Nikolas Cruz's sister testifies: 1st time I've seen him since day he was born | LiveNOW from FOX

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Danielle Woodard, the sister of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, testified during his sentencing for killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. Woodard told jurors about her upbringing with her mother Brenda Woodard, who was also Cruz's mother, and how this is only the second time in her life that she has been in the same room as her brother. The first time was when he was born.
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@nathaliemaltez2206 Yıl önce
I went to juvenile with her. She was incredibly sweet to me and even wrote me letters once I was home. I can honestly say she had no way out of this lifestyle her mother subjected her to. I feel for her so much. How we treat our babies and children truly shapes their life.
@out2fun Yıl önce
What kind of trouble did she get into to end up in J.D. and now prison? I feel so bad for her, maybe you can write to her? Just a suggestion..BtW.....I hope that life is going great for you now 🙏
@skorpio1119 Yıl önce
Our lives ...our choices ...our consequences. Still very sad. 💯
@boomds5602 Yıl önce
@@skorpio1119 if you aren’t taught how to make better choices how do you expect to make them?
@mikearena1246 Yıl önce
@@out2fun some parents are unfit parents
@losmoneyful Yıl önce
This is so heartbreaking. Imagine hoping your brother had a better life than you did and then finding out he committed such heinous atrocities.
@Carlos-kd1cl Yıl önce
Well she went through it and didn't kill people.
@noncatholiccatholicrat6309 Yıl önce
@@Carlos-kd1cl you still don’t understand how this works, but keep trying.
@Carlos-kd1cl Yıl önce
@@noncatholiccatholicrat6309 What? That it's a crap shoot whether or not one is a psychopath or not? Thanks. There are plenty of abused children who don't go and murder their classmates. Not that that's a good thing obviously.
@epicwork5970 Yıl önce
​@@Carlos-kd1cl "there are plenty of a abused children who dont go and murder " what a great statement you should write a book and title it that
@teasesquezze Yıl önce
How easy it is for us to judge another. Listening to this women's story of her stolen childhood is just so so heart-breaking. To be rejected by your mother, the system let her down and now to carry the shame of what her brother has done, even if it is not hers to carry. The pain in her voice and on her face, I wish her peace and love. I know she has her past and made her own mistakes, but there but for the grace of God go any of us. Sending her love.
@Islandsusie 4 aylar önce
Well said. Being born into a family is a roll of the dice.
@betha.6279 Yıl önce
She is so brave for sharing her story! It's sad to see the difference between the two siblings. She's been through more than her brother but seems to be working to break the cycle and find a healthy life. Her prison time doesn't define her. She deserves support and love. I hope she finds peace!
@wonderworld7721 3 aylar önce
Why she is a prisoner ??.. what is her crime and she is also a rape victim too ??..😒 curious a bit !!..
@maquacr7014 2 aylar önce
​@@wonderworld7721Hijacked an old woman's car as per comments.
@southernguru1455 2 aylar önce
@@wonderworld7721 it's easy to judge other people when you've never lived any hardships in life....
@stefanystratton3324 Yıl önce
There is NO excuse for the shooters actions but hearing his sister relive her childhood is absolutely heart wrenching. She is sitting there holding it together while having to sit in front of people who probably could care less & her looking at her brother like you never had a chance lil one. It’s all just sad. Innocent people lost their children & loved ones due to the irreversible damage their mother did to them. I hope Zach is able to live a good life.
@LovingRiv Yıl önce
Saw an interview from a childcare worker about nik and zak, and the media made it seem like zak was okay and normal but he had hella anger issues and would take it out on nik all the time. definitely contributed to everything
@snoozeyalooze932 Yıl önce
Couldn’t * care less.
@CrazyChickenLady5670 Yıl önce
Very sad
@renaspitzley5571 Yıl önce
This absolutely breaks my heart!!! My husband and I have adopted 4 beautiful children from situations like this!!! Our oldest was 11 when she came to live with us in 2016. She will be 18 next month. In 6 years she went from an angry pre teen who cursed all the time and said she had no soul and couldn't cry to now being the most beautiful, sweet, soft hearted young woman I have ever met!!! She has dreams and aspirations for the future. She calls me her best friend even tho she knows I'll always be mommy first. My other 3 kids... same situation. Second daughter is now 15, third is 14, and our son is now 8. He is now asking for a brother so he has a friend for life. I love them as tho I birthed them myself. I can never understand how a parent could be so selfish as to put their children through this torment 😭😭😭😭 You can tell this lady never had a family to take her in and give her the love she so desperately needed. She is still very childlike and recalls things as tho she is still in the situation as a child. I just want to hug her 😭😭😭
@kimsmith6342 Yıl önce
You gave those babies a chance at life. Im not overly religious but I do believe in goodness and a higher power. God bless you and them!
@yellowhair03 Yıl önce
you're an amazing person! bravo, mama.
@mamaoftherainbowmafia2089 Yıl önce
God bless you
@tricia9559 7 aylar önce
You are a wonderful and amazing family, send lots of positive thoughts, with major wishes for your continuing love 🇬🇧
@charlotte7169 4 aylar önce
You are a wonderful, wonderful human being. I’m glad the children are all doing well, and are very lucky to have you. I feel it from this lady. That ache to have a family, guidance, structure. I still feel it at 33. Best I can do is break the cycle to ensure my girls have that, and I do. I hope this young lady finds healing and peace, I truly do.
@lucinawhitney2839 Yıl önce
You can sense all the suffering she is going through remembering her past and seeing her brother. Poor girl, I hope she recovers and have peace and love in her life.
@hussein_suleiman Yıl önce
Nick grew up in a loving home with adoptive parents. Not with his biological mother. Her testimony is irrelevant. I can't believe you guys are falling for this.
@Pat_Speaks Yıl önce
@@hussein_suleiman now go read the impacts of drugs and alcohol on a fetus.
@bitchyeyebrows Yıl önce
@@hussein_suleiman not everyone needs to feel the way you do.
@breydensmama07 Yıl önce
This is gut-wrenching. A sweet soul tortured by her own mother & left to fend for herself. Sadly, incarceration is probably the most stable environment she's ever known. I want so badly for someone to step in, mentor this beautiful woman, & help her live a life she can be proud of. If anyone doesn't think environment plays a major role in who we become, this is a perfect case study. We all have free will, but I don't believe any of Brenda's kids would be in these horrible situations had they been born to someone else. One woman's choices have destroyed countless lives...absolutely heartbreaking.💔
@lilian669 Yıl önce
Yes … 💔
@Tired603 Yıl önce
How do you learn how to survive??? It’s hard to take care of yourself young on your own, you’re vulnerable to predators… don’t know how to handle emotions
@Christina-ko3fo Yıl önce
She truly is a beautiful and WORTHY soul.
@AmyAquarius23 Yıl önce
If anyone wanted to know what trauma looks like, all they need to do is listen to and watch the video of this woman. This tears my heart in half. No wonder she has 16 felonies, she never stood a chance. Such a shame.
@drmorcoch9338 Yıl önce
yeah, got me too
@allthingsharbor Yıl önce
She did stand a chance. My cousin was profoundly mentally ill, abusive, neglectful, and an addict. Yet her children, despite being dragged through torment during their entire childhoods, rose above it. Choice plays a part. Always, choice plays a part.
