I spent a day with EX C.I.A. AGENTS

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I spent a day with former CIA agents, aka operatives and officers to learn the truth this highly elusive line of work.
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AnthonyPadilla 10 aylar önce
come back next week for *I spent a day with EX-SOCIAL MEDIA EMPLOYEES* -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
Rey 3 aylar önce
@ʞuᴉɥʇ opĺllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Rey 3 aylar önce
FRANCISCO ULIN 6 aylar önce
@liv the hooman no fuck no god no
bob joe
bob joe 7 aylar önce
@Jeb Ushi WTF
liv the hooman
liv the hooman 7 aylar önce
you could spend a day with Minecraft youtubers that would be cool
Yana Simitchiyska
Yana Simitchiyska 3 saatler önce
Anthony kinda reminds me of Nick from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 😂
Emerald 6 saatler önce
Media offline 😅
JTgames 12 saatler önce
Pt 2 with mask ladyyyyyy
0818bsalinas 2 gün önce
So am i the only one who thinks these people didn't walk away Scott free? They're using you Anthony. The lady Joan did a butt load of interviews in a row. She clearly needs t I be in the public eye
Drew Piland
Drew Piland 4 gün önce
We need you back at Smosh they are in danger of not being funny anymore they need you
youtube username
youtube username 8 gün önce
I am a Cuban woman 😬
TeeComedian 9 gün önce
Idk why, but the ceiling busting never gets old!
Grise Blacolar
Grise Blacolar 10 gün önce
12:19 My god.. I can't believe that she got out of it alive.
:[ 16 gün önce
What if a citizen was framed for something serious and they knew we weren’t at fault; would the CIA still watch us through our webcam?? 🤔
Dragon maid
Dragon maid 16 gün önce
love what Anthony does with these. As an ex journalist - i think he is wonderful and definitely has those qualities we all have of being able to get people to open up to us . but more than that anthony really takes the time to do the homework and it shows. these interviews were fascinating - as they almost always are.
AllyRblx 17 gün önce
Anthony-Is it possible for ***** to spy on us through our webcams. Me-*Middle finger*
Nolan Anderson
Nolan Anderson 17 gün önce
My uncle does something for the government but he’s not allowed to talk about it and he’s always moving to different countries rn he’s in Austria
Misunderstood 10
Misunderstood 10 20 gün önce
yeet boi
yeet boi 20 gün önce
doesn't this almost sound like fallout 4 music 0:02
Finnbadcop and toga gamez
Finnbadcop and toga gamez 21 gün önce
666 disslikes 😥😓
xuqrats 21 gün önce
RyoDan H-M
RyoDan H-M 21 gün önce
they seems full of bulshit "surrounded by hundreds of people with ak74" the other dude "a Cuban woman would slit your throat" chill it down rambos lol what are you doing there in the first place? invading other countries for petrol and their resources that's what you do best and acting like a fucking super hero well done.
SangoManju 21 gün önce
I didnt understand the harvey weinstein thing they were talking about. Can someone explain it to me :')
尺丨卄几ㄖ乃ㄥ卂ᗪ乇 17 gün önce
He was a film produced and was convicted for sexual offense
Top 5 addict
Top 5 addict 21 gün önce
23:46 i think there is a montage mistake lol
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 2 gün önce
Nah it's to make it a but more spooky
Thee ArtSee🎗
Thee ArtSee🎗 23 gün önce
the title made me click it lol
Lum 27 gün önce
While the media and Democrat party spent years telling us Russia was our biggest threat, rogue CIA and FBI employees set out to remove Trump from office. We are talking a month before Trump even moved into the White House, we had agents discussing ways to over turn the election results. Trump and various members of his cabinet were being spied on with wiretaps - by members of the opposing party. Even more disturbing was the fact that these intelligence officers were constantly breaking federal law and directly leaking classified intel directly to the press. The media actually coordinated attacks and would leak information at strategic times - and even spread out the information so that the attacks would be non stop throughout the year (or time them when Trump would have nominations or the senate had mid-term elections). Often these leaks to the press would purposely withhold information to remove proper and full context. I hate Trump. I did not vote for the clown, and I hope we never have to suffer under him again. But as an American citizen I find it absolutely disturbing that rogue agents of the FBI / CIA and even the Obama admin - set out to over turn the election results. We essentially had a major coup attempt by our intelligence agencies, and the media was apart of it. I would never vote for Trump, but even I can recognize that the will of voters must be protected at all costs. People also forget but the Democrat party had several prominent members who refused and tried to organize a boycott of counting the college electoral votes - to deny Trump the presidency. Pretty wild stuff. Looks like our biggest threat to democracy is hiding in plain sight.
