Game Theory: I Solved The Wilbur Soot ARG... And It Only Took 3 Years!

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

3 aylar önce

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If you know Wilbur Soot, then you likely know about his infamously unsolvable ARG. For those NOT in the know, it's time to catch up. Now, this video may seem a little late, but this was indeed a hard one to solve. Yet, I think I did just that. Theorists, we are about to break down this titan of an ARG piece by piece to show you how I SOLVED the Editor Wilbur Soot ARG.

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Special thanks to the community around the ARG who have done an incredible job keeping track of Wilbur's crazy antics, especially:
The Editors and Mods: FlaredAverage, Bruce C, MythicalSheep, Christian, Idan, and Inky
As well as: The Wilbur ARG Discord Server, /r/LincolnshirePoacher, /r/SootHouseClues, Alspal, Azure, JackSucksAtLife, Wilbur and Kai.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Zach Stewart, and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Forrest Lee, Pedro Freitas, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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JackSucksAtLife 3 aylar önce
Oskar Van Peel
Oskar Van Peel 17 gün önce
octo Egg
octo Egg Aylar önce
mia natalia
mia natalia Aylar önce
Kenzie Tyaga
Kenzie Tyaga Aylar önce
Abby Da Cookie
Abby Da Cookie 2 aylar önce
OwO 3 aylar önce
I actually forgot our big friend that likes to blow up stuff made an arg. Wilbur always surprises me.
sam cooper
sam cooper 23 saatler önce
Ineta Kučinskaitė
Ineta Kučinskaitė 2 gün önce
Dylan Ketchum
Dylan Ketchum 2 gün önce
Yo sup
Mouth 5 gün önce
Ya think?
nightplayz606 6 gün önce
Your everywhere
StikMan 2 aylar önce
Game Theory: *Solves possibly one of the hardest ARG’s to exist” Wilbur: Let’s make a brand new one for everyone to solve now :)
ig ; cardiaccannibalism
ig ; cardiaccannibalism 6 gün önce
whats the new one?
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 20 gün önce
@Exi_dudi thanks
jelly Blob 👹
jelly Blob 👹 21 gün önce
Exi_dudi 23 gün önce
@Rebecca Taylor alternate reality game
JELLY frog
JELLY frog 27 gün önce
@Rebecca Taylor did you even hear the start
Mr Glitch Guy
Mr Glitch Guy 3 aylar önce
the fact that mat does this every weak on 3 channels is shocking, lets just apreciate the ammount of effort that matpat puts into a video for a moment!
1 8 saatler önce
@Karen Amyx Understandable
Karen Amyx
Karen Amyx 9 saatler önce
@1 you say compliment, others would say complicate.
1 16 gün önce
@Mr Glitch Guy Ay ru's reply compliments your comment, if no one had said anything regarding his comment then this thread would've been fine.
No name
No name Aylar önce
@Mr Glitch Guy Welcome to TRshow comment section
Mr Glitch Guy
Mr Glitch Guy Aylar önce
I was literally only trying to be positive and appreciate the amount of work behind the videos Why did everyone get so aggressive towards each other because I didn't mention the other members of the team, who deserve JUST as much credit as mat pat? Please stop being negative towards everyone because I didn't mention the editors.
Henry Cloutier
Henry Cloutier 2 aylar önce
I think the girl whom Wilbur falls for’s name is Lenore, because in the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, the character mentions many times an angel named Lenore, possibly her three favourite Edgar poems were those you mentionned, with her name being Lenore, beggining with L, Elle’s lovely three makes more sense, which would enforce that R. Fakier was the one in love with Lenore, and the one who killed her.
Sidney Fremont
Sidney Fremont 5 gün önce
How would that work if he didn't develop the other personality until after the incident?
•Noah Cortez•
•Noah Cortez• Aylar önce
@Fluffy_Puppy 123 Elle Lenore
Wheelbarrow 2 aylar önce
my cat is named lenore
Kaede Akamatsu
Kaede Akamatsu 2 aylar önce
But in the video it is mentioned that only the real wilbur talks about the incident and the happenings
Henry Cloutier
Henry Cloutier 2 aylar önce
@Fluffy_Puppy 123 could be, anyway ot has something to do with the letter L, fact is she’s probably more related to the poems
Дети Пламени
Дети Пламени 2 aylar önce
As someone who has DID... Thank you matpat for saying how awful this disorder is shown in the media. We are not monsters and we do not kill people or anything like that. It is important to explain people how different we all can be, and how those 'different' people deserve care, respect and support just as much as any other human being. So thank you Matt, it was just a little note to others about a disease, but in reality it was a really important detail that can and will be changing the world for the better in future piece by piece. ❤❤❤
QueasyLemon 9 gün önce
Couldn’t have said it better myself -matk
Ikerrad 11 gün önce
@Jermaine Beetstra ok, I didn't think it was a joke because it's kinda dark but now I know it's a joke LMFAOO
Jermaine Beetstra
Jermaine Beetstra 11 gün önce
@Ikerrad dude...Think my comment over a little harder. Hint: its a joke.
