est parfaite pour la lecture ❤❤ ,un jour je le ferai et mes enfants aussi incha-allah
@opurahman3541 6 aylar önce
Assalamu'alaikum I am from Indonesia and the largest Muslim population in Indonesia Keep it up Omar Hisham in reading the Qur'an😊😊😊🌹🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 مشا الله تبر ك الله
@andisiwaru9062 Aylar önce
@amybobcolleysanneh9977 2 aylar önce
I am 37 to 38weeks listening to Omar’s calm voice every morning and before bedtime makes my baby kicks and gives me a good night sleep without worries Masha’Allah. Pls pray for us, for all pregnant women to have a healthy, happy baby, a smooth and safety delivery insha’Allah 🙏
@stackzpls532 Aylar önce
Did you have baby?
@yakakababakyari9050 2 yıl önce
I have never heard a voice reciting Qur’an as beautiful as this. It’s really heart touching. Subhanallah 😭
@mubaraqolanrewaju5986 2 yıl önce
I'm telling you,I play it everyday.. Like on repeat,I wish I could download this really :-)
@mohammedwako3234 2 yıl önce
@@mubaraqolanrewaju5986 you can y not
@herculesthepower1544 2 yıl önce
My 1st listening his reciting was surah Ta ha and felt in love with his voice since. So soothing relaxing and mind healing. After fajr prayers I have to listen to his reciting surahs 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@mubaraqolanrewaju5986 2 yıl önce
@@mohammedwako3234 biko teach me how to..I mean to download it straight from TRshow to my files..Whenever I try downloading it just start downloading in the TRshow app,I want it saved on my phone
@leprince2140 2 yıl önce
@@mubaraqolanrewaju5986 if your phone is android you can find an app to download it. I did download it on my android tablet
@1407tanu 10 aylar önce
May Allah give you à special place in Jannah, where we can all listen to you. Jazakallah khair, your voice fortify our love for the Quran. My salaams to the Mother who has born you.
@awudumohammed6901 9 aylar önce
@ramlahusseinali7646 6 aylar önce
Whenever i feel anxiety i run here nd listen omer hishm may allah be blessed him😢❤
@shieldofmuslims552 2 aylar önce
@wak7eemsongs1089 Aylar önce
Your voice is like i am in heaven when i hear your beautiful voice ❤❤❤
@nadianada5627 Aylar önce
ما شاء الله .كم تمنيت أن احفظ القرآن كله.كم احب هذا الشيخ مع تلاوة سورة مرىم
@thatgirl4798 2 yıl önce
I'm a believer, and I'm actually Christian. I'm going through some tough times, and I feel really lonely..but as long as I listen to this I really feel like the person who loves me the most (a type of love I can't even describe) talks directly to my heart kinda saying "Don't worry, It's ok, I'm here with you" and this makes me cry a lot, but also makes me feel a kind of piece I have never felt in this life. So sweet and effective. God bless you and whoever believe in His love. Mashallah ❤️
@leilahassan8108 2 yıl önce
May Allah make it easy for you. God is powerful he can change that feeling in a blink of an eye, he will never burden you with that you can’t handle. You are strong and will over come it. 😊
@thatgirl4798 2 yıl önce
@@leilahassan8108 Your words are so sweet to me. Thank you sister, and may God bless you too for the sincere help you give. ❤️
@chujinum 2 yıl önce
Much love and prayers to you. God comes to your heart at times when you lose hope in everything and everyone. May He make it easy for you and be your guide. Make him your friend and you will never be alone. Again, love and prayers.
