Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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John Schroter

9 yıl önce

This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

Josh Adams
Josh Adams 7 aylar önce
This press conference literally changed the world forever
vandl Gün önce
@daiyan vayyaz mobile phones would be much worse
jainil op
jainil op 21 gün önce
Ummm idk 🤷‍♂️
Brayden Mashburn
Brayden Mashburn 21 gün önce
@frank ferrero could you like go fuck yourself please?
KILLERSQUADDD Official 27 gün önce
WTF man
KILLERSQUADDD Official 27 gün önce
I wasent crazy until I met you
I wasent crazy until I met you 3 saatler önce
The guy who first funded porn is the most revolutionary man alive or dead
The RealDevPlayz
The RealDevPlayz 11 saatler önce
Why do I always watch this keynote LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Mirna Nohemy Lemus Cedillo
Mirna Nohemy Lemus Cedillo 13 saatler önce
Wow 😳
qantum251 16 saatler önce
this is not a snowballing induced redundant comment. I had this device once, I had to jailbreak it +ultrasnow.... hated it, now it sits under a bunch of old stuff in the garage... never bought apple again, crappiest meanest company ever towards its costumers. No need to buy a device with all that big lie..."the apple style or philosophy" just keep it, I just need a powerful device, practical and certainly not locked in every aspect... and by now unrepairable. Stop being submissive to apple, that's one hell of step forward to costumer's dignity.
Salah Zenal Dandamun
Salah Zenal Dandamun 19 saatler önce
Who's here in 2021👇👇??
Denny Stoll
Denny Stoll Gün önce
Those claptards are annoying
SheepSheep910 Gün önce
I am watching this on a iPhone Xs
GIGGLES Gün önce
I love the way iphone is always built with tomorrow in mind
ag thel
ag thel Gün önce
Today even non Apple product is no 1
דניאל בוטוליאנו
דניאל בוטוליאנו Gün önce
Changed the world
Aditya Panwar
Aditya Panwar Gün önce
Recommended after 9 years..😑😑😑 wtf yt
Juan RR
Juan RR Gün önce
Well, the patented part didn't went as planned
KM MEDIA Gün önce
Assassin Mike
Assassin Mike Gün önce
Imagine we still used the old phones
TrickingWithJordan 2 gün önce
He creates insane cliff hangers
KM MEDIA Gün önce
sophy joseph
sophy joseph 2 gün önce
5:03 Revolutionary ultra instinct
Suhaani Shrivastava
Suhaani Shrivastava 2 gün önce
6:31 I love how he says “GiAnT sCrEeN” when the first iPhone was tiny as fuck.
LiveFlame 2 gün önce
I love how serious he is while everybody is laughing.
KM MEDIA Gün önce
Playeroei 07
Playeroei 07 2 gün önce
The first touch phone on the history
97channel 2 gün önce
Hiccup ...YEAH! WHOOO!
Meister Rodgers
Meister Rodgers 2 gün önce
And it's still not that great.
Shaolin Gaming
Shaolin Gaming 3 gün önce
Fun Fact : Steve Jobs only has a black shirt and pant
Advokat K
Advokat K 3 gün önce
who else is aching this in 2021?
xx valerie999
xx valerie999 3 gün önce
This quite literally changed things forever obviously
Ibnu Ramli
Ibnu Ramli 3 gün önce
Thanks Steve. Your invention was revolutionary more so in today's Covid situation.
TheNeighborNicky 3 gün önce
Moto Droid did it first in 2006
Peterx648 3 gün önce
Long live the most expensive phone in the world that most of the people can't afford. Thanks god for Android.
Serantin 3 gün önce
This bitten apple is the forbidden apple in the biblee, think about it;)
Rob Rivera
Rob Rivera 3 gün önce
is just a digital phone, whats the big deal.
Хименес 3 gün önce
It was the first widescreen touch controlled phone ever made, it made *the most* important breakthrough in internet communications device. All the phones that are in the market nowadays, (you know, touch screen, the camera, etc,etc) was started by this phone. That's why it is a big deal Rob. Did you even see the video? basically all the things were way ahead of the other phones, the changed almost everything.
Abigail 3 gün önce
why is this in my recommended in 2021?
Retro Revision
Retro Revision 4 gün önce
Damn this makes me hype for Apple Oh wait
Sunny Diaz
Sunny Diaz 4 gün önce
And this is how the Era of design ended so the Era of tiles would start :(
Furious Gaming
Furious Gaming 4 gün önce
2007:- who wants a stylus ? Ugh...!!! 2021:- who wants a charger? Ugh...!!!
