history of japan

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Grab That Free Stuff
Grab That Free Stuff 3 saatler önce
Please do more.
Grab That Free Stuff
Grab That Free Stuff 3 saatler önce
vZyxv 5 saatler önce
The mongols do love dying in a tornado tho
Beebijan Hunagund
Beebijan Hunagund 5 saatler önce
Make a video on History of India
js m
js m 5 saatler önce
My favorite video! Btw, Shotoku's teacher was Goguryeo's Buddhist monk.
Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly 9 saatler önce
Eve Peng
Eve Peng 11 saatler önce
Nanking Massacre
A Face In The Dark By Ruskin Bond
A Face In The Dark By Ruskin Bond 11 saatler önce
This proves TRshow is better than History Classes
Gabe 18 saatler önce
The crazy thing is, nobody knows that this was the successor of the now longer existing 'history of the united states'.
NOAAClocksEAS 21 saatler önce
Japan is kinda scared of Russia. You'll never guess who is also scared of Russia Knock, knock. It's a Facebook ad. We are as well scared of Russia.
19 Sehen K.S
19 Sehen K.S 21 saatler önce
Robin 23 saatler önce
To be fair, America did give the Japanese several chances to surrender and stop fighting. The Japanese said they would die before they surrendered or stopped their assault, as was their code. So… Two atomic bombs.
thunbandy Gün önce
thelaginator Gün önce
Knock knock it’s the United States with huge boats with guns gun boats Open the country stop having it be closed
MonsterIsABlock Gün önce
How could bill forget the most important pinacle of japanese history, anime.
Sanko'e 4 saatler önce
+ hentai
GMD ToxicMammoth
GMD ToxicMammoth Gün önce
Legend has it that the clique is still making the government govern more.
Manjitou Yoshimitsu
Manjitou Yoshimitsu 9 saatler önce
And making the government more like China's government, which is a government that governs more.
황새 Gün önce
0:57 It's Baek je, not beakt
Eren Yeager Everywhere
Eren Yeager Everywhere Gün önce
You forgot the part where someone rebelled against Britain
mrtweedygibbion Gün önce
Remember if you want to invade Japan don’t they shall use there future tornado machine on you
Derek Yatsko
Derek Yatsko Gün önce
This is the second best video of all time only rivaled by the history of the entire world I guess
Edward Trongco
Edward Trongco Gün önce
i wish history teachers were like u
Marvin Iñigo
Marvin Iñigo Gün önce
Napping Snoring
Napping Snoring Gün önce
4:00 TRUMPさん💓⁉️
Josh Gün önce
Fardeer Gün önce
1:55 wouldve been a perfect nordvpn ad placement
S Giles
S Giles Gün önce
My history teacher is the worst istg SOMEONE HIRE THIS GUY.
reicchi sakuraa
reicchi sakuraa Gün önce
im gonna show my teacher about this and i expect them to be surprised on how much i understood this better than their lesson
The dutch centurion
The dutch centurion 2 gün önce
Aaa yes dutch studie i love it
Clover Jones
Clover Jones 2 gün önce
world war two: electric boogaloo
Jaidev Das
Jaidev Das 2 gün önce
Japan shouldn't had tried to help germany becuase it would mean japan still could have owned some parts of china and korea and the tiny islands
Tobias Jeremy Pramono
Tobias Jeremy Pramono 2 gün önce
StockyPanda761 YouTube
StockyPanda761 YouTube 2 gün önce
Me: where anime
Jeffrey Rolek
Jeffrey Rolek 2 gün önce
It's been literally 11 years & a day since I've first visited Japan.
jan Peke
jan Peke 2 gün önce
3:27 (where my studying starts)
McKenzie Sullivan
McKenzie Sullivan 2 gün önce
this is what my ap world teacher showed us today
has a funny name
has a funny name 2 gün önce
wait shogun and closed country :0
Flamingo is god
Flamingo is god 2 gün önce
Dude China and Japan covers all there problems with anime and video games(edit:and North Korea there’s some videos on it)
💜J-Hope is my sunshine child☀️
💜J-Hope is my sunshine child☀️ 2 gün önce
Gen z teachers are gonna show this in their classes one day and I’m so excited 💀💀💀
Xylop 2 gün önce
*bold words are sooo important* Read more…
Kertuu 2 gün önce
Bill was the History teacher everyone deserves.
Jacob Urban
Jacob Urban 2 gün önce
Sorry but America didn’t invent the atomic bomb
ALTigras7 BG
ALTigras7 BG 3 gün önce
Ya forgot anime
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 2 gün önce
check the last few frames
KorChiJap TV
KorChiJap TV 3 gün önce
Japan, China and Korea are neighbors but don't like each other. Why?
