I spent a day with people w/ SCHIZOPHRENIA

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I spent a day with people with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder to learn the truth about these highly misunderstood disorders.
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AnthonyPadilla 11 aylar önce
come back next week for *I spent a day with EX-C.I.A. AGENTS* -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
BlinkinFirefly 4 aylar önce
Love your work Anthony. Thank you for bringing us these topics! We really do need to hear mores stories like these and help to lift the stigmas surrounding these illnesses
Darkmaster Gaming
Darkmaster Gaming 4 aylar önce
Should do one about people with PTSD
Wrd_w!d3 6 aylar önce
Love your videos. You always upload very interesting videos and they never get old. They’re all so different and you never know what to expect. Keep up the amazing work 😁👍❤️
Jonas Ingstrup
Jonas Ingstrup 8 aylar önce
p146 8 aylar önce
betraying the schizos
Rachel Riches
Rachel Riches 3 gün önce
Help not understand
Making_magic 3 gün önce
Glass flower🌸
Glass flower🌸 3 gün önce
I’m interested and would love to see “I Spent a day with sociopaths’”
Halfwork Shaman
Halfwork Shaman 4 gün önce
Dude bro, my guy, my childhood hero, I wanna say that I love learning and obviously so do you. You doing these videos expands my mind about the world and it’s a whole lot more valuable than saying bitch a million times in Smosh 😂 it was still funny tho. Great work bro
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says 4 gün önce
Umm, Idk what to call it but some smells bring give me nostalgia, or sometimes there are smells that I pick up once and it carries for a week
twentydollar giftcard
twentydollar giftcard 5 gün önce
po 6 gün önce
as someone w schizoaffective (which is a bit different but i do experience most things they are talking about) i’m so happy to see people with schizophrenia not portrayed as violent maniacs and outcasts. even though various mental health issues/disorders are gradually becoming less stigmatized, i think many people still have a lot of misconceptions about schizophrenia and adjacent disorders and this video does a very good job of explaining what we go through. so cool to see that!🧡
The Cade Plays
The Cade Plays 7 gün önce
He is so much like a therapist
Wumbya 11 gün önce
As someone who recently got diagnosed with psychosis (not the same as schizophrenia but they’re related) this video brings such a comfort and sense of ease
Flaiqe 12 gün önce
I have had psychosis for about 4 years now, and even my relatively tame auditory hallucinations are very frustrating and distracting. I frequently hear people calling out to me or whispering in my blind spots. I have only had visual hallucinations once in my life. I can only imagine what these people have to go through on a daily basis.
naturalwavyhair 13 gün önce
Could you maybe do one of these with people with DDD? (Depersonalisation- derealisation disorder??
Isobel Tookie
Isobel Tookie 14 gün önce
Damn that spider thing hell no
Kurt Bowser
Kurt Bowser 15 gün önce
Someone I met in High School had Schizophrenia hers wasn’t so bad compared to others since the voices in her head was only calling her an Idiot.
LovinPitbull 16 gün önce
I got suspended for having schizophrenia
Delaney Deamer
Delaney Deamer 16 gün önce
That donate to the Trevor project made me jump I was like YES DO THAT YES YES YES
elenor_lmfao 16 gün önce
I just found this wideo and it was a great help for my broject(i suffer from sczicophrenia)and our biology teacher wanted for people who have disorders,... to explain how do they work,great video also helped me understamd a little bit more about myself
Connie M
Connie M 17 gün önce
Seems like Jorge also has a dissociative disorder
Uhnkledax 18 gün önce
Love this video! Can you do one covering sleep paralysis?
PaulaMUñoz 99
PaulaMUñoz 99 19 gün önce
Thank you Anthony for creating this spaces
greeshma b
greeshma b 19 gün önce
Its like u r in a horror movie... My godd... Does anyone had episodes while shooting this?... Why r voices mean.... Y can't they b supportive
Cop Stalkers
Cop Stalkers 20 gün önce
I think the police are following me and I'm going to do something very, very bad hahaha.
