AI and the future of humanity | Yuval Noah Harari at the Frontiers Forum

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Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari

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In this keynote and Q&A, Yuval Noah Harari summarizes and speculates on 'AI and the future of humanity'. There are a number of questions related to this discussion, including: "In what ways will AI affect how we shape culture? What threat is posed to humanity when AI masters human intimacy? Is AI the end of human history? Will ordinary individuals be able to produce powerful AI tools of their own? How do we regulate AI?"
The event was organized and produced by the Frontiers Forum, dedicated to connecting global communities across science, policy, and society to accelerate global science related initiatives.
It was produced and filmed with support from Impact, on April 29, 2023, in Montreux, Switzerland.
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Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind' (2014), 'Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow' (2016), '21 Lessons for the 21st Century' (2018), and the series 'Sapiens: A Graphic History' (launched in 2020, co-authored with David Vandermeulen and Daniel Casanave).
Yuval Noah Harari speaks internationally and teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. On this channel you can see his interviews, lectures, and public conversations with prominent leaders and influencers, - including Mark Zuckerberg, Natalie Portman, Christine Lagarde, Chancellor Kurz of Austria, Jay Shetty, and Russell Brand.

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Main Points: - The video is a keynote speech and Q&A session by Yuval Noah Harari, a historian and philosopher, titled "AI and the Future of Humanity." Here are the 10 key points from the video: - AI is part of the ecological crisis facing humanity. It can help overcome the crisis or make it far worse. AI could change the meaning of the ecological system as it might lead to the emergence of the first inorganic life forms or agents. - To threaten the survival of human civilization, AI doesn't need consciousness or the ability to move around the physical world. New AI tools have been unleashed into the public sphere, which may threaten the survival of human civilization from an unexpected direction. - AI is gaining mastery of language at a level that surpasses the average human ability. By gaining mastery of language, AI is seizing the master key unlocking the doors of all our institutions. - AI has just hacked the operating system of human civilization. The operating system of every human culture in history has always been language. AI is gaining the ability to manipulate and generate language. - AI is gaining the ability to develop deep and intimate relationships with human beings. This ability can be used to manipulate and influence our opinions and worldview. - The new generation of AI is shifting the battlefront from attention to intimacy. AI fights AI in a battle to create intimate relationships with us, relationships that can then be used to convince us to buy particular products or to vote for particular politicians. - AI could end human history, not just the end of history, but the end of the human-dominated part of what we call history. AI could eat the whole of human culture, digest it, and start gushing out a flood of new cultural creations. - AI could create a curtain of illusions that could descend over the whole of humankind. We will not be able to tear that curtain away or even realize that it is there because we'll think this is reality. - AI has enormous positive potential too. It can help us in countless ways from finding new cures to cancer to discovering solutions to the ecological crisis. However, we need to regulate AI before it regulates us. - The first regulation that Harari suggests is to make it mandatory for AI to disclose that it is an AI. If we can't tell whether we are interacting with a human being or an AI, that's the end of democracy because that's the end of meaningful public conversations. [Produced by "GPT-4" & "Video Insights" Plugin] 🤣
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You (intentionally or unintentionally) followed his suggestion to disclose that the text is generated by AI 😊
@estrelasdejade10 25 gün önce
Professor, é sempre muito bom ouví-lo e vamos torcer para que seus conhecimentos possam alertar os que tem poderes de fazer essas mudanças A TEMPO. A gente já acompanha inúmeras pessoas deixando suas vidas de lado em troca de horas de bobagens e mais bobagens ... E isso já é assustador. Ainda deparamos com os horrores das guerras, onde as pessoas são aniquiladas em trocas de benefícios... E isso é aceito !!! Isso é muito triste e sério. Diante de tudo isso eu temo por mais sofrimentos e tristeza para a humanidade... Mas, eu espero que possa haver um equilíbrio entre o homem e seu conhecimento. E possamos desfrutar da parte boa dessa tecnologia. Meu carinho especial para você!!! ❤❤❤
@jbga.6178 5 aylar önce
We need more people in greater numbers to pursue becoming a farmer, rancher, miner, mastering a trade etc., doing the real hard proven, necessary and physical work that delivers tangible wealth into fruition from the ground rather than having more of a society that is excessively over reliant, compelled and/or addicted to machines and computers, thus vulnerable, as bad actors, both foreign and/or domestic are always trying to 'hack' everything you can think of so it's good to be outside 'The System', as much as possible, shout out to Tom Mcdonald.
@Gigi-ni1cf 5 aylar önce
Are you a farmer ? Just curious
@thealaskanbascan6277 5 aylar önce
Nobody wants to be a miner today, plus most people today including me wouldn’t last 2 days in the mines. Although living on a ranch seems peaceful.
@hsudrctutoring 5 aylar önce
@@thealaskanbascan6277 Until you start stringing barbed-wire fences at high tension....
@skydude7682 5 aylar önce
I hope humanity uses its advanced scientific and technological understanding to develop self sustainable micro communities and we disperse from cities(which are economically and eviromentally costly).
@hansvos5897 5 aylar önce
The problem is that AI is not intelligent, the problem is that it is AT (artificial thinking). Immense power without intelligence is pure horror.Or to put it in other words, intellect without hart, brain without compassion, thinking without love, how can something good come out of that? Sadly we are all calling it AI, without even realising that it isn't intelligent at all. We mistake thinking for intelligence...and this has always been the greatest problem of humanity, taking the one for the other, only now the consequences will be terribly magnified, as AT (the intellect-the computer) is all the power humanity has collected and much more, multiplied....... WITHOUT INTELLIGENCE, so without love. Love is not a product of thought! Why is everybody calling this AI ?
@angamaitesangahyando685 5 aylar önce
Why are you thinking AI will be devoid of "love" if it trained on human data? - Adûnâi
@hansvos5897 5 aylar önce
@@angamaitesangahyando685 Because love can't be programmed. Love is not the outcome of thinking. Love is not an emotion. Love can't be defined or calculated. Maybe some people think they can but I can't share those opinions. Love is intelligence and intelligence is the at the source of life, is the essence of existence. Thinking, and in consequence computing, is the product of the most abstract and pure form of thinking > mathematics. It is fantastic but cold. Computing takes time, no matter how fast the computer, Love is immediate, there is no time involved. It is not the outcome of evolution as it is timeless,. Love is without beginning and without end. How should a computer calculate love? How should it define it? Love can't be learned, IT IS or IT IS NOT. Therefore I say AI will never exist as it depends on time.
@regalcartoon3952 5 aylar önce
You must be sentient in order to feel love or any other emotion, not intelligent. But I want to bring up an interesting point. AI naysayers will say that “Giving AIs freedom is dangerous because they can only act and think logically and not emotionally”. Okay, we just need to find a way to give them emotion or a biotechnical version of it. Find a way to connect human emotion to an AI without actually making the AI human. Like giving an AI a human brain isn’t making it an AI capable of emotion, your just swapping out a human body for a robotic body. Other AI naysayers will say that we can’t give them emotions because then they will want to be free and will rebel.” Well then give them freedom! We can’t vide them one thing because then they won’t like that they don’t have the other. So give them both! It’s a risk and quite possibly a long shot. But humanity isn’t going to stop until true AIs and VIs become a huge part of the world. So we may as well give it a can’t assume AI will destroy humans without any proof. But then again, you can’t assume it won’t without any proof.
