Final Seconds of 2021 NBA Finals Game 6 | Milwaukee Celebration | Suns vs Bucks

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House of Highlights

House of Highlights

Yıl önce

Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 6 Highlights | July 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Finals



House of Highlights
House of Highlights Yıl önce
Milwaukee Bucks Trophy Presentation Ceremony:
jhonpaul evasco
jhonpaul evasco 10 aylar önce
anong labas sa ending 2021 oct 18 nba
Robert Croxton Jr.
Robert Croxton Jr. Yıl önce
and chris paul did not show good sportsmanship. he just headed straight to the locker room without congratulating the bucks. shame on him.
Corazon Macayan
Corazon Macayan Yıl önce
Maricris Dalan
Maricris Dalan Yıl önce
@TjayXVII ⁹
Ryzer Yıl önce
@TjayXVII 1qqqQqqq
revenger32 Yıl önce
He stick with the team who drafted him, and didn’t go to a big market team. Makes this win 10x more special, he deserves it and so happy for him
X-KillaG 25 gün önce
@Matt David ok captain obvious
Uly TM
Uly TM 2 aylar önce
@Donateloh689 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
danny hernandez
danny hernandez 3 aylar önce
@Donateloh689 yeah can’t wait until Lebron leaves the Lakers.
inter galactic
inter galactic 8 aylar önce
he's just like klay, Draymond and curry, when you're loyal you get glory
Xamuel Calvez
Xamuel Calvez 10 aylar önce
@Donateloh689 put a respect on Lebron brother.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Yıl önce
He sat down like thanos… like “finally” I can rest a little now.
Wayman Earls
Wayman Earls 10 aylar önce
@Kaizer Sozay - Thanos sat down after the Snap, genius.
Kaizer Sozay
Kaizer Sozay 10 aylar önce
@Daniel Davis nun
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 10 aylar önce
@Kaizer Sozay wat …
Kaizer Sozay
Kaizer Sozay 10 aylar önce
Thanos never sat down!! You marvel fan girl 👧
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia 11 aylar önce
@Geoff Bruce and Giannis got his nuggets. The end
Demetris Soteriou
Demetris Soteriou 11 aylar önce
3:46 he says to Middleton "we did it, but we're gonna do it again" just 5 minutes after becoming a Champ. That's GOAT mentality right there.
BigRab II
BigRab II Aylar önce
@Ferchango As a bucks fan I fucking hope not, respect to GSW outside those Durant years for making a team right, but man I'd like an easier opponent than fuckin curry and the boys, don't need to see a random 3rd quarter flurry of 15 3s killing us.
Ferchango Aylar önce
@martarial holloway Finals next year will be GSW 2022 Champs against MWK 2021 Champs, battle of well created selfless teams.
martarial holloway
martarial holloway Aylar önce
@Michael Bailey Middleton even tho he was injured this year still had almost the same year as a healthy Jason Tatum
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey Aylar önce
I believe if Middleton didn’t get injured than the Bucks would’ve been back to back champions, but they did not achieve that goal and the 2022 NBA champion goes to the Golden State Warriors.
martarial holloway
martarial holloway 2 aylar önce
@Confessions Of A Movie Freak you sure? Yea
ExclusiveLM Yıl önce
The small market Milwaukee is no longer a bottom of the barrel team. That city is now on top as champions !! Congratulations from New York City.
Lyrikal Killa
Lyrikal Killa Aylar önce
@Confessions Of A Movie Freak with Giannis the bucks will be top 3 in the NBA.. for the foreseeable future.
Confessions Of A Movie Freak
Confessions Of A Movie Freak 2 aylar önce
@ExclusiveLM aged poorly
ExclusiveLM Yıl önce
@Michael Breindel Michael I'm a basketball fan. I've been watching the Bucks lose since I was kid. I love when the underdog wins. Here in New York, we have die hard sides. But, we have won so much with the Yankess, and the Mets are two time champs, and we had a good Knicks team in the 90s until Starks started thinking that he could shoot. With me any New York team that is in the finals or world series has my back as long as it's not against the Yankees in baseball. The Nets got a serious rude awakening with Giannis and the Bucks winning. Now the pressure is on all these high salary contracts on the Nets. But, above all, lets not forget what Harden said about Giannis. Harden now has a lot to prove as a Net.
