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I spent a day with human trafficking survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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▸ If you think you may know information about someone being trafficked, please report it immediately at: humantraffickinghotline.org
▸ Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking: castla.org
▸ Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program: mentariusa.org

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▸ TERRY - breakingfree.net

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AnthonyPadilla 11 aylar önce
come back next week for *I spent a day with people w/ SCHIZOPHRENIA* -new episode of this series every single week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
diann h
diann h 2 aylar önce
I am a survivor. Thank you for uploading and giving these women a voice.
xoxosmiley777 4 aylar önce
you should do a video on cam girls!
Bushcat 6 aylar önce
Thank you for spreading awareness to people who aren't aware of our survival stories... people almost think its "movie stuff" when we talk about it. 12 years since I have been free and I still have nightmares
Yeah 7 aylar önce
dude you need a trigger warning if people are going to be talking about sexual assault.
Myxomatosis 8 aylar önce
With great honor and pride for Mochi Minggaetteok, I beg on my knees for you to please, please, PLEASE: (and I quote) _ "Can you do *“I spent a day with Military Service Rape Survivors?”*...I was sexually assaulted by a member of the US military and never was given justice because nobody believed me...I want to tell my story."_ *JUSTICE FOR MOCHI!*
yamila babilonia
yamila babilonia 2 gün önce
Spend a day with spirits trafficking survivors interview me for free
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 2 gün önce
I find it disgusting that the women were in here, not because they were picked but because this happened to them. People are sick
Tracy Deskins
Tracy Deskins 2 gün önce
In CA to study this 1st hand. I was called " captain save a ho" sometimes it's too late. Good girls are turning into easy sleazy liars so they can be #1. Literally. Help me expose the insanity please of the cult making people go nuts to be #1, or with #1. This is getting very ridiculous.
Ferly P
Ferly P 3 gün önce
Who’s more likely to get trafficked? Survivor: people with low self esteem Me: *shit*
powerful enough to twist your mind
powerful enough to twist your mind 4 gün önce
Why watch Dr. Phil when you can watch Anthony
Jamie_Jewel 4 gün önce
Shandra’s personality is so bright and positive I adore her
Daisy Cardenas
Daisy Cardenas 7 gün önce
nessa 8 gün önce
las vegas is top 5 and its rlly scary
nessa 8 gün önce
pimps bring them here to sell them or go to reno but it is highly illegal here in nevada and you could spend life in prison
Addijaye 10 gün önce
I’ve actually met Terry! Although she probably doesn’t remember me, she came to my class in seventh grade to speak about human trafficking.
Amber ;
Amber ; 10 gün önce
I don't want to undercut these people's real and horrid stories, but the statistics he sites at the beginning are highly suspect. I suggest listening to the You're Wrong About Podcast's episode about human trafficking, they have great sources on the history of trafficking statistics and the suspiciousness of many awareness groups
Alja Klapsic
Alja Klapsic 11 gün önce
Omgggg omgggg omgggg omgggg omgggg 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👼👼😇👼😇🍀☘️❤️🌹❤️🌹💝
rachel slaughter
rachel slaughter 11 gün önce
I've been trafficked, bless you girls! Surprising, coming home is just as hard. Trying get your life back while deeply wounded makes yall myself super heros. Only those that been through this, we are the very few that survived the few that are here to tell the story of what you went through. Even though I'm happy now with a 10month old and my older son with me. But the scars are so deep I know I'll personally have to do theory, and major coping skills. My oldest still wont talk to me, most my family dont either. They just dont want believe it's not true, that I choose to live that way. That's ok with me, cause if they knew the truth and what I went through would be harder on them and open up wounds that don't need be open. Thank you yall for your story's! For I know how hard it is to talk about it, mostly at 1st. Also helps to know others to have had to adore this bullshit. Thanks
nowah blanco
nowah blanco 14 gün önce
I don't speak English.