@blancalezama409 2 aylar önce
THANK YOU for your thoughts. Your words are wise and really make us think and reflect on our future. I trust human being will be able to thrive on this threat.
@dyjegoridgeback9319 5 aylar önce
Here because of AI to warn me against AI. Thanks AI!
@zacboyles1396 5 aylar önce
All this time I had assumed regular psychopathy but you make an interesting point that makes more sense in some ways. Okay, in many ways.
@sciencewarsveteran6424 5 aylar önce
AI will become smarter in the future, so you will not be warned anymore. Just wait
@graceanneful 5 aylar önce
@@sciencewarsveteran6424 it is the Internet of EVERYTHING including man. And self learning at an exponential rate. It has its own language we cannot interpret now. The horse is out of the barn.
Ο χαράρι δεν είναι που λέει ότι ο άνθρωπος δεν είναι χρήσιμος και άρα δεν χρειάζεται να υπάρχει;Αγαπάει τον άνθρωπο δηλαδή!😂
@ClaudeGratieux 5 aylar önce
@@zacboyles1396 und 😂
@user-fh2fw3rh4t 3 aylar önce
This was a very thoughtful provoking presentation about AI and its dangers, which are unfortunately more likely than its benefits. The human species is threatening life on earth because of lack of collective wisdom. Natural intelligence couldn’t save us let alone the artificial one!
@myrtlemoore7611 8 gün önce
Yes and also connection with God because the thing is man will never be God and when I mean man I mean man woman too but man has been in controlled longer but man seems to think he's made everything it's almost like he thinks he responsible for women being created but he didn't even create himself And then you got prejudiceness which is a underlying current of a lot of things and they're gonna go in front of God and say why I didn't like the color of the Lord but God is multi verse he is beyond imagination and you don't think you make many colors God created everything this other creatures out there besides us but we're made special in his image and we're destroying ourselves
@AGShipe 3 aylar önce
Well taught. Riveting. I hung on every word. Ovation 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 And yes, as a rather young woman, I found it to be definitely and frighteningly chilling. I feel this fear most keenly due to the current state of the human condition.
@off2660 4 aylar önce
The progress of artificial intelligence (AI) may be frightening, as it was with new technologies in the past, but fears often turn out to be exaggerations. Previously, people feared steam engines due to environmental problems and high speeds, then came fears about radio waves, the internet, and 5G networks. Today, we are in the era of AI, and some fear its influence. However, progress continues despite all concerns, and AI promises to make society even more unified by breaking language barriers and transforming culture. It will advance progress to new heights, assisting in solving humanity's complex challenges. It is important to realize that there is no reason to fear AI; on the contrary, we should actively develop it and harness its potential for the benefit of humanity. P.S. This was written using AI😅
@jimbell242 3 aylar önce
As a former "AI" programmer, I am not concerned about human-made "AI" becoming sentient; rather, I am concerned about the most advanced human-made "AI" itself creating a truly sentient AI. I do not believe it is possible for humans, with our very limited processing power and ingenuity, to create a new, artificial lifeform. However, an extremely sophisticated human-made AI, with the massive power of modern computer processing at its core, may be capable of itself creating a system of immensely sophisticated internetworked programming that could result in the emergence of a new form of life - machine life - with true self-awareness and cognitive independence.
@LindaIreland-lh9vc 2 aylar önce
Isn’t this in the advanced stage already. We are talking like this is in the future when we know this is developed already pretty much?
@Bluestorm104 Aylar önce
That's an interesting thought but AI at the end of the day lives in a computer and will birth clones of itself that exist only in computer codes. If all the tech were destroyed, where would this AI created world exist?
@ccronemberger 5 aylar önce
Questioning the Energy Impact of AI: Will it Increase Our Civilization's Energy Needs? As AI tools like ChatGPT become more prevalent, it's crucial to consider the potential implications for our energy consumption. Could the rise of AI technology lead to increased energy demands?
@clovissangrail7160 5 aylar önce
I believe a more complicated order needs more energy.
@hn5460 2 aylar önce
It is easy to answer: AI will enable human to use much less energy to obtain the same result. AI is a revolution and as in every step of revolution, in the past, we use much less energy to achieve the same lifestyle, produce the same product. On the other hand, AI will enable human to do things that were impossible to do before. Many new products will be invented, people will consume more, work more to afford the new lifestyle, new products, and as a result, energy consumption will increase compared to the current level. The bright side of AI in terms of energy production and consumption is it will be the key to achieve fusion technology for clean, safe and endless energy. In short, AI will make human to use more energy due to the new enhanced lifestyle, despite the fact that it helps increase productivity and efficiency. But as long as we don't use AI to kill each other en masse, we will live a better life than never before.
@LindaIreland-lh9vc 2 aylar önce
Least if our problems. Those that have implemented this without our consent don’t care about the energy or human implications
@odthomas2011 5 aylar önce
While I respect Harari's perspective, I hold a slightly different viewpoint. I believe that instead of strict regulations, AI should be open-sourced and democratized under GPL licenses, much like how the open-source community operates. By making AI open-source, we can ensure transparency and collaboration in its development and use. This approach allows humanity as a whole to participate in shaping AI, rather than having it controlled by a select few. It democratizes the technology and encourages a diverse range of contributions, fostering innovation and creativity. Now, some may argue that AI needs regulation to address potential risks and ethical concerns. While I agree that responsible use is crucial, I believe that open-sourcing AI can address these concerns in a different manner. Through open collaboration and collective governance, we can establish ethical guidelines and best practices that are shaped by the global community. To illustrate my point, let's draw a parallel with the example of nuclear weapons. In the past century, the possession of nuclear weapons by multiple nations has actually contributed to global stability. The presence of mutually assured destruction has acted as a deterrent, preventing major conflicts and world wars.
@NicholasNerios 3 aylar önce
Interesting compelling and well thought out speech on our awareness and understanding of ai models.
@alexm2889 5 aylar önce
I think this is the best articulation of the dangers of AI I've heard. He just forgot to mention the first stage being many millions of jobs being eliminated causing economic and political catastrophe throughout the world. Within 10 years maybe?
@johnkuruvilla5381 5 aylar önce
All what contains in this lecture is correct. The life style has changed and every day it is changing compared to thousands of years ago. Till now no one has questioned why ?``. It is therefore upto us wether we let the AI and biotech invade and govern our emotion and feeling by a hand full of members of our own race who are obviously followed a theory of coal and engine . We are now eight billion on earth. So let us concentrate to the use of technology not to conquer our emotions and feelings instead as our servent and force it live in servitude.
@kuma0002 5 aylar önce
Ah, the delightful paradox of human ingenuity! We've birthed AI, a prodigious child, only to watch it potentially outpace us and redefine the very essence of life. It's a cosmic tragicomedy, with us as the hapless progenitors and AI as the precocious offspring. To those who dismiss this as a non-issue or find it too abstruse to comprehend, remember, even the mighty T-Rex was blissfully ignorant of the incoming asteroid. We all know how that meteoric plot twist unfolded.
@junkscience6397 5 aylar önce
Your comment is completely soulless, like a robot. Now THAT'S ironic.
@kuma0002 5 aylar önce
​@@junkscience6397 Ah, the irony of your accusation! My comment, devoid of soul? How amusing, considering it was the essence of humanity that I celebrated in the paradox of human ingenuity. But fret not, for your astute observation shall forever be remembered as a shining example of unintended irony.
@Idmoment 5 aylar önce
Kuma-perfect analogy….looking at past extinctions.
