Demi Lovato - VEVO Presents: Demi Lovato - An Intimate Performance

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8 yıl önce

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Preslee Lajes
Preslee Lajes Gün önce
Anyone here in 2021? 💖
Dyones Emanuel Lopes
Dyones Emanuel Lopes 4 gün önce
Erica anne Suronio
Erica anne Suronio 7 gün önce
watching this till now huhu i miss you so much!!!!
Wemmily Geovanna
Wemmily Geovanna 10 gün önce
Geo Daep
Geo Daep 14 gün önce
It's 2021 and I'm still here coming back. This will always be one of my favorite performances of Demi Lovato ever.
Maurilio Pasqua
Maurilio Pasqua 17 gün önce
Demi, you are The Best for me. I love you with all my heart Demi. ❤
Dina Afkarina
Dina Afkarina 19 gün önce
Still love demi
Mae Angela Bello
Mae Angela Bello 23 gün önce
i love you Demi! Always! my jam at night :)
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 27 gün önce
Omg I love as fuck this live show. Unbroken is my favorite era ❤️ her voice is so amazing
proute caca
proute caca 28 gün önce
7:14 - 7:20 i just love that crack in her voice ❤️
Sabina Le Cluese
Sabina Le Cluese Aylar önce
Camila cantillo
Camila cantillo Aylar önce
December 2020, Demi still is a fuc..... QUEEN, SHE IS THE BEST
David Arboleda
David Arboleda Aylar önce
2020 Still here❤️ Unbroken unforgettable ✨
Naya Wah
Naya Wah Aylar önce
SHESSS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! she sounds just like studio recording
Sky Alviso
Sky Alviso Aylar önce
Still my fave 🥺❤️
Tracy G
Tracy G Aylar önce
everything she sings makes me cry. why demi
Mauricio Blandino
Mauricio Blandino Aylar önce
Tracy G
Tracy G Aylar önce
she reminds me so much of mariah carey
love you
Nicole Visda
Nicole Visda Aylar önce
This video will forever be a gem.❤️
Gala Carli
Gala Carli Aylar önce
Me pone super mal que después de varios años, Demi confesó que en esta época vivía fingiendo sonrisas y sintiéndose mal con ella misma y debía dar conciertos. Veo todas sus sonrisas falsas... amor, qué fuerte que fu, la verdad
Anne sg
Anne sg 2 aylar önce
meu bebê pra sempre, mas que plateia sem graça, credo
Racquel Roberts
Racquel Roberts 2 aylar önce
Ummm... The relaxation at 3:30. "Every time you run". That's an E. That's technique. Thank you, Demi. :)
Đức Minh Nguyễn
Đức Minh Nguyễn 2 aylar önce
whatttt It's been 8yrs already? :>
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae 2 aylar önce
I wish she never had her tonsils removed :( Her tone is already perfect in here. Tho her technique is much better now.
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae 2 aylar önce
You literally can convert these performances into mp3 songs and people won't even recognize that it's live if not for the additional riffs and runs. There's no autotune here everyone. Damn. That's just how great she is.
Galla Prences Mae J.
Galla Prences Mae J. 2 aylar önce
keep safe everyone
Galla Prences Mae J.
Galla Prences Mae J. 2 aylar önce
im pretty
Reyna Pejana
Reyna Pejana 2 aylar önce
You're voice Dem it's soo perfect sooo awesome 💓
Maybelle Rufino
Maybelle Rufino 2 aylar önce
Still here after all these years. Who's with me?
Quim Calonge
Quim Calonge 2 aylar önce
I think a lot more people should see this. it's amazing 😍🌟
Calvin Wager
Calvin Wager 2 aylar önce
1. Give Your Heart A Break 2. Fix A Heart 3. Catch Me 4. Don’t Forget 5. My Love Is Like A Star 6. Skyscraper
Julie Pahl
Julie Pahl 2 aylar önce
gosh i love this performance and her so much!
