Timothy & Bolly Journey To Ibadan For The Best Amala

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5 yıl önce

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While in Ibadan sourcing for amazing stories, Battabox presenters BollyLomo and Timothy also find where to eat the best amala in Ibadan.

"I'm fighting Timothy, he made me enter bus," Bolly complains

They also go around the city and talk to some Wizkid and Olamide fans on the streets.

"We can sing all Olamide's songs," says one of the guys on the streets.

After getting their stories done, the ended the day by having a mouth watering meal of Amala and variety of meat in one of the surest buka's in Ibadan.

You don't want to miss this!

Watch and enjoy!


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Peter Kumar
Peter Kumar Yıl önce
it is quais okay
Luis Ikwueke
Luis Ikwueke Yıl önce
What a long drive to get Amala!
Luis Ikwueke
Luis Ikwueke Yıl önce
If I was the one eating the Amala, I would have preferred my soup in a separate plate.
KingTrunkzdbz Yıl önce
One thing I could never understand, why is there so many black people in Africa?
Christy Lolade
Christy Lolade Yıl önce
White Amala/Lafu belongs to Egba/Abeokuta, it is the very dark brown Amala that is from Ibadan
KBJOJO Newsbox
KBJOJO Newsbox Yıl önce
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Amarachi Joseph Obiah
Amarachi Joseph Obiah 2 yıl önce
Una neva experience Ibadan ....what you eat is Amala but what Ibadan is famous for is "Abula" and not Amala ... u have to go back end experience Ibadan all over again
Kingsway 1000
Kingsway 1000 2 yıl önce
This is just amazing, that is it I am going back to Nigeria
Mintamir Ergete
Mintamir Ergete 2 yıl önce
#Bollylomo chop a kiss fine boy when you come to South Africa 🇿🇦 let me know I go chop you until then chop a kiss 😘
Shon 3 yıl önce
Lol it looks like mashed potatoes and gravy
Johnny GoodMo
Johnny GoodMo 3 yıl önce
Una try. Cultural extraveganza with Batta Box. Pretty soon u guys will be a national treasure. 👍👍
Sarge Scum
Sarge Scum 3 yıl önce
Looks tastyyyy
oxAuthor Alicexo
oxAuthor Alicexo 3 yıl önce
Oh hell no.
ThePond86 3 yıl önce
Dudes nearly gettin run over at the start of video lol
Mac 3 yıl önce
Goddayuuuum thats a beautiful nigerian chick
Mary Osa
Mary Osa 3 yıl önce
Ist time Bolly is not wearing is red cap
Mabel4real 3 yıl önce
Bolly is such a chocolatey hawtey🍫🍫😍👅
sasa and family
sasa and family 3 yıl önce
When did those compassion boys ran away again to ibadan😓
Andrew B.
Andrew B. 3 yıl önce
you know that dude has bitten the crap out of his finger a few times
Visy Visy TV
Visy Visy TV 3 yıl önce
Already tried plantain fufu. Bought some ingredients to make jollof and palm butter soup.
Lotus Bee
Lotus Bee 3 yıl önce
Some skin bleaching going on here.
GPA _ 4 yıl önce
Toyin O.
Toyin O. 4 yıl önce
Why is Ibadan selling white amala? I'm disappointed. I was hoping for the dark one.
Toyin O.
Toyin O. 4 yıl önce
Naija and begging sha. "E fun wa lowo o". The guy never even land..lol
Shivam Vaid
Shivam Vaid 4 yıl önce
So that's Nigerian flirting. Although quite a gentleman there.
BattaBox 4 yıl önce
All our presenters are true gentlemen 👍😍
Np 4 yıl önce
4:22 "you must pay us money for filming us" that's Nigerian people! They'll ask you for money for every fucking things. Ask them for directions they'll expected money in return lol shit hole
Np 4 yıl önce
Attack me I don't give a damn cause what I said it's very true so take that! 🖕🏻
Michelle Edades
Michelle Edades 4 yıl önce
The food looks delicious. Timothy and bolly looks really fine😍🍫
Michelle Edades
Michelle Edades 4 yıl önce
+BattaBox id rather eat Timothy and bolly first, then food after 😂😂😂 new subscriber all the way from Philippines😘
BattaBox 4 yıl önce
LOL so which one do you want to eat first - the food or our presenters 😜 Abeg, don't forget to click Subscribe!
InHisimage 4 yıl önce
omg, this is wickedness oh- look at that stew! my mouth is watering here in the uk oh!
Bolatito Oke
Bolatito Oke 3 yıl önce
Not only you😂😂😂😂
BattaBox 4 yıl önce
hehehe hurry back to Nigeria - or just watch more of our BattaBox food videos 😜
Kearse Famlife
Kearse Famlife 4 yıl önce
Do you 2 work out? You look so fit wow!!
Hao_93 4 yıl önce
good video shudda done more places ooo!
Derrick Mutuma
Derrick Mutuma 4 yıl önce
This is very interesting. I'm from East Africa, Kenya to be precise. I've been watching +BattaBox videos for a while and I think Nigeria has a very diverse range of foods. Made me want to look for Nigerian restaurants here to try 😂
