Top 10 Projects Completing in 2023

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It's going to be a huge year.
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Additional footage and images courtesy of Venhoevencs and Ateliers 2/3/4/, Proloog, Kringvarp Føroya, P/F Eystur, Og Sanddoyartunlar, Raducu P Drum, Earthcam, L+L Holding, CSCEC Egypt, Las Vegas Grand Prix Inc, Tun Razak Exchange, Mori Building Company, Tren Maya, Toho Co. Ltd, S P Seita, Matt Brown, Gross + Partner, Peri Formwork Systems, UNStuidio, Aida Studio, MSG Entertainment, Deep Dive Dubai, Miral and SeaWorld Parks + Entertainment.
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00:00 Intro
00:36 1 - Tokyo
01:57 2 - Kuala Lumpur
03:04 3 - Egyptian Desert
04:04 4 - Melbourne
05:18 5 - Frankfurt
06:31 6 - Yucatan Peninsula
08:06 7 - Las Vegas
09:16 8 - Las Vegas
10:32 9 - Abu Dhabi
11:57 10 - Paris
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@makeyourday2848 10 aylar önce
This channel ain't pregnant but always deliver
@TheB1M 10 aylar önce
That's the best comment we've read this year. Granted it's Jan 4th.
@nolimo2593 10 aylar önce
Lmao exactly
@makeyourday2848 10 aylar önce
@@TheB1M TNX
@bababababababa6124 10 aylar önce
@shingidala 10 aylar önce
@LeodiAstoriaXIII 10 aylar önce
Tokyo's Toranomon-Azabudai Development Project is the biggest urban development project in Tokyo's history, it took more than 30 years to plan and start the construction, I went pass the project a few times and it's enormous!
@metrognomy1215 10 aylar önce
It's an interesting project but with the Japanese government trying to persuade people to leave Tokyo, even offering relocation payments, what do they expect to replace with this?
@LeodiAstoriaXIII 10 aylar önce
@@metrognomy1215 This project mostly consist of commercial facilities and office buildings, there are some residential towers but you have to be multi-millionaire to live here. Japanese gov's target are not those, the target is low-mid income people.
@trainsandmore2319 10 aylar önce
@@LeodiAstoriaXIII Abenomics basically turned Japan into an oligarchy imo.
@LeodiAstoriaXIII 10 aylar önce
@@trainsandmore2319 yep, tax cut for the rich and corporations, they used to have Zaibatsu, now they have Keiretsu, same wine different bottle. And after this project started the land price around it kept rising for years now.
@AR-gj1qt 10 aylar önce
It reminds me of oakridge that's being built in vancouver I hope they build more places like this because they look great to live in
@maumaz8834 10 aylar önce
im always happy to see Frankfurt represented. Its a city with only about 700.000 inhabitants while all of these others are far over 1.000.000 most of the time. Im not from Frankfurt myself but from a town near it but im always happy to see Frankfurt anywhere cause its the closest thing i get to international coverage here
@KarthikMishraIMSPEED 10 aylar önce
Are you fron Wiesbaden?
@HMKfilms360 10 aylar önce
Flew from Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt in 2012. Beautiful city.
@m.m.7514 10 aylar önce
Agreed. In terms of architecture in Europe is always either the UK, France or Spain, Germany has lots to offer as well.
@fernbedek6302 10 aylar önce
Frankfurt’s urban area has 2.3 million million and the metro has 5.6 million?
@JohnnyZenith 10 aylar önce
@M.M. Germany is wonderful. Heavily bombed like the UK. Oh how I wish both weren't bombed.
@hhydar883 10 aylar önce
The way Japan has created and managed a massive city like Tokyo should be an example for the whole world. So much can be learnt from this city in terms of infrastructure development. Greetings from Pakistan
@brendangonzalez3435 10 aylar önce
You know, I am not so sure if I agree? I went to Tokyo in the Autumn and I loved it! But I was a little underwhelmed with the infrastructure and housing. (Maybe because the expectation was so high) The underground was well organised, but not noticeably better than London for example. It all looked a little outdated imo. It also shut really early, so It was always a huge scramble to catch the last train. Night buses aren't really a thing either, meaning you were stuck.. It was quite walkable, but I would say most European Cities are more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.. And finally the housing is all so small. Tiny windows and low ceilings. The architecture for the most part is quite dull, rectangular and grey.. It is definitely a well-organised and super interesting place to visit! But I think the infrastructure of Tokyo is overrated a little in my opinion. Again just my first impressions and opinion from a short trip. I'm sure I could be wrong.
