dream smp: oversimplified

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Bill Wurtz - Essentially this entire video is based off of his work on the "history of japan" and "history of the entire world, i guess" videos, from the editing, to the sound effects, to the music, to the jokes; like I said, pretty much everything, so massive props to him. A few small portions of the video are directly copied from his videos (makes up less than 10 seconds total, but still worth mentioning) as well as the majority of the music.
Dream - I mean, he made the SMP, so... course he's on here.
The cinematic boys - A small group of people from my Discord that were going to help me with the original iteration of this project, and ended up reviewing and critiquing earlier versions of the current video. Wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now without their help.
et al. - There were tons of stock images/videos/sound effects used here, and I have no idea where the original sources are. If you were one of the creators, I thank you. No matter how small or large a part your media played, it improves the video.

Puffy technically didn't join the Syndicate, but she allied with all of its members and created the Pro-Omelette subfaction which they're all part of. So officially, not a Syndicate member, but is teaming up with all the members of the Syndicate (and yes Niki is a member)
Techno DID NOT DIE (as we all know, technoblade never dies). I was going to put the Ice Age meme ("Were you killed?" "Yes... but I lived!") over the part talking about his execution, but it looked out of place and I forgot to change that part, so now it says Technoblade was executed, when in reality, he survived the execution and escaped. Probably my biggest mistake in the video, my bad!!!

//// begging ahead lol ////

This video genuinely took me hundreds of hours over the course of months to create. No, that's not an exaggeration, I've had the idea since December and I started working on it in February (not even to mention that there was going to be a whole other type of video that was scrapped, because EvanMCGaming beat me to it). This is by far the most complicated video I've ever had to make, and while it was very interesting and I mostly enjoyed learning a lot of these new editing strategies, it could get very tedious at times and was very tiring (I mean, I was sometimes working 10 hours a day on this, it was crazy). I would love to do videos like this in the future, but it'll likely be quite a while until the next one, and I imagine it will be on a smaller scale just because of how large this project was. So please, if you enjoyed the video, tell me. If there was anything I could've done better, I'd be happy to hear that as well. Like the video if you want, dislike it if you want, subscribe if you're interested in other Minecraft history videos, and share the video to anyone you think might find it entertaining. But uh, yeah. Thanks, luv u, bye, mwah