Ikerrad 11 gün önce
@Jermaine Beetstra? I'm talking to the person who made this comment, not the whole DID community (but I hope they cope well with it too)
Jermaine Beetstra
Jermaine Beetstra 11 gün önce
@Ikerrad they're*
Serkoid 3 aylar önce
Jack finally gets the attention he deserves! Proud of you Jack, been a fan since 2018.
Mr Meme
Mr Meme 2 aylar önce
2018 The start of the arg
Stxormy! 2 aylar önce
This reply section is bot heaven-
Little Logic
Little Logic 2 aylar önce
Same here!
Corners 3 aylar önce
Saturn 3 aylar önce
*(BLACKPINK) Lisa :💲"MoNeY"💲 official video - Melody & Rap*
*-__pumpkin guts__-*
*-__pumpkin guts__-* 3 aylar önce
Matpat : * finishes Wilbur arg * Wilbur : **starts new one already** Gotta get back to work mat. (also it’s not confirmed but there many things about this in the Halloween live, and Wilbur said when he reacted to this he said “it would be fun to do a arg near Halloween and November.”
Ikerrad 24 gün önce
@Chrissy Why do you say that? He might have
Chrissy Aylar önce
He didn't even solve the ARG.....
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 aylar önce
I respect the Ninjago reference at 15:47 so much! The editor of this video is a hero for including that!
stormtrooper360 2 aylar önce
I am a sith
Mr. No Audio
Mr. No Audio 2 aylar önce
Diluc 2 aylar önce
XwX Num
XwX Num 2 aylar önce
Mcsipty 2 aylar önce
TheAdvertisement 2 aylar önce
I definitely thought there was some interconnected story, with how Wilbur played this consistently crazy character. Didn't realize there was a whole ARG in the works though!
Mossy_teddybear♡ 4 gün önce
Darn it
Mossy_teddybear♡ Aylar önce
Lol no one else like
lord of bean
lord of bean 2 aylar önce
I think I could know what the 1:11 2:33 2:44 clue is. In Wilbur's song "I am very smart," at 1:11, Wilbur says "high school party," and from 2:33 to 2:44 he says "I think I've made a mistake, the first mistake I've ever made." additionally, In the music video, Wilbur wears a bowtie, which could correlate to the saying "it's nice to end things with a bow on top" also mentioned in the arg. Finally, at 2:33, Wilbur changes clothing to the same black shirt he's wearing in the video where he's in the "decrepit old house in the middle of nowhere." This might just be coincidence, but maybe something about a high school party could tie into the arg.
Ikerrad 24 gün önce
Sounds cool, I hope matpat sees this
Shaila Gaikwad
Shaila Gaikwad Aylar önce
Dam 3 aylar önce
Wilbur really makes things so different and interesting, this ARG is clearly like not any other
Crownspear 13 gün önce
what's up groomer
Badass Timmy
Badass Timmy 2 aylar önce
ㅤㅤㅤcan i see
ㅤㅤㅤcan i see 2 aylar önce
Hi groomer!
Rigby 🍕
Rigby 🍕 2 aylar önce
@ocu A rigid gay
Rigby 🍕
Rigby 🍕 2 aylar önce
Predator here huh?
The Nervous System
The Nervous System 2 aylar önce
Thank you for calling out DID stigma and making it known. From a DID system, mad respect and we appreciate it more than anything. Thank you ❤️
Brote McA
Brote McA 2 aylar önce
Wilbur started a second ARG in Tubbo's Halloween stream, and Tommy was involved this time. I can't wait to see where this goes :D
Taya Barbuto
Taya Barbuto 3 aylar önce
ais 2 aylar önce
wilbur said he hasn't done a new arg yet in a recent stream
Ashkin_ 2 aylar önce
@Tommyranboowilbur Fan4life he was on call with Tommy
DragonsAway 2 aylar önce
@Tommyranboowilbur Fan4life susbur soot
Tommyranboowilbur Fan4life
Tommyranboowilbur Fan4life 2 aylar önce
But like Wilbur was not there, how did he know he was cold? Wilbur sus
TheAdvertisement 2 aylar önce
Omg they're starting a new one.
вσкυт – σωl
вσкυт – σωl 3 aylar önce
mat isn't wrong. Wilbur's face is gonna pop up soon again. he and Tommy have already started their new arg
ChippyGaming 3 aylar önce
Been a fan of Jack’s channel for a while so I’ve always wanted to see this ARG get solved
FuSiOn EcLiPsE
FuSiOn EcLiPsE 10 gün önce
Yoo chippy??? Whatchya doin mate
Jafelle The Gamer
Jafelle The Gamer 3 aylar önce
Leo Askham
Leo Askham 3 aylar önce
soobred 3 aylar önce
i watched you like a year ago
GalaBala 3 aylar önce
I've never seen one of you comments before
Anton Koklin
Anton Koklin 2 aylar önce
Never seen anyone pointing this out so I guess I'll do it myself. "Wilbur is the creator of E and A guitar strings and of the editing tool of keyframing" where the last would be Adobe After Effects or AE for short. Not sure about how that can help, but I think it's a good finding.
