Wanderlust 🌲 - An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist | Vol. I

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2 yıl önce

Travel to distant places with this dreamy indie selection! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Harrison Storm -- ‘Feeling You’
Downloads: apple.co/2uf6Jfx
3:15 Jon Bryant -- ‘At Home’
Download: apple.co/2zKNPCz
6:53 Dustin Tebbutt -- 'Love is Blind’
Download: apple.co/2NMtJuo
10:39 Hollow Coves - ‘Ran Away’
Download: apple.co/2ul4IhP
14:43 Johnnyswim / Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors -- ‘Just Your Memory’ (feat. Penny & Sparrow)
Download: apple.co/2um2HSs
17:35 Beta Radio -- 'Our Remains’
Download: apple.co/2LgyniO
21:33 INDOLORE -- ‘Let Me Find Out’
Download: apple.co/2KRWxUp
25:50 All Faces -- ‘The Oaks’
Download: spoti.fi/2KSTWcY
29:26 KIN -- ‘Margins’
Download: apple.co/2JkYFi9
33:49 Baswod -- ‘Sundays’
Download: apple.co/2NPCZOf
37:04 Andrew & Veda -- ‘Alive’
Download: apple.co/2JfCxqv
41:13 Dhruv Visvanath -- ‘Wild’
Download: apple.co/2LdVudK
44:50 Connor McCoy -- ‘Follow Through’
Download: apple.co/2LfFyrx
48:32 Firewoodisland -- 'Knot’
Download: apple.co/2L6ONxf
52:16 Ethansroom -- ‘Talk To You’
Download: apple.co/2L5DK7p
55:40 Frances Luke Accord -- ‘Maria’
Download: apple.co/2HVXCFX
57:36 Martin Baltser -- ‘Hypothermia’
Download: apple.co/2NMwYSA
1:01:15 Jon Middleton -- ‘I See You’
Download: apple.co/2EJKceN
1:04:12 Cypress -- ‘Oh Canada’
Download: apple.co/2KRltve
1:08:01 Leathan Milne -- ‘Now I Say Goodnight’
Download: apple.co/2NcYEiB
1:11:52 Andrew James & The Steady Tiger -- ‘Under The Umbrella’
Download: apple.co/2KQHc6F
1:16:29 Daniel Daniel -- ‘Waves’
Download: apple.co/2L3bd2z
1:20:54 Hendricksen -- ‘If She’s Gone’
Download: apple.co/2ujoN84
1:25:11 Ade Mai -- ‘Miles’
Download: hyperurl.co/AdeMaiMiles

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alexrainbirdMusic 2 yıl önce
Welcome to our first-ever Wanderlust playlist! Let us know if you enjoy it and if so, we'll make more! Now sit back & relax... 🌲 *Stream on Spotify* : spoti.fi/2LlraxL *Listen on Apple Music* : apple.co/2uzSH7F *Find on SoundCloud* : soundcloud.com/alexrainbirdmusic/sets/wanderlust-an-indie-folk-pop
kyeara jones
kyeara jones 11 gün önce
I listen to this playlist a few times a week. It helps start my day or even end.
Christopher Clark Brown, MBA
Christopher Clark Brown, MBA 28 gün önce
Namaste 🙏
Pradnya K
Pradnya K 2 aylar önce
Pradnya K
Pradnya K 2 aylar önce
Steven DL
Steven DL 2 aylar önce
Sydney speedy
Sydney speedy Gün önce
trshow.info/watch/R7OL9tFbtCY/video.html check this out
Malgorzata Duda
Malgorzata Duda Gün önce
When I have panic attacks that playlist helps me. Thank you ❤️
Ivan Timachev
Ivan Timachev Gün önce
офигенски, прям приятненько!
K1D_Easy_ 3 gün önce
Listening to this Playlist and imagining myself living in a place like Big Bear, California gives me a sense of euphoria and comfort :)
Tebogo modiba
Tebogo modiba 3 gün önce
Paige Bucek
Paige Bucek 3 gün önce
I listen to this playlist while I do online school. It makes me remember everything I'm working for, to be able to work remotely and support my boyfriend and I's dreams of living and travelling in a van. It makes me so happy to think about our future together and this is the most motivating way to study. Thank you so much for your playlists they are wonderful.
Mel Goo
Mel Goo 4 gün önce
I like to put random songs on for my 3 year old to fall asleep to after I've read to her. I just found this and she was asleep the 2nd song in. Perfect 👌
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 4 gün önce
Pot - Allows me to be the best be version of myself. I'm glad to be the type of person, people love to judge. This means I follow my own path instead of what a path the world chooses for me. Be judgmental all you all want. It make me happy when i enter into your thoughts.