@thatgirl4798 2 yıl önce
@@chujinum Than you for your words, may you be blessed as much as you are wishing me. ❤️
@nisarzaman 2 yıl önce
@differentsoul21 4 gün önce
Как же успокаивает душу ❤
@nikaism 8 aylar önce
I also listening this sura every day every morning when I wake up. We plan pregnancy and hope that Allah will present us healthy kids. We hope we will bring a good man in this world. Please pray for me too brothers and sisters. May Allah give you and your family happiness and presperity. Amin😇🙏
@mujeebbangulzai 7 aylar önce
@weely007 7 aylar önce
@naimakadiye3810 4 aylar önce
Insha,alah healthy kids
@nikaism 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much🙏
@zepar6076 4 aylar önce
Sister, change your profile pic. It is not befitting of a muslimah
@sssl9528 4 aylar önce
When I was pregnant with my first child I was young and was already going through divorce with my husband when I found out that I am pregnant. I decided to keep my daughter and during my delivery the entire time my sweet sister was playing this Surah. I live in a non-Muslim country and when one of the non-Muslim nurses heard it she instantly thought it sounded so soothing and asked what it is about, my sister explained to her and she became so emotional making the connection between my situation then and the Surah. Seven years later I am now pregnant with my second child and alhumdulilah married to the a wonderful, caring and loving husband. Listening to this Surah every night during my pregnancy has helped a lot with calming my mind
@zarinasalim1369 2 aylar önce
This surah is so relaxing the voice soothing to mine and my babies ears ❤
@irmaya-xi1gx 8 gün önce
Saya sedang hamil 20 minggu. Mohon doanya semua agar bayi saya sehat ❤
@yunowardana5927 8 gün önce
Aamiin semoga lancar kak
@ernatashamohamad5254 Yıl önce
I'm 30 week pregnant, I love to listen to this surah, during work, at night anytime I can.. Soothing my mind and my baby.. please pray for me and my baby health ❤️🙏...
@saednoor5766 Yıl önce
May Allah give you and your baby health inshAllah ❤
@MuhammadAdnan-fi8ml Yıl önce
Allah give you the health and full health for you and for you son or daughter
@saidaswaleh8437 Yıl önce
May Allah give u & ur bby blessing in this dunya & akhera
@shabrinapoh2414 Yıl önce
Aamiin yaa rabbalaalamiin.. love from indonesia 🤗
@rashidah9526 Yıl önce
May Allah grant you an easy and safe delivery, resulting in a healthy and pious child 💚
@dildorakasimova6246 3 aylar önce
Assalom aleykum. This recitation totally changed my mind about Koran. When I first listened a fragment of it, I searched for 2 weeks for the name of the person reading it. Now I listen to this recitations every day with my sons
@wardakahaoua6082 5 aylar önce
Je l'écoute souvent 🤲♥️♥️♥️🕋à chaque fois j'ai le♥️🤲remplie d'amour pour ma fois 🕋🤲
@FatimaPinto-td9ix 3 aylar önce
From Sénégal QU'ALLAH LE TOUT PUISSANT veille sur toi j'ai pas les mots macha'allah
@user-cu5mc3qt8l 21 gün önce
Literally the best sound to sleep listening to 😊 any moment I feel sad or just stressed I come back here and listen..
@rudiibrahim6055 2 aylar önce
Masya Allah, Love from Indonesian are my brother
@muhymeenmaheer5692 2 yıl önce
Please do the whole quran in this style. Love this one. I listen to this every day since it makes me calm
@violetruth4122 2 yıl önce
Yes I second this
@abyssylz5856 2 yıl önce
Yes!! please do this style again❤🤗
@naimahajiuwu7142 2 yıl önce
Yess masha allaah so sweetheart t
@mohamudilmi2587 2 yıl önce
@pidgeholt3996 2 yıl önce
Absolutely love this style, so calming Maa Shaa Allah
@mariamadetutu6860 4 aylar önce
I listened to this Surah often before I got pregnant. I continued listening to it when I got pregnant. Unfortunately I had a still birth . I listened to this Surah while I was in Labor, it really helped me. I pray Allah blesses me with pregnancy soonest that I’ll give birth safely
@KainzaWinnie 2 aylar önce
@alimiabisola2912 2 aylar önce
@AbeerMalik-sk6pt 5 gün önce
@GlamourGadgetsGamingbyLia 8 aylar önce
Subhaan'Allah, MashaAllah to this beautiful recitation. Thank you so much brother, and especially for this surah, surah Maryam. Not only does your recitative bring so much peace when listening to it, but the surah itself does miracles. In 2019, a sister at the Nabi's masjid told me to recite and listen to surah Maryam specifically. I believe in it's miracles, I am soon to be blessed with a child, my husband and I have longed for, InshaAllah.