PotatoGodzilla 2 aylar önce
I remember when I first learn about Wilbur at Soothouse when it started. Then watched this on 2018. He came a long way and he is very talented.
Fru1ts 3 aylar önce
Looking at Wilbur’s songs, you can see they represent story’s and have different characters, if you look into it I think it adds in :)
AmericanLight 3 aylar önce
I swear when Mat Pat recited those poems he let his inner actor our and started to recite for an Audience he knew would come. An audience that would applaud him and love his work.
Impostor 3 aylar önce
the police should hire matpat as a crime investigator after this
RB plays
RB plays 6 gün önce
Hung Pham
Hung Pham Aylar önce
Crime Theory
Tree Trio
Tree Trio 3 aylar önce
I would agree of only if Wilbur already said that the ARG had nothing to do with mental illnesses
TobiRevBlackFire 3 aylar önce
Father Menace
Father Menace 3 aylar önce
Eclxpse 2 aylar önce
Hello matpat! Just wanted to point out that DID is only formed by extreme and *repetitive* childhood trauma, not just one traumatic episode in adulthood. No hate to you mate but please do more research on this type of stuff as it can spread misinformation. Thank you!
Kiddo 2 aylar önce
The fact that wilbur might’ve started a new arg involving tommy is just making the whole thing better
FrydayAtTheCreek Aylar önce
I feel that Mat didn't exactly get it right but I'm sure he's onto something. This was interesting to watch!
Prolly 3 aylar önce
Wilbur, I think, started a new ARG, but this time using Tommy. Two days ago, 24.10.2021, Tubbo did a Halloween stream. Nothing much happened during the stream, just basically bros being bros. In the middle of the stream Tommy called Wilbur and they spoke for a bit, then Wilbur asked Tommy to get him to the microphone, and Wilbur said ''Hello Tubbo's chat, My name is Wilbur Soot.'' and at the end of his sentence he said ''I'm not.'' after he told us to have a great and fine evening. Actually, a long time before Tommy even called Wilbur, he said that he was cold. That could mean something. (It was still in the same stream. He told Raboo that he was cold, but then he also said that he was cold on purpose.) Okay, back to when Tommy called Will. At some point Wilbur asked Tommy who the weakest in the room is. Tommy answered Aimsey. At some point Tommy walked outside, because Wilbur asked him to. He was staring through the window and banging on it as some point. Freddy had locked Tommy out and Tubbo asked him to let Tommy in, but when Freddy went to unlock the door, Tommy started screaming to not unlock the door. Actually, I think that Aimsey went outside to look for Tommy, but she didn't fine him. Some minutes past and he came back all dirty, and with mud on his face and leaves in his hair. When Aimsey tried to help him, he just answered the he's fine and went back to his place. Tommy was sat for almost 10 minutes not saying anything and just staring something. Ranboo tried to help Tommy too, but he didn't let him. After those 10 minutes or so, Tommy left for like another 10 minutes, but when he came back he was in a different outfit, and he was completely different. He seemed much more happier and all. He acted like nothing happened at all. Now that I'm talking about outfits, he changed his shirt like 3 times. I don't know if it means anything, but it could be pointed to Wilbur's alias's during his last ARG. When Wilbur was telling Tommy what to do, he actually listened. Maybe Wilbur is controlling in this ARG? Wilbur said some time ago that he will maybe start a new ARG towards Halloween. Maybe this is it? This is all I saw during the stream. I might have a theory for the ARG.
karishma bhimsingh
karishma bhimsingh 2 aylar önce
But Wilbur apologised on a stream saying how it was just him being weird and it wasn’t an arg and he’ll actually start an arg soon it was just him being weird or he might just be lying idk the same thing for the roast video too
Prolly 3 aylar önce
@Gerarrot Probably.
Gerarrot 3 aylar önce
He’ll probably do it when we have more clues
 ShortHax 3 aylar önce
Pfft, you should’ve scared him with some anteaters and it would’ve revealed everything
Saturn 3 aylar önce
*(BLACKPINK) Lisa :💲"MoNeY"💲 official video - Melody & Rap*
E 3 aylar önce
876 BABY
876 BABY 3 aylar önce
DobosXML 3 aylar önce
Father Menace
Father Menace 3 aylar önce
TheRealPringlesMan 2 aylar önce
As a person who knows a lot about DID, it is not actually possible to develop it at the age Wilbur is in the ARG, the disorder only develops in children, but tends to become more noticeable as time goes on. I don't know if this theory is correct or if Wilbur just didn't know that when he made it but it's something to think about.