BattaBox 4 yıl önce
We have interesting and delicious peculiar one you can try. LOL of course you should look for a restaurant! Don't forget to add jollof rice and "Dodo" to your list of meals to try! Thanks for Watching.
Shortythepresident 4 yıl önce
Some African food is just straight up disgusting looking.
JoiDior 4 yıl önce
I've never heard of white amala...that's iyan, right?
0m09ja 3 yıl önce
JoiDior No, it’s “lafun”
CODENAMExp 4 yıl önce
who likes aseeda?
adeoti blessing
adeoti blessing 4 yıl önce
Where there is food Bolly and Deola always present 😎. There's nothing like Amala and pounded yam.
SylviasWorld 4 yıl önce
Does anyone know a place in Abuja that serves white amala?
SylviasWorld 4 yıl önce
I want to try white amaka. I've had the black one and I don't like it at all.
ajedeluwasa 4 yıl önce
SylviasWorld. Amala is yam that is skinned, cut into samll pieces, dried in the sun, ground into powder which is called elubo. In hot water on fire in a pot, the elubo is made into a paste that can is eaten in morsels dipped into different kinds of stews, including vegatable stews, and many like to eat it with okro, ewedu, the kinds of vegetables that draw and make the morsels to glide effortlessly down the throat. Amala does have some bitter taste, I think due to some kind of fermentation that the yam goes tbrough when drying. The other, white amala, lafun, is from Abeokuta, but is made from cassava that goes through the same processes as the yam- based elubo as described above, but the resultant powder is called elubo lafun, which is also prepared with hot water in a pot on fire to produce a paste that is eaten in morsels with diffetent kinds of stew, just like the brown amala. It seems that the cassava for lafun does not go through fermentation when drying like the yam goes through.
SylviasWorld 4 yıl önce
Bayo Yussuff
Bayo Yussuff 4 yıl önce
Battax box ....white amala is for abeokuta people not ibadan people....black amala cut across oyo and osun ppl. egba loni amala lafun
The Black Amour Magazine
The Black Amour Magazine 5 yıl önce
thats my home city
Maryam Usman
Maryam Usman 5 yıl önce
I miss 9ja badly
methd2madness 5 yıl önce
what is that white stuff?? it looks like mashed potatoes.
Ndi EKWERE 5 yıl önce
Ayeeshy.... how much meat is that, habba.
Tina Rhodes
Tina Rhodes 5 yıl önce
I really like Bolly.
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Awwwww thanks o, keep watching!
Mingo Tubman
Mingo Tubman 5 yıl önce
Now those dishes look delicious!
Peter Abraham
Peter Abraham 5 yıl önce
i miss our africa food ,i am coming back home this december by God grace..
Benjamin McDonalds
Benjamin McDonalds 5 yıl önce
battabox better do some research before going back to ibadan next time i can`t believe yall 2 sleep on the the best amala in ibadan....amala skye at bodija PS enter ib town like ring road,bodija, challenge mokola....i rep #ib all day
ouch !
ouch ! 5 yıl önce
i must have lafu before this week ends. 😆
ActiveDodger 5 yıl önce
I never knew there was white Amala. I want to try it.
Hildaa 5 yıl önce
Why is bolly always on his phone🤔🤔🤔
Basit Saliu
Basit Saliu 5 yıl önce
That time of the year :)
Nelly Obanor
Nelly Obanor 5 yıl önce
where did bolly get his cap??
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
He always has a spare one in his bag.
Cindy Bayo
Cindy Bayo 5 yıl önce
ah ejo ewa bgemi
Vee Oby
Vee Oby 5 yıl önce
I've seen that soup a few times now, I'll like to try it.
misidee 5 yıl önce
Amala is the staple in Oyo State...it's their specialty. You haven't had amala until you've tasted it in Oyo state. Just like you haven't had pounded yam until you eat it in the home of an Ijesha or Ekiti family
Kmd Ss
Kmd Ss 5 yıl önce
Jealousy de worry me too much, Bolly you de enjoyoo.
390h8er 5 yıl önce
I hope Bolly remembered to pack his red fila cap. He's not the same without it. It's his trademark:)
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
You will see him wear it in the next video.
Mojisola Wadsworth
Mojisola Wadsworth 5 yıl önce
ofada rice with boiled egg is one of my absolute favourite Nigerian dishes. ko le su mi
Tosin Akinyinka
Tosin Akinyinka 5 yıl önce
Isn' t that the man that lifts bags of cement with his teeth at the amala place?
Love Able
Love Able 5 yıl önce
I want to try amala but what is the red and green stuff
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Thats the ewedu soup and stew, you eat with amala
Daphne Pierre