CAL DS 22 gün önce
89Vision Artistry
89Vision Artistry 22 gün önce
Please don’t come to these videos and dismissively talk over people with Schizophrenia when we try to share our knowledge with you. Your 1 experience with someone who has Schizophrenia is not comparable to our experiences spending our entire adult lives with it. Realize your actively speaking over someone from a highly stigmatized and marginalized community instead of listening to them. We don’t need you to explain our disorder or what we would like to be called to us. We need you to listen.
McKenna Reece
McKenna Reece 23 gün önce
I had a friend from residential treatment who also had hallutionations and I just remember sitting with them late at night talking to them and distracting them from the things they were seeing. They described their most common hallutionation as a clown like puppet thing that would usually hide under beds. Once they even told me it grabbed my leg when I was sitting down. Although, this video really made me realize how well they handled these hallutionations! I had no idea they could be so intense.
Nick Joyhill
Nick Joyhill 27 gün önce
I have a friend with schizophrenia, and in the beginning I didn’t really understand what it was. I also was kinda scared because I thought he’d be violent. One day he was having an episode and I was really curious and asked where the hallucination was. My dumb ass even coincidentally looked in the direction of the hallucination and asked him if it was there. It freaked him out so much. Now I can tell when he’s having a hard time or having an episode (quiet, fidgety and/or nervous) and I usually play soothing music or play some tunes on my guitar that distracts him and calms him down. Sometimes we’ll play music together and I can tell it helps him.
jessica Myers
jessica Myers 28 gün önce
I can relate to this because I have schizophrenia and it is awkward when I hear someone whisper my name but no one's there the hallucinations I have I see a shadow figure standing over me and things talk to me but I can't tell my parents they just won't understand I figure it out I had schizophrenia from a doctor when I was with some friends
sam belle
sam belle 29 gün önce
I lost my best friend and only childhood friend of 11 years to schizophrenic dilusions. the dilusions decided I was an evil person trying to sell him to the government, so his mentle hospital theripist suggested I go no contact permanently. my ex friend has reached out twice and I replied only to get attacked, its a hard way to loose a best friend.
Rissy Stevenson
Rissy Stevenson Aylar önce
This sounds so distressing there really dose need more research on this I could never be as strong as them
gabi.n_art Aylar önce
I love these videos thank you so much for doing this. This show people who never known someone with schizophrenia that they are more then their diagnosis they are people just like everyone else my mother suffers with schizophrenia and sadly doesn't want help maybe if I let her watch this she'll change her mind
Leafy Blossom
Leafy Blossom Aylar önce
As someone who has schizophrenia I’m happy that you put onto light this!
Marcus Burlind
Marcus Burlind Aylar önce
Why does the thing on Anthony’s right head side look like a open vaginer? Or just me?!?
The Anderson System
The Anderson System Aylar önce
We have DID this is a great video/
jillian Aylar önce
I love this series!
Stephanie Ferguerson
Stephanie Ferguerson Aylar önce
I have it and it isn't no fun
Carrow Aylar önce
wonderful series. anything on self-harmers and mutilators.
Phyllis Bergenholtz
Phyllis Bergenholtz Aylar önce
This is so informative!!
Myria Lynn
Myria Lynn Aylar önce
The brain is limitless. This was extremely interesting- thank you all for sharing your experiences with all of us! ❤
Justin Atkins
Justin Atkins Aylar önce
Erika had it right, the number 9 is special, to Baha’is the number 9 and 95 is symbolic of God, so either he was a Baha’i or there’s just something special about the number 9.
Justin Atkins
Justin Atkins Aylar önce
Can’t edit but I may not have heard of him but mania is no joke and neither is schizophrenia my heart goes out for them.
