Cong Attacks BJP On New Parliament| Sullying Sansad To Settle Scores? | Newshour Special Edition

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In this episode of The Newshour Special edition, with Pranesh Roy, we will deliberate on the new controversy over the Congress statement on the New Parliament building. This video discusses the new Parliament building in India, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened on September 19, 2023. The Congress party has slammed the new building, which is part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, for its architecture and design, which they say has destroyed democracy and conversations. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh dubbed the building a “Modi Multiplex or Modi Marriot” and said that it prevents the communication and cooperation between the MPs and the staff. He also said that the building does not have the charm and openness of the old Parliament building, which the British built in 1927. He suggested that a better use for the new building will be found after a change of power in 2024. The BJP, however, praised the new building as a symbol of the hopes of 140 crore Indians and accused the Congress of being anti-Parliament. They also reminded the Congress of the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975, which they said was an attempt to undermine democracy. We have some experts in our panel tonight "The new parliament building is devoid of any democratic feeling that the old parliament had. Look at the manner in which Mr. Bidhuri crossed all limits" Lokesh Jindal, Congress. Watch Times Now to know more!
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@satwinderbarath5783 2 aylar önce
I learnt a new one today - No Ventilation by lights. No shortage of pappus in ConGrass.🤣🤣
@prabhudevak6049 2 aylar önce
We learn new new sentific thoughts invented by great sintests of congress party, how balish these guys
@mailrbn 2 aylar önce
I can understand, Jayram Ramesh comes from Karnataka wherein all the Marriots in Bangalore is owned by one Cong MLA. If Cong had the power they would have sold the Parl to Dammad Shree,
@hindurashtra63 2 aylar önce
Congress Party should boycott both New Parliament and Elections, It is best for the Future of the Nation.
@pichumanisankar2617 2 aylar önce
Congress is certainly jealous; will they shift back, if they come back to power, to the old Parliament House, taking a leaf from Jayalalitha.😂
@sreenavenugopalan936 2 aylar önce
Parliament is a house to make laws.. not relax and sleep! Cozy.. dear god! Its a place of serious business!
@Kun..07 2 aylar önce
Why bother. Congress will have below 40 seats anyways 😂
@theGreatkafir72 2 aylar önce
There should be a huge dom with loudspeakers so that the 5 times prayers can be done after that it will be a superb architecture..or it could have built in Mughal's style. The construction should have done by madarsachaap students.
@amitcwarrier 2 aylar önce
Jealously and frustration can’t be treated
@Seshamani99 2 aylar önce
Is Jairam Ramesh really an IITian ? I wonder. Has the Congress run out things to bring up against the NDA.
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
By keep spectacles like sengol can sort our consensus of civic democracy..,
@sreenavenugopalan936 2 aylar önce
Whatever it is...the whole lot of them will have to sit in that only! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 there is no where else to go!
@Kun..07 2 aylar önce
Not really, Congress will have to settle for 30-40 seats 😂😂
@dolly7426 2 aylar önce
Or get out of the country totally 😂
@vrindharamkumar7855 2 aylar önce
Also CONgress will feel cozy in their own house bathrooms😂😂😂
@lovesa4860 2 aylar önce
Why has Lokesh, of recent is talking like he is severely constipated 😂
@sebastianouseph 2 aylar önce
The inefficiency and incompetence of the Congress party and it's consequent jealously at the BJP's accomplishment is very much understandable..... It's not an issue that deserves that much attention & importance as accorded in this video..... It's best ignored...... Let barking dogs continue to bark...... Let the parliamentary business in the new complex go on.,... Bharat has a long way to go to catch up with the advanced countries.... Let's focus on that......
@malarrganesan2008 2 aylar önce
The opposition parties should just look at their ineffective policies for the past 70 years. They can change houses buy cars for themselves and add new members to their party but always not happy when Modiji do something for the country. Opp party does not do anything for Barath as they never consider her to be their pitrubumi. Here is one man who is a true patriot of Barath. The rest work for party. Modiji for Barath. His thoughts are for the bigger nation not like parties that practices nepotism.
@nachitrd 2 aylar önce
Congress is problem because gandhi not opening shame
@subramanil8094 2 aylar önce
Perhaps, if the BJP had named the Parliament building, after Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, the Congress would have been much happier 6:50 7:02 7:14 7:18 7:19
@nitichatterji5223 2 aylar önce
Sanju wants no one to heckle her when she's speaking but she doesn't have the courtesy to do the same when the other panelists speak
@dhkw007 2 aylar önce
Are we debating for debating sake. Jairam ramesh is juvenile
@sreenavenugopalan936 2 aylar önce
They want it look at shabby place .. 7 star hotel.. just imagine th0e standards brought in! They are complained about an amazing creation! Like how!
