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Thanks so much You're the best teacher that I know . I like this lesson it's so amazing 😍🤩🥰 Have a good weekend with your family
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I can't download yr pdf it stuck at 50%
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Thank's Vanessa
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@@shitalgadhvi6339 me too
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i can't download yr pdf it stuck at 50%
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Vanessa is an amazing and a wonderful teacher. Love the ways and methods Vanessa uses in teaching English for us. Thank you so much Vanessa.
@pointofview23 5 gün önce
You’re an awesome teacher Vanessa. Your videos are mostly about real life scenarios that can resonate with new learners. We need another 2000 words/phrases/idioms/sentences from you in the future videos. Thanks for all you do!
@RhillEnglish 4 aylar önce
🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation: 00:00 📚 A free PDF worksheet with 200 English expressions, definitions, and sample sentences is available for download. 01:17 🌞 Expressions for waking up in the morning: "I overslept," "Rise and shine," "Sleep in vs. Oversleep." 02:35 🍳 Common sentences for breakfast: "Whip up some breakfast," "Scramble some eggs," "Scarf down breakfast." 03:26 🚗 Sentences for going to work or school: "Headed to work," "Buckle my seatbelt," "Merge onto the highway." 05:11 👩‍💼 Office expressions: "Can I ask you a question," "Filling in for the manager," "Are they the lead on the project?" 06:06 🃏 Idioms for the workplace: "Bite the bullet," "Back to the drawing board," "Pull your own weight." 07:06 🍲 Sentences for taking a break: "Going out to eat," "Running errands," "Taking a breather." 08:20 👋 Expressions for saying goodbye: "Shutting down for the day," "That's a wrap," "See you tomorrow." 09:10 🚶‍♂️ Sentences about playing with kids: "Rough house and play hard," "Going down a slide into leaves." 09:57 🛋️ Expressions for relaxing: "Zoning out and watching TV," "Put your feet up," "Some R&R." 10:34 🛌 Sentences for the nighttime routine: "Locking the door," "Taking a shower," "Hit the hay." 17:40 🔤 Common English words related to family, home, work, time, and activities. 29:49 🌅 The first category is about daily routines, and it covers phrases for waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day. 31:06 🍳 The second category focuses on breakfast expressions, including preparing and eating breakfast. 32:05 🚗 The third category covers sentences for going to work or school, discussing commuting and daily transportation routines. 33:02 💼 The fourth category includes common phrases used in the office, such as polite questions, working with customers, and idiomatic expressions for workplace situations. 33:59 🏞️ The fifth category focuses on expressions for taking breaks, both short and longer ones, during work or daily activities. 34:28 🌙 The sixth category covers phrases for relaxing at the end of the day and preparing for bedtime. 34:57 👋 The seventh category provides expressions for saying goodbye in various situations, such as leaving work or school. 35:26 🍽️ The eighth category includes phrases used at restaurants when going out with family or friends. 35:55 🧒 The ninth category focuses on expressions for playing with children and interacting with them. 36:24 🕒 The final category covers vocabulary related to time, such as days of the week, months, seasons, and more. 36:53 🏥 Health is your biggest wealth; take care of your well-being. 36:58 🚑 Schedule a doctor's appointment if you're not feeling well. 37:06 🏢 Office promotions can be unexpected and exciting. 37:10 👩‍⚕️ Consider becoming a nurse if you're comfortable with medical situations. 37:14 👷 Engineering may run in the family; explore your passions and interests. 37:17 🛠️ Useful tools are handy for DIY home projects. 37:20 ✈️ Plan ahead and arrive early at the airport for smooth travel. 37:23 🚌 Catching the bus on time is crucial to avoid delays. 37:25 🚂 Always double-check your belongings before boarding a train. 37:27 🏨 Choose a hotel with a convenient location for your vacation. 37:29 🏊 Enjoy a relaxing time at the pool during summer. 37:31 🏖️ The beach can be more enjoyable in spring or fall. 37:33 🚜 Farms are a great place to see adorable baby animals. 37:35 🏝️ Imagine your ideal vacation and plan accordingly. 37:37 🛣️ Our best friends are now our neighbors on the same street. 37:39 🏢 Appreciate buildings with ample natural light. 37:41 🚩 Pay attention to signs; they provide valuable information. 37:43 👕 Stains on the front of your shirt can be embarrassing. 37:45 🗑️ Check the back of the pantry for forgotten items. 37:47 ↔️ Sleep on your preferred side of the bed for comfort. 37:49 🎉 Congratulations on completing the lesson; access the free PDF worksheet. Made with HARPA AI
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@johnsylvain9290 4 aylar önce
Great lesson with a great teacher, thank you Vanessa for all you done to teach us English merely and easily 🥰
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English is my second language and I love learning English over and over again. Vanessa always helps me expand my vocabulary skills, she's the best English teacher we've ever seen ❤. She's cheering me on to continue working on my English fluency journey. I love the American history and culture too 🇺🇲. I always maintain the excitement I have when learning new, useful phrases, key vocabulary for real daily life English and so on. Thanks so much for your dedication, kindness and joy, teacher Vanessa 🌹🥰.