Blue Horizons
Blue Horizons Aylar önce
Thank you for helping me understand this. My brother has Schizophrenia from a couple years of consistent hard drug use in the past. It helps me understand his struggles better because he is embarrassed about it and doesn’t want to talk about it. His medication has helped him significantly to where he has a regular job and is able to provide for his family.
Riotrecker Aylar önce
Yeah schizophrenia runs in my family and I’m a little terrified since I had a hallucination at a very young age right before sleep and I haven’t ever forgot it I’ll come back to this in a good amount of time and see if ended up getting it
MorbidRainbow Aylar önce
Honestly this was one of the most powerful videos i've seen. It's good to understand how to react to certain things that a person with schizophrenia would be dealing with. And be able to help them get through certain things. Cause as someone who doesn't have it, i would've thought that interacting with the symptom to deny realism(srry if this sounds bad) would've been the smart thing to do. But it's good that now i know to rather interact with the person themselves is the way to go. And just keep calm and listen to/distract them from the symptoms would help them overcome it. And feel free to correct me should i have made a mistake. i'm here to learn.
XcNdDavid Aylar önce
joyconboyz for life
Jah The Jestah
Jah The Jestah Aylar önce
Just thank you bro.
Julie Jackman
Julie Jackman Aylar önce
I had s friend in middle school whose brother had schizophrenia and the family all had to lock their doors at night because he would get a knife and come after them otherwise. Then he eventually was institutionalized. So I've always been scared of schizophrenia. But watching Lauren at Livingwellwithschizophrenia has made me see another perspective that's more positive.
Eva Aylar önce
Can you hear voices inside your head telling you positive things? Like intrusive but positive thoughts, like, still thinking something that jumps at you, lately it’s started happening to me and I want to think that it’s just a kind of intrusive thinking, I have been several years with pain in the back of my neck and head in general and I do not know if I go to a normal doctor or a psychologist, on the other hand I am afraid that I misdiagnose because I do not know how to express what happens to me and that in the end I do not have any disease
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde Aylar önce
my grandpa had schizophrenia and i used to be paranoid that i would get it too. i watched this and was like yh no im fine
Alex PlayzZ
Alex PlayzZ Aylar önce
I can't watch this. It just reminds me of telling my mom I see and hear things that aren't there and I want help. But she just never helps me. I'm sorry, but my anxiety levels are rising, I can't watch any further
Faith Oceans
Faith Oceans Aylar önce
I have Schizoaffective Disorder, and I got really stoned while I was on meds and thought Elon Musk was building Cybertrucks outside my trailer and holding a 80s themed concert with Vaporwave Visuals and telling me in my head "Lets get out of here Claire this kid doesnt listen to REAL music." I cried. Grimes is literally my favorite artist.
Elixcon15 Aylar önce
It kinda sounds like your awake dreaming
Wheresmyeyebrow Aylar önce
12:33 Holy crap I just realised she's the girl from that other channel
Ali211201 Aylar önce
Thank you very much for your content, it is very necessary and I am interested in all your videos. great good vibes forever etxito 🍀🍂🌱🍃🌻🌼🌺
Ivaxcx Aylar önce
I am fascinated with this disorder.. I wish I can continuously forget it to learn about it again and again.. I don't know it is just something so interesting. Like I really loved how intriguing it is.. Don't get me wrong I don't want it to happen to anyone it is just that I am attracted to it in a really scientific-emotional way.
Whiteboard Anesthesia
Whiteboard Anesthesia Aylar önce
My brother has paranoid-schizophrenia, and watching this shows me just how much of a spectrum it is. I wish my brother was as high-functioning as these guests. They are blessed. With my brother, the only way I know how to compare it to is a death... who he was before he was officially/clinically diagnosed, and who is he became afterward. Comparing the two is like night and day, a completely different person. I used to cry about it often. Sometimes, because of the severity of his illness, I've thought of it as being worse than a death. Interacting with him is like a real life consistent reminder that he is gone. Once in a while, he will have a normal conversation for a few minutes and you'll get maybe a minute of who he used to be... but then 30 seconds later he says or does something that reminds you that he is mentally-ill. I've been in the grieving process for years and I think it's because of how difficult it is to simultaneously have him here physically, but completely gone mentally. I do praise God that he is the most innocent and pure-hearted person I know though. In a world where the average person may fear him out of ignorance, I at least have peace knowing he would never be the aggressor in any situation. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences.