@ronnielee1009 Yıl önce
@@allthingsharbor yet we can still acknowledge that circumstance and privilege play a significant part in all our lives.
@Afnowlapk Yıl önce
I completely agree. What happens in the first few months, years of life changes everything. Everything. I disagree with the the comment above this about thier being choice (but thats okay). Here is why: The ability to see, balance, discern and make choices is almost entirely formed by what has come before, the brain in the earlyest years. There are numerous experiences that can happen in those years, that can almost irreversibley affect a childs brain, development, life skills, understanding, cognition, conscience, decision making skills, perception of self worth. Everything. To treat and develop any of these areas, it takes years, and years, of a different and healthy experience, significant intervention, to change and progress from the consequences of that childhood. We absolutely cannot say that there was always the chance to ‘choose’ differently, if the power and mechanisms behind the ability to make those choices is compromised in such a severe way for some human beings. Especially when making choices for oneself, thats even more complex - for example, if no one has valued you, why would you be able to develop the ability to value yourself when making a decision. It is entirely unfair i beleive, to say that every person with similar experiences and development has had the opportunity to choose differently for themselves. You only know what you know. Every human being has a different brain, that is impacted in a different way by harrowing experiences like this brave lady’s story. There are not words that would describe it enough. It cant be compared to another person who has suffered in a similar way. Different brains. Different human beings. Different eyes. The playing field is not level.
@katieweeks9259 Yıl önce
I feel so bad when I’m too tired to cook dinner for my son after working all day and end up grabbing a pizza. I’ll never understand how a “mother” can treat her children like trash. To all the mamas out there doing the right thing or at least trying. Keep going babe. ❤ ✊🏽
@karinakassim Yıl önce
Thank you. I always feel guilty for being a single mom. I never felt like I was good enough but I did everything for my two kids. I wasn’t able to afford to give them a lot of material things but I love them so much and made sure they knew it. We always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. My daughter is on scholarship in university and my son just finished high school. They both ended up being amazing people.
@dontknowyoubutloveyou Yıl önce
I needed this. And girl don't feel bad about pizza! LOL my kids know what's up when we pull up in the Drive-Thru mama is tired!
@kenyaking9971 Yıl önce
Thank you Katie and you as well sweetheart ❤It does get hard sometimes but we keep going for our babies. Don’t feel bad for grabbing a pizza. You fed your babies and that’s all that matters.
@Tionaintown876 Yıl önce
Your son is probably so happy for pizza I think most kids love pizza. You do what you can for him and you always have the best intentions behind it. He knows that you love him
@Rowanda7361 Yıl önce
@@karinakassim you are an amazing mother for loving your children truly, don’t doubt yourself.
@anne.7375 Yıl önce
I sure hope that after this testimony she got all the privacy, comfort, and rest. You can tell this was painful and I am blown away by her strength and composure. Totally impressive and she deserves all the warmth and happiness.
@ansnfbsknanssshshbsnsndnd5438 Yıl önce
She's in jail for attempted murder of a police officer
@foreverlove8919 Yıl önce
Amen 🙏
@foreverlove8919 Yıl önce
@@ansnfbsknanssshshbsnsndnd5438 whatever liar!! Innocent until proven guilty.
@ansnfbsknanssshshbsnsndnd5438 Yıl önce
@@foreverlove8919 ...she's literally in jail because she WAS proven guilty
@ansnfbsknanssshshbsnsndnd5438 Yıl önce
@@foreverlove8919 she's been arrested 22 times. This is public information. A simple google search would prove I'm not a liar, but keep on worshipping evil people.
@musicloverchicago437 2 aylar önce
This is absolutely heartbreaking. There are so many people who think drugs should be legal, but apparently they are forgetting that the drug addict isn't the only person who suffers. Look at the misery Brenda caused, to her own mother, her daughter, Nikolas, and one could also say all of Nikolas' victims.
@luvmenow33 11 gün önce
The big question is what will be larger if drugs were legalized. The percentage of new addicts or the drop in violence.
@rebelduck9077 Yıl önce
Listening to her story I’m absolutely glad my biological parents decided to abandon me so I could be adopted. I might have ended up just like her. Literally a worst nightmare to live with someone like “Brenda”. And I’m so thankful my adoptive parents saved me from this. ❤
@Denise-Ann Yıl önce
You also saved yourself with good decisions. Anyone could end up like Nik and his sister, good parents or bad.
@Denise-Ann Yıl önce
@@Psyminds Every thinking feeling human being that is of sound mind can see the difference between right and wrong.
@Denise-Ann Yıl önce
@@ddigiorgio8438 I need to do more research on it.
@ddigiorgio8438 Yıl önce
@@Denise-Ann yes, lots to find online. It will make you sad for these kids, later adults. And the cost to society too, not just financially but in terms of human potential and relationships.
@kylina3432 Yıl önce
Her heart seems SO BIG. She didn’t even want to call people “bums or junkies” and then decided to explain the kind of people they are instead and when she talks about her “baby brothers” and when sees their picture her face lights up. So much love lost. I can only hope that somehow they reconnect, if only for a little while so she can have some healing. 💔💔❤️❤️
@myrnapowell1637 Yıl önce
I think you should look up her record. She’s about to serve life in prison for trying to kill an officer, almost killing a 72 yr old woman while car jacking her and several other violent felonies she’s done. I felt for her too until i read her record. She doesn’t care about anyone just like her mom. It’s very sad how one family has effected so many tragically.
@mecredi73 Yıl önce
@@myrnapowell1637 Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that BOTH of them ended up being violent?
@myrnapowell1637 Yıl önce
@@mecredi73 Will that answer give back the victims their lives? The third child is now filming a reality show about being a brother of a serial killer. Both these siblings facing life are getting paid for that reality show. All three knew what was wrong and what was right because of what they went through in life. In her words she knew what was wrong. He knew when he spoke to say I did it I am pleading guilty what I did was wrong. They in their own words had the opportunity to seek help. I went through the system and took the opportunity to take a different path in life. Took the help. The right thing is often the roughest road but there is a choice unless your deemed insane. They are not insane.
@mecredi73 Yıl önce
@@myrnapowell1637 what system are you talking about?
@myrnapowell1637 Yıl önce
@@mecredi73 Juvenile Justice system.
@kalyda211 Yıl önce
The silence after Danielle is asked, "How did having Brenda as your mother affect your life?" says it all. We are all responsible for our actions but this is a blatant example of how our parents/caregivers shape our futures.
@MxMicah1038 Yıl önce
I think it adds more to her horrendous trauma that that lady keeps calling her “her mother” when she’s been very clear to refer her as “Brenda.” She mentioned at the beginning her mother was her grandmother. When people talk, especially out of a place of vulnerability, you actively listen to them. WORDS MATTER.
@butterflykisses4u 9 aylar önce
that lawyer is trash, heartless and doesn't care about how this woman feels.
@TylerHall-db6vx 7 aylar önce
​@@butterflykisses4u also Nikolas Cruz is Hispanic Latino not white
@paulofreire9174 Yıl önce
This girl has lived through things that most of us will never experience. This explains so much and my heart breaks for this family and all the families in this community. It’s something that should’ve never happened, and the home life this woman described is not one any child should have to live through.
@stardustgirl2904 Yıl önce
Once you're 18 you can join the military and escape from your evil parents! There is always a choice in life!
@stardustgirl2904 Yıl önce
@@heavenspringfield8816 You always have a choice between Good and Evil!
