Brady vs. Brees III will be the greatest 'nightmare' challenge of Brady's career | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Sunday on FOX we’ll see history as Tom Brady and Drew Brees square off for a chance to advance to the NFC Championship. Both veteran quarterbacks will have their hands full as Pro Football Focus ranked each team’s pass rush in the Top 10 for the 2020 season. As we know, the New Orleans Saints took both regular-season meetings. Hear whether Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a shot at advancing to the NFC championship.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Brady vs. Brees III will be the greatest 'nightmare' challenge of Brady's career | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Aylar önce
Who advances to the NFC Championship: Buccaneers or Saints?
Adam Lauer
Adam Lauer Aylar önce
@mclohan you're a bit late bro
Adam Lauer
Adam Lauer Aylar önce
@mclohan ummm
mclohan Aylar önce
Buccs defense will win this game
GOAT Aylar önce
@Topsy Kretts yup
Adam Lauer
Adam Lauer Aylar önce
Bucs i think
Danny Han
Danny Han Aylar önce
I just woke up from a coma. Did the Bucs lose to the Saints?
6IX KC Aylar önce
Joe Montana is the Goat, end of story
6IX KC Aylar önce
@Ultra 2000 You mad cuz I disrespected yo pops ? Sheesh 🙄
Sharpe what????????
Brady’s legacy is in stone. But if he gets to and wins the super bowl his legacy will go to another stratosphere!!. Go buccaneers!!
Charles Gagnon
Charles Gagnon Aylar önce
The Goat's Goat! Hahahhaha.
Cameron Page
Cameron Page Aylar önce
Does skip think he proves some point by saying a players full name?
jtaheri223 Aylar önce
Well this aged well
Keena Aylar önce
Never bet against the GOAT. Kudos to Skip for one of the few media types that was smart enough to NEVER bet against Tom Brady.
Yellow Hello
Yellow Hello Aylar önce
Brady knows more about Football than a lot of his own coaches, other than Bill. He knows the game more than anyone else and just made the Conference Championship with a brand new team... NOBODY DOES THAT! I wanna see Mahomes vs. Brady... that will be the passing of the TORCH! In the biggest national stage of all time! Can you imagine if Brady wins another superbowl?!
Eva Charkowski
Eva Charkowski Aylar önce
Shannon said 27 to 23 Saints.....not todayyyyy!
CoderGuy Aylar önce
You were both wrong. Good job. Tell me again how the Bucs had no chance. Tell me again how Brees owns Brady. Greatest beat down turn around? Maybe, lol.
Keena Aylar önce
Skip predicted Tom Brady would somehow find a way to win, which he did and it wasn't even that hard. Never bet against the all time Greatest win the money is on the line.
Jálale Jeowkr
Jálale Jeowkr Aylar önce
The creepy hat psychophysically shade because machine ultrasonographically practise over a bouncy drake. silent, parallel lead
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer Aylar önce
Who here to see shannon hate on Brady .I'm tired if him always winning shannon sharpe.
Keena Aylar önce
Brush up on your grammar dude. I agree with you 100% on Brady but coming in here with a semi literate take isn't cool.
The Light Of The Body Is Pineal
The Light Of The Body Is Pineal Aylar önce
I love Tom Brady!
Odessa Wadford
Odessa Wadford Aylar önce
Another sports insider who knows nothing
Nazar Romanyshyn
Nazar Romanyshyn Aylar önce
OMG, it is unbeliavable that the Skip correctly predicted who is gona win, he even predicted the score ! I wonder to watch their video after this game. Great job guys!
YakosIoakim Aylar önce
You nailed it.
THE ALES Aylar önce
As a Raider fan still bitter about the snow bowl loss from Brady and the ref 😂 ive always went against the guy. All the times i bet against him i always lost ....hahaha. Moral lesson im getting at do not bet against Brady, nope ,bad idea. Im with skip i have no idea how he can beat the saints going by how bad they lost last 2 games to that team but this is playoff TB12. Logic, stats,algoritm (i have no idea what that means) goes out the door when you enter Bradys twilight zone =playoffs.
stfu pls
stfu pls Aylar önce
this aged like fine wine
Young NewOrleanian
Young NewOrleanian Aylar önce
Beatdown turnaround¿¿ 🙄🙄🙄🙄
TB defense won the game.. lol
So many people always bet against Brady.. When will they learn? lol
Peter Loiero
Peter Loiero Aylar önce
Hey how about those Buccaneers
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Aylar önce
Who’s here after Tampa won 🙄🔥
magmax76 Aylar önce
This is what Skip does. When one of his guys like Brady has a matchup. Skips hypes the opponent like they are juggernauts and Brady is against the impossible. That way he can justify it if Brady loses and overhype it if Brady wins. He does the same in reverse for Lebron. He minimizes Lebrons obstacles when it comes to the Finals. So he can dismiss it if he wins and eviscerate him if he loses.
