Dangers of Cowardice | Uvalde, Texas Shooting Case Analysis

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Dr. Todd Grande

Dr. Todd Grande

Yıl önce

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of the Uvalde, Texas shooting?
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@debraengland3827 Yıl önce
"Some of the police entered the school and retrieved their OWN children." That was the single most chilling statement of your analysis.
@oliviadoutney9561 Yıl önce
Totally agree
@veronicabanales5255 Yıl önce
Preservation for themselves and kin.
@charcolew Yıl önce
We should know the names of these brave police officers. Maybe they will be published when the officers themselves are fired. Not holding breath.
@armchaircouch Yıl önce
and how is it they only took ONE kid? I’m not sure how that works
@Vidchemy Yıl önce
That speaks to the overall lack of empathy in society. During the early days of the pandemic, prople were not only against wearing a mask to try to hold back a virus, they were ripping masks off the faces of other people's children. More recently, a woman who was arrested for killing her child said she couldn't be bothered to feed it. People are barely thinking of their own, much less others.
@michaelbrutallyhonest6026 Yıl önce
The first officers on the scene were extremely quick in their initial response. They rushed down the hallway to the rooms with the gunman. Upon receiving gunfire they ran, fled , retreated and never re-engaged. They were paralyzed by the fear of being shot, so their own value superseded the value of those kids. That's the textbook definition of cowardice. Sounds harsh but it is what it is.
@georgecrawford8231 Yıl önce
Seen that, that's when they should have taken action.
@wowihaveachannel4862 Yıl önce
Yeah most of us see if for what it is , cowardice. This is exactly how gangs and bullies operate, torment the weak and vulnerable and run away when confronted by real forces.
@chickenandksivideoreviewer9739 Yıl önce
@@wowihaveachannel4862gang members dont tend to run away, theres consequences for that
@kevinm9 Yıl önce
Like it mattered. Everybody in that room was dead.
@bfg1836 9 aylar önce
I’ve been in the military for 10 years, was a firefighter, and an EMT. I’m 62 years old and know myself pretty good. There is not one bit of doubt in my mind that if my grand babies were in that room, I would have used my body as a shield so the guys behind me could take him out. I’ve lived a good life. Those kids should have live theirs.
@jayluvsuu Aylar önce
god bless you ❤
@Neilsowards 12 saatler önce
I hope you never have to make that decision. Best wishes to you.
@Ellapug111 Yıl önce
"They are trained to put their own safety above others....." Yet, a young mother- after handcuffs were removed, climbed a fence, got into the school and got her two sons without body armor, a weapon, or one thought for herself.... she should have been in charge.
@elijazfrazelsassafraz3100 Yıl önce
Whered you see that story? I want to see!
@chaserofthelight1737 Yıl önce
@@elijazfrazelsassafraz3100 I seen it too if you wondering. You should be able to find it on TRshow, it shows her from about the time she got to the school, handcuffed, no handcuffs, running in, coming out with her children. She’s given interviews too.
@mamiemonrovia7654 Yıl önce
link pls!!
@chaserofthelight1737 Yıl önce
@@mamiemonrovia7654 it’s called TRshow with a search bar… lol
@chaserofthelight1737 Yıl önce
@@mamiemonrovia7654 not to be cute but I’m a boomer, I have no idea how to post you a link. I just searched it and put in “woman who went in for her children in Uvalde”, it came right up.
@here4thet421 Yıl önce
As an outraged Texan, I thank you for your REAL and truthful analysis of the ALL of the cowards in Uvalde. The police officers that stood in that hallway for over an hour looking as if they are having an impromptu FOP meeting chatting with each other are the cowards that day we must all be truly truly concerned with. Thank you for your candor.
@hauntedbearchild Yıl önce
I saw that tonight too. That is horrific. They not only hid, each time they heard a gunshot they ran, even when they had bullet-proof shields. It was a lie to say they waited him out because the shooting had stopped. There was a lot of shooting for a long time while they hid in the hallway. Many went outside.
@chriscornell2109 Yıl önce
Maybe they would have stormed that room if donuts were getting killed
@mikenyny755 8 aylar önce
But one guy remembered to use the hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall.
@RG-si1qz Yıl önce
I just watched the police video and all I can say it’s embarrassing. There was 50 cowards in bulletproof vests, not one man had the heart to burst through the door and kill that psycho even if you take a bullet.
@Moresco24 9 aylar önce
Fam they had 4 ballistic shields and body armor and helmets and a whole hour and a half passed before they went in. There is no excuse fire them all charge them all. They are no longer considered men to society
@robinantonio8870 8 aylar önce
Not taking a bullet for anyone else
@alienvomitsex 8 aylar önce
​@@robinantonio8870 Let's stop paying cops their enormous salaries if they don't want to protect children anymore, coward defender.
@cherrypickingcards2413 Yıl önce
If cops don’t have to legally protect people, then they shouldn’t stop the ones who are willing to.
@grimweeper2721 Yıl önce
That part!!!
@sunisbest1234 Yıl önce
Ultimately, isn't a police force supposed to be there to protect citizens? Isn't this why we have police forces? I don't get it!
@oseianderson4554 Yıl önce
@@sunisbest1234 legally no. It's been proven in court. Defund the police
@Anon54387 Yıl önce
@@sunisbest1234 The job of police is only to investigate crime, gather evidence and present the evidence to the district attorney. The district attorney then decides whether they have sufficient evidence to have a probability of conviction. Think of it. In my city there is only one police officer for every three hundred people. Assuming 1/3rd of those are on duty at any given time that's 1 per 900. If I'm facing some kind of threat they can't park a police vehicle in front of my house all night. And threats don't always come announced ahead of time, in fact they only very rarely do. Which gets us to the inconsistency of laws against owning and carrying guns. Ultimately, we are personally responsible for our own safety and defense yet there are laws against carrying guns.
@andrewbussey7279 Yıl önce
Veteran here. You’re dead on about the veteran’s mindset. I had to quickly accept that my life doesn’t matter in order to get through deployments. I know there are a half dozen ways to open a locked door, and a shotgun makes the process a breeze. They had no reason to wait for keys. Maybe we ask selflessness from cops. Maybe that’s too tall an order, but even so, those officers directly prevented anyone brave enough from going in, by force. I have nothing but disdain for their behavior. You’re kinder than I have managed to be.
@endofquoterepeattheline7516 Yıl önce
Thank you for your service 👍
@dude554455 10 aylar önce
It’s unfortunate to learn that the door wasn’t even locked
@shawnbell6392 Yıl önce
The police response was disgraceful. The Dawson College incident in Montreal where two nearby officers just ran in with their side arms, not waiting for anyone, and pinned down the assailant has been commonly determined to be the model for action.
