Biggest Megaprojects in the World

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The Dubai Frame, MSG Sphere & Statue of Unity: Here are 7 of the Weirdest Megaprojects in the World!
These are the World's Strangest Construction Megaprojects! In this video, we go over the Statue of Unity, the Dubai Frame, MSG Sphere in Las Vegas and more! For more construction & megaproject content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching this video: Weirdest Megaprojects in the World
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0:00 Weirdest Megaprojects in the World
0:19 MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
3:04 Statue of Unity
6:30 Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas
7:50 Dubai Frame
10:49 Katara Towers in Lusail City
13:00 Beijing Daxing International Airport
16:29 Tianducheng in China
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Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Which of these megaprojects is the strangest? 😵‍Do you know any similar projects?
Bluebed 2 aylar önce
I think the 6th one was the weirdest
LC-130 Skibird
LC-130 Skibird 2 aylar önce
The line. It is probably not that big for a mega project but it sure is long, This megaproject is located in Saudi Arabia and some people would say that the construction of the line will be finished sooner than we expected although, it is gonna be finished right by 2025.. It is estimated to hold around 9 million people which is a lot.
Kris Ann Labrador
Kris Ann Labrador 2 aylar önce
Its 2023 NOW
bhawani singh rathore
bhawani singh rathore 3 aylar önce
U should correct map of India in your video
Phillius Phoggwick
Phillius Phoggwick 3 aylar önce
You pronounce quays wrong.
sakshi pal
sakshi pal 11 aylar önce
Important fact about statue of Unity, India: A Movement was started in 2013 to collect the iron needed for the statue by asking farmers to donate their used farming instruments. By 2016, a total of 135 metric tonnes of scrap iron had been collected and about 109 tonnes of it was used to make the foundation of the statue after processing.
Wendy Clark
Wendy Clark Aylar önce
Led me to think
Chandan T
Chandan T 2 aylar önce
@Evan Norton as the ruling party BJP opposes the Congress they did not go for Mahatma Gandhi who was the congress president in 1921.
May the Science be with You
May the Science be with You 3 aylar önce
what a waste
tito 3 aylar önce
thats absolutely nothing
Wilmer Heikkilä
Wilmer Heikkilä Yıl önce
The MSG Sphere looks like a upgraded copy of the swedish building Globen in Stockholm which is 85 meters high and 110 meters wide and fits 16 000 people
David Lloyd-Jones
David Lloyd-Jones 6 aylar önce
Bad news, folks: spheres are spherical. This is a blob.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 6 aylar önce
Repent to Jesus Christ “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.” ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:15‬ ‭NIV‬‬ ht
hampter 7 aylar önce
and it looks like just like Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan where i live they copying it !!!!!!!!!!111111
Sam Sitar
Sam Sitar 8 aylar önce
that screen resolution is insane.
StONe AGe 10 aylar önce
They're building a crappy version in London too about half the size and using cheap light effects that everyone already hates
papercut Yıl önce
"97 soccer fields" peak american measurement standard right there
Max 24 gün önce
​@War crime enjoyer Needs?
OutMyWriteMind Aylar önce
Not a single American knows how long a soccer field is. I do know that a football field is 100 yards tho
nhuKer 3 aylar önce
@Steve Whitaker Americans are the only ones that call them soccer fields so, it is pretty American still
Steve Whitaker
Steve Whitaker 3 aylar önce
"Soccer fields" is not an American measurement. Try football fields.
250 killstreak
250 killstreak 4 aylar önce
everyone laughin till they pull up with the 97 guns
Machu Pikachu
Machu Pikachu 11 aylar önce
The weirdest fact about this video is that the bridge that moves vertically in France cost lest than the proposed walking bridge in London. That says a lot about the two countries.
m402363 5 aylar önce
i agree, but its called rip off britain for a good reason! even the useless HS2 train project is going to cost over 150 billion pounds, just to save few minutes of a journey time. its insane, for that price some country's have built a new city from scratch.
m402363 5 aylar önce
@Rico Taline yes it does, but being jealous is not good
Literally steel
Literally steel 6 aylar önce
what does it say about england and france
Rico Taline
Rico Taline 7 aylar önce
I can swear it prooves nothing about France 😂😂
Wiktoria Wolska
Wiktoria Wolska 8 aylar önce
wow bro, good job
Sean Matheney
Sean Matheney Yıl önce
I appreciate the narration here. Concise, detailed, and informative.
torbinzix1 5 aylar önce
QUAY is pronounced KEY, not KWAY.