@lightyagami1058 10 aylar önce
@@brendangonzalez3435 Tokyo has to be built that way, not sure what this "example for the whole world" thing is all about - you'd actually expect New York and Tokyo conceptually to be switched since Japan needs to fit its housing on that one island while the US is more flattened out but Japan is more hilly and lies on a fault line so taller, densely packed buildings aren't feasible. These comments are what I like to call "advertisers", they sound like public speakers constantly announcing to the world that x city exists, holding up their big cardboard signs with arrows painted on them, which turns me off from actually appreciating a nice looking city that is Tokyo.
@_blank-_ 10 aylar önce
@@lightyagami1058 Compared to Pakistan, Tokyo is definitely a utopia.
@pietrojenkins6901 10 aylar önce
Karachi ,Lagos and Mumbai on the other hand are examples of how not to manage cities .
@hhydar883 10 aylar önce
@@brendangonzalez3435 its totally okay to have different opinion and not like certain things. For me personally, Tokyo is very interesting coz first it is very densely populated, very well prepared to deal with natural calamities, public transport links to every part of the city, very walkable and clean, small gardens and parks are spread out in every neighborhood, very very safe for a city of this size, the high rise districts are spread out throughout the city premises instead of confining it to one area which decreases the congestion and list goes on.. Afterall its a big deal to run a city of this scale and population with this much efficiency. Thats all 😊
@drdewott9154 10 aylar önce
In regards to Paris, one place that is definitely seeing a lot of investment ahead of the Olympics however is the public transit. Especially the city's brand new Metro line, Line 15, a ring line, part of the "Grand Paris Express" project, which is specifically planned to link Olympic sites, while also serving as a brand new ring line railway around central Paris, helping to make suburb to suburb trips easier and relieving the existing Metro and RER lines in the city centre
@drdewott9154 10 aylar önce
@@karankapoor2701 that's debatable depending on what you define as ghettos. But scientifically speaking one of the best ways to improve conditions in a ghetto is to provide good transit links. More often than not ghettos appear because of relative isolation, aka poor links to the rest of the city. That means people in there have a harder way to get to jobs and the alike, kinda creating an island in the urban region, and as such allowing for the formation of parallel societies.
@karankapoor2701 10 aylar önce
@@drdewott9154 i mean isn't it also attributed to the fact that most muslim communities like living in segregation in france particularly in Paris
@JohnnyZenith 10 aylar önce
Good news. I very much like Paris. I prefer London but god damn is Paris lovely too.
@aj1533 10 aylar önce
@@karankapoor2701 No.
@jamie_23 10 aylar önce
would love to see a video at the end of the year of all these buildings and the ones that didnt get complete. Great video as allways, happy new year team.
@JP_TaVeryMuch 10 aylar önce
Happy New Year Fred and the team. Never a dull moment in the building game. Thank you for your time and finally: Ouch! The ballooning cost of that sphere is ridiculous. At the same time as being an evermore common occurrence around the world. Hope that the London one doesn't go the same way, but we have QSes here... How long before it's covered in film promos and toothpaste ads, I wonder? Cynic!
@maggimar3118 10 aylar önce
As always, it is a pleasure to watch and listen to B1M - by far the best in their field. Fantastically well done interesting content every time - many thanks B1M.
@timothylorinwinning2758 10 aylar önce
I honestly get so giddy whenever you mention Melbourne. But your videos just make me want to travel the world and see these amazing projects!
@jjperceval 10 aylar önce
im just happy he said it right
@BakerWase 10 aylar önce
Melbourne is on the international scale when it comes to skyscrappers; from Australia 108, to Premier tower, Rialto towers, Eureka tower and now Sapphire by the Gardens. Makes me proud
@bassamchakelli6344 10 aylar önce
I'm glad someone else noticed!! Hehe. Very giddy here!!