Michael Breindel
Michael Breindel Yıl önce
You talking like a Knicks fan. I know you ain't no Brooklyn fan.
n Yıl önce
Let's not get crazy...nothing will really change in the city of Milwaukee because of 1 championship in 50 years...chill out
Leon Phelphs
Leon Phelphs Yıl önce
When loyalty is rewarded…. Well deserved 🙌🏾 🏆
PressCAPLOCK Yıl önce
Not bad for a guy that supposedly can only "Run and Dunk". Giannis is a 2x MVP, 1x DPOY, MIP, All Star MVP, and now a Finals MVP at the age of 26, Insane!! 🎉🏆 I better hear no more Giannis Disrespect 😤
Daquavious Bingleton
Daquavious Bingleton 5 gün önce
@Klay aged terribly
Ale Montes
Ale Montes 7 aylar önce
@mrmacross right like wtf??
Itz Deer
Itz Deer 7 aylar önce
@Maddox Snider it it weren't for Chris Paul and DeAndre ayton the sun's wouldn't have made the finals ion see ur point
Venetox YT
Venetox YT 7 aylar önce
@Mason B Yeah the Suns were very injured LMAO
R.J. Yıl önce
Just like Dirk was to Mavs and Timmy was to the Spurs, I hope Giannis remains with the Bucks for remainder of his career. Right now, it's looking like Giannis is already in the mix for the discussion of the top 5 (if not top 3) Power Forwards ever, with Garnett, Barkley, McHale, Malone, Dirk and Duncan.
JamesBurton. 2 aylar önce
@R.J. Bird outshines McHale so much that's why many people forgot him. And also his GM career
Jay H
Jay H 5 aylar önce
Dennis Rodman as well (rebounds and defense)
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 8 aylar önce
@R.J. trust me man I agree with that It’s just this social media era people are so quick together and are constantly looking for the next thing
R.J. 8 aylar önce
@Mike Miller Some don't give respect to players before the 90s. When Barkley has repeatedly praised McHale as the best power forward he played against, he's definitely one of the best. Just because the players have played since late 90s and had more exposure don't mean "they are better" than the players of yesteryears.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 8 aylar önce
Unfortunately through history I think McHale’s legacy is fading
Icy Diamonds
Icy Diamonds Yıl önce
Seeing Booker saying “damn” in the midst of all this is still pretty dope
Rylen McCoochie
Rylen McCoochie 2 aylar önce
@Ferchango game 7 ?
Glomethazine 2 aylar önce
@Football Oklahoma lmfaoo they was this close my boy 🤏🏾
Gaurav Agochiya
Gaurav Agochiya 2 aylar önce
@Football Oklahoma Yeah this statement isn’t looking too good right now
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 3 aylar önce
Ewic_ 3 aylar önce
@Ferchango nah bulls trash
wii8 11 aylar önce
man, still getting goosebumps watching this back, being down at the deer district outside the stadium after they won, the entire crowd was going bonkers, literally strangers crying and hi-fiving and hugging each other, with just as much if not more energy outside the stadium than in that night, I will never forget that. there was easily 80k people there despite official numbers.
Indiana _ Bones55
Indiana _ Bones55 6 aylar önce
I was in deer district too. We probably high fived at some point. Lol.
K*$tax Yıl önce
Giannis and his two brothers got rings. WoW!!. Incredible. Much respect. The city of Milwaukee has been through a lot. I beLieve they deserve this moment in time. Congrats yall.
Nemar Resultan
Nemar Resultan Yıl önce
Giannis saves the NBA. He stayed loyal to his team that drafted him and didn’t join or created superteam like most superstars today just to win their ring. Most people were laughing on him when he signed that five-year extension with the bucks but he knows his time is coming and he wanted to win his ring the right way. Now he’s one of the most accomplished 26 years old in nba history, he won the most improved player of the year, all star game MVP, 2x regular season MVP, defensive player of the year and tonight he became NBA champion and still won finals MVP even though he was injured 2 weeks ago. Well deserved
Yokun Aylar önce
@marcos laureano Superteams are when 3 or more allstar players join together through free agency or trading to win a ring...