SK Facilities
SK Facilities 7 aylar önce
It was like every other clickbait video boring and really hard to keep interest in.
Scorpio 8 aylar önce
... but he doesn't know how to pronounce "quay".
lemonadx 9 aylar önce
Some guy copied your comment
Deepak k
Deepak k Yıl önce
Me too
Light O Son
Light O Son 8 aylar önce
I'm a fresh graduate architect, and seeing these projects makes my mouth wide open
Roadkill Yıl önce
We`ve had a sphere like that in Stockholm Sweden since 1989 now, not as big but still impressive enough :)
Morris Bratt
Morris Bratt 5 aylar önce
None of them are actually spherical though, seeing as they both have different horizontal and vertical measurements
pomelo 6 aylar önce
@Cashew Nuttel we go there for omega mart, everything else is boring
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 6 aylar önce
Repent to Jesus Christ “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.” ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:15‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Patricua Hernandez
Patricua Hernandez 7 aylar önce
I want to see that
Streetervillian 8 aylar önce
@Cashew Nuttel Yeah, because it's not like anybody has ever gotten shot anywhere else. Just the other day, people were lining up for their chance to high five Mayor Lightfoot, because of her great success in making Chicago into a crime and violence free zone, so you know we won't be going, living in this newfound utopia as we have been for the last few years. It has been awesome, and I hear that our friends in Mexico have been doing even better!
Rick Trickshots
Rick Trickshots Yıl önce
Cool video, could you make one about the largest megaprojects in each continent?
anthony williamson
anthony williamson 7 aylar önce
I just uploaded one for antarctica
shoe 😎
shoe 😎 Yıl önce
@Mighty Wheels y'all dont click on thissss
DatWeeb25 _
DatWeeb25 _ 11 aylar önce
This is very interesting since its cool to show many projects and at the same time show the history and controversies around it since its fair for everyone to know what really happened and it gives a more fair and equal view on the impacts of the project
Quacky 6 aylar önce
I wish to live in all these cool structures ❤😮
SimplyCheryl Yıl önce
Beijing Doxing is an amazing and stunning airport!
Sand Box John
Sand Box John 7 aylar önce
15:34 The Washington Metro has special track work along with multiple segments of track in the underground parts of the its system that are mounted on tens of thousands vibration adsorbing pads to prevent the vibration of passing train from being felt in buildings adjacent transit systems tunnels. Most of the underground parts of the its system with theses vibration adsorbing pads was built back in the 1970s and 80s.
VAL13C Yıl önce
The Rain Forest Vortex airport in Singapore is the most amazing man made modern structure in the world.
Wade Boothe
Wade Boothe Yıl önce
imma look that up!!
C S Yıl önce
Very cool video, I didn't know a few of these! Could you perhaps do a video on the most influencial megaprojects on each contient/for the world. I get that influencial may be subjective, but I would think there are a few projects that stand out.
Jonathan 7 aylar önce
This whole world integration thing is stupid. We must respect borders and limits.
smr Yıl önce
You're asking the wrong person. He's prejuidiced.
Jessica Mousa
Jessica Mousa Yıl önce
The coolest one was the dome/sphere. The twin buildings was also cool.
Paul Reed
Paul Reed 4 aylar önce
I like how you included an image from the proposed London version of the sphere located in-between railway tracks near the 2012 Olympics site! haha
W S Yıl önce
In the competition for the Frame in Dubai they’ve selected basically the most basic and uninspiring design of the lot.
Blue Spartan
Blue Spartan 6 aylar önce
@John Humphrey Just realized how messed up Dubai's laws are, man that place is draconian as hell, thanks for pointing it out.
