Honest Trailers | Morbius

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Honest Trailers | Morbius
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne

Lechonk Aylar önce
When Uncle Morb told Morbius: “With great morb comes great morbsponsibility.” Makes me cry every time.
Nightwatcher 3 gün önce
I really morbed that
l m
l m 7 gün önce
With great morb comes morbprofit
Drakon Nemeios
Drakon Nemeios 15 gün önce
@Shady Mello It's morbin' time
Chayan Bora
Chayan Bora 16 gün önce
The fact that he said it at exactly Morb O' clock (Morbin' Time) makes it even more Morbonculous!
E X H U M E D 18 gün önce
This joke sucked.
julianreyes toys,vlogs and more
julianreyes toys,vlogs and more Aylar önce
Morbius was such a movie! The plot was made, the scenes were filmed, the characters were written, They even sold infinite morbillion tickets!
Maxawe Some
Maxawe Some 8 gün önce
I honestly don't get the hate this movie gets. It's like every other dumb superhero movie that Hollywood pumps out. Why are the superhero movie nerds not liking this one ? It has people with superpowers, and lots of special effects, what else do they need ?
julianreyes toys,vlogs and more
julianreyes toys,vlogs and more 8 gün önce
@mrbullseye indeed is it is!
mrbullseye 8 gün önce
Do I agree? It's a solid yesn't.
Deathray Gonzo
Deathray Gonzo 13 gün önce
Definitely one of the movies ever made.
M L 15 gün önce
I agree! such a Morb movie if I ever saw one.
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Aylar önce
Not only is Morbius a movie, it's one that can be watched. Alone, or even with friends! I really like the fact this movie can be watched by people.
Xz0779 11 gün önce
Quite a revelation
T y
T y 19 gün önce
People with eyes and noses!
Ethanmeister 20 gün önce
Why does this seem like an advertisement in interdimensional cable lol
Magus Perdé
Magus Perdé 20 gün önce
People AND the non people that controls our every moves
Vaas Montenegro
Vaas Montenegro 23 gün önce
@Peter Cross if it really can be purchased,.. then it is definitely the movie of all time
Cão Dogão
Cão Dogão Aylar önce
The internet gaslighted this movie into a masterpiece.
Definitely not a Drytron Player
Definitely not a Drytron Player 13 gün önce
@⎝⎝𝔅ell𓆪 he does, because funny thing is that Morbius released a second time because of the internet memes just to flop
⎝⎝𝔅ell𓆪 15 gün önce
@Sean Nathaniel Nha he doesn't this amount of likes is just fine
Sean Nathaniel
Sean Nathaniel 17 gün önce
You deserve way more likes.
Jared Ulloa
Jared Ulloa 28 gün önce
It is a morbsterpiece and is truly the movie of all time
Karamir Shaderiser
Karamir Shaderiser Aylar önce
Morbius is nothing but a solid masterpiece. Waiting for the sequel: Morbius 2: Let There be More Bius
HANNIBAL WILMetcalf Gün önce
K Ma
K Ma 2 gün önce
I thought the sequel was the “Mighty Morbin Power Rangers.”
Penylynn Bernal
Penylynn Bernal 4 gün önce
Yess please with Jared Leto 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😎💯
Ionian N
Ionian N 10 gün önce
@Brandon Stewart thats a very serious lol
FlimFLam hufgard
FlimFLam hufgard 12 gün önce
you drunk or blind ?
FatherGucci Aylar önce
Man I love the part when Morbius says “Morbin’ isn’t a hobby it’s a lifestyle.” Before morbing all the bad guys away. Truly deserving of its 10/10 status
Flurreo 27 gün önce
one step closer to morb
Xavien Howard
Xavien Howard 29 gün önce
*1 morbillion/10
the dog
the dog Aylar önce
I love when he said “you’ve morbed your last morb.” Truly the film ever made.
the dog
the dog 20 gün önce
The Copper Element Itself
The Copper Element Itself 20 gün önce
@the dog I've even forgotten my name I don't the season or what is the reason
the dog
the dog 20 gün önce
@The Copper Element Itself memories broken the truth goes unspoken
The Copper Element Itself
The Copper Element Itself 20 gün önce
@the dog no? Let's continue
the dog
the dog 20 gün önce
@The Copper Element Itself You messed up
Pompus Ivictus
Pompus Ivictus Aylar önce
I loved it when Morbius said "we have nothing to morb but morb itself" after declaring war on Japan. Truely a classic.
T y
T y 19 gün önce
This is my favorite one yet.
Las Memorias de Yisus
Las Memorias de Yisus Aylar önce
That improvised moment when he says "I'm morbing here! I'm morbing here!" when a random car was near to hit him was surely my favourite scene! You have to be a very talented morbius actor to do something like that!
