Greek Food - STREET FOOD TOUR and Amazing Souvlaki in Athens, Greece!

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Mark Wiens

3 yıl önce

Thank you to Tassos for taking me on this incredible Greek food tour of Athens!
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Athens is a city that I’ve wanted to visit ever since learning so much about it during one of my Western Civilizations classes in High School. Finally, I had a chance to visit, not only for the amazing history, but mainly for the amazing Greek food!
In this video, I’m taking you on a one day, all out Greek food tour of Athens along with Tassos. We ate a combination of classic Greek street food snacks, and a few restaurants, including for dinner some of the best lamb chops I’ve ever had.
Here are all the restaurants and places included in this Greek food tour of Athens:
Dexameni Cafe - Our first stop was to drink Greek coffee in this small public square. A great environment, and the coffee was excellent.
Price - 1.80 EUR per cup
Kostarelos Deli - Tassos knows his Greek cheese and he says Kostarelos Deli has some of the best cheese in Athens.
Total price - 14.60 EUR
Mam - Mam is often considered the best Greek cheese pie in Athens, and it’s a perfect street food kind of place. Most people take-away, but they have a standing table as well. The classic Greek cheese pie was my favorite.
Total price - 4.80 EUR
Varvakios Market - This is the Athens central market for meat and seafood. It’s a beautiful market and any lover would enjoy walking around this amazing market.
Miran - Pastourma and Soutzouki - This is a really cool little deli in Athens where you can buy for takeaway or order whatever you see and sit at one of the tables to snack. They are known for their camel pastirma, and it was the best thing we tried - absolutely excellent.
Total price - 4.62 EUR
Bougatsopoleio Thessaloniki - Bougatsa is a famous Greek food pastry. We tried a couple versions, but the best for me was the minced meat filled bougatsa.
Total price - 15.50 EUR
Kostas Soulvaki - Souvlaki, also known as kalamaki is perhaps the best known of all Greek street food or Greek fast food, and Kostas is considered to be one of the best places to eat it in Athens. They grill pork, stuff it into Greek pita, top it with tomatoes, onions, and tomato sauce, and wrap it into a handheld treat. Amazing.
Price - 2.20 EUR per piece
Taverna To Trigono - For dinner, Tassos wanted to take us to one of his favorite restaurants in Athens, a little outside of the city in a place called Kalyvia Thorikou. This is a countryside meat paradise, and they served us some of the best lamb chops I’ve ever had in my life. An amazing meal to end an incredible day of Greek food in Athens.
Lamb chops
Total price for everything - 99 EUR
Thank you for watching this Greek food tour of Athens!
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BigJointer 10 saatler önce
Far too many Yeah yeah yeah lol
Tommy Jankovski
Tommy Jankovski 10 saatler önce
You can see that the Greeks learnt from there Turkish neighbours. Like Greek Coffee is basically Turkish Coffee. There is no difference! The Greeks like to copy other countries and claim it as there own. lol
toni sargent
toni sargent 12 saatler önce
that guy all he can say his yeah yeah to mark food look's yum
Phun tsho
Phun tsho Gün önce
Yeah yeah yeah I know my tummy is grumbling
GLAVAS NIKOS 6 saatler önce
1-800- GRAMPS
1-800- GRAMPS Gün önce
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ufuk TAŞTAN Gün önce
She took a lot of flavor from Turkey (PLAY been) between neighboring Greek :)
Khaane Gün önce
Please clarify also that 60% of the "Greek" Cuisine are originally from Anatolia and come to Greece together with the refugees of 1923. When you compare the greek and turkish cuisine, its obvious that the turkish cuisine has a much bigger variety and is much more exquisite, especially the thousands of deserts and meals which was composed for the palace kitchen in Istanbul.
Yiouli Sati
Yiouli Sati 2 gün önce
Χαχα Πείνασα!!