@Hajartjeee 6 aylar önce
In Sha Allah❤❤
@kuwaitebazaar7342 4 aylar önce
Inshallah you will wear hijab and better iman for all of us ameen
@hushabyehum4805 3 aylar önce
that's beautiful Allahu Akbar i'm sooo happy for you!!!
@GlamourGadgetsGamingbyLia 2 aylar önce
​@hushabyehum4805 Thank you so much. May Allah swt bless and protect you and your family, InshaAllah. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Allahumdulillah. Please remember her, and us in your duas. Jzk ❤
@shaminakhtar8959 Aylar önce
Maa sha Allah, l listen to it every morning, it's sooooo beautiful,it puts my mind to rest, May Allah bless u ♥️ ❤❤❤
@rahimdoucoure6960 9 aylar önce
Ohh mon Dieu, magnifique récitation émotionnelle,ça me va droit au cœur, qu'Allah vous bénisse 🙏
@user-yq5wo2xy7r 26 gün önce
@MARIAM-xc5gp Yıl önce
Am a new convert to Islam. It hasn't really been easy for me. listening to this surah, touched my soul,the words are so touching.
@enddaoccupation Yıl önce
Welcome back to the straightest path to The Originator The Creator. Even prophets got tested we All going to be tested. May Allah make it easy on you and keeps you strong in your belief. Amen
@xusnizalaat5854 Yıl önce
moncha Allah
@yamphaal2733 Yıl önce
May Allah make it to easy for you..reach out to your local mosque if you need help..
@Neurotoxin891 Yıl önce
Not convert correct word is revert we all born as muslim but due to our parents we are told to follow different religions.
@tayfmohamed7104 Yıl önce
A tip for you as a revert is to take go step by step. Allah does not burden a souls more than it can handle.
@sykalidou4575 8 aylar önce
il me donne la force et la tranquillité du coeur en l'écoute
@RochelleSA1 18 gün önce
Oh br. Omar my heart love you for Allah sake. May Allah protect your melodious voice. I hope to meet you in person one day.
@muslim_girl_life 2 aylar önce
MashaAllah my eyes are tearing up this is so relaxing and beautiful ❤️🥺
@jadamze1041 8 aylar önce
Machallah machallah 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 omar hisham mon préféré sa voix me transperce le cœur Ya ALLAH il est d une tel précision machallah
@Kadi-un3ls 24 gün önce
Les paroles de Cette récitation apaise mon cœur !!!
@dwaynelamberts3696 Yıl önce
I’m not a muslim but I listened to Omar Hisham for the first time on spotify because I get now and then really bad anxiety at first I did not know who he was and I never listened to him before but my mind told me for some reason this will help me so now I listen to his voice everyday and his smooth gentle voice took all the anxiety away and made me smile it made me want to explore the Islam more, I am very thankfull
@afsalazeez2916 Yıl önce
Also see 'sura Thaha' recited by Ismail Anuri.
@gr99ncar Yıl önce
Islam is true happiness. Save yourself, my friend, and enter Islam. Ask God to guide you to the right path
@mercifulservant1 Yıl önce
Allah(God) bless u ..
@dwaynelamberts3696 Yıl önce
@dwaynelamberts3696 Yıl önce
Thank you!
