Insane Megaprojects that were Never Built

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From the Tallest Failed Skyscraper in America to the most Insane Airport Megaproject ever proposed, and from the World's Largest Dome to the Mile-High Illinois Skyscraper, here are the Most Insane Megaprojects that were Never Built! For more Megaproject & Skyscraper content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching our video about the most Insane Megaprojects that were Never Built
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0:00 Insane Megaprojects that were Never Built
0:32 Number 6: The Dream Airport above New York
3:27 Number 5: The Most Iconic Hotel in the World
5:49 Number 4: The Mile-High Illinois Skyscraper
7:10 Number 3: America’s Tallest Failed Skyscraper
9:23 Number 2: The World's Largest Dome
11:14 Number 1: The Sphere Pyramid
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Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Which of these projects would you like to see in reality?👇
Rubina Naz
Rubina Naz Yıl önce
New york airport one
JustWinJets Yıl önce
Chicago Spire or Mile High
Ben Penguin
Ben Penguin Yıl önce
The Chicago spire
عبدالله Yıl önce
King Salman Bridge, which will link Egypt and Saudi Arabia with a sea bridge and link the two continents of Asia with Africa This is important for the Egyptian and Saudi peoples because of their national, religious, social and ethnic connection
Created Shocked
Created Shocked Yıl önce
Illinois Skyscraper.
Jakub Bercal
Jakub Bercal Yıl önce
the nyc airport looked like some kid just unlocked an airport in cities:skylines and tried to put it as close to city center as posibble
indee105 Yıl önce
Imagine the noise pollution?!
Well actually, you’re right.
Well actually, you’re right. Yıl önce
9/11 wouldn’t have happened.
Adrastos C
Adrastos C 9 aylar önce
who in their right mind would want an airport there in NYC like that, the noise that would emanate from that all day every day for the rest of eternity would make that whole east side of Manhattan un-liveable. That is the worst idea ever, thank god it never happened, LGA is bad enough since it is in a residential neighborhood and we have planes landing and taking off every 30 seconds all day everyday....
RJ A.P 8 aylar önce
@Adrastos C 😂
Phox King
Phox King 8 aylar önce
Would have made 9/11 a lot easier also 😢
Saavik256 Yıl önce
One of the reasons why the Great Hall in Berlin was never built was simple: terrain. They actually have built a bunch of massive concrete pillars to test the load bearing capacity of the soil but found out that the kind of terrain in that part of Berlin would never have been able to support a building that size.
L v
L v Yıl önce
It would have been too close to the river, the soil around the Spree mist be very soft and sandy. They would have had to dig down to bedrock for something that big
Mowraq 11 aylar önce
Another interesting fact: the test pillar survived the war and was so massive it couldn't be demolished safely. Instead it got used for scientific experiments for a few decades and is now a monument with some informations provided there about the site and history.
Saavik256 11 aylar önce
@Mowraq Wow, that is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
SmartassX1 10 aylar önce
I'm sure they could have just built a that much bigger and deeper foundation then. If a million tons of concrete is not enough, make it a billion tons! With all the resources of Europe at their disposal, it would have been easy enough, just way more costly.
e1123581321345589144 Yıl önce
Gaudi's hotel and the sphere planetarium sound like great projects which should be reconsidered with today's technology. The other ones are too far fetched to be realistic, with the exception of the Chicago spire, which also looks like a nice design.
Ted Naifeh
Ted Naifeh 10 aylar önce
Gaudi may have spent 43 years on Sagrada Familia, but he got so hung up on details he didn't get very far. The art book I have of it from the mid 90s is just the front of the cathedral, with a few foundational elements behind it. Since the photos of that book were taken, construction on the cathedral was restarted, and now, the building is almost complete. And as the images in this video show, it's an easy contender for most astonishingly beautiful structure in the world. I'd never heard anything about this new construction, so when I went to Barcelona with friends and took my little tour of Gaudi buildings, I was floored by the building I'd expected to be a sad monument to what might have been, and ended up being potential fulfilled. Of course, when you actually look at the parts Gaudi worked on himself, you can see why he made so little progress. In comparison to the rest of the building, the original structure is just so detailed, so elaborate, with sculpture literally bursting out of the masonry as though trying to come alive, it's clear that, at the rate he was going, he wouldn't have completed the building even if he'd continued working on it to this day. It turns out that, sometimes, brilliance can be the enemy of accomplishment. He also abandoned construction on a smaller, more humble church over in the Guell colony, leaving only the lower chapel and an impressive model of what the final piece might have been. Of course, that lower chapel and the unfinished building around it are also stunningly beautiful, unparalleled works of art. In a magical world where Gaudi could realize all his impossible dreams, this hotel would surely have easily eclipsed all other buildings in Manhattan as the city's greatest attraction. Alas, we don't live in that world.