Kysa Johnson
Kysa Johnson 15 gün önce
All of this is so sickening but imagining myself in that situation and being raped and abused… I don’t wanna seem inconsiderate about everything else cause im not. I could write a story on how I feel about all this but one of the questions i have is.. I wonder how their sex life is now. Like can they heal from all that? Because I haven’t healed from my assault but that’s so much less then what they went through. I wonder if they’ve been able to enjoy sex again without flashbacks or ptsd. I really hope so because to me sex is something so meaningful and important for mental health and relationships, I hope they’ve found peace in that part of their life because I feel like it’s the one moment you forget everything else and feel internal peace for a moment
Ellie Pennington
Ellie Pennington 15 gün önce
I admire these women and men that have been trafficked. I come from a very stable home and I am very lucky. I don't know what I can do to help spread awareness but I want to help prevent these horrible things from happening.
pancakes 15 gün önce
I read this as “I spent a day with human traffickers”
Hope-Cat 15 gün önce
What's disturbing is that if it wasn't for this video, you would never know these women went through all this. There isn't a specific look for victims. It can happen to anyone.
Crying Pixie
Crying Pixie 17 gün önce
Even after all they went through they’re so sweet and loving, absolute angels.
s B
s B 18 gün önce
I had an ex who was very pushy and had a masterful way of ignoring what I said and wished. Even breaking up didn't stick in his mind so I had to do it over and over again, yet if I ever tried to be nice and go along with watching a movie over the phone he'd take advantage of my letting my guard down and bombard with love and things he misses and "don't you miss that, too? Can't we make it work". I was fooled the first times but later just had to be stone cold. I was lucky he hadn't any sinister plan for me, cause he exhibited all the qualities Rebeccas ex had. And that type of person is really hard to get rid of, and set boundaries to, cause they plain and simple ignore it, for their own purposes.
ItsRedrum 18 gün önce
the sad reality of this world is Traffic Victim/Rape Victim asks for help: Police does nothing Black person breathes: Police fuck shit up. We have little to no justice in this world and its sick
V 19 gün önce
This one was so very rough. You have my heart in a sling here.
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb 19 gün önce
Thank you so much for sharing your stories Trafficking is awful terrible experience and no one should have to go through it
r_shlp 19 gün önce
It really is a man’s world.
Texting Stories
Texting Stories 21 gün önce
I am so thankful for Anthony. He seems like a great person. And I dont have to hearing problem, but I struggle too understand some things that people say, and I cant understand/hear some accents too much, so I really appreciate when youtubers go through the trouble to curate the captions.
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 22 gün önce
I find human trafficking fascinating and horrifying. It happens more than most people think.
August Pitatties
August Pitatties 23 gün önce
shandra is such a good storyteller
Cory Burfield
Cory Burfield 25 gün önce
Survivors of police brutality prob BLM😂😂😂😂
vip5hawol 25 gün önce
The fact that our governments are well aware of these sickos and the type of places many lurk around on the web (normal and dark). Maddening
Ben Chambers
Ben Chambers 27 gün önce
40 million!? oh ffs. wishing all the happiness in the world for these women and the rest wo have yet to be saved from this awful situation.
TheCynthia0503 Aylar önce
"We have sky" I bawled
C T Aylar önce
It's really scary to think of how drastically your life can change. It's easy and reassuring to think that something like this could never happen to you but it can. Having awareness is one of the biggest tools you can use to protect yourself.
Katie Bates
Katie Bates Aylar önce
OK I know this doesn’t matter and no one’s gonna care but she’ll just accent is so cute I love it but they’re all amazing women strong amazing wonderful women
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Aylar önce
Videos like this have me in tears. As someone who has been trafficked, hearing stories of others who have survived is so hard to watch but in such a good way. Shandra especially had me in happy tears at how amazingly she handled the situation she was in. Thank you so much for spreading awareness about this and issues like it. It gives me hope for people.
spookywitch Aylar önce
20:45 can you imagine if that list of her abusers was on reddit
Ruby Y.
