[MTOPIA] SuperM's cooking, mukbang, healing. I won't miss any of it 💗 | EP05

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Yıl önce

No need to tell me... I already know ?? 👉✨👈
Did telepathy between Mother TAEMresa and SuperM work?
Highlight of camping🔥 We invite you to the barbecue party

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Mia Valla
Mia Valla Yıl önce
taemin is literally the cutest grown man i’ve ever seen in my entire life
Nabilah Azzahra
Nabilah Azzahra 8 gün önce
zoldyck 91
zoldyck 91 4 aylar önce
Kyungsoo Sings
Kyungsoo Sings 7 aylar önce
Oh yes
Nmn 8 aylar önce
Ronin Ashley Robert
Ronin Ashley Robert 9 aylar önce
Hes so gentle 🥺💗
Darlyne Yıl önce
highlights: -taemin getting all the correct answers -lucas looking for a task -baekhyun feeding mark -ten washing veggies
A N 6 aylar önce
highlight baekhyun feeding mark*
HeyItsNicki Yıl önce
Also Lucas being the only one to spot the cat behind them at 20:49.
KJID Yıl önce
Kai and Taemin start cooking could happen only at 2020. it's strange year. shawols and EXOLs congrats, our babies finally grew up
Luna XD
Luna XD Aylar önce
@A dorky mint 🤍 XD, I was scared that it might happen here too but thank god it went okay.
sayali ghadi
sayali ghadi 4 aylar önce
Ohh... Kai's cooking skills are next level. Recently he cooked rice using waffle machine. HaHaHa honestly I dont know what experiments he will do next?
yehet Kkaebsong
yehet Kkaebsong 9 aylar önce
Yeah that’s weird😂 Taemin in SuperM is like a mom I can’t believe our maknae grew up fast, Kai too last time Kai started a fire when he cookedㅋㅋㅋ
A dorky mint 🤍
A dorky mint 🤍 Yıl önce
lol although I'm happy they are growing, I still get anxious when one of them or both are near cutting objets and fire *flashback kai making barbecue and almost burning himself *😂😂
ShoTaro Milk Tea
ShoTaro Milk Tea Yıl önce
Kai: *Cooks* Kyungsoo: *Sweats nervously*
squish 18 gün önce
key fearing for taemin's life
E 13
E 13 5 aylar önce
Thundér 9 aylar önce
Kun also sweating xD
Hdvg D
Hdvg D 9 aylar önce
Manal Osmally
Manal Osmally 11 aylar önce
Kyungsoo efforts didn't go to waste ..... thank god 🙏
Andrea O.
Andrea O. Yıl önce
I really love the Kai/Lucas interaction. In this episode, Lucas was a little lost, but he really found his place with Kai and Taeyong. I might be annoying, lol. But I really love it. Lucas is 5 years younger than Kai, so I found it very cute.
Anne Xu
Anne Xu 8 aylar önce
They’re literally the definition of Tom and Jerry- 🤣
Nehal Mittal
Nehal Mittal 10 aylar önce
Yeah you are right I can see him a little lost in this episodes And I saw that taemin is also not really interacting You know what I mean Like the least he is interacting but I am really happy that kai is there to help Lucas and.mark is there for Taemin .
Aisa Nisarizulma
Aisa Nisarizulma 10 aylar önce
taeyong is indeed a leader of nct (growing up) family hahaha.. he really cares about his members and yes i like kai and lucas interactions they're so cute like siblings
outta here
outta here Yıl önce
taeyong and lucas have been close haha but i agree that he has found his place with kai :)
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485 Yıl önce
Ten call Kai "HYUNG" is so damnnnnn..... Cute,,
Nazma Bano
Nazma Bano 5 aylar önce
Yesss ... 😍😘 Me tooo
Aimee Claridad
Aimee Claridad 6 aylar önce
변 레이첼
변 레이첼 8 aylar önce
you're so right.. i thought im the only one who thought that.. im very used to Kai being the baby..
persian pearl
persian pearl 11 aylar önce
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485 Yıl önce
@Ohsehun Reisti 8:26
Lyn Kurt
Lyn Kurt Yıl önce
The way kai looked at, when ten call him "kai hyung" so cute..