Clontbandicoot 3 aylar önce
the sickest part of this is crywank getting some well deserved recognition, their music has been a big part of my life since early high school so it’s sick seeing so many people talking about them (even if it’s indirectly though the ARG)
mom pls pick me up I'm scared
mom pls pick me up I'm scared 2 aylar önce
Quick question: I saw that you used they/them pronouns for Wilbur. For the longest time, I always used he/him. Did Wilbur somehow come out as nb or something? Just genuinely curious and also I will change the pronouns I use for them ofc
BelugaDaCat Aylar önce
Wilbur: “Don’t try to solve it, it’s too hard” MatPat: “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that”
gracie. 2 aylar önce
GAME THEORY!! I have a Theory. Jubilee Line is the last song that could suggest that the cops was after him, and was trying to enter a train. In the song he was explaining a girl, in the part when he was explaining her he said "You shout at the walls.. The walls don't f-ing love you" could mean that he is trying to remember her after accidentally committing manslaughter but he is remembering the bad parts of her and is becoming more angst and angry with her spirit in her mind. Then something must have caught him off guard making him slip and fall and the train crushes him as the ending off the song repeats "There's a reason, That London puts barriers on the tube line, There's a reason, That London puts barriers on the rails" then ends with "There's a reason why they fail". He either saw the cops and committed suicide or either someone/cops/Kai purposely pushed him in. end of theory.
Popplio Trainer
Popplio Trainer 3 aylar önce
Wilbur makes amazing storylines Also Wilbur-“eats Sand”
Akira Heike
Akira Heike 3 aylar önce
hmmm sand goes crunch
Dear Theodoza
Dear Theodoza 3 aylar önce
@⁰•.•InvisibleInnit•.•⁰ and brown m&m-
{Strawberry _Dønutz}
{Strawberry _Dønutz} 3 aylar önce
Wilbur:Gets pregnant from a fish and has a fox as a child
Lillian Eve
Lillian Eve 3 aylar önce
I just learned a new scent.
The beast queen
The beast queen 3 aylar önce
Caleb Bartlett
Caleb Bartlett 3 aylar önce
yo thanks for the disclaimer! Really appreciate it especially since one of my best friends has did. however, i would also like it if u used current vocab associated with the disorder. theyre called alters, not personas or personalities, which implies that theyre just traits of one person instead of different, distinct beings.
Inoghmia 2 aylar önce
It's weird hearing a new theory that seems to fit perfectly cause suddenly it seems like the story has ended but until Wilbur doesn't reveal the truth, we can't be sure, that's why I think it's fun and why he'll never confirm anything. This is honestly one of the reasons I love Wilbur sm, he's a great creator in so many different ways
Alex Pyle
Alex Pyle 2 aylar önce
I wish The Game Theorists would do the Oldroot ARG. It's old but it still deserves to be solved
The Impossible Thespian
The Impossible Thespian Aylar önce
Thank you for your comment about DID. One of my best friends deals with this disorder. And it makes me so so sad that media has portrayed it so nastily.
Cheese 3 aylar önce
Wilbur: Don’t bother trying to solve it Matpat: How about no ❤️
🎮Gamer Overlord🎮
🎮Gamer Overlord🎮 Aylar önce
Maria Stanley
Maria Stanley 3 aylar önce
@Cheese its fine, idc anymore
Cheese 3 aylar önce
@Nightmare-Rose you didn’t comment this 👁👄👁
Cheese 3 aylar önce
@Maria Stanley sorry if it seems like that but I never even saw ur comment
Maria Stanley
Maria Stanley 3 aylar önce
Mine was a day earlier
Terra 3 aylar önce
okay but i find it fascinating how much different sides of the internet are able to overlap. we have now come to the point of matpat knowing the song privately owned spiral galaxy
JuJuBee 2 aylar önce
Someone should point out that dissociative episodes aren't necessarily confined to DID... They can be a lesser symptom of other personality disorders, people just don't realize how many personality disorders exist.
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth Saatler önce
I like how matt didn't mention the fact that bloody was in the tweet and the reason I like that is because bloody is used in English even though it could have nothing to do with blood and be the complete opposite.
Sage 3 aylar önce
The community thinks the new ARG is starting Matpat! Today on tubbo’s holloween stream there was some weird things happening with Tommy and Wilbur was the cause of them! The community thinks this is the start of the new ARG, and Wilbur was talking about releasing it around this time!
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 3 aylar önce
yes! i’ve seen lots of theory’s about this!
officallacrossestick 3 aylar önce
Wilbur: Don’t try to solve the arg, it’s nearly unsolvable. Matpat: That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read!
Willow Heart
Willow Heart 22 gün önce
@crep wait you like slugterra too?
crep 22 gün önce
*wilbur hold sign that says dont try to solve the arg* *matpat dose it* Wilbur: if those kids could read they would be so offended
Balloutn 25 gün önce
@Critter-Creates wait, you read the comment tho
Secret Name
Secret Name Aylar önce
Aphmau verison: Wilbur: Don’t try to solve the arg, it’s nearly unsolvable. Pierce and Ein: That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read!