//// begging over lol ////

MCBYT Aylar önce
ok time to answer questions! Q: puffy isn't part of the syndicate, did you mean niki? A: niki is part of it too, but puffy teamed up with the syndicate members around the time the group was made, though i don't think she has officially joined Q: techno never dies A: my bad, biggest mistake in the video. he actually survived the execution and escaped. i was gonna use the "Did you die? Yes... But I lived!" meme, but couldn't make it work, and forgot to change that part of the video Q: quackity didn't join l'Manberg A: not officially, but he did visit and cameo'd in a few l'Manberg streams. Q: the title should be "history of dream smp, i guess" A: you're right, but cbry beat me to it. the current title has nothing to do with OverSimplified, btw, never even watched them before Q: you copied bill wurtz! A: this is more of a tribute than a straight copy, but i see why you feel that way. no disrespect to bill of course Q: this video is awesome! A:
Sound Gaming
Sound Gaming 3 gün önce
@DylanJ1 Here before 5,000,000 views
SavvikYT 5 gün önce
You copied bill wurtz
Jacob Hathorn
Jacob Hathorn 5 gün önce
Puffy may have joined the syndicate but secretly chase at the time of this video she was a spy in the eggpire
Wait Bristol is red, always has been
Wait Bristol is red, always has been 6 gün önce
Dude... So Cool
Wait Bristol is red, always has been
Wait Bristol is red, always has been 6 gün önce
@Deedat Bogabong This Is 100% true
liam walker
liam walker Saatler önce
how is fundy the one who broke the truce when purpled or whatever it is tried to kill him, and even after giving the pickaxe tubbo joined back in the fight
Izzy Saatler önce
Can I stop seeing this video
Izzy Saatler önce
@MCBYT Please I hate the DSMP
MCBYT Saatler önce
Audrey Carmical
Audrey Carmical 2 saatler önce
harmless_hades33✔ 2 saatler önce
The egg was blown up
Dr Gordon
Dr Gordon 4 saatler önce
You know what this video reminds of? The history of the universe I guess.
Iron Man Fan
Iron Man Fan 5 saatler önce
Without drugs l’manburg wouldn’t exist
Gala _X_mangoes
Gala _X_mangoes 6 saatler önce
I understood about 2% of this and my brain decided to blank on the rest-
Lily Hudson
Lily Hudson 6 saatler önce
I don't know if you oversimplified this, or made it even more confusing.
skipper626 6 saatler önce
1:33 "DreamNotFound"
HurricaneplaysRoblox 7 saatler önce
im here too
E E 7 saatler önce
It gives me oversimplified vibes
xXGacha_PineappleXx 7 saatler önce
the end was beautiful :>
CleverKitty 8 saatler önce
Doge’s Gaming Channel
Doge’s Gaming Channel 8 saatler önce
OK this is over simplified But this is kinda fast
mobile battle cats boi
mobile battle cats boi 8 saatler önce
whole dream smp in a nutshell: *t h i s* whole dream smp in my version: *kill, steal, dream, tommy is angry, t r o l, sad.* haha i'm better dude why'd u waste ur time? wait i did that-
Demoman Gaming
Demoman Gaming 9 saatler önce
I look away for 5 seconds, WHY IS THERE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
lưu tuân kiệt
lưu tuân kiệt 9 saatler önce
havin history of the entire world , i guess vibe here
Mr Plat
Mr Plat 9 saatler önce
How long did this video take?
MCBYT 8 saatler önce
6 months, 8 months if you count an earlier version of the video that i scrapped entirely
Sussyamonguskid55 10 saatler önce
This is good videp
MCBYT 10 saatler önce
Thank you!
That Girl That Likes Muffins
That Girl That Likes Muffins 10 saatler önce
Lol I like this!
MCBYT 10 saatler önce
Glad you enjoy :)
Evelyn Mendoza
Evelyn Mendoza 11 saatler önce
Woah now I understand nothing!
David Bremner
David Bremner 12 saatler önce
you kinda sound like bill wurtz
Rafia Farrukh
Rafia Farrukh 13 saatler önce
Bill wurtz wants to know your location
_-H A R O L D,A L T-_
_-H A R O L D,A L T-_ 13 saatler önce
1:34 "Dreamnotfound"
Lightning 14 saatler önce
I’ve Atleast watched this video like 6 times
Legend Sfrt
Legend Sfrt 14 saatler önce
It’s the guy who made the history of earth I guess
just squall vidar
just squall vidar 16 saatler önce
Summary of the whole thing : war war war war war war war war peace for 5 seconds war war war
Benjamin Lundqvist
Benjamin Lundqvist 16 saatler önce
It would be cool if Tommy would join the syndicate
Catto Lorddo
Catto Lorddo 17 saatler önce
Dream who created the server: piss me off and you won't see the server
Game 123
Game 123 17 saatler önce
WW3 be like
blazer men bg
blazer men bg 19 saatler önce
The dream is a god of minecraft
Iyra world
Iyra world 19 saatler önce
Bubblez 20 saatler önce
i love the editing. so much similar to bill wurtz
Jairus Rojo
Jairus Rojo 21 saatler önce
Well i guess i get the lore now
Monster. 22 saatler önce
sounds about right
AdxrbsNityaa 22 saatler önce
“Schlatt is on life support” I died-
model maker
model maker 23 saatler önce
title: oversimplified video: bill wurts
Pryomancer Gün önce
This is oddly familiar...
lokadita brahmana
lokadita brahmana Gün önce
Do one dream smp in japan
Oiegee 5
Oiegee 5 Gün önce
Chaos is the ladder.
Facundo Piris
Facundo Piris Gün önce