@mch2359 Yıl önce
Exactly. In the recent shooting at Oxford High, the Oakland County, Michigan, Sheriff officers marched straight in and captured the murderous punk, with no hesitation.
@notlikely4468 Yıl önce
Sure...initiative and courage Solve ambiguous, complex problems given little to no concrete information That used to be the model for policing But now...you don't do anything until you've been authorized and have reviewed the policy and procedure manual Perhaps solicited an independent legal opinion Otherwise...you are likely to loose your house paying the legal fees to stay out of jail Me...I retired Because the only way to win...is not to play
@chaserofthelight1737 Yıl önce
There’s an active shooter protocol here, they’re supposed to be trained for it. Officers move toward the target, if the shooter is firing at the police, he’s not shooting at the children. There were windows in the classroom. There’s no reason at all they couldn’t have drawn his attention and had the police enter the room. The children were all hiding, he was walking around in the classrooms, could they have seen him through those windows?
@chaserofthelight1737 Yıl önce
@@notlikely4468 there is an active shooter protocol. Police are trained to move toward the target, as quickly as possibly. In an active shooter situation you don’t have to ask for permission or anything else. You move toward the target, if you draw his fire, he’s not shooting at the children. There are police, retired police around the country saying what happened here is a prime example of exactly what should not happen in an active shooter situation.
@zenos.5315 Yıl önce
The thing that infuriates me is the number of officers present at scene.Almost 400 armed police, all parading around fronting in front of the news media. DISGRACEFUL.
@anyabwilef.zainabu3507 Yıl önce
YEP Barny Fife's. They acted like they were having a cop parade in the hallway holding their guns pointed at NOTHING.
@tonimartin8547 Yıl önce
@@anyabwilef.zainabu3507 backing away like an invisible ghost was pushing them back.
@Norbitek25 Yıl önce
400 for one shooter 😩. Army units should be used for active shooters not Police.
@glaxxxyjimin2616 8 aylar önce
You explained everything so well. For me, I’m not upset they were scared. That’s basic human nature. But their fear drove them to inaction and for that I can’t forgive them.
@regieds Yıl önce
Imagine if this were a hospital and there were people dying from bleeding out with enough time to save people, but the doctors refused to do anything because they were scared of blood.
@Psych2go Yıl önce
Thanks for covering this and bringing awareness.
@becky5937 Yıl önce
Can you touch on this type of behavioral disorders, from the police who got their kids, to the gun man and the people he encountered (bullies, old friends, and friends who received the gun pictures and knew his plans but didn't act)
@dahntaedeluna Yıl önce
Thank you Psych2Go for all you do to!
@Cougelly1999 Yıl önce
Why don't they ever ask the gun seller if he asked this purchaser his intentions? Who was it that sold him the guns?
@kimalonzo3363 Yıl önce
Love your channel ❤
@joenunya8449 Yıl önce
It has been substantiated that the "Border Patrol Agent" who led the raid, was also a parent who refused to a wait for the police to rescue the children. Fortunately, as a federal officer, he was able to supercede the authority of the school district police department.
@raphk9599 Yıl önce
@@Yellow-Rose they're also harassing them now. So brave.
@g0dofimmortality Yıl önce
Small nitpick: his authority didn't 'supercede' that of the school cops, that's not how it works. Federal cops only trump locals where matters of federal law are concerned, and then only within their scope of responsibility. In a school, school district cops are in charge, everyone else is technically just assisting them. Cops won't usually interfere with other cops though, which is why things played out the way they did
@moosedawgatlantaproductions 9 aylar önce
Another sad aspect of what happened is that the police involved have shown zero remorse or shame for what happened. The department was more upset about body cam footage that got leaked than their own colossal failure.
@guerradan1958 Yıl önce
As career soldier of 22 years I can honestly say that you make good points on the mental state of people who have to make that choice of taking a life knowing that they are human as well. However, when it comes to actions that is expected from them we train are troops to handle a situation like war or clearing a building which in itself requires hours of training. This training is conducted so when and if that situation occurred they automatically revert to muscle memory where their actions come from training and act accordingly. My analysis from my experience gives a different approach on this matter. When a person chooses to kill his state of mind is set to kill. So, our soldiers are trained to handle a situation such s as clearing or to be blunt to eliminate the target. They don’t retreat even if a member is shot. A member of the assault team usually from the back who radio that a member is down one member of that team will pull the injured member to safety. Yet the team moves forward to accomplish the mission or the intended action of eliminating the target. We have to remove the human aspect of the target and engage said target with the objective to neutralize the shooter. Does this impact the individuals after completing their task? Sure it does. However they reflect on what they have done with a different approach on the situation. The satisfaction they completed the mission objective which is obvious they eliminated the target. I was trained to think from a different mind set about what I may do I’d put in that situation. In essence I train my troops in the same manner as I was taught just as those before me had been trained and to train their soldiers in the same manner. I will also mention that when soldiers take a job as becoming a peace officer, they will recognize a perpetrator is in different about what they are doing their approach is changed and in a few situations they can talk deescalate the situation. That in itself should tell you that they don’t want to kill if they don’t have to but if there is no other choice. By that it means if the shooter is doing that then the choice is obvious on what must be done. I appreciate your view from your experience and express your thoughts about the different behaviors that are imposed on police officers. I hope that you may find my view helpful. As a combat engineer I take many views on soldiers and the facilities where such things have happened but that would not be related to your shared thoughts about the actions or in this case the inactions of the officers.
@frankieandjohnny69 Yıl önce
"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." John Wayne (And that doesn't mean hiding behind a barricade) I have known for years that I may go to my death someday in a situation such as this, and in the same way as the doctor in California did at the church in California this past month. He is the ultimate hero in my recent memory. I am impressed by the planning and preparation of the teachers stated in the words below in the event they are ever in the same situation.
@gordsruby5963 Yıl önce
Yeah.... here's one I guarantee you've never heard!! "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU.... ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY" John F Kennedy, what that means is.....instead of pointing your finger, get involved in your community, ask what you can do to save our children, attend city meetings, write your congressman, sign petitions, hold gatherings if necessary. It's wiser to be the example rather than to wait with your hand out!!
@juneyshu6197 Yıl önce
Blessings. I hope I dont have to defend, but am mentally and spiritually prepared.
@Unknown_Pie Yıl önce
John Wayne refused to serve in WW2, preferring to make movies instead. I'm not sure he's the source you want to use to define "courage."
@gordsruby5963 Yıl önce
Yes... courage is sitting up for something you believe in, not hiding behind a cellphone, sorry I mean (barricade) John Wayne was a tough tv character, but the truth is, he wasn't really all that tough in real life! He was probably the opposite, very self conscious and insecure about his looks, especially when he started balding. Not a lot of people knew this but he refused the military because his leg was amputated in a car accident, and they were afraid it would destroy his career. So he worked at IHOP to help with the bills.