@sudhirpai7131 2 aylar önce
Congress men are following their leader no constructive criticism or suggestions only nonsense and bakwas shameless. Biggest problem with congress is resistance for change. If this is the attitude they will never come to power they will be regional party
@pichumanisankar2617 2 aylar önce
Good topic, but to be discussed in a light hearted vein but not with a political lens…….😂
@mnbhkkvfrucd 2 aylar önce
do you think the architect was stupid to dsign with no ventilation, enough light etc.
@pinglesworld3289 2 aylar önce
Pranesh The problem is not the new parliament building, the problem is that the building was not inaugurated by a Congi, and when history will be written then it will say that when the building is inaugurated then it was PM Modi who was responsible for the process.
@harihara1151 2 aylar önce
This ramesh is like ths .he said some time ago hindu templesshould be made as showchalahas as the latter are more important .
@ushamanocha9652 2 aylar önce
Congress has stooped really low. They pick up issues which are irrelevant
@HB231272 2 aylar önce
Ramesh ji ko primary school ka chair acha lagta hoga..... Aakhir mind mein angresh ka naukar toh baitha hi hoga...
@varadharajanranganathan3761 2 aylar önce
The pain of congress is.. they won't be able to fill the parliament..
@rkrao100 2 aylar önce
The congress really sick mind and in display
@nitichatterji5223 2 aylar önce
Jaitam Rakesh has not just lost his way, he has also lost his mind.
@BhaskarDrukGiri0688 2 aylar önce
What a rubbish talk by congress person...
@bobbysingh2990 2 aylar önce
Cong loot co. has nothing to do let's create controversy any how...but modi is coming again...modi rocks 🪨 🎸 😎 😀
@sreenavenugopalan936 2 aylar önce
Like seriously if he getting lost.. its time to retire!
@prabhudevak6049 2 aylar önce
These opposition party members do not have any these type of issues, there is no issues of people of India's, they want their lux to be enjoyed with peoples money they want it free.
@dhkw007 2 aylar önce
Opposition has nothing to talk about other than complaining galore
@suryakantthakur2862 2 aylar önce
Ye hypocrisy hai inka, CAB aur UCC par dono par hi contradictory stand tha Congress ka.
@ShivKumar-kf2nf 2 aylar önce
Its an insult to the human labour's who have toiled their blood and sweat, and insult to public taxpayers, let congress forgo their benefits as MPs
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
Any govt make a shape in appropriates in power.., it's not the matter.., but we not a munna Bhai.., we r greater boy to save constitution of democracy..,not by rhetoric wage..,
@karthikg731 2 aylar önce
People of India need to help congress resolve this issue by giving congress 0 seats in 2024
@suryakantthakur2862 2 aylar önce
Azaan karne ke liye thodi na banaya hai parliament 😂😂
@salmadivakaran4926 2 aylar önce
People who don't discuss serious business whether in old or new Parliament House can only make such statements.
@vm3912 2 aylar önce
This jai Ram ramesh used to be a news reader during Congress rule on Doordarshan. He is not even a politician, forget about a leader. The same goes for all their MPs. They think the lions face is too cruel, speakers seat is too big.. what is this? Are they kindergarten kids or what? They came down from 400 to 40, and in next election they will be 4.
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
More burden carrying in nest.., because of irtransperancy.,.not in garudha ND parambarah..,it's in unity ND diversity..,
@manthrianirudh 2 aylar önce
Why are we discussing about what Jairam ramesh said? Lol
@vrindharamkumar7855 2 aylar önce
If Jairam Ramesh requires a binoculars to see others in the parliament.. in that case it shows he's getting old n senile.. time for retirement for those who needs a binoculars.. waise bhi fed up of seeing the same CONgressi oldies..if it was Maino Raj Mataji who happens to be Khurshid khi Ammi and in speakers chair CONgress wud HV been very happy... CONgress wants a 19th star parliament commission nahi Mila inko. Isiliye fatt Rahi hai yeh cabalon kha😂😂😂😂
@harshnaik6989 2 aylar önce
This Triangular shape for public use building are horrible according to Vastu Shashtra, Old parliament was good according to Vastu
@subramanil8094 2 aylar önce
I think Congress is in a race to show how below gutter it can go when it comes to BJP. I am supporter of neither of the parties but still these kinds of comments by a party. That’s claiming to be a century old is evidence why it is not winning people’s hearts! 2:52 3:06 3:13
@mohanmath5955 2 aylar önce
Filmy dialogue only you can quote
@ganeshgadave7092 2 aylar önce
They😢 will make another building for sure with huge contracts with the help of middlemen?