@bassamchakelli6344 10 aylar önce
@@BakerWase fully agree. More skyscraper tha all the states combined.
@jonnies 10 aylar önce
Lol, cute, but 308 isn’t even Australia’s biggest engineering project finishing this year. The scale and city-wide impact of the Rozelle Interchange makes 308 look small.
@blueneptune146 10 aylar önce
This is way in the future, but considering they've substantially changed the plans again, I'd love to see you make a future video on the Washington DC Union Station Redevelopment project. If/when realized, it will surely make Washington Union Station the most modern and capable train station and transit hub in the United States, something we typically fail at over here.
@dr3754 10 aylar önce
i think you need to meet grand central station and the ongoing new doings at penn as well.
@Western_Decline 10 aylar önce
Wanna hear a joke? USA infrastructure
@blueneptune146 10 aylar önce
@@dr3754 I love the improvements at both GCS and Penn, but aside from the Moynihan Train Hall at Penn, the changes that are talked about are mostly about connecting new lines of service and the required infrastructure that is needed for these services, such as the East Side Access Project at GCS and the Metro-North project at Penn. What's proposed at Washington Union is a total revamp. Aside from the historic main hall and terminal, the rest of the station is going to be essentially brand new. Improvements include multiple new access points, dedicated pickup/drop off areas, a bus terminal, multiple new concourses, and modernized and widened platforms. The renderings look amazing with train platforms running visibly on the level above the main concourse. While the improvements at GCS and Penn are definitely welcomed and needed, the breadth and scope of what's proposed at WUS is just so extensive. They're basically building a totally brand new station from the ground up behind a the historic building.
@ricksantana1016 10 aylar önce
I have said this countless times, build and fully fund the modern multilayered national infrastructure process and the projects will come…
@davetv4705 10 aylar önce
Happy new year Fred and the entire B1M family! I just can't wait to see these projects being completed as scheduled. Keep bringing the good contents on.
@t.a.k.palfrey3882 10 aylar önce
Most of the projects you feature fully deserve places on your list. Generally you may be relied upon to produce well researched and highly informative content. My only major quibble with your top ten is the inclusion of the Vagas Grand Prix curcuit. Surely, this project is modest in comparison with scores of infrastructure and commercial construction ventures across the globe.
@fredianacci8283 10 aylar önce
Fred, you and you team never cease to amaze. Thanks.
@preston3255 10 aylar önce
One idea I'd like to see explored would be conversion of office space in cities with housing crises where there is also an overabundance of vacant office buildings. San Francisco and New York are two good examples of this where this concept is being discussed. Since this is a construction channel, it would be interesting to consider what would need to be done concerning reconfiguring floor plans, plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. in order to achieve that. Thanks so much.
@futurecitieschannel 10 aylar önce
There are many difficult things going on in the economy all over the world, but I sincerely hope these projects can become completed!
@Dev1nci 9 aylar önce
It’s very encouraging to learn that instead of using resources to help fight real problems such as poverty and global warming we’re building the most wasteful unimaginative structures in history like a giant sphere 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
@jonnies 10 aylar önce
Sydney’s Rozelle Interchange, opening 2023, is easily Top 10 material here. A gigantic undertaking which will be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, underground road tunnel interchange in the world. And it will have an amazing impact on transportation around the Harbour City.
@edwardsantos5771 10 aylar önce
Excellent video, production and script. Liked the humor and the pace. Of course, the upcoming projects are amazing. Would love to see more material from Latin America. I'm sure there might be a couple of interesting things under construction these days.
@kentd4762 10 aylar önce
Thank you, Fred and the entire B1M team, and all the best in 2023.
@mattywanders 10 aylar önce
Its always going to be a good day when we start out with a new B1M video!
@Supt3100 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the trip around the world, showcasing what is planned to complete in 2023 🎉 Simply Fascinating!
@georgeclayton7466 10 aylar önce
Here I am looking back through the channels catalogue to see if I've missed watching anything and a brand new and perfect video lands! Can't wait to see what Thet B1M brings to 2023.