@kimberlyperrotis8962 Yıl önce
I never thought I could be interested in these mental health situations, but your analyses have changed my mind. I find your videos fascinating.
@patr5319 Yıl önce
I was an EMT for five years. I have seen my fair share of mass casualty incidents and have had to put myself in harm's way multiple times. I worked with 100s of other first responders in my time. NONE of them, be they fire, police, or EMS would have tolerated the gutless cowardice on display during this event. If there was a time to risk life and limb, it was HERE. Those were CHILDREN inside that school with that monster. Every one of those officers failed to do their duty not as a cop, but as an adult to keep our children safe. Worse still, they ACTIVELY BARRED parents from trying to save their kids. If you don't have the balls to do what needs to be done, at least step aside and let someone else do it. Horrific.
@nickc8819 Yıl önce
@Pat R, Bottom-line; this entire gutless police force needs to be charged with abandonment, and gross Negligence.
@jwhome9319 Yıl önce
Yea they should have sent you with the jaws of life to stand in front of the door and peel it open for them. Firefighters decline such requests
@brianlee360 Yıl önce
@carolyngrey2853 Yıl önce
Yes to everything u said.
@ZingaraJoe Yıl önce
You have made an excellent presentation here, thank you for your professional insights. A mistaken notion is that the shooter killed 19 students and 2 teachers. The reality is. he certainly shot them, but how many bled out over the hour that ticked past while police dithered in the hall? That portion should be chalked up to the police inaction. Police are fond of referring to their employers, the public, as civilians; what then are the police? If they are under the illusion, they are military grade then they should be brought up on UCMJ article 99, ‘misbehavior before the enemy’. If police had made a timely entry a significant number of wounded would have received medical care and likely lived. An impartial corner should make that determination and the probable loss of lives laid at the doorstep of those police and their departments. There were so many things they could or should have been done. Even throwing stones at/ through the window. My choice would be drive a front end loader with a man in the bucket, [or the police SWAT armored vehicle] up to the windows, sharp shooters or not so sharp shooters could provide covering fire if the shooter made himself a target by appearing at the window. This would open two fronts, assault at the class room door(s) and attack at window(s). What is the shooter going to do? Get angry and shoot someone? He is already doing that, at his discretion / leisure thanks to no notable actions against him. I am for the Uvalde families injured and uninjured alike, making determination of the future of the persons in authority involved, aka a jury of ones peers.
@valerie362 Yıl önce
The whole situation is disgusting and heartbreaking. Now that the video is out it is so much more infuriating. So many look like they're just hanging out. To manhandle the parents outside instead of running in is beyond frustrating
@happymasksalesman9116 Yıl önce
I hear in the old days that police were elected by the people. It brought them a higher level of honor giving them more obligation to protect and a bigger push towards bravery. Maybe we should bring this back. Maybe all cops need to be paid more and must have a bachelor's in sociology, psychology, and serve at least 4 years in the military. We should up the ante!
@happymasksalesman9116 Yıl önce
@@spalienacecraft9642 " Its time for the adults to take back control of every crucial aspect of society " perfectly said
@2persons Yıl önce
I've only had undergrad courses in psychology including abnormal and at one time I thought these courses would be useful for being a probation officer after my regular job in corrections but as things do some things don't work out the way you planned. After adjusting to my living with my disabilities I returned to computers what I started out doing and got on with a good paying company and future. My earlier training in psychology as well as sociology as given me I feel a better understanding of life and people as well as my vocational experience that is why I enjoy watching your TRshow channel as an armchair psychologist at home I've made my observations from the news and reading and found most of the time I completely agree with you and am usually befuddled when I don't. Those cowards let a hell of a lot of children die the should have given their guns to the moms that were trying to save their babies! There I said it all.
@davidbracken6529 Yıl önce
Your analysis was thoughtful and spoke to the change in culture of law enforcement. I’ve witnessed 1st hand and also seen on tv officers commanding a suspect for “my safety.” Their primary goal from training is to go home at the end of their shift. This is a gut-check for every department & every officer. Ask yourself “why do I want to be a cop?” If it’s not to someday have the chance to risk your life for the life of a stranger, do anything else. All anyone can do is pray for courage when it’s needed. Sadly, I’m afraid the death toll from Uvalde hasn’t ended yet.
@gametime2473 Yıl önce
Not only were the police cowards, they used FORCE against people that WEREN'T cowards to stop them from intervening in the murders that were taking place while they stood there doing NOTHING. These police AIDED and ABETTED this crime and IMO should be charged as such.
@amandalouise3020 Yıl önce
💯 💔💔💔
@aimforlifenow Yıl önce
Why did they stop the parents from saving the lives of their children? Oh that's right, so that they public wouldn't know they let defenseless civilians do the job their known for, FOR THEM!
@wheezybackports6444 Yıl önce
It's why I never call the police for anything and have no respect for them
@Inquisitor6321 Yıl önce
Yes. Almost as if the cops wanted this to become a mass shooting in the school.
@allisteria5906 Yıl önce
Idk man. You weren’t there. Kid had assault rifles and a bag of ammo. A town’s police force with 16,000 population may have like, a hunting rifle maybe. They aren’t equipped for that mass shooters because it doesn’t happen that much. Also, they weren’t just doing nothing, they were actively helping children and teachers escape. Another thing, the other sources I’ve looked at stated the shooting happened before anyone got there and that the shooter was cornered, preventing him from moving from class to class. Another thing. Letting unarmed civilians charge into a school shooting situation is a recipe for collateral damage. Yes your children are in danger but you are even less equipped to deal with these situation than that police force was, and charging in there recklessly would absolutely get more innocent people killed.
@danpro4519 Yıl önce
Someone really needs to come up with a protocol to identify and stop these psychopaths. I'm always shocked how many red flags there are... Especially in a social media age, these guys are often literally telling you what they want to do!
@ruinerhalo Yıl önce
Yes, a society where we are monitored and jailed on our thoughts, sounds great.
