Classic Oxford Shoes HANDMADE in Japan

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Siroeno Yosui

Siroeno Yosui

6 aylar önce

Handlasted, Handwelted and Handsewn Outsole Stitch.

Upper: ZONTA Goldanil Calf in Black
Bottom: Black Finish, Fiddle Back and Beveled Waist, Slightly Tapered Heel, Toe Taps

Crafted by Ken Kataoka & Toshihide Takai

Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz
Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz 27 gün önce
I've been struggling with anxiety and insomnia lately. Watching people doing their craft in this video has felt like an oasis of tranquility for me. Thanks for sharing this
Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz
Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz 10 gün önce
@Martha paipa muchas gracias!
Martha paipa
Martha paipa 10 gün önce
Hola... Se lo que es eso. Ánimo la ansiedad no es buena para nuestra mente.
JoanKSX 22 gün önce
Try whole food plant based for at least 1 week and see how's thing going. Do feel free to use Cronometer to check on your daily nutrient absorption.
jjktng 24 gün önce
Go find a psychiatrist. It helped me. Took months but it’s worth it If you don’t want that, take vit D, 20min of noon time sun a day, zinc magnesium and K2. Trust me.
Галина Москаленко
Галина Москаленко 3 aylar önce
Так обувь делали еще и после ВО войны. Когда в 1950 году маму сократили на обувной ф-ке, ее дядя (он до революции занял 1 место по моделям и изготовлению обуви в Париже) научил ее этому мастерству. Она работала дома, нелегально. И весь этот цикл, что здесь показан прохрдил перед моими глазами. Только делалось это на простой швейной машинке ZINGER (приспобленной для сшивания кожи) , мраморнрй доске , где брусовалась кожа, обязательно была подкладка из меткаля (название помню), на колодки набивались личинки (формировались колодки под конкретную стопу). Модель по иностранным фотожурналам выкраивалась. Все ьылр наиуральным. И то, что делают эти мастера всплыло в моей памяти, хотя я была ребенком.
Галина Москаленко
Галина Москаленко 21 gün önce
@фанатка4846 Спасибо за внимание к моему комментарию. Но так как это было нелегально и официально мама считалась домработницей, а жили мы богато, не по официальным доходам, то к нам наведывался, и не один раз, ОБХСС. Могли привлечь к ответственности за незаконную деятельность и неуплату налогов. И мама пошла работать продавцом в промтоварный магазин. Я работала экономистом. сейчас на пенсии. Всего Вам доброго.
фанатка4846 22 gün önce
Очень интересно, как судьба вашей мамы сложилась? У вас? Вы ведь могли пойти по её стопам и тоже делать обувь, создать свой бренд и т.д.
Roy Renaldo
Roy Renaldo 3 aylar önce
He isn't a shoe marker only, he is an amazing artist.
co2metal 28 gün önce
Not just an amazing artist, the MOST amazing artist. Do you not understand he is of Japanese heritage? This heritage is one of much more virtue than if said man descended from the Caucuses. Do not undersell this better human's talent and heritage.
Dawn Davis
Dawn Davis 2 gün önce
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 4 sentadillas son *4.FO/XMELONA* muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesi abian apreciado tan hermosa buenos mujer.k
PersonwithaName 4 aylar önce
In such a busy, angry, technologically overwhelmed globalized society we're in today, it is pleasing to see craftsman calmly, quietly creating such fantastic (functional) art such as this. I respect the skill involved and that there are people still willing to take the time to do it properly.
Are you alright?
Are you alright? 17 gün önce
Pretty words!!!! ❤️
Nebiyou Mekonnen
Nebiyou Mekonnen 22 gün önce
I have no word to explain. Thank you
Aymo 24 gün önce
@macchiato_ beats me, but that doesnt sound wrong in any way
macchiato_ 24 gün önce
You just threw a bunch of random words together like its a damn college essay due in 1 hour because you procrastinated the fuck out of your weekend.
UserInterface00 28 gün önce
Automation can speed up inventory, but the handcrafted art and attention to detail is what truly makes these shoes magnificent.
Dommie K.
Dommie K. 22 gün önce
@ordinary name If we talk about shoes off the rack then yes. If we talk about full-custom, then no, machines can't compete at this point of time.
ordinary name
ordinary name 24 gün önce
A machine could produce these shoes and no one would notice a difference. There's nothing magic about human hands, except placebo.
Colliding Forces
Colliding Forces Aylar önce
What an honorable job. We, the consumers take for granted the masterpiece of those who make shoes by hand. Pretty admirable job!