@SMPlyScott 10 aylar önce
Here's an idea! Would it be possible to show the hours spent to design and build? Most big projects should have a record of all that.
@JoeSchaller 10 aylar önce
Meanwhile my town is (hopefully) finally reopening a main street after a many centuries old house collapsed because it simply was abandoned. Seeing those amazing construction projects around the world makes it feel like I'm living in the middle ages. Keep up the great work, here's to a good 2023!
@BeardedZee 10 aylar önce
How many of these are actually viable and sustainable projects though? Regardless... your videos have sparked a love for engineering I didn't know I had. Looking forward to more good things to come from The B1M in 2023!
@GregVidua 10 aylar önce
Sustainable? Literally none of those.
@mpaulm 10 aylar önce
Both of Las Vegas’ projects are honestly such a waste of money.🙄
@jouaienttoi 10 aylar önce
France's swimming pool seems like the best, while the title of worst goes to Egypt's dictator city-palace. If there is empty space, especially in a desert, there is absolutely no reason to build skyscrapers. Mid-rises and smaller highrises are really all you need if you want density and costs saving.
@RevoBong 10 aylar önce
My first thoughts seeing Mexico's rail plan: - Aren't there already lots of tourists at these ancient sites? - Why, as a tourist, would I want there to be even more tourists? - What about the nature in between? Personally, I'd rather take a bus than a train full of people visiting exactly the same place. I guess many infrastructure projects these days hit the same question: do we really need them? And also: do we really want the world to be like this?
@farhanatashiga3721 10 aylar önce
@@RevoBong that first question is Nonsensical, the fact that there's already lots of tourists is one of the main reason why the project go ahead. The region's potential growth and development is hampered by the fact that the road systems could only handle so much and the government want to make it easier to get around, once that's achieved further growth and development would be possible now that there's two modes of transport in the region instead of one and that's really the ultimate goal not strange at all for a tourist attraction region. The other two questions is a bit more complex so I'd suggest you just watch the B1M's video about it.
@roycc07 10 aylar önce
It has always been an eye opener and informative watching your videos Fred.
@ryanator109 10 aylar önce
Las Vegas Grand Prix is going to be incredible, great to see it included because it's definitely going to be a huge project to pull off!
@gustavosaliola 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the heads up! PD.: It's remarkable the patience of the water when the glass is shattered by the shark at 11:34.
@sofiajohansson8537 4 aylar önce
The Sphere will pay off. It is an incredible building. In 1989 the biggest sphere building was constructed in Stockholm, Sweden. The Globe or "Globen" as we Swedes say. Now it is named Avicii Arena. As a Swede I have been incredibly proud that we have the biggest sphere building because as you say, Europe doesn't build skyscrapers. I am sad to see that record go. But I am excited to see that Las Vegas has taken The Globe and revamped it tenfold. It will definitely attract people for decades as The Globe in Stockholm has.
@jonathanlanglois2742 10 aylar önce
Something tells me that the Vegas Grand Prix could prove problematic with the locals. Montreal experienced something like that with the electric formula race being held right in the center of downtown instead of at the race track a few kilometers away. Montreal has a metro system which makes it a lot easier to move around. Vegas does not have that, so without those streets, the problems that Vegas experiences will be far worse.
@ivy_47 10 aylar önce
Curious to see what CityNerd will have to say on this, lol
@poochyenarulez 10 aylar önce
They have those amazing telsa tunnels though /s
@camyx_ 10 aylar önce
The thing is Vegas is a completely different city, it's more of a giant tourist attraction than a place to live. Most people in the city centre during the time of the race will only be there to watch it
@CaliRed1865 10 aylar önce
for where the track is located, there's virtually nothing but casinos, and there actually is a tram/monorail system for much of that.
@jonathanlanglois2742 10 aylar önce
@@CaliRed1865 Virtually nothing but Casino... You do understand that you are talking about tens of thousands of jobs and several times that many tourists?
@eclipse4995 10 aylar önce
Azabudai Hills in Tokyo includes residence. The top floor is rumored to be priced at $200 million. It's the tallest building in Japan, so of course you cannot live higher than this. The second tallest residence is about 80 meters lower than this. Also, as mentioned in the video, Azabudai Hills is a HUGE building. Surprisingly, the total floor area is 460,000 m^2, almost the same as the Burj Khalifa.