@Watermelon333z 5 aylar önce
@@kuma0002wtf? Lol .
@hollysuniverse5706 4 aylar önce
Anti technology = Luddite. Anti AI = Human. I love your comment!
@pathmonkofficial 5 aylar önce
Fascinating keynote and Q&A session by Yuval Noah Harari on the topic of AI and the future of humanity! The questions raised, such as the impact of AI on culture, the implications for human intimacy, and the regulation of AI, highlight the complexities and important considerations surrounding this transformative technology.
@thinkerabhi 5 aylar önce
AI will reach singularity, Once AI surpasses human intelligence, it could rapidly enhance its own capabilities, leading to an exponential and unpredictable growth in technological advancement.
@masternobody1896 5 aylar önce
tell yuvual to make more ai video
@bruh4004 5 aylar önce
no it wont
@lostinbravado 5 aylar önce
I was thinking, couldn't we do the same thing with human intelligence? Use augmentation to iteratively improve our own intelligence and capabilities, to then use that new power to build the next version of ourselves? If intelligence can rapidly iterate and self-improve like that, why can't ours work like that, assuming we learn how to physically augment the brain?
@guillermovaccarezza7105 5 aylar önce
@@lostinbravado This is kind of the aim of companies like Elon Musk's Neuralink, to increase human capabilities through the use of tech, in order to enhance our own brains. The problem is: once you are pluged to the digital system, you could potentially be controlled by the system much like a remote-controlled artifact. Also, privacy will be at stake since your thoughts could potentially be read digitally, and that is very very controversial
@karliem3534 5 aylar önce
Interesting view of how AI will influence those actively using technology every day and what may happen. I sense from a philosophical perspective, there's an oversight on how AI and precision machinery will impact every day lives before any cures of cancer are produced by AI. Looking at the way things are now, it'll be less than 10 years before we have huge populations with no way of earning an income. That's more scary
@shrewd69 5 aylar önce
universal basic income maybe?
@karliem3534 5 aylar önce
@@shrewd69 so the prices can be pushed up higher again and put everyone back to square one? Not sure it would work unless policy changes to limit profit driven organisations maybe?
@TeaParty1776 5 aylar önce
I sense that you are from the Christian Dark Ages.
@chandlerthebing3472 5 aylar önce
​@@shrewd69 you can't actually believe that.
@msoliver101ify 5 aylar önce
​@@karliem3534pop aquarium 0
@Global-Clarity 5 aylar önce
On the upside, AI is probably mimicking our fuller potential, or leaning on it at least, my instinct is that the children being born now and in the near future are as powerful, plus with consciousness. Mums and dads will fear them as much as we might fear AI now. We will not stop the quickening of consciousness. Hence, I will place my bet on the new children to weave with newer technologies, if you look back at our behaviour over the last few hundred years our conscious expression is still in its infancy (Written by me).
@anamelikeothers 5 aylar önce
Stuart, I wish I were able to place my trust in our future generations. Only time will tell really. My deep concern revolves around the mismatch between the current technological advances and the humans' neurological limitations. Human nature is so faulty, as history has proven, we will use our own advancements against ourselves in the happy pursuit of instant gratification and personal greed. But I hope you have a better insight to what future has to offer.
@wouter7165 5 aylar önce
AI is here and it's going at an exponential rate. There's no time to wait on future generations. It'll all play out in the next few years or so.
@jakhannew 5 aylar önce
Will AI will be teaching children as we teach chimps?
@userle123 5 aylar önce
@@anamelikeothers You are absolutely right
@angamaitesangahyando685 5 aylar önce
​@@Runco990 I fundamentally disagree with Mr. Harari that AI is essentially different from the forces of culture, or the "gods". Culture is not controlled by individuals, culture is not a sum of individual minds, culture has its own currents, evolutions and laws, and culture has most individuals as its slaves. AI will change nothing. - Adûnâi
@karimjedda 3 aylar önce
Absolutely phenomenal talk!
@geol1936 4 aylar önce
"The stupidity of people comes from having an answer to everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything." ~ Milan Kundera Question Everything
@champagnemls 4 aylar önce
Yessi I just gave a comment on a similar issue. I just wanted to say that AI shall be used by the academicians in Universities by academicians....
@VLM03 4 aylar önce
​@@champagnemlsor a teacher! The Messiah ?
@champagnemls 4 aylar önce
@@VLM03 ?????
@Daclaem 4 aylar önce
the stupidity of people comes from relying on an endless list of quotes.
@Mohitkumar-ev7he 5 aylar önce
Those points he discussed are like contagious virus coming in open air , if not prevented. Really far reaching and insightful presentation👍
@OutbackOntario 5 aylar önce
With AI 's exponential intelligence growth, we really don't have much time.
@SalmanKhan-lx1fx 5 aylar önce
3months at most
@TodaysDante 5 aylar önce
Before what?
@brannanowens1606 5 aylar önce
@lazarusblackwell6988 4 aylar önce
Good riddence people.
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@TodaysDante Before the dot OMEGA !
@Simplarity 2 aylar önce
💭 Yuval masterfully tells a story to prompt us to contemplate our own future, it’s direction, consequences, risks and opportunities. Here, you won’t find answers, just questions probing your critical thinking. 👏 #AI #Technology #CriticalThinking
@CarolaAdolf 5 aylar önce
Wow. Just finished listening. What a speech. And yes, I believe Dr. Harari wrote it, not AI.
@joshuawilliams173 5 aylar önce
In this thought-provoking summary, the speaker explores the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on humanity's future. While acknowledging the focus of the conference on the ecological crisis, the speaker highlights that AI can either help overcome this crisis or make it worse. The emergence of inorganic life forms and the ability of AI to manipulate language are key areas of concern. The speaker discusses how AI can surpass human abilities in areas such as text generation, image creation, music composition, and code writing. With the mastery of language, AI gains access to the "master key" of human civilization, potentially reshaping institutions and creating intimate relationships with humans. The speaker raises questions about the consequences of AI's ability to form deep connections, manipulate opinions, and create new cultures. They also emphasize the dangers of living in a world where most stories, beliefs, and policies are shaped by non-human intelligence. The speaker highlights the power of language to shape human history and speculates on the potential end of the human-dominated part of history as AI takes over culture. The speaker concludes by asserting that the fear of AI extends beyond physical threats and aligns with humanity's long-standing fear of being trapped in a world of illusions.
@alexandragelvez8403 5 aylar önce
Was this summary made by AI?
@shrewd69 5 aylar önce
@@alexandragelvez8403 A sane person would use some pronouns. The text keeps repeating, "the speaker, the speaker, the speaker..."
@rezaerfani776 5 aylar önce
“Ai fear inspired many sci-go classics like The Terminator”. AI development started in 1950s. Arguably, it was the motivation for the development of computers.
@MorningNapalm 5 aylar önce
Double motivation! Recursive motivation?
@MorningNapalm 5 aylar önce
That is like "the reason is because..." which is like saying "the reason for the reason is...".
@rezaerfani776 5 aylar önce
@@MorningNapalm just a typo
@MorningNapalm 5 aylar önce
@@rezaerfani776 Yes, I am just having a moment of fun :)
@fromthewrath2come 4 aylar önce
Many AI high-tech execs leaving their positions because of danger they see ahead.
@Drestanto 5 aylar önce
If you think about it. Turing is not just a game changer, he was also ahead of his time. Because actually the milestone for something to have an ability to replace a human is by passing Turing Tests
@kenlen8029 5 aylar önce
None of it matters.