Montgomery yarnshopping
Montgomery yarnshopping 3 gün önce
Oh my soft feta, where in USA to find?? Tongue wag
Rob Kelly
Rob Kelly 4 gün önce
LOL Micha's face with that honey desert at the end... I hope you gave him some!!! lol
Victor Ha
Victor Ha 4 gün önce
I'm back years later to finish this video. "yeah yeah yeah" obviously means something else for poor Tasos, my goodness stop judging him
Aaterrorkris 4 gün önce
yeah yeah yeah
moclandoan chinh
moclandoan chinh 5 gün önce
nice video, I want to be your friends, ok?
joel sebastian
joel sebastian 6 gün önce
Yea yea yea
Jean Curtis
Jean Curtis 6 gün önce
He must be from the prairies in Canada that’s all we say yeah yeah yeah yeah
Deshawn Atlaz
Deshawn Atlaz 7 gün önce
With kelly price in the background lol
Daniel Fitness
Daniel Fitness 9 gün önce
all of this is turkish food
Ses Pez
Ses Pez 9 gün önce
I guess Greeks are very generous when they entertain (as I ´ve noticed are Arabs) since at their restaurants they always give you a complementary drink -Ouzo -a soup with your meal...
Abhishek Naik
Abhishek Naik 9 gün önce
eliase13 10 gün önce
Dude, how are you not fat?
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia 10 gün önce
Yea yea yea yea yeaaaaa
Ezgi Erkut
Ezgi Erkut 14 gün önce
Turkish foods 0-0
Zakariae Elhamouchi
Zakariae Elhamouchi 7 gün önce
Spiritual Mind
Spiritual Mind 14 gün önce
Watching this 3 years later, and still.... Yeah yeah yeah.
1-800- GRAMPS
1-800- GRAMPS Gün önce
Yeah yeah yeah Yeah
Wade Woodring
Wade Woodring 4 gün önce
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah....yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah....yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah....yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Kori Smith
Kori Smith 14 gün önce
Did I hear Kelly Price in the background? 🤣
Deshawn Atlaz
Deshawn Atlaz 7 gün önce
Exactly 😂
lilian cartier
lilian cartier 16 gün önce
@Mark Wiens , give some food to the baby and wife..........!
Pedro Gonçalo
Pedro Gonçalo 17 gün önce
In the beggining that coffee is portuguese Buondi
Fine Ivanova
Fine Ivanova 18 gün önce
ONLINE NET 18 gün önce
there is nothing better then italian food men....
Alfan Atharik
Alfan Atharik 18 gün önce
Im going to greece. Is there's any greek here in the comment section? I'd like to ask some stuff.
Alfan Atharik
Alfan Atharik 16 gün önce
@Alexandra Makri ok! I will contact you soon. Thankyou so much!
Alfan Atharik
Alfan Atharik 16 gün önce
@Alexandra Makri can i have your email and whatsapp? If you have time i really like to ask some questions about greece. Thankyou!
Zizla 1st
Zizla 1st 20 gün önce
FreedomWriter3 20 gün önce
"It's common for restaurants to give you some free dessert when you finish eating." America could never.
csandreas1 21 gün önce
06:12 Tasos is like: Chill man
berkeleybenje 21 gün önce
Yeah yeah yeah.
Eri Sudrajat
Eri Sudrajat 21 gün önce
All i can hear from tasoos is.. yea yea yea yea.. Yea yea yea yea..
Bruno Gow
Bruno Gow 22 gün önce
They taste even better when you’ve had a gut full of beer at 3 o’clock in the morning oh and be careful of the source tripping on your shirt
Erik Andersson
Erik Andersson 22 gün önce
His wife negative asian aura spoils the atmosphere!
Constantin Kakouris
Constantin Kakouris 22 gün önce
Even the Gods eat like Greeks!!