Jenn 11 aylar önce
@Eritrea Temesghen thank you
Eritrea Temesghen
Eritrea Temesghen 11 aylar önce
@Jenn 8:26~
Jenn 11 aylar önce
Time lapse?
Jaya Yıl önce
Shalee Almazan
Shalee Almazan Yıl önce
Taemin's facial expressions and the way he speaks is such a B A B Y. He does everything with exclamation, purity and cuteness. Uri maknae ㅠㅠ
Rida Putri
Rida Putri Yıl önce
it's weird seeing taemin become "taemresa" here, while in shinee the hyungs are taking care of him hahahahah. btw, lucas is super duper cute.
desi lestariningsih
desi lestariningsih 11 aylar önce
I'm not shawol but i think outside shinee he's dubbed as the angelic version of heechul especially in the earlier days 🤣
Jessica Betancourt
Jessica Betancourt Yıl önce
Taemin: "Has Mark gotten into drinking?" HAHA
AprilshowersbringMayflowers 03
AprilshowersbringMayflowers 03 4 aylar önce
*flashback to red velvet’s red flavor*
L S Yıl önce
I have seen Taemin and Kai cooking in most of Taemin's shows.. I can't believe they took charge here of cooking.. status change from maknae of their groups to hyungs here really shows.
nikita maharani
nikita maharani Yıl önce
Baekhyun and Taemin literally become a different person in SuperM, they really are the parents of SuperM
Bite Me
Bite Me Yıl önce
i want TVXQ, Suju, Shinee, EXO, NCT all full member got together doing this kind of show. Possibly chaotic but it will be so much fun to watch
Samantha Nicole
Samantha Nicole 10 aylar önce
@Nine I was about to say, wouldn’t that be like 50 people?
Nine Yıl önce
2+8+4+9+23=46 members DEFINITELY A CHAOS
Maftuna M4
Maftuna M4 Yıl önce
More likely NCT23 vs Exo+Shinee+Suju+TVXQ🤣 Result will be equally anyway
Rachel A.
Rachel A. Yıl önce
Oh no Suju and SHINee is enough to be mad, 😂
Jade Ysabel Lauta
Jade Ysabel Lauta Yıl önce
Kai: I know because I’ve grilled a lot of times. Also Kai: Starts a fire every time he grills in Taemin’s shows hahaha
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz Yıl önce
Also in every Exo's reality shows
AJ L Yıl önce
That's what I thought too
Hayley Grace
Hayley Grace Yıl önce
it took baekhyun 0.1 seconds to call kai out as the liar LMAO
EXO LOVE Yıl önce
Genius baek forever 😂😂😂
Yuni. S
Yuni. S Yıl önce
Kai : Grill meat master Baekhyun : Making spicy cold noodles master Taemin : As mom Taemresa kimchi stew master *This trio hyung line in SuperM so mature, they take care so well as master of cooking for feeding their dongsaeng* 😍😎
Chrizely may Abadilla
Chrizely may Abadilla Yıl önce
The fact that Baekhyun was holding a brand "CASS" who are endorsed by chanyeol and sehun btw 😂💖
Totoro Your Neighbour
Totoro Your Neighbour Yıl önce
Lucas, watching and staring at the members while he's having an astral trip trying to find what to do it's literally a real mood in everything.
윈윈 Yıl önce
wow i cant believe taemin guessed all correct, i could never
outta here
outta here Yıl önce
@Jing facts lmao....