Emirates Aviation
Emirates Aviation 6 aylar önce
@Space Snaxxx well not really. Since I'm into aviation, lemme start with that. The UAE's biggest Airline, Emirates is knows as a super connector. So it carries people from different parts of the world to their destination with a stop in Dubai where Direct flights aren't available. And they receive the highest international traffic in the world here in Dubai. So without Dubai, a lot of people wouldn't be able to reach their holiday destinations leading to losses for the tourism department. The UAE also has a lot of oil. The USA(and several other countries) buys a lot of its oil from the UAE and its neighbouring states. The UAE also is the only Gulf state in the Middle East to be so open to the world and are the closest to a western mindset(apart from Sharjah). And the UAE is also a very safe place in times of War despite it's close proximity to Iran. So it definitely isn't the most useless state in the world. But the Dubai frame definitely is
Dr Pepper of Sodaland
Dr Pepper of Sodaland 8 aylar önce
Let’s wait until The UAE realizes that the water win’t affect it
hasan muttaqin
hasan muttaqin 8 aylar önce
@John Humphrey what's wrong with you my dude 💀
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc 7 aylar önce
I think there is some inherent thing in all humans where we can't help but admire and be fascinated by Mega-Projects. As great and significant as the contributions of Ancient Egypt were to Human Civilization and History as a whole the first thing you think about when it comes to Ancient Egypt are the Pyramids. Even now over 4000 years later nothing has surpassed them. That needs to change. We have the technology & resources.
Madhusudhan Reddy Kantam
Madhusudhan Reddy Kantam 6 aylar önce
That's the point around which this video is created, a very appropriate comment which highlights every human being's aspirations and hunger to be more and more creative.
tyler soto
tyler soto 7 aylar önce
Your right there is something in the human mindset that fascinates us with megaprojects cuz they help unite us and show our ability to achieve great things lol 😎
Music To The Ears
Music To The Ears Yıl önce
This channel has a lot of really great stuff
TJordanArt Yıl önce
Your videos are always so informative. Keep it up!
Charles Weru
Charles Weru 8 aylar önce
Appreciate your tirelessly efforts of bringing up the development around the world, the weird project is statue in India and frame in dubai
Sarthak Kanwar
Sarthak Kanwar 29 gün önce
Statue of unity is weird, but statue of liberty is cool.? Wheres the logic?
theNimboo 7 aylar önce
I'm most excited to see the sphere!!! That look absolutely amazing. I'm living in Cali so I can easily get to Vegas, can't wait to check it out
Noldo Yıl önce
The Dubai frame reminds me two things - Pride precedes the fall, and the tower of Babel. Egomania and megalomania never ends up well.
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly 9 aylar önce
Imagine waking up and not able to understand your family and seeing your home destroyed. Bit harsh, then again it's nothing compared to flooding the world.
Another Youtube account
Another Youtube account 11 aylar önce
Oh really?
Monique Monique
Monique Monique 11 aylar önce
@D ANIMATIONS! Congrats, you get a cookie for this comment.
george hill
george hill 7 aylar önce
I don't know if these megaprojects are strange, but Tianducheng definitely takes the strangest name award. Tian means sky, du means a big city or capital city, cheng means a walled city. So altogether it's Sky City City.
Shad0w1and 4 aylar önce
actually, more like heaven city
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin 11 aylar önce
The Starfish Airport was the weirdest but the Vegas Megasphere was the coolest imo.
Most Luxury
Most Luxury 11 aylar önce
We have similar type of content
Oxalis Adventure
Oxalis Adventure Yıl önce
Love your video. It's so informative. I would like to recommend a wonderful natural wonder is Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. This is the largest cave in the world with nature’s mightiest creations.
Big Mike
Big Mike 9 aylar önce
When I went to Vegas last year in June, I saw that sphere being constructed, and I thought it was another hotel/casino (if the city didn't have enough of those), but now I know, thanks to you!
Big Mike
Big Mike 9 aylar önce
@Dantendo thanks lol
Dantendo 9 aylar önce
dio 8 aylar önce
Zaha hadid's projects are always brilliant, you could probably do a whole video just for the project she headed
tj_tbh 6 aylar önce
I have never left my country (England) or even a part of it (Yorkshire and The Humber + North East) but I have seen a “megaproject” i guess. Angel Of The North in Gateshead. You should visit it if you land from a plane at Newcastle or even Leeds/Bradford! (I think it’s the biggest angel statue in the world AND i visited it the day i came out so that earns some bonus points.)