MARIA D 22 gün önce
alin stanica
alin stanica 23 gün önce
Yeah yeah yeah
No Name
No Name 23 gün önce
Je je je je
Philippines 23 gün önce
Athens Greece 🇬🇷
Manoliskos 23 gün önce
Όλοι οι Έλληνες εδώ 👍🏻
Nathaniel Tice
Nathaniel Tice 23 gün önce
Interested in the making of Fila dough.
jalal inanlu
jalal inanlu 24 gün önce
vic paquet
vic paquet 24 gün önce
Stian Setermo
Stian Setermo 24 gün önce
Yeeh yeeeh yeeee!!!
Mihai Pascu
Mihai Pascu 24 gün önce
While he's eating his wife milks herself. WTF ?! This is gross BTW she always seems bored in this hungerman's videos
sinan volkan yörük
sinan volkan yörük 25 gün önce
as a Turk i have never been so god damn triggered in my life.
Jose Miquel Perez
Jose Miquel Perez 26 gün önce
Hi Mark what flavour or how it taste the Tomato sauce where you eat the different Pitas?? Normal its always done with Tzatziki sauce but with Tomato sauce it will be on experiment for me to try,thanks love your videos
Nenah Judes
Nenah Judes 28 gün önce
Mark ..selalu enak aja yg di makan ..sehat selalu ya mark dan mica dan keluarga
Random Queer Hoe
Random Queer Hoe 28 gün önce
I'm sorry my guy but at 24:18 the guy was being rude...He said in Greek "you see, you see what this asian woman has to go through"
Biswas fishing Bd
Biswas fishing Bd 28 gün önce
anna κομ.
anna κομ. 29 gün önce
Ποιος από 2021 καραντίνα?
Mehmet Yilmaz Ag Koc
Mehmet Yilmaz Ag Koc 29 gün önce
greek foods = Turkish foodsZZZZZZZZZ
Rom V
Rom V Aylar önce
I'm that little guy watching Mark's eating greek yogurt with honey 😋😋😋
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Aylar önce
The confused wilderness secondly rely because beam philly allow outside a orange shell. vagabond, boiling fan
Aria Rezazad
Aria Rezazad Aylar önce
This beautiful and history full country really doesn't deserve to be that poor 😔 hope to be the best one greece and all the greeks 🙂
REM R Aylar önce
Muchas a little wired guy!! Yeah yeah sounds like he is bother talking😂😂😂 just want to eat
GiGi ASB Aylar önce
10:25 These I love it!!! So Delicious...I love Greek Food, lunch and dinner, I do not care much for pastries... PLEASE DO NOT TALK WHEN YOUR MOUTH IS FULL OF FOOD, IT IS DISGUSTING AND IMPOLITE.
Edwin Galarza
Edwin Galarza Aylar önce
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👎
Fotis Moysidis
Fotis Moysidis Aylar önce
Ρε μαλακα Τασο....yeah,yeah,yeah???ειναι δυνατον??
Tusdai Ellison
Tusdai Ellison Aylar önce
He was killin the “yea yea yea” 😅😂😂😅
Skopje in Makedonia
Skopje in Makedonia Aylar önce
Most of the dishes are not from greece. These are Balkan or Turkish dishes
Konstantina Papaioannou
Konstantina Papaioannou Aylar önce
I'm Greek and I live abroad, this video made me so nostalgic.
npsjohnny Aylar önce
πόσο διαφορετικά και πιο όμορφα τα βλέπεις ολα αν ζεις στο εξωτερικό. Αν ζεις στην Αθήνα η καθημερινότητα πολλές φορές δε σε αφήνει να την απολαύσεις
ele fov
ele fov Aylar önce
κ.Λειτουργικά συστήματα I ! Εσεις ειστε;;! Ωραιο tour! Στα καλύτερα της Αθήνας!
Rodney Thompson
Rodney Thompson Aylar önce
Oh Wow
Memento MORI
Memento MORI Aylar önce
greek and turkish same culture, only different religion
healthyhappylife Aylar önce
27:42 look at the baby expression 🤣🤣🤣
Rex Rex
Rex Rex Aylar önce
ohhh yeah, greek food is definitely one of the best in the world;) i love it..... namnam....
ARIS A Aylar önce
Να βλέπεις αυτό το βίντεο σε περιοδο lockdown στη Γερμανία να πεσεις σε κατάθλιψη.