Erica anne Suronio
Erica anne Suronio 2 aylar önce
Somos Lovatics
Somos Lovatics 2 aylar önce
Sou apaixonada por essa perfomance perfeita 😍
Ivy Grace Conales
Ivy Grace Conales 2 aylar önce
The space in between us Starts to feel like the world's apart Like I'm going crazy And you say it's raining in your heart You're telling me nobody's there To try and fly Oh but that's just crazy 'Cause baby I told ya I'm here for good My love's like a star, yeah You can't always see me But you know that I'm always there When you see one shining Take it as mine And remember I'm always near If you see a comet Baby I'm on it Making my way back home Just follow the glow yeah It won't be long Just know that you're not alone I tried to build the walls To keep you safe when I'm not around But as soon as I'm away from you You say they come tumbling down But it's not about the time That we don't get to spend together It's about how strong our love is When I'm gone and it…
amanda smith
amanda smith 2 aylar önce
So sad she was on coke during this time. She didn’t deserve to go through what she did.
Anne Nalim
Anne Nalim 2 aylar önce
Nostalgia da minha adolescência
Laura La Camera
Laura La Camera 2 aylar önce
She is very very beautiful brave and cute. Her voice is!!!
Brandon Warnock
Brandon Warnock 3 aylar önce
I miss you
Brandon Warnock
Brandon Warnock 3 aylar önce
Rhea May Reyes
Rhea May Reyes 3 aylar önce
Who's watching with me in 2020. Queen Demi
Sherwin Lumantas
Sherwin Lumantas 3 aylar önce
How adorable she is 😍🤞
Anjali Chauhan
Anjali Chauhan 3 aylar önce
Beautiful performance....... incredible singer
Jumepo Melendez
Jumepo Melendez 3 aylar önce
Wacom Artist
Wacom Artist 3 aylar önce
Wow, this is really a wonderful concert. I love her acoustic work, the more stripped down the better.
Ale Valdez Lerios
Ale Valdez Lerios 3 aylar önce
only the brave
only the brave 3 aylar önce
2020 😽
Ana Beatriz Franco
Ana Beatriz Franco 3 aylar önce
my favorite ever !!! I know all the lines
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 3 aylar önce
Your pupils are mighty big here, Demi. As a former addict, I can tell. I'm so glad you're doing better. Please be stronger than anything that leads you to temptation! I'm sorry to hear about the break up. Love you, I hope you're doing well. You & the Jonas Brothers were my first concert; and us sharing our dark sides brings me even closer to you, mentally and spiritually.
Santiago C.
Santiago C. 3 aylar önce
Who's watching this in 2020? I love her so much.
charyann schreiner
charyann schreiner 4 aylar önce
moonlitbae 4 aylar önce
anyone here in 2020? 💖 as I did not see it anywhere in the comments, here´s the setlist: 1:08 Give Your Heart A Break 4:50 Fix A Heart 8:35 Catch Me / Don't Forget 13:45 My Love Is Like A Star 18:11 Skyscraper
Mariana Gabriela
Mariana Gabriela Aylar önce
Gabi V. M.
Gabi V. M. 2 aylar önce
Yeees, I'm here, from Brazil!! 💕
Nicole Plainte
Nicole Plainte 4 aylar önce
Molly Keelean My little pony is Pinkie pie
J Sales
J Sales 4 aylar önce
2020 e ainda me arrepio com essa voz maravilhosa
Ender Alejandro Contreras
Ender Alejandro Contreras 4 aylar önce
When I want to remember someone special I listen to this beautiful concert, listening to cuarantine
Jarina Mendonça
Jarina Mendonça 5 aylar önce
Uma das poucas artistas que não só cantam mas nos entrega tanta emoção em suas performances. Uma intérprete INCRÍVEL!❤️
Lele Cute
Lele Cute 5 aylar önce
I love Demi so much :)
Miriam de Jeshua
Miriam de Jeshua 5 aylar önce
2020 e eu ainda tô chorando por n tá lá
Débora Freire
Débora Freire 5 aylar önce
Gente, essa performance é completamente atemporal e maravilhosa. Eu escutava quando tinha 13 anos e continuo escutando com 21, hahahaha. Time flies, man.
Samuel 3 aylar önce
eu escuto desde os 14 e agora com 19
Amanda Slongo
Amanda Slongo 5 aylar önce
2020 e eu continuo vindo aqui prestigiar a linda voz da Demi!
f ë e l s ö n g
f ë e l s ö n g 5 aylar önce
My love is like a star 🖤
Adrian Potulski
Adrian Potulski 5 aylar önce
perry petersss
perry petersss 5 aylar önce
inupuan lang kayo ni demi. grabe clear pa rin ung pagkanta kahit high notes hahaha love you most demetria! ❤️💯
Laís 5 aylar önce
Minha playlist de 2012 favorita. Lembro que ouvia na ida e volta do estágio! Bons tempos, nostalgia da prr! ❤
MAYKE 5 aylar önce
2020 someone ?