Moussa Miller
Moussa Miller 9 aylar önce
The big airport is possible but will probably be halfway built and then abandoned like most mega-projects
L v
L v 3 aylar önce
The Gaudi hotel looks like a typical background building from Futurama, so maybe in the distant future, someone will dust off the design and build it somewhere in Manhattan (downtown wouldn't be good for it, maybe south midtown, somewhere it could stand out)
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Yıl önce
Love how Gaudí dedicated his life to the Sagrada Familia....and nearly a century after he died, it's STILL under construction. People love to complain about our Ryugyong Hotel and how it's still unfinished, yet no one bats an eye when it comes to the Sagrada.
Denis H
Denis H Yıl önce
Jonas N
Jonas N Yıl önce
Yeah, because it isn’t such a long build time for a cathedral. Cologne cathedral took about 600 years to get build….
Spaghetti Yıl önce
@Jonas N The Dom only took around 300 years, between like 1250 and 1550 or something. Still makes de la Sagrada Familia seem like child's play at 140 but 600 in an overstatement and a half
FaintAcrobat Yıl önce
@Jonas N sure, but how many of them had the benefit of modern machinery to help them build it. At this point Sagrada is nothing but a scam. If they actually wanted to finish it, it would have been a long time ago.
Augury Yıl önce
Okay dream airport would've been a full on nightmare for anyone living in manhattan. The noise alone would've made living in New York City even less appealing than it already is
Julie Leatherwood
Julie Leatherwood 11 aylar önce
9/11 would have been easy
GrumpyZade 9 aylar önce
Not even just Manhattan, right across the water you'd definitely still hear that in jersey city/Hoboken
Augury 9 aylar önce
@GrumpyZade As i am literally sitting across the river from where this was proposed to be built in LIC right now, I 100% agree. NYC would be almost totally unlivable if this succeeded.
Blue Typhoon2017
Blue Typhoon2017 8 aylar önce
@Augury maybe they could build it somewhere else? Question is where on a waterfront to put it?
Rampant Yıl önce
Illinois Tower was never more than a basic concept, there's no evidence Wright actually seriously considered trying to build it. The Cenotaph was also never considered as a project to be built. Most of Boulleé's most famous works are incredible concepts like the Cenotaph which were understood from the beginning as only acts of imagination.
Garrett B. Shaw
Garrett B. Shaw 7 aylar önce
The Illinois was the skyscraper to rule them all... 😂
Megacities Yıl önce
Love when architects come to engineers and say "hey, check out my new design" shakes his head...
The Pinkest Pigglet
The Pinkest Pigglet Yıl önce
And then the engineer and the architect work together to design a very depressing box.
Lion in Gucci Suit
Lion in Gucci Suit Yıl önce
@The Pinkest Pigglet I mean you have to know how to build a tall building without making it fall down, so in most of case it looks like triangles or boxes, due the wind and such.
R K Yıl önce
The world would look boring and no progress would be made if engineers would not be pushed by architects.
Adolfo Davila
Adolfo Davila Yıl önce
@R K but there wouldn’t be any kind of infrastructure if it wasn’t by engineers
R K Yıl önce
@Adolfo Davila very true. But it also would not progress and we would be stuck with wooden huts.
Mikkel 6 aylar önce
I remember hearing about someone who wanted cities to be build in layers, with an airport on top, imaginehouses build in "floors" with a "sheet" between them for the next layer to have a "blank sheet". the only thing I could think about when hearing was things like Mega City One (Judge Dredd), Coruscant (Star Wars) and hive cities (Warhammer 40k), none of them places I would want to live or even visit, it would end up as places where the higher up you lived, the higher in the social hierarchy you would see yourself, and sh*t would flow downwards. Not to speak of the danger of colapse, if there's not good enough support below, everything above would come crashing down.
L v
L v 3 aylar önce
I think your referring to LeCorbusiers city concept. He actually put the airport right in the middle of the city, on two major axial highways going north-south and east-west. Could you imagine living in a building with planes flying by it every 5 minutes? It'd be like living in hell.