αimer biττer
αimer biττer Yıl önce
@rachel lee Mother Taemresa* 😂
Kingdom of Dreams
Kingdom of Dreams Yıl önce
The staff didn't think he could either. They let him earn a lot of coin things for every right answer, thinking he might only get a few right lol.
hello stranger
hello stranger Yıl önce
@YesNelle as u wish bro. Sehun & kai were caught by dispatch mind u.. as for Lives I think it was planned.. it had to be.. Also fr baek I don't he is d type choosing Alcohol u know.. if it was Xiu I could agree. also a disclaimer everything on d sets are planned hope u know that.. 😎
YesNelle Yıl önce
@hello stranger just because Baek says he's a lightweight doesn't mean he never drinks tho. and having a beer with a meal is different from going out with Chanyeol and Sehun and drinking at the bar. and I very much doubt SM planned for Lucas to pop into an NCT live with a box of cigarettes just perfectly half-hidden in his shirt just to drum up more popularity lmao. i remember when Taemin and kai were caught out for smoking a long time ago and fans tried to deny it too. (btw i don't think Kai does anymore bc he's such a health freak now but im pretty sure taemin vapes). nothing wrong with adults making their own decisions; more Koreans smoke than kpop fans realize.
arielle Yıl önce
seeing taemin having fun and being adorable makes me smile so much, they all do. superm as a group is so entertaining and just pure serotonin i love them.
lenz Yıl önce
taekai almost never outwardly say "we're bffs" but it just always shows no matter what they do. they know each other the best.
Keyla Rodriguez
Keyla Rodriguez Yıl önce
WOW I was impressed Taemin knows all the members very well, hahaha, poor thing the boys made him suffer, Taeyong is very talented,Ten is very ingenious,Kai is good at roasting, Lucas helping everyone just like Mark, Bhaekhyun supervising,everyone makes an excellent team doing anything
Roselie Mari
Roselie Mari Yıl önce
The way kai and baek tease each other is proof how much they already know about each other hahahaha
bloo j
bloo j Yıl önce
Baekhyun: * touches cold water * The captions: 'freezing ice water can't stop baekhyun from feeding his babies!'
Kyungsoo Sings
Kyungsoo Sings 7 aylar önce
He's the leader so he has too.
Simone's Microlocs
Simone's Microlocs Yıl önce
mtopia editors are bbh-ls and I'm here for it
Ismael Silva
Ismael Silva Yıl önce
they're so extra omg lol
، Ɖæ ve̲l̲vet !
، Ɖæ ve̲l̲vet ! Yıl önce
Pinkrevenge101 Yıl önce
Noo but that caption when Kai ate his babies 💀 18:11 Meat Master (chicken mania) tasting his child
Ashley Yıl önce
Lol when Kai was explaining not to catch the meat on fire to Taeyong I'm sure he had war flashbacks to both times cooking meat w Taemin and it catching on fire
baywin bw
baywin bw Yıl önce
When kai said that taemin guessed his fav food was right so taemin be like, "ah!" with the cutest face ever😭 and we even forget about his age 06:36
straw berry
straw berry 5 aylar önce
i was shocked when i searched up his age and saw that he was 28… i swear he must be 24 or something because that ain’t right! 😭
cayenee Yıl önce
No one: Literally no one: Baekhyun: MC Taeyong drop the beat yo~
Samantha_Kim Yıl önce
Taemin is so adorable when he got all the foods.. so cute!
key Yıl önce
Taeyong: "TY in the houseee" Caption: "coochee coochee coo" Me too translator-nim, me too.
IrmCik Yıl önce
can't believe Taemin actually aced the shopping list mission lmao cute cute cute our baby cheese is so loveable
Kkaebsong Yıl önce
**Taemin Exists** Us: ADORABLE, CUTE, SWEET, CUTE HANDS, THE WAY HE TALKS IS SO CUTE, VERY CARING Well what can I say, we love him so much
TyTrack Yıl önce
22:26 Oh my god The way Taeyong said with a honey voice his name "Lucas~"
Hershey Yıl önce
Is no one going to talk about how Taemin is just MOTHER TAEMRESA now?👀
Maddy Paddy
Maddy Paddy Yıl önce
Maddy Paddy
Maddy Paddy Yıl önce
@a y yes yes yes we knew 🤣
Mila A.L.
Mila A.L. Yıl önce
@WandaVision is it confirmed that he's a slytherin? :o
a y
a y Yıl önce
Tbh ten is very similar to taemin. They’re both extremely cute and nice here, but they’re both secretly very mischievous. No wonder they get along so well.