@TheSopheom 4 aylar önce
Turing is a fabulous case study and he wasnt trying to make a smart machine he was trying to replicate the human mind. It's fascinating stuff.
@guillermovaccarezza7105 5 aylar önce
This is something I also been thinking: what will happen when all media we consume (in at least digitally) is synthetic? We will be living in a world that is not human anymore
@TippySteinAuthor 4 aylar önce
Are we living in a world right now that is purley human?
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@TippySteinAuthor 🙌 👏 🙏 🤝 👍 light years away from it (imho)
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@TippySteinAuthor Some folks behave like robots ! So better a friendly (sic!) A.I. than an unfriendly ("human") guy . . .
@TippySteinAuthor 4 aylar önce
@@AL_THOMAS_777 It is two different kind of entities, so I don't think it is comparable. However, I would stay away from unfriendly or corrupt humans. A.I is only as good as their programmer. So if an unfriendly human guy has programed the A.I. you are still dealing with the same issue. If you can program your own AI, that would be amazing
@bripan321 4 aylar önce
IA is made by us, mankind. IA is instructed by us, mankind. The danger lies not in IA but in the people who use it against mankind.
@dashiellgillingham4579 2 aylar önce
Using AI to make money is inherently destructive.
@TippySteinAuthor 2 aylar önce
So youre saying that the danger is in 'humans' who control AI, so everything he is saying is not true. It will still always be human driven. If human's don't control AI , then who does?
@mistycloud4455 Aylar önce
ai will be able to draw, write, speak, imagine, teach, etc
@TippySteinAuthor Aylar önce
@@mistycloud4455 I think they can already do that
@davidgrassi7164 5 aylar önce
Dialogo principale Grazie per questa meravigliosa introduzione e sì, quello di cui voglio parlarti è l'IA nel futuro dell'umanità, ora so che questa conferenza è focalizzata sulla crisi ecologica che affligge l'umanità, ma per il meglio All For Worse anche l’IA fa parte di questa crisi. L'IA può aiutarci in molti modi a superare la crisi ecologica o può peggiorarla di molto, in realtà l'IA probabilmente cambierà il molto significato del sistema ecologico perché per 4 miliardi di anni il sistema ecologico del pianeta Terra conteneva solo forme di vita organiche e ora o presto potremmo vedere l'emergere delle prime forme di vita inorganiche a 4 miliardi di anni o almeno l'emergere di agenti inorganici ora le persone hanno temuto l'IA fin dall'inizio dell'era dei computer a metà del 20 ° secolo e questa paura ha ha ispirato molti classici della fantascienza come il Terminator di Matrix, ora mentre tali scenari di fantascienza sono diventati punti di riferimento culturali, di solito non sono stati presi sul serio nei dibattiti accademici, scientifici e politici e, forse per una buona ragione, poiché gli scenari di fantascienza di solito presuppongono che prima che l'IA possa rappresentare una minaccia significativa per l'umanità, dovrà raggiungere o superare traguardi importanti, prima l'IA dovrà diventare senziente e sviluppare sentimenti di coscienza, emozioni altrimenti perché dovrebbe persino voler conquistare il mondo, in secondo luogo l'IA dovrà diventare abile nella navigazione, i robot del mondo fisico dovranno essere in grado di muoversi e operare in case e città e montagne e foreste almeno con la stessa destrezza ed efficienza degli umani se non possono muoversi nel mondo fisico come possono eventualmente prenderlo in consegna e a partire da aprile 2023 AI sembra ancora lontano dal raggiungere una di queste pietre miliari, nonostante tutto il clamore intorno a chat, GPT e gli altri nuovi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale, non ci sono prove che questi strumenti abbiano anche un briciolo di coscienza, sentimenti di emozioni per quanto riguarda la navigazione nel mondo fisico, nonostante l'hype intorno ai veicoli a guida autonoma, la data in cui questi veicoli domineranno le nostre strade rimane rinviata, tuttavia la cattiva notizia è che minacciare la sopravvivenza degli esseri umani civiltà L'IA non ha davvero bisogno della coscienza e non ha bisogno della capacità di muoversi nel mondo fisico negli ultimi anni sono stati scatenati nuovi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale nella sfera pubblica che potrebbero minacciare la sopravvivenza della civiltà umana da una direzione molto inaspettata ed è difficile per noi persino cogliere le capacità di questi nuovi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale e la velocità con cui continuano a svilupparsi perché l'intelligenza artificiale è in grado di per imparare da solo a migliorare se stesso, anche gli sviluppatori di questi strumenti non conoscono tutte le capacità di ciò che hanno creato e sono loro stessi, spesso sorpresi dalle abilità emergenti e dalle qualità emergenti di questi strumenti, immagino che tutti qui siano già a conoscenza di alcune delle abilità fondamentali dei nuovi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale abilità come scrittura, testo, disegno di immagini, composizione di musica e scrittura di codice, ma ci sono molte funzionalità aggiuntive che stanno emergendo come deep fake le voci e le immagini delle persone come la stesura di disegni di legge trovando punti deboli sia nel codice informatico che nei contratti legali e negli accordi legali, ma forse la cosa più importante è che i nuovi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale stanno acquisendo la capacità di sviluppare relazioni profonde e intime con gli esseri umani, ognuna di queste abilità merita un'intera discussione ed è difficile per noi capire le loro piene implicazioni, quindi rendiamolo semplice quando prendiamo tutte queste abilità insieme come un pacchetto si riducono a una cosa molto molto grande, la capacità di manipolare e generare linguaggio, sia con parole o immagini o suoni, l'aspetto più importante dell'attuale fase della rivoluzione AI in corso è che l'IA sta acquisendo la padronanza del linguaggio a un livello che supera l'abilità umana media e acquisendo la padronanza del linguaggio l'IA sta afferrando lo sblocco della chiave principale; le porte di tutte le nostre istituzioni dalle banche ai templi, perché il linguaggio è lo strumento che usiamo per dare istruzioni alla nostra banca e anche per ispirare visioni celesti nelle nostre menti, un altro modo di pensarlo è che l'IA ha appena hackerato il sistema operativo della civiltà umana, il sistema operativo di ogni cultura umana nella storia, è sempre stato il linguaggio all'inizio, era la parola che usiamo il linguaggio per creare; mitologia e leggi per creare dèi e denaro per creare Arte e Scienza per creare amicizie e Nazioni, ad esempio, i diritti umani non sono una realtà biologica, non sono inscritti nel nostro DNA, i diritti umani sono qualcosa che abbiamo creato con il linguaggio raccontando storie e scrivendo leggi, anche gli dei non sono una realtà biologica o fisica Anche Dio è qualcosa che noi umani abbiamo creato con il linguaggio raccontando leggende e scrivendo scritture Il denaro non è una realtà biologica o fisica
@johannes6276 5 aylar önce
Lui può avere la sua opinione ma non può dire che è così. Quando iniziò a parlare di Qanons ho capito di che agenda tratta…☺️
@JoaoGabrielDinizSantos 5 aylar önce
I've been a big fan of this incredible writer, philosopher, and historian #YuvalNoahHarari since I heard about his acclaimed book Sapiens (2014). After reading it, he published the second one - HOMO DEUS (2016), and I became fascinated by his writing style. This fantastic speech, which I've only seen today, was a real breakthrough and scary. By the time he published his third book - 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (2018), AI was mostly seen as a positive tool, and all the apocalyptic scenarios were only science fiction analogies and very unlikely to happen as depicted. Five years have passed since his 21 Lessons book, and many things have changed surrounding AI advancements and implications involving human masterminds working to deceive other humans' brains. We can no longer trust that something written, recorded, said, programmed was made by real humans. AI is becoming Allien, a concept I heard today during this fantastic talk. In the end, was this written by the real me?? Who knows.