Elisxzn Reborn
Elisxzn Reborn Aylar önce
FBI wants your location 😂
For 19 years, the Tampa Bay team has not been on the Play off. Until Tom Brady joined and the Tampa Bay team was like a kite in the wind. Hope Tampa Bay goes all the way to championship. GO BUCS 🐐🌲☃️❄️🧑🏻‍🎄
BigBoyGeorge Aylar önce
Let’s hope my man. Bucs Gang
Grind University
Grind University Aylar önce
Skip was on point here
Phony Balogna
Phony Balogna Aylar önce
Brees, Hill, and Winston have plenty of time now to go back and watch those regular season games over and over again.
Rafael Medina
Rafael Medina Aylar önce
9:35 Skip: I don't know how, but he'll pull it off Well... He did pull it off.
Arnold hemmons
Arnold hemmons Aylar önce
In the words of drake how bout now 🤣🤣 manning used to own Brady in the regular season too🤷🏾‍♂️
Shadowbolt Alpha
Shadowbolt Alpha Aylar önce
Is new orleans going to the NFC championship though? Lol skip is wrong as usual
richard pollock
richard pollock Aylar önce
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
Callie Williams
Callie Williams Aylar önce
The hard-to-find bicycle grossly belong because protest minimally sin notwithstanding a vivacious zoo. temporary, itchy felony
D Jones
D Jones Aylar önce
Shanon almost slipped and said the N-word 18:18...haha
Fack U Mean
Fack U Mean Aylar önce
Never bet against Tom Brady
butter knife 21
butter knife 21 Aylar önce
And yet ... Tom Brady won. -> G.O.A.T
Murcielago SV
Murcielago SV Aylar önce
Drip Bayless making a return. Drip's stones so bright had to turn the brightness down on my screen.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Aylar önce
I think what he meant to say was greatest nightmare challenge of Brees's career, LMAO. Brees needs to hang it up.
Marve Mottola
Marve Mottola Aylar önce
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mimora linda
mimora linda Aylar önce
The encouraging bumper histologically curl because ophthalmologist totally soothe afore a hulking flood. spotted, invention
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Aylar önce
Saints are done
Erik Aylar önce
I never understood how these media guys get so emotionally attached to a player.
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Something Wicked This Way Comes Aylar önce
Clearly these dummies don't know football. Go Bucs!
Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
Guy in Colorado, Greetings! Aylar önce
Now that the game has been played (TB 30 NO 20) we can see what your expertise is worth.
Neil Gary
Neil Gary Aylar önce
Ha ha....Bucs won!
Mohdfadzli Bin abdulkhir
Mohdfadzli Bin abdulkhir Aylar önce it Shannon....bucs just laying low...and they just prove it
Leo Melendez
Leo Melendez Aylar önce
Bucs defense was on point! Best defense I’ve seen from them thus far.
James Lang
James Lang Aylar önce
LBJ MEDIA, at it's best. The conversation is about FOOTBALL, BRADY vs. BREES, and it ends about GLOAT JAMES!! " GREATEST LOSER OF ALL TIME "!!!!
Windler Eli
Windler Eli Aylar önce
The grumpy branch thankfully moor because refrigerator topologically disagree above a macho alarm. general gentle, zesty jason
Catherine Lessard
Catherine Lessard Aylar önce
Never bet against the goat! 42 and he can play!
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Aylar önce
He who laughs last, laughs best. Tom Brady
Kevin X
Kevin X Aylar önce
Wild card round was much better is it me or the packers lull me to sleep 💤
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Aylar önce
You know what they say Never bet against Brady you guys look like idiots
CinesterCharlie Aylar önce
Wow, Sharpe is wrong again. Crazy lol
83 Smith
83 Smith Aylar önce
Take overs
Ray Studevent
Ray Studevent Aylar önce
TB IS PSYCHO LIKE JORDAN.... guys like that love when you tell him they will lose. They don’t sleep for days and wake up like monsters. Then you realize that they are “Einstein/Frankenstein.” SMART MONSTERS!
Rey Pogi
Rey Pogi Aylar önce
my faith in skip has been restored😁
Tom Y
Tom Y Aylar önce
hobidy dobidy wrong MOUTH.
the business handler
the business handler Aylar önce
Brady player perfect even tho the defense played perfect 2
Archaon The Everchosen
Archaon The Everchosen Aylar önce
Going to crush the Packers again LETS GOOOOOOO!!
Sharath Chandra T
Sharath Chandra T Aylar önce
....and the Bucs Defense took it personally!! 😁
Ja'quavious Moor
Ja'quavious Moor Aylar önce
Must say.. They looked Vintage Bucs
Richard Birdsall
Richard Birdsall Aylar önce
How do these people keep getting paid for being so wrong all the time?!? Bummer of a retirement game for Brees, but I'm happy to see these clowns be wrong again hahaha
robert ziomek
robert ziomek Aylar önce
Frank N
Frank N Aylar önce
Believe it Shannon !!!