Y'all ugly
Y'all ugly Yıl önce
@a y lmaoooo
Rachel A.
Rachel A. Yıl önce
Taemin is so cute everytime he guess correctly
Sarita Mae Acebuche
Sarita Mae Acebuche Yıl önce
seeing Taemin in SuperM cooking and in Shinee being a baby while his hyungs are cooking wahhhhhh....😂
Anita Leiva
Anita Leiva Yıl önce
I had fun watching this! When Baekhyun and Taemin knew right away the role of Kai in the game LOL. Love their friendship. Thank you for the subs!
doie Yıl önce
taemin is literally the sweetest that i melt whenever i see taemin, must protect.
sara ts.
sara ts. Yıl önce
-Do I really know much about SuperM? -No -Am i watching this entire show at 3 am without no reason and enjoying it? -Absolutely YES
Camille Rivera
Camille Rivera Yıl önce
6:36 Taemin is so cute here ❤❤❤ his reaction ❤❤❤
Kim KAI Yıl önce
27:31 I love the way Lucas and Taeyong teased Kai here cuteeeeee
forever insFired
forever insFired Yıl önce
The comment section is 90% about Taemin and it’s beautiful
bless up
bless up Yıl önce
Kai: “Wait a minute let’s let Taemin get it wrong. After all its a game and we must win.” Baekhyun: “Thats right we should look ahead” Taemin: “I was afraid you would say that”
straw berry
straw berry 5 aylar önce
@multifandom ikr. it’s always hilarious seeing idols act like this over cheap prizes lol
multifandom Yıl önce
The 3 senior idols beefing each other and competing over a unknown prize that they could probably buy themselves anyways 😂😂😂
Nathalia Silva
Nathalia Silva Yıl önce
superm definition of ''we are not a team this is a competition''
OliviA Yıl önce
6:36 That smile melts my heart. I just love him.
skylion Yıl önce
Yes TaeKai have burned enough food to know the basics of cooking now lmao
kianmako Yıl önce
Taemin: I make delicious kimchi stew I remember the days when he couldn’t even properly cook rice 🥺🥺 he’s come so far!
린린RynRyn Yıl önce
I know it's really small but I thought the whole foil warriors working for the Mtopia foil factory was like super cute. Like SuperM-visor Taeyong's dillegence in meticously crafting the perfect foil plate for Big Boss Kai hyung is so precious. Then there's employee of the month Lucas in attentively following Tae-visor's every step like a little puppy mimicing it's mama like the goodest boy. And he looked so proud when the foil plate withstood the heat like omg I can't 💞💞💞💞💞💞
Calista Virginia
Calista Virginia Yıl önce
9:30 Baekhyun, Taemin, Lucas, Mark, and Taeyong are not being scolded or punished by looked-like-nagging Kai, the master of Meat lollll they listened to Kai very carefully. How cuteee. **Meanwhile Ten was washing the vegetables alone with his genius way to wash the garlic lol. Super M is indeed a super unpredictable group.
apollolovesdaphne_ 5 aylar önce
@Mad_ Hatter HAHAHHAHAHAH😂 good old days
Leah ♡
Leah ♡ Yıl önce
@Mad_ Hatter hahaha xD ah yes... DO the "chef" of the group burning the pork and not minding the taste... lol
Mad_ Hatter
Mad_ Hatter Yıl önce
@Leah ♡ It was D.O, while the meat that Chen was grilling fell on the floor by the wind. But I think both of them burned the pork the reason why Chanyeol cooked some of it.
HÄwãä EXØ - L
HÄwãä EXØ - L Yıl önce
Thanks oni
Calista Virginia
Calista Virginia Yıl önce
HÄwãä EXØ - L Ten was washing the vegetables, he didn’t get the lesson from Master of Meat Kai 😂 9:30
xlsl G
xlsl G Yıl önce
6:35 Taemin's reaction when Kai told him he's right...OMG I live for that!
Rachel A.