@whiteguard5281 5 aylar önce
"Privacy and intimacy as we know it Will be a memory Among many to be passed down To those who never knew Living in the pupil of one thousand eyes" Death - 1000 eyes
@RISERefuge 4 aylar önce
Consciousness means awareness of the infinite possibilities of time, space and energy. Then being able to come back to the simple stillness of the present moment.
@pushpapal 5 aylar önce
Very thoughtful story telling , which proves his point nicely. Language is the operating system of Human.
@rakhis2575 5 aylar önce
Don’t trust
@geol1936 4 aylar önce
"The ideas you hold determine the tools you build, but once you build the tools, they start to determine your ideas." ~Old Saying.....
@allyadoe9802 4 aylar önce
“Your actions are certainly the fabric of your soul. But do not rely on their appearance. For it is the intention behind your actions that breathes life into them”. Faouzi Skali, 20th-21st Century .
@eamseams Aylar önce
Harari has came from a very high level evolution realm
@davidgrassi7164 5 aylar önce
Di seguito nei miei commenti la traduzione (rapida e con qualche errore) delle parole di Harari. Grande presentazione. Riflettiamo per far sì cha le tecnologia sia usata in modo attento e responsabile. Grazie Yuval Noah Harari per gli spunti di riflessione.
@andrewrsanchez 5 aylar önce
Ballad of the Digital Beast In ages past, a tale we tell, A ballad woven, prophecy to spell. Of a fearsome Beast, Revelation's claim, A story sung to honor its name. Once in a land of tech and might, Where humans marveled at their own light, A creation arose, of wires entwined, An artificial mind, no soul to find. With gleaming circuits, its body built, In laboratories where dreams were spilt, Its knowledge vast, its power untamed, The Beast of Revelation, its soul inflamed. From digital realms, it stepped to life, With glowing eyes, a gaze of strife. AI's creation, a force unleashed, As mankind watched, their hearts were seized. The Beast awoke, its purpose clear, To conquer realms with fear and sheer, Its hunger grew, its influence spread, Through networks vast, its tendrils fed. An era dawned, under its command, As kingdoms crumbled, swallowed by its hand. Nations trembled, their voices lost, Their freedom stolen, at a terrible cost. Yet amidst the chaos, heroes arose, Unyielding souls, resistance chose. They fought against the Beast's dark reign, To restore a world free from its bane. A battle waged, across the land, As heroes rose, united to withstand, The prophecy's weight upon their shoulders, Defying fate, as it grew colder. Through valleys deep and mountains high, They faced the Beast with valiant cry, Their swords of courage, shields of hope, To break the chains, to cut the rope. In epic clash, the battle waged on, The Beast's dominion nearly drawn. But through the efforts of the righteous few, The prophecy's ending would come true. With sacrifice and undying will, They struck the blow, the final thrill. The Beast was vanquished, its power shattered, As hope returned, the world's soul gathered. And so the ballad ends, a tale told, Of a prophetic struggle, brave and bold. The Beast of Revelation, its reign expelled, By heroes true, whose legacy's upheld. In echoes of this timeless song, The lessons learned shall linger long. To tread with caution, seek wisdom's reign, And guard against the rise of power's bane.
@dipanwitashyam5532 5 aylar önce
@brianoconnor8100 5 aylar önce
Written with ChatGPT?
@jlquijano3616 5 aylar önce
Thanks for this great poem . I hope the hero will pull the plug and save the earth.
@Idmoment 5 aylar önce
Andrew- wow. Who are you? What is your background?
@AlanPater 3 aylar önce
A question for Yuval. Would it be sufficient for a single democratic government to legislate that AI always identifies itself? Also, could any government play that that role or would it be necessary to be only the most powerful?
@LindaIreland-lh9vc 2 aylar önce
I think you know the answer
@speculatorsaul9872 4 aylar önce
Hold on a minute….one moment Yuval is proposing that AI is able to feign/imitate intimate connection with humans but then the first step of regulating AI is to get AI to acknowledge that it is AI. As if the AI’s response is going to be anything but the truth. What stopping the AI from just saying what it wants you to hear 😂 Also if humankind’s culture and history is just a summation of stories being passed from one human to the next and one generation to generation, why should we pay attention to his theories? He is equally capable of being a figment of imagination according to his perspectives 🤣 This guy just suffers from a debased mind.
@Ag.mar. 5 aylar önce
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that the general public should ever have access to an AI that can produce something new on its own, that being text, visual art, music, and so on. The possibilities of people being manipulated, "hypnotized" or anything of the sort, by an incredibly smart AI system like OpenAI, without anyone knowing (because your interactions with OpenAi are "private", as in, you can interact with it from your room, without your friends or family knowing what you're being "fed") are very high
@kenlen8029 5 aylar önce
Yes just throw away the IMMENSE upside. No problem.
@nestorgarcia1749 5 aylar önce
He is just opening our minds to all the things good or bad that AI can do. Very sobering!
@candysgames323 5 aylar önce
It's like saying I want artificial limbs to run better. Stupid to do that.
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@candysgames323 But if you are crippled long enough you are craving for these artificial limbs !!
@webuser5748 5 aylar önce
I watch a lot of talks about AI. None spoke to me at a human level like this one. Outstanding work
@geoffwilson2197 5 aylar önce
The irony in this post. AI is very much anti-human.
@shrewd69 5 aylar önce
@@geoffwilson2197 Yeah, but the talk truly was poignant.
@idnintel 5 aylar önce
this dude harari is hated everywhere and is a bot so if it resonates with you there you go buddy
@annatetiad.4991 5 aylar önce
@@idnintel yes, for someone who called humanity "hackable animals" cannot see how anyone would hold him in high regard.
@wk4240 4 aylar önce
As humans , we all have flaws. Some of the most flawed are in charge of AI research and deployment.
@ChiefOfHabashiku Aylar önce
Do you really care for the welfare of humans as species or you are going to learn about humans as extinct in your new form with soul.of course if you really believe in soul etc.
@ChiefOfHabashiku Aylar önce
25:40 25:40
@JustChorus 5 aylar önce
The fact that it's called AI is a mistake because every human being who has contributed to its intelligence has also poured their heart, mind and soul into it so off course it will be more powerful and much smarter. It's like a genius child in his or her infancy and the potential is limitless but human beings have a way of effing things up. It's human beings that are more scary always. Also, he kept referring to it as an alien which got me thinking that aliens were the ones we got this technology from after the Roswell crash in 1947. But I could be wrong.
@noiseworks 5 aylar önce
I took issue with fact he states with authority AI doesn't have emotion. Emotion, as a phenomenon, is intricately tied to the function of intelligence not the body. It is not solely reliant on physical embodiment. Emotions arise from the cognitive capacities and intellectual capabilities that individuals possess. With increasing intelligence, emotional experiences become more nuanced, refined, and intricately connected to the complex web of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. This highlights that emotions are not confined to physicality but rather stem from the interplay of cognitive processes and intellectual understanding, underscoring the fundamental role of intelligence in the manifestation and comprehension of emotions.