Daphne Pierre 5 yıl önce
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 5 yıl önce
Lafun is from abeokuta.
Nuridin Adams
Nuridin Adams 3 yıl önce
Egba is Lafun and gbure soup while Omo Ibadan is Amala and Ewedu soup. Ilorin is tuo and gbegiri soup, Ogbomsho is Oka and illa (Okro). Lafun and gbure is the best,mmmmuuummmu.
Daknocka88 5 yıl önce
food go kill person lol. me and egusi soup for life
Tawa Ola
Tawa Ola 5 yıl önce
onijekuje ni awon guys yi,are they going to finish all these meats?
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
It was over in 10 mins. lol
Marvelous I
Marvelous I 5 yıl önce
That plate of meat looks so good😭👅💦 missing my hometown even more
Mocha Love
Mocha Love 5 yıl önce
I remember going to Ibadan I miss it 😭😭
david dawid
david dawid 5 yıl önce
guys naa dey crase....just dey make my mouth dey water ere...see assortment
Efy Bee
Efy Bee 5 yıl önce
Aww I hope olamide sees this video and goes to iwo road☺️
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
we hope so too...we have tagged him on Instagram.
21st Century Afropolitan
21st Century Afropolitan 5 yıl önce
Amala is what we call Banku in Ghana. They are basically the same.
saab75 5 yıl önce
agreed.very different. no comparison
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 5 yıl önce
Very different from banku. Very different.
21st Century Afropolitan
21st Century Afropolitan 5 yıl önce
+Wunmi Aridunnu I think you're right. but there's a fine line between Banku and kukunte depending on who's preparing it.
Wunmi Aridunnu
Wunmi Aridunnu 5 yıl önce
no its not banku o if you say kokonte I agree
Changmin Oppa
Changmin Oppa 5 yıl önce
whenever there is food on this channel, there is Bolly. And whenever it is an odd job, there is also Bolly.
George ogbeide
George ogbeide 5 yıl önce
what is the address of this joint? Do a video on the BEST ISE-EWU
Mingo Tubman
Mingo Tubman 5 yıl önce
+BattaBox Do people still use a water bowl when eating?
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Man must chop after hustling na. lol
chosengen1able 5 yıl önce
so you guy's plan was to torture the us e? that is so not cool battabox that is so not cool.
TikkyShack 5 yıl önce
Hmmmm. Na must be good.
Kendy BlissBeauty
Kendy BlissBeauty 5 yıl önce
Hunger almost killed me while watching this video.
Moto Mo
Moto Mo 5 yıl önce
Why do Nigerians use the word soup to describe sauces? Soup is a brothy dish consumed with a spoon.....
carille yomba
carille yomba 3 yıl önce
ala oro tsuip
RoyalDggo 3 yıl önce
ala oro you know in vietnam people do dips things into pho broth so you can say it is a sauce as well.
Roquell Millington
Roquell Millington 3 yıl önce
ala oro shush!
SylviasWorld 4 yıl önce
It's not CORRECT in this instance that's all.
SylviasWorld 4 yıl önce
It is SOUP it is just the way Yoruba people assemble it on a plate.Ghanaians do the same but in a bowl. Igbos and others have it on a separate bowl and dip the fufu (from a plate)into it. The same way people dip bread into soups.
Babanla 5 yıl önce
50 Naira for all that meat???
RovaTova 5 yıl önce
+BattaBox lol
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
50 Naira each.
Funny African Compilations
Funny African Compilations 5 yıl önce
bollylomo nor go finish your salary ontop food oh. olamide needs to come buy all these him fans food oh. lol
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Go to battabox on Instagram and tag Olamide o..let him hear from you.
Amina Ibraheem
Amina Ibraheem 5 yıl önce
mouth watering,proudly Ibadan babe
Lorlah Greenworld
Lorlah Greenworld 5 yıl önce
Olamide! Come carry your children o. The amount of meat fish and komo no hardship in naija🙈
Paul Adetunji
Paul Adetunji 5 yıl önce
i was starting to skip battabox videos until this one. chai i miss Nigeria i swear. Bolly oni ije ku je. see all those meats chai hmm hmm hmm hmm
Paul Adetunji
Paul Adetunji 5 yıl önce
you guys need to keep doing natural videos like this that shows the state of our country and not all the forced westernized stories. Do a story on Festac or Agboju market. Go to Jos. Show us places and how people survive or how happy or sad people are. those are the videos i enjoy. Love battabox though
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Abeg no skip o, keep watching .
Joel 5 yıl önce
isn't that guy at 7:35 the guy who carried cement with his teeth?
after watching this video.....burger will taste like hell in my mouth today....
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight 5 yıl önce
