Slovenia Lake Bled: European Fairytale Town for Honeymoon and Romantic Vacation

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This week we will introduce you to one of the most important tourist attractions of , .Bled Lake, which is highly preferred for honeymoon and romantic holidays, has just started to be heard in Turkey. Bled Lake; It is one of the best travel routes in Europe for those looking for a romantic holiday with its magnificent landscapes and natural beauties around it.If you go to Slovenia, one of the places you should definitely see is Bled Lake, which is 55 km from the capital Ljubljana.

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It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel from Turkey to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, by direct flight. You can easily reach the town of Bled by bus, and you can also go with a car you can rent from the airport.

Famous for the small island of Bled rising from the green clear waters and the Bled castle on a hill overlooking the lake, Bled Lake is one of the few beautiful lakes in Europe that can be visited in all seasons.

Many tourists from other parts of Slovenia and other European countries come to Bled for vacation both in summer and winter to see the natural beauties of this place and to be interested in nature sports.

There are many different budget accommodation options in Bled, from luxury hotels with lake views to small motels.

Many nature activities are carried out in the summer and winter around the Bled Lake, which remains from the glacial period. The magnificent view of the Alpine mountains while wandering around the lake is quite impressive. The scenery you will see while walking around the lake takes you to a fairy-tale world.

It is possible to sailing on the lake in summer and go to the island of Bled, which is in the middle of the lake, with the boats unique to Bled, called Pletna.

There is a white church on the island. After arriving on the island, it is necessary to climb a 99-step ladder to reach the church. It is very popular to get married in this church in Slovenia. It is customary for the groom to carry the bride on his lap as he ascends the 99 steps.

If you come to Bled in winter, you can do winter sports at the ski center on the hill overlooking the lake. If you come in the summer, you can enjoy the scenery by taking a canoe in the clear emerald green waters of the lake, which is surrounded by national parks.

If you go to the Bled castle on the hill, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the lake. The history of the Bled castle, located 130m above the lake level, dates back to year 1011. When you look around from the Bled castle, there is a magnificent view of the Alps mountains behind and Blake Lake in front.

This week we tried to briefly introduce you to Bled Lake, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Slovenia.