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9 yıl önce

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About Lissa Rankin, MD:
New age gurus suggest that we can heal ourselves by simply changing our minds, but is this concept grounded in cold, hard science? Lissa Rankin, MD explores the scientific literature, reviewing case studies of spontaneous remission, as well as placebo and nocebo effect data, to prove that our thoughts powerfully affect our physiology when we believe we can get well.

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I had 3 months to live after I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Because I have been always healthy I started to use holistic healing. I started meditation and I changed my lifestyle totally. I forgave all my enemies and negative thinking. I am now cancer-free for 3 years already. This is the reason I started this channel to help other people that were diagnosed with chronic illness.
Good job
Pure Energy
Pure Energy 24 gün önce
@Wynne Davis The physicist Barbara Brennan wrote the book Hands of Llght to teach that we are electrical energy fields. What we think vibrates through us constantly. Hold onto those negative, depressive, anger thoughts and they cause an imbalance. How could you be a Reiki master and not know this?
Wynne Davis
Wynne Davis 28 gün önce
@Pure Energy right now I'm dealing with a possible autoimmune disease. My eyesight changed drastically in one month. My hair texture has changed in one month. My muscles have become tense. I do acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, am a Reiki Master, and have reiki massage done. I also have polarity work done on me. I meditate, do EFT tapping. All because I do not want to subject myself to any drugs. I am going to go to a rheumatologist next week for the first time, and am eager to find out what is going on, but I will lay down the law and let her know that I am not interested in pharmaceuticals. Let me know what to do with my diet, lifestyle, stress. I agree wholeheartedly that doctors are in it for the end game...the almighty $. There is a podcast that speaks of an oncologist that had rave reviews, but in the end, was only in it for the money subjecting his patients to chemo that did not even need it. He has killed so many.
Wynne Davis
Wynne Davis 29 gün önce
Doctors should be ashamed of themselves and should have their licenses taken away for telling someone how long they have. Kudos to you for overcoming! The mind is a powerful tool that we were given!
Marjorie Firmin
Marjorie Firmin 3 yıl önce
Absolutely! I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in 1994. The following year, I had a metastasis to my right lung, the phrenic nerve, and the pedicardium.Doctors gave me 6 to 24 months to live. Instead of running away, my fiancee decided to marry me so that he could get a family leave at work and go with me to Athens, Greece where I took an alternative treatment. Everybody said the Greek doctor was a hoax, but we went on faith. My husband encouraged me to believe. His love and my spiritual practice of Christian meditation were the greatest placebo I received. I went into remission. I was very religious and I used to visualize Christ standing before me claiming my healing as part of my visualization therapy. Twenty five years later, I am still here. I continue to practice spiritual healing through meditation, affirmations, and prayer as part of my program.
Rick Rivera
Rick Rivera Aylar önce
@Lucia Santos God is the creator of all things in heaven and earth and our creator he also hears your prayer. The bible has all the answers Jesus is coming soon and all eye's will see him. Believe it or not he's coming. Lord and savior
Aakansha Jain Jain
Aakansha Jain Jain Aylar önce
Life experiences, they bring you there.
Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson Aylar önce
I LOVE this! Congrats! :)
Phytos Aylar önce
@JediMind Trix "Verdera's life was next altered when he discovered that he had cancer. He was advised to begin an intensive course of chemotherapy. During this period, Juan found peace and relief in trance music. Over the course of one of his treatment sessions, Juan experienced a surge of inspiration that followed him home to his studio. It was under the influence of this inspiration that he wrote his famous track "Spiritual Healing". After this single was released, Juan began to recover. He is currently in good health." Peace and Love. The track is called: "The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing "
JediMind Trix
JediMind Trix Aylar önce
@Phytos I'll check it out. Is it something like the frequency stuff you see all over TRshow for "sleep music"? I guess I'll find out in just a second lol.
titoli1 7 yıl önce
This is not about killing medicine or taking away hospitals. This is about implementing changes in how doctors work and how we build hospitals. A hospital should be a relaxing mind calming place, where the doctors also evaluate the mind. This needs to merge with today's medicine to create a stronger system. Ignoring the evidence is just stupid.