@katanyajason3316 11 aylar önce
There's something about this woman that is extremely touching. I don't know what it is, but I just want to give her a big hug. I wish she could see what a beautiful soul she is.
@GreenBeanmask 11 aylar önce
I dont.
@katanyajason3316 11 aylar önce
@@GreenBeanmask That's ok too 😊
@WestVirginia1959 11 aylar önce
@Cody not all people have empathy for others and you are one of them. Hopefully with maturation that will change when you realize that you are vulnerable.
@katanyajason3316 11 aylar önce
@@WestVirginia1959 Yes, we are all vulnerable and we are all doing the best we can with the means we have available.
@WestVirginia1959 11 aylar önce
@Katanya Jason yes, and as you get older you realize it even more. ❤️
@wynn9828 Yıl önce
The way she says "So he could have a better life... So he could... take a different path" was just heart breaking. She deserved so much better than what her mom gave her. Parents need to look at this and realize their decisions impact their kid AND the people around them
@judithtaylor6192 Yıl önce
So very sad
@Soundbreakr1 Yıl önce
Very sad
@therealman2016 Yıl önce
This is really sad
@scottmitchell6886 Yıl önce
It's up to you to change!!!
@joeluisishere Yıl önce
Unfortunately his mother wasn't having kids for love. She was selling then for her drug and alcohol habits. She had no love for them. Nikolas has her traits no empathy or love.
@nicoleamy1126 Yıl önce
This is heartbreaking. I grew up in a home where my parents were both addicted to drugs. It's not easy, trust me. But this girl is a survivor. When she started talking about the little roses around the house, I knew immediately what she meant. And that's so sad. No one should have to experience a childhood like that!!!
@asakturiim802 Yıl önce
What's those roses?
@taylerjensen7923 Yıl önce
@@asakturiim802 little fake roses that come on glass tubes. The tubes are used to smoke sparkles ✨
@brittanyfair6587 Yıl önce
Same, I know exactly what she is talking about. Growing up with drugged addicted parents, I would see drug paraphernalia around a lot. Sometimes they would use nip bottles and even medicine bottles to make Crack pipes out of.
@rachelosiria7865 13 gün önce
I was given one of those roses as a gift, as a child. Looking back, I now know why. 😢
@patriciawightman4561 Yıl önce
Such a beautiful girl. I hope someday she sees how precious she is. To be trapped in a childhood like that is horrendous. The system really failed to save her from her mother. I hope she finds happiness and peace because she certainly deserves both. A big hug to you darling if you read this..
@TETCOM. Yıl önce
@noahmoore9162 Yıl önce
Why didn't the father save her?
@Pinkcandy777 11 aylar önce
was wondering why she testified? Just asking
@damedamsel3300 Yıl önce
This is the most honest and heartbreaking testimony I have ever heard. This poor woman, I really really feel for her so much, not her brother but just for her. You can see her suffering.
@cjmiller3686 Yıl önce
See I agree with you here!
@eileenryan2248 Yıl önce
@@cjmiller3686 I agree also.
@aimeebaldwin5600 Yıl önce
Yes. All children who have trauma do not take it out on the world like nikolas.
@Miss.831 Yıl önce
I feel for her. My parents were abusive. I have no relationship with them. I was addicted to heroin and in and out of jail, then got sentenced to 3 years. Your parents really do make a difference. And if convicted it’s automatic life for her. She deserved wayyy better. ❤️❤️
@OfficialLiLMicK Yıl önce
Happy your doing better. Stay strong stay positive, stay blessed.
@NicoleMichelChannel Yıl önce
I can 💯 relate friend. 🥺
@buddy3886 Yıl önce
i was the oldest of eleven kids and mutable step fathers and plenty of abuse ,at home and at school
@Miss.831 Yıl önce
@@OfficialLiLMicK Aw thank you. I appreciate it. Yea I’m doing a lot better actually. I’m just at the end of becoming a registered nurse actually.
@grlsjstwannayahoo. Yıl önce
I cried all the way through her testimony, so heartbreaking. If I had the money, I would try to find her and give her a home and love that she so deserves. Bless her heart.
@annie-ds4zs 8 aylar önce
You're a beautiful soul 🥰
@grlsjstwannayahoo. 7 aylar önce
@@annie-ds4zs 😊❤️
@christopherhall6471 7 aylar önce
She has a home now.... jail😟
@martinarenfer2942 6 aylar önce
@KarmasAbutch 5 aylar önce
@@christopherhall6471 💩👎
@QueenReina6419 Yıl önce
You can feel the TRAUMA radiating off of this young woman. Never a fair chance from birth. I pray this girl is shown grace in life and God's protection!!!!
@intuitivediane Yıl önce
The problem is they don’t even know how much they were disadvantaged. The cycle unfortunately continues
@chellebelle914 Yıl önce
Too late
@LoriLynnSpiritWithinUs Yıl önce
It's never too late. With the right therapy, she could heal her trauma. This so heartbreaking.
@808KSA Yıl önce
🙏🏼❤️ God have mercy , he is at the door knocking for those strong in faith. ❤️
@paulconnelly6560 Yıl önce
@@LoriLynnSpiritWithinUs Well she will have to do so in prison while she serves her life sentence...Take another look at her top, and the officer behind her...She is currently in Jail... Danielle Woodard, the daughter of Nikolas Cruz's biological mom Brenda Woodard, faces life in prison for targeting an elderly woman The 34-year-old allegedly jumped into the 72-year-old victim's Honda while she donated items at a Goodwill trailer in January 2020 As Danielle tried to drive away, the elderly woman climbed back into the passenger seat but was hurled from the car as it slammed into a curb Danielle, a mother-of-two, was arrested on felony carjacking and aggravated battery charges She has an extensive rap sheet, including 22 arrests and 16 felony convictions, and is classified as a habitual violent offender She faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted next month
@AA-rn9nw Yıl önce
“Zach has started helping.” “And how is that?” “He sent me food.” I couldn’t help crying at this. the slightest touch of love melts a hurting heart. This lady surely hasn’t felt love for a long time.😢😢😢
@lexieloo0506 Yıl önce
Such sadness in her voice when describing what she went through with her mother as a child and yet she smiles every time her little brothers are mentioned. All this girl wanted was a loving family. I feel for her so much.
@glorialyons8708 Yıl önce
After reading these comments it makes me feel really good that there are people out there who only have love in their heart. This whole testimony was so sad, I'm sure there are a lot of people that could identify with that situation right now. It would be awesome to have her tell her story to high school seniors or just on a public forum. Maybe her story could save a lot of lives, we really don't know this is not the way life is supposed to be if that's all we've lived or ever known! God Bless!!✨❤️💯🙏
@cicelydimascio1476 Yıl önce
Her story touched me so deeply. She tried so hard to have a better life running away trying to go to school. Hanging out with neighbors who were decent. She had nothing. I could only imagine what she went through living with Brenda. How did she eat, get clean clothes, shower? Life is so unfair to some people but she’s still here fighting.