FO DA 28 gün önce
those sell outs will do anything for a BUCK
Martha paipa
Martha paipa 10 gün önce
Trabajo perfecto, con mucha paciencia. Así son las obras de arte.
Kuu 3 aylar önce
Watching you two spend so much time and effort into your craft is incredibly inspiring. It's clear how much you love making these beautiful shoes. Thank you for making these videos!!
Chan Fon Soo
Chan Fon Soo Aylar önce
This video stopped me from doing my work for 37 minutes. Impressive handcraft and respect to the artists making the shoes. Thanks to the videographer for bringing such beautiful video into youtube.
Rick Zoehfeld
Rick Zoehfeld 3 aylar önce
I have a relative who was a Cobbler in New York. Now I really appreciate the work he did. Shoes, made to fit your specific feet, are worth every penny. Admire these craftsmen.
Billybob Fudpucker
Billybob Fudpucker Aylar önce
I really enjoy watching the Japanese Master Craftsman at work. The skill level is mind blowing, the attention to detail next level and the patience and love put into the piece they are making is inspiring to watch. Great work... wish I had the money to own a pair of shoes like this.
San'yOK Nazar_UK
San'yOK Nazar_UK 3 aylar önce
Просто нет слов от техники владения инструментами мастером . Это уже не просто обувь а произведение искуства.
Кир Малевич
Кир Малевич Aylar önce
@Вячеслав Касаткин полностью с тобой согласен сам обувщиком работаю 17 лет эта технология давно устаревшая
Вячеслав Касаткин
Вячеслав Касаткин Aylar önce
Да работа шикарная, но если включить трезвый ум - это понты и переусложнение. Туфли делают по технологиям девятнадцатого века. Просто дорогая игрушка для людей, у которых очень много денег. Для них вот такие туфли и браслеты картье за 50 тысяч долларов)))
Trader KG
Trader KG Aylar önce
@Павел Натюрморкин японский ручной труд 1700 баксов итальянский ручной труд 1200 а наш снгшный 200-500 баксов)
Павел Натюрморкин
Павел Натюрморкин Aylar önce
@Trader KG это мягко говоря дохрена... 1700$, но.. это ручной труд все таки
Elton Noway
Elton Noway 3 aylar önce
I was stationed in Japan in 1967. One day on leave I was walking though the city and stopped to watch a cobbler hand making shoes just like in this video. I was so impressed I decided to spend some of my drinking money and have a pair made even though I had trouble justifying the expense. Ashamed to admit it now because I paid less than $20 US for mine. The gentleman first made plaster casts of my feet and said they would keep my molds in the shop so I could order more pairs of shoes in the future and they would mail them to me in the states, although I never did order another pair. The shoes I had made looked almost exactly like the ones in this video and they fit like a glove. After getting out of the military I wore them for many years as I climbed the corporate ladder. Sad to say, eventually the soles finally wore out and even though the tops still looked new and instead of getting them resoled... I threw them out. I seem to remember thinking "Heck' I only paid $20 for them, not worth getting them repaired". A decision from my youth I've regretted several times since then... and especially now after watching this video [sigh].
Elton Noway
Elton Noway 18 gün önce
@Taka Mushishi Actually $1 US dollar from 1967 would be worth $8.61 in today's US dollars... but.. to have a pair made like this today the cost would be around $1300 US.
Taka Mushishi
Taka Mushishi 18 gün önce
@neogeomaster Tranquilo Genio!
Taka Mushishi
Taka Mushishi 18 gün önce
@fangtimes Yo tuve razón . THANKYU.
Taka Mushishi
Taka Mushishi 18 gün önce
@Elton: Los 20$ de esos tiempos, cuanto valen ahora? 10 than more ¿?
Ricky Thomas
Ricky Thomas 19 gün önce
@Milan Ilic i mostly repair my shoes rather than throwing them out but newer model shoes are almost unrepairable, also i am not a rough user so they generally last longer, i still have my father's 40 year old pure leather shoe, my dad never used them because it didn't fit him that well so it was given to my brother then later me, damn these shoes are really reliable.
Corn Holio
Corn Holio 3 aylar önce
seen lots of custom shoe builds on youtube but this one seems to be the most precise and has an aura of thoughtfulness in the craftsmanship.