@donmackie6086 10 aylar önce
Safe to assume that the Japanese are the World's leading authority on seismically sound architecture. Very impressive!
@ahmadburhanhabibi 9 aylar önce
Fascinating projects 😍 hopefully it will brings the economy benefit for all involved
@georgecardell9061 9 aylar önce
Finally I’ll be able to visit all the archeological sites and beautiful beaches in the Mayan Caribbean using only one train 😎🏝️🚅 . Well done Mexico 🇲🇽
@JorgeGlobalYOR 10 aylar önce
Didn’t expect to see the Tren Maya in it! BTW, have you heard of the “Corredor interoceánico del Istmo de Tehuantepec”? It’s going to be the alternative and competition to the Panama Canal. Supposedly it will transport containers faster across the land than the canal. And a lot of industrial parks will be built alongside the railway, and ultimately it will be connected to the Tren Maya as well.
@TSpare21 10 aylar önce
The one channel that does documentary type videos better than everyone. Worth the watch
@tekarock 10 aylar önce
I really hope they complete the full train line in Mexico! That would be an amazing trip around the country 👍
@gregoryhomesldn8401 9 aylar önce
Each country must be incredibly proud to be featured on a list like this.
@LichRC 10 aylar önce
OMG! I am no architect, but this channel is amazing! There are so many cool projects ou there in the making it is my dream to see them all "live"!
@PrussianKami 10 aylar önce
2023 really is going to be amazing for construction. The first and last entry really hit one of my favorite architectural styles and I would love to visit them some day
@kevindonis8664 10 aylar önce
Can’t get enough of these amazing videos 🤩
@bassamchakelli6344 10 aylar önce
Thank u for including my home town of melb Australia a few times. We r the highest density city in aust, and thanks to mainly Pur international students, it made our city what it is. Also being the city of choice for mamy who come to Oz. Being the most progressive state in aust, we r way ahead of others on many things, including having more skyscrapers than the rest of aust (few projects went on hold from covid). We do have the tallest building, but believe the Q2 in Queensland being the tallest (only cause they have a spire on top of thiers. We at the moment have 3 once in a decade project , all being built. And also a once in a century project as well (metro tunnel ) . The current government being in since 2014, only just getting in, then 2018 a landslide and another landslide a few months ago. Thry r actually looking at building projects to benefit this city for the next 50 years, not just the 4 years they r in. Being a resident for 46 years now, I've never seen so much going on. We r also leading other states by introducing more aggressive renewable energy targets. It's what happens when u don't have a Murdoch backed government!! Thanks again.
@pastapirate7196 10 aylar önce
Actually while it is true if you use the huge Sydney catchment area Melbourne is more dense if you use a representative model of the real density Sydney is substantially more sense than Melbourne. Since yt doesn't allow links look up "Charting transport how is density changing in Australian cities" and you'll see Melbourne is only around as dense as Sydney 15 years ago.
@octajon 10 aylar önce
my eyes inflated at about the same rate as the cost of the msg sphere when I saw the change in cost! It will be such a cool addition to Vegas!
@again5162 10 aylar önce
The Yukatan Peninsula originally catered to cave divers as it has 1 of the world's largest cave systems hence all the sink pits and problems
@justintime802 10 aylar önce
INSTANT design upgrade like from nowhere :D Loving this globe... Nice work :)
@williampoole4378 6 aylar önce
Part of the charm when I went to Chichen Itza is passing through the small towns on the road and the entire bus journey. We even stopped off and had lunch in a town along the way on our tour. To just get a super fast train to the site totally diminishes the experience in my opinion.
@evanjay4354 10 aylar önce
Excellent video to start 2023 with! Can’t wait to see the completed Azabudai Hills in Tokyo when I’m next there- it was still being completed when I last visited in September last year. By the way, Japanese pronunciation can be difficult, think of it as “tor-a-no-mon az-a-boo-die”
@sreyasbiswas6169 10 aylar önce
that wont be any time soon, their economy is drowning rapidly, the construction wont make profit anymore
@evanjay4354 10 aylar önce
@@sreyasbiswas6169 Azabudai hills is the project featured in the video- it just completed the main tower and the others are following suit. Sure the economy isn’t doing the best here, but it isn’t all doom and gloom.