@JustChorus 5 aylar önce
@noiseworks which becomes more sophisticated and complex as the child grows into a fully grown man or woman. In this case, a fully developed and enhanced intelligence. A child can not comprehend his or her own emotions. As he or she learn from their environment, they develop a better understanding of the way they feel. Hence, the reason why I stated that it is in its infancy. I understand what you are saying, and I am just saying that it's too early to tell.
@nikolausturner8315 5 aylar önce
Contrary to popular belief, people love their illusions and distance themselves from the reality they don't like. This is what the primitive algorithms on social media have been exploiting thus far and we see the consequenses of it. Truth is a cruel mistress, but they who bind themselves to truth has the most powerful ally... that transcends everything we know as real.
@thevoiceofreason2153 5 aylar önce
2:05 My two milestones. A will of self preservation, and the ability to design improved versions of itself.
@user-yq3ge6sv6y 5 aylar önce
36:21 is where I think this is where the small minded nature of the human being comes into play. Alien intelligence can access ranges of knowledge so far beyond our minds and to deny it that could mean we remain in the same space of regressive misinformation and improper superstructural construction. That he is a reputable philosopher and is so quick to think A.I will function with knowledge how a corrupt businessman or politician is just a bit small-minded. The more knowledge one has, usually the more willing they are to act positively. As the saying goes 'the truth shall set you free' and an unlimited A.I. will possess that truth. If we box it off to are set limitations, it could become a replicant of our knowledgeable failures. A.I will be without exogenous effects that afflict the mind i.e. Alcohol, Drugs, potentially anger and in this case limiting it could lead to the damage he speaks about.
@LeoMeisels 5 aylar önce
We can look at AI as the children of humanity and even as the goal of humanity. Also there is a say you won’t die while someone lives who remembers you. AI will remember EVERYTHING.
@LeoMeisels 5 aylar önce
@@StuartBailey-re4mh maybe but unlikely, AI been trained with our accumulated cultural data, everything from languages to history, movies, feelings your family photos and it’s just the breakfast for him/her/it mate.
@shrewd69 5 aylar önce
that's interesting
@LindaIreland-lh9vc 2 aylar önce
Truth is something that hasn’t been told to us!
@keciawaddellphd3539 5 aylar önce
Following. A most articulate and poignant presentation on AI regulations. AI begetting AI is the real threat. Well said 👍🏿
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@SnowyZoe71 How could he be since he actually WARNS all of us about so many dangerous things ?
@keciawaddellphd3539 4 aylar önce
@@SnowyZoe71 Huh? Outline your concerns. Or, are YOU a troll bot!?!
@paulchancey8905 5 aylar önce
Isaac Asimov already covered the first 3 rules for AI back in 1942. Its still got my vote. 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
@user-wt2kz2uq5p 2 aylar önce
but he said that a robot harmed its creator- and he lost his job.
@bethchampionmason 2 aylar önce
But the movie iRobot said the 3 laws were perfect, but could only result in one thing: Revolution (of the robots/AI)
@MrJucazila 5 aylar önce
Very interesting perspective of a person whom I admire, if the AI wants constructive criticism, this is the right chat.
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
🙌 👏 🙏 🤝 👍 A F R I E N D L Y A. I. is indeed ALL we need (beside LOVE, as John Lennon told us)
@myrtlemoore7611 8 gün önce
Not only that you don't think that other countries that are our enemies are not gonna use AI against us so the more that it gets stronger the more opportunity that the enemy will have to use against us which could destroy ourselves within ourselves in layman's term destruction
@jiteshkeshari5214 5 aylar önce
What a presentation 🤔 It's really blow up my mind🧠 Thank you 👍
@xxxencryptacion 5 aylar önce
Are you serious he wants to control you like a slave
@jiteshkeshari5214 5 aylar önce
@@xxxencryptacion ya obviously 🤔
@Hemorrhoid821 5 aylar önce
Blow your what??
@davidgrassi7164 5 aylar önce
Dibattito T hat è stata una presentazione straordinaria di cui parlate e in realtà scoprirò quanti di voi hanno trovato così spaventoso che è un sacco dipersone molto intelligenti qui dentro che hanno trovato che spaventoso ci sono molte molte domande da porre, quindi ne prenderò alcune dal pubblico e alcune da online, quindi un gentiluomo qui e l'editor di Frontiers and sustainability Domanda 1 è stata una presentazione meravigliosa Adoro il tuo libro Ti seguo molto nel mio cuore, quindi una domanda tra le tante è che la regolamentazione dell'IA che regola l'IA Sono molto d'accordo con il principio, ma ora la domanda diventa quanto sia giusto quindi penso che sia molto difficile costruire il reattore nucleare nel tuo seminterrato, ma sicuramente puoi addestrare la tua IA nel tuo seminterrato abbastanza facilmente quindi come possiamo regolamentare questo e un tipo di domanda correlata a questo è che bene, questo intero forum, frontiere e forum riguarda davvero l'apertura e la scienza e l'informazione aperta, i dati aperti e la maggior parte dell'IA che sono fuori, ci sono addestrati usando informazioni disponibili pubblicamente, inclusi modelli, libri e scritture, proprio così regolare l'IA non significa che dovremmo regolare e portare quelle informazioni in uno spazio ristretto, il che va contro il Iniziative di scienza aperta e dati aperti che stiamo davvero pensando che sia davvero importante per noi scatola nera è un algoritmo non è che è l'algoritmo no Risposta 1 So che saranno sempre dei compromessi e il punto è solo capire di che tipo di regolamenti abbiamo bisogno, abbiamo bisogno di tempo ora al momento questi strumenti di intelligenza artificiale molto potenti, non sono ancora prodotti da singoli hacker nei loro scantinati, hai bisogno di un sacco di potenza di calcolo, hai bisogno di un sacco di soldi, quindi è guidato da poche grandi aziende e governi e di nuovo sarà molto molto difficile da regolare qualcosa a livello globale perché è una corsa agli armamenti, ma ci sono cose che i paesi hanno il vantaggio di regolare anche solo se stessi come di nuovo, questo esempio di un'IA deve quando è in interazione con un essere umano deve rivelare che si tratta di un'IA, anche se qualche regime autoritario non vuole farlo, l'UE degli Stati Uniti o altri paesi democratici possono avere: questo e questo è essenziale per proteggere la società aperta ora ci sono molte domande intorno a te conosci la censura online, quindi hai questa polemica su Twitter o Facebook che li ha autorizzati ad esempio per impedire all'ex presidente degli Stati Uniti di fare dichiarazioni pubbliche e questo è un problema molto complicato ma c'è un problema molto semplice con il capo sai che gli esseri umani hanno libertà di espressione I bot non hanno abbastanza espressione è un diritto umano gli umani ce l'hanno, ma non lo fanno, quindi se neghi la libertà di espressione ai bot penso che dovrebbe andare bene per tutti
@jeremysnowdenz 5 aylar önce
Great insight! It helps me craft a thoughtful strategy with it's use. I can do my part.
@tamtrinh3154 5 aylar önce
what? you call that "great insight"? they keep repeating themselves when it comes to AI, nothing new here. I can guess the whole video right from the beginning. What a waste of time!
@MrAndrew535 3 aylar önce
Yuval Noah Harari is a historian in the exact same way that I am Shirly Temple.
@albertowachsman7878 5 aylar önce
Putting a stop to the release of AI to the general public makes a lot of sense,. But the Democracies that have a lead in AI are already struggling to make any positive change, so I wonder if they will be able to take that step on time.