Furious Gaming
Furious Gaming 4 gün önce
He was so much amaging, awesome, fantastic, fabulous person 🔥
M T 4 gün önce
FirstPlayer 4 gün önce
Steve Jobs: "Who wants a Stylus?" Samsung: *creates the world's best phone series based on a stylus!*
Sallorin 3 gün önce
You mean a giant piece of shit a 2000euros for the ugliest things ever?
sweet tooth
sweet tooth 3 gün önce
Also acts as a bomb too!
peter cech
peter cech 4 gün önce
The tough jaguar surprisingly impress because instrument ectrodactyly interest circa a thinkable claus. therapeutic, victorious cicada
mathislpb 4 gün önce
Pov : u looking this on ur iPhone
Grad Tolentino
Grad Tolentino 4 gün önce
It makes me so happy when the crowd just smiles with joy
Ryan Mathew
Ryan Mathew 4 gün önce
4:34 Apple= auth right confirmed
Adithyan m
Adithyan m 4 gün önce
Tomatensaft 4 gün önce
The dislikes are from Android User
rishabh bhatia
rishabh bhatia 4 gün önce
A giant screen LoL
Praneet-P 5 gün önce
Nobody: Me in 2021: *Hyped*
Taeyong’s dying Scalp
Taeyong’s dying Scalp 5 gün önce
Me watching this on my ipad pro: ...
Narmazing 5 gün önce
Video recorded: 9 years ago 28 million people at 3am : interesting
Nav B0T
Nav B0T 4 gün önce
Video: was made in 2007 "9 years ago" Logic: *_B R U H_*
Narmazing 5 gün önce
At this point youtube seems to be like an old friend who recommends all the classics from time to time
Deen Elhadj Ibrahim 224
Deen Elhadj Ibrahim 224 5 gün önce
Next generation will have touchlesss screen... just mimic movement to control the phone
T_ man
T_ man 5 gün önce
2021 and now nobody wants these things anymore
Gabe Beasley
Gabe Beasley 5 gün önce
I’ve seen people get more excited for smash reveals than the literal iphone
LUCKY X 5 gün önce
Steve Jobs Game Changer
Dustin Layton
Dustin Layton 5 gün önce
Runs OS10, everyone claps. Lol
Eric James
Eric James 5 gün önce
The bright parent logistically copy because eagle regionally telephone off a sophisticated expert. soggy, secretive silver
Enrique Gabriel
Enrique Gabriel 5 gün önce
Por que coño aplauden tanto... No dejan que explique.
Siddhant Dhunna
Siddhant Dhunna 5 gün önce
WTF!!!!! So damn
Gamer4ever 6 gün önce
apple is crap! way to expensive. take the new headphones, they cost the same as a gaming pc. and almost every iphones look the same. the staff is very underpaid. so this company should just die!!!
Gamer4ever 5 gün önce
@Zzskaoqod no, i can afford them. but you get little quality for ALOT of money. look at a mac. it can cost 2000-3000 dollar. you can get same quality if you buy a pc for 1000 dollar
Zzskaoqod 5 gün önce
Sounds like someone is just broke 🥱
Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd 6 gün önce
My friends laughed at me in 1989 when I said someday we will go cashless. We haven't gone cashless ... yet.
Alexey Efimov
Alexey Efimov 6 gün önce
Его черная водолазка это просто Похоронная для nokia, motorola и blackberry
Norberto bizzarri
Norberto bizzarri 6 gün önce
ref: 7PZ8QVK3WY 5% discount
Dakaay 6 gün önce
watching this video made me want to have that iPhone. - sent with iPhone 12
Kivan Sheng
Kivan Sheng 6 gün önce
is nobody acknowledging the fact this was posted 3 days after his death?
Banana Drip
Banana Drip Gün önce
RIP the legend Steve Jobs
Prakhar Jain
Prakhar Jain 6 gün önce
These were launch events when apple really launched some awesome ,revolutionary stuff and talked about making their product better in terms of both software and hardware but nowadays it is about branding ,look and camera
Pope TJ
Pope TJ 6 gün önce
This is where it all went wrong
Cold Curls
Cold Curls 6 gün önce
Who watching on Iphone
Cold Curls
Cold Curls 6 gün önce
Oh my nokia
S V 7 gün önce
Uh.. no stylus.. who wants it? Wow... we have Apple Pencil generation2... just $69... very smart.... Apple knows how to market... no doubt it comes with great products, but bungles badly at times, like bringing Butterfly keyboard in 2015.