Willow Heart
Willow Heart Aylar önce
GlitchBur_ 2 aylar önce
I came back to watch this video and I am super hyped for theories on the new ARG, Tommy and Wilbur are both doing together. And really excited on the video based on the new ARG.
Idkanymore 2 aylar önce
This brought me and my mother an irrational amount of joy because I was laughing my head of and my mum said I sounded just like my older brother who moved out who she misses. So thank you 🤣
hadley hats
hadley hats 3 aylar önce
18:33 is talking about the letter, Wilbur being socially awkward. In Wilbur’s second letter to Jack after editing Jack’s video that was then published, in the letter Wilbur stated “ I’m no good at social interaction since i was kicked out of the Morcambe Birdwatching Association.” Just a little hint too! ;)
Sarah Reason
Sarah Reason 7 saatler önce
I like how he purposely made the ARG sound like he unalived a person
ThatVibeKid 3 aylar önce
Wilbur: dont waste time solving it MatPat: And I took that personally...
Baniel 3 aylar önce
@Wilby are you related to this video
Wilby 3 aylar önce
ThatVibeKid 3 aylar önce
paola viet
paola viet 3 aylar önce
ThatVibeKid 3 aylar önce
@Jessica IKR.
Retaby 2 aylar önce
wilbur said there's one part where Matpat solved correctly. Only one.
FireGod 22
FireGod 22 3 aylar önce
This has to be the best thing you have ever solved absolutely incredible
hex4_ash 3 aylar önce
Someone give this man an award He literally solved something like.... THIS good for you matpat
Yeti Spaghetti
Yeti Spaghetti 11 gün önce
When MatPat started bringing up the whole “Im so cold” part of this I couldn’t stop hearing “Sleeping In the Cold Below” in my head
Dynamix the Bachelor
Dynamix the Bachelor 3 aylar önce
Wilbur: "This arg is too hard!" MatPat: "I am... Inevitable."
AP Toxx1C
AP Toxx1C 5 gün önce
🐸ÉŘŘØŘ_ƑŘØĞ🐸 6 gün önce
Hi Inevitable, I'm Sapphire!
Simon Bales
Simon Bales 7 gün önce
curbalist Aylar önce
and he still didn’t solve it 💀
Bigbean 2 aylar önce
Jacob Langshaw
Jacob Langshaw 2 aylar önce
I’ve been thinking about the first ARG and I figured I’d shoot my shot, I believe Kai is “Jared” from all of the songs Wilburs made. I’ve learned about it all today and my conclusion from everything I know about him is he like to add layers to the story, and in the first song he made “I’m very smart” people have been able to link I story line to this character in “I’m in love with an E-Girl” and “Your New Boyfriend” and apparently follow a cohesive story. With that in the first video you’re wearing a bow tie, which “a nice bow on top” was in one of the clue videos for the ARG and makes me come to this story line: Wilbur or I. Fakier was a genius who was born into a rich family, but suffered from lack of interest, because of this he turned to social media where he found an unhealthy parasocial relationship with an E-Girl twitch streamer and she falls in love with Kai or “Jared” and it causes him to have a mental break, and he creates the persona of R. Fakier to cope after he gets asked out on a “date” by the E-Girl and it turns out she’s in love with Kai/Jared but in his anger he pushes her into the river. Kai/Jared, being aware that the girl he is with has gone to tell Wil “ I. Fakier” that she couldn’t be with him is worried when she disappears and knows that Wilber or I. Fakier had to have done something. They meet up at the place she went missing where Kai/Jared was confused about the camera, before Wilbur leaves the hint about being “The New King” and R. Fakier tries to kill Kai/Jared. He survives and poses a threat of exposing I. Fakier for what he’s done. The “Secret” is that he killer her, the “embarrassing” part is the parasocial relationship. My top 3 reasons for this conclusion: 1 : The bow tie and the “topped off with a bow” hint link 2 : Explains why he’s growing a similar attachment to Jack 3 : The fact that so many of the hints involved sounds and music, maybe hinting to his music?
jellybeep 14 saatler önce
I never thought I would see someone solve this but here we are
Dose Of Comedy
Dose Of Comedy 2 aylar önce
Great video, but might a recomend another ARG that been left unsolved for almost 8 years, The "Oldroot Mystery" is it's name and it's one of the most complex ARGs i've seen. Give it a look!
moonn_ 2 aylar önce
Last year I remember going on a big spree of watching wilbur and Tommy content, and I came across this video, it was a pretty cool video but I hadn’t really payed attention as it was meant to be white noise - so thanks for unburying this little memory mat :D
Jackie Mattos
Jackie Mattos 3 aylar önce
I love how in character it is for Wilbur to describe 2nd degree murder as "embarrassing"
Logan 19 gün önce
Yeah lol
Assassin Y🗝️
Assassin Y🗝️ Aylar önce
Jackie Mattos is a nigga
Man who is missing two toenails
Man who is missing two toenails Aylar önce
Yeah I mean it's way too long to be in prison for someone you dislike enough to kill I'd be embarrassed.