@elliesharp401 7 aylar önce
This little girl would’ve done it all herself 😢
@teresalockamy6128 Yıl önce
It is so easy for others to judge this girl. I can see so much pain in her eyes. When your own mother does not love or want you it is a rejection that you never get over. I pray this wounded young lady will overcome the hurt and pain. God bless you, you will be in my prayers. 🙏❤🙏
@justiceseeker3081 Yıl önce
I am South African I cant agree more she had a life no child should have had but she didnt take her anger out on innocents .....makes her a truly good human truthful and not trying to make excuses just laying it bare
@davidsheriff9274 Yıl önce
E Boston where did you read that? I was reading about her, and what I saw is that she was in prison for carjacking a seventy two year old woman, and she was incarcerated at the time of her testimony in court. I am not saying you are wrong, I just want to know where you got the info about the attempted murders.
@enochia Yıl önce
@eboston7591 everyone takes their anger out on people who aren't to blame, whether it be small stuff like road rage or large like this. I bet you do too. Vengeful people tend to focus on vengeful people.
@torehaaland6921 7 aylar önce
Others here have suggested actually helping her. But you are christian, thus only offers "make yourself feel good prayers". Christians pray, others do the helping of the world.
@13ritneyanne Yıl önce
Brought tears to my eyes when she started talking about running to the dog she always used to play with. As someone who grew up in a home with addict parents and abuse, I always used to turn to animals to comfort me. You can tell she got emotional thinking about that
@NotFalling4it Yıl önce
Same. Animals were my comfort. It’s common for people with histories of abuse to have trauma bonds with animals.
@13ritneyanne Yıl önce
@@NotFalling4it they saved my life I swear ❤
@jenniferjcbg1277 Yıl önce
@@13ritneyanne Me as well ❤️
@michellenainkristinabusch1221 Yıl önce
Same here. My mom fell to pieces after my dad died and I have always loved animals, but, when dad died and Mom turned to booze, my dogs were my solice. Then when my mom died, I had my dogs, my Iguana and I volunteered at a barn working with horses. Animals saved my life.
@bpassion4fashion581 Yıl önce
She seems so sweet , smart and beautiful . I can feel her anxiety and pain. Almost at the verge of a panic attack. Sending her so much compassion and love . I hope God looks after her and somehow she gets a chance in this lifetime !!! Not only did her mother destroyed her life, but the system is ridiculously incompetent when it comes to helping the youth in these difficult situations. Ughhhh! Gets me so upset !!!!!
@noahmoore9162 Yıl önce
And the father destroyed her life with his abscence
@plaguedoctor1492 Yıl önce
A lot of people will never understand the lifelong effects of living in constant fear and worrying about your own survival as a child. Never having a place in which you feel safe or loved, and then ferociously clinging to anything that finally brings you that comfort.
@melodiefrances3898 Yıl önce
I understand. I'm very sorry that you do. It is no way to live as a child, which is a massive understatement.
@zacharyfountain5417 8 aylar önce
This was a powerful comment.
@francoisnel5253 7 aylar önce
Indeed, I was bullied not only by other kids in school who even came home to continue the bullying after school, but my own blood sibling (much older) even bullied me with them only then to wait for my step dad to come home from work and start his abuse cycle, singing nursery rhymes to me about killing kids, etc. Childhood was hell and living with PTSD, can't even imagine how bad it could be in foster care. Still dealing with the consequences today at almost 40 years old.
@gabysoto7663 Yıl önce
My heart is breaking for this woman. She would really benefit from counseling. There’s so much trauma. I wish I could’ve been her mother. 😭
@Chloe-qd5vx Yıl önce
that last sentence is really powerful. you’re a sweet soul. wishing you all the best in life
@TheBlessen7 Yıl önce
@nikkipennington9617 2 aylar önce
This is so heartbreaking. She is just trying to keep herself so calm. She has quite a record but I mean look at what her life was. I can only hope she gets things going for her in a good direction again.
@Teressa1183 Yıl önce
My god my heart absolutely aches for this girl. She’s a few years younger than me but I wish I could go back in time and help her - this is gut wrenching. Her sadness is tangible.
@Squishy617 Yıl önce
This is definitely the most attention I’ve seen the shooter pay to the witness. Had his head down and was doodling when parents were talking about their awful loss. Its absolutely fascinating, I wonder what’s going through his mind when he’s hearing his sister speak.
@user-rv6gk6ns6u Yıl önce
personally I think he didn't want to look at the parents or the victims because he feels ashamed and guilty and can't man up. but his sister. she's not acusing him of wrong doing. she's telling the tale of their childhood and maybe he's thinking like "man. she had it worse than me and this is what I did with my second chance " . or maybe not. maybe he's not that complex. idk. my heart breaks for the sister though. living with addicted parents is .....yeah....
@jdog1785 Yıl önce
dont fcking care
@critter4004 Yıl önce
First thing I noticed too.
@marlenereddy9300 Yıl önce
I am a very compassionate human being ....yet when I listened to the sister if this demon , Nikolas speak ,I became more livid toward him .His sister had an extremely traumatic childhood ...yet she did not kill anybody or cause harm to any ...she could have ...she was a victim of an abusive life and still carries deep rooted scars .The fact that she is trying to help her brother through her horrid upbringing , will tell you that she is able to still love and protect ......I'm looking at him as he intentionally focuses on his sister ... listening to her every word ...he has respect for his own ...this demon Nikolas Cruz....yet when those heartbroken parents were in the witness stand ....he was busy with a pen and paper ...writing like an author or poet ...the nerve of this murderer !! .No regard no remorse just sheet arrogance ....but when his sister takes the stand he is all ears ...his entire demeanour is different .He knows THIS is his lifeline , this is his get -out -of -jail card .His sister's story is sad and she deserves a second chance at a BETTER life ....his story DESERVES THE FULL MIGHT OF THE LAW ..... I COULD BE WRONG ....BUT I SEE A SLIGHT SMIRK ON HIS FACE ....NOT EVEN A TEAR FOR HIS SISTER .
This was such a heart wrenching deposition to listen to. No human being especially a child should have to go through this. Children are precious gifts and should be treated as such.
@urgentcaredr Yıl önce
This is such a powerful testimony. Imagine. She knew her biological mother directly while Nikolas was in the womb. This is such a hard case. Yes, Nikolas's mother was not caring for her body during pregnancy, which led to Nikolas's mental disability and cognitive impairment which in turn affected him psychologically and cognitively. We all know that a child in utero that is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, smoking, can affect a child's life forever. It wasn't Nikolas's fault for what his mother did during pregnancy. But it was also Nikolas's responsibility to change the course of his life and do good. He was adopted by another family and although he was placed in a better environment, there was still trouble. Why? Because of where it all started - in utero. Danielle has gone through a lot, made mistakes, and could have changed her life too. Prayers!
@kaleahcollins4567 Yıl önce
@isaidit3403 Yıl önce
@@kaleahcollins4567 many people who have lived that life have in fact gone on to commit atrocities. It’s actually rarer for the children exposed to lots of drugs and alcohol while in the womb to not be affected in some way whether it be physically or mentally.
@TheBanjoShowOfficial Yıl önce
Big Chungus Definitely sounded like an excuse to me. You want to go down this line? Who were the parents of Brenda? What did they do to her? It's not even Brenda's fault then. Okay then who's fault is it? Sorry, I don't play these games. Life is absolutely horrid for some people, and yes, this absolutely increases the likelihood of becoming a criminal. But ultimately the responsibility falls on the human being that makes the conscious and fully aware decision in their minds to plan and carry out the unprovoked murder of multiple innocent individuals in cold blood. If we want to cut with the sword of nurture, then you will never find anyone responsible for anything because every sin originates from one origin that no one can pinpoint. We have free will, we make the choices, we reap the consequences. That is the unfortunate and sad reality we live in, but it is reality. A horrible childhood is not an excuse for murder, it only explains the correlation between the two. This is a murderer, no further discussion should be held on this. What people and society can do is learn to not follow the actions of entirely dysfunctional families like these.