Liz Pinchen
Liz Pinchen Aylar önce
Agreed: I hate hospitals because of the stress they cause by being built & run in ways that are unsympathetic to patients & staff. Fresh air & sunshine always seem to be omitted & replaced with crowded wards lit by fluorescent lights, which give off unhealthy wavelengths.
T Mikell
T Mikell 3 aylar önce
Spiritual Divine
Spiritual Divine 6 aylar önce
Exactly! We need more Hospitals & Doctor Offices that practice Western & Eastern Medicine!
Trish Honey
Trish Honey Yıl önce
@Karin Larsen I do think they are to blame when they have been in the business for years and have never done any research themselves. The only doctors that have seen the light are the ones who went looking because they see people aren’t being cured.
nahas sinu
nahas sinu Yıl önce
@jaylynn444 im from india in traditional medicinal system ayurveda.(4000 years).100% .cure from major disease like cancer,brain tumour(without surgery)...
Stephen Reeve
Stephen Reeve 2 yıl önce
I was given 3months or less to live in June 2014. No treatment and I'm still here over 5years later. The lady is right.
Sandeep Deol
Sandeep Deol 3 aylar önce
@Gaurav Verma I also
Gaurav Verma
Gaurav Verma 3 aylar önce
So so happy for you! Stories such as yours gives me hope
За Экраном
За Экраном 3 aylar önce
@Sandeep Deol hope i'm not very annoying, but also try looking up juise recipe from Rudolf Breuss
За Экраном
За Экраном 3 aylar önce
@Sandeep Deol oh, actually i had a guess that you live in India😅
Sandeep Deol
Sandeep Deol 3 aylar önce
@За Экраном from India..punjab
Susan Schafer
Susan Schafer 2 yıl önce
I just got further in the video where she speaks about the doctor that said more than being in the mind it is the carer that makes the biggest difference. When my mother was first diagnosed and given 3 months by her doctor , I vowed I would do everything I could to make sure she would be well taken care of and hopefully live much longer. I pampered her with massages every day, sometimes 2-3 each day, the best and most nutritious food and meals she would enjoy --and be able to tolerate. I made sure she was surrounded by people she loved and the things she loved as much as possible. I was her 24/7 caregiver and did everything I could to let her know how loved she was. She told me, toward the end of her life, that she never would have lived those almost 17 extra years if it hadn't been for me. I couldn't take the credit for her survival because she was the one that did it, but I think the caregiving and caring definitely contributed. If anyone has a loved one with cancer or another " incurable' illness, I think showering them with love and care can make a huge difference, either in how long they survive or the quality of their time ...or both.
thembisa odendaal
thembisa odendaal 7 aylar önce
That is so beautiful
Lando Ulsina
Lando Ulsina 9 aylar önce
You are a good person, bless you.
Shieena Living Waters
Shieena Living Waters Yıl önce
I've tried this with my sister but her negativity is so strong, she's built herself an unbelievable strong wall to keep me out. She's resigned to her imminent death so much so, she's already making plans because "cancer cannot be healed". Its so hard to live with her even though she witnessed that when our mom was going die, I brought her home with me and did for my mom what you did for yours. Our mom lived another 8 years. My husband too was given one year but that was 4 years ago and he's still here living healthy and happy. So very sad. Some people are so negative they can't be reached. Its more than speaking positive thoughts, it's already feeling and living that you are already healthy.
Cory R
Cory R Yıl önce
amen n very holistic to thats my style
Jennifer Frazier
Jennifer Frazier Yıl önce
Agree. Quality of life is important. 🙏
Super Sleuth
Super Sleuth 4 yıl önce
I was diagnosed with a 70% blockage to my heart in 2013. Several tests were conducted to confirm this. The day before angioplasty I went into a deep meditative/prayer state. During this long internal dialogue in my head I ended up feeling like someone was touching my shoulders and the weight and pain was gone. During the procedure the cardiologist was baffled at not being able to find any blockage. Whether it was angelic intervention or due to the deep meditative state, it was spontaneous healing. You can do this.
DST DSTLTD 5 yıl önce
I'm so glad someone is publicising this. I have felt this since I was young, it was natural to me, I always knew I was going to have great health and even wealth. And all is exactly how I expected it. I am so grateful and wish this advantage to every human alive.