Rachel A. Yıl önce
Taemin is so cute everytime he guess correctly
Naomi Nao
Naomi Nao Yıl önce
Taemin can't lie to save his life😂😂
YoungCook Yıl önce
the way Taemin laughs and is super cute and Says Oh Mianhae to Mark when the soy bean paste bag falls 5:32
Jazzy Yıl önce
، Ɖæ ve̲l̲vet !
، Ɖæ ve̲l̲vet ! Yıl önce
Truee 🥺
Pinkrevenge101 Yıl önce
Ty followed him
Ridalin Chealsea Kharkongor
Ridalin Chealsea Kharkongor Yıl önce
Same braincells 😁.... I keep on repeating that part
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485
SaMaNtHa Kim_L1485 Yıl önce
Varshini Yıl önce
I thought that same thing UwU
Na_Na Yıl önce
8:27 Ten : Kai Hyung Pouty Kai They are so cute ......
sav Yıl önce
6:36 OMG taemin is so cute 🥺🥺
Rachel Pfaadt
Rachel Pfaadt Yıl önce
taeyong is so cute how do people find this smol bean intimidating????
sl Yıl önce
taemin really is taemresa. how could he know his members so perfectly??? that's a true sign of humility and care to really observe and see what your members like and don't like. wow.!!
Soma Chakraborty
Soma Chakraborty Yıl önce
Another similarity of Lucas and Minho both eat a lot and look cute while eating
straw berry
straw berry 5 aylar önce
@SHINee taemint how long do enlistments usually last?
Aldea AP Yusuf
Aldea AP Yusuf Yıl önce
I thought I’m the only one🥺😭
Aldea AP Yusuf
Aldea AP Yusuf Yıl önce
Omg even me found Lucas sooo attractive when he eat🥺❤️
SHINee taemint
SHINee taemint Yıl önce
@Soma Chakraborty yeah less than 2 months and we got our SHINee boys together, i miss them on stage and I wish them having their own variety or reality show after a long wait
Soma Chakraborty
Soma Chakraborty Yıl önce
@SHINee taemint I also miss him a lot but just 47 day left for him to return
Rute cristina
Rute cristina Yıl önce
Ten: "I can't cook" Also Ten: getting praised in that cooking show in Nct life
kfkm Yıl önce
_ MAY _
_ MAY _ Yıl önce
am i the only one always dying over "mother taemresa"?? 😭😂
Kara Yıl önce
10:28 aww Lucas! Look at his happy feet 😂😂💕☺
yana Yıl önce
Ten exudes 'quiet, obedient younger brother' vibes in superm which is such a contrast to his 'devilish and chaotic hyung who convinces the younger ones to do evil' vibes in wayv 😂😂
Maftuna M4
Maftuna M4 Yıl önce
@Nou Phong No way🤣Don't forget that they Have Baek as a leader in SuperM🤣 That crackhead is always N1 at that kind of things🤣 Maybe that's why Ten doesn't feel the necessity in extra roasting 😂
Lathifah Dhiya
Lathifah Dhiya Yıl önce
@I am me ikr just like Ten but I'm curious how Ten will behave since Kun and Doyoung is Ten's trigger to become really mischievous but Baekhyun, Taemin, and Kai is Ten's trigger to become a baby
I am me
I am me Yıl önce
@Lathifah Dhiya they will most likely also being babied with the hyungs lol
Lathifah Dhiya
Lathifah Dhiya Yıl önce
Now I’m interested to see what will happen if Kun or Doyoung in SuperM too lol
Mochis Mom
Mochis Mom Yıl önce
Ikr i was shocked when I heard him for the first time in this episode. But I agree he’s very different with wayv (i remember when he tricked yangyang the betrayal)
Shanti Mhatre
Shanti Mhatre Yıl önce
The ice cream bought for taeyong was just like him, *S M O L*
Kemeriya Abdurahim
Kemeriya Abdurahim Yıl önce
Jongin did well this time cooking well eating well too they having fun and their personality so cute but how can kai be so handsome unbelievable😄😄
Seetha K S
Seetha K S Yıl önce
I actually started listening to superM cause of baek,kai .....then I fell in love with taeyong, mark ..so I listened to NCT and fell in love with ten and lucas as well and I now I watch these show and I'm in love with mother taemresa aswell
Hazella Shawol
Hazella Shawol 10 aylar önce
@AHNAF KYS AZMI true hahaha cutieee baby cheese
AHNAF KYS AZMI 11 aylar önce
Taemin is called taemressa here, but just watch him with SHINee hyung, and you will know he's just a spoiled baby 😂😂😂
directioner_eri_zen 11 aylar önce
小天使 Yıl önce
clakaw Yıl önce
Finally, Eomma Taeyong gets a reprieve from having to cook for hungry children. 😋
Princess Owotade
Princess Owotade Yıl önce
Ten is so cute in this episode!! Especially when he was walking around with the grocery bag saying everything he found inside out loud 💖💖💖
fuck youtube
fuck youtube Yıl önce
arent they such a sweethearts??? this group really stole my heart
Daisy co
Daisy co Yıl önce
This episode should've been called Taemin being a big sexy brain for 8 minutes straight.