Melon Cloud
Melon Cloud Aylar önce
Random interesting thing I learned about schizophrenia.. in some. other cultures, ppl with it weren’t demonized, and a lot of them are actually.. way happier and aren’t fearful of their hallucinations, compared to ppl with schizophrenia where it is demonized. Idk if it’s usually true or not, but if it is that might eventually lead to a way to help more ppl learn to live with it more easily.
M. M.
M. M. Aylar önce
from a first hand experience, DID and schizophrenia together suck.
Charissa Robieson
Charissa Robieson Aylar önce
My mom has schizophrenia that progressed through a mentally abusive relationship with my dad. Years later after I moved out she is doing better but I have seen the behavior of a schizophrenic. She used to yell, curse and scream at nothing. She's calmed down over the years, thank God, but for so many years she was delusional and said the most irrational things. My younger brother and I had a difficult childhood because of it but we understand her to the best of our ability now and love her. By the way; the sweetheart that cried on camera, you are brave.
You Are Now Aware Podcast
You Are Now Aware Podcast Aylar önce
It’s nice to see a popular youtuber talk about shizophrenia in a non-condemning light. Demonizing a disorder in which people that have it are more likely to be in danger themselves or endanger themself than be a danger to anyone else.
Milbia Aylar önce
jorge being a dominican king with the flags ayeeee
Kyoza Aylar önce
My dad has schizophrenia, and seeing it like this shifts my whole perspective on him and the past. He did some really bad things, but in retrospect I think he was having some major issues at the time, like a delusion that he had to do something or whatever. Plus, it can be pretty scary not to know what's real or not, I know that firsthand. I haven't developed any symptoms and I hope I never do, but I do have severe PTSD (I'm working through it, I have a therapy appointment next week lol) and sometimes I can't tell if what I remember about something is what actually happened. I also struggle with dissociation, and it's scary when I don't know if I'm actually in a place or not. Like I've dissociated and thought I was still home a few times. It's not fun.
Zoe Solomons
Zoe Solomons Aylar önce
I have bipolar disorder and went through a manic episode that had auditory hallucinations and delusions. It was the scariest thing ever. I can't imagine dealing with that 24/7
Kyla Winborne
Kyla Winborne Aylar önce
So this video started a lot for me. Helped me really decide to go to a psychiatrist about the random things I hallucinate. Finally got the courage to make a psychiatrist appointment for it. Thanks for the video man
jennifervan75 Aylar önce
04:08 Can someone explain more of what he's saying? It almost sounds like DID/OSSD
Brandi Lepage
Brandi Lepage Aylar önce
Dude I just can’t even imagine living with this, I truly applaud all of you for being able to manage ur day to day life to the best of ur ability’s. I truly don’t think I’d be able to do it. It’s like a nightmare 24.7, I’m so sorry one; and two you all are all so brave to share with us.
Raven’s World
Raven’s World Aylar önce
These videos creep me out but there cool❤️
Char Aylar önce
I appreciate that the questions asked are intentional and thoughtful. They aren’t leading questions that contribute to any underlying narrative, they simply allow for opportunities for the guests on his show to speak their own truths and share their own experiences in a completely non-judgemental setting. It seems like Anthony is truly interested to know more about their experiences, and that’s incredible!
Frank Kingsley
Frank Kingsley Aylar önce
I thought I was real but now im second guessing this...