Kathrina T
Kathrina T 8 gün önce
@Dez. ---I have seen this before ... What's your life like?
Dez.  ---I have seen this before ...
Dez. ---I have seen this before ... 3 aylar önce
Well this is strange. I've never heard these words before, nor have I ever read words like these. I have always been afraid to say the same thing you just said. I too knew I would be super healthy and successful as well. I knew these things as a child. My life has been magical. And I am happy how my life has turned out. It's weird though. I mean, just completely magical.
Gina Tsa
Gina Tsa Yıl önce
Nerve deafness cure
Taghazout Moon
Taghazout Moon Yıl önce
Good for you 👍
SoulfulVeg 6 yıl önce
I've been saying if the placebo effect was so strong, why aren't we studying it? I'm glad to hear this talk.
Anand Patel
Anand Patel 8 aylar önce
Super Mad
Super Mad 10 aylar önce
I got two placebo injections for my RSI pain in my both hands and arms.. and 3 days later the pain disappeared for almost a month.. the funny thing is I got both shots on the same arm.
Tanya Davies
Tanya Davies Yıl önce
Money. Companies would lose business.😑
Kenny Vandango
Kenny Vandango Yıl önce
Surely it already is in pretty much every medical study where half the group receive the medicine, and the other half receive the ‘placebo’, which is quite often shown to be either less or similarly effective as the medicine itself.
Malcolm x
Malcolm x Yıl önce
Because healthy people are not good for business. Pharmaceutical industry worth a trillion a year
Lloyd Lawson
Lloyd Lawson 6 yıl önce
It worked for me, stage 3 leukemia and i had a hear or two max. From there i ate asparagus and vit c. Within 4 weeks my doctor was getting remission signs and within 8 weeks i was running marathons. My heart had healed itself And i now know anythings possible
Garden of Eels
Garden of Eels 4 aylar önce
@Gods Child The guy makes some ridiculous claim about curing his cancer and his heart disease with asparagus, and then he never posts anything again and never answers any questions that people ask him. That is the sign of a troll.
Gods Child
Gods Child 4 aylar önce
@Garden of Eels how do you know about him?
Garden of Eels
Garden of Eels 4 aylar önce
@Gods Child He never did. They guy is a bullshitter.
Gods Child
Gods Child Yıl önce
Which year did you have leukemia?
james gibson
james gibson Yıl önce
Awesome, was the asparagus raw or cooked?
Pash 2 yıl önce
I am 65, healthy, no doctors, no insurance. I feel unfettered by the medical industry, it does not touch me. I love my body, I talk to it, I have not s single complaint. Fear is the biggest killer.
OU812 6 gün önce
@Betty Nish what about children?
Betty Nish
Betty Nish 14 gün önce
@carpe diem why be so negative...
Betty Nish
Betty Nish 14 gün önce
@jewelleryaddict You are always surrounded by death, that we know, but it is our duty to take care of our health the best way possible.
Betty Nish
Betty Nish 14 gün önce
I really like your attitude, the best way to live!
19Marc79 2 yıl önce
I decided at the age of 35 to avoid stress in my life as much as possible. 5 years later I can only recommend it to everyobdy who feels miserable. Don´t intoxicate your body anymore ! And ask God to help you ! These 2 are the most powerful recommendations I can give from my own life experience :)
Private Account
Private Account 9 aylar önce
@Acina Matata talk to him like you talk to someone you love and care about.
Acina Matata
Acina Matata 9 aylar önce
How to ask god?
Joy of Learning
Joy of Learning 11 aylar önce
What all you did to avoid stress ?
japp rivera
japp rivera Yıl önce
Thanks for the good advice!
merncat75 4 yıl önce
Excellent speech.. I have personally lost faith in the medical industry for so many different reasons but mostly because of doctors disregarding my concerns repeatedly.. now I'm trying to take my health into my own hands because I'm tired of leaving doctor's offices in tears feeling more helpless than before I went
Alexander Ohmes
Alexander Ohmes 2 yıl önce
Amazing talk! As a physical therapist, I often encounter patients in states of constant sympathetic stress. I do my best to educate on the importance of parasympathetic up-regulation to induce healing and self-repair. It can be a difficult conversation, especially if patients are not receptive. I absolutely love your Whole Health Cairn and would love to see it implemented into healthcare.