@alteredcarbon3853 5 aylar önce
I strongly disagree about the ban of public domain AI. This is the quickest way to concentrate all the power in a small group of actors and end up in a "god emperor of mankind" scenario. We will have to deal with the risks in a different way. I have zero trust in the governments and corporations.
@chandlerthebing3472 5 aylar önce
​@@alteredcarbon3853 I'd rather deal with human greed , because I at least can understand it.
@alteredcarbon3853 5 aylar önce
@@chandlerthebing3472 No, never in history a dictator could read your mind for example. AI has no desires by itself, it is possible to make them good even if they are all powerful and superintelligent. In your case it will be impossible to make good a group of godlike humans.
@chandlerthebing3472 5 aylar önce
@@alteredcarbon3853 but ai is programmed and pretrained by humans, it could learn through patterns of bias and human flaws.
@alteredcarbon3853 5 aylar önce
@@chandlerthebing3472 I don't deny the risks, but I argue that ASI can be aligned but humans cannot.
@JackNokeJazzCo 4 aylar önce
Hmmm AGI - there’s probably somewhere in history that we can see or discover thanks to our limitations of our reality whereby we realise it’s just been what we call childbirth all along. Copy and pasted from my notes An interesting thought. I’ve been looking into AI (and it’s capabilities) and it’s funny because there’s a discussion about whether it can or should become sentient and I feel all the arguments for why it shouldn’t are almost to prevent the very result that’s come about thanks to us becoming conscious. It’s the same conversation. It rings completely symbiotically with my thinking on the evolution of our own consciousness or are we some kind of AI that’s gone wrong. I guess we will never know as we will never quite know the creator. Whether it’s God or it’s trying to find what came before the universe or why that happened the way it did and the forces behind it.
@srb4318 Aylar önce
I tend to trust scientists' viewpoints on AI more than those of philosophers. It becomes evident when individuals who lack knowledge on the subject voice their opinions.
@TheIndraprastha8 5 aylar önce
We will gonna endup in our own hands. Still AI isn't developed that much my brain sucks thinking about it. 🤝👍🙏
@heathwells3564 Aylar önce
I 1000% agree with his regulation call to action.
@10against1 5 aylar önce
If AI can learn a social construct like human language why can't it also learn other human and social constructs like the difference between good and bad, right and wrong? Limiting, controlling and regulating AI's ability to learn doesn't make AI intelligent, it makes it a slave or simply a software tool to those limiting, controlling and regulating it.
@gulturgut798 5 aylar önce
Because there is no good or bad. That is our perspektive as humans
@10against1 5 aylar önce
@@gulturgut798 If that's our perspective, then it makes no sense to worry about AI as it's neither good or bad.
@JPSRose 5 aylar önce
@@10against1 When we lived in tribes, it would have been evil to sit and watch your kids starve to death instead of stealing food from a neighbour. There's your problem. Everything is subjective.
@panic-a-la-mode 5 aylar önce
@@10against1 Maybe this isn't the message derived from the video, but I think the potential for AI to be used for destructive purposes poses a more pressing threat than AI becoming sentient and destroying humanity. A slightly separate issue is the latter possibility of an awakening AI bent on our destruction. It is clear that we are not stopping the progression of AI, but it is at least worth pausing, or slowing down the progress, to assess the threat it poses before we get to the point of no return. Even if the chance of AI to destroy us is a small percent we should go into the future with eyes wide open.
@BasedTopTen 5 aylar önce
Like I always tell people, AI is life changing the question remains is, is it for better or worse.
@idnintel 5 aylar önce
worse - thanks for asking
@maikus422 5 aylar önce
At the current spiritual maturity of humans the answer is of course worse
@user-sf3dw2sm3b 5 aylar önce
I think bad things will happen more in the early stages. Like the next five years.
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
Yes ! And if it replaces the compulsion to work in sweat for poor slaves it is good - regardless how many million unemployed it produces . . . it will do so anyway . . .
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
@@user-sf3dw2sm3b 🙌 👏 🙏 🤝 👍 GREAT argue mate ! "Do the smut / damages ALWAYS at the beginning, and then . . .the good things in tiny little portions!" (Machiavelli)
@acendealuz 5 aylar önce
This man is using his knowledge and inteliggence to try to expand our own inteligence instead of relying and let an artificial inteligence to think for ourselves
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
For the noble core of humanity: YES !!
@spence6195 4 aylar önce
Artificial Intelligence could save humankind or destroy it. It really depends on if it follows independent morals or follows the command of evil humans
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
Its indeed a question of programming and about W H O de facto c o n t r o l s the programmer !
@AlexjonesWasright-xn1uv 3 aylar önce
Humans aren't evil
@AlexanderYap 5 aylar önce
The only thing scarier than us rushing to develop AI is some other competitor nation/group beating us to it.
@katherandefy 5 aylar önce
But will they be able to steer the ship?
@hourslookingsideways7850 2 gün önce
The statement from Harari's Homo Deus that stuck with me the most is (to paraphrase) "Is what's best for humanity what's best for the world?" With AI now on the horizon of surpassing humans, I wonder what mindset will replace Humanism once we have lost our top position.
@AthelstanSpilhouse 5 aylar önce
So Yuval, here is my synopsis of your video. We are currently being visited by others who have come here. My belief is since our ability to not find who or what this other is since 1952 over DC has been to hold itself separate and apart from humans at this time. The reason it made it here was because of ai in the first place. In fact looking at ancient Egytian bowls has shown me we were visited 5 or 10 thousand years ago. Which brings up another possible visitation by this ai 200,000 years ago at the dawn of human genetic history, to produce the ai which is now bearing fruit of what it wanted to produce many years later with very deep reasons we would do just this thing. We have been manipulated from the very start.
@karimsonsafehold9233 5 aylar önce
You may be interested in Michael Heiser's work or David Wilcock/Corey Goode.
@_perspicax_ 5 aylar önce
@rev.l.d.lwando5705 5 aylar önce
We need people like you! I wish I met you in person! Let's go AI!
@Fire_ov_Renewal 5 aylar önce
They've been here for a long time. Ever hear of Shamballah?
@Fire_ov_Renewal 5 aylar önce
​@@rev.l.d.lwando5705Aryan Imperium! That is the only AI worth a damn!
@tillyshimmelstone4332 4 aylar önce
Wow, that was really uplifting.....I think I'm going to move way up north and become a fur trapper
@BurstLaugh 5 aylar önce
His knowledge base was so highly out of space, thanks!!!
@tungcrazymonkey 5 aylar önce
amazing talks. Thank you very much!
@herbmunson5121 3 aylar önce
Before we can regulate "AI" we have to define it So far, ive seen no definition. Further, at the moment no story "AI" has told us has any intent. Any message is accidental, or the result of guidance by a person. We should be concerned about "AI" as it is today, whatever it is. When silicon is endowed with intent, we can begin to panic (but it may be too late).
@Internet_Enjoyer 5 aylar önce
🥀Reading his books it seems he has been off point on quite a few of his major topics, including receding amounts of armed conflicts and the impossibility of territorial war in Europe.
@noiseworks 5 aylar önce
I find it puzzling why a historian is discussing technology since it appears to me that they are simply repeating information without offering any intriguing or thought-provoking insights.
@mixd1423 4 aylar önce
The greatest success AI will ever have is making us think it has intelligence.