I_AM_CLOWN_MAN Aylar önce
it must feel weird to talk to an empty seat and laugh
infinity Aylar önce
I've seen a ghost before with someone in japan Okinawa on a military base outside a church in a know-to-be haunted place. I really will always wonder if they're seeing another dimension, are they dreaming, or is their pineal gland working, and or basically something bigger is in play.
Payton Smith
Payton Smith Aylar önce
As someone with schizophrenia, I wish I was on this episode, I feel like I could’ve answered or enlightened more of schizophrenia other than just hallucinations and delusions. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK!
MelsBells Aylar önce
I would love to see an episode of “I spent a day with people with Aspergers”
Sapphire Ryan-Campbell
Sapphire Ryan-Campbell Aylar önce
will you do an episode with people who have antisocial personality disorder?
mxrzthespacehuman Aylar önce
i feel so bad about having a high chance of having schizophrenia because all adults have told me when its brought up is " dont do this " its always been somthing ive been told is bad, alot of my faimly has it so im scared of having it... :( like i dont want it i really dont im only 12 so i dont show anything abt it but yk :/ is anyone else going through this ?
We Are The Woven
We Are The Woven Aylar önce
I'd love yo see how spend a day with people with ASPD
Glow Aylar önce
I love how Anthony is debunking my prejudice one by one
Juniper Tree
Juniper Tree Aylar önce
Cecelia looks great!! I recognize her from older videos.
STAJ 18 Aylar önce
I was so happy to see kody there
The Loner Stoner
The Loner Stoner Aylar önce
A lot of this also sounds like mediumship like they are actually In tune with something
markigirl27 Aylar önce
I’m wondering if I had a mania episode Bc I do remember a few months before I attempted to take my life, I heard voices telling me to kill myself and I was convinced everyone actually hated me and that they were only being nice Bc they pitied me. This drove me to a suicide attempt until luckily my sane part of my head got me to call the hotline and I managed to get talked out of it. After that whole ordeal my memory is so bad anytime I try to think of my college years my mind draws blanks. I also have adhd so that could explain it too.
Jordan The River Man
Jordan The River Man Aylar önce
I feel like we reduce the world to materialistic explanations or solely supernaturalistic. ie just physical or invisible realm. But we're a composite unity of soul and body, so i guess my thought is, how do we know that there isnt physiological disfunction ie chemical imbalance and there are actually demonic entities attacking these people (like they themselves have thought?) at the same time? I often wonder about this with my own mental illness.
user 2 aylar önce
I feel so sorry for Cecilia I would just think im haunted tbh 😭
Salma El-Ghazzawi
Salma El-Ghazzawi 2 aylar önce
This series wouldn't happen if it wasn't for you and your team's INCREDIBLE interviewing and production skills. I really believe the empathy you're seeing in the comments are the product of how you're behaving on camera. Great job 🍻
Ali Playzgaming 2
Ali Playzgaming 2 2 aylar önce
I see the shadow figure every time it’s so scary it’s so realistic But I only see a shadow figure I don’t hear anything or feel anything that’s not real
Jr Reusch
Jr Reusch 2 aylar önce
thank you for making this video anthony. as someone who knows the pain all too well its nice to see someone be kind and respectful. much love from canada
Olof Nilsson
Olof Nilsson 2 aylar önce
This is really eye-opening I've never met someone schizophrenic, so I don't know how I would have reacted, but now I won't have some big misconception of what it really is if I ever do meet someone with this disorder :)
Raine 2 aylar önce
This kinda reminds me of something that happens to me, sometimes the voice in my head just says stuff, I don’t get it to say those things, I’m not thinking about those things and I’m not doing anything related to those things, for example, today I just heard “I literally have proof that’s not me, how do you still think it is?” And that was it, no context, had nothing to do with anything going on at the moment or during that day, it was just that.
