Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"

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Tom MacDonald

10 aylar önce

FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
Special thanks to Ryan Lo

Daniel LaMarche
Daniel LaMarche 45 dakika önce
very valid points made bro
Cassie Lance
Cassie Lance 10 saatler önce
Then get the fuck out
Jamin Klingensmith
Jamin Klingensmith 23 saatler önce
You are literally a boss in the game sir! Stay positive and continue to grow! Thanks for being the inspiration you are! RESPECT!
Jamin Klingensmith
Jamin Klingensmith 23 saatler önce
RamboCrunch Gün önce
My biggest question is with how much truth tom speaks why don't we vote for him to be president ?
Baal Garena
Baal Garena Gün önce
Keep it up and I know you can find inspiration for your music for 100 years from now on.
Apocalypse WoW!
Apocalypse WoW! Gün önce
Just wanted to drop in and say "hey!" Hope u and Nova have a great day! peace.
dawn federspiel
dawn federspiel Gün önce
I really love your raps. So much heart and so much power behind your words. Fuck what they say. They just jealous of your success. Congrats to you and your girl.
Country Lin
Country Lin Gün önce
Thanks to you Tom, I'm trying harder to make my dreams come true no matter what people say or think about me, and I've made one happen already through all the bullshit and doubt, now I'm buying at the bit to go to the next one on my bucket list!!! It hasn't changed who I am or how I act, just made my life easier. I understand this song, keep going Tom, your doing more good than you realize 💯💯💙
Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins Gün önce
Tom McDonald you are the only artist out their that speaks 100% how it is. That is why people love you and hate you. You are a threat to them and you are a voice for other's. You be you and the true fans have you're back. God bless you brother.
Kniht Hogan
Kniht Hogan Gün önce
Can this man make a bad song.
Ananmay K S Rao
Ananmay K S Rao 2 gün önce
i understand ur diffculty i have problems
George Schultz
George Schultz 2 gün önce
Nickel back of rap
1strichy09 3 gün önce
Every song he makes is a masterpiece!
Cassie-lee Mobbs
Cassie-lee Mobbs 3 gün önce
Honestly, I can't get enough!! THE BEST EVER! 💕
robert clark
robert clark 3 gün önce
I don't even listen to rap music but Tom talks about the shit that matters and things that are bigger than him and the ugly truth of it all.
anthony moor
anthony moor 3 gün önce
follow your heart tom. only you have your power, no fker else
mmmkayok 4 gün önce
Love you for your service be blessed
new blue
new blue 4 gün önce
This song is one of the best
J Snyder
J Snyder 4 gün önce
I need upchurch up in here!
Makin Waves
Makin Waves 5 gün önce
I need Tom to make a song simply titled: “Fuck Your Feelings” :that would be great, have a good song to grind with...
Emil Nordgård
Emil Nordgård 5 gün önce
shout ot to mom GUYS
Rachael King
Rachael King 5 gün önce
I love this song it’s my favourite
Mike Turnage
Mike Turnage 5 gün önce
Tom I wanted to let you know your music saved my life a year ago I listene to your music everyday since then I work at home you keep doing what you doing and I truly thank you and one more thing would you please come to Hattiesburg Mississippi for a concert LoL thanks Tom
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham 5 gün önce
I never liked rap but this guy raps real good
? 5 gün önce
For my brother Phoenix. May he find this.
J Hard
J Hard 6 gün önce
Mark my words tom will pass emeneim and be the greatest ever
Sunday Wright
Sunday Wright 6 gün önce
Your family should be proud of you. I am.
Mr. L
Mr. L 6 gün önce
Why does this man have less subscribers than people who sit around and do nothing?
Tim Jordan
Tim Jordan 6 gün önce
Mega ruthless keep Killin it forever.
kenny wemer
kenny wemer 6 gün önce
Tom stay "REAL" bro! A bird flipped to all the haters! Their just mad that your successful... Big fan,,,
Selwyn Martin
Selwyn Martin 6 gün önce
Is it just me or does the video almost look exactly like nf the search
Ashleigh Wood
Ashleigh Wood 6 gün önce
Don't care what people say about you don't let people let you be depressed you can make it Don't let anyone let you feel bad and change be who you want to be!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tara Gage
Tara Gage 7 gün önce
It is all true he does it all himself
Adam Magie
Adam Magie 7 gün önce
This dude is amazing. Haven't heard a track yet that I didn't like.
