Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live HIStory Tour Munich 1997 HD

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Giancarlo Velazco

Giancarlo Velazco

2 yıl önce

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Live HIStory Tour Munich 1997 HD

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YORUMLAR: 22 204
MC CABE 2 aylar önce
*the Greatest Artist of all time!* 🙏
Lopez Lopez
Lopez Lopez Gün önce
Ami me gustan los the dorss pero Michael Jackson es bueno
Kerusi Burok
Kerusi Burok 2 gün önce
Before KPOP...lol
Animals and Birds
Animals and Birds 3 gün önce
Sasker 4 gün önce
Benjamin Robledo
Benjamin Robledo 10 gün önce
@BigAnnoyingBanana TE AMO
𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓦𝓮𝓮𝓫
𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓦𝓮𝓮𝓫 4 gün önce
Michel Jackson’s music still hit different in 2022 😌
Andreia pina dos santos Pina
Andreia pina dos santos Pina Gün önce
O cara Era fantástico sabia até fazer as músicas antigas fazer sucesso
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira 3 gün önce
e a geração de hoje achando que essas dancinhas de tik tok são um arraso, ISSO É DANÇA MEUS AMIGOS. Michael Jackson is a king
Jon Mariano
Jon Mariano Gün önce
disse tudo o cara é o cara mesmo depois de morto. O resto é conversa fiada
Deka P.
Deka P. Gün önce
F*ck for tik tok
Francisco Esdras
Francisco Esdras Gün önce
Sim isso q é dança
Jaque Massaia
Jaque Massaia 2 gün önce
Xavier :D
Xavier :D 3 gün önce
They never seen the outer world😂
Тина Тихонова
Тина Тихонова 3 saatler önce
Майкл Джексон супер король, жаль что таких больше не будет. Супер, супер, супер.
Momento Brega Com Batista de Morais
Momento Brega Com Batista de Morais Yıl önce
If your listening to this in 2020 you have wonderful taste in music!!!
IcyDelVal 7 gün önce
@제니 can’t u be kind
Drama Drama
Drama Drama 3 aylar önce
i am hearing it in 2021 😎
J T 3 aylar önce
What about 2021?
めがねのミッチーーー遊び場 3 aylar önce
Listning 2021.
Y O U N G P A C I N O 3 aylar önce
What about 2021 :)) ?
crydrops 12 gün önce
2022 y sigue siendo increíble e insuperable ,el rey del pop
danna 10 gün önce
Sherry Matthews
Sherry Matthews 4 gün önce
Without a doubt, the most talented artist in history! So sad to have lost him so soon!
Liz Liz
Liz Liz 2 gün önce
@Brave Lucas just good
Brave Lucas
Brave Lucas 2 gün önce
It really to lost him so soon, well how are you doing?
Liz Liz
Liz Liz 3 gün önce
ya also sad for whitney houston. and her lovely daughter...feel angry fr her daughter husband.
natty 5 gün önce
Rei do pop!
estanislauadvento advento
estanislauadvento advento 9 gün önce
Nunca vai haver outro. Só pode ter um. O maior de todos Michael Jackson
Rob Will
Rob Will 8 gün önce
Toys and Fun
Toys and Fun Yıl önce
Always watching on quarantine days. Real fans never left you real king 😊❤️
Animals and Birds
Animals and Birds 3 gün önce
Low Rider
Low Rider 4 gün önce
I'm watching with quarantine virus. My fever is sky rocketing and watching this got even higher. I better call my mother in law to do enema 🤒🌡
Alaunu Alawei
Alaunu Alawei 21 gün önce
@Joash Linson your life has no meaning
Kiki Eaddy
Kiki Eaddy 23 gün önce
That’s right ‼️
민승재 Aylar önce
항상 모두가 객관적으로 행복한 세상을 무한대로 잘 살아야 합니다. You should always live an indefinitely well in a world where everyone is objectively happy. いつもみんなが客観的に幸せな世の中を無限大によくしなければなりません。 客觀來說,大家總是幸福的世界無限大,好好生活。 luôn luôn tất cả khách quan một cách hạnh phúc thế giới vô cùng sống rất tốt . ตลอดทุกคนที่เป็นรูปธรรมที่มีความสุขโดยโลกอย่างไม่มีที่สิ้นสุดมีชีวิตอยู่ต้อง. Siempre todo el mundo objetivo a una vida feliz todo el infinito al vivir. tout le monde tout le temps est objectivement heureux le monde à l'infini. meilleure vie. selalu semua orang secara objektif bahagia dunia yang tak terbatas dengan baik harus hidup.
