IELTS Speaking: How to Introduce Yourself - Tips and Tricks

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English Speaking Success

English Speaking Success

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Hello! Today we will look at how to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking part 1, including giving your name, talking about your home, hometown, work or studies.
There are lots of tips and tricks about making this part of the test work for
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Topics covered in this video:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:59 Tips and Tricks
0:05:04 What’s your name?
0:05:08 What can I call you?
0:08:56 Let’s talk about your hometown, tell me about the town where you live
0:11:21 What’s the most interesting part of that city?
0:15:29 What kinds of jobs do people do there?
0:16:24 Do you live in a house or a flat?
0:16:24 What kind of accommodation do you live in?
0:18:33 Who do you live with?
0:20:22 How is your home decorated?
0:20:22 What is your favourite room?
0:22:48 Do you like living there?
0:23:20 Do you work or are you a student?
0:23:56 What do you do everyday?
0:24:53 What would you like to change about your job?
0:26:14 Can you describe your work environment?
0:27:48 What do you study?
0:29:22 Why did you choose that subject?
0:30:41 Do you like it?
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Remember to study and practice everyday.
Step by step you will improve!
Keith O'Hare

@infotainmentonline 2 yıl önce
I Scored 7.5 in my speaking module just because of your guidelines. Thanks for your valuable materials ...
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Good job!🌹
@TrangPham-zv4kg 2 yıl önce
hello, can you tell us the methods you used to base on to improve your speaking?
@blessingadejumo6244 2 yıl önce
@warriorharry1558 Yıl önce
I took my test last week and I got 8. I understood, There’s literally nothing to worry. If you can speak English, you can do the speaking test. It’s that simple. Don’t stress urself with too many tips or high vocabulary etc. Imagine u r speaking to just a random person in English. That’s it. You’ll get 7 for it. All the best
@tamanna8796 Yıl önce
@bernadetteumoette6009 Yıl önce
God bless you for this piece of advice and encouragement.
congrats and thanks a lot for the advice!!
@marwamohamad9136 Yıl önce
That's it 😘🥰 Well done and good advice 👏 congratulations 👏 🎊 💐
@zarensky2789 Yıl önce
I agree with you alot of tips sometimes they will make you confused
@nidhikalia3092 11 aylar önce
Thanks a lot, Keith. I got 8.5 in speaking. Keep practicing and watch all the videos of him. You will definitely get your desired bands. All the best.
@zindabadjindgi2173 7 aylar önce
Can I have more details of you , just to confirm its not a bot comment
@elfmkd 6 aylar önce
@@zindabadjindgi2173 it is!
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@juanjoiniguez4148 9 aylar önce
Keith, I wish everybody would speak as clear as you... I wouldn't struggle as much as I do. Great class, thank you!
@ima-abasiinyang6376 Yıl önce
This particular video helped in my speaking part one, got my results this morning. Listening 9.0 Reading 8.0 Speaking 8.0 Writing 6.5 😂
@bushraurooj768 Yıl önce
Would you like to guide for ielts?
@chathurissilva-my2qy 2 aylar önce
Hi Keith! Came back to show my gratitude towards you and your channel. Got my required band just within 1 month of practising with you. Thank you so much and may God bless you with good health and prosperity as your wish.. once again thank you so much. Lots of love and respect from Srilanka!!!
@blessingoluwole2130 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much Keith🤗. You played a significant role in making me pass IELTS with an overall of 8.0......L 8.5, R 7.5, W 7.0 and S 8.0.... I sincerely give God all the glory 🙌. If I can do it, you can do it too. Trust hard and pray harder 🙏. God will do it for you too. Amen 🙏
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I tap into these results as mine and more😩❤️🙌🏾👏🏾
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@@onwechinwe6032 Amen 🙏
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Hey! Thanks for the blessings💕. I'm planning to apear for the exam. Can you please share your advice regarding which books to purchase n is it right to go for the coaching n every thing that needs to be done for the preparation?
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Hey Keith Your channel deserve to be subscribed. Your level of teaching is just outstanding. Hats off to you.
