Painting with a Kitchen Sieve and Fluid Acrylics - Fluid art painting from Tiktus

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Tiktus color Art

Tiktus color Art

Yıl önce

You won't believe what a pouring artist can paint with a kitchen sieve. Let yourself be surprised!
The fine mesh from the kitchen sieve gave me the idea that you could paint beautiful abstract artwork with it.
In case you're thinking, yet another tool to paint exciting pictures?
Yes, I'm always looking for things and methods to create artworks that don't let the viewer guess how it was done.
Congratulations! You now know another great way to create art.
If you want to paint another picture, you can reuse the kitchen colander, it washes out well.
In the video you can see my wooden construction to fix the kitchen strainer over the canvas.
In my painting machine video you can see the construction in more detail: • Painting with an Art P...
I hope you like the idea and if you try it yourself, I wish you a lot of fun painting and great works of art.
Creative greetings
How I dilute my acrylic paints: • Acrylic pouring for be...
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Ariana La'shay Slader
Ariana La'shay Slader Yıl önce
So freaking beautiful!! One of the best pieces of I ever seen you do! There are so many other paintings I love of yours as well! 😍
Cathy Nordlund
Cathy Nordlund Yıl önce
I never thought a kitchen sieve would do much of anything in a pour, but it is magnificent! I'll have to add this technique to my never ending pours-to-do list! 💖
Angie Thompson
Angie Thompson Yıl önce
Loved both of these!! You are so creative. I always look forward to your next project :)
Domi Massou
Domi Massou Yıl önce
Both paintings are absolutely lovely thank you for sharing this with us 👏
Gloria Tyller
Gloria Tyller Yıl önce
I continue to fall in live with each of your works. The music you attach is also wonderful. I was particularly moved by today’s selection and wonder if you could specify who’s work it is as I would like to have it on my own playlist. Thank you and create on!!
anna coppi
anna coppi Yıl önce
Perché non mettete una traduzione anche in italiano
Lisa Melroy
Lisa Melroy Yıl önce
It looks so feathery - really pretty!! ❤
Be Your Unique Potential ~ Nature ~ Meditation
Be Your Unique Potential ~ Nature ~ Meditation 6 aylar önce
Oh wow! You are so talented with your colour combinations and blending. I adore this piece. I am loving your art journey. Waving to you from Cornwall, UK. 👏 ❤
Margarita Santiago
Margarita Santiago Yıl önce
Love the colors on both pieces Beautiful 🤩👏🏼
Nicole Relax.Cut.Glue.
Nicole Relax.Cut.Glue. Yıl önce
Wow! The round one was especially gorgeous!👏🏻✨
Ruth TREFETHEN Yıl önce
I really love your creations! The colors and patterns are beautiful.....THANK YOU for sharing.....Im going to try at least 2 of these!😊💛🧡♥️💚
CeeCeeG 9 aylar önce
This is so beautiful and unique! I love it! I was looking into doing a new craft. I think I found it! Wonderful 😊💖💖💖
Fatuma Rocha
Fatuma Rocha 8 aylar önce
Lindíssimo amei
C Alred
C Alred Yıl önce
Really cool effects from the sieve. Palettes was beautiful as well.
Tina Wheaton
Tina Wheaton Yıl önce
Would have never thought of using a sieve. Both of these turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing
Cathy Biggerstaff
Cathy Biggerstaff 7 aylar önce
Love the color combo!
shirley andersen
shirley andersen 10 aylar önce
love how both came out.very pretty
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing.
mary haislip
mary haislip 6 aylar önce
That is a really cool effect thanks for sharing it❤
Edna Vidotto
Edna Vidotto Yıl önce
Lindo demais 👏👏👏
Eve Mahony
Eve Mahony 3 aylar önce
Both are spectacular! ❤
Kay McCormack
Kay McCormack Yıl önce
Wow! Love the effects from the sieve! Both are gorgeous!!
Emily's Art Cart
Emily's Art Cart Yıl önce
It's amazing work!
Maria Cristina M.Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
Maria Cristina M.Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Yıl önce
Izabela Cabańska
Izabela Cabańska 10 aylar önce
Dopiero przed dwoma dniami natrafiłam na ten kanał te prace są zjawiskowe dziękuję za kreatywność i naukę.
Helena Vasco
Helena Vasco 7 aylar önce
Interesting techniques, beautiful results!
Людмила Браткова
Людмила Браткова Yıl önce
Обворожительно красиво!!
jkr jokaer
jkr jokaer Yıl önce
Okrągły wyszedł świetnie. Bardzo dobra muzyka. 😃
Idalina Gonçalvez Fernandes
Idalina Gonçalvez Fernandes 8 aylar önce
Alesiá Harlow
Alesiá Harlow Yıl önce
Peinture incroyable... 🎨 🔥 🎨
Absolutely beautiful painting
John Hill
John Hill Yıl önce
this natural flow could not be duplicated with brush technique. beauty.