Nema Jitiam
Nema Jitiam Aylar önce
@DRCO not just only him the splash brother did
Bro G
Bro G 2 aylar önce
@D3POツ dummy
Colin Grabmydick
Colin Grabmydick 3 aylar önce
@jason moukala it just does lol
jason moukala
jason moukala 3 aylar önce
@Colin Grabmydick and that matters why
kmusic Yıl önce
Both teams played their hearts out. Respect to both teams
Kam Yıl önce
“When all else fails, bet on yourself.” A lot of people, including myself, called him crazy for staying and not going to the GSW or Miami or other championship bound teams. This guy was loyal and put the team on his back and won a ring.
Maverick Hunter 8
Maverick Hunter 8 Yıl önce
1:29 this moment man, Giannis sits down and takes in the moment letting tears of joy flow.
It Log
It Log Yıl önce
I feel bad for CP3. That's probably his last chance to be a main player in a championship team. But these guys deserves it. Wish there was a game 7 but these finals was really entertaining to watch. So many close games.
Gaurav Agochiya
Gaurav Agochiya 2 aylar önce
@dutt reacts Yep. He’s now back at home. But at least he’s insured by State Farm.
dutt reacts
dutt reacts 2 aylar önce
@Gaurav Agochiya well this aged well 😂
💯KEN'S CHANNEL💯 Gacha Kendrick
💯KEN'S CHANNEL💯 Gacha Kendrick 6 aylar önce
If Milwaukee and Phoenix meet again in the finals its a new rivalry like golden state vs cleveland, and hopefully no one ruins it.
Gaurav Agochiya
Gaurav Agochiya 6 aylar önce
@Ferchango Who’s to say that the Heat and Cavs aren’t in it as well? They’re right there alongside the Bulls contending for the top of the East.
Ferchango 6 aylar önce
His Suns are top right now, they are hungry for that chip. They might win it all but the Grizzlies, Warriors, Bulls and Bucks want to win as well.
Neichus Yıl önce
Giannis hit his freethrows. The world mocked him for his freethrows.
Chad Neider
Chad Neider Yıl önce
He is lucky he was at home, cuz he never would’ve made 17/19 FT’s in Phoenix🦌
Bobby Bandz05
Bobby Bandz05 Yıl önce
@Akshat Kaushal Facts
Akumpo Yıl önce
Giannis proved the world wrong. He shot awesome from the line to help clutch the win for the Bucks! Truly amazing to see what he is capable of doing.
Neichus Yıl önce
@Branson Moak yeah... like.... 1 out of 2 shots go in 🤦‍♂️ That's like for every 10 girls you ask out on a date 5 of them says yes. That's pretty damn good.
Branson Moak
Branson Moak Yıl önce
@Mason B Thx man for backing me up
Joseph Boadu
Joseph Boadu Yıl önce
Please, please let's not forget the great feats of Giannis this season. His blocks, that alleyoop and the mere fact that we thought he wouldn't start the finals with after that injury. What a Greek Freak of a player 🦌🦌🦌🇬🇷🇬🇷👑👑
Peaches N CREAMY
Peaches N CREAMY Yıl önce
When you look back at how badly this team wanted this title, they earned it by dedicating a defensive and offensive play. Job well done.
Adrina Santangelo
Adrina Santangelo Yıl önce
Giannis walked straight towards his mother!! That’s beautiful man ❤️❤️
Donna Lawrence
Donna Lawrence Yıl önce
Persistence pays. This young man was determined, he named it and claimed it. He was totally devoted to bring a championship trophy to the city and they did it. Congrats Milwaukee Bucks, the fans really showed some love for this team.💯
Joal Rycar Refe
Joal Rycar Refe Yıl önce
“Don’t call me MVP unless i’m an NBA Champion” We callin’ you MVP now champ, you deserve it.
M. S.
M. S. 11 aylar önce
@Joal Rycar Refe There isnt?? To me it sure looks so
Joal Rycar Refe
Joal Rycar Refe 11 aylar önce
@M. S. no such thing as lucky
M. S.
M. S. 11 aylar önce
He deserves it, but he was lucky
Allen Ruz
Allen Ruz 11 aylar önce
@M. S. this dude's everywhere just to hate a man who worked his ass off from a poor home to stardom. Giannis remained humble, but I can see why you're jealous. Just keep it to yourself buddy 😉
D3POツ Yıl önce
@M. S. yea guess who cares but still he deserved and worked hard it isn't luck u bum lol
Kirby Curry
Kirby Curry Yıl önce
The suns where sooooo close ,congratulations to the bucks
MaxPayne213 Yıl önce
I'm so proud for Giannis. Great guy Great championship.