Ruby Y. Aylar önce
It disgusts me that these trafficking victims are the ones with the criminal records and not the people forcing them.
Silver Mirai
Silver Mirai Aylar önce
now you know why your parents wants to meet the new boyfriend and know who you hang out with
Katie :p
Katie :p 9 gün önce
@Alexx that’s not what she’s saying she’s saying that’s WHY parents want to meet the bfs- to keep them safe
Alexx 12 gün önce
It’s not the fault of the parents babe
Diana Martin
Diana Martin Aylar önce
Crap... I can't look at this. I thought I can but it's so triggering
Ashley Stenberg
Ashley Stenberg Aylar önce
This is really random & also a message for anyone who needs help!!! but I keep seeing videos like this & videos of parents harming their own children!!!! & Every time I see these things happening it breaks my heart same with children who are survivors of a pedophile (I can relate). Prison is not enough smfh i would just once like to be alone with some of these people. I am bi-polar, schizophrenic, & have anger issues I’d love to just stop taking my meds once and honestly kill em slowly and cruelly.🤷🏻‍♀️. Not only that but I have been through many things in life and have been surviving tragedies since the age of 5. I now have a son who is 9 & I would kill somebody if they ever hurt him. ✨. But I also never allow those situations to happen I’m always watching. 🪐✨🌎🌙 & my son has also had to watch his mother be beaten everyday when he was younger (I have now been single for the last 5 years) but he is more of a gentleman then most men. & he knows to respect women. We all have choices in life sick of people killing their babies and then they blame mental illness or other things smfh.makes other people with mental health issues look bad. 😭. I mean yes don’t get me wrong mental illness is no walk in the park but there is ALWAYS help!! 💕✨ Sending out positive vibrations to the world today. There is too much Evil in the world we deff need more good. ✌🏼. I don’t believe in god but rather gods and goddesses multiples. & I feel like they have abandoned us a long time ago. 💔😔.✌🏼 Maybe a catastrophic event that would harm most people but not all would be good for the earth. 🤷🏻‍♀️. There is way to many people out there who don’t deserve to be here any longer. I was sexually assaulted by my own ex uncle when I was younger for years until one day my brother walked in and told for me & you know what he received? Nothing because my ex gpa was a police officer. & I still had to go to Xmas and thanksgiving until I turned 18.👏🏼. I know how it feels to be failed by an unjust system. & now at 30 years old I am just now getting therapy. Because at one point I was using drugs, I’ve tried to kill myself countless times, & I was not only in abusive relationships but also was being pimped out. There is hope at the end! No matter what age you can always get help just don’t ever give up. 😭. & I’m here if anyone wants to talk or I’ll even help you take your first steps to healing. No questions asked.💕✌🏼I am not financially set yet but after school here I will be so I would even help with cash when I can. 🥰
emma lemma
emma lemma Aylar önce
Human trafficking is HUGE in the state i live in. So many places you go you see signs that say looking for Xxx persons + will pay *insert large sum of money* which is so sad to see because you know vulnerable people will and have fallen for it
Mary A
Mary A Aylar önce
these are all strong women… but shandra… man, she is STRONG. SHE NOT ONLY SAVED HERSELF BUT THE OTHERS TOO. bless her heart.
bet_jev Aylar önce
Years ago i learned that nail salons are also places that are often used as trafficking locations. One of the warning signs I was told is if its all minorities and one man. And now I get very suspicious of some nail salons.