Sonya Mincheva
Sonya Mincheva 2 aylar önce
one person said they see spiders what if you put like a phone camera over them would you still be able to see them? Edit: Didn't watch the full vid, I've got my answer
Miss Unknown
Miss Unknown 2 aylar önce
It would be amazing if you interview people with strabismus. I think it's a unique experience. People have surgeries and it works for them but others don't and sometimes it's so hurtful.
Ohmnisen YT
Ohmnisen YT 2 aylar önce
I just curious, is there any religious or Christian person out there who suffer with these kind of mental health issue? If there isn't or quiet few, can we say that having this kind of suffering is because they don't have god or they don't believe in god, or they don't attend churches at all?
Ivy Faith
Ivy Faith 2 aylar önce
For real its so weird to me to see such normal people with this. I've had horrible experiences in my childhood. My oldest brother is what at the time was known as paranoid schizophrenic, but I guess on the spectrum he's off it. He's never been on good medications, it was onset by Ritalin (early 90s), he's 10 years older than me and when I was 8 he Literally took a kitchen knife and tried to kill me and would have succeeded if my bedroom door didn't have a lock and I wasn't sus and ran in time. He says horrid things and said he said people in their cars without jaws and he said a keychain on his harmonica one year was keeping him from "turning all our asses into zombies" (I was 10) and Now he gets so little proper care or treatment so now hes either a terrifying child like persona as the drug filled past 35 year old man or, he's growling death threats for reasons only he knows. Honestly like I'm scarred and I'm sorry if I'm offensive at all, I just mean to say this video showed me coherent schizophrenics for the first time and I feel like I don't have to be as scared as I was as a child when I felt like I had to take myself so he couldn't so he wouldn't have to live with the guilt if he ever succeeded at trying to kill me again. That was my real childhood mindset. My plan was to if I had to take myself before he could so he wouldn't have to come to whenever one day far away maybe that he killed his little sister, because he was Close, I was alone with him, and he tried to break my door down when I locked myself hiding from him with like the biggest kind of kitchen knife. We still have the knife. Needless to say I don't like it.
Natalie S.
Natalie S. 2 aylar önce
Please do a video “I spent a day with people who have been in jail/prison” or their family members. They’re so misunderstood and it hurts. With all the injustice against them, I feel like this video would be perfectly timed. This topic is really close to my life and I’d love to see Anthony speak about it. He is so compassionate.
яσяуѕ_ѕтσяу 2 aylar önce
What's the sound at 7:35 ??
osamabinballin 2 aylar önce
in my grandpa's side of the family schizophrenia runned alot, his mother and grandmother had it, and the doctor said he was very lucky to not have it by the time he was 40
Carmen Liana
Carmen Liana 2 aylar önce
I’m so glad for this video because it’s important for people to know because we can understand if we have a friend or relative
Anonymous 2 aylar önce
I remember Cecilia from SBSK! And Kody from TikTok!
Allie Cowley
Allie Cowley 2 aylar önce
My mums cousin has schizophrenia & it must be terrifying. These people are incredible 💖
•ExDreamyCloud• 2 aylar önce
I have hallucinations, not schizophrenia and for some reason I have auditory ones when it’s light and visual ones when it’s dark, but sometimes I see worms EVERYWHERE like there’s just worms crawling on my toys, on the ground, on the walls, EVERYWHERE I have a phobia of worms
Aggy 2 aylar önce
If i were talking to someone for half an hour… and noticed on my camera phone that they aren’t there in the camera, I think I’d just cry. Or pee myself. Or both.
JonathanGaming 2 aylar önce
Next time can you add an arachnophobia warning before showing large spiders on the screen
badvibes 2 aylar önce
Imagine someone with schizophrenia taking lsd
Aphrodite🥀 2 aylar önce
My father has schizophrenia, it's truly terrifying how he lives. He hears voices and sees (as he calls them) Shadow People. He doesnt take his medication and he also has paranoia. Its terrifying how he lives, truthfully
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