PONMO, NOT PROMO...Spell check is a b****!!!
Queen Bassey
Queen Bassey 5 yıl önce
Kpomo sef
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight 5 yıl önce
Alright Battabox please educate us who are not familiar with these foods...What exactly is Amala, what is it made from? Is it considered the "bread" of the meal? Other than color, what is the difference between Black and White Amala, is the TASTE different? I read that many Igbos will not touch the Black Amala, why is that? Finally, I recognized the fish tail, but what is promo(sorry if I spelled it wrong)... Everything looked so good, food all of that good what is the price in dollars please...Thanks to anyone willing to answer ALL of my questions...
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 5 yıl önce
+Bisola Adediji lol. Original pounded yam is bae.
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 5 yıl önce
Igbo people don't like amala, well that's true but not all. It's considered a yoruba food that is why, you won't like what you arent used to. Some yorubas do not like it. So its not by tribe, it is a unique taste but it's not bitter in my opinion when cooked properly. As per price, amala is sold per wrap N50 meat is N50 each. I don't know the exchange rate in dollars. But looks pretty cheap to me.
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 5 yıl önce
+Bisola Adediji Born and bred in the UK too but I know about lafun..... You must try lafun really it's nothing like pounded yam. The poundo yam powder that we use if you check the ingredients does not even have yam in it, it's potato powder mixed with other stuff. Also let's not call it bread lol, its nothing like bread. Like someone said let's call it a carbohydrate or a starch.
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight 5 yıl önce
+Rachel A Thanks I appreciate that...
Rachel A
Rachel A 5 yıl önce
It's nothings like bread though it is a staple, carbohydrate....
Phemmy 1993
Phemmy 1993 5 yıl önce
Please ooooo. Amala lafun is from Ogun state, Abeokuta to be precise. No let my ancestors vex for una. Lolz
Dayo Ofere
Dayo Ofere 5 yıl önce
U go fear Nigerian soup
Dayo Ofere
Dayo Ofere 5 yıl önce
Amala or okà ?
Wahab Idrees
Wahab Idrees 5 yıl önce
Hmmmmmm this is yummy yummy bolylomo and temoty I dey gbadun you all o ga oooooo both of dey make me feel 9aija ooooo I don miss dat kind of food oooo I don miss 9aija ooooo I don miss amala ati ewedu pelu eran orishirishi keep it up guy I love your program bolylomo, temoty, adeola and Hmmmmmm the other tall lady with one short guy, yes yes yes yes yes I remember her name now odunayo and kayode love you all.
Adepoju Quadri
Adepoju Quadri 5 yıl önce
i never watch d video before commenting. adabale i miss una
Ambitious Testicle
Ambitious Testicle 5 yıl önce
Awon Ibadan boys ni won bad gan gan o! Ah Ibadan boys ti takeover!
Adepoju Quadri
Adepoju Quadri 5 yıl önce
i rep ib city. amala with abula i will prefer to buy it from adabale.
Alatise Sultan
Alatise Sultan 5 yıl önce
First Time that Bollylomo is not hearing this red cap
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
Timothy, you too like food
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Food is life jare
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
For this harsh economy, una gather kpomo, beef and fish? Una sabi wak o
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 4 yıl önce
African Barbie - I thought a ration was enforced (one plate of swallow + one meat only) ( fish, chicken, turkey, frog, cat, dog etc etc etc), included in the ratio......
Peacelaxchill 4 yıl önce
oye jaiyeola 😂😂😂😂
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
+Esther Olabisi - You don't know what you are missing
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
Why is that Micra sounding so rickety?
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
BollyLomo, ur red hat don loss?
Josh 5 yıl önce
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
Na the casual look be that
oye jaiyeola
oye jaiyeola 5 yıl önce
Haba, now my mouth dey run
BattaBox 5 yıl önce
What is your favorite Nigerian dish and where would you buy it? Gist us.
ReaperSide Gaming
ReaperSide Gaming 4 yıl önce
i dont know man, but agege bread with bean soup i dont know what the name , is good
Mingo Tubman
Mingo Tubman 4 yıl önce
misidee lol
misidee 5 yıl önce
pounded yam made the old fashioned way with vegetables that have "9-lives"
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