He said it was embarrassing when she was joking
fira mation ???
fira mation ??? 2 aylar önce
@Advisor Golden Axolotl blood
Havokx9 Aylar önce
As a Canadian, we’re always really cold without the need for a complicated ARG
King UwU
King UwU Aylar önce
I’m currently trying to solve all this, so I’ll definitely take this into note. It actually makes the most sense but, parts of it I’m skeptical of
Moss Hive Network
Moss Hive Network Aylar önce
That's some spooky content. I really like ARG explanation videos so this is cool.
Nat Nat
Nat Nat 2 aylar önce
This was amazing!! keep up the good work!!
A Sprinkle Of Anything
A Sprinkle Of Anything 3 aylar önce
Wilbur: *makes a super complicated mystery with a interesting story* Also Wilbur: "I like to eat sand :D"
°•a name•°
°•a name•° 3 aylar önce
@Totally_Real also more weird stuff and think weird
°•a name•°
°•a name•° 3 aylar önce
@Totally_Real anyways I'm gonna dance bad so FBI agent will think I'm weird
°•a name•°
°•a name•° 3 aylar önce
@Totally_Real yes yes
Totally_Real 3 aylar önce
@°•a name•° this never happened…..
°•a name•°
°•a name•° 3 aylar önce
@Totally_Real tbh there's oolso another person controlling them
Absolutelykarl JELLYBEAN 😰
Absolutelykarl JELLYBEAN 😰 3 aylar önce
Honestly, this is amazing wow- A GOOD MYSTERY! These videos honestly scare me, i don't know why it's just scary
ShadowRei☠︎ 2 aylar önce
Having read the Tell-Tale heart I can confirm that, great draw matt. also AMAZING theory as always.
TheAdvertisement 2 aylar önce
Y'know, it'd be so like Wilbur to discourage Matpar from doing the ARG, just as reverse psychology to actually get him to do it. Crime boy wants to see him suffer. XD
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 21 gün önce
First game theory where I was following the whole thing. Just watched a random Jack video during the 2018 phase of Jack and suddenly was following an ARG. Then later on Wilbur blew up. Awesome to follow.
N o
N o 3 aylar önce
Wilbur makes great storylines Also Wilbur: A fish impregnated me
TsarErosVonE 3 aylar önce
@Gustone Anything is better than the movie that literally forced Akira Toryama to make Dragon Ball Super to wash away that movie.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 3 aylar önce
amnesiac 3 aylar önce
@꧁shadow꧂ its not
Uganda knuckles
Uganda knuckles 3 aylar önce
Uganda knuckles
Uganda knuckles 3 aylar önce
@Lilac_ Reed wilbur gay
5undy SIMP
5undy SIMP 3 aylar önce
I just wanna say, Wilbur did start a new ARG (that's what I've heard) and he started with Tommy getting a call from him telling Tommy to do something outside. He told Tommy to do something in mud. When he went outside, he came back covered in mud. So Tommy either got told to play in mud (very weird, but Wilbur would tell Tommy to do that.) or he got told to dig up something in mud, people say he's been told to dig a grave, maybe for the mysterious girl. And Tommy comes back quiet and probably terrified. roughly 10 minutes later, he's back to his talkative self. Transferring maybe personalities like Wilbur. I wanna say Tommy's the new R. Fakier, a replacement of a part of Wilbur that has died. Maybe he needs Tommy to rebuild that part by hiding the evidence somewhere where the police can't find it . But, I wanna hear from you. I also might be digging to deep into this. 😅😅 Watch the stream to get some more info, it was posted my Tubbo VODs. Link is right here! -->
Kit-Kat1225 !
Kit-Kat1225 ! 3 aylar önce
I’ve seen videos on this and this is one of the best. I’ve also heard that wilbur’s new arg started on Tubbo’s Halloween stream
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 3 aylar önce
Looking at Wilbur’s songs, you can see they represent story’s and have different characters, if you look into it I think it adds in :)
Shady Aylar önce
I have a theory: I think that the music video, Your New Boyfriend has something to do with the ARG. What I think happened was that she left Wilbur for Jared, he got jealous. And that’s when he shoved into the river. Why I personally believe this is because like you had stated, Editor Wilbur has two personalities. And during the video; Wilbur had his glasses off, he was hinged. And in a fit of rage he shoved her into the river
Mace Palpatine
Mace Palpatine 3 aylar önce
I didn't think I'd see MatPat do a theory on Wilbur but here we are.