Matheus Azevedo
Matheus Azevedo 2 gün önce
Sempre serás o rei Do Pop
Alexander Daniel Leon Yabar
Alexander Daniel Leon Yabar 17 gün önce
*Escuchando esta obra maestra en 2022, por que nunca morirán las músicas del "Rey del Pop Michael Jackson".*
Deifran FF
Deifran FF 2 gün önce
Es cierto
The Whisky¿.
The Whisky¿. 14 gün önce
Mal, aguante Michael
Animefanboi 15 gün önce
Animefanboi 15 gün önce
Gutemberg Delande
Gutemberg Delande Aylar önce
Simplesmente o Rei do Pop!
Mi Red
Mi Red Aylar önce
Ryoji Nagata
Ryoji Nagata 26 gün önce
I’m still listening this on 2021 Christmas almost 2022! I will never forget you Micheal you are a legend. I will love u forever in my heart
EROL POLAT 20 gün önce
الغريب The Stranger
الغريب The Stranger 23 gün önce
Me too
Ryoji Nagata
Ryoji Nagata 24 gün önce
Media ruined his life
Mouniro Zreika
Mouniro Zreika 24 gün önce
Micheal Jackson is very good at songs and dance but he ruined his life
Debbie Martin
Debbie Martin Aylar önce
Oh yes i'm still listening almost at the end of 2021 in cold December always love 💕 Michael Jackson!
The spy elements
The spy elements 2 gün önce
Anas Navas
Anas Navas 3 gün önce
Animals and Birds
Animals and Birds 3 gün önce
Myriam Kitio Arts
Myriam Kitio Arts 4 gün önce
Jani Krakovska
Jani Krakovska 6 gün önce
Me too 😉👌
claudemir Santana
claudemir Santana 24 gün önce
michael jackson o eterno rei do pop pra sempre em nossos corações
Aprendiz Keyboard
Aprendiz Keyboard 27 gün önce
Essa lenda jamais será esquecida🇧🇷
J0HANN 30XD 25 gün önce
Kevin Do Grave [OGAROTODAMÍDIA] 26 gün önce
Fabiano Linga
Fabiano Linga 25 gün önce
O melhor cantor Pop de todos os tempos.. Michael Jackson.
Joab Bispo França
Joab Bispo França 15 saatler önce
Incrível como mesmo depois de 25 anos ainda parece moderno
Toys and Fun
Toys and Fun Yıl önce
You are the King ❤️
Arroyo 29 gün önce
@SomeRandomChad Yeah, you have the edgy gullible 12 year old pfp to say that
luka Aylar önce
The king never drops his hat
민승재 Aylar önce
항상 모두가 객관적으로 행복한 세상을 무한대로 잘 살아야 합니다. You should always live an indefinitely well in a world where everyone is objectively happy. いつもみんなが客観的に幸せな世の中を無限大によくしなければなりません。 客觀來說,大家總是幸福的世界無限大,好好生活。 luôn luôn tất cả khách quan một cách hạnh phúc thế giới vô cùng sống rất tốt . ตลอดทุกคนที่เป็นรูปธรรมที่มีความสุขโดยโลกอย่างไม่มีที่สิ้นสุดมีชีวิตอยู่ต้อง. Siempre todo el mundo objetivo a una vida feliz todo el infinito al vivir. tout le monde tout le temps est objectivement heureux le monde à l'infini. meilleure vie. selalu semua orang secara objektif bahagia dunia yang tak terbatas dengan baik harus hidup.
legend killers shitty duffle bag
legend killers shitty duffle bag Aylar önce
T.i. is the king
Skill 9341
Skill 9341 Aylar önce
Marla Deadend
Marla Deadend Gün önce
It is 2022, and still looks so live and new. He really was phenomenal. How the hell so much energy has gone!!!!
Caroline Lewis (Carrie)
Caroline Lewis (Carrie) 10 gün önce
That intro!!!!!💥💥💥 Oh, and the rest of the song!!!!! MJ's legacy lives on.🌟🌟🌟
Brave Lucas
Brave Lucas 2 gün önce
Hi Caroline, you do you love MJ?
