369 km/h on the Nordschleife | Lap Record Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo

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2 yıl önce

Through the Green Hell at 369 km/h: Experience the fastest lap ever driven on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
5:19.546 on the stopwatch Timo Bernhard (37, Germany) crossed the finish line of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife this morning at the wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo. With this achievement, the two-times Le Mans winner has beaten the lap record on the revered 20.832 kilometre long German race circuit that stood for 35 years. On May 28 in 1983, Stefan Bellof lapped the world-renowned track with a Porsche 956 C in a legendary time of 6:11.13 minutes.
Experience the myth: nuerburgring.de

ELITON SABINO Saatler önce
Se tivesse a sétima marchar teria passado dos 400kmh e teria baixado mais esse tempo
michał botor
michał botor 5 saatler önce
this feels like nfs in real life!
michał botor
michał botor 5 saatler önce
wonder if this could be done in 5:00? i believe it could actually as the car hit the speed barrier at the last long straight. if he managed to enter this straight at 4:35 and go 400+ there, then maybe he could break the 5:00. probably with an electric car though.
Go Humberto!
Go Humberto! 6 saatler önce
That thing goes from 100kmhr to 200kmhr almost instantaneously!! He can give most drivers on the 'Ring 4 minutes head-start.
kurt kaster
kurt kaster 14 saatler önce
Maybe I've seen so many in car laps in street cars around that track, I could swear it was sped up at first.
Verbal Vertigo
Verbal Vertigo 17 saatler önce
did misha from the nurburgring drive ?
Cmmonwealth 17 saatler önce
Yh hybrid is the future
Thapelo Mothokho
Thapelo Mothokho Gün önce
How did they manage to fit his balls in such a small car
Morten Lund
Morten Lund Gün önce
Tears, goosebumps, suspicion of paranormal activity! How come this video is so insane? Now after having watched it over a years I start looking at the branches on the trees, to see if they have made some fast forwarding on the equipment. This is completely out of this world.
Morten Lund
Morten Lund Gün önce
Timo Bernhard
needful things
needful things Gün önce
And then the moment when you reach 368 km / h and Sabine Schmitz overtakes you in her delivery van.
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez Gün önce
I did 5:42 in assetto corsa whit schumaker's ferrari ,at the moment is the best i can do
William O'Leary
William O'Leary 3 gün önce
Thank you.
Neu-Schwarzburg V200001
Neu-Schwarzburg V200001 3 gün önce
Fly Porsche fly :-))
Les Secret
Les Secret 4 gün önce
My fast Lap 6:42.389 respect....
Luccass 4 gün önce
Once again on the feed, another time watching. Waiting for the Mercedes 2020 F1 car to attempt the record
Gordon Tews
Gordon Tews 4 gün önce
This is faster than traveling through time.
Shuvojit Rup
Shuvojit Rup 5 gün önce
Man, it's flying . Well actually it's flexing on down force . --- Some idiot like me .
Watercooledguy 5 gün önce
I did this in Assetto Corsa, same car/same track, and I was 13 sec. slower than this guy.
Eugene Pushkarsky
Eugene Pushkarsky 5 gün önce
Z S 5 gün önce
Weird that I’ve been using the Porsche 919 around the ring in GT sport and then this pops up 😂
김지성 6 gün önce
??????what the.....
RUMMEL666 6 gün önce
der moment wo man bei 307kmh einfach mal hochschaltet👀😎
Cdt.Causetout 6 gün önce
I expected this to go airborne any second. I do believe the limiting factor now clearly is the human pilot's resistance to g-forces and reaction time. Dang that was suicidal already.
MTB MATT85 6 gün önce
My Skoda fabia VRS diesel would still beat this thing from a standstill to 10mph!
Mr.Coolio 4
Mr.Coolio 4 7 gün önce
Initial D in a nutshell (idk, i dont watch anime)
torben JENSEN
torben JENSEN 8 gün önce
Love the fact that its electronically limited to 367 km/h
Rno R
Rno R 8 gün önce
Hi!!!!! Incredible turn of the Ring!!!! Impressive attack, impressive stability, and endless power of the 919!!! The boost is satelizing the car that is becoming a missile, and Green Ring becomes a Green Line!!!! Many thanks to the Pilot and his Car, and ♥️ to PORSCHE! This is the shortest video of the Nürburgring I've ever seen!!! ♥️ 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌😉😉
atomic kebabman
atomic kebabman 8 gün önce
this video, has the ability to make me happy, like few things can do.. periodically, i’m here, being smashed by the mere idea that i live on the same planet as this alien of a driver lives on, same planet as these machines, people tend to underestimate and just call engineers.. i bow to this, time after time.