@Baltimoreborn Yıl önce
Your clinical description of the event has really helped me absorb it thank you very much for making this video
@cedriccloud8445 Yıl önce
Well spoken and reviewed. Thank you for your insight. I've always believed much of your analysis applied universally to many poor interactions with, behaviors of some officers. Some of them seem to defer to the "afraid for my life" statement/rationale for their poor decisions. I've always expressed my concern and frustration with this inherent fear they operate in. Fear causes people to make poor decisions, and increases the likelihood inappropriate aggressive behaviors. Hence, shootings of unarmed persons. This was a complete tragedy. Ramos' behavior and murderous act is the catalyst of it all. Yet, the inaction and seemingly cowardice of the officers is inexcusable.😢
@jimwillis9356 Yıl önce
Great analysis of the law enforcement first responders; and, the "back up." As a former LAPD tactical operator; I have to take pause with the mitigating analysis of the "officers." Although "courage" is not considered before or while engaged in a critical incident, neither is failure to face the threat. Both concepts or words are common parlances . Whether extensively trained to stop an "active shooter" or not, in today's basic tactical training is the strategy to "follow the shots." Leadership is key (like an element leader); but leadership has a vertical paradigm that is not tied to "rank." That not one officer militarily endorsed the "incident commander" is flummoxing. I am stupefied. Independent of any post incident interviews, Doctor, your presentation was balanced. However, for reasons that have yet to be reasonable or believable, my team and I have branded them cowards. No sensory debriefs will reveal any underlying "conditions" that paralyzed those officers with lethal force options glued in their holsters.
@joywimer4281 Yıl önce
Mr Willis so eloquent and well stated, thank you for your service. Agree 💯
@thisisnotausername Yıl önce
The reason I consider an action cowardly is not because it was committed under the influence of uncontrollable fear. It's only cowardice if the fear is controllable and one fails to control it.
@TrishSE Yıl önce
In so many of these mass shooting incidents, you hear about unarmed teachers, administrators, and school employees who put themselves in harm's way to protect the kids. Whether they distracted the shooter or used their own bodies to shield the kids from getting shot. For trained law enforcement who have the benefit of protective gear to stand there and do nothing is unconscionable.
@randomcenturion7264 Yıl önce
Damn right.
@jumarbye1214 Yıl önce
The police officers' behavior was just shameful.
@adangamez3608 Yıl önce
Well to be fair, the commanding officer was the one who ordered to wait for tactical teams. So i don’t think a lot of these officers had a choice but it is very sad.
@Grim_Beard Yıl önce
'Just following orders' in not a reasonable excuse.
@lberger100 7 aylar önce
There’s a strain of cowardice in policing that tends to rise to the top as self promoting ambitious people tend to do well in promotions processes. So while the troops on the ground are very willing to engage, their bosses fret about every possible way a decision could harm their career path, so incident commanders who are ambitious career climbers will do nothing because you never get in trouble for just sitting and waiting. Trust me when I say that career oriented commanders cause all the problems
@doctorwebman Yıl önce
I think what produces courage is anger toward the threat and empathy for the potential victim. That was what drove me to run toward danger when a man was being attacked without thinking much about my own wellbeing. I felt empathy for him, like a jolt in the chest, when he screamed for help as if he thought he was being murdered, and anger at the attackers, anger at the injustice of their actions. I immediately began to sprint toward the sound of his voice, and fought off the attackers, one of which managed to graze my chin with a blow that took off a little skin. They had him down on the ground, and where kicking him hard, which is potentially lethal.
@HavaHadi Yıl önce
This was one of the worst stories I have ever heard about. School shootings are heartbreaking and I weep, but this was 100% different of all but Parkland. I have so much sadness for these parents because I am a parent who lost their daughter. These parents unarmed would did not care that they possessed a weapon. Just like the passengers that gave their lives without a second thought so they could save others during 9/11. Those parents would have done a better job and the thought of during this crisis the officers distracted attention and focused on the parents who will sacrifice themselves for their children. Too many tears. He was allowed the time by the police. Disgusting, sad, anger…I can’t even list the emotions.
@jamesdavidson4769 Yıl önce
The very sad thing is that they keep avoiding all these very bad warning signs that he had. R.I.P. for all the children and the two teachers that passed away.
@saddleupvickysue1412 Yıl önce
Thank you Dr Todd for being very direct with your thoughts and not just rambling. Your points are clear, concise and non-blaming. It would be interesting to review all these mass shootings and identify common denominators. This may help someone non-professional to report a concern of a threat. IDK but parents need to wake up!
@cityandgirl Yıl önce
The police should be ashamed of themselves, they let those kids and teachers die. Heartbreaking and infuriating.
@stonermane621 Yıl önce
They should be put behind bars. Their negligence and cowardice costed us the most valuable thing as human beings, meanwhile we are supposed to pay for their "work", their training, equipment, salaries and everything. Truly disgusting.
@Visaoradi Yıl önce
“Ashamed” is not a strong enough word. They should have not applied to be police in the first place. Whoever that leaded them (the chief) should be locked up. If he was unable to define how dangerous it was, possibly he should never be placed in such important positions It was disgusting how they handled it and how they tried to cover it . Gross
@TtotheCizzel Yıl önce
they should be fired. Ashamed isnt nearly enough, they went in to get their own children while allowing others to die
@cherricaconcepcion8788 Yıl önce
Crooked 👮‍♀️
@rustyshackleford735 Yıl önce
They're not ashamed, they consider cop lives more valuable than kids and teachers, that shouldn't surprise you.
@grammyb5216 Yıl önce
Thank you so much, Dr. Grande. I a Texan and I am ready to hear the truth, especially about those kids in Uvalde. 💗🙏
@matthewsmith7364 Yıl önce
This is a very sad state of affairs, makes me think of my dad telling me of combat in Korea, just because someone profess to be courageous and a true bad ass doesn't mean they are , my father claimed that 30 % of soldiers did all the fighting, the rest were scared and hid and may have peed themselves or even shit their pants , in the heat of a confrontation if someone is shooting at you not everyone has what it takes to fight , myself I would have rather died than live with the shame of allowing that sick criminal to harm those innocent children !!!
@kkenneth100 Yıl önce
Hello Doc, as usual what you said makes all the sense in the world. When I first heard about this the same things come in my mind that did everyone else. Words like coward, and such and what you said about them not being cowards makes sense. There likely just in the wrong line of work. And soldiers the way they deal with it, They have familys kids and they all want to get home and see them. The thing that troubles me I guess is the little ones inside calling 911 needing help so bad and it just wasnt coming. Everybody has to cast blame at someone these days. But it takes sight off who really is to blame, The shooter. I was reading about Doctors had discovered another, I guess disorder or personality, Dark Empathy? Well most dangerous. would that be the case of most of these school shooters? Does that come in with relating to the bullying ? Where as some one else would have sympathy?
@SlightReturn666 Yıl önce
This guy is excellent. I really learned a lot from his videos.
@anne-mariemoore Yıl önce
Totally agree. Watched the video of them hanging about the corridor...parents would have not enabled that evil boy to let children die. Useless police in this instance. Watched a Sheriff roll up and roll down his sleeves countless times while children and staff lay terrified, in pain and dying. Horrific 🥺
@NorthCitySider Yıl önce
Any children who show a tendency to hurt small animals MUST be intervened with and carefully monitored. That behavior is a dead giveaway of psychopathic and murderous brains. Parents have to understand that this is not just kids being kids-normal children by their nature feel affection towards animals. If they feel the need to hurt them it speaks of abnormal psychology.