Spark That J
Spark That J 11 gün önce
That’s so cliche in New York scenes in movies. LT. Dan: “I’m walking here!!”
Cas Meijers
Cas Meijers 21 gün önce
Or when he said "a morb a day keeps the doctor away" after meeting Dr. Strange. Entirely improvised. Apparently it was the only scene he said during the audition and they hired him on the spot.
crazyelfprincess Aylar önce
You may think it's cheesy, but I love the part where he says "the real treasure was the friends we morbed along the way." Chokes me up every time.
SpilledGenderfluid 11 gün önce
@Professor Vercetti wdym?? it was literally one of the movies of all time
Weaknessua 15 gün önce
TRshow just asked me how I felt about your comment💀💀💀
salty potato
salty potato 18 gün önce
@Mo wym bro we love how he morbes
Moon Mover
Moon Mover 20 gün önce
@alisnowfire - Claymation I love how "translate to English" does nothing here.
SleepyCrusader Aylar önce
“The part where he says im done being Less-bius and I’m going to be Mor-bius, it’s Morbin time!” Just goosebumps, what an amazing movie
villager #2
villager #2 4 gün önce
The great actor Morbed Leto rly killed that line!
Alex Somersby
Alex Somersby 27 gün önce
It’s Lesbian time.
Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous Aylar önce
I love the scene where Morbius is defending his house from two burglars, and then he says, "Do you guys give up, or are you thirsty for Morb?" Clearly, this is a movie of all time.
Zeta4 14 gün önce
T y
T y 19 gün önce
@Humza Khan No, that’s not what he’s saying
Humza Khan
Humza Khan 25 gün önce
the movie of all time*
Ivan S
Ivan S Aylar önce
I liked when the girl said she could fake morbing, and then Morbius said she couldn’t, so she started moaning and faked a violent morb, and the old lady in the corner said “I’ll Morb what she’s morbing”
נחמד 24 gün önce
Is your profile picture the album cover for in the court of the crimson morb?
Patrick Holt
Patrick Holt Aylar önce
I’ll never forget when he met the homeless and he said to him “no one should morb alone.” And shared the rest of his morbius combo meal with him.
The Sexy Batman
The Sexy Batman Aylar önce
My favorite part was when Morbius said "I am Morbinevitable." and snaps his fingers to morb half the universe. Definitely one of the movies of all time. Edit: Over 9k likes on this comment? I feel truly morblessed.
andrea_official 22 gün önce
These memes are everywhere!!!!
CocaCola4blood 22 gün önce
So many likes........... Its over *NINE THOUSAND!!!*
Simon T
Simon T 25 gün önce
@DannyFunnyShet Thats highly amusing you think you can add to the conversation. You've failed blud. Congrats on the beard attempt though.
DannyFunnyShet 26 gün önce
@Simon T This goes much deeper than just memes. This is the whole government. Look up Flat Morb. Do your own research.
Ramij Khan
Ramij Khan 26 gün önce
Your name seems intriguing
Full Metal Theorist
Full Metal Theorist Aylar önce
Hagrid : "You're a Morbius, Jared." Jared : "A what? " Hagrid : "A Morbius, Jared." And after this he went to Morbwarts.
The Sexy Batman
The Sexy Batman 10 gün önce
I still feel bad tha they discriminated on him for being a morbggle.
T y
T y 19 gün önce
MemeWizard80 27 gün önce
@AshStarling My Morbius will morb about this, Leto!
AshStarling 27 gün önce
@MemeWizard80 "The morb chooses the morbius"
MemeWizard80 28 gün önce
STOP! STOP!, you'll morb somebodies morb out! Besides, it's Morbius, not Morbias.
Ashmit Singh
Ashmit Singh Aylar önce
The scene when he snaps his fingers and says "It's Morbin Time" before Morbin all over Darth Vader and returning the tesseract to gandalf was a cinematic masterpiece. Morbius is truly one of the movies of all time.
TDot Gang
TDot Gang 13 gün önce
The part where the morbers bent the knee and proclaimed him “King in the Morb” gave me goosebumps. One of the scenes of all time
Walter O’Dim
Walter O’Dim 28 gün önce
I rarely shed a tear over movies…but the most beautiful cinematic moment I have ever seen was after Morbius defeats the bad guy, he looks at the camera, smiles, and says “We Morb in a society.”
Penemuel Watcher
Penemuel Watcher Aylar önce
That scene where he showed his face through the broken door and said, “Here comes Morby!” gave me chills. 😨
Raeqwon17 13 gün önce
@Spencer Kraynik "in morbskaban"
KaiserRedGamer 14 gün önce
Morbnight with the morbs and you
T y
T y 19 gün önce
“Here’s Morby!”