Okay Anime
Okay Anime Aylar önce
If you look at images of the current and former director's of the CIA you'll find that they are very plain and normal looking people. They look like teachers, dentist, housewives, mom's and dad's. Remember that George Bush Sr. was a CIA operative and the former director of the CIA. They don't look like James Bond, and they don't look like skilled assassins and spies. They simply blend in and are very good at it.
Brianna Paradis
Brianna Paradis Aylar önce
"Media Offline" at 23:46, Oops! And captions are not synced moving forward of that part...
Samex4943 Aylar önce
Can you do a videos on a day with people that were immigrants/refugees? It would be interesting to hear their stories.
Feather Song Plays
Feather Song Plays Aylar önce
Did enyone else see the red glowing light on his jacket at the start of the video?
Ovelia Becker
Ovelia Becker Aylar önce
you have to be plain because you don't want to be memorable ;)
Jack Star-o
Jack Star-o Aylar önce
Central Intelligence Agency
Useless Gay285
Useless Gay285 Aylar önce
Isn’t it so funny that the guys story (the drug lord one) is the exact plot of a film that I’ve watched before? This guy was so fucking sketchy
Allan Philip
Allan Philip Aylar önce
I've never been more disappointed after looking at a comment section in my life. The people who had an issue with him saying "the chinese , russians or cubans" need to get a life and understand that not everything has to be catered to their stupid sensitivities. If you think that that was hate , then you are beyond help. He was merely telling the statistics on countries with the most spies in the US based on his own experience in the CIA which you have none of. He doesn't have to look at the current political climate before stating statistics , because that is all they are , NUMBERS. Your twitter culture doesn't work in the real world where people are giving up huge parts of their lives to protect their country , you have no right to judge his words unless you are a former CIA agent yourself because you will then be able to tell if what he is telling is true and if that is what your training has told you to do. Your speculations aren't gonna lead to any satisfactory conclusion. For those of you calling him sexist , you are beyond help too , he just stated the differences in which women were exceptional in his field of work and let me remind you again , only someone who worked in a similar field can judge what he is saying. As for his political leanings , they are irrelevant to the current conversation. It doesn't matter who his higher ups are , he has to follow their orders irrespective of whether they share his political interests.
PL4ZM4 dragosFGV
PL4ZM4 dragosFGV Aylar önce
as a chinese myself, why china, why are you trying to invade the americans. just let them be
Lilly Gutierrez
Lilly Gutierrez Aylar önce
Hes so handsome
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon Aylar önce
Jonna is a badass bulldog biatttch yo
Trey Coble
Trey Coble Aylar önce
Taylor Dani
Taylor Dani Aylar önce
lmao dudes a cia agent but doesnt know that vpns are virtually a scam
Taylor Dani
Taylor Dani Aylar önce
@Bobby Mu Possible, but the point is VPN's do almost nothing in terms of privacy. They only block out one small chain in the long list of tracking data that is created and shared when using devices. If someone wanted info on you, a VPN wouldn't do anything to stop them. They're really only good for accessing region locked content.
Bobby Mu
Bobby Mu Aylar önce
I'm imagining the intelligence community provides their own secured vpns for their current and former employees.