RP Yıl önce
It’s funny how Taemin cook for the members while with SHINee he’s tired for doing nothing 🤣🤣
Mila A.L.
Mila A.L. Yıl önce
Because with SHINee he's the most adorable spoiled baby :3
Richa Thakur
Richa Thakur Yıl önce
Hahhaa I still can't forget that "aaah cooking is tiring" Taemin🤣🤣🤣
itadorkyy Yıl önce
@comefindme LMFAO YES
RP Yıl önce
​@comefindme and stay still while the kitchen almost burnt
comefindme Yıl önce
Taemin: *does nothing* Also Taemin: cooking is so tiring I'm referencing SHINee's reality show of course xD
Tokio Lotus
Tokio Lotus Yıl önce
2:33 is the smile of a damn fox, Taekai being sneaky friendos
A K Yıl önce
Taemins smile is the cutest
Shell Gutierrez
Shell Gutierrez Yıl önce
Taemin is too beautiful. Not in a handsome or pretty way but in a godly way.
Hannah Taylor Lindsey
Hannah Taylor Lindsey Yıl önce
Taemin in music videos : Sexy god Taemin in real life : cuteness overload BASICALLY he is perfect
Rukhaya Ridha
Rukhaya Ridha Yıl önce
Ten : I CANT COOK ANYTHING Baekhyun : its okay... You can have it delivered!
Ramen nikki
Ramen nikki Yıl önce
Shannen Patricia
Shannen Patricia Yıl önce
'modern day problems require modern day solution' 😆
Rukhaya Ridha
Rukhaya Ridha Yıl önce
@Ramla Ahammed then backoff!😂😪
Ramla Ahammed
Ramla Ahammed Yıl önce
@Rukhaya Ridha But nothing works as per my wish.
Rukhaya Ridha
Rukhaya Ridha Yıl önce
@Ramla Ahammed as you wish😂❤️
【MIZ_dream】 Yıl önce
kai really out here starting a masterclass for grilling pork
Topanga Leija
Topanga Leija Yıl önce
lucas looking lost without a role during the barbeque is so adorable
Sis Yıl önce
6:36 I don't think I've ever been that cute in my entire life
Mila A.L.
Mila A.L. Yıl önce
omggg I loveee reading this comment section full of praise and love for Taemin ♡♡♡♡♡♡
fathima fathi
fathima fathi Yıl önce
Kai and taeyong : meat master Baekhyun and mark : spicy cold noodle master Taemin : kimchi stew master Meanwhile lucas [staring] : wtf am i supposed to do -_-
Lady Red
Lady Red Yıl önce
@simsgazytech Lucas can actually cook tho, although pretty standard level. He has cooked on both NCT Life and DreamPlan(outtakes). Not to mention that he grew up helping at his parents’ restaurant in HK.