Kameron Lyles
Kameron Lyles Yıl önce
Even though I was only a small child during the planning phases of the chicago spire. It still upsets me that the recession cost chicago the title of home to the country’s tallest skyscraper. One of my dreams once I become an architect is to help design and construct the nation’s largest skyscraper and place it back in chicago… where it belongs. No shade to the One World Trade Center and all those it honors 🙏🏾, but i dont like the cheat of the antenna being used to make it the tallest
Ted Naifeh
Ted Naifeh 10 aylar önce
Apparently, that's a grand old New York tradition. The builders of the empire state building did it too, so they could beat the Chrysler building's height.
Jalen Thomas
Jalen Thomas 7 aylar önce
They could have called it the sphereamid
Hamspan 4 aylar önce
So you think vanity height is cheating? By that logic Shanghai tower should be the tallest skyscraper in the world instead of the Burj Khalifa since the Burj only has 684 m of usable height and Shanghai has 689 m of usable height. But that just wouldn’t make sense since the spire on the Burj Khalifa is much heigh than the vanity height on Shanghai tower. See how silly that is. It shouldn’t matter how well the architects hide their spires with vanity height, it’s not cheating. Also I doubt NYC will allow Chicago to take that title but fun goal 🙌
Plamie Yıl önce
Fun fact: The Great hall would've been so big that the Moisture inside would create an own weather inside the hall itself
Ekoh TheTaur
Ekoh TheTaur 8 aylar önce
Imagine walking into a building and the first thing you see is the building's weather forcast
Plamie 8 aylar önce
@Ekoh TheTaur "Cloudy with bit rain inbetween Hitlers speech and Goebbels Propaganda"
blub 8 aylar önce
@Ekoh TheTaur imagine going into a building and it rains inside
PotatoeMateo 6 aylar önce
That's crazy. I'm pretty sure this Dome exists in Wolfenstein 2. I remember a great hall that I kept dying in, not sure if a Dome, but inside was huge
Limitless Bianca
Limitless Bianca Yıl önce
This might not* be the biggest project or most expensive, but Jakarta (Indonesia) has abandoned beams that were supposed to be part of the new monorail system. It was halted and the then-new governor called it “The Monuments of Stupidity” due to the previous government’s negligence 😂 Would be great if you could cover it too!
Isaiah C
Isaiah C 10 aylar önce
Pick up your cross and follow Jesus! The world is quickly headed for destruction, and sooner or later you will have to sit at the judgement seat and give an account for your actions. Belief in messiah alone is not enough to grant you salvation - Matthew 7:21-23, John 3:3, John 3:36 (ESV is the best translation for John 3:36). Call on the name of Jesus and pray for Him to intervene in your life! - Revelation 3:20. Contemplate how the Roman Empire fulfilled the role of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13. Revelation 17 confirms that it is in fact Rome. From this we can conclude that A) Jesus is the Son of God and can predict the future or make it happen, B) The world leaders/nations/governments etc have been conspiring together for the last 3000+ years going back to Babylon and before, C) History as we know it is fake. You don't really need to speculate once you start a relationship with God tho. Can't get a response from God? Fasting can help increase your perception and prayer can help initiate events. God will ignore you if your prayer does not align with His purpose (James 4:3) or if you are approaching Him when "unclean" (Isaiah 1:15, Isaiah 59:2, Micah 3:4). Stop eating food sacrificed to idols (McDonald's, Wendy's etc) stop glorifying yourself on social media or making other images of yourself (Second Commandment), stop gossiping about other people, stop watching obscene content etc and you should get a response. Have a blessed day!
jstorm 14
jstorm 14 9 aylar önce
@Isaiah C was that supposed to be response to anything?
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Yıl önce
Let's be honest, the only pyramid that matters is the Bass Pro Shops pyramid in Memphis. I mean you can stay at a lodge, inside a Bass Pro Shop, inside a can't do that anywhere else. And as a New Yorker, I'm so glad that airport wasn't built. Sure all the traffic heading to NYC and within the city sucks but if the airport was built, it would've been ten times worse. So be appreciative of the airports we currently have. Because having three main airports are definitely better than having just one when compared to other cities.
JanS 8 aylar önce
The Great Hall is simply my most desired project to have been built, just because of the sheer volume and atmosphere you‘d experience inside. Putting aside the nazi context and imagining it to be f.e the ultimate concert/ festival hall is just amazing, think about the acoustics resonating through the building and engulfing you 😮 And on the other hand I’m german and I’d like to see some more structural engineering marvels and gigantic buildings in my country too :) Yeah, I’m a little gigantomaniac😬
PotatoeMateo 6 aylar önce
It def would have been awesome. I mean all powers seem to make their own Dome building, USA has one in its capital, so dont see how that's uniquely evil thing to want. He prob wanted it for government stuff, but would have been mega dope to watch events in it, I don't think any NFL stadium can do 150k, but imagine a double a NFL attendance would be insanely cool.