@karifoto Yıl önce
@8rr725 Yıl önce
I can't believe people still don't see this. Many serial killers start out torturing and killing animals. Everyone should know that by now. What kind of so-called human being can see animal abuse and think it's ok or be indifferent about it? Grow some empathy for animals already!
@teijaflink2226 Yıl önce
Not all dangerous murderers kill or hurt small animals as children (or become a murderer) but this seem to be one common thing among many of them. Any child or teen who enjoys hurting animals should be taken as a very serious warning of something horrible going on and appropriate action taken.
@sandym8787 Yıl önce
Some one should have said some thing for sure , the signs were there
@frankieandjohnny69 Yıl önce
Thank you. There has been so much emotion for good reason. But this summary has put things together in sequence and with a rational perspective of all concerns. Again, thank you.
@donmaymay4128 Yıl önce
This is why citizens right to bear arms is so important to Americans. We need to remember, you may be looking at the person in the mirror that will be responsible for you and your family safety.
@warbuzzard7167 Yıl önce
This was all perfectly logical. Your clarifying comments on a situation which has now SO MANY VERSIONS is terrifically helpful. Thank you.
@alexanderd.9460 Yıl önce
If police are really being trained to be "scared" or "fear" their jobs, then this is systemic failure. If you become scared in preparation for being PREPARED, then you need to pick a different job. Police are trained to be prepared, and cowardice has no place here. Very much disagree on the basis of the analysis of police duty. Almost all police know it is their job to "shoot the bad guy" when the bad guy is shooting innocent people. It is irrational to fear your own death when you are the main thing society has put in place to fall on the sword in this particular case. Whoever was making the decisions in Uvalde was certainly a coward. At least border patrol still has some dignity left in their lives.
@mellem4653 Yıl önce
In most of these school shooting cases, it's the perception of being a HAVE NOT vs the HAVES, in the minds of the shooter/s. They find themselves so far removed from what appears to be NORMAL around them that they lose all hope. Their sense of normalcy and confidence can become really warped, especially if they happen to be over-sensitive, too kind or humble, fragile from within. Children as it is are not thick-skinned, are acutely aware/constantly making comparisons. Their comparisons with peers can range from their families (whether dead, broken home/divorced, or domestic abuse - either violence toward them or by one parent toward another), physical appearance, affluence, toys/possessions they can use to attract friends/company, lack of any unique or special skill/talent that can make them stand out in their group or help win friends, especially girlfriends, their grades or some other compensatory trait or skill that preserves their sense of self-worth or a secure/happy future. Now, even gender identity & LGBTQ issues can play a factor if such people are made to feel ODD. Medication will not change their desires or sense of what they feel they need in order to be happy/preserve their notion of NORMAL. Counseling also may not work especially if they are told NO directly as no boy at that age will want to hear the word NO as far as their aspirations (be it physical needs or emotional needs) are concerned, especially if what's out of reach for them is prevalent in their immediate vicinity among others. All it takes is for a boy's ego to get shattered and if that happens at a crucial age (pre-teens or early teens) and continues to gain momentum, then that can have drastic consequences. The further removed they become from what's NORMAL around them, the more spaced out and lonely they will get. They will have focus and attention issues as most of their time will be spent day-dreaming in an alternate universe where they are the heroes of their universe, or time spent doing drugs & alcohol or planning a suicide to escape the reality of their situation. This will further aggravate their psyche to the point that they cannot bear to see others happy nor can they articulate exactly what they are experiencing. Because they already perceive themselves to be in deep negative territory as far as fame, recognition, adulation, possessions/wealth is concerned, they will take the easiest route to obtain the low hanging fruit (fame or rather infamy) by doing something big. I fear that a society that's way too capitalist or darwinian will alienate such individuals. When you create bubbles for yourself then there will be someone to burst that bubble eventually.
@hannahsssooo 2 aylar önce
Thank you, best comment on this video.
@cht5086 Yıl önce
I swear a God if I was there, I would put my life in danger to save those innocent kids!. These officers know it well, they signed that job and got paid to protect society's lives by risking their lives.
@ruinerhalo Yıl önce
That is not what police officers do and is not what they are obligated to do. They do not have to rescue people or put other people's lives before their own. Do some research
@shrekxrohankishibe 6 aylar önce
@@ruinerhaloyou do your research. It’s their job. Their job is to protect. Why do you think we call them for help🤦‍♀️
@lanagorgeous9485 Yıl önce
I was in the military for 9 1/2 years. If these officers performed this way in the military, they would be court marshaled for cowardice in the face of the enemy, and that commander in charged would be immediately relieved. They were 100% cowards, these are 8,9 and 10 year old's being murdered. What would you do if 8 year old's were being murdered. They were fucking cowards!
@brenh2767 Yıl önce
They claimed that were afraid of getting killed, uh there was more cops against one psycho and aren't cops trained to take down a criminal in these situations.. wtf
@McDooga1 Yıl önce
@@brenh2767 that claim just proves their cowardice
@heidigordon1868 Yıl önce
Exactly. I can’t even imagine a soldier or airman standing down in a situation like this. We’d be IN there. Jesus I’m so angry about this. How could they hear those shots and those childrens’ screams and just stand there behind the door? How could that on-site commander not change the order back to active shooter protocol immediately after the first 911 call from behind that door. Good lord. Also this is the first I’m hearing that the cops on the perimeter were pepper spraying parents!! Wtaf!
@Khyrid Yıl önce
It seems to be a recurring theme during these school shootings.
@CSRLaunchpad Yıl önce
Such a good analysis, thanks Dr. Grande. So well spoken and choice of language was so well done.
@territimmerman140 Yıl önce
You are absolutely correct, they will have to live with the actions they took that day, and the cost the lives lost. They swore to protect and to serve. That day they did neither.
@BrandonGalloway Yıl önce
My mom told me something she heard on the news that sent chills up my spine she said the news said some of the parents had to go in to identify there kids by there shoes because there heads were decapitated. When she said that I felt hairs stand up on my arms and legs
@bnnrose Yıl önce
So the Uvalde case is not the first. You also did a video on the Parkland shooting school officer Scot Petersen's cowardice or inability to act, which I was not aware of before coming across your video. Scot Petersen was only one man, this is even more shocking that an army of officers took so much time to act. Something has to be done to train officers for these situations. Thank you for all your videos.
@ruinerhalo Yıl önce
They had training within two months previous to this incident.