Father Menace
Father Menace 3 aylar önce
To Vanto
To Vanto 3 aylar önce
David Skep
David Skep 3 aylar önce
I thought animagician was the only one that was gonna do that
A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name
A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name 3 aylar önce
he can solve anything
Connor Coats
Connor Coats 3 aylar önce
Almost the 2nd one since he did one on the SMP
Sterling 2 aylar önce
I can’t wait for the next Wilbur ARG since it might have some other people involved as well
Elizabeth Sherla
Elizabeth Sherla 2 gün önce
its just impressive that wilbur did all of this
°Eʟɪᴢᴀ° 2 aylar önce
Something I would like to add is that DID starts from experiencing trauma at a young age. In one of the poems, it says the lines "I was a child and she was a child."
Alyas 2 aylar önce
Mgh.. I don't really enjoy the use of my condition for an ARG, but I'm glad that MatPat is.. decently respectful. Personas are more commonly referred to as "Alters" when addressing DID, and the traumatic event must happen in childhood. ..Also, alters dying is impossible. They can go into dormancy, or come together with another 'part' of the system [the person with DID as a whole] and be another alter, but you can't be a singlet [someone without a system] ever again. I just think how my condition is handled in most media [especially when made by those who don't have it..] is.. generally wrong and stigmatizing. I like Wilbur, but.. this sours him a little for me. Anyhow. Thank you for saying we aren't evil, MatPat. It means a lot.
Angelena DuBach
Angelena DuBach 3 aylar önce
I've always interpreted the story as Wilbur being the one who died in the river, and his whole character through the ARG is just his ghost/revenant self trying to make sense of what's happened.
GoldBirdie 3 aylar önce
And he’s running from what? The grim reaper
GoldBirdie 3 aylar önce
@Micah Lehrke pog
Toad Soup
Toad Soup 3 aylar önce
Oh I love that theory
Courtney King
Courtney King 3 aylar önce
@tomas mcgrath no, i meant the comment. Lmfao
tomas mcgrath
tomas mcgrath 3 aylar önce
@Courtney King what an SCP reference?
şans 5 gün önce
I just noticed that jack syncing at the start of they're getting closer matches up perfectly with wilbur's breathing in privately owned spiral galaxy. a bit of more syncing between those two videos.
ChaoticCold 22 gün önce
I like to imagine that in the ARG there's a random guy who witnesses Wilbur throw Kai and the girl in the river and just doesn't mind it.
Topaz Pie
Topaz Pie 2 aylar önce
I laughed so hard at the “there can only be one” at the start
Salviet 2 aylar önce
Well it's starting to look like there'll be another Wilbur ARG coming up
ghost king666
ghost king666 3 aylar önce
Willbur Soot has a real bad habit of leaving his symphonys "forever unfinished"
Imagebear 3 aylar önce
It's not unfinished . It's unsolved . It's different . One is insult to the creator , one isn't .
cloudy🎗 3 aylar önce
wilbur's forever unfinished symphonys :DDDD
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 3 aylar önce
Zlink 3 aylar önce
Just someone who wants to be a femboy
Just someone who wants to be a femboy 3 aylar önce
Mossy_teddybear♡ Aylar önce
I love how he used the cover of “your new boyfriend” seeing as that song is pretty creepy but I love it 🥰
🌸 Cutie BunBun ☁️
🌸 Cutie BunBun ☁️ 2 aylar önce
Just a little something i noticed, the window of when wilburs feelings shifted at kai would be between oct 17 and dec 10th, since the email of him wanting the editor job was sent 6 days ago in the video.
jay 2 aylar önce
I like this new guy he's funny but realy cool and keeps with the style of the old vids
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 aylar önce
So much for the whole "neuroscience" angle, literally everyone is having to remind Matthew about the basics of DID
basil 2 aylar önce
sorry this is a week late reply but osdd system here! It is seriously so annoying that people don't know this by now lol, it's 2021 /nm
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 aylar önce
just the only one who thought this.
MonsterIsABlock 3 aylar önce
MatPat and Wilbur Soot, this is like putting rice and salmon together.
Saturn 3 aylar önce
*(BLACKPINK) Lisa :💲"MoNeY"💲 official video - Melody & Rap*
TobiRevBlackFire 3 aylar önce
Father Menace
Father Menace 3 aylar önce
ItsPW_ 3 aylar önce
Lol, salmon… I get it.
To Vanto
To Vanto 3 aylar önce
Omega Wolf
Omega Wolf 2 aylar önce
Dang I love all the Poe references. This was really interesting, honestly, even if it was really difficult. I'm looking forward to the future!
Mentos 22 gün önce
“When I discovered that one of the internets biggest gaming creators right now created an ARG, I was intrigued. When I found out it hadn’t been solved, I was aroused”
Vic Vian
Vic Vian Aylar önce
I love it how the title says "only took three years" I guess that's life of a theorist doesn't make finding out secrets and story's any less cool Tho
Rat c:
Rat c: 3 aylar önce
i already got the start of the next wilburs arg its on Tubbos stream its on the part where everyone is carving pumpkins and tommy and wilbur is on call and they are speaking. IM SO EXCITED hope you will solve it good luck!