Mikee Lang
Mikee Lang 6 gün önce
To bad the media isn't held accountable for what they did to this man. Creativity and a master piece at his own level!
henry varkey
henry varkey Aylar önce
The biggest and the greatest legendary artist of all time. The one and only human being who cannot be seen as a human, because he took music to another level. The crores and crores of people who witnessed this concert live will be seeing themselves as so damn lucky. Wish i could be one among them. RIP MJ. You are great. Indeed the greatest there's ever been 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Dubanx Aylar önce
Even if you're not a fan you gotta admit one thing, that was some smooth dancing. All 7 of them are damn talented
Musically Possessed
Musically Possessed Gün önce
@amit mohan wow! Calm down dude😅😅calm down.....
Doggo Willink
Doggo Willink 3 gün önce
I literally listen to technical death metal and this is still cool to me lol.
Animals and Birds
Animals and Birds 3 gün önce
TechXV11 8 gün önce
@20DEE050 SHANMUGAVEL no one said he can be replaced shut up
20DEE050 SHANMUGAVEL 9 gün önce
@TechXV11 and here come up the truth.. You are a bts fan.. Who is making negativity about mj... Legends cant replaced buddy
MrsYda4a 22 gün önce
Как жаль,что я не успела попасть на его концерт. Такое шоу,такой талант- другого такого нет и не будет
Вольный каменщик
Вольный каменщик 14 gün önce
Спасибо!) Это был первый русский комментарий)
Soysawwce 16 gün önce
That hat flip at 4:49 will always be one of the cleanest moves on stage.
GerardoBR 98
GerardoBR 98 19 gün önce
Hombre visionario, artista revolucionario, adelantado a su época. Grande Michael Jackson
Bruno Polastri
Bruno Polastri 16 gün önce
Um talento igual esse cara tinha faz muita falta hoje em dia!
TJ Robertson
TJ Robertson Aylar önce
For those who still are confused about the gravity lean, there are special pins in the ground of the stage that keep the shoes stuck in place so that they don't fall. You see that they have to step back instead of sliding back, but it is still incredibly impressive considering the amount of strength you would need in your lower calves in order to maintain a stationary position for even a short amount of time. Michael was, and to some extent still is, a prodigy of our time, even if you weren't around when some of his greatest hits released
Robert Moreno
Robert Moreno 14 gün önce
@bobbg ignore this. It was magic
Jordyn Driggins
Jordyn Driggins 17 gün önce
Right lol! And I started noticing how some of the guys had their hands back and mike kept his at his sides so you know he had that mastered
LaKesha Reece
LaKesha Reece 18 gün önce
Ik that
ANJAT Sušić 21 gün önce
Yes, indeed, he was the greatest of our time and still is
Hairy Bear
Hairy Bear 29 gün önce
Imagine being a backup dancer and learning that
Gisele Bolos
Gisele Bolos 17 saatler önce
Valeria Gallardo Vásquez
Valeria Gallardo Vásquez 10 gün önce
Increíble presentación de Michael Jackson con una de mis muchas canciones favoritas ¡¡¡Smooth Criminal!! Lo extraño mucho ❤️❤️❤️ eres único rey del pop......
Reverse Crucifix KM
Reverse Crucifix KM 4 gün önce
Sometimes I hear successful singers singing the song they created themselves live, but it's not identical to the original one. They change the pitch, get lost in words and even appear tired (you can hear it from their voice). The real singer must be able to sing the song live the same way they recorded it in the studio without making any mistakes. Michael Jackson can sing in the same way we are used to hearing it on headphones, or home stereo, and especially while he dances too ... "This means being a real singer, for me!".
betty ketema
betty ketema 2 gün önce
That is true
Tanmay Tiwari
Tanmay Tiwari 10 gün önce
Happy New Year 2022 to every MJ Fan. It still gives me goosebumps seeing him dancing doesn't matter how many times I see his videos over and over again.
Jalal Haider
Jalal Haider 24 gün önce
Listening at the end of 2021...still a Masterpiece.
Wayne molloy
Wayne molloy Saatler önce
Pure class gives me goosebumps how good MJ could move ❤
Kedwin Martinez
Kedwin Martinez 18 gün önce
Muchos quisieron hacerte daño, pero nunca podrán sacarte de los corazones de aquellos que te amamos y te admiramos.
Stirwood 12 gün önce
I miss Michael so much, we were so lucky to have him on this planet at the same time we were.
Aninha silva
Aninha silva 25 gün önce
Meu ídolo jamais esqueço, não terá outro igual tão cedo.