@jeremybegay5153 Yıl önce
After watching this video there are a few things that come to light , this incident would have all been voided from some key this mentioned , First the two funeral people were walking up to the individual at the time when the intruder crashed & they ran back to the funeral home & they should have called the cops & Second the teacher left the doors open without locking the doors that left unlocked. Plus this female he was messaging she could had called the cops as well & there's so many things that could have been voided but no one had done anything about it & this could have never happened.
@BeeBeeBell Yıl önce
Imagine being one of those parents who tried to go into the school and save their child but who was restrained by the police and then finding out that your child was killed...Living the rest of your life wondering if you could have saved your child from such a fearful death had you not been restrained.
@jeremiahsymonette4781 Yıl önce
nope. tbh unless the parent had a weapon themselves they wouldve complicated the situation even more. the event was treated as if it were a hostage situation. with this, the approach is to calm the perp, and you cant risk him becoming volatile due to random people are running in being vigilantes. unfortunately this is one that went differently. i know the way the news is presenting it sounds horrible, but this is the proper procedure..
@zachr1967 Yıl önce
Completely false and idiotic statement. Every distraction to the shooter is a moment of time where he is not focused on the children. Wake up dude. This information is readily available. The first thing procedure says to do in the event of an active shooter is CONFRONT. Look it up!
@Thomas-ni1jn Yıl önce
I have and the thought alone is enough to make you vomit. No fucking words......
@Dana9437 Yıl önce
I read that the police taped some parents.
@cwolf8841 Yıl önce
According to the Chief, Text DPM in his testimony to the Texas Senate and the Robb report, all doors were unlocked. No door was propped open at the time the gunman entered. The gunman did fire through outside windows into classrooms before entry. All of which highlights the need for validated federal standards for school security systems, construction, and training. It is critical that all responders (security, police forces, fire, and medics) train together in force-on-force exercises.
@wizzardofpaws2420 2 aylar önce
This case is why I truly believe that in school shootings, the nearest Green Beret, Navy Seal, Army Ranger or Marine Raider or anyone that's a veteran, should be running into that school. They will. And they will take down the perp immediately. So many of those kids could have been saved if it weren't for the fearful cops.
@timothycrist616 Yıl önce
Well done. I hope the cops answer your last statement about finding peace in the form of placing their service weapon into their mouth and pulling the trigger.
@joenunya8449 Yıl önce
"Police are not obligated to protect citizens" This is the number one reason why NO ONE should surrender their right to defend themselves their families, and their community to ANYONE.
Well wtf was I supposed to do when I had no choice due to bogus charges all show and bullshit
@zachmercado1303 Yıl önce
Hands down no question they’re cowards. They are part responsible for the deaths of 21 people. Being confronted with a shooter is not all that intense. These are trained officers. No orders or anything should have stopped them. Idc if you’re alone and unarmed. You run in and do what you can
@dewayneweaver5782 Yıl önce
The officers that rescued there own children while leaving others in danger should face criminal charges of dereliction of duty. They shouldn't just loose their jobs. They should face criminal penalties because when you take on the role as guardian of your community you should consider all children as your own.
@joshboyfuture9698 Yıl önce
You can't. Unfortunately police officers are not obligated to defend a human life. People need to understand people that being a police officer is basically a job nobody wants to do anymore the training's low the pay is low and the respect is super low. What kind of people do people think that's going to draw in.
@plissken94th57 Yıl önce
@@joshboyfuture9698 stop making excuses for cops, everyone needs to know they’re not your friends, they are part of the state
@monitorres2211 Yıl önce
@cristianm6706 Yıl önce
No offense but if you were in a life or dead situation where you can save either your OWN children or others most likely you would save yours. I agree that these cops were cowards but at that moment the father or mother comes out and you can’t care about anyone else safety
@latetodagame1892 Yıl önce
They're job is not to serve and protect, it's to uphold the law at their discretion.
@mcintoshangel Yıl önce
I just watched the video they released and the police were definitely cowards. You will have to do another video after watching that video. It was sickening to see them sanitizing their hands, giving fist bumps etc while the babies were being slaughtered.
@hauntedbearchild Yıl önce
You need to watch the video that came out today of the inside cam of the incident. Some wanted to go forward and the guy in charge kept waving them back around the corner. Even when some got bullet-proof shields, including the guy in charge, they hid behind the corner at the end of the hall. Yet, some managed to go in and take their own kids out of other rooms although they wouldn't assist, or permit, other parents in doing so. I hope they all get sued to Hades.
@a_coconut_girl 7 aylar önce
Another disturbing detail of this case is the fact that Ramos wrote LOL on a whiteboard in blood after he shot up the classroom. It makes me even more sure that he’s a sociopath.
@Cinnamstt 4 aylar önce
Really where did you hear about that. Apparently he played sad music too
@cfx5000 Yıl önce
There is absolutely no way to define a psychopath. Just know that they are out there and do whatever you can to defend yourself from them.
@sopheadutch6350 7 aylar önce
Sorry, this really sad, disturbing, & upsetting to hear how they ignore those phones from children. I couldn't even finished your analysis😭. Those cowards pretending to wear police uniforms should all resigned or be fired.!🤡🤬Disgusting 🤮how can they even live now?
@nansiem9346 Yıl önce
It hurts so much hearing that children were calling 911 begging for help while police were standing outside. I head a story that a mom that was handcuffed convinced the officer to let her free. She then snuck around, jumped a fence and was able to save some children from a window. Let's talk about that courage. 😭😭😭
@mazscsu Yıl önce
Pathetic really. Unbelievable this happened. If the cops kids were in there, they’d storm it with SWAT.
@Cathee.M. Yıl önce
Why was the mom handcuffed? O_O
@michaelboyle5805 Yıl önce
@@Cathee.M. for trying to get the cops to go in as the people could hear shooting, but the cops wouldn't go in but wouldn't let the parents go in, so they they spent their time fighting with the parents rather than do their duty, So obviously the mom must have told them some home truths about their cowardice
@iamjackscompletelackofsurp9606 Yıl önce
@@mazscsu Swat nothing, if their kids were there they would have stormed it themselves no hesitation
@melaniescott1039 Yıl önce
Did she save anymore than her own two children?
@dig1035 Yıl önce
This was the most detailed and informative video on this event, thanks!
@828enigma6 Yıl önce
There was a school shooter a couple of years ago in SC. When first responders arrived, a volunteer fireman confronted the kid with a handgun he, the fireman, had illegally carried onto school property, and disarmed the shooter. This one man had more courage and judgement than the entire Uvalde police department. I firmly believe fear, like courage can be contagious. I was a LEO for thirty years. Early in my career, the Colorado school shooting took place. I studied it carefully and made the decision were I ever involved in such a situation, I WAS NOT GOING TO STAND DOWN AND WAIT. Regardless of orders, I WOULD GO IN AND STOP THE KILLING. How the Uvalde police could stand by knowing children were being killed for nearly an hour is beyond comprehension to me.