David yablans
David yablans Aylar önce
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darek klich
darek klich Aylar önce
The polite detective shortly remove because asia superiorly brush opposite a ratty cod. rapid, defective scanner
Aeloriel Rise
Aeloriel Rise Aylar önce
sarah Aylar önce
i wonder how he gets ppl do to these interviews lievbifwebgvrb
Seriousko Aylar önce
I love the fear-mongering at 16:00 by that dude
C Aylar önce
Should've asked them about all the people they assassinate and the countries they coup :)
Aylar önce
Haha food code
Elin Aylar önce
Guys calm down, the thing he said about cuban women was about the spies, not about all cuban women.
SuperJam Sports
SuperJam Sports Aylar önce
Imagine if the disguises lady took her face off at the end of the interview. Would have been epic.
Rodin_i_guess Aylar önce
17:24 wait what?
Pathetic Gay
Pathetic Gay Aylar önce
15:45 ha! you're not special. I do that without training. * sad noises *
Literature Girl
Literature Girl 2 aylar önce
My grandfather was an ex Cia. He did something that the government didn't like and they slandered him for rape and put him in jail.. Then he died..
Swingpower 2 aylar önce
"what if they had an ak47 pointed at you" *shows picture of ak74* I know its because I'm a gun nerd, but come on
David Garcia Ruiz
David Garcia Ruiz 2 aylar önce
Forgot to talk about orchestrating coups and keeping the global south underdeveloped
I’m Caleb Doing Caleb Things
I’m Caleb Doing Caleb Things 2 aylar önce
I have a flap that I can flip down and it covers my webcam
Annabelle 2 aylar önce
As soon as Jason said hi and appeared on screen, he just gave me sus vibes, don't like him.....
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 2 aylar önce
My mom babysat for these people who worked for the F.B.I.
69Bubble420 2 aylar önce
21:30 double standards you can’t even deny it
Hannah Ziad
Hannah Ziad 2 aylar önce
The safety of their country?! The girl with the dark hair is going to a country they invaded and is trying to save her country from…. What exactly?
Chaotic Sock
Chaotic Sock 14 gün önce
I dont understand this comment at all
Bobby Mu
Bobby Mu Aylar önce
For the safety of America's interest.
pngpedro Aylar önce
Human traffickers
Jeff 2 aylar önce
I spent a day with sao survivors
Janski 147
Janski 147 2 aylar önce
the people that use flip phones on purpose are the future Einstein gazillionares
Sham 950
Sham 950 2 aylar önce
“Bell, we’ve got a job to do.”
BananaPepsi 2 aylar önce
C.I.A. Killed Martin Luther King.
BananaPepsi 2 aylar önce
@Goated Productions Yes, they did I’m afraid.
Goated Productions
Goated Productions 2 aylar önce
Ave._xo 2 aylar önce
What if one passed away from mystery events after this video? That would be scary asf
Jenna Crook
Jenna Crook 2 aylar önce
What’s up with everything needing to be sexy for the guy
Delta Lima
Delta Lima 2 aylar önce
It's how southerners talk...
Eating Clouds
Eating Clouds 2 aylar önce
You should do attempted murderd victim
Jonna Hederstedt
Jonna Hederstedt 2 aylar önce
It was so weird hearing someone American saying my name for the first time
Abbie D.
Abbie D. 2 aylar önce
I’m so confused about the lady talking about the situation with the people surrounding her car…Like what happened? Were they random people, if so why were they surrounding her like that? I assume the guy was doing something inappropriate but why would that make people surround her car?? Idk bro. Anybody wanna help me?
Amber Borro
Amber Borro 2 aylar önce
no one noticed the red light going off on his jacket ??
First Last
First Last 2 aylar önce
Jason is full of 💩 that is a fanboy full stop, never been near intelligence. About as believable as a B/list wannabe Hollywood tart 😆
Delta Lima
Delta Lima 2 aylar önce
Yup, just because you said that we know you don't have experience with intel-work either...