Kit Fredeman
Kit Fredeman 9 aylar önce
This is like the ending of a sports movie, one of the most inspiring NBA stories ever.
Mosbey T
Mosbey T Yıl önce
This is the definition of loyalty paying off in a long run.
___ CVRLO Yıl önce
Colin Grabmydick
Colin Grabmydick 6 aylar önce
Watching this gives me goosebumps. This man has given that city the past decade of his life and stuck it out. Him and Middleton hugging their coach just shows you they’re a family up there. That’s what happens when you don’t give up during the growing pains
9ine God
9ine God Aylar önce
“And the brilliance…of the young man from Athens” Greatest quote ever said about a champion. I’ll never forget this night.
Hossu Vlad
Hossu Vlad Yıl önce
Congratulations Bucks!! You deserved it!! Mad respect for Phoenix also, they played tremendous basketball this year!
Mistah Unknown
Mistah Unknown Yıl önce
From his free throws, to his midrange shooting, to his 3 point shooting, to his fast break, to his defense, to his his rim protection, and to his trust towards his team, he played the entire closeout game the right way. He just solidified himself as a Hall of Famer if he were to retire right now.
IncrediBol Yıl önce
@Mason B he hit them this game
Akumpo Yıl önce
@Obvious Troll That Baited You I don’t think I would use the word “carried”. It was more of every player on the Bucks roster played some sort of part that led in the team winning a ring after 50 years.
Sharif Nasser
Sharif Nasser Yıl önce
@Mason B nah he hit them
Goose Goose
Goose Goose Yıl önce
king power
king power Yıl önce
@Obvious Troll That Baited You change your name man to bait more lololo
Cyrogex12 3 aylar önce
Still gives me goosebumps 10 months later. Still doesn't feel real
TenorMan96 Yıl önce
Kobe would be proud since he told Giannis to win an MVP and a Championship.
K Money
K Money 4 aylar önce
@Talaijoyita Tamasese cause he played against plumbers in the 70s
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 6 aylar önce
@Talaijoyita Tamasese hahahaha bro why are you telling us you’re slow
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 6 aylar önce
@Talaijoyita Tamasese cry more
Coach Marcus Lomas
Coach Marcus Lomas 10 aylar önce
@Talaijoyita Tamasese ???
Coach Marcus Lomas
Coach Marcus Lomas 10 aylar önce
@Talaijoyita Tamasese ???
George Vogiannou
George Vogiannou Yıl önce
0:41 Alex yelling to Giannis "Nai re Malaka" is the most Greek thing ever 😂😂😂
jp66koz Yıl önce
I think he actually says "To pirame Malaka" meaning "We got it Malaka" (the trophy , the championship). Also at 1:39 you can hear someone (obviously someone of his brothers yell) "Bravo, malaka, bravo". This needs no translation. And, indeed this this is the most Greek thing ever.
Martino Caesar Tongco
Martino Caesar Tongco Yıl önce
@Xi Xie Malaka can mean anything
Dimitrios Varsamidis
Dimitrios Varsamidis Yıl önce
yes (my)jerker. But its like yeah man!
joseph mui
joseph mui 2 aylar önce
man i still getting emotional watching this, i’ve been a bucks fan since 2016 and watching all of giannis’ hard work finally pay off just hits me
Fuego Yıl önce
Giannis got a point for every single year the bucks didn’t win a championship. 50 points, 50 years! Well done young man 👏🏿
Akumpo Yıl önce
@Malcolm Wayne Yup 🔥
David Reis
David Reis Yıl önce
@Charles Hocq II well it's not what it use to be that's for sure magic bird m.j. kobe I believe the players are way different because these guys today care more about there big paycheck then winning a championship that's how I feel and see it and it sucks,it's great that they make as much money as they can let them I have no issue with that,but put ur fukin heart into the game even when ur down 10 points with 30 seconds don't give up because anything can happen but these players today they do and it's sickening to watch
Charles Hocq II
Charles Hocq II Yıl önce
@David Reis basketball in general is such a boring sport basically takes no skill. Since MJ retired it’s been trash
David Reis
David Reis Yıl önce
@Charles Hocq II it's better then chasing after a ring and trying to get every great player to play with u like sone players do,
Mars 🦂
Mars 🦂 Yıl önce
This gave me goosebumps! 😂 let’s fucking go Bucks!