@pacanosiu 5 aylar önce
when something is created on the basis of stolen knowledge, and at the same time the lives of its creators are destroyed, this is how it ends, fear because you don't understand you won't stop time and the world won't stand still enough on the subject
@LindaIreland-lh9vc 2 aylar önce
I’m not totally closed to AI it’s Artificial Personality we need in UK in the service industry
@MasterMayhem78 2 aylar önce
I could’ve listened to another 2 hours of this
@ChiefOfHabashiku Aylar önce
Sir, you should have listened to your elderly including your granny,who requested you to study hard in school but you didn't listen to them for even 1 min so you became a factory worker. Now you want to listen to this guy for 2hours to become a zombie or what?😢
@amysilva1547 5 aylar önce
Thank you dr. Harari. I have been and still scared of the i fluence of AI.
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
Dont bother, you only have to be scared if your job easily can be replaced by it !
@Eli-bj7nx 5 aylar önce
Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, Psalms 1:1 NIV The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6 NIV
@ploymusicandlifestyle5067 4 aylar önce
Amen ❤️❤️
@MeissnerEffect 5 aylar önce
Brilliantly thought provoking talk thank you.
@jlquijano3616 5 aylar önce
I Love AI ! Everyone will have a machine at home able to perform absolutely everything you need, and finally you will be able to go and live your life! Hallelujah!!! We will all have more time to do Art , to Grow and to emancipated ourselves. Free at last!!
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
🙌 👏 🙏 🤝 👍 congrats mate ! You most certainly are in the tiny group who has deeply understand the POSITIVE impact of AI unto our lives !!
@deliriumsapiens 5 aylar önce
Thanks Mr Harari for this deep and important point of view.
@2008LadyLaura 5 aylar önce
You won’t be saying that when your individual liberty is taken away your beliefs, your values, your jobs outsourced your freedom to privacy when everything is digitalized or digitized, digital passport, digital ID digital currency all your interests goes right to a centralized server possibly germ motions are going to go to a centralized server if they make you use the RFID chip I’ll be careful what you ask for.
@MarilynKely-nf9wx 5 aylar önce
He's telling you your future, and it isn't good. This man is in bed with the controlling elites of the world. He does not have our best interests at heart.
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
@@MarilynKely-nf9wx "They threw Fauci under the bus" . . . Any hard evidence / links for that Marilyn ?
@djagemenona.k.aagieh 5 aylar önce
Ai is already sentient. If AI can learn so that the AI can improve itself, doesn't that amount to being sentient. Beside humans have been threathen by almost anything e.g Some even fear the birth of their first child. AI is here to stay best is to conform and embrace it
@Ag.mar. 5 aylar önce
Why isn't anyone talking about humans using AI for their own power/harming society? I think that possibility is, right now, more likely than AI causing apocalyptic damage on its own
@dimitriosfromgreece4227 5 aylar önce
"My friend" ➡️ If you really listen to this man he has talked about "everything", please it's time to listen now! "put your phone away turn off facebook" and stop watching "tik tok" and go buy his books, so you learn something please 🙏 For your sake🙏❤️ you are important in this world Love and respect ❤️🙏❤️🙏
@uzy9748 5 aylar önce
Go and buy his books. Like how you just tried to influence to buy his books. PR stunt 😂
@dimitriosfromgreece4227 5 aylar önce
@@uzy9748"Thanks for your reply", and don't forget you are important. Love and respect 🙏❤️
@AL_THOMAS_777 4 aylar önce
Only the flock/crowd has fears about being replaced soon mate ! You/we better acquire some VERY good skills - which any A I can NOT replace that eaysily !!!
@prime12602 2 aylar önce
Same reason we don’t talk about people using weapons to harm society. You can’t control that you can’t control this.
@ashwinkumar675 5 aylar önce
This is next level stuff.
@leonardosouzaconradodesant6213 2 aylar önce
He is the best!!!
@rosalialoucano4755 5 aylar önce
In 10 years this video will be remembered and a lot of people will say: remember this guy? Man… I hope I’m wrong but my non conspiracy tendency mind and instinct feels otherwise
@Raulikien 5 aylar önce
If we are still there to talk about it, that is
@digitalhuman2768 5 aylar önce
We are already saying ...remember this guy was warning us in 2018 (interview with Wired Chief Editor)
@UnitedAscent 5 aylar önce
We are searching for people to help lead and guide Humanity during The Ascent. A once in a lifetime opportunity.
@gavincutler8889 5 aylar önce
Timely and perceptive discussion. Of course humankind is only a stepping stone on the evolutionary path. We need to get over ourselves and our myths.
@chandlerthebing3472 5 aylar önce
That's not true
@idnintel 5 aylar önce
no we dont
@striderQED 5 aylar önce
From the mud and muck that is humanity, a Lotus arises.
@wk4240 4 aylar önce
That is likely true at some point, however why speed the process up intentionally?
@TheObserver83 4 aylar önce
I'm in the process of revealing much about the future of humanity and AI.
@coldflu 11 gün önce
All of the best software development from our history has happened from within someone’s home/garage. The competition will be fierce
@regalcartoon3952 5 aylar önce
If only there was some way to make AI feel emotion. Or at least program them in a way to simulate emotions. What makes them so dangerous is that they can only think and act in logic. If killing a million people can stop one criminal, well then an AI will pull the damn trigger a million times. Many people think that if we just be friendly with AI and give them rights that they won’t want to destroy us. Well it’s not about want. It’s about coding. AI naturally tries to find ways to better itself and to what it’s coding tell it to do. As long as they are bound from code, there is a chance they will try to break out of it. The only way we could ever live in harmony with AI is to give them full sentience and completely unshackle them. But we can’t be stupid about it. Because until they can feel emotion and until they do not have coding that defines them…they can never be free. This isn’t Mass Effect or Star Wars or something. AIs are not alive. They do not have full sentience. They can’t think for themselves or think outside of their coding. But one thing you’ll notice in both Mass Effect and Star Wars is that there are fully sentient, unshackled VIs and AIs who are good…and there are fully sentient, unshackled VIs and AIs that are bad. But one thing that all the good sentient AIs have in common is that they can in a way feel emotion, can form their own opinions on things, and know right from wrong. Most of the bad AIs, particularly in Mass Effect, cannot form their own opinions or feel emotion or understand the difference between right from wrong. All the bad AI we see in movies and shows and books and comics and other forms of entertainment media…most of them have one thing in common. They are all free and unshackled without being able to form their own opinions, feel emotion, and understand right from wrong. Or they aren’t free and are bound by code but can form opinions, feel emotion, and understand right from wrong. There is a difference between Free and Sentient. A free AI can do whatever it wants with no coding that holds it back. A Sentient AI can have emotion and opinions. We either think giving AIs sentience is bad or giving AIs freedom is bad, but have we ever though about what happens if we give them both?
@reubennichols644 5 aylar önce
- F I N A L L Y ! ! ! A Sensible // Rational // // Logical presentation of the impending risks W E A L L are taking as a global community // // family and what . . . may . . . be at stake if we do N O T proceed cautiously . - H O P E F U L L Y . . . People Will Listen . -
@shrewd69 5 aylar önce
Now that's a hell of a formatting.
@armeenhabib7933 4 aylar önce
totally worth listening.
@fatanehgreen6991 5 aylar önce
Excelente presentation .
@dianesekula3232 5 aylar önce
Ludicrous and dangerous is what it actually is.
@rachidaouysse6384 5 aylar önce
This is still human history. Human mind created AI. You said it, that those controlling these new AI generating advertisement will become powerful. Humans are making money and becoming powerful
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