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 20 gün önce
that almost gave me a heart attack
Regigeiger 24 gün önce
I love when he says "I AM THE MORBERNAUT"
newworldsound 26 gün önce
I loved it when he said “You can’t handle the morb!” I got chills.
Leira Nibura
Leira Nibura 23 gün önce
When Morbius said "I say we take off and Morb the entire site from Morbit. It's the only way to be sure." Instant goosebumbs.
The child in your basement
The child in your basement 24 gün önce
My favorite part of this movie was the Time that he went full morb Infront of all the non morbius's. Truly a thought provoking scene about how when one man morbs, we all morb into a much more morbius person than our previous morbs. Truly a morbius movie 10/10
SimplySquoddle 20 gün önce
Honestly, the part where Milo was trying to Morb and Morbius said "Morbing comes form the heart, not a textbook" That part hit me in the feels.
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Aylar önce
I love the part when he looks at the camera and says "Why so Morbius?" and morbs everywhere before morbing away.
The Copper Element Itself
The Copper Element Itself 20 gün önce
I morbed real hard watching that scene in the morbnema
Ornstein 241
Ornstein 241 27 gün önce
Bahahahaha this is the best
Allah Gator
Allah Gator 28 gün önce
@Mo yeah he has a sort of cult thing
Mo 28 gün önce
@Allah Gator wait what ?
Allah Gator
Allah Gator 28 gün önce
@Mo the cult of personality thing
Richard S
Richard S 24 gün önce
I've never morbed myself more than when I watched this movie. Truly a movie of its kind.
Arogustus Aylar önce
Man, it was so amazing when Morbius said "It's Morbin' time!" And summoned the other four rangers to form the Mighty Morbin' Morbius Rangers. And then the Morbs showed up to form the MegaMorb, what an amazing movie. Course, I've never seen the movie, I was watching something else, but I still think it was amazing.
Frozty Aylar önce
man i loved when he said "the real morbius was the friends we made along the way" it really hit deep. the guy next to me in the theaters couldnt stop crying and honestly i cant blame him. cinematic masterpiece
Moon Paul
Moon Paul 25 gün önce
When he beat the bad guys and said "i can morb this all day" i got literal chills. Truly the movie of all time.
Samuel Wikström
Samuel Wikström 19 gün önce
Countrary to popular belief, he acutally says "Morb, I am your father" in the most powerful scene in all the movie of the world. Brings a tear to my eye.
K Ma
K Ma 2 gün önce
The part where he talked about being an only child and his dog, Morb, being an only dog, before the dog crawls on the bed and morbs… makes me cry every time.
Aj Mercer
Aj Mercer 16 gün önce
When Morbius told Milo: "You were my Morber, Milo, I Morbed you!" I cried at the sheer Morbility of the line, beautiful
Dominik Sz
Dominik Sz 10 gün önce
I loved the part when Morbius said: It's not about money it's about sending a morby. Truly inspiring
Tambet Tammisto
Tambet Tammisto Aylar önce
I loved the scene where Dr. Morbius took the infinity glove and said "Time to get morbed, Thanos."
SuperSnowMoon Aylar önce
Best part of the movie!
Giovanni Pezzino
Giovanni Pezzino Aylar önce
@Ejodh08 you want forgiveness?
Lost Opportunity
Lost Opportunity Aylar önce
@Dr Phot the cameo was literally the best part of the movie ... Nuff said about shitty shitty fang fang. I mean morbius.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Aylar önce
And the cameo by Deadpool made it all the sweeter!
Ejodh08 Aylar önce
@WorldTravel1518 thanks for the advice👍
Kitaro's Anxious
Kitaro's Anxious 29 gün önce
Morbius is a film that exist, it is really a movie that you can see in a cinema, and when watching morbius i was sitting down. It is truly a movie👍
TrufanNW 1121
TrufanNW 1121 14 gün önce
I mean this movie has one of the most peaceful fandoms I've ever seen. Everyone's just morbin and it's so wholesome.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Gün önce
I cried when Jared Letto drinks too much blood and then says "I'm morbidly obese" Such an incredible writing
Madmonkeman 14 saatler önce
This is the best Morbius pun I've seen so far
Riot Planet
Riot Planet 22 gün önce
When morbius interrogates thugs and spin them a tale about “ You know how i got these morbs?” and then ends with “ why so morbius?“ was so bone chilling suspenseful. Directors should study this film for the future.
Aman Giri
Aman Giri Aylar önce
The best part was when his friend asked him that now would be a good time to morb, to which replied "That's my secret cap. I'm always morbin' "
The Copper Element Itself
The Copper Element Itself 20 gün önce
@Homer The Don this one is actually fan made. Tho he actually says his iconic motto in the movie. "It is morbin time"
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald Aylar önce
@Makiel Cepeda trust me its real it was morbtastic
Makiel Cepeda
Makiel Cepeda Aylar önce
Lmfao no that can't be real
REN Aylar önce
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald Aylar önce
Even better was the scene afterwards when he said, it's morbin' time
Rizumi Aylar önce
By far my favorite scene was where Morbius says "I love you in every morbiverse." Such a tear-jerking moment right there.
Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware Aylar önce
At this point, I can't keep a straight face every time I hear the word 'Morb'. Because Morbius was such a movie that I'd always smile thinking about it.
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Ramos 22 gün önce
My favorite part was when they were on the deck of the ship and he said "im morbin jack"! I literally cried. Such a film
HANNIBAL WILMetcalf Gün önce
The best scene is where Morbius says, "I've had it with these motherMORBing snakes on this motherMORBing plane!" This movie is definitely a movie, no doubt about it
Corpse Senpai
Corpse Senpai 24 gün önce
When he says “You’ll get your bats when you fix this damn Morb” I literally cried and pissed in the theater
Modernism Sucks
Modernism Sucks 23 gün önce
It's too cinematic. Just...beautiful.
Barry Cruz
Barry Cruz 18 gün önce
What’s great is that I can watch Morbius during the day, during the night, or even both. I am truly blessed that Morbius can show me that I can make choices in life.
Burritozi11a 13 gün önce
The part when Morbius said "I didn't choose the morb life, the morb life chose me" brought tears to my eyes. Truly one of the movies of the year.
Ja Ch
Ja Ch 28 gün önce
I love the part when he says "It's over Anakin, I have the Morbius!"
Samuel Tan
Samuel Tan Aylar önce
when he told Thanos : “I’m not gonna kill you. I’m just gonna Morb you really really bad.” Gave me goosebumps.
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff Aylar önce
This is my favorite one
john Aylar önce
It gave me Morbumps
JOHN GR Aylar önce
Hopefully if we have parallel versions of him we will see that
Shiney Row
Shiney Row Aylar önce
Truly this is a movie.
mori1bund Aylar önce
I hate to be that one guy, but the plural of Morbius is Morbii 😁😁😁
J 18 gün önce
The movie was a masterpiece of cinematography. And no one can tell me otherwise
Galimeer5 24 gün önce
My favorite scene is right after Spider-Man and Morbius fight. *Morbius:* "Venom never told you what happened to your father" *Spider-Man:* "He told me enough. He told me _you_ morbed him" *Morbius:* "No. _I_ am your father" Such an iconic scene
Fatixa 28 gün önce
My favourite part is when he catches the bad guy and says "it's morbing time!" Before morbing all over him. One of the scenes ever in cinematic history!!
Jared Ulloa
Jared Ulloa 28 gün önce
When Morbius said "to morb or not to morb?" I felt that, truly the movie of all time
AGuyWhoLikesStuff Aylar önce
If I had to give this movie a score from 1 to 10, I would
Sashman EDM and Vlogs
Sashman EDM and Vlogs 6 gün önce
נחמד 24 gün önce
He would
Jared Ulloa
Jared Ulloa 28 gün önce
MAGNUM BONG Aylar önce
You are.
Draxler Gotham
Draxler Gotham Aylar önce
I don't understand the joke
Raúl Machin
Raúl Machin 24 gün önce
For me, it was when he said “Morbin Forever” and crossed his arms. That right there was MCU material and a good substitute for Tchala
Edge Lord
Edge Lord 27 gün önce
Best dialogue ever: "I thought my life was a tragedy. But then I realised, it was a Morbidy".
Kyle Aylar önce
My favorite scene is when they are all captured, and the villian threatens them to reveal who Morbius is, and they all stand up and say, "I am Morbius".
DannyFunnyShet 26 gün önce
"You MORB wit ONE OF US, you MORB wit ALL OF US."
T y
T y 19 gün önce
I loved when he said “Morb, I am your morber” and Luke screamed “Moooooooooooorrrrrbbb”
DaveInLondon Aylar önce
There's a genuinely real chance that more people will have watched this video than the actual movie
Bishal Thapa
Bishal Thapa 10 gün önce
Just here to confirm it.
Peter Cross
Peter Cross 12 gün önce
This is the first comment not mentioning Morbing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
sithija de silva
sithija de silva 29 gün önce
Def came to see this but didn’t see the movie 😂
Donut TPOT
Donut TPOT Aylar önce
@Nisselak 73 morbillion, read it wrong i assume
jinratgeist Aylar önce
Gibus 27 gün önce
I loved the part where Jared Leto said "I am not in Morb, doktor I am the Morb!" Truly a brilliant act of character development
Crestfallen Warrior
Crestfallen Warrior 19 gün önce
I love when he morbed all over the screen. It made the whole audience scream that it's Morbin time!
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