1:16 i would have choose d
RobotLinc_YT Gün önce
You just did bill wurtz's job.
※Don’tknow※ Gün önce
I totally understand now
Giorgi Turmanidze
Giorgi Turmanidze Gün önce
Like the bill wurtz style that you did
sus man
sus man Gün önce
so much cringe bruh
Alcapunco Gün önce
This video seems like it's based off of OverSimplified and "the history of the world I guess"
toaster Gün önce
wow thanks
Minjae Kwon
Minjae Kwon Gün önce
The mundane persian cumulatively lie because laugh angiographically film concerning a present cupcake. abiding, mellow title
Miroslav Drabek
Miroslav Drabek Gün önce
So qick do amazing no funny
Alistocrat Gün önce
I came here to try to understand the dream smp. I still do not understand the dream smp.
Express Me Art
Express Me Art Gün önce
All the animations: Extremely dramatic fight scenes and death This one video: Says it exactly how it is
nachtmerrie //////////
nachtmerrie ////////// Gün önce
IreneTrashGamer Gün önce
Ah yes "Dream finds theres an Impostor in among us and the war begins. " I JUST STRAIGHT UP LOSED IT-
Marco Tolotti
Marco Tolotti Gün önce
1:33 Dream x George
frog Gün önce
this actually helped me with the lore lol
WolfieWisdom Gün önce
This is totally not how i explain the lore to my friends.
alex Gün önce
'Hey, You can make a religion outta this!'
Tomosh1ki Gün önce
I swear if it wasnt for the fucking weird fanbases of every youtuber i woulda watched it
Anne Dudley
Anne Dudley Gün önce
And purpled becomes an alien. *W H A T*
Ekta Chakrabarti
Ekta Chakrabarti Gün önce
dream smp is trash
Ekta Chakrabarti
Ekta Chakrabarti Gün önce
@Anne Dudley I didn't lol
Anne Dudley
Anne Dudley Gün önce
If you don’t like it then why did you decide to watch this video
Crystal Eni
Crystal Eni Gün önce
Josept Tran
Josept Tran Gün önce
This should be called “the dream smp I guess”
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Gün önce
Ranboo Lore Oversimplified : Half Enderman has retrograde amnesia and split personality syndrome
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Gün önce
1:03 "Well, actually there's no reason, Sapnap is just being himself, a pyromaniac" Well, what did you expect ? He is a *Fireborn*
Dávid Mikó
Dávid Mikó Gün önce
This is a bigger chaos than the peace time china
Cyprus Gün önce
even more simplified: green boi steals cursing child’s discs while child and his friends commit arson
E.G.P gaming
E.G.P gaming Gün önce
George not foud is British as well he was in lmanburg
Oli Romeril
Oli Romeril Gün önce
No he. Wasnt in l'manburg he was against l'manburg
Captain Gün önce
bill wurtz dream smp version
Pantherix Gün önce
*Me watching this to keep up with my friends*
XxMarkusX6230Xx Gün önce
Tommy burnt down ponk's lemon tree
SlayerMCRX Gün önce
This is an accurate representation that would usually be seen on the history Channel at 3 am.
Eggy Eggersons
Eggy Eggersons Gün önce
i have learnt... That it is a bad idea to create a smp with ppl on it
niros galactic
niros galactic Gün önce
techno is just a 8 year old that has the knoledge of a 1000 years and just needs a bit of dopamine to end the world.
mason Wakefield
mason Wakefield Gün önce
I heard a bill wurtz referance
Navajith GS
Navajith GS Gün önce
This man deserves a Oscar..
Khloe Lee
Khloe Lee Gün önce
EbayUserGreen Gün önce
You know you've fucked up when both Techno and Dream start teaming up
🥞PanCake🥞 Gün önce
How was this more confusing then just watching all the streams-
Parzival 2 gün önce
tip: put it on 0.75x or 0.50x speed
Izabella Goldgrove
Izabella Goldgrove 2 gün önce
this feels like a whole history lesson
Sir heXagenius
Sir heXagenius 2 gün önce
wow you mastered the bill wurtz video style
PS4 Player998
PS4 Player998 2 gün önce
People that watched history of the entire world i guess will understand
Victor de Almeida Campos
Victor de Almeida Campos 2 gün önce
he resumed The Dream SMP
Meteorname 2 gün önce
So many bill wurtz references
Seasorablue 2 gün önce
this is like weirdly accurate and i love it
Skits mn
Skits mn 2 gün önce
well thats 8 minutes of my life that ill never get back
Konoxium 2 gün önce
Dream smp : oversimlified my dumbass : bill wortz
• STEWED • 2 gün önce
Why do I understand this
BFBGamer 2 gün önce
dream smp, i guess
David Janos Reti
David Janos Reti 2 gün önce
I love the Bill Wurtz vibe of this video.
Bubbles_ 2 gün önce
So, does anyone know when the dream SMP went wrong? Everyone: Tommy
horrible reality
horrible reality 2 gün önce
Ok this is just a feber dream like chill
POPS 2 gün önce
this feels more like a bill wurtz video.
OnlyEte 2 gün önce
I can’t believe nobody is talking about how almost everyone in the server keeps there dead animals
MrSqu1d 2 gün önce
Sapnap I gay
Santiago Iza
Santiago Iza 2 gün önce
wait a sec..... this sounds familiar
Dino Xander
Dino Xander 2 gün önce
I like the reference to the history of the world I guess
Zombie PvP
Zombie PvP 2 gün önce
I think its gonna happen an zombie apocalipse in DSMP
history of the entire world, i guess
bill wurtz
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