NintCondition 3 yıl önce
I believe that when we take any substance, be it a sugar pill, vitamin or natural supplements on a regular basis it is the mind that is reminded when taking the pills that tells us that it is helping to heal us and the reminder is actually what is healing. The belief and positive thoughts that heal us from inside out.
Gitanjali Reddy
Gitanjali Reddy 9 aylar önce
The pandemic has just invited loneliness into so many people’s lives inevitably and I was just wondering why I was suffering from OCD which I never had a record of. I haven’t been able to meet my friends and extended family for so long. It’s interesting because humans were naturally formed as social animals and when we aren’t social enough, we face consequences. It’s also interesting to me when she says nature is better than us. No. We are a part of nature, we were all living like the animals we see today in the wild. Its problematic because we’re trying hard to separate nature and us. The rural folks live in closer contact to our natural habitat with a close connection to their surroundings and they’re all much happier and healthier both mentally and physically. We need to have faith and the will which can move rocks and if it can move non living matter it can for sure significantly move conscious lives. Staying strong and being positive is the key to anything and everything no matter how hard it gets. Just look at the moon, know, know that someone else is looking at the SAME moon as YOU along WITH YOU, just somewhere else. Everyone is with you.💛
Row Victory
Row Victory 3 yıl önce
Absolutely right! I had a cancer and undergone chemo and radiation, I did not completed the treatment but I have make adjustment to my pH balance (all cancer patients have acidic body) and so was I, today 2 years later I'm cancer free! I strongly believe in what Lissa is talking about, works for me I believe that pH balanced body can not get cancer!!!
Robina Nuo Lin Lin
Robina Nuo Lin Lin Yıl önce
So do I!
Joanne Jaworski
Joanne Jaworski Yıl önce
Negative thoughts also create a more acidic body.
James Castro
James Castro 3 yıl önce
You said something profound. “Bring the love to healthcare”. There is sooo much to unpack in that statement. You are right that we need to quite our inner self to activate our innate healing mechanisms. Our cells really are listening for our instruction. Intent is the key, we have the ability to reprogram every cell in our body thru stem cells that hold the undamaged template that will achieve balance in our body. We see a future when stem cells will be injected in the blood stream and taken to a tumor via a tracer. When surrounded by the stem cells the tumor cells will recognize the benevolent template of love and healing and reverse its malevolent processes. Yet ultimately we hold the key with our elevated consciousness to activate this process through our own intent and consciousness. Thank you for you brave work!!
joecaldor 5 yıl önce
I love the message she gives, I truly believe the mind can cure... I stopped going to doctors and i am now in better health...
Mrs. Averyhart
Mrs. Averyhart 3 yıl önce
You right it can cure or kill its up to the host
Oregon Dude
Oregon Dude 3 yıl önce
@OneHastyPanda Eat keto or paleo. Meditate focused on your breath 30 minutes a day. Exercise vigorously 45 minutes daily. Weight lifting. Avoid anything synthetic, artifical, or unnatural. If it comes out of the ground, it's healthy. Multivitamins. Digestive aids. Probiotic daily. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Ask any questions you may have. 👍
OneHastyPanda 3 yıl önce
But how do you do it? Do you meditate?
Oregon Dude
Oregon Dude 3 yıl önce
Same here.
Lisa Kempson
Lisa Kempson 6 yıl önce
I have agreed with this for years. Thank you Lissa for your research and courage! I stand with you!
Rich London
Rich London Yıl önce
As I see it, the placebo effect is enhanced by if not solely due to a positive attitude. I have always had a positive attitude. In 2003 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. My mindset after both diagnoses was that I would beat the disease and not define my life by it. I have been cancer free for 17 years. Despite Parkinson's being described as a degenerative disease I take no Parkinson's medications and am still living life to the fullest 15 years post diagnosis. What makes me different? I don't know for sure, but I embrace the placebo effect as a tool that I use every day.