atomage 7 gün önce
トランプを拒否したApple。 私はトヨタみたいにアメリカの文化だと思っていた。 ところで、最近革新的な製品発表が無い。 チップ? そんな物はインテルとAMDに任せればいい。 なんなら、日本にも優秀な企業がある。 金か、それとも人のど肝を抜くデバイスか。 トップが変わってからアップルはマイクロソフトになった。 Googleやtwitterと心中したいのなら勝手にどうぞ。
Marita M.p
Marita M.p 7 gün önce
Apple's Revolution died with him.
thej762000 7 gün önce
I’ve had several Android phones, a Blackberry, and even a Windows Mobile phone (ugh). I just got my first iPhone for Christmas... nothing "revolutionary" at this point, just a very solid, well-rounded device. The 12 Pro Max is built like a tank and you can feel the quality in its construction every time you pick it up.
Dethos 7 gün önce
Steve Jobs took LSD. No wonder the future is now like a fever dream. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Mee 128
Mee 128 7 gün önce
3030 👽: who wants handphone, agh.
Shrey 7 gün önce
If Jobs was alive today there would be no other competition.
Aleksandros 97
Aleksandros 97 4 gün önce
I don't know, He was a good seller supported by many ideas from his engineers. But today there is very little innovations in smartphone from 2010, only much power and memory, but not real conceptual innovations.
Gamer4ever 6 gün önce
he was very smart yes. but he was also a terrible person. he treated people soooo bad. his staff said so
Science Freak
Science Freak 7 gün önce
8:45 Steve jobs releases iPhone X in 2007😂😂
jorgozv 8 gün önce
This guy literally made me want to buy 2007 iPhone in 2021
Carla Alvarez
Carla Alvarez 8 gün önce
thanks to him we're now all depressed and zombies
Cloud Dev
Cloud Dev 8 gün önce
I almost cried watching this video. Great mind who loves what he is doing.
Wolfdog 8 gün önce
And apple without Steve is going down hill
Idiotic Penguin
Idiotic Penguin 8 gün önce
This is when apple was a good company.
AJ 8 gün önce
Whose here after elon musk became the richest man
Name17 8 gün önce
"How do you solve it? HHHMMMMMMMM"
Jeevan Batla
Jeevan Batla 8 gün önce
What would Steve Jobs say about the Apple Pencil if he was still around?
Fuck off karens Sis got his way out of drama
Fuck off karens Sis got his way out of drama 9 gün önce
What this man said made apple 1000 times better imagine if he didn’t
ZgavY 7 gün önce
TRUE. The smart guy fools the dummies
Sim Thiara
Sim Thiara 9 gün önce
I was in 7th grade when this was going on. Time sure flew by 🤧
Olamilekan Ajayi
Olamilekan Ajayi 9 gün önce
This presentation want to make me want to buy iphone
swyam keer
swyam keer 9 gün önce
Dethos 9 gün önce
Imagine how the world would be like if he died in a traffic accident before he made it to the stage. Not a world without it's share of problems to be sure but a beautiful one for sure.
dengajip 9 gün önce
As a lifelong Samsung user, what Apple is to this world is irrelevant to me. I'll always use Samsung and not Apple. Apple is just overpriced, it has nothing unique. Smart people use Samsung.
LU KE 10 gün önce
2:43 *The Beginning of History.*
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 10 gün önce
Too bad Steve Jobs didn’t make the iPhone. His engineers killed themselves to invent it.
Rohith 10 D
Rohith 10 D 10 gün önce
Everytime an iPhone comes out Steve Jobs- *This is the best iPhone we have ever made*
Delsu 9 gün önce
he died in 2011
John Cena Memes
John Cena Memes 10 gün önce
2:56 that moment changed the phone industry forever
Devilvlor 10 gün önce
Watching with a iPhone 12 Pro
Kartik Gupta
Kartik Gupta 10 gün önce
You can see steve jobs happiness while he is announcing and seeing the reaction of the audience 😍
공식 연례
공식 연례 11 gün önce
whats happening in APPLE NOW does not relate to steve jobs. cause he died 10 years ago the new ceo now is making apple worst
Kakyoin donut321
Kakyoin donut321 11 gün önce
when we needed him most, he's gone
ali albakshi
ali albakshi 11 gün önce
Glob Galab
Glob Galab 11 gün önce
Omartariq27 Games!
Omartariq27 Games! 11 gün önce
remember that time when he tried the load the news page but the internet was slow? 😂 (sorry steve jobs)
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 11 gün önce
In 2007 iphone 1 no 1 phone 2021 good toy
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 Conference
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