Huntman 9 aylar önce
The most strangest build is the airport. It’s design is weird but it look awesome!
Based God
Based God 9 aylar önce
I can't imagine how loud the sphere could be during a concert. Like how is it not going to echo to the point of people going half deaf?
Mr. Note
Mr. Note 5 aylar önce
@Axi Yep. And like any concert it was decided that was the customers problem.
Axi 6 aylar önce
I’m very sure they thought about that before dumping almost 2 billion into it LOL
MrBeastFan Yıl önce
It is impressive to see how advanced the world is becoming. What we used to think was impossible is now possible. I desire to live in one city their, but it may not be possible due to the overpopulated world.
The Capital R
The Capital R 7 aylar önce
MrBeastFan 8 aylar önce
@V imean, technology itself is advanced and is advancing. Even the technology from 100 years ago.
V 8 aylar önce
Which one of these do you think is advanced? Everything you see in the video is technology and knowledge we've had for at least 100 years.
KWO - Warcraft 3
KWO - Warcraft 3 Yıl önce
The statue having shoe size of 80 in the US doesn't sound right. @ 3:58 Biggest shoes ever were size 37, belonging to 9 foot tall Robert Wadlow. Shaquile O'neal has size 23 feet, he's 7'1. I don't know how shoe size calculation works, but for a 240 meter tall statue, 800 sounds a lot closer than 80.
Sam King
Sam King 6 aylar önce
@Ozzy Guy blah blah blah blah blah...
Ozzy Guy
Ozzy Guy 6 aylar önce
@Sam King It's simple. Even you could understand it if you tried. The narrator said that the average shoe size is 10.5. He then goes on to say that the statue's foot is 70 feet long which is about 80 lengths of a size 10.5. WHY would he mention the size of the average shoe? Although he said a size 80, he meant 80 times the average shoe length. If you still don't understand, have an adult or significant other explain it to you. Thanks for playing Run along now troll.
Sam King
Sam King 6 aylar önce
@Ozzy Guy That's ridiculous, why would anyone describe the length of something using "80 times a men's 10.5 foot size"? Thanks for playing
Ozzy Guy
Ozzy Guy 6 aylar önce
Probably meant 80 shoes in length at 10.5 shoe size. That would be around the 70 feet.
That College Guy
That College Guy 3 aylar önce
Statue of unity 💞🇮🇳❣️
Psychoja Yıl önce
Been to DaXing few times last and this year. Looks great. High speed train to BeiJing also. Great experience. Hopefully will visit it for Winter Olympics.
Syahmi Suhardie
Syahmi Suhardie Yıl önce
I actually have been there in January 2020, it was very empty and quiet since there was only our family and friends there. Can't imagine what it's like now with it being full of people
Jeremy Syu
Jeremy Syu Yıl önce
behold for 21 days quarantine
Xero 5 aylar önce
I'm really glad we're building massive spheres, picture frames and statues. I'm sure that that time, money and materials are not at all needed anywhere else in any way.
Jason Janes
Jason Janes 3 aylar önce
not at all - plenty of food and space for all people - no need to worry
A 4 aylar önce
Homeless people
Pedro Oliveira Oliveira Simões da Silva
Pedro Oliveira Oliveira Simões da Silva Yıl önce
That Dubai construction i can only see National Geographic's logo 😂
r3df0x 4545
r3df0x 4545 8 aylar önce
I see the aether portal from Minecraft
Henry the green engine
Henry the green engine 9 aylar önce
Minecraft anther portal
Ahmiya Webb
Ahmiya Webb 9 aylar önce
Random_Guy.Mp4 9 aylar önce
No it’s a aether portal. But whose gonna tell them it ain’t gonna work?
-Sunday vibez-
-Sunday vibez- 9 aylar önce
@MrFrosty Vlogs it’s a frame, it’s not the National Geographic logo, it’s literally similar to a door frame, should door companies sue dubai?
Imsonicnoob2112 Yıl önce
Wow! I didn’t know morning brew is the largest statue in the world! Thanks for the information!