Надежда Кураксина
Надежда Кураксина 10 aylar önce
Teresa Shaffer
Teresa Shaffer Yıl önce
I really like the methods you use. This is so cool. Thanks for sharing.
LMR Yıl önce
Really creative, love the blending and shapes of the colors. What did you use to finish? I noticed a high gloss with in the finish product.
Mary Bootsman
Mary Bootsman 9 aylar önce
😊thats wat I wonto no. Please reactie. Thank you Greetings from. Holland
Катран 10 aylar önce
Это очень красиво. Я просто как под гипнозом от твоих видео. Спасибо за твое искусство.
Christy Martin
Christy Martin Yıl önce
The first has points where the paint appears 3D. I'm sure it must be a combination of the layering and the turning. Beautiful colors, chosen, too. Brilliant!
Mariana eugenia Carreño de acosta
Mariana eugenia Carreño de acosta Yıl önce
Will I get the same effect if I try to do this on wood?
Tonia Brunetti
Tonia Brunetti Yıl önce
WOW! They are both gorgeous!!! Beautiful music too!
David U
David U Yıl önce
Beautiful! Especially like the second one!
LA Dauphine
LA Dauphine Yıl önce
Interesting idea. I like the second one better. I like warm colors 😉
Roy Russell
Roy Russell 7 aylar önce
Awesome work!!! Love using the sieve/strainer and the stick & clamp idea. I see a lot of questions about how you got the gloss but no replies. Users want to know, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Eve Mahony
Eve Mahony 7 aylar önce
The colors are amazing! Aren’t you the clever one? So pretty. Well done!😮
Alison Lyng
Alison Lyng Yıl önce
I love the little lines the sieve creates. Did you know that Fiona started doing sieve pours quite a while back but in a different way to yours?
Lindsay Huff
Lindsay Huff Yıl önce
I was hoping you were going to leave it spinning slowly as you were pouring the paint. It makes a cool spiral/ nautilus type shape. And spin it all the way out instead of tilting. Don’t get me wrong…. Love your work!!!! They are both amazingly beautiful pieces just as they are. I was just curious to see the end result if done while spinning.
Christine Ungvari
Christine Ungvari Yıl önce
Just beautiful. Both of them.
Михей Назаров
Михей Назаров 11 aylar önce
Обалденная красота
Людмила Исаенко
Людмила Исаенко Yıl önce
Чудесная идея!👏 И красиво!🥰
Gabriella Cavallo
Gabriella Cavallo 11 aylar önce
Beautiful! But i'm astonish for how you make so shinny the final piece!
Viktor Meethoven LeVergen
Viktor Meethoven LeVergen Yıl önce
beautiful piece! Do you used something after it dries that makes it shine? Thanks
Jude 8 aylar önce
Love both of them!
Irandokht Yıl önce
Using a stick to make some distance between the sieve and canvas was so brilliant idea👏
Miss H
Miss H Yıl önce
Both absolutely gorgeous 😍😍
Audrey D
Audrey D Yıl önce
I love this technique!
Frédie Nat
Frédie Nat Yıl önce
Magnifique ! Et ça donne des idées !
li ping shin
li ping shin Yıl önce
So inbelievible beautiful painting 😍
Emily's Art Cart
Emily's Art Cart Yıl önce
Oh this is amazing! The colors!
Tracey Kellogg
Tracey Kellogg 6 aylar önce
I don’t always like your color choices, but celebrate your ingenuity. These colors are awesome, though.
Melissa Phillis
Melissa Phillis Yıl önce
Make such beautiful patterns! Wonderful
Debbie Ricketts
Debbie Ricketts Yıl önce
Both are beautiful!
Lee Allred
Lee Allred Yıl önce
Absolutely stunning
Verena Maharajah
Verena Maharajah 2 aylar önce
What a very beautiful effect.
Champagne Girl
Champagne Girl 10 aylar önce
Stunning 🤩 I’m gunna have a go at it 👍
JC Creativity
JC Creativity Yıl önce
Vow! It's just amazing. I loved it very much.
Susan McLoughlin
Susan McLoughlin Yıl önce
Wow! I'm loving this! Just beautiful. What do you mix in your paints?
Crystal Paselk
Crystal Paselk Yıl önce
Beautiful! Thank you
Danuta Halina
Danuta Halina Yıl önce
😯😯😯 Fenomenalne ... efekt końcowy ...CUDO ...👍❤🧡💛💚
Е Т 11 aylar önce
Эту технику, как и другие дала истенная Богиня Гайя и Бог Абсолют. БОГ Света. Я это знаю....... Благодарим его за всё! Ведь это всё даёт нам БОГ.
Danuta Halina
Danuta Halina 11 aylar önce
@Е Т To prawda ... wszystko jest wielką kreacją Stwórcy , a my kreujemy poprzez niego ... pozdrawiam serdecznie ... ❤🧡💛💚💙🤍💜
Patricia Coilley
Patricia Coilley Yıl önce
C'"est toujours un immense plaisir de voir vos réalisations Merci
Валентина К
Валентина К Yıl önce
Достижения великолепны, что только не применяют, и так и сяк, а картину Малевича "Чёрный квадрат" ещё никто не переплюнул. Люди стоят и часами смотрят. А Вам удачи.