GAARA FC 24 gün önce
Eterno Michael Jackson
GAARA FC 24 gün önce
Eric Stafford
Eric Stafford Aylar önce
Michael is just a god of dance and stage. Alive forever ❤
ОКЕАН 12 saatler önce
Настоящий король музыки !
Tatty Sweet
Tatty Sweet 28 gün önce
Я не могу поверить, что был кто-то настолько прекрасен в нашем мире.Мы недостойны тебя Майкл💔
Jacqueline Ommen
Jacqueline Ommen Aylar önce
It’s incredible to view his dancing, rewind, watch his backup dancers do the same moves and see that no matter what, there’s really no competition…these are the best of the best dancers out of thousands that auditioned and there’s still no comparison….MJ is KING!!
EZ RC 12 gün önce
Yup I caught that too!
Vandir Sousa Ribeiro
Vandir Sousa Ribeiro 14 gün önce
Have other peoples same! Open your eyes!
Alicia Yu
Alicia Yu Aylar önce
That's what I thought as well. MJ was the best entertainer ever to exist
𝙉𝙀𝙀𝙇 𝚁𝙾𝚈 Aylar önce
Daiane Carvalho de Oliveira
Daiane Carvalho de Oliveira 9 gün önce
Hector Cortes
Hector Cortes Aylar önce
Definitivamente era y seguirá siendo EL REY DEL POP, no hacía ni daba espectáculos, EL ERA TODO UN ESPECTACULO con su potente voz cargada de tanta energía y un estilo único de bailar!!!
Adirson Cassamo
Adirson Cassamo 2 gün önce
O verdadeiro Kind do POP.
Rachael B
Rachael B 4 aylar önce
Say what you want about Michael Jackson. He was a brilliant performer, singer, and dancer. Very few singers can put on a performance like him.
nuntana2 Aylar önce
@Alex Mason Wrong thread bro. That’s baby stuff.
Me Me
Me Me Aylar önce
@Demi & Ny I don't care if you believe it or not because you obviously don't want to but I think it's sad that you're doing a di service to all those children
Demi & Ny
Demi & Ny Aylar önce
@Me Me But where’s the evidence that he touched kids?
Me Me
Me Me Aylar önce
@Demi & Ny maybe somebody should investigate how your children are treated.
Me Me
Me Me Aylar önce
@Demi & Ny He widely admitted it you half wit
Kiko Bang
Kiko Bang 4 gün önce
What a performance!
Marco123wow 26 gün önce
This still hits to this day 🤟🏻
Carlos Loría Zahn
Carlos Loría Zahn 22 gün önce
Simplemente el mejor.
Dave Fischer
Dave Fischer 2 gün önce
A musical genius........gone forever, I miss him, I loved his music.......
thinkBIG 4 aylar önce
I was at this concert. I was in the British Army stationed in Germany. Myself and my wife rocked up. We have seen many big performers live, Pink Floyd, Eminem, Dire Straits etc however, this is the only concert that the whole crowd were simply stunned. RIP x
Roshan Rawal
Roshan Rawal Aylar önce
How lucky of you!
MrSeth166 2 aylar önce
Would you like to know where MJ learned those moves?
Jecinta Njoroge
Jecinta Njoroge 2 aylar önce
@Klaketas Klaketoula jon
traida111 2 aylar önce
Have you seen Michal Jackson This Is It ? It really shows how much influence he had on his stage. He controlled everything. Such a creative talent. Shame the deep state killed him, he wouldn't sign up to their elite illuminati pedo ring, he opted out which is why they made the false allegations against him, using the media to push that agenda. All lies. I hope these people are identified and his name is cleared.
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed 2 aylar önce
@سیندخت جای رهبر خالی
Vivek Jangir
Vivek Jangir 4 gün önce
Imagine his craze around the world if he lived today.
blackiesun 24 gün önce
What a legend! He's one of the very few music artists to whom the word actually applies.
Sindy Estrada
Sindy Estrada 20 gün önce
El rey del pop❤
Bame Matlhagela
Bame Matlhagela 22 gün önce
Michael Jacksons music always makes my day 😊
cbones77 cbones77
cbones77 cbones77 Yıl önce
Michael Jackson was the king of pop music and his dancing skills were unbelievable!!!!
Francisco Salinas
Francisco Salinas Aylar önce
@Skill 9341 k
Skill 9341
Skill 9341 Aylar önce
I agree with you friend.