@sampaakther6753 4 gün önce
Hey, how are you?
@sampaakther6753 4 gün önce
Hey, how are you?
@sampaakther6753 4 gün önce
I need a pratner for practicing english😢😢😢
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You´ve done such an amazing job! I love it, and of course will use some bits during my classes. I love giving my students extra practice and think it is useful to have an opportunity to listen to different people, not only me 🤩
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You stand out of all the other English teachers that I know because you are doing a fantastic job by teaching real English. I like watching your English videos, so you are pushing me up to level up my speaking skills. You have an outstanding enthusiasm which I really like vanessa. I love you so much❤
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Se todos os professores de inglês apenas fizessem assim repertório das várias formas de dizer algo (10) vezes já seria o bastante para poder aprender rapidamente, pelo menos entender, muito prática (Vanessa) parabéns, apesar de saber escrever em inglês, acho mais prático escrever na minha língua pátria, não gosto de escrever em inglês, vc é muito inteligente 🧠👏👏👏🇧🇷🙇
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Hi Vanessa, cheers from Brazil. Thank you so much to create such helpful and entertained content. You are an amazing teacher.
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Thanks so much for learning English with me!😊❤🙏
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Your videos are incredible Vanessa, simply sensational. Thank you so much for creating them for us. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Vanessa, this is the best English class I've ever seen online.Thanks for the gift!
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Excellent content. Earlier on in my journey I focused on learning the common idioms and expressions and my communication skills and understanding improved drastically. Thanks for sharing.
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So glad to meet you here again! Thank you much, my dear English Coach Vanessa! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 You know, the PDFs are always extremely useful for the better comprehension what we've learnt on your classes!
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I'm starting to learn English. I'm a new student, but this is the best channel I've followed so far , thank you Vanessa❤
@BrunoMCDowell 3 aylar önce
Awesome content. There are so many expressions that it is hard to keep up and remember them unless you hear and use them often.
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Wonderful lesson as usual, thanks Vanessa!
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I woke up saying “Thank you for good sleep! Thank you for my health! Thank you for my loved ones!” I’ve been enjoying learning how to reduce my accent with you, but in this episode, we have different languages! 😂 From a grateful cancer patient. ❤
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Great lesson ❤ Thank you, Vanessa 🌷
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Hi Vanessa! That was an amazing video! I knew most of the phrases, but it was great to repeat them and to learn some new ones! Thanks a lot!
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Thanks for giving me an opportunity to improve in the American English accent. Love your videos❤❤❤
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She is such a good and amazing teacher. She makes the learning so easy and interesting. Thankyou so much Vanessa for all your hardwork. Love from India.🙌❤ Edit: thankyou so much mam for your reply.❤
@SpeakEnglishWithVanessa 4 aylar önce
Thanks so much for your kind comment. I'm so glad that my lessons are easy and interesting to you!😊❤🙏
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Thanks for the English lessons, you are a great teacher and I like your expression and the smile that went with it , it makes it easier for an English learner to understand.
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Thank you so much dear Vanessa This lesson is very helpful for me. My nicest holiday vacations are on the Brazilian beaches!!!! Thank you again. You are unique ❤
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Thanks for the 28 pages work sheet, very helpful for learners!
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Hi Vanessa 😊 Thank you for teaching us ❤
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Hi Vanessa, cheers from Angola, thank so much for creating such interesting, helpful and funny content to us.