Laimis Aliser Yildiz
Laimis Aliser Yildiz 2 aylar önce
"how to avoid the CIA as a Druglord"
Delta Lima
Delta Lima 2 aylar önce
I mean they're the same thing tho??
TrashPanda 2 aylar önce
I wonder who fixes anothonys ceiling every time
Jake Nickolas
Jake Nickolas 2 aylar önce
You should do “i spent a day with whistleblowers” and have Edward Snowden on
CRUMP 2 aylar önce
You should do a video about ex area 51 workers
Bobby Mu
Bobby Mu Aylar önce
Or ex Skunk Works employees since they're the same thing
Faze Squeaks
Faze Squeaks 3 aylar önce
Am I the only one who watches chrimnale minds
honyar sardar
honyar sardar 3 aylar önce
damn he really just said they don't spy on us....
honyar sardar
honyar sardar 2 aylar önce
@Stuff Things sorry i forgot to mention that the cia fbi and nsa were in involved now whose the one that has spoken like one that isn't aware of what happened? hah
Stuff Things
Stuff Things 2 aylar önce
@honyar sardar The NSA is not the CIA. You may as well go shout at Apple about issues with a Samsung phone. NSA is purely signals intelligence. The CIA is an Intelligence agency that gathers Intel on foreign countries. AKA, the NSA is intelligence *and* national security, and CIA is just intelligence. CIA has no jurisdiction over the US. They have no arrest powers. You are blaming people for the acts of another agency. And you are mixing up the specific role CIA contractors (like Snowden) actually played. There are 16 intelligence agencies in the US alone, just on the federal level. The NSA is one of them. To take things attributed to them and apply it to others, especially on a video like this that is interviewing the average case officer, is flawed.
honyar sardar
honyar sardar 2 aylar önce
@Stuff Things and sorry for the childish language i used im extremely tired and english isn't even my first language so yeah
honyar sardar
honyar sardar 2 aylar önce
@Stuff Things listen, it's true i don't know much about the details about all the bs that went down or what " facts " are true or not cause i couldn't really be bothered but the NSA has supposedly spied on 35 world leaders phones and it didn't deny that and they supposedly asked japan to tap fiber-optic cables to spy over whoever used those and had suppoedly monitored million of calls from the us, france, spain and other places and if you just compare the numbers there simply isn't that many terrorists around the world even if every terrorist were to call as many people as they could the numbers still wouldn't add up per my limited " knowledge " and we can deduce that they were spying on citizens to gather data and info and had spied on and had monitored servers at companies like microsoft google youtube facebook skype and a bunch more and called this prism and had collected all sorts of info from normal people not terrorists as you and they claim, and i'm not saying the things i have said are true but it's very easy to deduce that they spied/monitored more than the " foreign traffic " as you called it which is illegal to say the least, so true i " know " very little about this but you aren't exactly right about them not spying on normal every day citizens weather they are from the us or not cause per the allegations they spied on tons and tons of people from all around the world
Stuff Things
Stuff Things 2 aylar önce
@honyar sardar Spoken like someone who hasn’t actually read any whistleblower content nor is familiar on the technology involved. The CIA needs and has *access* to signals intelligence from American national sources. But they do not *action* that intel. The intel is only used in its relation to foreign traffic. I.e. if you are in communication with a foreign terror cell. They may use access on *your* device to gather this, but their focus is on the foreign terror cell. The CIA is simply not there to police US citizens. There are other agencies for that. So no, they’re not sitting around seeking out America traffic. They just have access to it so they can better gather intel on incoming foreign sources.
Valeria Perez
Valeria Perez 3 aylar önce
I just read the comments first and I’m only 6 minutes in now I don’t know what to expect from the guy
Seppo 3 aylar önce
That guy makes me cringe
Yasmine Ben Attaya
Yasmine Ben Attaya 3 aylar önce
Why is nobody talking about the "counterterrorism" in Iraq. Like wtff they started the war and they tortured the citizens of Iraq and now that lady is playing the role of the victim..