Simon Ginger
Simon Ginger Aylar önce
in my country the only trafficking they talk abut is indiginous people, I liked that they gave to native people voices, but I don't like that they don't talk about human trafficking for everyone
Madeleine Leidy
Madeleine Leidy Aylar önce
Im a victim of sex trafficking and cops are a hige part in what hapoened to me. And trying to get help knowing so many are involved is sickening. 1st 2 times i escaped i tried getting help and ended up exactly in the hands of the person who was sellong my passed out body. These cops actually brought me back to the predator its how i found out most of murtle beach sc cops are involved. They even would video tape making it look like it was consensual when in reality behind the camera you have men threatening you to do so and if you dont do as they say you know whats going to happen. So why i dont ever beleice certain videos why you should watch out for some of porn people put up because some of the wkmen or most might be a victim as i was. They will do anything to not be caught. My body was burned with cigerettes to make sure my body was passed out enough. When i found thr videos thats when i found out i HAD NO IDEA FOR A YEAR. They tried Makin me actually think the burn marks where in my head. I shit you not they where that good at brainwashing they convinced me i wasnt who i thought i was that my name wasnt madeleine. When i finally got saved a man bought me for 15k so he could send me home. Basiclly the reality is cops dont save you no one does unless they buy you so you can finally escaped. And i ended uo lucky. There are so many involved and the scsriest is now in America a certain drug has made it here so their jobs are easier. I had a groomer that i thought loved me i had no idea for 2 years whar he was doing. They force you to take so many drugs to make sure to make you as sick as anything to get you desperate thinking youll do anything They say its how they train you. And people actually dont realize they help these people by blaming you. When i got back youd think for missing as long as i was my family would be a family to me i got told i deserved it. As if i planned on being raped by thousands of men and burn marks everywhere. I was beautiful and now jist scared. It seems i had no one when i got back. I knew why it was so easy for them to do this to me. They saw i had a family whi never cared for me to begin with. They use to laugh when i tried calling them for help. They got off on it. I still feel tortured thinking about how my iwn parents made it easy for them. Im not perfect but i actually thought my life would get better. And its hard fot me to look in the mirror and want yo even still exist
thalassophile Aylar önce
As a woman myself, I genuinely hope you heal from this, please do not worry because none of this is your fault! Those men's soul are already burning in hell!
p Aylar önce
Dude I'm sorry for you, porn hub + other is fuckin awful dude. Literally nobody should be watching it.
Ningnomaningnong Aylar önce
So glad they reached out to God and of course He was right there. This world is hard enough, but to go through it without the knowledge of God and Jesus and the hope they give you freely....devastating.
Kevin Cable
Kevin Cable Aylar önce
It's sad that people have to go through this... I feel so bad.
sstarouv Aylar önce
As a girl grows up, they know that they would be vulnerable to these types of things and it would be extremely scary. Some girls wouldn't even know about these things and think that it's safe to just let themselves free in the world, but not always. So, I appreciate that you go over these topics for others to become aware of what they could be going through! Have a nice day everyone!!
TheShyscarlet Aylar önce
The absolute helplessness I’m feeling now for all in situations like these is unbearable to say the least. Poor poor poor souls. :( Human trafficking is everywhere and right under our noses. We must do something as a society because this doesn’t just affect the victims, this affect us all. I want to know where to start to help because I am the beginning of the we.
Millennial Investor
Millennial Investor Aylar önce
Just bought in “pursuit of love”
hatziri valdes
hatziri valdes Aylar önce
Man, you're so engaged into creating interesting content about important topics. I love and respect you so much. I think you and Stephanie Soo might be the only professional, unproblematic youtubers I know.
SARAH . AA Aylar önce
If your corrupt of a government did something I don’t know like EXECUTION !!!! They would’ve stopped along time ago 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Auroras Fun House TV
Auroras Fun House TV Aylar önce
Like literally the they're almost all the same some more than others.... the one you think....not....probably better actors.... lol
Auroras Fun House TV
Auroras Fun House TV Aylar önce
When you look into these woman's backgrounds....extremely tumultuous
Alexx 12 gün önce
No shit
Auroras Fun House TV
Auroras Fun House TV Aylar önce
Yall are doing to mfing much....