Robert 3 aylar önce
The level of detail and hand finishing is just stunning. If I lived in Japan, I'd be thrilled to have a pair of shoes made. Maybe one day.
georgina Fraser
georgina Fraser 2 gün önce
I am sooo impressed with the skills this boy has and the perfect job he's done. I respect an awfall lot this work. My congratulations. For this young man. Very proud u should be.
slim1one 3 aylar önce
Wow that was beautiful and these two young men are very impressive for learning a trade to level that they have. This is not just shoe making, it is bespoke, so the highest level. A pair of shoes made in this fashion by artisans such as these costs thousands of dollars. Money well spent for those who are able to do so. Well done Ken and Toshihide!
Jim S
Jim S 5 aylar önce
I was a shoe/boot repairman for close to 20 years and took great pride in my work. I was never trained to make shoes, just repair them, but I did work at a shop where the owner made shoes, so I have a high appreciation for the craft. Watching this just about brought me to tears, the level of craftsmanship and design. Bravo Gentlemen!
AS SA 18 gün önce
Друг,учить,лечить,кормить и одевать людей самые благородные специальности от начала сотворения человечества!! Салам вам с Кавказа!
Ekaterina S.
Ekaterina S. Aylar önce
@Laura Sar77 yes, I was so emotional too, would want to hug the maker and the shoes too! The closest I can get is to watch this over and over and still, every time I want to cry. My dream is to be able to visit the shop and sit in the corner, watching them all day. I don't want much from life, yet this will never happen. Unless a miracle happens.🙁
Raf Reyes
Raf Reyes 2 aylar önce
Harris Frankou
Harris Frankou 4 aylar önce
I did both I worked at Rocco's in Melbourne and he sold to Rockstars and the Public...I learned repairs from my Family.
240252 4 aylar önce
@Jim S This lady probably belongs to the generation who think that if something is not in American Apparel, it is not there at all.
Emerge Official
Emerge Official 25 gün önce
I've never been so captivated by a shoe being made. This is what mastery is all about
David R
David R 27 gün önce
Que video no necesito una palabra. que paciencia y que arte, y las manos muy limpias. Y la habilidad y manejo de herramientas. Y también sorprendente te los entregan con un molde para que no se deformen cuando están guardados. Felicitaciones al maestro zapatero. Y alos que hicieron el video. Buenísimo 👏👏👏
joanna NACIANCENO Aylar önce
I have so much respect for this craftsmen...they are so rare nowadays. Thanks for sharing this video,now I have to show this to my sons...they need to appreciate the story behind each pair of hamdmade shoes.
Ricardo Lira
Ricardo Lira 2 aylar önce
Se eu for ao Japão, além de fotografar muito, certamente comprarei sapatos. Saudações e todo respeito pela cultura, arte e trabalho do povo japonês 🇧🇷
Learner 2 aylar önce
I just want to say to the young man that we are watching making these shoes: you are a true craftsman and artist. Your are also very patient. For what it’s worth, I’m very proud of you and you should be too. God bless you..
Ник Сар
Ник Сар 3 aylar önce
Меня редко что удивляет, а тем более достаёт эстетическое наслаждение, это зашло! Браво мастеру!
Ruby zhang
Ruby zhang 2 aylar önce
He isn't a shoe marker only, he is an amazing artist.
Benjamin Regener
Benjamin Regener 3 aylar önce
Incredible level of craftsmanship. Great respect for such degree of dedication as well.
Masha Nikolaeva
Masha Nikolaeva 3 gün önce
Не только расслабилась, но и узнала о том, как вручную изготавливается кожаная обувь
Инна Петросова
Инна Петросова Aylar önce
Невероятно красиво!!! Благодарю за мастерство!!!!
Kathryn Helm
Kathryn Helm 28 gün önce
What exquisite workmanship! I bet they feel fantastic on the feet. I was mesmerized by all the steps. Thank you for sharing. ❤️
Ramón Emilio Chacon Perdomo
Ramón Emilio Chacon Perdomo 23 gün önce
Mis respetos, admiración y felicitaciones al tremendo artistas. Toda la puesta de delicadeza es algo muy conmovedor, esto me lleva a pensar en que el valor del arte no recae tanto en el producto final, sino más bien en el proceso.
Ernesto Jose Arroliga Espinoza
Ernesto Jose Arroliga Espinoza 10 gün önce
Admirable y más que admirable.Aquí en nuestra Nicaragua tuvimos verdaderos artistas consumados;en el arte de la zapatería. A ellos,nuestro recuerdo y admiración.