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Hi Keith!I watched some of your videos in between my first and second IELTS and I improved from 6.0 to 7.5!Really grateful and your advice is absolutely helpful😋
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Awesome video. To be honest, I can say that after watching this video, it makes me thrive more and work harder on my road to learning English. It wasn't easy at all, I've been working on it for months already but because of informative videos like this, I have realized that you could reach your goals as long as you study English diligently. Writing down notes and commiting them to memory as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. All the best!
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On your road to learning English? Your writing is perfect!
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What is the pass mark for ielts
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Thank you so much for sharing this great video with us! I was full of stress before watching the video, but now I understand it's not very difficult to me! I studied English at university about more than 15 years ago, I forget all. But now I know it's really easy for me. Thanks a million for your time!
@chinyeluufo9387 Yıl önce
This is actually one of the best videos on IELTS speaking, Mr. Keith is simply hilarious, cheerful and yet delivers the information in a way that anyone can relate to. I totally look forward to ace the speaking in a fortnight.
@blumoon4228 3 yıl önce
3:06 Tips 1. Get there early 2. Listen to something in English 3. Be mentally prepared + When you’re nervous: Say that’s fine, let the nerves be! I love my English. + Smiles when getting in testing room First topic is either: Home, Hometown, Work, Studies 5:56 If they ask you about your hometown 8:50 First Questins 12:21 Tips and Tricks 1. Speak out your answer 2. Record it 3. Write down what you said 15:21 Difficult question 16:30 Your Home 18:33 Another common question: Who do you live with? 20:21 They may asks 22:49 Do you like living there 23:11 Work or Study 23:54 What do you do everyday? 27:45 If you’re studying (They might ask about what you study again) - If they ask again you can say ‘As I mentioned before...’ 29:24 They often(not always) ask ‘Why did you choose that subject’ 30:40 Do you like your studies? (common question)
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I had a lot of fear about speaking test, however, I think I got over my fear by watching your video. Please bless me as my IELTS exam is coming soon as well as thanks for your awesome video whereas you have given awesome inspiration! 💗 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩😊
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Hi, Keith, the best English teacher, I really love watching your videos and learning your speaking ways. Thank you so much for your useful and perfect feedback on your videos. Keep working perfect. Honestly, I am really interested in this question, how do you know about these activities,materials, perfect ways ? I think that this is real experience .
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Your advice is not only helping candidates have good prepares and stay calm for their test , but also helping people in some of specific circumstances, thank you sir
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Thank you so much for your help... I did what you suggested in speaking :) Speaking 8 Writing 6.5 Reading 6.5 Listening 7.5 Band 7 :) just what I needed! All glory to GOD ♥
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I was so nervous before watching this video - my IELTS exam is next week. But I ended up smiling, laughing even, throughout the video while pausing it and taking notes. There's something about your videos - about you! - that is so calming. It is exactly what I need for my speaking preparation. Thank you so much, Keith!
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This gentleman makes the test look like a walk in the park . I kept smiling the whole time i was watching .thank u mr Keith.your videos are awesome and helpful .wish me luck ❤
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I was able to get 7 in my speaking. I only watched your videos and they were very helpful. Those idiomatic expressions and fillers was superb! 😊 and I can’t thank you enough.
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All the content on this channel was so helpful when studying for my exam 💛. Managed to score 8.5 in my speaking test, and I'm so happy. Thank you so much for all you do, and for all the high quality free content 💛
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It was an absolutely valuable explanation. Thank you very much for sharing it for free. In my opinion, you are an exceptional teacher who gives master classes, very understandable, practical and entertaining because of your sympathy.
@RuhelWalks 3 yıl önce
Man, I got 8 in my speaking module just because of your guidelines. I'm a typical native Bengali speaker. But it is you who made me feel great as a speaker in English. Keith, you are genius man. Thank you! 🇧🇩 Exam date: 7th November 2020
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It generally takes 14 days to get the IELTS result. In computer based exam you will get result within 5 days.
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This man just made it so easy for all of us preparing for the IELTS. May God bless him with strength
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@Finance_BBR Yıl önce
@@HuongLe-ic3jg there is no way to prepare and pass the speaking part of the exam just in one week. He had already been good at speaking and mastering his skills for quite a bit of time (from 6 months and more, it's rather individualiatic). There is no way to make it simple, don't be misguided.