Khoobsurat Zindagi
Khoobsurat Zindagi 4 aylar önce
Simply AMAZING 🤩🤩
Linda Wheatley
Linda Wheatley 11 aylar önce
I love it!
Gowtham Balaji
Gowtham Balaji Yıl önce
Wow!Looking so Nice👍🏻
Willemina Fredricka Claassen
Willemina Fredricka Claassen 10 aylar önce
This is so incredible
Chandrika Kulasekera
Chandrika Kulasekera 11 aylar önce
So beautiful. Must try. Thanks for sharing.
Ammar The  Legend
Ammar The Legend Yıl önce
Wow absolutely amazing content with beautiful art work 👍👍😍
Mercedes Yimmy
Mercedes Yimmy Yıl önce
Cindy Nicolaï
Cindy Nicolaï Yıl önce
These paintings are very beautiful.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Aylar önce
That is pretty damn cool. I was sutting here thinking about something i could run my paint through to sort ot scatter it out or mix it while i poured. Nice job.
Christiane Moisson
Christiane Moisson Yıl önce
Magnifique !!. Bravo. C'est astucieux.
Carolina Cardozo Pereira
Carolina Cardozo Pereira Yıl önce
Lindo !!
Evelyn Jelvez
Evelyn Jelvez Yıl önce
Beats for the heart (Art). Thank you for existing... and being part of our World... Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving many nuances to life and painting lives in a thousand colors. May God bless you forever for being such a beautiful person and giving us your knowledge.
Mille Araujo
Mille Araujo Yıl önce
Belíssima arte!!!
Marian Thompson
Marian Thompson 8 aylar önce
Ma non è arte....
Alex598248 Yıl önce
Это так здорово и необычно!Напоминает космос.
Nan Collins
Nan Collins Yıl önce
VERY nice! Thank you!
Tanja Wiegrefe
Tanja Wiegrefe Yıl önce
Das sind 2 MEGA Bilder geworden❣❣❣. Deine Farbauswahl🎨 ist fantastische ! Und die Technik ist besonders cool 👍, da kommen so tolle Maserungen heraus 😍. LG, Tanja aus Deutschland 🇩🇪
Bananie 4 aylar önce
Love it!!!
Нина Гордиенко
Нина Гордиенко 8 aylar önce
Надо же придумать такое ! Вот это да!! Замечательно ..
Annette Sanchez
Annette Sanchez 6 aylar önce
Super beau, merci pour votre modèle, il n'y a plus qu'à faire, si on peut!
Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui 4 aylar önce
Genial ! 😀👍
Sandra Boyer
Sandra Boyer Yıl önce
Beautiful I’m so addicted to pouring what a wonderful stress reliever. My art therapy.💕🙌
Charlene Wright
Charlene Wright Yıl önce
Ok pj iuj oh I
Charlene Wright
Charlene Wright Yıl önce
Лара Лу
Лара Лу Yıl önce
Красота то какая, молодец, как в сказке побывала, СУПЕР,
Maria Ru
Maria Ru Yıl önce
Hermosa técnica Felicitaciones!!!!💝💗💕
Kodi Yıl önce
Looks fantastic. Is the paint mixed with epoxy or something? Since it appears so glossy in the end and like it has some hard layer to it.
Drx Monado
Drx Monado Yıl önce
This is true abstrakt art, patterns created by good old gravity itself. Very nice, it looks like a colored photo of the universe or a nebula.
Bill St clair
Bill St clair Yıl önce
Wow I'm just learning about painting and really enjo y the way you showed the steps.
Deepa Heeroo
Deepa Heeroo Yıl önce
Wow great technique. Amazing and beautiful
Beatnik Records
Beatnik Records Yıl önce
After it dried...did you coat it with a clear coat of some kind? It looks really smooth and uniform surface! Insights appreciated! Thanks. 🙏
Garcia Eloisa
Garcia Eloisa Yıl önce
Magnífico una belleza increíble bravo 👏 👍
Nunya Biddies
Nunya Biddies Yıl önce
WOW 😳😳😳 I am doing this TONIGHT!! I have aAll the materials right here!! Thumbs up!! 👍👍
Cynthia Jacklyn
Cynthia Jacklyn 10 aylar önce
John Harmon
John Harmon 9 aylar önce
Could you do this on a piece of clear acrylic or polycarbonate plastic to make it translucent and shine a light behind it?
Annette Sanchez
Annette Sanchez 11 aylar önce
C'est super beau, incroyable, juste avec une passoire, merci pour ce partage.
SABOR E ARTE DONA ROSANGELA Maria Pedroso 10 aylar önce
Alla Dembayuk
Alla Dembayuk Yıl önce
Wow! Without words! It was great!!!!)
MissSmudge78 Yıl önce
Oh WOW they are stunning. The round one is in Tiktus colours! Cool V 💜
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