Naveen 26 gün önce
I can watch this man make shoes all day, that's some insane skill
Gloria Flores
Gloria Flores 2 aylar önce
Hermosa elección ❤️ xxlike.Uno de los mejores 😘 21:21 Senada: "Hermoso" 21:24 Megan: "Hotter" 24:23 Hopi: "Sweeter" 25:27 Joonie: "Cooler" 20:23 Yoongi: "Butter" 23:26 Amor: "Momentos" 17:51 Son unos de los mejores conciertos 🖤 20:26 Megan: "Hotter" 10:25 Alana: "Awesome" 11:24 Belleza doops 35:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤 10:32 Hopi: "Sweeter" pSYL
Taka Mushishi
Taka Mushishi 18 gün önce
Cómo sabes tanto?
Roberto Brennand
Roberto Brennand 3 aylar önce
Simplesmente incrível!! 🇧🇷
Photoshop e muito mais - João Fidalgo
Photoshop e muito mais - João Fidalgo 22 gün önce
Emocionante. Lindo trabalho!
Вася Резьбовой
Вася Резьбовой Aylar önce
Посмотрев как рождаются туфли в руках этого мастера , я бы ни разу не одел бы их, в них душа мастера, но хотел бы такие просто иметь. Нет слов это шедеврально
WHITE JAZZ 666 24 gün önce
@A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉ да нечего мне возразить, люблю Японию, анимехи и прочее - угараю я просто
A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉
A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉ 24 gün önce
@WHITE JAZZ 666 сдэлали! :))), катаной называют. Хотя не, Тойота, Ниссан, Хонда, Мазда... Они делали как раз калаши, гражданского исполнения, но... Чтобы не только надёжно убивать, ибо это в последних списках задач, а для передвижения без проблем! :)))) есть что возразить?
WHITE JAZZ 666 24 gün önce
@A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉ а ВУОТ КАЛАШ они сдЭлали? А?? НЕ нифига!! чем стрУлять? Нечем!!! .......... )))))))))))))))))) че я несу))))))))))
A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉
A҉n҉t҉o҉n҉ B҉ 24 gün önce
@WHITE JAZZ 666 как восхитительно для своего внутреннего рынка эти "отсталые дурни", делают смартфоны, автомобили, еду, одежду, одноразовую посуду даже, кучу мелочей... как они относятся к вещам не потребительски, а с чувством того будто в вещи есть что-то большее чем вещь... при этом мусор они сортируют, а выкинуть алюминиевую банку за деньги а не на оборот как у нас - за деньги сдать её можно. всё у них через жопу, руль с правой стороны... а чёбы и нет, и на лошадь послушав тебя залезут! ;)))
Marcin Wnuk
Marcin Wnuk 3 aylar önce
Widać że ta praca jest Pana pasją. Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)
Robert Goss
Robert Goss Aylar önce
What an impressive video! It is astonishing to see young men of today taking up an ancient craft, with skill and confidence!
scott perine
scott perine Aylar önce
Mr.Yosui is one of my go-to channels to unwind from the world and take the time to admire his sublime artistry and innate skills that turn simplicity into a pavement pounding work of art.
Lenno De Ruyter
Lenno De Ruyter 5 aylar önce
Amazing, so the old way of shoe making is still alive. I am from the Netherlands and the way of shoemaking runs in the blood of the Netherlands as in my family as well. My father was a shoemaker old scool in the past about 70 years ago and he made shoes almost similar than you for me. One of the differences is that he used wooden pins in building up the heal of a shoe . Thanks for sharing , it was a joy of seeing you making shoes with a surgical steady hand. Chapeau.
Reeanna S
Reeanna S 28 gün önce
*G E K O L O N I S E E R D*
FAHEZ - um hobby musical de Fabbio Cortez
FAHEZ - um hobby musical de Fabbio Cortez 20 gün önce
Muito bacana. Parabéns!
József Franek
József Franek 3 aylar önce
Nagyon szép munka, gyönyörű cipő! Öröm látni, hogy valaki még készít ilyen "műalkotásokat"! Köszönet a munkádért!😃
flumblum23 26 gün önce
Now that's awesome! People who take pride in their work to make a refined product. Most shoes are mass-produced with rubbish material which makes them a trouble to repair sometimes, but with these, they are meant to last and be repairable due to the leather and precise crafting. Great to see something like this.
Nando lopes
Nando lopes 3 aylar önce
Part of the soul of this man, and his country, is in every pair of shoes, respect to him and to Japan!
T.E p-d
T.E p-d 4 aylar önce
His work brought tears to my eyes. The time, the effort, the art. Very few people demand respect in this world. He’s 1 of them. Hat’s off.