@flugsven Yıl önce
@@kaleahcollins4567 You know the rule. You're only allowed to throw the first rock if you're free from sin.
@guywebster8018 Yıl önce
My bestfriend had a mom just like brenda. She was a horrible human being. Spent years in and out of prison. Inflicted horrific abuse on my friend. My father stepped in and raised my buddy along with many other friends. It makes you realize how lucky we are to have good people in our lives and I was lucky to have a great dad. My childhood friend had issues in his adult life but he got through em and hes getting along. Alcohol is a big issue with him but hes coping as best as he can. Hes certainly not violent like this little creep but it starts at home usually. Clearly this family went through hell and dysfunction and we really need our social services to stop this way early instead of screwing with the good parents out there.
@kennel878Xx Yıl önce
This is the ONLY and I mean ONLY person I’ve seen this trial where her saying she loves him is absolutely valid. Any one of you would say the same about somebody that was either a brother/sister or a friend that you deeply consider family more than your own. I’ll keep my prayers for you . God bless your soul , I know it’s not easy growing up with no direction , I’m 21 and am in the same boat. I hope you have an amazing life
@kelsey9492 2 aylar önce
Don’t say any one of you because you don’t know everyone
@kennel878Xx 2 aylar önce
@@kelsey9492 i don't have to know a single damn person , if your a sympathizer with this monster I have no respect and all disgust for you. I don't have to know anyone to know that . Like I said before, she is the only person that is allowed to feel that way with complete understanding of why. Your about 10 months late to the party , I really don't know why you would even bother to say something as absurd and bogus as that.
@brookeb452 Yıl önce
I went to a school for kids with emotional and behavioral issues. Her story is the same as many of my classmates, the difference being by the time they were in the school, there had been some sort of intervention to help get them out of their horrible living situations. That school really helped to save many of our lives, the sad part being there were only ab 60 of us total and couldn’t accommodate more- part of the reason the school was so successful was bc it was small enough so we couldn’t fall into the cracks, there were three clinicians and we each were assigned to one of the three, there was the ability for each teacher to get to know each kid and try to help w our individual needs/issues. Breaks my heart seeing this, knowing that there are places out there to help kids in these horrible scenarios, but there aren’t nearly enough of them, not enough funding available, etc. & it comes down to a lot of luck whether a kid gets these services.
@kathybell6268 Yıl önce
This testimony should be used as required watching for every state and federal elected official who has voted against drug treatment facilities, child protective services, early childhood programs, foster care, prenatal care programs and legal abortion! This testimony is a master class of the consequences of those no votes!!
@melsafken764 Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing.
@Anca820 Yıl önce
Just FYI, there is and has been legal abortion all over the area; in fact, all over S. Florida. She obviously didn’t seek out abortions. And although I agree with prenatal care classes, it’s impossible to get some women/girls to attend. They seek out no care, although it’s also available as is free prenatal care. Drug addicts don’t care about anything but the next high or drink.
@melsafken764 Yıl önce
@@Anca820 Imagine all the issues, if women are denied?
@wynn9828 Yıl önce
@@Anca820 Are abortions free though? No drug addict is going to be able to afford the hundreds of dollars for an abortion, not to mention the hoops you have to jump through to get the appointment. What they need are mobile birth control clinics. Like if an addict (or whoever else is in a bad place) wants an IUD/implant/sterilization, get them right then and there. Maybe even give them a bonus check for doing it. Drug addicts are notoriously unreliable, so they need to bring it TO them.
@412Sportsz Yıl önce
As a foster child, This hurts to watch a little bit. You can tell she’s very overwhelmed And she’s currently a prisoner. Unfortunately it’s what happens to most of us. Only a handful of us are lucky in the end
@annam4779 Yıl önce
I’m so sorry:/ I have three littles right now. I pray that they will grow up to have a wonderful life. It breaks my heart that their mom deserted them:/
@carminenevills6327 Yıl önce
After watching a lot of the videos from this trail it’s really showed me the overall importance of love especially in the life of children. Each video regarding this case just gets worse and worse and while there in no excuse for that he did you can see the events that led to this. Brenda was a terrible person and the shockwaves from her choices are effecting many lives and will continue to do so for many years. My heart goes out to every single person that will have to suffer from these tragedies. The world needs more love.
@mariamiranda-sorto9330 11 aylar önce
I’m so sorry this happened to you!! I understand how you feel, my family did the worst to me. I have been mentally and physically abused by my parents and brothers!! This breaks my heart. I’m trying my best to still recover from my trauma. I hope you can see you have a beautiful soul ♥️♥️
@valerieleidal 10 aylar önce
Keep going, I know it is hard, but I promise you you can make a better life for yourself, I know because I did it. It is not your fault, you have no control when you are a child. Take control as an adult, do better than what you got. May Jesus Christ guide you on your path.
@isotropisch82 Yıl önce
I grew up in a loving family and I have a good life. This is such a window into how bad parents can ruin a child, I really don't think I've heard it laid out so starkly before. I hope that this lady, who had everything stacked against her, will have happiness in her life. And I hope that the people that were born with the cards in their favour will listen to this and realise, truly and deeply , how many advantages they had, even in their mother's womb (and many certainly don't).
@noahmoore9162 Yıl önce
My sister and I had love and stability yet she chose to stab her family in the back. She has NO gratitude or understanding of how blessed we were.
@paullangton-rogers2390 Yıl önce
I really feel for this young woman and what she went through, I'm holding tears back. No child should have to go through that. She wanted to keep Nikolas and cared about him.. it's so sad how things might have turned out different, everything, if it wasn't for the mothers addiction problems and lifestyle. Nikolas and Zach were denied a sister because of it and her two brothers. Imagine if they grown up together in a safe environment, Nikolas may have bonded with his older sister and she may have been a positive influence on him I have that gut feeling..she looks like a very nice young lady and is a major victim in all this you can tell. Very brave to have go through all that history in such a very public way, and seeing her brother grown up and knowing what happend.. I wonder if they will have contact when he's in prison. It would be good for both of them to get to know each other. Zach is doing so well I heard and got a lucky break from the kind people at Nexus who have adopted him and he's doing something productive with his life. Zach is a good soul too and doesn't hold bad feelings towards his brother despite what he did and wants to visit him.
@lindseyhendrix2405 Yıl önce
Man. I’m so struck by this woman. The emotion in her voice and on her face when she’s remembering the “big, beautiful dog” that her upstairs neighbor had really rocked me. It’s like it’s the little girl sitting there having to recount all that she endured rather than a grown woman in handcuffs having to testify. Sheesh. I’m not so sure I can stomach the whole thing.
@minnesota7010 Yıl önce
She just wanted to get out of jail for the day
@Hannah-vp6eq Yıl önce
@@minnesota7010 please try to have compassion for people who never had the opportunity to make good choices, unlike you or me. This woman deserves our compassion so she can heal and become a better person.