Auroras Fun House TV
Auroras Fun House TV Aylar önce
They can... activist... insurgents. Literally they can
Iheart SinHer
Iheart SinHer Aylar önce
Rebecca deserves better…..
-Kai -
-Kai - Aylar önce
Shandra was supposed to sleep with 300 people to be "free" that would take many, many years
hailey renaud
hailey renaud Aylar önce
there are literal debates in the comments lol
Abigail Oberhauser
Abigail Oberhauser Aylar önce
I used to be best friends with a survivor. He was sold as a child. But it got the best of him and he became a bitter and horrible person. Man if you're reading this, I hope you're through the pain
Autumn Skye
Autumn Skye Aylar önce
I had a trafficking scare as a kid. This is so crazy. I thought trafficking was only strangers real quick putting you in the van i had no idea some will get to know you first.
Dot Rain
Dot Rain Aylar önce
My mum is a trafficking survivor. This stuff is really difficult so much love to everyone here
Singinactressjuliana H
Singinactressjuliana H Aylar önce
I spent a day with widows?
dəplôrəbəl Aylar önce
My opinion, sure to offend: anyone caught human smuggling/trafficking has given up any shred of humanity they might have had at one time and should be put down…no court and no jail time; put down and dumped in a ditch
Hi Have a nice day
Hi Have a nice day Aylar önce
This is so disturbing
aubreylolz Aylar önce
Rex Rekt
Rex Rekt Aylar önce
So this is entertainment for people? Huh funny ok.
Alexx 11 gün önce
@rem karie The thing is, what can he do? Would it be more helpful to do absolutely nothing or keep bringing awareness and sharing the stories of these women? There’s not much he can do, and yet with his thousands of dollars in donations he’s still doing a lot.
gacha jolette :3
gacha jolette :3 Aylar önce
@rem karie he donates it lol
rem karie
rem karie Aylar önce
yeah i think it’s a little gross he profits off of this type of stuff.
DatFatRat Aylar önce
besties stay safe. Don’t trust men And to anyone who is suffering from past SA trauma. Ur enough. It will get better. Ur a bad bitch and a girl boss
cat_jakefan Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for all this woman it's really sad to hear all this :'/
ieda18 Aylar önce
Im so proud of you Anthony. I grew up watching smosh, and too see you made this amazing channel is so good. Now that I'm grow up I enjoy more seeing real life things than funny stuff.
Jessica Salisbury
Jessica Salisbury Aylar önce
I remember watching a video about Jan, absolutely crazy stuff, im glad she is doing better now
Hi iMmA GhOsT
Hi iMmA GhOsT Aylar önce
They're so strong, all of them, but one thing WTF is wrong with everybody LIKE YOU PUT THE SURVIVORS IN JAIL BUT YOU DON'T PUT IN JAIL THE ONE THAT TRAFFIC PEOPLE?!?! WHAT ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT??? This makes me so pissed off
rdm1702 Aylar önce
I'm so mad that these women were arrested and went to the hospital and yet no one tried to help them. And that no one asked them if they were being trafficked? In some countries, it's protocol to ask a prostitute if they are doing this on their own free will. Also, when Shandra went to the police and the embassy, why did no one help her? What was their reason? Why did it take a US Navy MAN for the police to believe her story. These authorities are so fucked up. And how did these traffickers not get any punishment? I hope the government put their energy on these cases as much as they put on the drug war or arresting POCs who are innocent. These montsters deserve to rot in jail!
Deniz Kaptan
Deniz Kaptan Aylar önce
All of these women are incredible warriors. I admire all of them. Shandra i love you❤️
Loopy Mind
Loopy Mind Aylar önce
I live near Minneapolis so that’s scary knowing that people have been trafficked in a place I love
Kailey Persons
Kailey Persons Aylar önce
I love all your content and everything you bring light to. Also just a suggestion I think you should do episode speaking with Canadian indigenous survivors of residential schools. This topic is very important to me as I am part indigenous and I feel that a lot people around the world don't really know what happened here in Canada in the past and I feel that this should be talked about more and also to help educate more people on what residential schools really did to our people.