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations 3 aylar önce
Imagine if someone actually managed to cover up a murder by calling it an arg
Predatolian 3 aylar önce
I mean, a murderer has made an ARG
Father Menace
Father Menace 3 aylar önce
ch3rry 2.0
ch3rry 2.0 3 aylar önce
oh my gosh-
To Vanto
To Vanto 3 aylar önce
Pepe Lagarto
Pepe Lagarto 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the idea
How to Suck at Gaming
How to Suck at Gaming Aylar önce
So waitaminute. This guy creates an ARG to basically confess to 2nd degree murder, and Mat Pat's first reaction is "Hey, make another one!"? I think you will find that accessory before the fact carries a pretty hefty prison sentence, Mat.
Sus Potato
Sus Potato 2 aylar önce
when I found this video I was so happy for some random reason because I never knew what this ARG was but I'm so happy I get to see my favorite people.
Nevada Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate this dude is literally going insane and paranoid because of SOME EDITING JOB?
CLAIRE MOORE 3 aylar önce
Hey mat pat!
MCisAwesome 95
MCisAwesome 95 3 aylar önce
For a first ARG, this was actually brilliantly crafted. Wilbursoot is a genius.
Nania 3 aylar önce
Honestly, he's brilliant. Creepy yet very intriguing
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic 3 aylar önce
@ADR is Offline He didn’t answer my question. And like I said you tell if a person is a Christian.💯
Asher INK
Asher INK 3 aylar önce
@ADR is Offline thank u and the reason why i asked if he was a cultist was because he was being a bit crytic oh and i am Christian but he is just assuming im not
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic 3 aylar önce
@ADR is Offline You confirmed nothing! Also think what you want, just know that this ain’t no bot, this is a Christian, spreading the Good News of JESUS CHRIST!
陳心晨 3 aylar önce
Ariel Flores
Ariel Flores Aylar önce
“the raven,” “Lenore”, and “Annabelle lee” are poems about death. Really makes you think.
Rayachu Lolz
Rayachu Lolz 2 aylar önce
And now he's starting another ARG.
Sophie Gallagher
Sophie Gallagher 3 aylar önce
Hey Matpat! I was watching The Halloween stream Tubbo uploaded on TubboVODS from yesterday (24th October 2021) and I noticed something that might be in connection to this theory and could possibly suggest the start of the second Wilbur Soot ARG, so around the times of 1:25:20 until 1:32:49 Tommy is acting very strange. This happens after he receives a call from Wilbur and the first thing he says is "Hello Tubbo's chat, it's me Wilbur Soot" which is almost identical to the introduction to the first ARG during the phone call Wilbur tells Tommy to go outside. After a few minutes Tommy can be seen violently banging on the windows and I saying "no go back don't" and once Tommy does comes back he is covered in mud with ripped and torn clothes and is acting extremely quiet which (as a devoted dream smp fan as I can confirm) is *completely* out of character for Tommy. Another strange "coincidence" is that at 1:34:44 he comes back but *in a blue jacket* and he is suddenly acting normal again without acknowledging anything about the way like the way he acted and the fact he was covered in mud and his clothes were torn. Maybe the different jackets work the same as the glasses did with the different personalities? Perhaps Tommy found out about what Wilbur did to the mystery girl and what he tried to do to Kai (the river) but couldn't tell anyone because one part of him (Blue Jacket) couldn't accept that Wilbur did what he did, due to shock and fear whereas another part of him (the red jacket) tried to confront Wilbur about it and the two reactions conflicted causing the two personalities to form. Also at the beginning of the stream Lovejoy was playing which could be foreshadowing Wilbur's phone call. This may not even be remotely connected and could be a complete convenience but I doubt it, there's just too many "coincidences" for it to just be a funny sketch or something. I hope you see this comment and hope I'm not just the only one who thought this.
Tangle 3 aylar önce
Yeah! Also to correct you, Tommy was actually screaming "NO, GO BACK, DON'T", saying that he doesn't want them to let him in and then he ran away (Also I don't really think this is a continuation of the old ARG, I think it might be a new one)
Sophie Gallagher
Sophie Gallagher 3 aylar önce
​@DittoWasntHere That's true! Maybe it is a hint to the start of a new arg? It can't just be a huge coincidence, the convenient phone call, the different jumpers?
DittoWasntHere 3 aylar önce
Do you not think the first ARG has already ended and this is the start of a potentially new Wilbur ARG which involves more characters than the previous?
Sophie Gallagher
Sophie Gallagher 3 aylar önce
I thought I was the only one who made the connection. Tommy only starts acting weird *after* Wilbur calls him and tells him to go outside. But what could he have done outside and why was he covered in mud?
Ezra Tack
Ezra Tack 3 aylar önce
I totally agree, it seems too strange and has too much evidence to just be a bit.
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