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Im new here. Im starting to study for the Ielts, discover your channel, and Im loving all of your videos. You have a gift to teach so easy to understand. I will definitely enroll to your online courses. Blessings!
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Same way with me😊 preparing from Senegal. Good luck
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Thank you Keith for your informative videos. I got a 8.5 in Speaking. Had my IELTS test last week. Was asked about my thoughts on 'Borrowing' and to describe 'the kind of Home I wish to have in the future'. All the best to those reading this.
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want to write the same comment after couple of months🙏
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Thank you so much for your videos, Mr.Keith!!! Even though this video was posted 2 years ago, it is still relevant
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Hi Keith ... your videos are informative and really helpful. May I ask, do you have videos for CELPIP exams as well ?
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Plain narration, must be a boost to IELTS and English learning students, thank you Mr. Keith.
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Hello Sir Keith. Thank you for your generosity by sharing your tips. God bless you
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I watched this video one day before my IELTS exam, and it helped me a lot! :) To all of you, who are going to take the exam in the future: don't panic! The staff is incredibly helpful and you won't even realise that you are sitting a real test. After the test when I left the exam room I felt like I was leaving my friends there. So don't worry! It will be fine! Trust me! :) Have a nice one!
@arthurblokhin4969 2 yıl önce
What about your score?
@zdenkogera8763 2 yıl önce
@@arthurblokhin4969 I got an overall band score of 7.5 and 7.0 in speaking :)
@arthurblokhin4969 2 yıl önce
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Hi Keith, I have been watching your videos for some time now. I love how amiable you are. You are a fantastic teacher. Thanks to you, I have scored an 8 in Speaking (8.5 Overall) in the recent IELTS exams. Listening to you regularly gave me clarity and confidence. Many thanks. ❤️
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@crisantacastillo7370 Yıl önce
I'm starting learning how to face the examiner Sir Keith and have a lot of knowledge to your tips and Tricks.. thank you so much🥰😘
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The most useful lesson ever! I learnt from a lot of IELTS speaking videos and websites, but I found it difficult to understand because of complicated chunks and grammatical structures. I even felt more stressed about the speaking exam after watching and learning from them. Making the answers short and sweet is the best choice to keep them sound fluent and natural. Thanks!
@fatmasafwat1848 Yıl önce
hi ,keith I am really so excited to complete all you videos , your way is very simple and so professional really , thank you very much.
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Keith is so interesting! When it comes to English speaking instruction, Keith is second to none!!
@luizanahapetyan5472 Yıl önce
Hi Keith, thank you very much for your great job that you help people around the world to pass IELTS. I watched your IETS speaking videos for 2 months and got 6,5 for speaking part /and overall 6,5/, considering the fact that I hadn't used English for already 20 years, since I graduated from university. P. S. 30 minutes before the exam I watched this video and was encouraged a lot 😊 So, big big thanks from Armenia, you have a friend here 👍👍👍☺☺☺
@lauredilph 2 yıl önce
I always recommend you to my students Mr. Keith. The way you teach the English language is excellent! ✨
@hobalwatan1816 Yıl önce
Many thanks, for the efforts and time making this wonderful video, its amazing how you simplify the interview part. thanks again for sharing it with us...greeting from Iraq
@olamidemohammed8122 Yıl önce
Thank you Keith. I really enjoy your methods of teaching. I always want to listen to you and with that, I have improved quite a bit. Keep doing the good work sir
@duruss1736 8 aylar önce
I got help from prudent ielts assistance,try too
@emmerichroyals8444 2 aylar önce
Wow this was engagingly informative, thank you🙏🏻
@gulnursayfullina7204 Yıl önce
Thank you for your lesson!it was great!🌷🔥🔥🔥 You inspire people to learn English more and more. I try to watch the video without subtitles. But it very difficult for me. Your video i watch without subtitles!✨🤩 I'm so happy! It's a success 🥰
@sanmitsingh3293 3 yıl önce
Hello Keith Sir, I just want you to know that you have become my favorite coach/faculty I have ever encountered. To think that we get to learn all these extremely helpful tips and lessons for free. So much respect and more power to you sir. Many Thanks
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