Jc Yıl önce
Nets & suns fan here…congrats bucks well deserved win 🏆. It’s your night bucks’ fans celebrate 🎉
Eljo Chavz Channel
Eljo Chavz Channel Yıl önce
PJ Tucker and Jrue Holiday is a big addition for this win.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit 11 aylar önce
Jrue one of the best perimeter defenders something Bucks lacked. Glad they got rid of Bledsoe.
wayofthegun Yıl önce
Pj brought that energy.. holiday and middland showed they deserve to be in the NBA they both stepped up in this finale in a big way ..I'm glad they got rings ...
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Yıl önce
Bobby Portis > PJ Tucker
AirFrance | ROBLOX
AirFrance | ROBLOX Yıl önce
Yeah PJ didn’t really do anything
Brett Smith
Brett Smith Yıl önce
Good thing they dumped Eric bledsoe lmao
Calvester Marks
Calvester Marks Yıl önce
Congratulations to the bucks ya deserve it 👏👏👏
Nathan Chisholm
Nathan Chisholm Yıl önce
Always remember to respect the opponent. Hell of a season for the suns, good finals series, congrats to the bucks! Both teams worked their asses off to get here and overcame a lot.
Sir No Lacketh
Sir No Lacketh Yıl önce
I wanted the Suns to win, but the Bucks earned this. Giannis secured his first Championship.
Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng Yıl önce
Love your username and avi. 😂
Howard Tonio
Howard Tonio Yıl önce
@OpShoota hell u watch or u a keyboard troll
Sir No Lacketh
Sir No Lacketh Yıl önce
@Santa Clause Lol you sound hurt af
Sir No Lacketh
Sir No Lacketh Yıl önce
Damn I didn’t expect this comment to get this many likes.
Johnson Yıl önce
What a great series. Congrats to the bucks and also props to suns for playing so hard. This was one of the more entertaining finals in awhile.
SN Drag Racing Films
SN Drag Racing Films Yıl önce
From a Raptors fan, congrats to the Bucks! So happy for them and the city of Milwaukee and I'm glad they won it all! What a season!
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Aylar önce
Love all the players in this league. Truly watch remarkable talent.
CryptoDaddy Yıl önce
So funny how humans press their hearts together in times of great emotion. So happy for the Milwaukee Bucks!
Dave C fishing
Dave C fishing Yıl önce
what a great moment, love when a "new" city wins, even though they did once
Mike Usa
Mike Usa Yıl önce
Congrats fellas.... Well deserved and over due. Very proud fan here!!!!
Wis Dom
Wis Dom Yıl önce
Giannis won his championship the RIGHT way! The Jordan, Bird and Magic way!
Vineel Kesavarapu
Vineel Kesavarapu 9 aylar önce
@Dom S If Bird was on the "best" team in the league, then why did the Celtics only win 29 games the year before he got there? With Jordan, don't act as if Scottie was a star from the beginning. The man only averaged 7 points in his rookie season. With Magic having Kareem, Why couldn't Kareem win a championship with the Lakers before Magic was drafted? I know Kareem won in Milwaukee, but he had Oscar. You only look at the teams Jordan, Magic, and Bird played for but fail to look how the team was before they got there.
Dom S
Dom S 9 aylar önce
@Red Red debunk it
Red Red
Red Red 9 aylar önce
@Dom S That's not context, that's cherry picking. If you want to put things into context, then you have to put EVERYTHING into context. Not just the broad comparisons that make you look right. For example, Phil WASN'T the best coach when he came to the Bulls. And I could go on and on, debunking you, but ultimately your are a nobody and just not worth anyone's time. LMAO!
Dom S
Dom S 9 aylar önce
Soooooo we gonna act like bird didn’t have the best team in the league? We gonna act like the bulls weren’t actually helping Jordan with a supporting cast and one the best coaches of all time. We gonna act like magic didn’t get drafted to a team with Kareem already on the team? Y’all niggas don’t put context to anything and it’s annoying af.
spongeaang98 9 aylar önce
@Madara Uchiha He went back to the team that drafted him. I'd say that's the right way.