@rebeccamarrujo3849 Yıl önce
I couldn't even finish this video because I became so angry at how these parents were treated when trying to rescue their children... since this incident occurred I have decided to homeschool my son. I am mortified and heartbroken over these precious lives that have been taken to soon 😔💔
@DonnaBrooks 11 aylar önce
I feel bad for the people who CAN'T home school their children. Your child is safe, but what about the single mom who has to work or the family where both parents have to work or a family where no parent has the intelligence, skills, and/or financial resources to homeschool their children? Homeschooling takes a degree of intelligence & some kids are smarter than their parents. (I was when I was growing up.) You still need to know how to teach at an age-appropriate level, where to get curriculum & textbooks, how to incorporate P.E., civics, & socialization with other children (including children of different races, religions, ethnicities, family structures, abilities & disabilities, and socio-economic conditions). My dad worked in a factory 10 or 12 hours/day for 5, 6, or even 7 days a week & he only graduated from high school. My mom only went through 8th grade. I was in the Gifted Program. There is no way in HELL that they could have ever had the resources (time, knowledge, intellectual aptitude, money) of home schooling me. Homeschooling is a luxury. So you would save your own kids, as would most parents! The real hero is the woman who went into that building & saved not just her own sons but OTHER peoples' kids. So while you are homeschooling, please teach your kids to be problem solvers & to think critically b/c we need to STOP this shit from happening again & again to ANY children (or any other innocent people).
@rebeccamarrujo3849 10 aylar önce
@@DonnaBrooks I mean I get it... the hostility though in this response to me is a littoe too much. 🙄
@DonnaBrooks 10 aylar önce
It's taken "TOO soon", not "to soon", unless soon is a place. Better get on top of the difference between too & to before you teach your son English (or spelling). I know our language is deteriorating b/c of autocomplete & tapping on tiny screens where mistakes are easy, but spelling and grammar are how we understand each other.
@nananoodle5020 8 aylar önce
You should be angry that he was bullied
@orthocatsr.8723 Yıl önce
Thank You Dr. G for standing up for suffering people ✝️👍🏻
@penelopepitstop762 Yıl önce
That poor teacher who propped open the door. I hope she knows this was not her fault. ❤️ He was clearly a psychopath. With all the history known about him, those who knew him should have taken action. The Uvalde police were cowards. There’s no denying that. It’s sickening when you watch the video. I hope they live with nightmares for the rest of their days.
@MalevolentMonkeyGod Yıl önce
40% of the city's budget went to the police force. They have their own swat team. To treat parents the way they did while getting their own kids out and not engaging the shooter is so far beyond the pale. The level of cowardice is staggering.
@cindylouwho9060 Yıl önce
Well I’m not surprised, most people there are not really educated
@robinlinn142 Yıl önce
@@cindylouwho9060 How do you know?
@robinlinn142 Yıl önce
@@cindylouwho9060 How do you know?
@janecoe9407 Yıl önce
@MariaGonzalez-nf6qo Yıl önce
Anyway, Dr. Todd, very very accurate video. I was thinking the exact same thing. There were text messages of Salvador stating he “was about to…” almost like he wanted to create suspense and draw attention towards himself. I believe he just wanted to belong somewhere. I think he did this for attention and because he held a grudge against people. Even though what he did was very wrong, I feel bad for him because he didn’t know any better, because he was probably lonely, and hurt deep down inside. I myself have had to deal with very stuck up people in middle school & high school & it was never fun. I still myself feel like to this day I don’t like them. I think people need to be more loving and accepting of others and open minded instead of everyone thinking their better than everyone. Humble yourself. Rest In Peace to Salvador and to the 21 beautiful innocent souls. As for the police I believe they were definitely unprepared and had no idea what they were doing. - it is a small quiet town after all - things like this don’t happen in Uvalde & like everyone is saying they didn’t expect this at all. I’m sure the police got too comfortable with themselves and simply never expected to be put under such stressful circumstances. They made a lot of mistakes but I think that it also had to do with the chief executive and the police department not doing their job accurately or being fully aware of the entire situation.
@josephcouture2838 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this perspective, you brought up several factors I had not thought of.
@marianflores5210 Yıl önce
To be honest the one teacher that a Jared that door & neglected to make sure it was lock-was to me was the main cause of all worst night ! Many 🙏🏽’s all - RIP & so many young age students that got cheated out of a short life span!
@brandonmartin4501 Yıl önce
Ive never been in such a horrible situation as this but I have been in some very scary possibly life threatening situations 2 exactly and I was overwhelmed with action to help others (mother sister) I never once thought of my own safety or repercussions of my actions I ONLY FELT that I needed my family and friend to be ok if I was ok and they were in danger I couldn't ever I don't think be safe while loved ones are in danger. I would have wanted the gunman to at worst take his attention to me to shoot me to give a split second of safety for a child to possibly run out. If I died I would have been at peace
@juliaszybowicz7709 Yıl önce
Yes. There were many, many failures. As I've heard other police officers comment on the inaction, ineptitude, and cowardly behavior they witnessed. Goes down as one of the most horrible examples of communication breakdowns, preventable loss of life out there. Also, you mentioned a teacher who left a rock propping a door open. That has been determined to be false. She did, originally, have it propped, yet, the shooter came in thru the door that was shut, yet, did not lock the way it s/h locked automatically, allowing him entry into the school. And yes, police are trained to protect and serve, and yes, the oath they take details that they are willing to lay down their lives, if needed. I salute all law enforcement who take that oath seriously, as, ultimately, we have you to thank for a safer society and a better society. The Uvalde Officers either need to go back to training or find a different career.
@danderson8431 Yıl önce
The amount of cowardice,ineptitude, and malice on display that day in Texas is inexcusable.
@ajsans9161 Yıl önce
You can also blame all of those teens who said nothing as this monster was spewing all the red flags. Maybe even their parents too, if they told them that this monster was abusing cats and killing them. And calling himself “school shooter”. Yet, they all stayed quiet. I bet they are reflecting on their mistakes now! Seems like a lot of people there have blood on their hands.
@ajsans9161 Yıl önce
Terri Kay Lmao! How is that “Texas for you”? One incident and you ridiculously make a comment based on emotions.
@danielnugent6545 Yıl önce
@@ajsans9161 blame the children for not bootstrapping this? I have to give you credit for creative trolling.