Makky Brown
Makky Brown 3 gün önce
I wish school showed these videos, it would make kids want to learn
Indra Meena
Indra Meena 3 gün önce
All weaboos are here
Cute Kittys
Cute Kittys 3 gün önce
Credits to my dad for telling me about this channel
Herbert Pananganan
Herbert Pananganan 3 gün önce
I voted for the kid
DootUs Dooty
DootUs Dooty 3 gün önce
Sam 3 gün önce
God: "The only rule is you can't eat from this one tree." Adam: "OK that makes sense." Eve: 7:18
rainz6869 3 gün önce
When your teacher hates teaching but teaches anyway because he gets paid 800 And somehow accidently made students like him:
miguel de Souza kock canal
miguel de Souza kock canal 3 gün önce
miguel de Souza kock canal
miguel de Souza kock canal 3 gün önce
miguel de Souza kock canal
miguel de Souza kock canal 3 gün önce
miguel de Souza kock canal
miguel de Souza kock canal 3 gün önce
miguel de Souza kock canal
miguel de Souza kock canal 3 gün önce
Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan 3 gün önce
Him:- The Mongols had a nice time fighting with the Japanese Me:- Who just finished playing ghost of tsushima, 😐😐😐😐 (BTW I know that ghost of tsushima isn't historically accurate)
Deniz AKKAŞ 3 gün önce
I never thought history could be fun and entertaining .🧐👌
Gabriel Ngor
Gabriel Ngor 3 gün önce
They got double killed by. A tornado lol
Sucy 3 gün önce
China: ok so your a Country with no name… mmkay I’m gonna call you dipsh*t
Olls84 3 gün önce
God: No don't eat the fruit from the forbidden tree Eve: 7:18
The Chaos Insurgency Engineer
The Chaos Insurgency Engineer 3 gün önce
Banlat Basti John
Banlat Basti John 4 gün önce
Lol i laugh do hard at that Shogun's son and thr Shogun's brother phone vote lol
BaKonSkully 4 gün önce
5:52 whos also scared of russia *Gets konosuba ad*
mukesh kumar
mukesh kumar 4 gün önce
Everyone: Stop, we've already had enough "how bout we do any-" Me: " _How 'bout I do anyway_ "
xOOFuhly YT
xOOFuhly YT 4 gün önce
Now i know the entire Japan history even better. 🤓🇯🇵
Lachyjack 4 gün önce
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BloxGamez 4 gün önce
NO DON'T POST A TIMESTAMP THAT'S ILLEGAL how bout I do anyway 7:18
vince cabilla
vince cabilla 4 gün önce
try history of philippines pls
Rasmus Damkjær
Rasmus Damkjær 4 gün önce
A friendly reminder that Japan surrendered because the USSR declared war on them, and not because of the nukes
Informedia Tech - BRUNO
Informedia Tech - BRUNO 4 gün önce
where the electronics in asia came from?
Kelsey Madison
Kelsey Madison 4 gün önce
The immense starter psychophysically destroy because cow potentially harass on a icy airplane. pointless, young flugelhorn
0ddly1nterest1ng 4 gün önce
bill wurtz is smarter than einstien
Ringtail Paladin
Ringtail Paladin 4 gün önce
Hey yeah can you help the war effort instead of just harassing the Pacific? Sure, I attacked the United States. You attacked who?
c X2
c X2 4 gün önce
Basically greed destroy them
Pokemaniac 4 gün önce
I like how everyone wants each other’s land but at the same time f*ck Australia
Wimir. 4 gün önce
*History of japan* "Japan is anime and don't have any history this is just randomly writed"
Dodge Gaming Official
Dodge Gaming Official 4 gün önce
0:21 duh
点絵(AA)制作家 4 gün önce
Andres Mattos
Andres Mattos 4 gün önce
The history of war criminals.
B6 4 gün önce
Brilliant! This is talking about Japan's history while Frank Zappa playing guitar next to you.
ITZbigBrainTIME!!!! 4 gün önce
if I said annoying Fucking Buteyfull make you Ochi Sakiona Bullshits 1993 Fucking Virus *RIP*
JMotion 4 gün önce
"How bout I do anyway" sung with a happy sunshine tune is the best thing ever.
しがないゆっくり 5 gün önce
本当によくできてる でも何言ってるかわかんない
Éire Flag Animations
Éire Flag Animations 5 gün önce
No but I actually couldn’t find why they stole the islands thanks
Triangle 5 gün önce
Ive already learnt about this stuff and nothing is surprising except the fact that he did this in one video that only laster for like 10 minutes
Triangle 5 gün önce
Giorgio Mornato
Giorgio Mornato 5 gün önce
they died in a tornadio twice, what a fun coicidence.
Triangle 5 gün önce
Why was korea highlighted when u talked about the bronze age? It was china tho
Triangle 5 gün önce
Plus that art and architecture all comes from china lmao
FancyMeme 5 gün önce
7:18 how bout i do anyway?
Blacbery_kookie 5 gün önce
I wanna go to Japan SO BAD :(
GLAD LAD 5 gün önce
It would be cool if this became a series.
Beren Yildirim
Beren Yildirim 5 gün önce
i just realized bill wurtz who makes these videos is the same bill wurtz i wrote a paper about in my art critique class.
銀治郎 5 gün önce
1:22 ここ好きwww
Wolft 5 gün önce
Japan was ruled by a heavely superperson
Shuayb Yousuf
Shuayb Yousuf 5 gün önce
Compared to a 90-min college lecture on 18th century Japan, I just learned its history in 9 minutes
Haley H
Haley H 6 gün önce
i love this so much
Zombieplayz 6 gün önce
Stop calling us a dipshit
SilverHairedFreak25 6 gün önce
"Poor people who could not afford to hire a samurai did not hire a samurai." And were probably killed by said samurai.
Gustav 6 gün önce
Question: Can samurai hire samurai?
Fuzzypickles 6 gün önce
instrumental version trshow.info/watch/lh6oJnxZDIE/video.html
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