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe Yıl önce
Giannis was amazing but I hope no one forgets Jrue Holiday's performance, especially on the defensive end. Can't believe they got him basically for Eric Bledsoe.
Isaac Boaz
Isaac Boaz Yıl önce
I’m a Spurs fan, but man I can’t help but be proud of Giannis. He’s such a nice, humble guy, and one hell of a player. He deserved this win
Ferdie Nantes
Ferdie Nantes Yıl önce
@Aaron Max Oh really? I saw few snippets and Devin Booker stayed and congratulated the Bucks. I thought Monty and Bud met as well midcourt as gentlemen. Anyhow, a disciple doesn't mean to be a complete duplicate of the discipler. As for the media or anyone visiting the Suns locker room, is it a norm today? They're in their grieving moments, so they deserve the team-only space.
Aaron Max
Aaron Max Yıl önce
@Ferdie Nantes heck they even let monty in their locker room
Aaron Max
Aaron Max Yıl önce
@Ferdie Nantes suns were salty and walked off
Greco-Americano Yıl önce
He’s a product Greece. That humble attitude comes from Europe, one of the oldest cultures in history. Hellenic culture!
Mike Usa
Mike Usa Yıl önce
Indeed... He's worked his ass off and willed this team even thru injury..... So proud n happy for all of Milwaukee, WI and the Bucks.... Racine here standing tall!!!!😁
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last Yıl önce
Great win for the Bucks! love it.
DWsMatos Yıl önce
Congratulations Bucks! Well done Giannis! Wonderful job! 🇪🇺💪
Georgios Nats
Georgios Nats Yıl önce
0:41 “nai re malaka 😂😂” that’s the real Greek celebration between brothers!!! Giannis what a guy! He said about this moment from day one in bucks…
Noekos Yıl önce
Five years of hard work and they finally got it. Congrats it's well deserved 🦌
Sports311 Yıl önce
Giannis wanted to prove to everyone that he’s not here to just be just a superstar, he wanted to prove that he’s a champion. This was one of the greatest playoff runs in NBA history!!!
KAI🥶 Yıl önce
@Santa Clause stop hating
king power
king power Yıl önce
@Santa Clause he had a fair share of injuries albeit in this playoff run, and i am guessing the pain still lingers but he played through it. It's okay. Just cry. I know you salty, just cry it man. 😭
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores Yıl önce
Congratulations to Milwaukee bucks ❤
Brian Alucard
Brian Alucard Yıl önce
A true 90s spirit. Made way into NBa champ without joining other stronger teams or supertean
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr Yıl önce
What I love about Giannis is just classy and humane he is. When the rest of his bucks team are celebrating on the court, he went to look for his wife son mother and brother his family. Gave the ones who were with him from day one their moments first and then went to celebrate with his family. This man and the new generation ended the era of super teams and ring chasing! Excited to see what they do next!!
Juan Kulot
Juan Kulot Yıl önce
so happy for the bucks. congratulations champs!!!
Brian Yıl önce
The best thing about this ring is he did it his way. Didn’t form a super team or join a super team. Respect G.
Nick Giovanni
Nick Giovanni Yıl önce
@mykael marshall this Bucks team was substantially better than that GS team
PJ S Yıl önce
@ClownLives Matter Is this what you do with your life man? Grow up, that's life. If you can't accept that injuries happen then what's the point with arguing with you if you want to keep using hypotheticals. A win is a win, tough luck to your team if they suffered injuries. This was the whole point of the discussion. Plus, you keep using LeBron as your standard. If you hate the man so much then by all means, enjoy your life by engaging in such an act. But I don't care if LeBron loses or any other player for that matter. I do not partake in idolatry like most fans do, apparently you do because you're so affected by how one team won and how the other lost. You don't have to complicate things by indulging yourself in "what ifs." Golden State won in 2015, fair play to them. Cleveland won in 2016, then congratulations to them, so on and so forth. Just accept the fact that your team lost or won, end of story. Many of you keep using the narrative that "there should be no excuses for when a team loses." then why are you patently using excuses for justifying why one team should've won? If you can't apply one standard to one team or player, then what's the point in arguing when it is evident that whatever you're doing is fallacious for being biased in favor of one part or party. Oh and just because the 2002 WCF is rigged, does not mean that all other competitions are. Ever heard of non-sequitur? It's another fallacy bro. If the 2016 NBA Finals was rigged, then I suggest you devote your time into looking for evidence to prove your point. Stop engaging in skepticism if you want to present yourself as a logical individual. At least the claim that the 2002 WCF was rigged had some credence to it because of testimonies. If you still don't get it, then I don't have time for this anymore. Have a nice day to you too.