The Dreamscripter
The Dreamscripter Aylar önce
Check the Palace of Soviets project. It was no less grandiose and gigantic, but was fully constructable in reality, just very expensive one. Its construction even started, but was stopped because of WW2 and unfortunately never was continued.
Ls419 06
Ls419 06 Yıl önce
The Illinois skyscraper looks like the Jeddah tower that Saudi Arabia is trying to build
Ju Yıl önce
If I'm correct, I think the illinois skyscraper was the jeddah tower's inspiration
Ian Weetman | Ion + The Spectres of Light
Ian Weetman | Ion + The Spectres of Light Yıl önce
@Ju Bingo!
Meow Yıl önce
@Catzzzzz1450メ An epic fail since 1/3 height has been built.
clementinesm Yıl önce
The Jeddah Tower is an almost direct copy of the Mile High with a few tweaks. It was also originally planned to be a mile high, but they reduced it to a kilometer when they realized how much the cost would be for a mile
Indy Hamilton
Indy Hamilton Yıl önce
@clementinesm Is it just me, or does that twisted skyscraper in Chicago look an oversized drill bit?
Rolf Landale
Rolf Landale 5 aylar önce
1:18 was crazy due to skyscrapers &airports in one, ideal, if had bulk airliners mastered VToL. 7:10 could've been ideal for a orbit rail launch elevation station, part render sky view tourism.
M Mac
M Mac 8 aylar önce
Reaching out with big ideas always spurs others, these may not of been built but it certainly helped move other projects and ideas along
Green Ghoul
Green Ghoul 3 aylar önce
The Illinois does look cool maybe one day we'll get something ridiculously tall like that
Christian Braun
Christian Braun Yıl önce
10:56 If I'm not mistaken, this is the 'GroBeKö', the Großbelastungskörper (german for "heavy load-bearing body"). A test if the ground in Berlin would withstand the heavy loads of such gigantic buildings. It wouldn't.
Sergei Shabunin
Sergei Shabunin Yıl önce
Yes that's correct (I'm German)
Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Yes, i think they wanted to test how much the soil could carry (For their planned Arc de Triomphe).
Derek Lee
Derek Lee 3 aylar önce
The Amazon Prime show The Man In The High Castle has a pretty good imagining of what the great hall was supposed to look like
Marc Spunt
Marc Spunt Yıl önce
Not sure if it is good or bad to see two in Chicago on this, but we sure are building plenty of others now. Interesting vid, thanks!
I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal
I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal Yıl önce
Yea still are and more to come.
Venusian Creative
Venusian Creative Yıl önce
I just checked an inflation calculator. The $3 billion estimate for the Manhattan airport would be about $45 billion in today's money!
fasdaVT 10 aylar önce
And wouldn't cover the land value
Joshua Fraser
Joshua Fraser 11 aylar önce
that illinois tower would be great. Can hold all government offices. Cant see that going wrong in anyway.
Jef VG D.
Jef VG D. 8 aylar önce
The part where we hear somebody call out : "Due to a breach in radiation the elevators are no longer working." bugs me a little.
IBaba 6 aylar önce
was looking for a comment about this lmao
PotatoeMateo 6 aylar önce
Mile High was too impracticable, the Saudi great wall makes more sense, like dont know exactly who making it or dimensions, but just do like 25 floors but extra wide and be a mile long. Could do whole cities inside 1 structure.
IBaba 6 aylar önce
@PotatoeMateo hes talking about 911 and how if a plane hit the government building Illinois tower than all government facilities are done for
staskouzmine Yıl önce
Poor Chicago spire. The first one ruined by recession, second one gets started just in time for another one.
Joseph Elledge
Joseph Elledge 8 aylar önce
I would love if the Chicago spire could be finished
Suman ravi john
Suman ravi john Yıl önce
There were engineers who dreamed projects much ahead of their time.. very impressive
Tyler Myers
Tyler Myers 11 aylar önce
I love the early 1900s American history. Seemed our nation then had such charisma, and wanted to build the biggest, push the envelope in all areas.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 9 aylar önce
And then make America first and great again was deemed defensive
Roni Bajralia
Roni Bajralia 7 aylar önce
kieran hardy
kieran hardy 7 aylar önce
Apart from feeding and homing their people.
Anish Saha
Anish Saha Yıl önce
If we go back a bit in history, then The Black Taj Mahal visioned by Shah Jahan but was never built apart from the foundation could have been included in your list.