Allan Sayed
Allan Sayed Aylar önce
Goodness gracious, it is so easy to be negative online. For the record I'm joking. Have a good day!
Allan Sayed
Allan Sayed Aylar önce
Your telling me you cried during this video? Either I'm a psychopath or your a snowflake.
ander larrañaga
ander larrañaga 2 aylar önce
José Luis Gonçalves
José Luis Gonçalves 3 aylar önce
Each customer have is on mould of wood, each pair is unique!!!
T.E p-d
T.E p-d 4 aylar önce
@RAVENITZ ok i am the narcissist and you the moral one. i was wrong to respect him. Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful day. peace!
Sandy Jenkins
Sandy Jenkins Aylar önce
Son unos XXLOVEZZZ.Uno de los mejores ❤ Mañas no se ❤️
Ирина Рыпенко
Ирина Рыпенко 26 gün önce
Это очень красиво!!! 😍
Abpob 2 aylar önce
Multiple talented craftsmen. Some build shoes. Some build content. Both are resounding winners! Well done. Well done.
Galilea González
Galilea González 24 gün önce
Qué trabajo más maravilloso. Felicitaciones y muchas gracias por mostrarnos algo tan bello como la confección de zapatos.
Nordline O
Nordline O 4 aylar önce
Это настоящее произведение искусства! Я был просто поражен настолько тонкой техникой, настолько ювелирным владением инструментов, техникой и общим результатом. Это нечто непередаваемое. Каждое движение и так отточено и выверено. Браво!
Nordline O
Nordline O 3 aylar önce
@El gato Negro ну оно того стоит. 2к баксов. Хорошая заводская пара ботинок - от сотни - другой. Плюс видно что это по индивидуальной колодке. Оно изначально будет очень дорого.
El gato Negro
El gato Negro 3 aylar önce
За 150 000 ботинки
Игорь Смолов
Игорь Смолов 4 aylar önce
как и дорогой костюм, эти туфли нужно учиться и уметь носить.
Роман Русланович
Роман Русланович 4 aylar önce
А я от технологии офигел главным образом... Разве можно их носить после этого... Стоптать и выбросить?
Vladimir Castillo
Vladimir Castillo 4 aylar önce
Un trabajo impecable que sigan con sus talentos gracias por darnos a conocer tanto saber
CrazyRussianChick 26 gün önce
Absolutely incredible! How long does it take for a pair to be ready from start to finish?
Luis Benavides
Luis Benavides 3 aylar önce
Reconocer el valor del trabajo realizado por un verdadero zapatero no tiene precio alguno. Mi padre Ernesto Benavides Cordoba en su juventud hizo zapatos a mano durante mucho tiempo. Todavia tengo algunas de sus herramientas de zapateria y un calzado con el que obtuvo renombrado reconocimiento. Mil gracias Siroeno Yosui por compartir EL laborioso trabajo. ありがとう
Uzziel Girón
Uzziel Girón 2 aylar önce
Un grande tu padre, no cabe duda que los zapateros son unos artistas! 👏👏👏
Rommel Galicia
Rommel Galicia Aylar önce
New sub here, such an relaxing video. The accuracy and precision of everything is absolutely on point. Will be watching all videos on this channel moving forward. The background music also fits that classical ambience the video projects. Anyway, more power to the channel and God bless from the 🇵🇭
WalkingMyTalk1970 2 aylar önce
This is incredible. Glad to see it's not a lost art. 💞
Martin 6 aylar önce
Your skills with your shoe crafting and videography are both world class. It makes me respect Japan and Japanese hand-labor even more.
Siroeno Yosui
Siroeno Yosui 6 aylar önce
Thank you for you comment and happy to hear! Please drop by our workshop if you have chance to come to Japan😄!
Jamie Berlanga
Jamie Berlanga 3 aylar önce
I can watch this for hours. Amazing craftsmanship.
Jer0tube 3 aylar önce
I bet those shoes are incredibly comfortable and long lasting. Awesome workmanship!
Camundongo Tutor
Camundongo Tutor 3 aylar önce
Simplesmente incrível!!!
sergio alberto gonzalez escarate
sergio alberto gonzalez escarate 3 aylar önce
Maravilloso, felicitaciones a este gran artesano. Lastima que cada dia hay menos como ellos.
nordronsh 5 aylar önce
Очень полезное видео, чтоб люди понимали цену ручного труда и ценили!
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