Maria Bethânia - Escola da Serra
Maria Bethânia - Escola da Serra 5 gün önce
Love this!
CriticalThinker08 6 gün önce
this playlist brings me so much joy
Macy Bickley
Macy Bickley 6 gün önce
So calming I could listing to this over and over again and not get bored of the intricate guitar music...
venus M
venus M 6 gün önce
So beautiful thank you so much
Guilherme Guimaraes
Guilherme Guimaraes 8 gün önce
Hollow Coves very song
Rodrigo Martins
Rodrigo Martins 8 gün önce
Richie Sambora's Harlen Rain would fits this list
Keira Roehl
Keira Roehl 10 gün önce
I love it you make me feel ...........at home thank you😢😰😥🥺😕😚😍
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 6 gün önce
the music beings out so many emotions doesn't it?
Keira Roehl
Keira Roehl 10 gün önce
I’m calm even now when something horibul happend😭😔😏😕😉
Keira Roehl
Keira Roehl 10 gün önce
He is the best
Sofia Stewart
Sofia Stewart 10 gün önce
Thank you so much for taking the time to create a platform for these talented underated artists ! Dustin Tubbett is one of my favorite artists now and whom I'll recommend to family and friends.
UltraBlackstin 10 gün önce
watch my gaming channel
Alisson Felipe
Alisson Felipe 11 gün önce
a menina da imagem é tão perfeita
Marty Andrews
Marty Andrews 11 gün önce
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 12 gün önce
Listening to indie music is my guilty pleasure
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 12 gün önce
This song makes me want to continue playing the guitar. As well as looking forward to the future. *This playlist also reminds me of Wilbur*
P_meialua VR
P_meialua VR 12 gün önce
Byron Salvia Art
Byron Salvia Art 12 gün önce
this is so relaxing
Pothead Pikachu
Pothead Pikachu 13 gün önce
Anyone getting Life Is Strange vibes?
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 6 gün önce
I believe I understand what vibes your talking about. M
Serb King
Serb King 13 gün önce
Now try some turbo folk it’s folk music on steroids 😂
Natalie L
Natalie L 14 gün önce
This is music that feeds my soul 🧘‍♀️ My comfort zone ✨
][ Gün önce
I love here very much. Very warm. ❤️
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 6 gün önce
stay happy and cheerful. Because your amazing and we need more people like you in the world.
Bobong Eting
Bobong Eting 16 gün önce
Shalom from dipolog city Philippine beny Yehovah as a friend
Maggie Schroeder
Maggie Schroeder 17 gün önce
Im pretty soon, after i give birth, going on a 17 hr road trip to get me, my husband and my dog back home to ny where we belong. And i know damn well im gonna be listening to this. Im so excited to drive.. Just travel..knowing ill be home soon..
Autumn McNeeley
Autumn McNeeley 18 gün önce
I literally listen to this playlist all day over and over again!😂 I love this channel so much!❤
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 18 gün önce
being weird is only part of me for now.
Miss Steffi
Miss Steffi 19 gün önce
finally found a playlist for me
RsDerk5 19 gün önce
Makes me wanna go on a road trip 😞
Tenia meses buscándolo, hasta que por fin¡¡¡ Esta música me lleva a estar en los lugares mas remotos de este planeta¡¡ Me encanta
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 23 gün önce
keep up your amazing life and your amazing spirit.
Julio Sanchez
Julio Sanchez 23 gün önce
Para los que hablen español y estén interesados en unirse a un grupo de rock indie: chat.whatsapp.com/K9M1gMQd135C1z6FFa4J9U
d r e a m y y . c r y s t a l
d r e a m y y . c r y s t a l 24 gün önce
thank you. sometimes i feel horrible about myself for lying so much to the ones i love, i say sorry but i keep lying about the stupidest, smallest things for no specific reason. i feel at peace when i listen to playlists/songs like this, i don't know why... but i think it's because they make me think of the old days when i was free of my lies. try never to lie, it only becomes a burden. i love you my friends, God is with you every step of the way- never forget that.
Maybe I shouldn't be listening it during work. makes me wanna vanish from here
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 23 gün önce
I totally understand your feelings. you are loved
🌹Corinne Rose🌹
🌹Corinne Rose🌹 25 gün önce
Is this music copyright free and am I allowed to use it in my TRshow videos?
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget 23 gün önce
all songs have copyright protections. you always should ask for permission, it just courteous.
Murphy Soedarsono
Murphy Soedarsono 25 gün önce
ComandanteNord_YT 26 gün önce
Thomas J. Thiel
Thomas J. Thiel 26 gün önce
A tribute to John Lewis. trshow.info/watch/Ts5r_MByUTg/video.html
ons abdelli
ons abdelli 27 gün önce
Juliana Brilhante Gomes
Juliana Brilhante Gomes 28 gün önce
Eu adorei! 💗✌ Escuto a playlist na clínica de estética.