@sanctimoniousgangsta4104 2 aylar önce
Congress is there anything modi has done for india warrants a thank you?
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
But people's of tamilnadu very aware of be Indian ND by Indian with colobotating in unity ND diversity because of strength our nation vibrant India..,
@nareshjadhav6834 2 aylar önce
Ramesh is courtier !
@RLambate 2 aylar önce
Feel pity for Congress, what a narrative now
@user-dp3gy1mn5u 2 aylar önce
Most probably the congress does not have any work.
@ganeshgadave7092 2 aylar önce
They want a cozy building with cozy deals
@anandkanhere5193 2 aylar önce
सारी फूफाजी और बुआजी वाली हरकते है 😂
@nagarajukr760 2 aylar önce
Since new grand PARLIAMENT has begun working....! Now old parliament house should be DEMOLISHED and an exhibition should be built to show case the BHARATIYA GLORY, HERITAGE, CULTURE.. (minus Islamic invaders)
@suryakantthakur2862 2 aylar önce
Pahile khud bolte hai ki development par baat nhi hoti fir yehi bakchodi karte hai😂😂
@rakeshroshan4 2 aylar önce
Lets face it. This political party called Congress has run its course. Its time to retire it for good. There is no place for durbaris and chamchas that are no longer Bharatiya in their hearts and minds. Every dynasty ends one day when weak family leaders take rein.
@prabhudevak6049 2 aylar önce
Mannerless opposition
@surendramohanashok4375 2 aylar önce
Jairam Ramesh is the dancing girl of Gandhi family.His job is to entertain Sonia Gandhi.
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
By using a people's innocence they r yeilding..,
@maheshkumarrao-ji5wb 2 aylar önce
Paraajay Ravan's shows mean mentality, Congress will Loos vote n not gain. Modi should ignore these small mind people like their leaders.
@user-ms2ut9qe3m 2 aylar önce
Congress has no right to speak
@mihirdas1687 2 aylar önce
Lokesh gadha eleterate aa he is congreaa
@bose6483 2 aylar önce
Khalistani extremists also created by khangress utter mishandling. Shameless
@harihara1151 2 aylar önce
Media person why do you put up such street istrife like commemts anf dtsrt idke gossip
@varadharajanranganathan3761 2 aylar önce
What crap, yaar!! Cong.. it doesnt matter - you bring no value anyways, wherever you are.
@abc24787 2 aylar önce
Congress , functioning of parliament look who is talking... Criticising the parliament building...JP Nadda has told the right thing...
@curious1731 2 aylar önce
There was no need of new parliament waste of money.
@patrioticindiansgj6704 2 aylar önce
please someone educate me has Jai Ram Prakash ever sat or won a single election ?
@Kun..07 2 aylar önce
Jairam Ramesh, 😂, no he hasn’t. He’s Pappu’s English teacher 😂😂
@vijayhuawei8219 2 aylar önce
Lokesh why do you come to all the debates and get trashed
@amalank638 2 aylar önce
Since our PM belongs to Gujarat..,but he contest U. P in Varanasi constituency... If they, conduct in tamilnadu by costly contests they won't get deposit..,why? People r very aware of their rhetoric..,it's a fact., might be they can threaten ND blackmail the party..,its unfortunate a ground situation..,
@Jhaaninc 2 aylar önce
Lol don't worry he's gonna contest from Tamil Nadu and address the people in Tamil just wait and watch hr hr mahadev bharat माता की जय वंदे मातरम 🔱🕉️🥚🙏💪🇮🇳💪🇮🇳💪
@saikirankalva8765 2 aylar önce
Can Stalin contest from UP, Gujarat or any other state than Tamilnadu or Kerala and win? Everybody has their strength and weakness, that doesn't mean anything
@PSP-lr7ms 2 aylar önce
​@@saikirankalva8765Stalin can loos in TN only... Just like how Mamta Banerjee lost in Bengal 😂 And how Rahul Gandhi lost in UP
@vvsnmurty7564 2 aylar önce
For God's sake please do not invite people with political affiliation for debate. Please call experts and have debate which will have incite in to the topic. It is waste of time to watch these idiots.
@vishnukapoor7436 2 aylar önce
What's the point of having u as politicians.... No wonder we are so 3rd world..