@paulconnelly6560 Yıl önce
@@Hannah-vp6eq How about having some compassion for her victims? Danielle Woodard, the daughter of Nikolas Cruz's biological mom Brenda Woodard, faces life in prison for targeting an elderly woman The 34-year-old allegedly jumped into the 72-year-old victim's Honda while she donated items at a Goodwill trailer in January 2020 As Danielle tried to drive away, the elderly woman climbed back into the passenger seat but was hurled from the car as it slammed into a curb Danielle, a mother-of-two, was arrested on felony carjacking and aggravated battery charges She has an extensive rap sheet, including 22 arrests and 16 felony convictions, and is classified as a habitual violent offender She faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted next month
@domo201 Yıl önce
@@paulconnelly6560 Danielle is guilty for her crimes. But she’s also human and endured extreme trauma her entire life. It’s not easy to live normally because your childhood years molds who you are for the rest of your life. Danielle only knows drugs, violence because that’s all she knew as a child. That’s not an excuse for her own wrongdoings but an explanation. She gave us a vague description of what I can imagine was a world of hurt, she was irreparably damaged by the one person who was suppose to protect and care for her, her failed mother.
@chrissmomi05 Yıl önce
@@domo201 I completely agree with you. My brother has done some crazy things but I have seen what he has endured as well. My dad was so abusive to him… I remember him locking me in the car while I had to sit there and watch him beat my brother so badly just for going walking to let off steam after my dad tried to accuse him of stealing money from him (which he didn’t do) my dad made me get in the car and chased him down the road then locked me in the car and I held my ears and eyes so I didn’t have to hear my brother beg for death 😞 this wasn’t the first time either. Just the hardest time I can even recall because I was able to block out the rest. His life has mostly been spent behind bars. I wish so much better for him but he doesn’t know any better.
@lauracook8203 Yıl önce
My God. This woman is carrying so much pain. At 1st I thought she was in day 2 of withdrawals. The way she fidgeted & couldn't get comfortable, the pain in her face- I've been there & know the agony. But then I realized no, this is how she is all the time. I can't stop crying for this poor soul. You can tell she could have been a stunning young lady. She's still young, I hope something wonderful happens for her.
@xzavierreed Yıl önce
This has got to be one of the most heart wrenching testimonies I have listened to. I wish I could just give her a hug at the least. She is powerful.
@richardk8821 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for this young woman, her brother, and the families who lost their children to her brother’s rampage. 💔
@valerieleidal 10 aylar önce
My heart truly goes out to the sister, this must have been a horrible time for her.
@haydeefm7414 Yıl önce
I pray that this young woman gets the intense psychological help that she deserves. Having worked with many trauma survivors, I sense her pain and my heart goes out to her.
@tencentpistol1 Yıl önce
Pray?!?! How about you find a way to financially, leagally or emotionally help her!!! Pray. Thats just a shitty cop out so you can feel good about yourself without actually doing nothing
@lindseyhendrix2405 Yıl önce
@@tencentpistol1 while prayer seems to be a typical cop out thrown around these days, I do not believe that’s what this lady was doing here. Prayer goes best with direct action upon those prayers and she says that she’s worked with many trauma survivors… catch a breath my friend.
@beyondmeasure9903 Yıl önce
She wont. She's in jail. Yıl önce
@@lindseyhendrix2405 👍
@angelicaduncan9694 Yıl önce
She’s such a beautiful person. So lovely. I envision her growing up in a stable household with well off parents and picture her being even more powerful than she is. I wish her nothing but the best when she gets out of prison and hopes she makes something of her life. I don’t see why This well spoken and intelligent young lady can’t become successful if she wants to be. She’s beautiful inside and out. I don’t know what she did but whatever she does moving forward is all that matters ♥️ poor baby.
@tamradasilva2102 Yıl önce
Danielle… The pain of the trauma you’ve been through can easily be seen. But I also see a lot of kindness in your eyes, and I see a compassionate, empathetic soul. I truly believe everyone has a purpose here and you’re meant to be here to help this world. I pray you find your way out of the darkness that has tried to dim your light. Blessed be. One love.
@sshep86 11 aylar önce
My life was never as hard as this. I had it good by comparison. But when I was a teen, I started staying out more, keeping with my friends and making bad choices too. I was avoiding issues in the family, i.e. my parents break up....... I feel this. It resonates and I am around the same age....... Sad.
@toniabrown4376 11 aylar önce
My parents where strict I mean really strict
@twilit Yıl önce
her testimony is very powerful. you can feel her exhaustion from the pain and difficulty of her life.
@malindatrapanese3821 Yıl önce
This had me in tears. This is what happens when parents & the system fails a child.
@_allylou Yıl önce
This woman is broken...even the way she says Brenda...just everything you can see the pain and the torment plus how many times she has played over her brothers actions in her head. Man this is heavy!
@lindseyhendrix2405 Yıl önce
Wow. Read your comment before I got to that part and I’m speechless. The emotion in just saying her name and the emotion read on her face and through her body language is really something. Poor thing. :/
@lraine9199 Yıl önce
Unbelievably heavy!!!!!
@cynthialandis4263 Yıl önce
She needs Jesus Christ that died on the cross for her sins in rose from the dead for all her sins and give her rest God said my yoke is light and my burden is heavy that means I can take it all and wipe it away and make you a new person
@onegirlrev Yıl önce
Yeah, I clocked that too. She said “Brenda” like it was cement block falling from her mouth.
@paulconnelly6560 Yıl önce
@@lindseyhendrix2405 What about her many poor victims... Danielle Woodard, the daughter of Nikolas Cruz's biological mom Brenda Woodard, faces life in prison for targeting an elderly woman The 34-year-old allegedly jumped into the 72-year-old victim's Honda while she donated items at a Goodwill trailer in January 2020 As Danielle tried to drive away, the elderly woman climbed back into the passenger seat but was hurled from the car as it slammed into a curb Danielle, a mother-of-two, was arrested on felony carjacking and aggravated battery charges She has an extensive rap sheet, including 22 arrests and 16 felony convictions, and is classified as a habitual violent offender She faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted next month
@TDS1281 Yıl önce
I grew up in abuse and regardless of what ppl think it’s not always to make the best decisions in life . I pray for this women’s peace and healing.
@susang1107 Yıl önce
This woman's testimony is so heartbreaking. She is very engaging. Such powerful, raw emotions.
@barbaravanzee9989 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for this young lady. She deserved a better life. I wish I could give her a hug.
@katie0303 Yıl önce
I have no words for the misery she suffered as child. I hope someday she can find peace in her life.
@karinakassim Yıl önce
I feel bad for not providing enough for my children financially - I used to cry when we had to move again because I couldn’t afford the rent or not be able to get McDonald’s when my son asked me for it. But I always made sure we had food on the table and a roof over our heads no matter what. And they both went to good schools. My daughter is now a senior at university and my son just graduated from high school. Now I realize that all these children wanted was love and a stable home. And that I wasn’t such a terrible mom to them. God bless this woman. I hope she heals from this 💕
@sadia2395 Yıl önce
This is not worth anything, but can I say, more power to you 🙌🏼
@karinakassim Yıl önce
@@sadia2395 It is worth more than you think. Thank you for your kind words.
@sadia2395 Yıl önce
@@karinakassim 💞🙂
@SingSirenMae Yıl önce
You are doing an amazing job, even caring and worrying about it shows. You have a good heart.