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Love..now..my..se...Good...my...pabaret...my..b..57...r..j...my...Jan...koleja...gorbo...pagnat....paca....my... pabaret...my...kob...balo...lakca...gorbo...paca...ame...doge...estaila...paca...dea...codaimo..tait.....boro...Best...tepaimo....Best...soimo.......dod...jone...sona...leps...jepra...dod....soiea...kaimo......n....paca....ol...bode....now...daka...amar...kob...balo...lakca...my...jaceka...sobnom...some...roje...my...bo........leja...my...bo....my...Jan...koleja...tomadar....jamai...hajbant....semanto....my...well......OK....my...bo...leja...u...gorbo...loeo....pagnat..oa...pat..mota..koro...Best...mota...koro....dod...oya....u...gorbo...jone...sona...ata ...leps...dod....jepra....soiea...kaimo.....ebreda....ebreda.......doge..estaila...tait...jone...paca...dea...codaimo...
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You are a great teacher and quite inspiring.
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It's a good lesson as usual. Thanks Vanessa.
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Very good lesson for us who want to learn English easily ❤.
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Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to learn :)❤
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Vanessa is one of the most great/funny english teacher for me. can't wait to see your video everyday.
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Extremely helpful !❤
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Thank you for your positive and useful lessons!
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You are an amazing teacher and I am following you for a very long time and I love your lessons however, Back then you used to create a live lesson with only 1 or 2 expressions or idioms at most on each lesson with many instances and situations using these idioms ...I used to finish your lesson really understood and remembered every single word you mentioned and each piece of information..I wish you will be able to explain such lessons one more time as for now it's amazing and useful lessons however, sometimes I feel that, I am overwhelmed with all of these words and verbiages in only one lesson ..thank you so much for being a phenomenal teacher..please keep the good work and excuse me for my opinion 🙏
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Hello, thanks for your lessons from Ukraine 🤗🌹You really help me to improve my English ❤️
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Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to learn :). Extremely helpful !.
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Your pronunciation is very clearly, it’s very useful to me for learning english listening
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Thank you Vanessa I really learnt many new vocabulary ❤
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I am Brazilian and loved your class. I subscribed your channel for more videos. Congratulations for your contents. ❤
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Hello I'm a black man from Africa I just wanna practice English with you I'm in Senegal 🇸🇳 and that's all
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You’re an amazing teacher!! 🎉
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Hello, dear teacher God, I am really happy and happy, I thank you very much, I received the worksheets from you and I am studying. I really appreciate it I have a serious need for words and tenses that I have to learn I have a problem separating tenses in sentences For example, That I had woken up Or I have woken up Please continue this training in this beautiful way, I hope you don't get bored. If you put such sets of words every day, I am sure that in three months I will speak English. I appreciate Nazifa Mahbobi from Afghanistan warm regards
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Thank you so much for your study ❤❤❤
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Always learning something new, from you. Thanks a lot.
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🎉This is soooo useful 🎉🎉Thanks Vanessa
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Thank you Vanessa! I will keep learning English to be a better speaker in business.
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Hi Vanessa, I want to ask how frequent will I speak during the lesson if I join the English Fluency Club? Is there wil be real interaction between you and the students? I'm guessing there's no real interaction between you and the student one on one. If that so, how can we speak English naturally with no one to speak to? Hope you read my message. Thank you in advance.
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Thank you Vanessa for your help ❤
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Great lesson!! Thank you for your time 🤗!
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Hello Vanessa. I am writing to you from Baku, Azerbaijan. I am trying to learn English by watching your videos. Thank you very much.
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Hi, Your voice, like an angel's, I love hearing all the time. Thank you for the useful and high-quality English lessons! Be blessed!
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Your pronunciation is so perfect ❤️
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How I love this channel. This is the best channel on TRshow. Without any musical inserts, without any extra sound. Clear, crisp sound. Well done and keep going.
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Hi Vanessa, I am a new member of your channel and I really like your way of your explain. I am an Arabic Teacher working in an American School, Can you please make a video or send a PDF of some expressions to help me in how to speak with my colleagues, HR, the Principal of the school ..... etc. Thanks in advance for your help...
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Hey, how are you?
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You’re wonderful, Vanessa !
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I've been learning English for a long time, and I'm in the process. I never ever say "I know English" because the very expression has an implied meaning of having a dead end of the learning process. Even if I know almost all the expressions, I tend to relearn .
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Vanessa your such a good teacher..I love your teaching method..Thank you..
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Thank you very much for sending me your video and being able to download the 50 phrases. I have read your offer of €27 and I think it is great. The only thing is that now I am going through serious financial problems and until I find the solution, I cannot even pay the €5, but I promise you that I will not forget who has done me a favor and to receive what I I received today. I agree. Oscar
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