ElephantRage 8 gün önce
I need a cigarette.
Furaido Chikin
Furaido Chikin 8 gün önce
Average of 234.59 km/h (thanks to that one guy) thats fucking insane mates and he maintain it in 5mins straight i can't even maintain it for 20seconds or maybe 10 seconds or maybe lower
hamza benkacimi
hamza benkacimi 9 gün önce
at 369 km/h and the driver been shake in car like he was inside washing machine i would panic if im his place even if im on 60 km/h
Maryo M
Maryo M 9 gün önce
Now Formula 1 looks like go karts
jOhNnYr1cO 9 gün önce
The 1.4K dislikes must have come from flat eartthers...I mean what not to like here??
Tommy Tomato
Tommy Tomato 10 gün önce
2:46 Boost is just insane
Tom Mallon
Tom Mallon 10 gün önce
I got three points on my license just watching this.
Qasim Ali
Qasim Ali 11 gün önce
5:10 look at his head😶
Dhruv Mittal
Dhruv Mittal 11 gün önce
Taking those turns at 280 ?
たこたこ 12 gün önce
Rutu Kedar Bhagwat
Rutu Kedar Bhagwat 12 gün önce
This just shows how much potential lmp1 cars have and how much is restricted because of regulations.
James Axelson
James Axelson 12 gün önce
I feel like i'm watching the red bull x1 from gt5.
UnoneTV 12 gün önce
I literally don't want to watch it before bed, gna watch in the morning. monkaW
BassBuddy's 12 gün önce
rapalo89 13 gün önce
He must have retracted his flaps not to take off at 200 knots...
MEGADRAGON 88 13 gün önce
WEC is underrated
Ant Dubya
Ant Dubya 13 gün önce
Despite the insane power & traction of the Porsche, this still takes some doing.
sheik DE
sheik DE 13 gün önce
This is not drivers reaction skills. This is hard word, training, training, training, ... and therefor knowing every cm and every single hole and every single rock piece on the track. The driver needs to get in an automatic robot mode. Same applies to the car. There was no 8th gear missed, there was no other transmission ratio needed. The car was optimized in many, many, many circles and also has many electronic support systems. Yes, could be 9 times on straights faster than 370, but with the drawback to be slower all the other time. This is Porsche engineering, which means, just to put more power, transmission ratio, gears in, would reduce lap times. Note, that 919 power of 1160 hp is easily beaten by many supercars. But that does not help at all on the Nordschleife, hahaha.
shadeburst 13 gün önce
This is a sim. On the real Nordschliefe there would have been at least two yellow flags and a couple of dozen blokes out for a casual drive in the family taxi.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 14 gün önce
Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo on the Pikes Peak
Alex Persaud
Alex Persaud 15 gün önce
This driver is a superhuman
bixby9797 15 gün önce
Ok, I was looking at the speed thinking 300mph? then saw it was KM. 180mph? Big deal...haha. You see how smooth and fast those numbers climb up and down now that is impressive
USER USERNAME 15 gün önce
I think teleport looks like this
Björn Kirschbaum
Björn Kirschbaum 15 gün önce
Sinn und Zweck eines Rennen ist natürlich eine möglichst schnelle Runde. Nur schön ist das vorliegende Beispiel einfach für den Zuschauer nicht mehr. Es gab Zeiten, da haben mir auch noch die Auto's gefallen. Ist wohl Geschichte, wie auch vieles Andere am Ring!
geisslersonMC 16 gün önce
hold on, I'm late to the party but the he just shave ~1min of the all-time record??? or nearly 20%?
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac 16 gün önce
What an absolute UNIT
Steffen Breitfeld
Steffen Breitfeld 18 gün önce
MrTedman82 19 gün önce
Why is the video sped up? ./smh
Toni 20 gün önce
Feels like there could be more top speed on the straights, Great run
Ukaka Gorogoro
Ukaka Gorogoro 20 gün önce
What great stability! I've never seen such fast cornering, even in a video game! I admire the drivers who are piloting this monster to perfection.
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 20 gün önce
it looks sped up omg
Malith Perera
Malith Perera 21 gün önce
Forget the car. I'm more impressed of the driving. Damn...