Common Sense
Common Sense 28 gün önce
OMG ! All the best songs are hiding in the dark! Thanks for the great attempt to public for listening them !
Common Sense
Common Sense 28 gün önce
May be you never ever heard this indie artist’s name ! Check this awesome song with very meaningful lyric trshow.info/watch/uMCDp2ZGCM0/video.html
isaac akintade
isaac akintade 28 gün önce
This playlist is a blessing. I happened to come across it two weeks ago.
Bchdk Urhfk
Bchdk Urhfk 29 gün önce
Lîstek zor aram û cuwan😋
L S 29 gün önce
Play this playlist while driving alone. Ah... so relaxing yet relieving💆
Pranav Rao chennadi
Pranav Rao chennadi Aylar önce
Lol i watched this right after watching beetlebug's an ode to l'manburg. For those who know about the Dream SMP sub to him now.
Just Lilly
Just Lilly Aylar önce
I listen to these while playing games and doing homework, they make me feel so calm and peaceful. Like I can drown out my life for a minute and feel loved. Thank you for making these, truly amazing.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
Selectonic Aylar önce
I really went us all to get on a bus and listen to this music and dream together.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html b
Devin Summers
Devin Summers Aylar önce
Camping under the stars with this playlist playing. Truly doesn’t get better than this. We have been playing Alexrainbird music playlists for years.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html b
Vans Off The Wall
Vans Off The Wall Aylar önce
i seem to always listen all the way untill about 20 min in ...then i start over!!! pretty sure the only playlist is beautiful as the other songs... 🌱🌱✌
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
Aephemerial Aylar önce
Definitely a good to listen n chill playlist for a Sunday, after a marathon run. Thank you!
i'm still your moon
i'm still your moon Aylar önce
sou apaixonada nessa playlist
Ishmit Kalyan
Ishmit Kalyan Aylar önce
Please share the lyrics too...of every song that you play
Bishal Lama
Bishal Lama Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/Zf0XiuDW0Lw/video.html please do check my original song, listen & comment no matter you like or don't your feedback matters. Thanks for your support and please do like and subscribe my channel. Love you folks. Indiefolk forever ❤.
mariana Aylar önce
this makes me feel at home.
Isa S
Isa S Aylar önce
Melhor playlist sem dúvidas...
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
Katie Serra
Katie Serra Aylar önce
Gabriel Lorenseti
Gabriel Lorenseti Aylar önce
WiLLiam Woo
WiLLiam Woo Aylar önce
It's makes me so comfortable and piercing my soul, makes me think alot and explore the whole world beautiful nature.
Jaysen Rouse
Jaysen Rouse Aylar önce
This really takes down my vibe its beautiful but its depressing tbh. 😕😔
Um Hobbit
Um Hobbit Aylar önce
Meus amigos que gostam de acampar vão adorar
Michelle Hastie
Michelle Hastie Aylar önce
this is perfection!
AnEvilSaint Aylar önce
this playlist makes me want to travel but my introvert as* won't let me lol
Palash Mudgal
Palash Mudgal Aylar önce
this freakin playlist man, so soothing, its like I do not even want to skip a single song
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
Camila Lk
Camila Lk Aylar önce
Camila Lk
Camila Lk Aylar önce
Que hermoso
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget Aylar önce
It would sure be great if ALL people in the world would actually be nice to ALL and not try. Actually think about others and how your actions and what you say affects others around you and think if that is how you'd like to be treated, if you where them. This world is corrupt enough with out any of us contributing to it.
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget Aylar önce
We all have the tools to get through this portion of our lives. the main tool we have is our heart. When we will figure out how to always listen to our hearts instead of listening to our ego (which is all of the thoughts that come from your head) Life will come to us instead of happening to us...... WE will figure out how to live in the world, instead of the world.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
LOCO !!!
LOCO !!! Aylar önce
This playlist makes me feel like I the world is a big, beautiful place ready to be discovered.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html a
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Aylar önce
best playlist to survive my online classes.
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html bb
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget Aylar önce
I had an incredile waking hour/moment, yesterday. that lasted hours. This morning I had a head ache and mostly drained of energy... I realize now, that without a doubt, I AM NOT ALONE! WE ARE NOT ALONE!.. We all have, at some point in our lives felt these same feelings. Feelings about life. You all have helped "clear the air I breath". I feel your energy's you've left behind, in your words you've wrote. Left behind in the comments. MY tears are of joy and eagerness to triumph in this life and spread moments of joy when the energy is right.
Thibaud Cado
Thibaud Cado Aylar önce
I want a vinyl !