ClownLives Matter
ClownLives Matter Yıl önce
@PJ S If your favorite team lost a crucial, close out game in the NBA finals because 1 of your key players got suspended, you wouldn't be saying "They had 2 games to close the series.". Also, a win isn't a win as you put it, why do you think the 2002 WCF is still talked about today as 1 of the most rigged series of all time? The Lakers barely avoided elimination in game 6 mainly because they had a 40-25 free throw advantage that night from the refs. You didn't even address my argument either, you just said that I was downplaying the team winning without giving further context. Next, I was complaining more about how unfair it is that they would suspend Draymond like that when the NBA WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO LEBRON IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED, they knew what they were doing when they suspended Draymond in the middle of that series. Lastly, you said "If you don't agree, then please, by all means, carry on if it makes you happy downplaying what others have done while you're sitting at home being an actual bum. Lol" I'm simply saying that I disagree with what the NBA did in the 2016 playoffs by suspending Draymond and having that view somehow makes me a bum? Sorry but I'm highly skeptical of this bullshit proposition that you have presented me with, thank you kindly.
PJ S Yıl önce
@ClownLives Matter Now Iguodala was hobbled? But when someone else plays throughout the series without being a 100%, they shouldn't use it as an excuse? I also don't discredit the fact that Draymond got suspended but really? Some of you are still using that excuse? They had 2 games to close the series. The logic in some of these arguments are just fallacious to say the least. I swear, some of you would do anything to discredit a player and their team's achievements. A win is a win, whether you're Jordan, Dirk, LeBron, Curry, Giannis or whichever person you could think of. If you don't agree, then please, by all means, carry on if it makes you happy downplaying what others have done while you're sitting at home being an actual bum. Lol
frianric ramos
frianric ramos Yıl önce
@eliborio camacho Yeah, thats LeBron's mentality he knew this time he cant lead his team without AD
Chris Bo
Chris Bo Yıl önce
So happy. Finally not a 3-Point shooter or team deciding the Finals! The Big (Fast) Men are back on top. I hope they can compete at the highest level next year.
Death2sion Yıl önce
It’s nice to see young players winning the finals
Venas Yıl önce
The greatest and sweetest championship ever. ♥️
Bradders-biyahemoto. Yıl önce
The priceless tear of 34. Congrats you fought as a team play like a team.
Jack Shockey
Jack Shockey Yıl önce
He could left,quit, or blamed others. Instead he’s a champion and has goat potential. Congratulations Milwaukee couldn’t be happier for you!!
Charles Hocq II
Charles Hocq II Yıl önce
@Depressed Falcons Fan none of them. If you look at the statistics. It’s not that hard to be an nba player .
KyrieGotSwag Yıl önce
@OOF :3 I know that bro I’m not against Lebron in this idk why u saying this to me .
Kinghavs Yıl önce
Goat potential? Really? Stop jock strapping him.. he did a good job but he needs to work on his game big time
OOF :3
OOF :3 Yıl önce
@KyrieGotSwag LeBron had a reason to leave Cleveland, he stayed there for 9 years and never got anything but barley any all star caliber players, Cleveland has never won a championship before LeBron Bc the franchise is ass, Giannis has Middleton who can score 40, what teammate besides LeBron himself was scoring 40 on Cleveland during his early years
Depressed Falcons Fan
Depressed Falcons Fan Yıl önce
@Charles Hocq II who is a skilled player in ur eyes
Gerardo Berdin
Gerardo Berdin Yıl önce
Great achievement Congratulations to Giannis and Bucks team.
Demonic Rabbit
Demonic Rabbit 9 aylar önce
I still have to watch this video every now and then, just to remind myself that my Bucks did this. The pain of the 2001 ECF loss to the Iverson 76'ers was erased, along with memories of the basement dwelling futile years that followed after.
Marianna Georgiadou
Marianna Georgiadou Yıl önce
So proud of you Giannis!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Oliver Lennon
Oliver Lennon Yıl önce
So glad I got to see him years ago, he had a crazy dunk!