Fred Flop
Fred Flop 21 gün önce
The incredible downforce comes from planet earth being gravitated towards his massive balls.
Cuore Sportivo
Cuore Sportivo 22 gün önce
that bounce during döttinger höhe though, how can he keep the wheel straight? i don't even mention he's doing 360 at that moment.
Jesse Järvisalo
Jesse Järvisalo 23 gün önce
2:40, just imagine going flat out 300km/h, and then hit back to the seat eaven more when hitting the boost. This is insane!
warmbeer 24 gün önce
Those are some large balls mister.
Reid Allen
Reid Allen 24 gün önce
Hello Rebel Tree! 1:35
GTX GAMING 24 gün önce
car from hell ha ha holy shiit
The Punisher 969
The Punisher 969 25 gün önce
Technical question.. how is that car able to move at all with this guys massive balls of steel on board? 🤔
DavidGE45 27 gün önce
Drew Neubuhr
Drew Neubuhr 27 gün önce
This thing needs to climb Pikes Peak
Reef Raider
Reef Raider 27 gün önce
Every couple of months I come back and rewatch this just to remind myself how unbelievably insane this is.
Christoph Littrsch
Christoph Littrsch 28 gün önce
When her parents are not at home
MK2021 28 gün önce
That is some fearless driving
Mika MRT
Mika MRT 28 gün önce
2:29 RIP Niki Lauda
Juergen Aschmetat
Juergen Aschmetat 28 gün önce
Sven MAAS 28 gün önce
Völlig wild 🙈 und riesen Leistung... aber trotzdem bleibt die 6:11:13 eine Legende 🤷‍♂️🙏 R.I.P. Stefan
Prometheus 28 gün önce
Fuck im Sweating like i was Driving this Thing!
michele caravita
michele caravita 29 gün önce
Quando devi cacare ma casa tua e'lontana 21 km
Holger Rafalski
Holger Rafalski 29 gün önce
Stefan Bellof: 6:11,13!!! 1983!!! Porsche 956!!! Vor 38 Jahren!!! Dafür brauchte man echte Eier, ohne die heutige Technik, die heutigen Reifen, die heutigen Sicherheitsstandards und noch dazu mit Verkehr auf der Strecke!!!
Allen Blumhägen
Allen Blumhägen 29 gün önce
Bono, my tires are dead.
Ronny B.
Ronny B. 29 gün önce
Unreal, ultimate unreal
TimChump 29 gün önce
Jeez if this was on a video game I’d be scared 😅
Jan Drapatz Photography
Jan Drapatz Photography Aylar önce
Lap under 7 minutes is practically impossible Timo: Hold my hybrid carbon hell car
dude pls
dude pls Aylar önce
He drives faster than me with f1 car in forza wtf
Schlubbe Jupp
Schlubbe Jupp Aylar önce
...und an der nächsten Ampel trifft man sich wieder tztz immer die selben Deppen
Vinsu Karma
Vinsu Karma Aylar önce
put decent asphalt in there and he could reduce that time in 4 seconds at least.
JSS Aylar önce
I've heard stories you cant get close to Timo, beacause the gravitational field around his nuts is too strong...
Hydrozen Aylar önce
This is one of the most dangerous tracks in Europe and he managed to pull off more than 300 kmh. Respecc
Stefan S
Stefan S Aylar önce
Hammer Hammer Hammer ....Unglaublich....was ein Auto und Fahrer!!!
TheColbear1979 Aylar önce
Didn’t know you could TAS the ring.
Elias Schmauss
Elias Schmauss Aylar önce
5:02 give this man another gear
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic Aylar önce
Even if you put it at 0.50x speed, it still looks crazy fast
3Hands&Feet Aylar önce
Probably would be even faster if the drivers dangly bits didn't weight so much
BadgerBeard Aylar önce
He got that big ball energy.....
Lo. Vrb
Lo. Vrb Aylar önce
Can someone explain me what is boost and how it's loaded?
André Vinícius Dos Santos
André Vinícius Dos Santos Aylar önce
Nice B)
Tim Tannenbaum
Tim Tannenbaum Aylar önce
This is the redbull car from gran turismo in real life
Nicholas Chriss
Nicholas Chriss Aylar önce
That's mental
Z Aylar önce
I wish people like senna could see this today. Crazy how much it's changed.
Vlad Ayzatullin
Vlad Ayzatullin Aylar önce
Looks like speed cheats in nfs
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