Sabrina Bree
Sabrina Bree 7 gün önce
Tom and Nova are definitely two of the most artistically real relatable (to me) and AWESOMEST people who make music that I've ever been turned on to. I would stalk you two, but that's creepy and illegal, but just know, I wish I was the fly addicted to your farts 😂🤣😉💯👍💪😎😘💋😜
Kyle Lisenby
Kyle Lisenby 7 gün önce
How can 5.7k people dislike this song?
Christian Nead
Christian Nead 8 gün önce
I was a fan for him for too long
Landon Hyde
Landon Hyde 8 gün önce
One of my favorites from Tom 🤯
Maizie Klever
Maizie Klever 8 gün önce
Hi tom
Anime Knowledge
Anime Knowledge 8 gün önce
First I judged him by the look but man if I was wrong this dude is killing it!
PugZ Designs
PugZ Designs 8 gün önce
I’m so happy you’ve mad it.
Steven LaRue
Steven LaRue 9 gün önce
Hey man I love your music I love your angles please keep it coming
Sonoibrahim Kromah
Sonoibrahim Kromah 9 gün önce
Tom McDonald you are the best rapper
Jeannie Faulk
Jeannie Faulk 9 gün önce
HO11A TR1CKY 9 gün önce
Subbed from 30k followers anymore og’s here 🤟
Headof thegame
Headof thegame 9 gün önce
Hes has a lot of meaning in his life
KD UnitingMe
KD UnitingMe 9 gün önce
Dark knight of one's soul experience is well. Very much the same and is dark and deep. Must have a love push or cause to say Not today Satan! Peace to all who've been, is and or will experience such ways. Metamorphosis!
The Coulee
The Coulee 9 gün önce
I needed this.
Randi Beal
Randi Beal 10 gün önce
Carrie Franks
Carrie Franks 10 gün önce
I love you Tom you make me feel like we know the truth
hunterphillips1 10 gün önce
But I’m back now standing proud !!!
hunterphillips1 10 gün önce
Still jamming this mug
Kalan You
Kalan You 10 gün önce
Gotta love tom but ain't this a bit like NF till the wack breakdown? Good he threw out nfs name so I guess I should listen before I speak. Homies got barrrrrssss
lyndsey brown
lyndsey brown 10 gün önce
Just stumbled upon this guy and whoa, just whoa! Amazing!
Chester Bolt
Chester Bolt 10 gün önce
This makes me wanna carry on, thank you
Scott Trimlett
Scott Trimlett 11 gün önce
The more I hear the more it grows on to me. Keep kicking ass man. Your an inspiration.
BannedAgain ByGoogleCommies
BannedAgain ByGoogleCommies 11 gün önce
I like the way he dances haha
Danny Zehnder
Danny Zehnder 11 gün önce
This feeling is why you'll be bigger then em! JS
Artem Sirenkyi
Artem Sirenkyi 11 gün önce
Top music)
Ant Seale
Ant Seale 11 gün önce
Dominick Citrangolo
Dominick Citrangolo 12 gün önce
Hey Tom Macdonald you are awesome and cool I hope u have good days
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 12 gün önce
Living in a world where you can be you! 🦁
BuB Scarbrough
BuB Scarbrough 12 gün önce
This man bringing his message through fire. Something rap lost w Pac
Jamie Bryant
Jamie Bryant 12 gün önce
Mad respect sir This is my life just not a rapper
PugZ Designs
PugZ Designs 12 gün önce
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis 13 gün önce
Absolutely love your music My 10 year old son listens to you as well thank you for your inspiring words and Thank you for BEING YOU Michelle from Boise ID
Damon 13 gün önce
Lol did you really throw them in the trash, cause the body is the disposal system, so what actually did you do with them.
vesko5252 13 gün önce
Somebody actually disliked this....smh
XXXTASHIONE 14 13 gün önce
I gotta say that is the best place to record a music video
Hollieyazzz 14 gün önce
george martin
george martin 14 gün önce
Recent fan, don’t mind me. I see an ancient book being retold in a new way. Love it. 🙏
SKYSEA THOMAS 14 gün önce
I know tom MacDonald won't see this but my 4 day year old loves your music she won't listen to baby music but once her dad started playing tom she slept for a hour 😂 so thanks for being awsome
Andrew Langendorfer
Andrew Langendorfer 15 gün önce
Damn,that line with Hopsin n Eminem...that hit hard,love you Tom,keep being you
GamingWithTurtles 15 gün önce
Love song true
Trademark-S Official
Trademark-S Official 15 gün önce
I remember when this and No Response dropped. Tom was in Grammy Mode!
