"We Ask Allah" Tafsir of Last Two Verses of Surah al-Baqarah - Nouman Ali Khan - Gulf Tour 2015

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Bayyinah Institute

Bayyinah Institute

7 yıl önce

This lecture was given in Bahrain on February 8th, 2015 in cooperation with Falaq.
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Patrick Segaard
Patrick Segaard 6 yıl önce
Woooooooow. Subhan'Allah. If only every Muslim in the world could hear and understand this lecture alone.
Amadou Ba
Amadou Ba 6 yıl önce
Assalamou 'Alaykoum
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman 6 yıl önce
I cry a lot while hearing this..... I lost a friend and 1st time i am able to find satisfying answer, why that happen to me. Allah knows that i can bear this.... It really make me more Closer to my Creator. May Allah Protect you.
Lissette Kurz
Lissette Kurz 6 yıl önce
Hi I'm new to your channel! I really enjoy your lecture very inspiring ... I'm not Muslim and I haven't study Islam , but would like to learn more. But listen to your lectures are very interesting.
Rose Du Sahel
Rose Du Sahel 7 yıl önce
Best 2 hours I've spent in a long time! Te things I love about Udhtaz Nouman speeches: He communicates things in a simple, relevant, and humoristic way. His speeches soften our hearts because they connect us back to Allah, and they revive our feeling of self-worth as belivers. What I admire the most in that man is the way he embodies balance in Islam. Yes it is great to recite qur'an, but don't forget to go out in nature and reflect on its ayahs. It's great to learn deen, but don't forget your other responsibilities: parents, spouse, children, society...etc. MashaAllah brothr Nouman. MashaAllah. Salaam.
AySeR_HQ 7 yıl önce
I converted a couple days ago. :)
The International Agent
The International Agent 4 yıl önce
Wow I have no words for you. You made me fall in love with my religion sooo much. I love you soo much for the sake of Allah. Only Him can reward you for what you have done for me. In cha Allah, you will have one of the highest ranks in Jannah. God bless you and everyone you know!!! Ameen
H K 7 yıl önce
To my mind, NMK is one of the most important personalities of our time. When most people think personalities, they think of presidents, rock stars, "supposedly" well known people. Well guess way, these so called presidents and famous people are worth a dime to us when it comes to the matter of understanding our religion.
IslamTheWay786 7 yıl önce
I'm never gonna look at these 2 verses in the same way now, this lecture was honestly awesome!
jusjengkol 6 yıl önce
Today is friday, my Imam in my friday prayer recited the ayah which contain "we hear and we obey.." I didnt know about the ayah, i was wondering what the ayah and wanted to find out which part of quran has the ayah.. I also didnt know what ayah Nouman talks in this video until i google it and turn out that was the ayah i was looking for..
bouh1979nktt 4 yıl önce
Say whatever you want to say about this guy , but he is one of the best speakers . He makes things real simple .
YB37 4 yıl önce
Queen Nocturnal
Queen Nocturnal 6 yıl önce
Masha'Allah. Nouman Ali Khan changed the way I read the Qur'an. May Allah reward him and us all and guide us to enter Paradise. Amen!
wish 7 yıl önce
Ustaad Nouman Ali Khan if you ever get the chance to read this message. You are a truly eye opener of this ummah. thankyouu, your teachers, your team and your.family soo much for your efforts and simplicity in the cool and funny but inspiring lectures. May Alah swt bless you and your family and the whole Ummah! Salaam
A. Khan
A. Khan
If I could give an infinity of likes which will make this video spread to every corner of the world, I would do that. In 2 hours of lecture, this beautiful Muslim, may Allah accept his efforts and forgive all his sins, has encompassed so many things that have to do with our society and so many things on individual and national level.
Aamir Baig
Aamir Baig 7 yıl önce
May Allah keep Bro. Noman healthy and in true spirit of Iman till his last breath. May Allah give him the strength to raise a generation of like minded and selfless people who would sacrifice for the true message of Islam.
Serra T.
Serra T. 2 yıl önce
The scene when he described our Prophet peace be upon him as a 40-years of neighbor coming to the door and telling about the angel and other things, pierced my heart. I felt so helpless. Sharing this to many friends.
Bulku Family
Bulku Family
First one minute and I could not leave it anymore, this lecture made me feel so special as a muslim in a way that it boost my iman. The more the have iman the more you become humble and think less of yourself and more of what will please Allah and in return Allah will give what you are shy to ask, Glory be to him Perfection is not even enough to praise him Allah is beyond beyond and infinity in perfection
syckle33 7 yıl önce
This is the last video I watched in Gulf Tour.
Muhammad Nadeem Khan
Muhammad Nadeem Khan 6 yıl önce
Wawo. This just changed my way of thinking. What an amazing man he is. I enlightened myself while listen to this. Thank you so much for such an amazing tafseer of these ayat's. May GOD protect you from evil.
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