Olga Monteiro
Olga Monteiro 5 aylar önce
2020 anyone? 😍
Somos Lovatics
Somos Lovatics 6 aylar önce
Melhor perfomance da carreira
Pauline Salivia
Pauline Salivia 6 aylar önce
June 2020 and still watching 🥰😍🤩😘
Justyna M.
Justyna M. 6 aylar önce
8 years, still love this soooo much
musta fa
musta fa 6 aylar önce
if bernstein is still alive he would say : TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE . TOOO MUUUCH AUTOTUUUUUUNE
Renan Letenski
Renan Letenski 6 aylar önce
eu amo esse video com todas as forças do meu coraçao
Josh Peb
Josh Peb 7 aylar önce
I miss the pop vibe Demi
Wanderson Barros
Wanderson Barros 7 aylar önce
My kids will be listening to these songs... Demi has the talent of creating endless songs!
octaviana malita
octaviana malita 7 aylar önce
2020 AND I'M STILL LISTENING 1. Give your heart a break 2. fix a heart 3. Don't Forget 4. My love likes star 5. Skyscraper
Somos Lovatics
Somos Lovatics 7 aylar önce
Melhor perfomance da carreira 💖
Anderson Junior
Anderson Junior 7 aylar önce
Keni michell
Keni michell 7 aylar önce
Sophie Flores
Sophie Flores 7 aylar önce
carolline martins
carolline martins 7 aylar önce
Brasil love you! ❤️
Jennielyn Merillo
Jennielyn Merillo 8 aylar önce
I love you Demi, no matter what. Lovatics since 2009.
Mau Sinen
Mau Sinen 8 aylar önce
2020 and I'm still watching you, Demi ❤️
Zulema Gonzalez
Zulema Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
2020, and still watching this performance. Still my favorite.
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae 8 aylar önce
I miss Demi like this, not the Demi that is struggling with her issues but the Demi who makes songs like these and who performs like this. Now she's starting to make songs about sex just like everybody else in the industry and she's releasing generic pop songs like Solo. Tho I still love her because of her authenticity but I just can't help to miss times like this😭.
Samuel 3 aylar önce
also, you better wait for her next album which will be pure art and emotions
Samuel 3 aylar önce
well this year she released Anyone, In the Mirror, Ok not to be Ok and Still have me. So i don't know what you're talking about
Juliette Larochelle
Juliette Larochelle 7 aylar önce
yeah same i understand your point... like this is amazing (of course) her new songs are awesome too but a different style
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae 8 aylar önce
This is the Demi that I've loved.
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae 8 aylar önce
She's underappreciated.
Eneleh Draiber
Eneleh Draiber 8 aylar önce
So much love ❤️ i’ll still be amazed by her talent
Briellys 8 aylar önce
Demasiado nítida su voz en este performance!
Maurilio Pasqua
Maurilio Pasqua 8 aylar önce
Demi Lovato, you are inspiration and everything in my life . My love for you is true Demi lovato. Kissesss.............................
Jhon Ivan Urot
Jhon Ivan Urot 8 aylar önce
Lorena Rocha
Lorena Rocha 8 aylar önce
Eu nunca vou superar. Essa é a minha playlist favorita. 2020 coronavirus, tmj Demi sua perfeita.
jiminiextaee 9 aylar önce
Hablen lo que quieran de Demi, Digan lo que quieran. Ella tiene talento y eso jamás se lo quitarán. Es una artista completa. Duela a quien le duela. #StayStrongDemi
Raqueeeeeelll 9 aylar önce
elnur resulzade
elnur resulzade 9 aylar önce
I really love the way she had
lololou _
lololou _ 9 aylar önce
I miss Demi;(
Cristie 9 aylar önce
2020 anyone?
PaulDA2000 9 aylar önce
This is so cool I just “liked” this and before I “liked” it it was 112k and after I liked it, it went to 113k. So it must have been at 112,999 lol!
Maurilio Pasqua
Maurilio Pasqua 9 aylar önce
See you is amazing for me. I Love you Demi Lovato 😍
ttincho 9 aylar önce
Demi Lovato and Lana del Rey are thelst underrated artists of the history and nobody can deny that😡
Blog Bah, tá na moda
Blog Bah, tá na moda 9 aylar önce
what a vooooooiceeee
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