@karinakassim Yıl önce
@@SingSirenMae thank you 💕 means a lot to me
@joyluck7931 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for her. U can tell in voice how much pain she’s in
@sarascrivner8863 Yıl önce
this entire story is so much deeper than ever expected. for some reason i feel bad for the entire family even nikolas but i also know it wasnt okay of him to shoot up a school. but hearing how these childrens upbringing seriously shaped their life is extremely sad. damaged people, damage people.
@476233 Yıl önce
I agree. His life could have taken a very different path… definitely not excusing the crimes and murder he committed. So sad that the sister had to stand as the family historian, convictor, and witness.
@476233 Yıl önce
There is so much sorrow and sadness in his sister’s eyes and voice. I hope she can find peace in her life ❤️ and maybe nikolas can get the help he needs and God’s mercy.
@kay-collins Yıl önce
Right bc ​ while he’s wrong for what he did, we have to acknowledge at the very least that had his mom not been on drugs & been a good mother the likelihood of him doing exactly what he did is slim to none, so not saying it’s an excuse, but we have to acknowledge it’s part of the reason why he did so that in the future we can learn how to handle people like this in our society better to hopefully prevent things like this instead of just ignoring people who have needed help & made it very clear they did, like him. At the very least though, her drinking & doing drugs while pregnant I’m sure caused some brain damage to him.
@kay-collins Yıl önce
@@476233 right while it’s not an excuse it IS DEFINITELY part of the REASON why he did what he did for sure bc anyone who argues otherwise has to know they’re wrong bc they can’t not admit that the likelihood of him doing this if his mother didn’t drink & do drugs while pregnant with him & had a better upbringing, the likelihood of him doing what he did is slim to none so it’s 100% part of the reason why.
@menzipercysibanyoni636 8 aylar önce
I was raised by father and the way he has been doing so much for me was because he wanted me to spread the love he showed me because my mother was never willing to be around... this video opened my eyes and I'll make sure every decision I take never makes me perpetrate in inhuman acts🤐
@whoami1654 Yıl önce
This is truly heartbreaking. To hear she has 16 felonies and been to prison. This is sadly what happens to children, people with a lifetime of trauma. These people need help, not prison. 😭😭😭😭😭 they've never experienced safety or love. I pray she gets the help she deserves and has a fulfilling life. To hear people refer to her brother as a monster is upsetting, what he did was wrong and horrific but he isn't a monster. He's neglected,unloved, in deep pain, had no example of Healthy relationship & sadly ended up where he is.
@Miszpsych89 Yıl önce
this is the first time he has actually looked up at anyone during a testimony. I FELT EVERY WORD. I was picturing her life becuase she was showing raw pain. & she never had a chance
@milly3054 Yıl önce
This is heartbreaking. I hope she and her children are able to find her way out of the life of destruction that she was born into. This whole story is beyond tragic.
@paulconnelly6560 Yıl önce
She will be able to do that with her life sentence... Danielle Woodard, the daughter of Nikolas Cruz's biological mom Brenda Woodard, faces life in prison for targeting an elderly woman The 34-year-old allegedly jumped into the 72-year-old victim's Honda while she donated items at a Goodwill trailer in January 2020 As Danielle tried to drive away, the elderly woman climbed back into the passenger seat but was hurled from the car as it slammed into a curb Danielle, a mother-of-two, was arrested on felony carjacking and aggravated battery charges She has an extensive rap sheet, including 22 arrests and 16 felony convictions, and is classified as a habitual violent offender She faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted next month
@luciakoenig6422 Yıl önce
How many children did she have?
@mecredi73 Yıl önce
@@paulconnelly6560 so that’s why she had to testify with a deputy behind her. Jesus God. Neither one of them escaped the horrible decisions that their mother made.
@kentuckygal6445 Yıl önce
This girl has me crying. I feel so sorry for her. Bless her heart
@kollectivelykate6384 Yıl önce
The way she said “Brenda was waiting for me like she always did when I got home from school” it was so sad you can tell that doesn’t have the same meaning as it would when most kids say it.
@lexus8018 3 aylar önce
You can hear how she despised her mother, it's almost exhausting for her to talk about her, it's incredibly tragic how a single irresponsible person can affect and ruin so many lives years in the future
@markturner2606 Yıl önce
I just want to reach out and hug this woman. I hope one day she finds peace and if she wants finds the right person and give her all the love in the world. This brings back to many bad memories
@audreyheart2180 Yıl önce
🙏❤ Having grown up in very similar circumstances , I can totally relate to Johnny. When I had my children and having had such horrible role models for parents, I felt completely inept when it came to raising my own children. So, I came to the conclusion that I would literally do the exact opposite of what my parents had done and believe it or not, it worked out beautifully! I also, lived vicariously through them, giving them the childhood I wished I could have experienced. They had birthday parties every year and wonderful Christmases. When money was tight, I put things on lay away starting in July so, they would have a wonderful Christmas without disappointments. I did my best to make them feel special and more than anything, wanted and loved . They turned out to be amazing caring, loving, compassionate adults, who I am extremely proud of! -Hester Mongomery
@Chelle130 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for her and any child in a similar situation… and as insignificant as it may sound, hearing her say she couldn’t find her cat made me so sad. As a little girl, my cat was such a source of happiness and comfort for me in scary times. Ugh. She deserved so much more 😔
@1974AMDG Yıl önce
That really got to me, too. All the losses and abuses this poor woman went through breaks my heart.
@STCatchMeTRACjRo Yıl önce
she is a criminal, you should focus more on the poor victims of hers. She already has 16 felonies and is facing a life behind bars.
@1974AMDG Yıl önce
@@STCatchMeTRACjRo With the kind of upbringing she had she didn't stand a chance of living a normal life. She is a product of her upbringing. She deserves some compassion.
@milaj927 Yıl önce
@@STCatchMeTRACjRo compassion is necessary for change. I’ve seen career criminals change. Change is possible, and could happen at any point as long as a person is alive, it is on them but it is not impossible to achieve.
@butterflikissies Yıl önce
My heart breaks for this woman. I'm so sorry that she didn't get to have a good childhood that the life she had steered her in the wrong direction. So many kids today have so much and yet they complain about their parents. Some people need to appreciate what they have. As for the monster killer, he had no excuse to do what he did. He had a loving mother that adopted him. His sister had a much worse life.
@ochrechap Yıl önce
Life, not education, is the foundation of poetry. The way that she expresses herself is priceless. Where she failed academically, she made up for in experience. This testimony was uncannily spellbinding. In a good way.
@austinblues Yıl önce
Heart breaking.. This story should be told to and should be listened by every family in America and around the world . I really wish they make a movie out of this to tell the world how important parenting with love is and how one's parenting mistakes can seriously effect the lives of so many others. Also usually folks that come from these conditions self destroy by getting into drugs and other things. But how did this loose cannon come onto others??? The answer for lot of dumb ducks in usa is "access to guns" .. it takes one person to have access to these dangerous and sophisticated weapons to do this kind of horrific things .. so people who are totally worried about gun regulationd taking away their FREEDOM .. dumb ducks those regulations will actually save you and your families lives By the way before you label me as Democrat No I am not I am a sensible republican
@dayzdnconfuz3d Yıl önce
Wow. This woman obviously still has so much pain and trauma. But also love for her sibling. Bless her soul. I hope she comes out of this on top. She’s got a long road. I also hope they consider all of what she says in Nikolas Cruz sentence. We failed him , his siblings, and the children he killed as a society.