Li ba
Li ba Yıl önce
Ten : Veggies master...🥦🥬
Li ba
Li ba Yıl önce
Ten : Veggies master...🥦🥬
pema yedam
pema yedam Yıl önce
Oh daddy
Oh daddy Yıl önce
Ten: 'Washing the veggies' master
Siti Nur Aisyah
Siti Nur Aisyah Yıl önce
SM, these editors need a raise!!! Good job in pointing out the little details for Mark! I noticed a lot of short clips were made out of Mark's expressions😂😂😂 loves their captions too!!! Definitely someone who done their research👌🏻
twnwng Yıl önce
yes! The editors and the translators were very good, I also like the staff reading out the games with her dry humor! Thank u staff
EXO ES MI LUZ Yıl önce
taemin is so cute, que lindo.
BelleSsi Yıl önce
I remember when my cousin and i cooking noodles and telling each other if the water is enough by using word “STOP” like Mark and Taemin do:)))
when taemin asked mark if now he was into drinking 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Onjongminkeytaem Yıl önce
Taemin at debut: "Prettier than most girl group members" Taemin at 27: "Cuter than most babies" Our baby cheese literally makes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I've never seen him this comfortable on camera than with 5HINee and it makes my heart so happy.
itadorkyy Yıl önce
i guess he just missed being in a group 💙
NoctLightCloud Yıl önce
agree! This group seems to be cure for his soul.
Saddlemomma Yıl önce
I know. He's totally different lately. I remember him constantly lamenting about how much he missed his SHINee hyungs during his pre-concert and after-concert interviews during the last couple years. He was so sad. Now, he's bright and happy. I think being with this group, especially since he's been with Kai, it lifted his spirits A LOT. Now Onew and Key are back too. He must be overjoyed. I know Onew was with him on the "Criminal" MV set. Just waiting for Minho now.
Riceballmusicandstuff Yıl önce
11:56, mark straight up “fank uu”ed that man, time to cry over how babie he is
Anna Penguiin
Anna Penguiin Yıl önce
25:27 Mark having to learn how to stifle his laughter throughout the years must've been such a challenge
Annisa Fortuna
Annisa Fortuna Yıl önce
Ty: icecream Baek: alcohol Lucas: rice Kai: meat Mark: soybean Ten: ramyeon
A K Yıl önce
I love how the older senior members are always so encouraging and loving towards the younger ones like their kids, it's so endearing and heart warming ❤️🥺
Ncity Yıl önce
Kai : Lets grill pork belly! *[Foil factory is working hard. Take the order! Foil factory immediately reopens]* I don't know why Taeyong and Lucas look cute here. And the caption suits them very well kkk
Chéri 6 aylar önce
Mark: says "Mul?" (water in Korean) in Canadian accent Taemin: says STAHP! (stop) in Korean accent And I think that's super cute 😍
tasfia Yıl önce
I don't even really know taemin that well but just fell in love with him , whyyy is he dis cute my heart is hurting :"))
chaeshi Yıl önce
TAEMIN IS SO CUTE I CAN'T STOP SMILING FROM WATCHING HIM T_____T Baby did a great job at grocery shopping, guessing all the members right and even cooking for them when he had an injured wrist T____T our mother taemresa
Isha Thakor
Isha Thakor Yıl önce
superm: divide up the tasks superm: gather around taeyong to watch him do the foil thing
ɴᴇᴏ ᴄɪᴛʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ⸝⸝ MOAZEN
ɴᴇᴏ ᴄɪᴛʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ⸝⸝ MOAZEN Yıl önce
No one knows SuperM members better than Mother TAEMresa 😌
Danesh Aqua
Danesh Aqua Yıl önce
Taemin is so smart
Lucero Butrón
Lucero Butrón 6 aylar önce
Awww Lucas estaba más interesado en el gatito que en el juego jaja tan lindo 20:49
sl Yıl önce
i love the fact that they all got to spend quality healing time like this together. please give them ANOTHER reality show!!!! they're so much fun to watch!!!
Saddlemomma Yıl önce
I can just imagine SHINee Key watching this cooking chaos and having a meltdown.
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