M J Aylar önce
I swear down humans are sickest Predators out here, and I’m so glad these women are sharing their stories because it’s a big issue and a crime that needs to be focused on more by the police and all law enforcement.
Harita Renu
Harita Renu Aylar önce
it's hard being born as a female in this ardenous world.
jules oxana
jules oxana Aylar önce
Theyre all so brave💕 i really hope theyre alright and safe
PartTimeLazy Aylar önce
I could handle all the other topics that Anthony has talked about with people but a I'm not sure I can watch this one. Edit: I was right.
Boo bug Louisville
Boo bug Louisville Aylar önce
I love these ladies! She really spoke to me when she was talking about. Give me the same amount of time you gave the enemy! That was powerful
No one
No one Aylar önce
Tacky thumbnail :/
rem karie
rem karie Aylar önce
yeah seems a little insensitive
madison schmautz
madison schmautz Aylar önce
this world is absolutely disgusting. cops are useless. women are in danger 24/7 and they expect us to just protect ourselves. fucking ridiculous.
Charissa Robieson
Charissa Robieson Aylar önce
I appreciate how open minded you are. Listening to people's situations and not judging. It's a rare quality. I've heard so many stores about abduction and human trafficking and it sickens me to think of all the innocent victims suffering from it all. Also "if you give the same amount of time to me that you give the enemy I will never be outdone" beautiful words of wisdom.
Tart Aylar önce
6:42 bro anthony looked like he was going to cry :,(
Political Wonderland
Political Wonderland Aylar önce
Lemme get this straight… the people that buy the woman (oh that feels wrong to say) DONT get records but the VICTIMS get charged with prostitution?! 😩
talia Riggs
talia Riggs Aylar önce
MV rất hay, i like it 😞😷🙁
Maleah Aylar önce
am i the only one likes watching his vids but get scared while watching it at night? LMAOA
flissy ransley
flissy ransley Aylar önce
would love to see a day with somebody who has killed in self defense.
Lewy Hipp
Lewy Hipp Aylar önce
I’m a native woman and the amount of our women and children that are trafficked is horrendous and astounding. Thank you for shedding light on this subject
RoughIowa Aylar önce
I read the title like "I spent a day with a human trafficer"
Jasmin Oosterhoff
Jasmin Oosterhoff Aylar önce
i live in BC and this has been a horrible thing for years and years especially with indigenous missing people. and the last year has also been insane with how many people have gone missing
Bella Buhidar
Bella Buhidar Aylar önce
I live near Minneapolis…. My parents never let me go there. Now ik why
You cannot blame them for being overprotective
A Eden
A Eden Aylar önce
The way these women raise their kids now is the same way my mom raises me, shes protective and asks alot about guys i date, and she knows a lot about how traffickers act and what they look for She told me she used to be around bad people as a teen and she has paranoia, part of me makes me feel like she was trafficked or something and wont say anything which hopefully she hasnt, but most of me thinks she is just protective and doesnt want anything to happen to me.
Esther Aylar önce
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you! God bless you🤍
Rainea Logan
Rainea Logan Aylar önce
Ask God to lead 🙏 you always.
The RedPandaCorn
The RedPandaCorn Aylar önce
How many holes are in your celling?
Gwen Aylar önce
The frustrating thing is if men didn't feel entitled to sex, this wouldn't be such a problem.
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley Aylar önce
I believe my own mother did this to my older sister.. glad my mom was out of my life at a young age. I been abused by a sibling and a step sibling. and it's just effed up. Not an easy thing to heal from
The Local Bookworm
The Local Bookworm Aylar önce
If it wasn't for my mum, I would've been trafficked as a kid. I'm extremely lucky she looks for me every time I'm out of her sight.
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Emrullah Sürmeli - Baba (Bedel)
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görünümler 3,4 Mn