Justyna Dystrych
Justyna Dystrych Aylar önce
The best music medley ever. Ideal for deep work and relax :)
عباس حسين
عباس حسين Aylar önce
YAS KO 😭😭😭😭🗻🗻⛰🗺🏞🌄🌠🌟🌈🌈🌈
Fernando García
Fernando García Aylar önce
Tabla Radio from India
Tabla Radio from India Aylar önce
Trent Dukes
Trent Dukes Aylar önce
If this is your first time listening to this, or your thirteenth; know you are an amazing individual and this world is blessed by your presence 🥀
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html b
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
First time. Thank you!
Larissa Young
Larissa Young Aylar önce
Hi! I want to add some of your playlists to a playlist for my students. Are your playlists student friendly? Thank you!
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget Aylar önce
@Larissa Young I understand what you are saying but what I dont understand, is that everyone in the world never thinks they have time for the certain things in there life. When in actuality we as people waste so much time on things that cloud our minds with mindless worldly junk, like FaceBook, netflix, going to the mall to buy the latest and greatest or going out to eat, etc... when all these things do is bring bad judgment for ourselves and for others. We should be using that time to bring good messages to people or listening to music to find out for ourselves if the songs we listen to, are good songs to spread positive messages. We all have the time to do good in the world but we choose to fill our heads with worldly things that cloud our minds. listen to your heart and find out what it tells you when you listen to the music. Dont be in a rush, let your heart guide you as you listen to each song in all of there playlists .
Larissa Young
Larissa Young Aylar önce
Bryce Winget I don't know why you changed your comment so I'll just address your first comment. I wish I had enough time to listen to every single word on every single one of their playlists, but I just don't. They have a lot of playlists my students would enjoy, and I just thought since they are the ones curating/making them they might already know if the songs have any curse words, etc. I figure if they know, great, if they don't, also great.
Bryce Winget
Bryce Winget Aylar önce
Why do you even have to ask?
Born2 SocialDistance
Born2 SocialDistance Aylar önce
So happy to find a great music channel without ads every couple minutes. 💜
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
Is it just at the beginning?
Road Dirt TV
Road Dirt TV Aylar önce
Road Dirt is an online motorcycle media, and this channel is the perfect soundtrack for a day of riding.
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
Dude, I bet.
Deana Vettenburg
Deana Vettenburg Aylar önce
The guitar in the beginning melted away the anxiety
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
biggest compliment ever.
Pratima Shrestha
Pratima Shrestha Aylar önce
Feeling so relaxed and calm ..really love these collection ❤️
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
I'm loving the spacing background sounds.
Weston Starling
Weston Starling Aylar önce
Fall 2018, flannels and coffee, sophomore year of college, fresh relationship, heard this playlist and that’s the night my new music choice became indie
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
You will remember it forever.
João Gabriel Peixoto
João Gabriel Peixoto Aylar önce
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
out of how many?
Blue Wildgrube
Blue Wildgrube Aylar önce
The nostalgia of the playlist is comforting. Especially being in nature this weekend.
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield 9 gün önce
@Blue Wildgrube sounds super awesome.
Blue Wildgrube
Blue Wildgrube 9 gün önce
@Styles Dangerfield northern MN to voyagers national park. The serenity was amazing. So beautiful up there too
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
Where did you go?
Gabriel Menezes
Gabriel Menezes Aylar önce
Não devo ter alma porque não senti nada ao escutar essas musicas :(
lucas crus
lucas crus Aylar önce
Gwen Watson
Gwen Watson Aylar önce
love it
Witzomania Aylar önce
This is a great song trshow.info/watch/mbAryNA-_ks/video.html
Elija Morgan
Elija Morgan Aylar önce
I'd love to go on a roadtrip next year after graduation with some kind and friendly strangers who are up to some adventures ♡ interested?
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
You can check some ride share websites. There must be something for just this.
TheHackerッ-_- Aylar önce
I want to go with evryeone on a camping but "i am in a camping wen i hear this" 0-0 0 -0 0- 0 ^-^ 0-0
TheHackerッ-_- Aylar önce
It's so so so relax wen you hear it in a road trip mhmhmhmhmhmhm
Becky B
Becky B Aylar önce
Sitting here on my porch in the woods at 4am in the morning, a full moon beaming down listening to this playlist, makes my world pretty perfect right now. Peace be with you fellow night owls. 🌙🌟
Andromeda Music
Andromeda Music Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/qsc_3V-w4G8/video.html a
Emma Hawking
Emma Hawking Aylar önce
So lucky
Styles Dangerfield
Styles Dangerfield Aylar önce
Tnt Johnson
Tnt Johnson Aylar önce
I love folk
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis Aylar önce
I love this playlist!
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