@derp3305 Yıl önce
I have a problem with Matthew Mcconaughey and any politician or anyone pushing for gun control, nobody doesn't even know the full picture, we need an open investigation for the school situation because the police performance, response, and apparently they already caught wind of this kid having a bad track record and, yet he was able to buy a fire arm. Just like Johnny Depp case being televised we need an open investigation for the whole world to see.
@musicalpriss1364 Yıl önce
I’m not a mother yet, but I can say with certainty right now that if an officer tried to stop me from saving my child from a murderer, I would not rest until that officer was held accountable. They would not get away unscathed, and this would include the marks they would bear from me clawing my way to my child. Let us not allow these children to be taken from this earth so soon in vain. Let us not continue to allow baby killers to get away.
@IamayMizono 2 aylar önce
There is a startling increase in narcissists that are committing heinous crimes recently.
@Alfonso88279 Yıl önce
This is freaking horrible. I can't believe those policemen, how could they act like that. I understand a few of them, but all of them deciding to let it happen??? Handcuffing the parents? SAving only their own children??? How horrible can people be...
@lalitonomics8708 Yıl önce
Great analysis, sir! I think they're trained to be road pirates, eat donuts and take naps in their squad cars on our hard earned dollars. Saving kid's lives is not part of their priorities. They just love the power trips of being untouchable most of the time.
@MrNino44 Yıl önce
As a 31 year law enforcement retiree, I am convinced to many of these cops were more concerned about their own safety, than that of these children. I remember seeing some of my partners hiding in a dark alleys, while I , along with other officers, rushed to a dangerous call. Unfortunately, cowardice, does exist in police departments. It is simply, a reality.
@nancilane5069 Yıl önce
Thank you for your input. Then, as Dr. Grande said, they shouldn't be cops.
@EbonyPope Yıl önce
DEZZNUTZ 1001 Here in Germany it is. Failure to render assistance for someone in distress can get you jailtime.
@buyerofsorts Yıl önce
@@nancilane5069 All cops are legends in their own minds.
@alisonwilson9749 Yıl önce
​@@EbonyPopeIs that the case even for ordinary citizens, or just the police?
@andyw237 Yıl önce
The parents being detained, plus the behavior of the PD tells you everything we need to know.
@sportshistorybuff319 8 aylar önce
The hardest thing to swallow seeing the cops brutalize those parents is the possibility they were consciously preventing anyone else's courage from making them look cowardly by comparison. I really want to believe this isn't true, that the inaction was more about deferring the decision making process to someone else in charger, assuming the commander knew what he was doing, something they did not know.
@tfrey947 Yıl önce
They were absolutely Cowards! What this does perfectly demonstrate is that how as you mentioned they are under no obligation to protect citizens, and how it’s our best interests to protect ourselves. 🧐
@nigeriansista Yıl önce
Wow great analysis as always. I just learned that the police officers were there and aware of the situation before any student called police.
@ThePlay3000 Yıl önce
I started following court cases since Johnny Depp's trial, and I found about the new trial about this guy Nikolas Cruz. Then I found out about Uvalde. It calls my attention why young kids want to be the bad guy? nobody wants to be the bad guy. How come they do? what is so attractive to them to be these shooter killings inoffensive kids? what's happening? I saw a quick report which says it's mostly revenge. We need to start teaching parents first and then children why revenge is not the way.
@ryanbales8116 Yıl önce
The cops failed to stop the shooter, but were very successful with folding up parents who were trying to get their kids. They're cowards. The whole force needs fired.
@shirleycoonce8726 Yıl önce
I agree. I have a grandson and a son who would no more stand outside a ELEMENTARY school and NOT try to save lives. This man is full of crap
@shirleycoonce8726 Yıl önce
They are police officers
@shirleycoonce8726 Yıl önce
The two teachers were braver than the so called police officers. I dint care what the chief told me to not do. I would risk losing my job to save lives.
@brighteyes6585 Yıl önce
​@@shirleycoonce8726 You are a hero in my book.
@ambersaint-marie8528 Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this insightful, informative, knowledgeable and fair commentary!!! All of us need more of this!! Again, thank you!🌺🌸💗💐
@GatheringBitByBit Yıl önce
Very insightful!! Anyone who will harm animals has some real mental issues. BTW, Cats are just awesome!!! I’ve had cats as pets and they were always loyal little critters.
@kennyoboy642 9 aylar önce
This video should be played in every Police Academy in the country. Very well done.
@gianlucacabria925 Yıl önce
By far one of your best videos. Thank you.
@kystars Yıl önce
This was ALL total Cowardice!! I saw the video of these WEAK, COWARDLY Police. They DO NOT need to be in law enforcement. I think they should all be arrested. This whole thing was so sick to me!
@ToddWBucy-lf8yz Yıl önce
Bravery is not fearlessness. One cannot be brave without fear. Bravery is being fearful and still doing what needs to be done, regardless of your training or ability. By this measure those 19 men are cowards
@bthomson Yıl önce
An important distinction!
@dont_harsh_my_mellow Yıl önce
That’s courage you go speaking of. Bravery is more of chance taking and implies higher level recklessness. It’s courage that you want with times like this.
@ToddWBucy-lf8yz Yıl önce
The two words are synonyms and if they weren't then it wouldn't matter in this case. Also known as a distinction without a difference
@danmasters1568 Yıl önce
@Todd W. Bucy Absolutely correct. Anyone who says they're not afraid of anything is either a fool or a liar. Fear is a prerequisite for courage; without fear, there is no courage. But one must have the moral fortitude and faith to be able to master fear and use it as a motivator to do what must be done instead of allowing oneself to be paralyzed by it.
@iggahbeilschmidt9200 Yıl önce
Oh a la mi
@griseldagarza4577 Yıl önce
Dr. Grande thanks for the insight. I am a big fan of your work. I have read many of your analysis on various subjects. :)
@garysnow3389 Yıl önce
I live in Tampa, 1256 miles away from Uvalde and not only am I heart broken for the children that were killed that day but the two Teacher’s, and the Parent’s, and the spouses. When good men do not stand up to evil, evil wins every time. Thank you Jesus for one brave and righteous man, who was getting a hair cut, left the Barber shop and stood up to evil, and put a end too it.
@MrBayspring Yıl önce
Hi everyone I am one of those Uvalde officer that was in the hallway at the elementary school. I just want to say that this guy described it best what happened to us in the hallway. We are not cowards. You have eard of ptsd. Well we were experiencing real time traumatic disorder Rttd. We wanted to save the kids but our legs became frozen in fear hearing the gun shots. We were hoping by our presence we could scare the shooter away, obviously it did not work and it's easy to play Monday quarterback. We came with siren blasting hoping that would scare the shooter, that did not work. We did all we could.
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Adam Lanza | Mental Health & Personality
Dr. Todd Grande
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