@dr3754 10 aylar önce
actually pronounciation of japanese is very easy, although the language itself and writing are not so much.
@Vyzard 10 aylar önce
Great topic. Thanks for adding video chapters too. I wish more channels use chapters more often
@jeepmega629 10 aylar önce
Truly incredible how much humans build and create every year!
@sierralvx 10 aylar önce
Another project that's not as big but just as impactful as these mentioned is Montreal's new light rail REM system! After 5 years of prep and construction, the west half will be finished this year and also led to the construction of the Samuel Champlain bridge, an elegant suspended one that gives incoming travellers a perfect view of the Montreal Skyline which is getting two new towers this year as well! Thought this was worth a mention!
@sagittated 10 aylar önce
The part of the Vegas F1 construction I'm most interested in is the large, posh paddock on land they've bought, which... I think it's going to be permanent construction? But I don't know and I'm really curious to find out all I can about it.
@slavicSlime 10 aylar önce
I would have loved to see you guys speaking about the One Bangkok project, it’s an extremely interesting piece of construction work
@Amaze_Tase 10 aylar önce
2023 is looking to be a bumper year for architecture!
@garryferrington811 10 aylar önce
I wonder, as work-from-home increases, if many of these giant buildings might become redundant. The effect is already having a tremendous impact on San Francisco.
@jamalak3472 10 aylar önce
8:01 Not a single green bridge in sight, just a long dividing line as far as eye can see. I don't know much about local ecosystems, but from where I came from animals migration is quite common. I'm certainly looking into this and will let you know about my finding on this issue.
@alpha_4050 10 aylar önce
Great CG and animations 😂 We all know nothing will look this stunning and breathtaking in reality.
@inspirediscipline 9 aylar önce
With this Channel, You watch videos like entertainment and learn so much effortlessly
@andikahaikal 10 aylar önce
Not only the TRX reported here, Malaysia also has the world's 2nd tallest building finishing this year too. Should report that too here.😊
@Portimmy 8 aylar önce
I think mall pnb will finish next year because we still have 2 main tower not build
@diegoale6642 10 aylar önce
FYI for the Olympics there's a second permanent building in construction (at Porte de la Chapelle): the arena for badminton, rhythmic gymnastics and parapowerlifting that will later become the home of the Paris Basketball club.
@darkmatterstudioshalifax 10 aylar önce
You should do a video on the Cogswell Interchange Project in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Removing an ugly crumbling interchange meant for a cancelled highway project in the 70s and turning it into 16 acres of new developments.
@gregoireduplanil-weill4180 10 aylar önce
It would be nice to talk or comment on the ecological impacts of such constructions from time to time. I feel like channels like B1M glorifies projects from another era without considering their long term consequences
@anantpathak2899 10 aylar önce
esspecially that new egyptian capital....
@tunnfisch7548 10 aylar önce
I agree. They might be impressive but often the do more harm then good, especially projects in the middle east. I think one of the most important things of construction projects is what their implications are and do they really solve the problem they are claiming to solve. This often falls a bit short in B1m videos.
@kentd4762 10 aylar önce
A number of B1M's videos do talk about the ecological and/or negative impacts. In general, their videos are quite balanced.
@woofpuppy 10 aylar önce
Every single project done here has had environmental impact studies done locally. If you are concerned, you can go and look them up. This is a channel about infrastructure, not trans vegans.
@gregoireduplanil-weill4180 10 aylar önce
The worst thing about your comment is that you are probably proud of your provocation. I am neither trans nor vegan. I am, however, deeply concerned about the current trends of climate change (so should you by the way) and I believe it would be much more interesting to go in depths about infrastructure projects rather than cheerfully and enthousiastically scratching the surface with no critical thinking. At some point we will have to change the way we construct buildings and infrastructures. Some type of buildings will have to be modified, others will simply be abandonned. This shift is already a key part of engineering. I believe that channels like B1M should encourage and raise awareness about this rather than advertise despendable projects that are frankly harmful for the environment. So yeah, I pretty much think that these "trans vegans" concerns should be talked about, especially on videos about this topic. You should stop opposing ecological concerns and infrastructure projects.