Ainsleyfrastructure (인슬리 하부 구조)
Ainsleyfrastructure (인슬리 하부 구조) Yıl önce
But Hoping it will be Revived Once Again in order to Boost India's Tourism, Because We Need The Black Taj Mahal in Order to Make India a Superpower, High Income, and Developed Country.
Jahodovy krtko official
Jahodovy krtko official Yıl önce
@Ainsleyfrastructure (인슬리 하부 구조) I dont think that tourism is going to help India right now. It can help a little bit
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson Yıl önce
@Ainsleyfrastructure (인슬리 하부 구조) I just feel like I’m going to get hit by a car sometimes 😅
b. t. cheeks
b. t. cheeks Yıl önce
@Ainsleyfrastructure (인슬리 하부 구조) No, you don't need another Taj Mahal for that. These things will come, only with the reincarnation of Baba Sen
Isaiah C
Isaiah C 10 aylar önce
Pick up your cross and follow Jesus! The world is quickly headed for destruction, and sooner or later you will have to sit at the judgement seat and give an account for your actions. Belief in messiah alone is not enough to grant you salvation - Matthew 7:21-23, John 3:3, John 3:36 (ESV is the best translation for John 3:36). Call on the name of Jesus and pray for Him to intervene in your life! - Revelation 3:20. Contemplate how the Roman Empire fulfilled the role of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13. Revelation 17 confirms that it is in fact Rome. From this we can conclude that A) Jesus is the Son of God and can predict the future or make it happen, B) The world leaders/nations/governments etc have been conspiring together for the last 3000+ years going back to Babylon and before, C) History as we know it is fake. You don't really need to speculate once you start a relationship with God tho. Can't get a response from God? Fasting can help increase your perception and prayer can help initiate events. God will ignore you if your prayer does not align with His purpose (James 4:3) or if you are approaching Him when "unclean" (Isaiah 1:15, Isaiah 59:2, Micah 3:4). Stop eating food sacrificed to idols (McDonald's, Wendy's etc) stop glorifying yourself on social media or making other images of yourself (Second Commandment), stop gossiping about other people, stop watching obscene content etc and you should get a response. Have a blessed day!
NtateNarin Yıl önce
I was so excited for the Chicago Spire. I would go to the build site to take pics. Of course, the building was never built, so I just have pictures of the giant hole.
Indy Hamilton
Indy Hamilton Yıl önce
As for that great hole, it'd make a great diving well after it got cleaned up.
68 planes a minute, we were so close to glory
Greg A
Greg A 3 aylar önce
One day we may hear a story or 2 about architects showing plans to build vaults like Fallout or The Hive from Resident Evil. Another video will arise as more abandoned Mega-Projects.
Oliver Wolters
Oliver Wolters Yıl önce
Well.... There has been built more than just some _»shell structures«_ : the east-west-axis has been nearly completed and the Siegessäule column has been moved from the Maifeld in front of the Reichstag building to that axis at todays Straße des 17. Juni boulevard. Besides that, the shown _»shell structures«_ were in fact technical test structure to examine if Berlin's sandy ground will actually carry such massive structures. Spoiler: it would probably not. ;-) Grüße aus Berlin!
fizi waa
fizi waa 7 aylar önce
I think the United States can try an airport above sea level like Hong Kong for them to build a bridge and widen the runway just like Japan where the land is very limited so they decided to build in a certain ocean
Kevin 8 aylar önce
I love the crazy ideas. People knocking them never had a idea any kind and certainly never had the balls to pursue them
neubro 144
neubro 144 Yıl önce
The dream came to be for the Berlin dome in the alternate world in The Man in the High Castle. A structure that enormous wouldn't be possible in a city built on a swamp as it will sink under the soft soil. An indoor crowd that size will create a localized precipitation climate from the body moisture created without the modern air circulation system.
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
If they dig enough into the ground to bed rock and reinforce it with concrete and stone it could hold it , like Manhattan island it was a muddy swamp but they have skyscrapers on it
A Smith
A Smith 2 aylar önce
Actually an elevated airport is a great idea. Very efficient use of all that real estate.
rawcoal 7 aylar önce
The chicago spire would have been great!