@aissatoudiallo9814 28 gün önce
Vous me faites pleurer 😢 ❤❤qu'allah vous récompense ❤
@moinechasaidmansoibou6643 24 gün önce
C’est trop apaisant ❤️🤲🏼🤧
@muslim_girl_life 2 aylar önce
Mash'Allah this is beautiful and the voice is so calming 🥺🤍
@karimqlf1252 Aylar önce
اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم ربيع قلوبنا و نور صدورنا و جلاء احزاننا و ذهاب همومنا و غمومنا 🤲🏻🤲🏻
@saidhitimana1993 2 aylar önce
Assalam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Surely i like this surat since i heard it from my friend Iman reciting in salat and found it here in a such best touching voice.❤❤❤ May Allah grant you the best brother Omar jazakallah khayran.
@mohamedhassanarone2777 2 yıl önce
I loved this recitation style, please recite whole Quran this calm voice. From🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴
@bishal1202 2 yıl önce
His voice is sooo soothing and peaceful😍😍
@salmanura4055 2 yıl önce
@Bocor Fitness Omar Hashim You tube kisa lee waye asiga le waye
@canabchannel1 2 yıl önce
Omar Hisham al arabi
@zaciimamacalinamiin6783 2 yıl önce
@salmanura4055 2 yıl önce
@Bocor fitness & vlogs isku lenhy 🥰🥰
@myousufali7819 7 aylar önce
What a heavenly voice Mashallah Allah has blessed you with beautiful voice ❤️
@sobujkhan2199 5 aylar önce
❤ মাশাল্লাহ সুবহানাল্লাহ আলহামদুলিল্লাহ লা ইলাহা ইল্লাল্লাহ ❤❤❤
@saiiis4673 4 aylar önce
We are struggling to have kids. I have no children and I’ve lost three babies to ectopic. Please make Dua that Allah blesses with me a healthy baby.
@hameedopeyemi7749 Aylar önce
May Allah grant your request.
@OlatundeRasheedah-jq4xo 27 gün önce
May Allah grant you another healthy baby
@youngsequoia2476 3 aylar önce
Mashallah Omar your voice and recitation of the Quran always brings peace to my day, may Allah reward you greatly in thus life and the next
@zeby2644 25 gün önce
Mash’Allah! So soothing, loved listening to it!♥️ May Allah SWT bless you in both worlds, ameen
@ikramabdullahi8102 2 yıl önce
I heard your recitation from tiktok and I finally found it. May Allah bless you
@yoboym0792 2 yıl önce
@fatoumatafatimakeita8790 2 yıl önce
Same !
@oumouhydara6817 2 yıl önce
Me too
@suldandilib1233 2 yıl önce
@sadamsamow3808 2 yıl önce
@faizameziani5471 5 aylar önce
Que dieu vous bénisse et vous protège ❤voix d'ange❤
@madihasabir6125 6 aylar önce
I started listening this surah and I conceived in a month.. Now em heading towards mu delivery in end of this month . I request you all to plz pray for me.. I am literally in love with this surah♥️
@islamic.life5 5 aylar önce
Sis how are you and youer baby
@sparvez7579 Aylar önce
Subhanallah your voice is mashallah soothing to hear. Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah. May Allah bless you and your family abundantly
@rauf3920 8 aylar önce
What a voice makes me feel so good sub Han Allah ❤️
@almansurodunola584 4 aylar önce
Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin ❤Sakina peace of mind and tranquility
@KainzaWinnie 3 aylar önce
@movieanimeandcalmingmusic3183 2 yıl önce
I accepted Islam 5 years ago and it touches my soul when I pray I cry I feel happiness in my soul like this happiness comes from paradise and not from real world and I am happy god guided me on right Parth and I am happy I am Muslim Alhamdulillah I feel Allah is with me 😭😭❤️❤️❤️
@allifazhar 2 yıl önce
Mashallah Brother Do good deeds and follow the commandment of Allah, inshallah brother you will succeed in this life and life after death. Also spread the message of this peace and only path to succeed in life to your family and friends,so that they also save themselves from hellfire 🥺🥺.