@wheelchairgeek Yıl önce
Yes. People don't want to talk about just how bad this kid was failed. He's a scapegoat because of his 4.5 minutes of utter madness where he was riddled with such anger and trauma. He needed attention and not just clinical attention but real love and really good medical attention. It's such a sad story and not many people can see past the pain of the 17 people he killed. We have to have forgiveness and compassion.
@rebelarchangel1589 Yıl önce
What a beautiful young woman. May you find peace and happiness after all you’ve been through We don’t get to choose our parents or siblings You will survive lady
@claudia14381 Yıl önce
I couldn't help but feel sad for her, brought tears to my eyes. I grew up in foster care, and it's hard not to have empathy for her. Sad we don't get to choose who brings us into this world. My heart literally ached for her, you can just see the pain in her facial expressions. Such a sad situation all around.
@KarmaZeusBoi Yıl önce
This is why foster care needs to change. They take these sweet children and “reunify” them with their abusive “parents” instead of letting them go to,permanent homes where they can be protected and start their life over. I am crying for her
@serenafelix6794 Yıl önce
Imagine thinking that even the dog is better than your mom. A dog that shows you a love that has no boundaries. Love that is always there for you. Love that is loyal and Uncondtional❤😢
@DanielleSkylark 4 aylar önce
Absolutely heartbreaking on every level 🥺 so sad. I feel for her and for everyone
@bashleyrespectfully4562 Yıl önce
A whole generation raised by our grandmother's, my heart bleeds for her & I have a new respect for my mother, she might have been a junkie but I never endured strife like this
@daisey1098 Yıl önce
Absolutely heartbreaking I am praying she gets help the PTSD is there visible she needed a good mother and upbringing my hearts broken for her
@elizabethalkenbrack8767 Yıl önce
My heart breaks for this woman, not for HIM, but for her, my heart breaks like it does for the victims of this tragedy.
@bokardithetaomicron4932 Yıl önce
For all children. When they are little, they have absolutely no power to change their messed up circumstances. None. And when I say little, I mean say, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Too little to physically stop or make a grown up do a thing. Sad.
@BhappyD Yıl önce
My heart breaks for the helpless younger child version of him, just like it breaks for his siblings, but my heart no longer breaks for the person he grew up to be. How any “mother” can do this to her own children is beyond me. So sad. God bless his sister. I pray she finds the healing, strength, willpower and determination needed to make a permanent change in her life for the better, so that she can experience the kind of genuine happiness in life that she truly deserves but was never shown.
@christophermontez5889 Yıl önce
Breaks like this but not like that but like a clean break that leaves 2 half heart shaped pieced right
@TETCOM. Yıl önce
Yes....I'm saddened by the shooting...but this poor girl....dear God..I would do anything to help her...people on this page are now talking about writing her letters to let her know people out there actually care...excellent idea
@Melissa-ju8bs Yıl önce
This beautiful soul say and bared her heart to the entire court room. You could see her glance over at her brother with such remorse in her eyes… you can tell she blames herself for his mental health issues. The first women who interviewed her could feel her heart aching, you could tell.. the second guy was there to get the testimony and go home. So sad. 😢
@ashleytaylor2592 Yıl önce
This poor woman has been used her entire life and the defense just used her again. Every one of these defense attorneys should be disbarred. I feel so sorry for her. He was given a chance for better and he threw it away. She grew up in a horrible environment and didn't do the things he did. She may have committed crimes but nothing even remotely close to what he did. I pray she gets help and a new chance in this life.
@ochrechap Yıl önce
The character of this girl saved him from death. One testimony! The stoicism she projects is out of this world! I pray that God saves her!
@sonyafly Yıl önce
Does anyone else feel like they want to give this poor woman a hug? Ugh heart breaking.
@bonniejosavland3227 Yıl önce
@eej1983able Yıl önce
Absolutely I do. I feel so sad for her.
@laurafifer4453 Yıl önce
@MontanaNumba1 Yıl önce
@Angel B Not everyone can feel empathy, doesn't make them evil.
@thefirstsurvivor Yıl önce
@Angel B maybe bonnies mom was like "brenda" hahaha
@nikkisworld6711 Yıl önce
Heart breaking! Alot of us know people that have dealt with some sort of trauma, or ourselves nothing justifies what Nickolas did to all of the people he intentionally killed. I feel bad for the families that had to sit in that court room, and look at their kids killer.
@pretzeltime3900 Yıl önce
My heart is broken for this young woman. As a child and a young girl, she must have seen and experienced the worst of humanity. She deserved a better life than what her family was able to give her.
@ethereal2525 Yıl önce
Why was she in jail??
@ashley_elizabeth_ Yıl önce
I’m not saying what he did was okay. But can you imagine feeling unloved, unwanted and being called weird by adults even and bullied all your life. Than you’re sitting there listening to your sister and hear her say that she asked Brenda “can we keep him?”. Knowing that from the moment you were born there was one person who loved you and wanted you. And after all that you’ve done, that same person who loved and wanted you, they still love you just as much. You can just see in her face and hear in her voice the love she has for him. This entire situation has just been a complete tragedy. Sad.
@TDS1281 Yıl önce
I pray she finds peace and healing .
@angelicaduncan9694 Yıl önce
You have so much empathy. I agree with you 100% ugh it is surely tragic. She’s so sweet ♥️ I wish her nothing but a fulfilled life when she serves her time. I hope she changes her life for good ♥️
@leerahssubliminals932 Yıl önce
It's sad.... people can become psychopaths from a traumatic childhood
@imanimarshall3226 Yıl önce
I feel sad for her but not her brother. She had the same horrible parents and she ain't go and off 17 innocent ppl because of it. No matter how bad a parent is you don't go and hurt others because of it. I would have more respect if the mother was who he offed.
@leerahssubliminals932 Yıl önce
@@imanimarshall3226 People have different brain functions and trauma effects everybody’s brain 🧠 different she was lucky Nick wasn’t
@audreymlean-roberts1394 Yıl önce
My heart goes out to the loved ones of all the victims of this atrocity. This young woman didn't stand a chance at a decent life. What she describes is a life of shocking abuse & neglect. What became of her brother is a tragedy that was likely to happen. Equally from the outset he didnt stand a chance. American society has a great deal to answer for. These shootings have almost become common place. Isnt it high time that folk start to look at and take responsibility for the culture of violence perpetrated by our children.
@jaytay8637 Yıl önce
Every parent who does less than their very best for their children should be obliged to watch this, heartbreaking.
@diannebush800 Yıl önce
This woman had so much emotion in her testimony. Gut wrenching 😢 💔 😞
@nr3858 Yıl önce
Surprised by how much empathy I felt for Danielle. Unlike Nikolas who was adopted and had the opportunity to make something of himself, this woman didn't stand a chance. What's heartbreaking is she is repeating the same cycle with her children. I imagine her kids will grow up having that similar resentment towards her like she does to her mother.
@moneymase6903 Yıl önce
Didn’t stand a chance? Lol maybe you were spoon fed but many people are in this same situation.
@Carzpress Yıl önce
She’s doing alright now Nexus have all their backs 👍🏻
@cradames Yıl önce
And after all she's been through she didn't just decide to ruin and destroy other people's lives like he did.
@Ash_1985 Yıl önce
@@moneymase6903 🎯 100%
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