JST Yıl önce
As for that planned midtown airport, I think that the people living near would have to adapt justike the people of Queean, The Bronx, and Brooklyn deal with LaGaurdia’s overhead plane traffic. Ultimately it would’ve forced more business development in the outer boroughs which I feel would’ve been a good thing.
crazy jack
crazy jack 11 aylar önce
Also surprised you didn't talk about the canal america could have built for a long time to go from Pacific to the Atlantic make the north west passage passable
Jonathan Bowers
Jonathan Bowers Yıl önce
The NYC airport sounds eerily similar to London City Airport (which was a huge mistake)
Monkey_Shines Twitch
Monkey_Shines Twitch 3 aylar önce
Thank you for including both imperial and metric, really thanks. Great vid, liked and subbed
SmartassX1 10 aylar önce
That airport might have been a good idea. Saving a lot of space by having a sea port under it + lots of additional buildings inside it. It was just a stupid location for it. Maybe if they had built it something like a few miles out at sea and then had some kind of a road/railroad bridge connecting to it? Like maybe relocate it into that wider spot in the river, that seems to be only a couple of miles away from the proposed spot? Then there could have been bridges to the river banks on all sides and plenty of space for ships to pass on both sides. All of Petersburg (in Russia) was built on what was once a swamp.
Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated 7 aylar önce
Imagine waking up because an airplan lands like 3 meters above your window
PotatoeMateo 6 aylar önce
I def think that spiral would make any skyline unique. Most are so kind of boring look same to me. I mainly want that sphere made to honor him, and then a megadome built for concerts.
Daniel Correa Canoza
Daniel Correa Canoza Yıl önce
Não sou nenhum engenheiro mas não entendo por as construções não são mais largas. Pirâmides ou grandes cubos. Parece na minha visão uma cidade inteira caberia em poucos quarteirões
Uldihaa 3 aylar önce
That airport would also have been designed for piston aircraft, not jet craft. The first commercial jet turbine aircraft didn't enter service until the 50s. The commercial planes of the day were also significantly smaller than the jets that would succeed them some 12 years later. And while its scale is crazy, the idea isn't all that wild. We've done similar things with artificial island airports; Japan has _five_ of them.
Matt C
Matt C Yıl önce
You can see the Great Hall in the show "The man in the High Castle" in one of the second season episodes.
Marlon M.
Marlon M. Yıl önce
The airport would have been a crazy endeavor..
Well actually, you’re right.
Well actually, you’re right. Yıl önce
9/11 wouldn’t have happened.
Olivier Yıl önce
You should check the “le plan voisin” a Le Corbusier projet for Paris in the 1920’s. 24 skyscrapers in the city center was planned to hold up to half a million inhabitants. Hopefully was never approved 🥵
L v
L v Yıl önce
It was supposed to be built where Notre Dame is, if I'm not mistaken
Olivier Yıl önce
@L v yes pretty close more next to Chatelet on the right bank of the Seine river
J Garza
J Garza Yıl önce
In some alternative realities these buildings exist.
AnixCo1990 Yıl önce
I’m still hoping the Chicago Spire gets built eventually, perhaps build it twice as high. That way Chicago can be home to the tallest building in the world again.
Eżra Angel
Eżra Angel Yıl önce
I literally had that idea for the airport that was detachable and could be used as an aircraft carrier
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Yıl önce
Perhaps these structures will one day be able to be experienced in VR
Back to Purrrfect again
Back to Purrrfect again Yıl önce
Or in metaverse...
Ƥ4Ƭяι0т Yıl önce
I guess im not allowed to say as a German which of these buildings would be nice to have :D
TrimlessCoasters Yıl önce
LMAOO Ja Same :(
Ƥ4Ƭяι0т Yıl önce
@TrimlessCoasters Schade aber auch 😅 Aber wenn man weiß von dem das geplante Deutsche Bauwerk kam, so isses doch besser so :D
TrimlessCoasters Yıl önce
@Ƥ4Ƭяι0т ja 😂
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
Lol I'm 1/4 German and I agree
TrimlessCoasters 9 aylar önce
@tyler soto are you American?
bawbremy Yıl önce
Wonder how the builders did a ground load test for the pyramids of Giza?
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire Yıl önce
I really do like the idea of a city skyscraper, it minimises the human footprint unimaginably and they can look gorgeous, one in NYC would leave almost the rest of the islands to be low density housing and wilderness.
TheHortoman Yıl önce
not really, elevators are a design and logistics hell
MyRegardsToTheDodo Yıl önce
Not really. Anything above a set floor level (six or seven floors, don't actually remember, it's been a while since I read an article about this) is actually uneconomical, because it gets pretty expensive and energy-consuming to get water, heat and so on up there.
Немного Странный
Немного Странный 11 aylar önce
it's actually kind of opposite
whyamiatree 41
whyamiatree 41 Yıl önce
Today New Yorks Iconic Maga International Airport is an amazing feat of structural engineering but imagine what New York would be like without it.