@lawlietlawliet Yıl önce
May Allah always keep you on straight path ameen 🤲🏽❤️
@heshamafkir6524 Yıl önce
Alhamdu LILLAH, congratulations brother, so five years ago, the good and the best decision that you took
@xusnizalaat5854 Yıl önce
moncha alah
@Q8ijin Yıl önce
@djariamangamana6262 9 aylar önce
Subhanalah what kind of voice ? May ALLAH bless you and Gather us in paradise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬
@MushimiyimanaRehmat 2 aylar önce
assalamualaikum warahmatulullah wabrakatuh 🤲 Allah bless you 😇❤❤man Shaa Allah 🤲 I like how his sounding to read Quran ❤❤❤
@louizak2165 2 aylar önce
During Ramadan last year, 2022, I met a friend who had this reciter on . I was pulled straight a way . I felt calm, at peace, and since then, it has been the most reciter I listen to. Absolutely beautiful recitation ❤ may Allah reward you
@muazzamali8939 Aylar önce
ماشاء اللہ سبحان اللہ سبحان اللہ ❤❤❤
@Nadiaaaaaaax Yıl önce
I can’t conceive naturally and listened to this often when I felt depressed or low about it. I also listened to it through my IVF treatment and alhamdullilah I’m now listening to this 37 weeks pregnant with my boy ❤️ all praise to Allah swt 🙏🏼
@lilmack-uzumaki Yıl önce
Masha ALLAH I wish the supreme god protect you and your boy Inchallah
@rashidah9526 Yıl önce
May Allah grant you a safe and easy delivery, resulting in a healthy and pious child 💚
@sabihakeya1607 Yıl önce
I feel you too sister coz I have the same issues. I also can't get pregnant naturally, I may have also go through IVF section. But I'm glad that it worked well for you. May Allah keep you and your child safe. Pray for me too sister so that I can succeed too.
@dinara8980 Yıl önce
Ма ша Алла, СубханАлла
@zinebtazi7754 Yıl önce
Salam thank you for your message. El HemduAllah for for pregnancy. I pray to Allah the same happens to me as I am struggling to concieve as well for 10 years. Allah bless you and your little boy 🤲❤
@biryanimanzaman5063 2 aylar önce
marshallah i wish everyone has a great day🤲
@diarrayediallo7991 Aylar önce
Depuis sénégal 🇸🇳merci Qu’Allah nous facilite 🙏🏼
@AdamAli-od1fl 2 aylar önce
Mashallah ❤❤
@auntieajara2564 10 aylar önce
Dear Allah, I need you in my life everyday, every hour every second Aameen 🤲🤲
@KainzaWinnie 3 aylar önce
Yaaa Allah without you we are nothing yarabbi 🤲
@virginiadeer2954 2 aylar önce
So so beautiful when I’m upset or need words of comfort I reach for your recitations May Allah continue to bless you. Thank you so much
@Asadmirzabaig 2 yıl önce
wife is 26 weeks pregnant - this helps her every night to go to sleep. Beautiful
@Hassan-pn4fc 2 yıl önce
May Allaah make it easy for your wife and increase the baraqah for your family, Aameen 😀
@agoroazeez8703 2 yıl önce
May Allah make it easy for ur wife ND ur household..Ameen
@maashalewis1744 2 yıl önce
maasha Allah..may Allah see her through safely..In Shaa Allah..and bless brother Hisham
@rokiatandia9842 2 yıl önce
@@Hassan-pn4fc Ameen 🤲🏽
@bolydiallo3018 25 gün önce
Machala vraiment merci d'avoir appaisé mon cœur, Que Dieu le tout puissant vous paye
@bekrihulchafo3954 4 aylar önce
mashallah ❤❤❤ilove quran ilove your voice❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@ibrahimyussufadan646 Aylar önce
This. Surah Maryam by Omar Hisham,God bless him! MashaAllah ❤
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