Jason Banks
Jason Banks 15 gün önce
I was Eminem fan 20yrs ago because he was real... at 40.. Tom is the the hungry REAL person! Tells it how it is
toco35 16 gün önce
anyone get into tom with this song
L.A Baby
L.A Baby 16 gün önce
I give u props for that one..your sound vibe and words are inspiring to the ones that can truely hear u..
Tammie Miles
Tammie Miles 16 gün önce
You speak words many can relate too or think . I know you’ve reached me ! I deal w ptsd an I’ve turned to drugs (meds) to deal an hated it. Feeling alone friends have walked away . My best friend husband of 29 yrs passed on his Harley on his way home to me in 2016 . I miss him Iam hollow and lost
Tammie Miles
Tammie Miles 16 gün önce
Fuck the haters Tom !! You are a true icon - legend worthy did it on your own!! Props to you
twiggy GatZ
twiggy GatZ 16 gün önce
Still ur friend brother
twiggy GatZ
twiggy GatZ 16 gün önce
Tom I knew I'd b famous one day congrats brother
twiggy GatZ
twiggy GatZ 16 gün önce
Fuck i meant ud
A2003P 16 gün önce
I don’t know why i really love it? this guy is awesome !
Dee Vee Zee
Dee Vee Zee 16 gün önce
This guy and NF made me start listening to rap music...
Elijah Gheen
Elijah Gheen Gün önce
a same here they are some of the greatest In the game currently
Junior Colon
Junior Colon 3 gün önce
GateHouse 5 gün önce
Emil Nordgård
Emil Nordgård 5 gün önce
i started with NF too than found him. Eminem is the best person lyricly but these guys are insane with their hooks and chorus. and i personaly like more NF cus hes a puzzle you have to understand the secret meanings of words and other stuff.
Trey Eichorst
Trey Eichorst 5 gün önce
Same here. I've tried listening to others but they just don't compare to these guys.
JJ JJ 16 gün önce
uhh sure u dont care uhh lol
Weiner Glockton
Weiner Glockton 16 gün önce
Tom, Don't let this evil world destory you! Don't let the Illuminati/ satan win! And praise Jesus! Your the greatest rapper alive in my opinion! And brother you're helping me right now get over loss because of how good you are... Thank you tom
margery manukau
margery manukau 16 gün önce
Mad Respect from New Zealand Tom!!!
Wes H.
Wes H. 17 gün önce
Bitch, never change...You give a voice to thousands!
Carl Gula
Carl Gula 17 gün önce
Thank you. Listening to your music keeps me sane
Jeff Burton
Jeff Burton 17 gün önce
Your nothing less then awesome bro you worked hard and it definitely paid off
any thing
any thing 17 gün önce
Behind all his tattoo there's an Angel.. Who.?? Tom MacDonald
John Jenkins
John Jenkins 17 gün önce
that rap hits home, and I am not even a famous person.
Shiner Dryden
Shiner Dryden 17 gün önce
fuckn love your music.
Moonlight Ocean ASMR
Moonlight Ocean ASMR 17 gün önce
This song has more intense, darker vibes, almost like NF
Moonlight Ocean ASMR
Moonlight Ocean ASMR 16 gün önce
@Batscat How so?
Andrew Sum
Andrew Sum 16 gün önce
Don't ever compare and indie artists to a has been! Every one of them are on different levels..maybe something you can't understand or relate to
Batscat 16 gün önce
Nope NF is a crybaby.
Dawn Helmes
Dawn Helmes 18 gün önce
Nuka Chronic
Nuka Chronic 18 gün önce
Best flow I’ve heard in years bro. Excited to be able to follow your career.
Illkid tv
Illkid tv 18 gün önce
I’m happy for his success and all like for real for real 💯🙏🏼 but there’s only one song I like from him 👀
Muzick_FPS 18 gün önce
Lets face it... MM and the rest... you will never be them. Ever.... Tom... Your a person who is completely different. One of the best? Fuck that. Your are at the top. Best? Screw that you are a stand out who know one can compare to. Best sent to you dude!
Dianna Harman
Dianna Harman 18 gün önce
THANK YOU!! YOU TOM are Great!! Your music is , can't even find the words! AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, GREAT!!! Because you are REAL!! I have never commented like this before. But I want you to know your music is powerful to me. I feel less alone. Its good to be alive! Appreciate your dedication to your fans. And I want to thank your Lady as well. Sorry don't know her name yet but wanna give credit to her she is a big part of you. Hell I thank all who help make what you do possible. Stay who you are ❤
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