Asher Champney
Asher Champney 3 aylar önce
00:38 this guy loves crashing through floors
Sean Poyser
Sean Poyser 3 aylar önce
I think it's funny that the CIA agent uses a VPN. But then again they aren't going to tell you about parallel data throughput processing or the fact they have master keys to most if not all encryption methods. hahaha
Elizbeth Edwards
Elizbeth Edwards 3 aylar önce
it would be interesting to know what they tell random people that their job is.
NyehNyeh 3 aylar önce
This feels illegal to watch-
Werturn 313
Werturn 313 3 aylar önce
I don't put tape on my webcam, because I don't have an webcam.
Braden Lindeman
Braden Lindeman 3 aylar önce
I’m scared wen I go on a walk there is a Cuban lady in a red coat with earbuds she is there every day
N0 !
N0 ! 3 aylar önce
ok but why were all of them so god damn polite and funny
Emperor Ash
Emperor Ash 3 aylar önce
Did this man just say furry photos😂
RabbitPlayz :D
RabbitPlayz :D 3 aylar önce
Ryan Abraham
Ryan Abraham 3 aylar önce
The puzzled tomato only moor because walk intriguinly choke lest a near capital. brief, needless cereal
FBI Agent #561
FBI Agent #561 3 aylar önce
What? No we totally don’t spy on you through your webcams haha...uhm yeah
Stuff Things
Stuff Things 2 aylar önce
The FBI don’t.
Dakota Goll
Dakota Goll 3 aylar önce
That guy had an American flag with a Colt 1911 pistol on it that said "Socialism Stopper"... I, a Marxist, know for a fact that socialists support the right to carry a weapon, in fact, many of us are probably more avid about it than the right (conservatives). That man is in the CIA, you'd think he'd understand political theory... Comes to show the brainwashed prerogatives of the American Bourgeoisie state.
Delta Lima
Delta Lima 2 aylar önce
Jake Spitler
Jake Spitler 3 aylar önce
13:32 lol bet
Sniperseppl 3 aylar önce
First time someone was suspicious to me for not being a fed The weird guy
Sniperseppl 3 aylar önce
Socialism sounds good in theory but in practice it gets overthrown by a CIA backed fascist coup
Stuff Things
Stuff Things 2 aylar önce
Doesn’t sound good in theory either.
Nightbite 3 aylar önce
The thumbnail looks so weird
Tjaša Zibelnik
Tjaša Zibelnik 3 aylar önce
Can you spend a day with nurses?
Iris Weterings
Iris Weterings 3 aylar önce
i dont think he was a real CIA agent.. I got weird vibes form him. And the book thing is also really bad
Lowdermoomoo 3 aylar önce
Me going back remembering all those times I saw the same people store to store while running errands.... HOW.... HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I BEEN FOLLOWED?!
KFC Dragon
KFC Dragon 3 aylar önce
When Gypsy ross gets out of jail you should spend a day with her
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs 3 aylar önce
Yes please,I second this!
Aurora 3 aylar önce
That was so scary, the story about being surrounded by hundreds of men. How did she get out of there if they surrounded her? Imagine what they would've done to her
Aurora 3 aylar önce
Wait, the lady at 10:51, I'm confused by her story. Did the men attack the car because she wasn't "covered"? Was this in like som extreme Islamic country where women have to cover themselves?
Jorge Escobedo
Jorge Escobedo 3 aylar önce
The broken monkey etiologically grease because agenda evocatively worry pace a aberrant dibble. lamentable, literate club
Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim 3 aylar önce
he said be careful of cuban women, they might slit your throat....my spanish teacher is a cuban woman...
Dr. Fuzzduzz
Dr. Fuzzduzz 3 aylar önce
my dad's friend's mom was a cia agent, and as far as im supposed to know im not supposed to know she is
Elisa Liaras
Elisa Liaras 3 aylar önce
If you are interessed by really true to reality spies shows, you should watch "Le Bureau des Legendes". It's a french TV show about the "french CIA", and it is very well done, former agent say it is very accurate. It's a really good show !
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