Heidi Holtz
Heidi Holtz Yıl önce
You are one of the lucky ones. It is real. I call it being charmed. I too feel I am charmed. I am a skeptic of CAM and TCM (complementary and alternative medicine & traditional Chinese medicine) but Placebo and positive mindset is proven. We just don't know why yet.
RedesignGreen 8 yıl önce
EXCELLENT talk! The cells in your body react to everything the mind says. The mind body connection is VERY powerful. We must all realize that we have control over our health and hence we have the power to change it. I agree, seeking a healthcare provider that is positive, nurturing, and compassionate is essential to support us in our healing. This is why I love my job, because I ALWAYS remain positive with my clients and find a solution that helps aide them in taking control of their personal power and showing them what they have and not what they don't have. The moment you change your perception, is the moment your rewrite the chemistry in your body.
Tonya A
Tonya A 2 yıl önce
Perception. Good point
Jazminrivera1 2 yıl önce
Great talk
Sylvester Dodd
Sylvester Dodd Yıl önce
I was afraid for the past few weeks because I had a chest pain and overthinked it as a heart attack or CHD. Within 5 days I decided I wont live longer healthy and happy. I'd done alot of research on heart health and came to watch this video. This talk relieved me a lot and I'm healing myself from now. I've decided to change. And its effective. I can feel the difference.
neeshta venkamah
neeshta venkamah 6 yıl önce
Awesome speech.. hats off to your courage and i believe 200% that we can heal ourselves..
theslopchop 4 aylar önce
The best Ted Talk ever. I believe 100% I am going to overcome my health problems now that I have addressed the problems xx
06109633 7 yıl önce
I love how I can see the consciousness shift happening. I hope the evil ones don't succeed in their plan to stop it.
Downunda Yıl önce
@Bruce DaBuc how good is that Biblical word ' vanquished' ? YhankYou Brucey , I am going to include it more often in speech and written word. Vanquishley Yours, Stephen australia
Downunda Yıl önce
So, Ohsix after listening to this Womans research findings would You agree it; s time to say......I hope the good People of earth succeed ? The focus is on the good rather than a negative. Just what the Doctor ordered )) regards Stephen australia
MINNESOTA 2 yıl önce
Acceptance 🤗🤗 The Present Moment is the answer to everything 🤗🤗
LoveAndPeaceOccurs 3 yıl önce
Thank You, Dr. Lissa Rankin, for this most excellent talk. ... I Love that you go into the importance of Relaxing ... and Balance. And yes, Our health care system is arrogant and they often discourage us from thinking we can do little (beyond basic things) to help ourselves ... May You, and All of us, keep helping that system to change. Love & Peace to All
Kirk Westhaver
Kirk Westhaver 6 yıl önce
i seen this first hand from my mother. she had cancer and died. but held on so much longer when she had hope.i definitely agree there is more to this
Susan Schafer
Susan Schafer 2 yıl önce
My mother had an advanced stage 4 non Hodgkin's lymphoma. She didn't respond to several courses of chemo. Then, when at 1-2 years later, she was checked, the cancer was gone. She had a spontaneous remission and lived for over 16 more years, into her 80's. She did not die from cancer. Her oncologist, in the beginning, had given her 3months and told her to get her affairs in order, when he first diagnosed her. She was an amazing woman, who loved people and loved life, despite the fact that her life had been anything but easy. She was the most loving and generous person I've ever known. I'm so grateful I had those extra 16 years with her. I absolutely believe in spontaneous remission from seemingly incurable diseases.
Curious One
Curious One 11 aylar önce
This is an amazing talk! I wish more US physicians, especially, would stop thinking of health as a consumer product and more of a necessity to a good society. Of course, the corporations profit more by making us sick, and when we die, we've been trained to believe we're "all disposable and replaceable." Sick. Thank you, Dr. Rankin.
Monica Sancio Vegan Fit - Life Coach (EN & ES)
Monica Sancio Vegan Fit - Life Coach (EN & ES) 8 yıl önce
I love this TED Talk, and now I am a fan of Lissa! It all starts with a healthy MIND... Your BODY is YOUR business.. And what patients need from their doctors is for them to be forces of HEALING, not forces of fear nor pessimism... YES!