Mr Breakmind
Mr Breakmind Yıl önce
0:32 The first thingsl I thought was: "Immagine an airplane failing the landing and go straight for the building." The second thing I thought was: "Oh shit."
Sprock 8 aylar önce
undoubtedly I would like to see the great hall.
Nak Sum
Nak Sum 8 aylar önce
2:18 the houses have an amazing view
stunning sathvik
stunning sathvik 7 aylar önce
Would enjoy the view for a few days but would eventually get irritation by the planes sound pollution
AeonStar1 11 aylar önce
There was a German suggestion to dam the Straits of Gibraltar and turn the Mediterranean into land area. Top that for insane megaprojects!
The Bunman
The Bunman 8 aylar önce
For the first project why don’t they just put it over the river and make it tall love for ships to go under it would be a pretty cool idea
Hariom Sutar
Hariom Sutar 11 aylar önce
The black taj mahal was also insane but never got built 😢
Roko’s Basilisk
Roko’s Basilisk Yıl önce
Germania is even dumber when you take into account the swampy environment of Berlin and how big a capitol building actually needs to be. Roman state buildings were only as big as they needed to be, regardless of the size of the senate. The Curia Julia, commissioned by Augustus, is noticeably smaller than more ancient structures, built more like palaces, and unlike its predecessor on Capitoline Hill, it stopped the following of a central location for the (imperial) seat of power and was placed in a more natural forum for the senate to convene. Places of worship, specifically synagogues, tended to have a similar design philosophy, if due to lack of resources and population. The US Capitol was also built on a swamp because the south is all swamp and southern governors wanted it in Virginia yet Northern governors wanted it in Pennsylvania so Congress put it right in the middle which happened to place it in a swamp no one else wanted; but it wasn’t originally meant to be a major population center; just a federal district. Yet DC’s planners never quite learned from a thousand and a half years of architecture. The only other possible cause of these mistakes is a cultural echo of esotericism mimicking the impractically grand scale of but a small period of the ancient world going back to the construction of the domed Capitol building. The White House has a smaller scale to it and its central location can’t be blamed on its original designers or any architect, really. It just generates more and more gravity despite its size staying roughly the same. The Pentagon sort of breaks the cycle. Arlington is rather out of the way and despite being the lone headquarters of our entire massive military (and already quite large for DC) the building is only as large as it needs to be to fulfill its purpose while holding personnel, including security, bureaucrats and general staff and has a mall with only the essentials to accommodate them. It’d be a hard building to downscale and modernize mainly due to all that’s packed into it being constantly active and needing constant sustenance (thus the mall). The underground sections highlight this. They prove the effectiveness of a balance of building upwards, outwards and downwards. Modern architecture should learn from it.
ThrowSomePlates Yıl önce
3:51 That's not the Singer Building it's the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower. The Singer Building is the one before it.
Aphro Dave
Aphro Dave 6 aylar önce
I like how quickly we brushed past atomic powered elevators.
Rogelio I.H.
Rogelio I.H. Yıl önce
If your life partner doesn't dedicate a massive, slightly taller than the Giza Pyramid, dome building un your name when you they really love you? Lol
Você já andou de moto hoje?
Você já andou de moto hoje? 3 aylar önce
In São Paulo we have one airport inside the city, it is only for domestic flights
David Bland
David Bland Yıl önce
The number five New York City hotel that was never built was in the tv show fringe as a building in the alternate Manhattan along with the undestroyed World Trade Centers and a gold statue of liberty.
Nick Z
Nick Z Yıl önce
The one in Chicago would have been faaaantastic
Nick Pardo
Nick Pardo 8 aylar önce
I'm sure Sully would have appreciated that airport on the Hudson.
Cobbler91 8 aylar önce
Oddly enough, Boris Johnson wanted to build something vaguely similar to the Manhattan airport when he was Mayor of London as an alternative to a third runway at Heathrow.
Ian Weetman | Ion + The Spectres of Light
Ian Weetman | Ion + The Spectres of Light Yıl önce
I can only imagine had Germania been built it would have been some pretty awesome ruins where central Berlin is now... Thank goodness that never happened... And personally I think the East Berlin masterplan was cool enough... The Central TV tower... Palace of the Republic (RIP)... Classic modernist architecture!
Pohana Brokula
Pohana Brokula Yıl önce
Palace of republic has been rebuilt. You can see on internet. Pretty amazing
TrimlessCoasters Yıl önce
@Pohana Brokula umm… you mean the Schloss?!