Francisco Salinas
Francisco Salinas 2 aylar önce
MrSeth166 2 aylar önce
Poppin Taco and Boogaloo Shrimp were the entrepreneurs behind all this show...
Zaleth Pruna
Zaleth Pruna 2 aylar önce
Hani Badi
Hani Badi 6 gün önce
He was a legend and no can do what he did! RIP MJ 🥲
Cherry 7up
Cherry 7up Aylar önce
I’m 24 years old and my dad use to love his music when I was very young and so did I. And as I got older so many rumors and stories about him ruined his image about being a freak and all that stuff. But as I’m older I realize how truly amazing this man was and people tried to tear him down. music now a days will never be like this RIP
Jamal Bastin
Jamal Bastin 14 gün önce
J’écoute toujours ça en 2022 et ça reste incroyable 🔥
Ahmed Ss
Ahmed Ss 17 gün önce
Incredible performance ... unrepeated legend 😍
nicky babe
nicky babe Aylar önce
This man was so dope man there's never gonna be another like him!!
sudu theeng
sudu theeng 6 gün önce
@Zarrakon Eminem and mj are two different genres so there's no comparison
sudu theeng
sudu theeng 6 gün önce
@Zarrakon Eminem ain't trash you watch your mouth
Nas Kane
Nas Kane 23 gün önce
@ItzProGamersX Not in anyways close.
ItzProGamersX Aylar önce
@MrClean3019 i mean both of them are good but for me the weeknd
MrClean3019 Aylar önce
@ItzProGamersX Bruno mars is better then The Weeknd
Tad Skol
Tad Skol 2 gün önce
Is this really the audio of him singing live? It sounds too good
Temba Dube
Temba Dube 26 gün önce
Easily the greatest musician to ever live!
Paulo Lamenha
Paulo Lamenha 12 gün önce
Esse cara era foda! 😍🕺🏻😌
Merlin 9 gün önce
If MJ was still alive in 2022 I dread to think just how much a concert ticket would be. Talking thousands and thousands with half a mil audience guaranteed. Legend
Mercy Walschek
Mercy Walschek 3 aylar önce
I was never a big Michael Jackson fan. Liked a handful of his songs. But, I gotta say, he had some epic moves and amazing stage presence. Total respect. I pray he is resting in peace.
Creed Arbitrary
Creed Arbitrary Aylar önce
@Tony Vargas nigga what?
donald Wilfred
donald Wilfred Aylar önce
@Lee Hello how are you doing
Lee Aylar önce
plus if he did fake his own death...hecould be living in Bahrain as he had connections to the Bahrain Royal family there..please check it out....
Miguel Gilbert
Miguel Gilbert 2 aylar önce
Hello Mercy
donald Wilfred
donald Wilfred 3 aylar önce
Hello, how are you doing
Николай Ербанов
Николай Ербанов Aylar önce
Браво, нет слов!
Ryu Koshiro
Ryu Koshiro 20 saatler önce
Michael Jackson is a living god!! His songs are truly great!!
ДЖЭК БЛЭК 27 gün önce
He was wonderful human, KING OF POP MUSIC 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. MICHAEL
Thor man
Thor man Aylar önce
Esse é o maior artista que o mundo moderno conheceu
Cleverton Santiago de Lima
Cleverton Santiago de Lima 18 gün önce
Interessante que ele passava horas ensaiando para ser perfeito deixou saudades Michael.
stacey agyemang
stacey agyemang 16 gün önce
Micheal Jackson is soo good ..The best dancer of all time 😍😍,don’t be disrespectful by tryin to compare him to anyone , the best dancer of all time ..2022 who’s here 😍
jean mark BADIBANGA
jean mark BADIBANGA 18 gün önce
In 2022 and you’re still The Best Ever !!! Rest In Power Legend 💪🏽
Gaby Ruiz
Gaby Ruiz 6 gün önce
Te extrañamos Michael! Te Amo!
shedskin01 4 aylar önce
Even the younger male dancers cannot match the sharpness and smoothness of MJ’s moves! Such a legend!!
