AIR FRYER BREAD |Multi-Purpose Dough Part 2|Soft Dinner Rolls

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Check out my baked and fried (in oil) version of this Multi-Purpose dough in my previous video here👇
✔️Multi-Purpose Dough
1 whole egg [60 grams]
3 tbsp sugar [38 grams]
2 tsp instant yeast [6 grams]
1 cup fresh milk [240 ml] (lukewarm)
1/4 cup oil (any cooking oil)
3 cups all purpose flour [405 grams]
1/2 tsp salt [3 grams]
✅Air fry @ 125 C (260F) for 10 mins. or add up time if it needs it.
Air fryer Model: Philips HD9200/91 4.1 Liter
1. Cooking / Baking time & temp may vary on the type and size of air fryer so alter it accordingly.
2. Pre-heat the air fryer if preferred.
2. The bread gets browned only on top & its bottom may look pale/white since the heating element of a regular air fryer is only on top. If preferred, the bread can be flipped once its top has turned brown then bake/fry for another few minutes until it's brown. Air frying the bread for longer time without flipping it may result to a toasted top crust.
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Denise McCartney
Denise McCartney
Just made this and used it to make fried bread. Oh my it was so good. Kids loved and now it's gone! Have to make more. I liked that it's not too sweet.
Thank you, this is the second time baking these buns. This time I've forgotten the egg wash. They are still great! Adjusted temp and baking time slightly, for our Chefman air fryer (more like a glorified toaster oven). This time, they were shaped into 8 flatter, round "burger" buns, baked in 2, 8x8 pans. Very happy to have your excellent tutorial.
Shay C.
Shay C. Yıl önce
Wow those rolls are absolutely beautiful! I will most definitely try this in my air fryer. Thank you for sharing this informative video!
Sai WildRift
Sai WildRift Yıl önce
Because of this channel, I did not realize that I have a latent talent in kneading dough. So far, this is the most straightforward and easy to follow tutorial I have watched for baking bread in air fryer. No words but actions sends a huge volume. Thanks
Nailah Corliss Olufemi
Nailah Corliss Olufemi
I can't wait to try this. Looks absolutely delicious 😋
Margarete Silva
Margarete Silva Yıl önce
I've made this bread a couple of times now and it's perfect, thank you for the recipe!
Jasmine Anne Vargas
Jasmine Anne Vargas
Thank you for this! 😍 i already tried it and its amazing 🤩 can't wait to try the other recipes 👍
Maita Maita
Maita Maita Yıl önce
Excited to try this! Will use the multipurpose dough to make cinnamon rolls. 😊 In case you're in need of suggestions on what to bake next:
sanaa saleem
sanaa saleem
Absolutely amazing. I made this today and added in filling. Thank you 🥰
Stephanie Miller
Stephanie Miller Yıl önce
What perfectly formed dough! It’s beautiful 😍, and I hope those ROLLS tasted as GOOD as they looked!😊
Shirley Bachoo
Shirley Bachoo
Made these in airfryer today came out perfect 👌 thank you for sharing 🥰 🥰
Kate Delight's
Kate Delight's Yıl önce
Looking absolutely delicious and fabulous. Thank you. 🤗
I seldom comment but this was my first time kneading and using yeast. It was challenging but was a success. Crusty top but soft inside, we just finished the first batch as I type this. Thanks for sharing, will try your other recipes.
Lou Boo
Lou Boo
I’m getting this air fryer next week and looking forward to making bread. I’ve never got along with making bread in a oven or bread making so I’m hoping I can do it
Patricia DE
Patricia DE
Ohhhhh that looks so delicious 😋 I just love homemade rolls it reminds me of my late mother's cooking
Sufi Kingdom
Sufi Kingdom Yıl önce
Love my air fryer, I have never tried bread though. Great tutorial, motivating me to make one pretty soon!
Zuraidah Kassim
Zuraidah Kassim Yıl önce
Omg! Isn't it incredible. Thank you for the tutorial. Will definitely try.
evanqs Yıl önce
i’ve tried this and it’s the best thing i have made in my airfryer. i’m back here two days later to make it again!
Lili na Cozinha
Lili na Cozinha
This is SO DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing!! 🧡
Ashas diary’s
Ashas diary’s Yıl önce
It looks sooo good and yummy, must try asap 👍🏻
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