P1S4P0RP01S3 Yıl önce
Giannis- Wins an NBA Finals by sticking with the team that believed in him Everyone liked that
Angels fan
Angels fan Yıl önce
Didn’t he already sign the 5 year max
Dallin Law
Dallin Law Yıl önce
@BigBoi nah Aaron is washed
BigBoi Yıl önce
POV you want Aaron Rodgers to do the same
younged 510
younged 510 Yıl önce
@UnlimitedProduction bro they are already rich, don't let these players you mention live rent free in that head of your lol
UnlimitedProduction Yıl önce
No quitting on your team mid season like AD before going to the Lakers or Harden this season No decision, no team hopping or playing GM then crying I need help after every loss like LeBron No joining a 73 win team like KD Just grind and became a winner
user2747 7 aylar önce
I come back to this as a suns fan occasionally. Suns & Bucks really played hard. When Suns were up 2-0 I feel like they got sloppy thinking it was all over. Suns are killing it again this year tho 30-8 but warriors looking scary. We’ll see what happens
bhizmar cool
bhizmar cool Yıl önce
great player....great team...respect & salut....Congratulations Bucks..!!!
Tony Chung
Tony Chung Yıl önce
That group huggy warm my heart! Let's go champ!
Theresa Lundy
Theresa Lundy Yıl önce
When Booker says “damn”. Like it really sunk in. Wow. Indeed. Damn what a game!! Woot woot Bucks!!
John White
John White Yıl önce
This man Giannis averaged 35-13-5 with 50 points in a close out game at age 26. Give this man his roses!
Jay Philly
Jay Philly Yıl önce
@Test Test Let's see him win a championship with the Nets, Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets etc at full strength, no injuries. Ohh and good luck winning another championship in Milwaukee because no All Star Player is rushing to play there in truth. Your boy may put up all the stars in the world but he will not have another Cinderella story.
Test Test
Test Test Yıl önce
@Jay Philly Giannis is going to be a 28/11/5 player for the next 6-8 years lol he has another MVP in his future and possibly another championship. He might go down as statically the most dominant player with some of the craziest accolades when it’s said and down
warpspeed Yıl önce
@Santa Clause still believing in Santa?
Jay Philly
Jay Philly Yıl önce
@Test Test are you really trying to convince me? Kevin Durant is one of the best shooters in the game PERIOD with great defense in his game set...Do not let Giannis game with the Suns got you hype up. Giannis would have struggled with teams such as the Lakers, Clippers or Nets when healthy because his outside shooting would have been exposed since HE CAN shoot. The Suns had no one that could have stopped Giannis in the paint.
Toshiro Akage
Toshiro Akage Yıl önce
@Joe kolpe 64%
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Ketchup Yıl önce
Giannis and the Bucks deserve this so damn much! What a Guy! ❤️
Either outcome of this finals there was somebody to be happy for. Congrat Bucks
Drew Wint
Drew Wint Yıl önce
His mom wearing the hat he got drafted in, big ups to Giannis mann 💯
Jonesy OKC
Jonesy OKC Yıl önce
Congrats to the Bucks. In a league with a salary cap rigged to heavily favor big market teams, endless tampering, and ring chasing, the small market team beats the system and wins it all. Great to see.
22 Buckets
22 Buckets Yıl önce
I have so much respect for Giannis now. He stayed with a small market team despite all the rumors. Wow.
Kusuo Saiki
Kusuo Saiki Yıl önce
@Bear Down as much as your reason! You think Giannis and bucks can defeat Golden State with thompson or Jamal murray with nuggets? Keep dreamin
Bear Down
Bear Down Yıl önce
@Aaron Daneils They’re a small market team chief. Less exposure and free agents aren’t running to sign with Milwaukee.
Bear Down
Bear Down Yıl önce
@Kusuo Saiki Every team has injuries. Throw that excuse in the trash.
Johnny Salazar
Johnny Salazar Yıl önce
Be proud of this young suns team, they went into this season not knowing how it will go, and came out with not only playoff experience, but finals experience and battle scars, this team will be dangerous in the coming years as they grow together and with the right pieces
Ask Your Whore Mother
Ask Your Whore Mother Yıl önce
Aaron Daneils lmao, you clearly have no idea what small market team means.
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