Catzzzzzメ Yıl önce
The Egoist
The Egoist Yıl önce
aitai sakura
aitai sakura Yıl önce
I love the MSG sphere and Dubai frame. Its unique and looks eye catching and atteaction for the tourist
Nitish Chaulagai
Nitish Chaulagai 5 aylar önce
@aitai sakura how is it unique, if such type of things already exist 😂
aitai sakura
aitai sakura 7 aylar önce
@Dan no need. It is a unique building whether it already exist or not
Dan 7 aylar önce
@aitai sakura As I wrote does there exist such buildings already for a long time. Maybe you should check out the definition of what unique means.
aitai sakura
aitai sakura 7 aylar önce
@Dan well i think its unique cause its big and have a unusual shape. So it is on my list of unique buildings
Dan 7 aylar önce
"...unique..." in what way....??? It's nothing new or challenging engineering wise with them at all. Such constructions has existed for long time .... and they were build in the 1980's it is only copycat constructions you are so impressed by. In Stockholm (Sweden) you can find the Globe ( a sphere). The Dubai frame is no more unique than you can see a similar construction in form of the Great Arch at La Defence in Paris (France)
Slimey 🎭
Slimey 🎭 11 aylar önce
They actually built the dubai frame right in the middle of dubai, while from one side you can see the old buildings, and the other side you can see the sky scrapers and new buildings.
Dave J Cp
Dave J Cp Yıl önce
Beijing Daxing airport is a "weird" megaproject? I totally agree with the paris themed housing society tho
DayBeforeTomorrow 9 aylar önce
The sphere in Vegas seems pretty cool. But I'm going to guess there is going to be a lot of problems in the first few years.
Abra Yıl önce
Cant wait for the sphere, hope i get to go there one day.
MetaChop 9 aylar önce
@Ranjit Sarkar how does that relate to this
Ranjit Sarkar
Ranjit Sarkar Yıl önce
Are you rich?
Life and Love Tarot
Life and Love Tarot Yıl önce
More places to add to my bucketlist. I definitely want to see the sphere in Vegas.
aphelios chenik
aphelios chenik 9 aylar önce
imagine a huge airport that wont add a single job offer to humains. what a time to be alive
High Luxury
High Luxury 3 aylar önce
This is mind-blowing! Awesome video, incredible projects!!!
Taco Face
Taco Face Yıl önce
the fact that dubai's frame is basically stolen speaks more than words for what it's like under the flashy lights
Alex 8 aylar önce
Makes me wonder if it is a PR gag. Biggest stolen building sounds flashy and something people would visit. Think about all the stolen obelisks around the world.
Karel Adriaansz
Karel Adriaansz 8 aylar önce
In the Netherlands, we have a vertical-lift bridge too, in the city called Kampen.
zupermaus 2 aylar önce
Other Chinese megaprojects - worlds largest metro systems, highway network, longest bridges, second longest bridge span, longest tunnels, biggest dams, longest canal (and oldest), largest palace complexes through history (several each in Xian and Beijing), Great wall, longest city walls, biggest new airports, stadia and skyscrapers
OGGY TUBE Yıl önce
It will be a wonderfull experience in that sphere!
Octillionlilies 11 aylar önce
Dude about number 7 I've been in something like that! And the place is also really close to where I live, kind of exactly like that but just at a much smaller scale.
EIVOR Yıl önce
found the channel on the recommended section and now im subscribed to this channel coz its factual and very interesting.
Fergus 7 aylar önce
Being married to an Indian and having been there several times, there's no way I believe those safety stats on that immense statue. Lol.
Simon Wood
Simon Wood Yıl önce
The picture frame can't be that modern, it's in portrait.
Johnathan Trentwell
Johnathan Trentwell Yıl önce
It's not stolen property either. Best case is ip theft
Hessed3712 Yıl önce
Jean 8 aylar önce
The Gustave-Flaubert's Bridge in Rouen, which is the same kind of bridge, is actually the largest
Theo Brd
Theo Brd 8 aylar önce
si tu regardes soit la travée levante s'est gustave flaubert si tu regardes la position haute ils sont a égalité
Derek L Washington
Derek L Washington 9 aylar önce
Proud to see Las Vegas on the list! I live right by the Sphere!