@taraadcock1503 10 aylar önce
Best construction videos I've ever seen. Great work.
@saukhaven 9 aylar önce
Really enjoyed the video. I especially like the subtle humor! Well done!
@titanicman9329 10 aylar önce
Might I request that the B1M look into the current restoration processes going on within Detroit? There is something very amazing going on with the current restoration of Book Tower at the present moment.
@mlight7402 10 aylar önce
Impressive projects to make living in big cities delightful.
@bearcubdaycare 10 aylar önce
Would you want hotel denizens to be able to walk across a skybridge into your residential building? Maybe occasionally friends or family staying at the hotel, otherwise seems a bit odd and disturbing...
@ENG28 10 aylar önce
Saw the Melbourne tower recently and damn it sure looks pretty at night😍
@wangson3241 10 aylar önce
It will be fun to look back at this in one year and see what was *actually* completed
@chaitanyashinde7700 10 aylar önce
You should do a video on Expressways in India! Or in general infrastructure projects in India. Your RRTS video was good!!
@marlonm.7939 10 aylar önce
Thanks for including Frankfurt! Love the channel!
@davidste2662 10 aylar önce
My 4yo and 7yo already know that daddy's favourite building in the city is the sapphire by the gardens. It's looking amazing now!
@civilengn 10 aylar önce
Wow. Nice. 👌The projects are quite impressive. Can't wait to break ground on my own mega project once I win the lotto 😀
@emikomina 10 aylar önce
One can only imagine how tall and big Tokyo's skyscrapers would be if only they weren't on a fault line.
@Stache987 10 aylar önce
Imagine how New York city regulates air rights based on how much of the block you own, or bought air rights above other properties, thankfully no (AFAIK) property owners own both sides of a block enabling them to take the area a street occupied to enlarge their footprint.
@nicolasbertin8552 10 aylar önce
Surprising as it may sound, there are actual earthquakes in Melbourne, but really small ones. In the 2.5 years I've lived there, there was 2 that could be felt. They didn't go past magnitude 5 though. But there has been magnitude 6 earthquakes in the region since.
@JayJayGamerOfficial 10 aylar önce
I remember them, one of them was even felt here in Sydney which is crazy to think
@Allannah_Of_Rome 10 aylar önce
6.4 to be exact. Where I live in country Vic in the Goulburn is where most Vics felt it the most. Melbs was lucky when it hit twice and escaped any major damage!! 😁
@drewshoto9450 10 aylar önce
your content is so Amazing !!!!!!! As a big fan of Skyscrapers i just hope to see mush more mega tall skyscrapers to start construction this year in 2023 . I also would like to see skyscrapers like the Jeddah tower to be complete as well i hope .
@olgastepanov8479 10 aylar önce
Tokyo's supertall is a beast, it's literally 4 towers put together 🤯 and it's all steel.
@gamarad 10 aylar önce
Whenever I see a large scale development like Azabudai Hills or Tun Razack I'm always curious about what the overall site floor area ratio is so it's cool the the Tun Razack promo video reported it (6.8). For reference, Hudson Yards is a little over 12 and the Original WTC complex was a little over 15.
@henrysantos121 10 aylar önce
Excellent video well done, Be safe fellas, God bless you all.🙏.
@marcelc4022 10 aylar önce
I love your videos and think you do an amazing job each week. However minute 3:40 - that's Istanbul, Turkey and not Cairo. ;)
@georgekitano2095 10 aylar önce
currently working at the Toranomon development. Glad to be a part of it!
@lukeveazey4070 10 aylar önce
More like the greatest hits of 2022 from The B1M and I loved guessing what the next track was!