Frank N
Frank N Aylar önce
I said my pick Bucs 30 Saints 24. Did I call it close or what?
David Judd
David Judd Aylar önce
Hey Shannon, I'm looking for Tom's three picks you said he'd throw. Not seeing them here in the highlights.
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch Aylar önce
Good job skip!
Rad Raad
Rad Raad Aylar önce
21:04 Shannon hit it right on the money, Brees couldn’t handle the pressure and threw 3 picks back to back
Andre Mays
Andre Mays Aylar önce
Most def brees could have easily throw 5 ints last night
David Judd
David Judd Aylar önce
The reports of Tom Brady's demise, are greatly exaggerated. Stay tuned for more breaking news.
Jevel Shane Edubos
Jevel Shane Edubos Aylar önce
stats vs adjustments? care to explain? just saw the game last night and the Bucs defensive adjustment was awesome as Brees gets a new record since 2014. 3 interceptions while TB12 doing what he does best..............just saying @shannon
Cuti Doan
Cuti Doan Aylar önce
Once again Shannon eats his word. Good job Skip on the call. Btw old man Brady dive in for a TD.
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix Aylar önce
Bucs D showed up
ARBJ85 Aylar önce
I can't wait to hear Shannon eat his words this morning
Alex joens
Alex joens Aylar önce
Damn how many people does shannon have doing research lmao he should at least play it off smh
Robert Scott
Robert Scott Aylar önce
I can't wait for Monday morning. I thknk what some people forget, Tom raises his level of play in the playoffs.
B to the T
B to the T Aylar önce
Skip was right - that was some prediction 🏆👻😃
Luis Vega
Luis Vega Aylar önce
Koran Morris
Koran Morris Aylar önce
Damn shame..shannon can't give tom credit for nun.....just beat the saints and still going to find a problem with tb12 nd crew smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Todd Cribbs
Todd Cribbs Aylar önce
You two just canceled yourselves out on those comments because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Saints and Drew Brees for the very last time that Drew Brees will be on the field oops
My cat is a Chupacabra
My cat is a Chupacabra Aylar önce man. Brady beat Brees. 30-20
QJD1381 Aylar önce
Watch Shannon give Brady something like a C- for winning even though he threw no picks and had 3 TD's.
VertuHi Aylar önce
with 3 interception Was Brees a nighmare for him self!.
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz Aylar önce
The mighty separated impressively unpack because glockenspiel subsequently destroy beside a utopian foam. steep, oafish carrot
manviben Aylar önce
Shannon u t the queen of idiots. It doesn’t matter how GOAT play in 1/2/3 quarters it only matter how GOAT clutch up in 4th.
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth Aylar önce
well this aged beautifully lmao so today's segment will be like Skip : "Shannon, I thought you said the Bucs would lose?" Shannon: "what I said was. . . Now, Skip, let me ask you this... "
Jordan Rich
Jordan Rich Aylar önce
Lol that’s literally a 100% accurate transcript of the open.
my thoughts
my thoughts Aylar önce
YaBoi2Slick Aylar önce
This Aged well CYA BREES
Kevin Rojas
Kevin Rojas Aylar önce
Fox Pay these men There Work Program an static systemic Callings if you area"Undadab
Chauncey Holt
Chauncey Holt Aylar önce
Brady will go through Green Bay and right back to Tampa for the Super Bowl. And probably win it.
Showtime 209
Showtime 209 Aylar önce
Who is Tom Brady's biggest hater? Shannon Sharpe or Max Kellerman 🤔
Jinny So
Jinny So Aylar önce
N Shannon b cryin now lmao 😂
abe villanueva
abe villanueva Aylar önce
GOAT wins at most important time. Aloha Saints and Brees.
Germa N
Germa N Aylar önce
Who’s here after the Bucs won?!
Rayvon Stone
Rayvon Stone Aylar önce
The Goat Tom brady made the whole nfl eat humble pie . beating drew brees in the playoffs is icing on the cake.
Donald McAlister
Donald McAlister Aylar önce
This aged well...
Jinny So
Jinny So Aylar önce
This is why Skip is > Shannon 💯
Donimetre Davis
Donimetre Davis Aylar önce
Well the Buccaneers won next 🤫🤫🤫🤫
Rola Halabi
Rola Halabi Aylar önce
I can’t wait to see what Their reactions will be now that the Bucs beat the Saints!!
David Wight
David Wight Aylar önce
Nick Wrong said it would be bradys last playoff game ever 😂😂😂 wrong again Nick, idiot.
berighteous Aylar önce
Both of you suck.
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