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 6 aylar önce
I am 100% performing in the MSG Sphere before I die
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
Didnt know Number 4 and 5 exist. ive been asking for like 3 years now "Why didnt any bridge (with the number 5 design) have been built? not even tears or decade ago??" Cuz i was thinking like "Its probably the easiest design, probably none of it have been built because of some reason"
Patricua Hernandez
Patricua Hernandez 7 aylar önce
The dubi frame is gorgeous
D.M.E. Yıl önce
I imagine that at some point in the future the Dubai Frame will house holographic tech so it can truly be a picture frame.
D.M.E. 11 aylar önce
@D ANIMATIONS! I'm sure we'll see it somewhere one day. :)
D ANIMATIONS! 11 aylar önce
Actually, as soon as the Frame segment came on, I began expecting to see a projection image flash across the frame...was disappointed though. Sounds doable though.
Tushar Jajodia
Tushar Jajodia Yıl önce
I visited Statue of Unity, its marvelous and must see !
Balqes 9 aylar önce
Dubai is the most beautiful and modern city in the world🌏❤️
Rodrigo Nunes
Rodrigo Nunes 7 aylar önce
Dubai:makes the tallest tower in the world Also Dubai:builds an aether portal
Zephyr 11 aylar önce
Wow. MSG Sphere arena looks exactly like the sci-fi show arena in the animation film Sing 2
Wild Apparition
Wild Apparition 11 aylar önce
O.m.g! I literally watch that movie right before this video and thought the same.
CarLov3r18 7 aylar önce
Insane and gorgeous in the same time !!
brison Yıl önce
The coolest is definitely the Sphere in Las Vegas
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen 2 aylar önce
If it ever gets complete (big if), it is taking massive gambles on interactive entertainment tech that has not performed well at all in the past. Maybe MSG has a secret sauce to make things, like smell-o-vision, appealing to consumers. But MSG is not exactly known for excelling in this area. Let’s hope I am wrong. We all want to push the boundaries of concert entertainment but I wouldn’t get your hopes up
Dino_Nate 3 aylar önce
Once the sphere is finished, I WANNA SEE A BOXING MATCH IN THERE
Curiousity Cave
Curiousity Cave 3 aylar önce
It’s never going to happen the way it’s advertised lmao
Ralph Venezuela
Ralph Venezuela 6 aylar önce
But one of the cool structures in dubai has to be the museum of the future. Its unique shape and beautiful details make it much more appealing than the boring frame. I was born and raised in dubai so I watched its construction slowly grow more and more. Its complete rn and it really stands out compared to other buildings
Ralph Venezuela
Ralph Venezuela 6 aylar önce
I live in dubai and am currently in school. the route of my bus always takes the road next to the frame and it looks really lame. Haven't been in it yet but don't think I will go.
Luxury Treats
Luxury Treats Yıl önce
This megaprojects in the world makes me crazy. I'd love to make such collections in my videos as well.
Cashew Nuttel
Cashew Nuttel Yıl önce
Why don't you become a billionaire and make them yourself?
mujaku 7 aylar önce
Wonderful structures to the greatness of materialism.
the fifth
the fifth 11 aylar önce
Not calling it the "Madison Sphere Garden" is a real missed opportunity.
YazanEditz 6 aylar önce
I live in Doha Qatar and I went to Lusail many times so I saw this thing being built and it’s not done yet but the engineers said it might be done by 2023 February
kamynari 9 aylar önce
my life wont go past without visiting giant sphere
Dale Dolan-Zalaznick
Dale Dolan-Zalaznick Yıl önce
Crazy that Shaq is a size 27 and that statue is a size 80.
Maynard Nicholl
Maynard Nicholl 6 aylar önce
The Picture Frame and the giant man statue are the weirdest ones to me.
torson 3 aylar önce
Maybe they are preparing for scorching temperatures in the coming decades, the shade between the two lines could provide the colder temperature during the day. The narrow long approach means it's easier to physically control the movement of people in there.
jt 8 aylar önce
7:55 Wow, that's the biggest frame i've ever seen!! (said no one ever)
Khalil Rehman
Khalil Rehman 3 aylar önce
Statue of unity is not strange💕🇮🇳❣️ from Pakistan
Skybr328 5 aylar önce
7:52 it’s not the Dubai frame. It’s the Dubai Aether Portal!