Hughe Aylar önce
Mark never met a meal He didn't like I wonder why He's not fat or his metabolism is extremely low, I'd think is the latter!
Deep Lover
Deep Lover Aylar önce
12:04 those sausages made mark insecure
Constantine Ress
Constantine Ress Aylar önce
very good, I enjoy the tour can you please send a copy of your tour? Thanks.
Jom Patamakanthin
Jom Patamakanthin Aylar önce
I have got some good old friends in Greece, never been there before..... I think I should really plan to visit them after Covid-19 slows down .... (someone replies in my head "YEH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" hahaha....)
Joanne Monique
Joanne Monique Aylar önce
I want Mark's job. Paid to film myself meeting great people, stuffing my face with amazing food and seeing the world!!
Ushna Ghafoor
Ushna Ghafoor Aylar önce
I think these foods are similar with turkish foods
Adi 345
Adi 345 Aylar önce
Seems boring.
JustKir Aylar önce
Me eating 1 cookie: +1kg Him eating the entire of Greece: -1 kilo Εε μαλάκες αν το βλέπετε αυτό like ξέρετε εσείς...
JustKir Aylar önce
Video: has "greek" in title Κάθε Έλληνας στον πλανήτη Γη: Allow us to introduce ourselves
dj Max Speed
dj Max Speed Aylar önce
Hmmmm.... let me guess the title of this Episode: Ÿeah, Yeah, Yeah!" Yeah? :-)
Osman Ünal
Osman Ünal Aylar önce
Dude, those wrapes with pork looks amazing! Loves from Turkey to our neighbor :)
catur putra
catur putra Aylar önce
Palanya kagak miring berarti kurang enak
mike melkorf
mike melkorf Aylar önce
ντρεπομαι πολυ για εσενα τασο.
Ash Playz
Ash Playz Aylar önce
Tattos is like yayayaya everything he says yayayay
Augusto desouza
Augusto desouza Aylar önce
Perfect again!
nicola reilly
nicola reilly Aylar önce
Would love a Greek mate, their food is bloody gorgeous!!!
Darren Brooks
Darren Brooks Aylar önce
Soooooooooo much graffiti! ???
zuzu eli
zuzu eli Aylar önce
Dear baby looks how you eat.
Diti M
Diti M Aylar önce
There is one thing I see all over from the grilled meat sausage and even in a pita. They have many parts that are burned. Just a reminder, carbonized pieces of food causes cancer. It is not healthy at all.
Valerie W. Lovecraft
Valerie W. Lovecraft Aylar önce
Did he seriously just 'yea yea yea' before that bite lmao 17:45
David Allen
David Allen Aylar önce
What goes in must come out
Elizabeth meghana
Elizabeth meghana Aylar önce
teach me greek Tasos: yea, yea,yeah
Royce Prince
Royce Prince Aylar önce
Me: I want to speak the Greek language Greek Gods: ναι, ναι, ναι
Leo Prun
Leo Prun Aylar önce
Mate your place in Africa you're so starving it's just a food so f*** off
Blanca Rosas
Blanca Rosas Aylar önce
Every time I see mark eat he makes me so hungry 🤤. 👍😋 my mouth just waters for food 🍱.
Carlos Aylar önce
This guy ears so much. How does he keep so slim? I keep thinking maybe he doesn’t eat until he arrives at a new location and starts his video program. Or he exercises profusely and burn all the calories he’s eating.
innosanto Aylar önce
So much time in Greece and you didn't get legume casseroles, casserole foods, olive oil foods or seafoods? This was pies and meats focused.
pierrina Aylar önce
My Greecceee 🇬🇷🪕
O Mundo é TOP !!! The world is TOP !!!
O Mundo é TOP !!! The world is TOP !!! Aylar önce
Vonsi Aylar önce
What a delicious Greek tacos! Yeah yeah yeahaaaaa ☺️They look super gummy 🤤Sauvlaki!
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