Jashvant Baraiya
Jashvant Baraiya 10 gün önce
That's why he is the Michael Jackson 🔥
THE REAL ZENFORCE 2 aylar önce
@Ryan D Boogaloo Shrimp, Jeffrey Daniel and Poppin Taco were already better dancers in the 80s before Michael, hence Michael took their moves. Jeffrey Daniel was even his choreographer for many shows. Even the Moonwalk was taken from other dancers. Michael is the best allround package ever (singer, dancer, entertainer). But he was neither the best singer (Freddy Mercury, George Michael, etc) nor the best dancer (Salah Benlemqawanssa, Dumbo, Skitzo, Larry (Les Twins), Daniel Cloud Campos, Dumbo (Poreotics), Mike Song (and other dancers from Kinjaz) and in pure breakdance bboying Bboy Lil G and Bboy Neguin are light years ahead of Michael ever was, Michael could no do 1/10th of the moves Bboy Lil G does. And i am a big Michael Jackson fan since a kid but fan worship does not change facts about reality.
Ryan D
Ryan D 2 aylar önce
I know. After the lean, the breakdance move he does is insane. Might be the cut of suit also but the young guys are nowhere near MJ.
Maliky TV
Maliky TV 4 aylar önce
@ArcaneLv3 he was just saying relax
ArcaneLv3 4 aylar önce
@Music Man a certain someone will always be there who ruins the whole vibe, and that you....
elsa silva
elsa silva 5 gün önce
Michael jackson es el rey del pop🤘🤘🤘
Antonia Mancari
Antonia Mancari 21 gün önce
Legendary artist of all time ❤
Tameka A
Tameka A Aylar önce
Life or music hasn't been the same since this man left this physical plane. RIP MJ
Ildo Ngonga
Ildo Ngonga 16 gün önce
2022 and still listening to this masterpiece.
Stacy Gladden
Stacy Gladden 2 aylar önce
Skill 9341
Skill 9341 Aylar önce
fat cunt
fat cunt Aylar önce
he copied chuck berry
Leonardo Da Vinvi is the most talented person ever. There are also Michaelangelo and Mozart (who wrote his first play at 5 years old), Wilt Chamberlain top of the World in Basketball and Volleyball and also high level track and field, Michael Jordan top of the world Basketball, good baseball pro, good golfer and top of the world shoe seller, FKJ (multitalented multi intrument player), Salah (top of the world standing dancer and floor breakdancer multiple world champion titles in both and great entertainer)
James Alvin
James Alvin 2 aylar önce
Hello Stacy
James Alvin
James Alvin 2 aylar önce
The greatest of all time
Rômulo Marquês
Rômulo Marquês 26 gün önce
O maior artista que esse planeta já viu!
Михаил Бобенко
Михаил Бобенко 22 gün önce
Он пел даже без фонограммы, причем танцуя довольно нелегкие и затратные движения.
Onnor Aylar önce
Meu deus a imagem está perfeita! Obrigada por postar
David M M
David M M 5 gün önce
The Axel7
The Axel7 Yıl önce
Thats what i call music and performance.. Micheal Jackson will always be king of pop.. better than new music that we listen.
Michelle Karikkassery
Michelle Karikkassery 26 gün önce
Yes bro
jamesdalyallout Yıl önce
Makes magic happen
Jacket Guy
Jacket Guy Yıl önce
Billie ellish is the best they said. Huh garyy
L. Wolf Penlap
L. Wolf Penlap Yıl önce
I don't even listen to nowadays music!!! no taste
Scarface Richardson
Scarface Richardson Yıl önce
Thats a fact brother
Sportswear Mktg
Sportswear Mktg 29 gün önce
The world misses MJ's amazing talent.
Hated Arman
Hated Arman 6 gün önce
✨After watching MJ performance my body movement always go wild🥵. 🥀🍷❣️
Jelena 19 gün önce
The King of pop!!! 🔥🔥🔥Love ❤️
Izabel Maria
Izabel Maria 25 gün önce
David Baker
David Baker Aylar önce
We're never going to have this level of production in a show ever again. Man what legends Michael and his team were.
mariam aghniashvili
mariam aghniashvili 7 gün önce
He is a legend ! ❤️
T7LER 25 gün önce
Легенда мира музыки и не только
KINGDEATH 18 gün önce
Diciembre 31 del 2022 aún amamos a Michael Jackson 🛐
paul mccuytney
paul mccuytney Aylar önce
One of his many masterpieces.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Yıl önce
Michael was truly a once in a lifetime performer. We will never see another one like him again.
NLB4 Yıl önce
We are all glad he existed tho
peykwan 13 gün önce
The best singer in the world until now. ❤️🔥🖤
Tim's Drywall and Plaster Repair
Tim's Drywall and Plaster Repair Aylar önce
Still a great performance 2021!!!
My Best Friend's Wedding
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