The Cat Called Chloe
The Cat Called Chloe 9 aylar önce
My father is working as Chief Architect for Katara Tower of Qatar. Proud of my father 💚💚
Space Snaxxx
Space Snaxxx 6 aylar önce
And you are making videos for laser hair your father proud of you?
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim 3 gün önce
A Movement was started in 2013 to collect the iron needed for the statue by asking farmers to donate their used farming instruments. By 2016, a total of 135 metric tonnes of scrap iron had been collected and about 109 tonnes of it was used to make the foundation of the statue after processing.
Zander Hicks
Zander Hicks 7 aylar önce
Great to know on the ones in Vegas, a place we have sworn to no longer go to given the extra tax they require everyone to pay -- Otherwise known as Useless Resort Fees
Soumay Entertainment
Soumay Entertainment 6 aylar önce
Wrolds tallest statue is fabulous 😍😍
abewlol 11 aylar önce
Pretty sure the MSG sphere is what the sphere in Horizon Forbidden West’s Las Vegas is
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 7 aylar önce
Wow these projects are incredible
Toofless Tesla
Toofless Tesla Yıl önce
Great video, and some funny word sounds! I had to pause at 7:30 when I heard surrounding "kways" for the word quay! I'm used to hearing "kees" for quays. Keep up the great work and in producing similar videos.
kgb gb
kgb gb 7 aylar önce
@Christopher Ciaccio-Blonde But that's not how he pronounced it. He put a w sound after the k sound.
Christopher Ciaccio-Blonde
Christopher Ciaccio-Blonde 11 aylar önce
he is saying quais, not quays, it's French, and is pronounced like the letter K, it's just the river sides
chaps john
chaps john Yıl önce
Yeah laughed at this🤣
Timothy Watkins
Timothy Watkins Yıl önce
Came to the comments specifically for this
Conrad Andrew
Conrad Andrew Yıl önce
You're used to hearing "keys" because that's the right pronunciation lmao
Franchino 5 aylar önce
Pon Jacque: proud to be part of the project, as steel manufacturer and site installation!! Amazing project
Cuddle 9 aylar önce
okay am i bad in math or does 300 planes per houre mean that they will have 75 planes starting and landing every 60min? also, boarding and stuff..that sounds insane to me lol
Cedric 8 aylar önce
would be nice to have an update videos on those projects
BRIGHT-LIGHT VLOG 11 aylar önce
Thank you for telling about morning brew I am pretty sure it will help me, thanks. This is actually the first time I actually considers using a content creators suggestion on getting an aplication through sponsorship.
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar 9 aylar önce
Omg statu is soo big😨 it’s real?? Unbelievable
Fart Vader • 84 years ago
Fart Vader • 84 years ago Yıl önce
The MSG Sphere is the coolest. Also, Formula 1 is running in Qatar this weekend
El Jefe
El Jefe Yıl önce
Feel bad for bottas :/
mohammad mustafa khan
mohammad mustafa khan 9 aylar önce
odd i was born 2013 and i love dubai + every country in this video is my favorite this was inspired by me
that swiftie
that swiftie 11 aylar önce
When I have been to Qatar I saw it being built, the Katara towers will be absolutely beautiful!!!!
Miranda Hotspring
Miranda Hotspring 6 aylar önce
that statue in India looks pretty impressive...
Francine Outside Streets
Francine Outside Streets Yıl önce
fantastic!! all of them so impressive.!!
Greenja 9 aylar önce
bro, what a coincidence i once had a dream of msg megaproject years ago but it could fly man i just predicted future
🤎 Solana 🤎
🤎 Solana 🤎 Yıl önce
I feel like they picked the most basic design for the Dubai frame. The other designs were much better. I liked the twisted circle.
beigebunny Yıl önce
@_dayee yeah but even then they definitely could have done better than a frame
Kevin Dragonbringer
Kevin Dragonbringer 9 aylar önce
An awesome sight to see would be a floating mega city. That can operate in and move in space, if needed!!!
Sam King
Sam King 8 aylar önce
like Bioshock infinite!
RoSarLianOfficial 10 aylar önce
That MSG sphere, hearing it, as an East Asian descent, I’m sweating profusely and salivating uncontrollably.
ANS 8 aylar önce
The coolest one is the round one in Vegas, 😲 wow.
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