@birphon 10 aylar önce
ya know with the Paris Olympics you mention its gonna take its power from renewable sources which leads me to ask why don't they just chuck the solar's on top because then you have two options - 1) it can be the power source for after the games or 2) it can feed directly back into the grid when it becomes "dormant" And this can also lead to other Hosts using these stadiums as well generators basically
@anagonyaowusu3119 10 aylar önce
Would love for you to include Vancouver, BC in one of your next videos, it’s a city with really interesting architecture, especially considering that it’s urbanism and environmentalism tends to fuel a lot of large scale projects such as the Squamish Nation (aka the world first indigenous led large scale housing plan) or the Oakridge development.
@appletree13 10 aylar önce
As a Vancouverite, I also hope they do too. Especially as there’s going to be a lot of development in the next few years.
@Rommie26 10 aylar önce
I went to Vancouver last year Felt like I was in Seattle but much colder
@johnsmiff8328 10 aylar önce
So glad to see someone is finally building trackmania
@AnthonyCasabar 10 aylar önce
Great projects great video always 😊 who agrees
@jimrichards3916 10 aylar önce
I worked in landscaping in a past life and the new cities and tall buildings do look nice with the grasses, shrubs and trees. The only drawback is the damn things keep growing, which can block residents views and add a LOT of weight to the buildings footprint. I'm just saying!
@speculationsperceived 10 aylar önce
Sydney's multibillion dollar WestConnex will also be opening this year. It will also be one of the world's widest road tunnels
@JayJayGamerOfficial 10 aylar önce
I believe the metro extension is also planned to open this year as well as central walk being fully opened
@Teardehawkee 10 aylar önce
Wow! Some of these construction projects look incredible! *Look like I have to redo my Bucket List* Sigh!
@SoCalFreelance 10 aylar önce
Ask the Radisson Blu in Berlin about the safety of massive acrylic tanks 😉
@DimmyV 10 aylar önce
Cant wait to see what comes out in 2023 from B1M
@vkdrk 10 aylar önce
Slovakia is completing its first skyscraper this year (Eurovea Tower) It's not as big as those in other countries but still :)
@angelmoralescirera9827 10 aylar önce
With more than 600 meters height, Tokyo Sky Tree is still the tallest building in Japan, isn't it?
@sunilbastola 10 aylar önce
Fred, Would you like to make a video about Nijgadh International Airport of Nepal, which would be the 4th largest airport in the world and the largest airport in South Asia , if completed. It would have huge economic and geopolitical advantages to the Landlocked country Nepal( between India and China). I can assist you about more details if you are interested in this topic. And, thank you for the amazing videos❤️
@CaliRed1865 10 aylar önce
Mercury City Tower is just so beautful in my eyes. I absoutely love it.
@jamiearnott9669 10 aylar önce
Great video. Does B1m cover projects that have the potential to provide unlimited renewables, a building and infrastructure project European-wide that should be complete within the next 10-15 years?
@cassiefoster3242 10 aylar önce
What’s a unlimited renewables?
@vincenty747 10 aylar önce
Japan and Egypt killing it with creative building names 😜
@sankalpgupta1556 10 aylar önce
You should have included mthl mumbai, coastal road mumbai, delhi's new convention centre ,central vista,mumbai metro 3,Pamban bridge,delhi mumbai expressway, omkar 1973,lokhandwala Minerva,image tower hyderabad, bangaluru airport terminal2 ,Google new office in hyderabad (biggest outside America),supernova Spira,Raheja revanta, bhutani cyberthum and grandthum,dedicated freight corridor ,katra srinagar baramula rail line,goa international airport,
@riderchallenge4250 10 aylar önce
India and China have too many projects to include.
@bhushangautam1416 10 aylar önce
I waited and waited for any one project but in the end there was none But anyways they are more exiciting to me
@deusmachinima1189 10 aylar önce
@@riderchallenge4250 India and china alone amount of more than half of world's construction projects lol.
@CaseyandBreelyn 10 aylar önce
The way all these other countries have amazing infrastructure projects or improving community/cities and america's is just a really nice race track and a movie theater sphere. I'm begging for some high speed rails pleaseeeeee
@l0rdcroissant 10 aylar önce
some incredible breath taking buildings
@elisampson5955 10 aylar önce
You guys should really do a video on National landing in Arlington VA!
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