TrimlessCoasters Yıl önce
@Pohana Brokula no it’s not been rebuilt
L v
L v Yıl önce
The people's palace was awful. Then again, I saw it in 2007, when it was just a hulking ruin. The Schloss project is nicer, it restores some of Berlin's lost architecture and gave it a new purpose. If the palace hadn't been destroyed, it would probably have been renovated into it's current form anyway.
takumi168 Yıl önce
Ignoring Hitler's political views, i kinda like massive city redesign. I would have liked to see his whole plan for the city and whether it was efficient or just an entertainment center. kinda wanna build these buildings in cities skylines lol just to see how it'd look.
GrumpyZade 9 aylar önce
He had great ideas, just really really shitty ideals lol
Wulle Wagner
Wulle Wagner 8 aylar önce
Half of berlin would've been destroyed by building this.
Nathan Whalen
Nathan Whalen 8 aylar önce
@GrumpyZade they literally lost the war because he was incompetent
Kirill Yıl önce
1940s americans: let's build an airport in the middle of NYC Americans today: * instant 9.11 flashbacks*
Joshua Dabrowski
Joshua Dabrowski Yıl önce
That building would’ve looked so good in Chicago
vkobi 7 aylar önce
The The Mile-High Illinois Skyscraper looks kinda like the Jeddah Tower
TheoGames nl
TheoGames nl 7 aylar önce
just a simple question: how do you make these type of video's
nYx Yıl önce
Love this channel!
TV Art Gallery
TV Art Gallery 7 aylar önce
Brent Foster
Brent Foster 4 aylar önce
Well, NYC didn’t build the “Dream Airport”, so they settled for the nightmare that by most accounts still exists today. And it ain’t like it’s much quieter in Manhattan either.
aqdrobert Yıl önce
That giant airport was the subject of many Commissioner Francis Reagan family dinners. Imagine trying to patrol that airport. Pass the gravy, Pops.
LuiS M
LuiS M Yıl önce
The airport would be insane in New york..
Sunshine State Coasters
Sunshine State Coasters 8 aylar önce
I’ll give Wright some credit, it definitely was well thought out and researched. But it definitely wouldn’t happen then or now…
g0blinboi 10 aylar önce
Wouldnt the nyc airport bring too much sound because of the planes in general? Cool concept but awful possibilities
james au
james au 8 aylar önce
The NYC airport sounds like a layman's daydream.
Matthew Neie
Matthew Neie 8 aylar önce
That airport would have the worst noise pollution. Plus most citizens that work downtown wouldn't go to the airport directly from work, so traffic could be awful between citizens commuting to work, and citizens leaving the city.
Alkinur Dotran
Alkinur Dotran Yıl önce
I like all except the airport, thats just too blocky, and the noise would be awful. cool one would be germania, imagine, all nations in the future, all in one big place, a human progress towards the unified future
Peter Olsson
Peter Olsson Yıl önce
Nice video. What about the glass dome over Manhattan?
Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Thanks, will take a look at it👌
Tate Shaw
Tate Shaw 7 aylar önce
3:51 you have the Metlife tower listed as the Singer Building
Samuel Mois
Samuel Mois 11 aylar önce
love it😀
C B 11 aylar önce
The airport in New York is not actually possible, especially with the amount of flights they said. Look up why planes HAVE to leave time between one landing and the next, it's pretty scary stuff.
You Tube
You Tube 7 aylar önce
C B 7 aylar önce
@You Tube look it up :D
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl 8 aylar önce
5:42 A corncob skyscraper? Good thing he didn’t design the World Trade Center 😮
Sevenfold120 7 aylar önce
Instead of building an airport in the city of New York they could have just financed a direkt rail line from the city to their airport already built. A direkt route underground with a few stops would of been more practical.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 8 aylar önce
If the airport was built the "Miracle on the Hudson" would have never happened
David Sasse
David Sasse 5 aylar önce
Imagine being a kid again and trying to build a cool fort and then realizing you can’t finish it so you give up. Then imagine your an adult and there’s a real building and you wasted billions of dollars
aljohn tabion
aljohn tabion 8 aylar önce
All things aside.. I prolly would have liked to see the Great Hall
Ushtonian Yıl önce
These domes remind me A LOT of the Dubai Expo 2020’s Al Wasl Plaza
Admiralsniper Productions
Admiralsniper Productions 3 aylar önce
I have one that never happened and it was a genius one shame it didnt happen… Calgary Next Arena it was suppose to have Hockey+Football Combined into one arena
rolfdenver 6 aylar önce
“Atomic powered elevators” 😂
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