1212trim 3 yıl önce
Monica Sancio Vegan Fit Motivation l
Juan Rocastillon
Juan Rocastillon 3 yıl önce
Our body is a modern machine that can repair itself. It is really true, here in Perú the indigenous people knew it through ayahuasca and other plant. I have experimented it, and I see that other person, physician like Lisaa, say it. We can be own doctor, yeahhh!! It supposs to save money!! hahaha, only thanks to our body!
gneissblues 8 yıl önce
in-doc-tri-naaated.. oh yea ;)
myflesh10 6 yıl önce
Lissa is sooo awesome!!!!!! Nice to see more and more peeps being holistically oriented, less ego and more tuning in to the flow of Nature/Life.
kangaroo432 6 yıl önce
I love this. You're on the front line of medicine. Thank you! And congratulations on following your calling!
INFINITE MIND 2 yıl önce
Thank you for sharing and confirming this information I have been thinking it for a while, putting pieces together and you have explained it very well. This placebo effect is also known as FAITH
Rangrez & Sons Media
Rangrez & Sons Media 3 yıl önce
Wonderful, God has blessed you with wisdom & pure thoughts, Lissa! Releasing the stress and feeling relax, can turn on the central nervous system and it will start healing everything in our body, Praise be to God, all we are tensed, stressed, depressed, that we need to understand and learn how we can train our brain. God willing. Nicely explained, Lissa!
tita adorno
tita adorno 6 yıl önce
She's amaaaazing and WONDERFUL for bringing this important information to everyone!!! Blessed is her heart! :)
Adrian Muir
Adrian Muir 3 yıl önce
Most of the time what people really need for health is just to believe that someone is looking out for them, and not just after their medical dollars. Faith in something, hope in something that's real and has meaning, that's what people really need. Taking a placebo is an acknowledgement that healing ultimately comes from outside of us, and even outside of humanity.
Ismael Murillo
Ismael Murillo 2 yıl önce
Great information about staying positive. Healthy mind, body and soul equals miracles. Stroke Survivor, healing successfully through yoga, physical therapy, breathing, but mainly keeping positive thinking!
Lou Dominguiano
Lou Dominguiano Yıl önce
The best Ted Talk I heard so far. It’s true. We need more humane and compassionate doctors, nurses and health care providers who can be instruments of healing. Thank you Dr Lissa Rankin for this great talk.
stephanie ross
stephanie ross 8 yıl önce
This is so what I have been practicing since June 1 last year. Knowing in my gut 100% I can heal what I have been diagnosed with. Made some huge shifts and have a relaxed response now and have gone inward. This is lovely and wonderful to hear from Dr. Rankin!!! Thank You. We so have the power believe in yourself I believe in Myself!!! And my abilities!!
MINNESOTA 2 yıl önce
Acceptance is key.
Kristina Baker
Kristina Baker 3 yıl önce
Hope you beat it💚
Ronald VL
Ronald VL 7 yıl önce
@Byron Whitman Actually, the placebo effect makes sure that anything you positively believe in has around approximately 33-80% chance to work (the opposite is true for the nocebo effect). Don't rely on 'science' to produce answers, because money and power control which theories and results (of research/experiments) become accepted as 'facts' and are used as basis for approved medical treatments and further research. That's why 'modern medicine' still uses the barbarian chemotherapy (injecting patients with highly toxic chemicals) and has hardly any idea what causes disease - if they accepted the fact that symptoms are mainly a part of the body's own healing mechanism, they would render themselves 85% useless (even harmful) and that's out of the question, of course... 'German New Medicine' explains 'disease' much more clearly than any other theory out there, but the official testing of it has been skillfully prohibited since 1982, even after a court order has been issued to evaluate this post doctoral thesis of dr. Hamer...
Susmita Barua
Susmita Barua 2 yıl önce
Thank you Dr. Rankin. I needed this after all the fear and panic of CoronaVirus. Healing the healthcare (actually disease care) would take all stakeholders including each of us.
vlove562 5 yıl önce
Wow. I needed this today. Thank you for a very eye-opening and inspiring lecture.
jztouch 2 yıl önce
I have absolutely cured myself of illnesses and maladies. Everyone has inner resources to heal themselves that they can tap into. I had an “aha” moment when she said it’s called the placebo effect. There’s so much potential in this and it might work for the environment and even war as well.
Fran Rew
Fran Rew 3 yıl önce
Thank you Dr. Rankin. I'm sharing your message of love, and encouragement to recognize the self-healing intelligence within each cell of our body, and also within our collective health system.
Beng An Chan
Beng An Chan Yıl önce
When I was a little kid 64 years ago and when I fell sick , my illiterate grand aunt would do a rite to clear my illness. She would make a paper boat, said something to the effect that my illness would disappear if I spit on the boat and the boat will carry away the “contagion" in the nearby river. That was my childhood placebo. Works well all the time.
Johan Calitz
Johan Calitz Yıl önce
I have watched this talk three times and will watch it again. Thank you Lissa.
Sujit Patwardhan
Sujit Patwardhan 6 yıl önce
One of the best TED talks I've heard !!!
A P 4 yıl önce
Best ted talk ever.
Freedom Tryggve
Freedom Tryggve 5 yıl önce
Definitely. I've shared it with many people who I believe it will help. Imagine in the middle of a health crisis and hearing this wonderful talk, only part I see missing is acknowledging spirituality. Doctors have a hard time with there being a creator even though there is so much proof all around us.
Edmund Janas: aka Brego
Edmund Janas: aka Brego 2 yıl önce
We need more doctors like her, my father got ill and ended up with a VA doctor and nurse who put him on death care, and we trusted them.
Anaïs Stoelen
Anaïs Stoelen 5 yıl önce
Lissa you are amazing! The mind can work wonders.. I did heal myself by following my passions in life and giving, by pulling the focus away from being ill and doing things that made me feel optimistic and happy. Don't hope, better is to believe in healing deeply.
S S 2 yıl önce
Anaïs Stoelen can u explain further ?
Nania Transformation coach
Nania Transformation coach 6 yıl önce
Amen.. you took the words right out of my mouth!. Keep going Lissa
Supriti Phani
Supriti Phani 6 yıl önce
Thank you Lissa , when such information or knowledge come from an MD , I believe it . The same has been shared by Louise Hay who herself experienced healing by her body against cancer and she wrote the book You can heal your life ...You are God's Angel Lissa .God Give you His Best .
Black Health Talk
Black Health Talk 4 aylar önce
This amazing talk is such a breath of fresh air away from the smotherings of the mass of information in the standard scientific setting. Wonderful!
LD Thompson
LD Thompson 2 aylar önce
I loved this! I am a spiritual practitioner so I come at the question from a different angle and so appreciate a doctor's perspective in support of one's ability to heal. So very interested in the perspective that it is a caring practitioner who contributes immeasurably to an individual's healing process. Thank you, thank you!!
Sally Perkins
Sally Perkins 5 yıl önce
I came across this whilst researching neuro plasticity to help with my own widespread chronic nerve pain. Thank you for a very informative, well presented talk.
Rashid Imtiaz
Rashid Imtiaz 2 yıl önce
By far the best ted talk. I love this doctor. Massive respect.
Racey Stacey
Racey Stacey 10 aylar önce
What a wonderful video. Breathing techniques to relax are especially helpful and have done wonders for my anxiety problems which have lead to physical problems . She is right about stress leading to physical health issues.
bunny pong
bunny pong 5 yıl önce
One of the most positive TED talk I've come across
Ayushi Naulakha
Ayushi Naulakha Yıl önce
She just made all the audience give her a standing ovation!
Anoma R
Anoma R Yıl önce
One of the ever BEST Ted talks I’ve heard. Thanks indeed for the great explanation & giving hope for us. 👏💐🎈❤️😊🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Musashi Senku
Musashi Senku 3 aylar önce
I utterly LOVE this. You’re a gift, my good lady, thank you for being 🙏🏽💚
Indrasish Mukherjee
Indrasish Mukherjee 8 aylar önce
At the end the "🙏🙏 namaskaram" got my heart. Loved it.
amidlifewoman 7 yıl önce
She is a great teacher. She used correct terms but did so on a level that most of us could grasp what she was saying - in terms of her medical words. Few Drs - research people can do this. I also fully agree with her "theory". I don't think it is a theory :)
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