Times I Plagiarized

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Don't worry, I don't plagiarize stuff I put on the internet, okay? I've only ever plagiarize homework assignments, ok I have morals. Remember, don't plagiarize...but if you do, don't forget to cнange тнe ғonт and тнe тeхт ѕιze so it doesn't look like you copied a website.


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Legendori0 54 dakika önce
Lakshay M Sharma
Lakshay M Sharma Saatler önce
2:41 got rickrolled
Sereiwat Akabane
Sereiwat Akabane Gün önce
Hi Mr.Batman.” me: trying to see if Mr.Batman commented since he released this
Easy Treats
Easy Treats Gün önce
Bro he literally Rick rolled us without us knowing look at the paper his teacher gave him
Psycho Stopmotion Bros.
Psycho Stopmotion Bros. 2 gün önce
Two years ago my teacher used this video for our introduction to plagerizm :joy: it was amazing!
Quill Write
Quill Write 2 gün önce
I live and grow up in the same area James did. Currently I attend Community College, and have a public speaking class. My instructor gives me a vibe that screams "this had to have been James' Public Speaking instructor too." Im almost tempted to plagarize the CGP Grey Pennies video just to see if she would react or say something like "I knew a kid who plagarized the same exact video." Then again, I do not want to lose my scholarships either.
Orlaith Farrell
Orlaith Farrell 2 gün önce
The sea rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily Clough
Lily Clough 2 gün önce
As someone who CONSTANTLY has people steal my work, copy it and get the credit - I HATE IT. It's so fucking annoying, I work hard and everyone just takes it as their own. I hate it.
Obvious Silly
Obvious Silly 3 gün önce
☁️Char in the ChiYT☁️
☁️Char in the ChiYT☁️ 3 gün önce
2:42 a Rickroll in a video. Smart.
Troy Ng
Troy Ng 4 gün önce
nice rick roll
Ian Grimm
Ian Grimm 4 gün önce
7:32 Me: tenses up
Chubby  Republic
Chubby Republic 4 gün önce
5 years ago
shroomish! 🍄🐸
shroomish! 🍄🐸 5 gün önce
2:41 just been rickrolled
Weirdo MeetsWorld
Weirdo MeetsWorld 6 gün önce
I came up with a new word “plagiarism”
Red Fox Henry
Red Fox Henry 6 gün önce
Eggplant is not good at first time and the other half of that and it just wasn’t a bad deal and she didn’t want to eat
Ayo Waddles
Ayo Waddles 7 gün önce
2:42 You got me good on that one
The penguin gang
The penguin gang 7 gün önce
Mister Vice President Mister Madison Senator Burr What is this? We have the check stubs, from separate accounts Almost a thousand dollars, paid in different amounts To a Mister James Reynolds way back in Seventeen ninety-one Is that what you have, are you done? You are uniquely situated by virtue of your position Though 'virtue' is not a word I'd apply to this situation To seek financial gain, to stray from your sacred mission And the evidence suggests you've engaged in speculation An immigrant embezzling our government funds I can almost see the headline, your career is done I hope you saved some money for your daughter and sons Ya best g'wan run back where ya come from Ha you don't even know what you're asking me to confess Confess You have nothing, I don't have to tell you anything at all Unless Unless If I can prove that I never broke the law Do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? No one else was in the room where it happened Is that a yes? Um, yes Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth In the pockets of people like me, down on their luck You see, that was my wife who you decided to What She courted me Escorted me to bed and when she had me in a corner That's when Reynolds extorted me For a sordid fee I paid him quarterly I may have mortally wounded my prospects But my papers are orderly As you can see I kept a record of every check in my checkered history Check it again against your list n' see consistency I never spent a cent that wasn't mine You sent the dogs after my scent, that's fine Yes, I have reasons for shame But I have not committed treason and sullied my good name As you can see I have done nothing to provoke legal action Are my answers to your satisfaction? My God Gentlemen, let's go So? The people won't know what we know Burr How do I know you won't use this against me The next time we go toe to toe? Alexander, rumors only grow And we both know what we know
LynT 7 gün önce
everyone looking for Mr. Batman 👏
Sim z
Sim z 7 gün önce
College degrees are for one thing only - to toss on your resume to get a job. Even though sites like TRshow and Udemy will teach you more skills than you'll learn in college.
Mick Gorro
Mick Gorro 7 gün önce
4:54: That's an important tip...
K1Playz 7 gün önce
Bc CN,i&bbhcdujxbhhhdhhdugolissdf Ok see fbj Lldkkdbbjf yurdhun
average jojo fan
average jojo fan 7 gün önce
not really much hw we have more about 5 papers but not throwing hate dont hunt me down
tenzin rangdol
tenzin rangdol 8 gün önce
2:54 He knows he knows and I know he knows and I know he knowsss
MTG Studios
MTG Studios 8 gün önce
honestly. With plagiarism I'm starting to more feel like the concept as a whole is just some big joke. You see it everywhere and nobody ever gets in trouble for it except when they arent plagiarizing and its just similar to someone else's, then its plagiarism. Another thing about it, whats the difference between writing the exact same thing an article says down on a essay and copy and pasting. Literally nothing, you are using the same ideas, you weren't original. So, this is why I feel like its people wanting to force you to put in effort and the problem is not actually that you copied. We all copy each other to an extent.
Angel’s Channel
Angel’s Channel 8 gün önce
Hi this es ma first day typing you are duh best 🏄🏻‍♂️💎
Jamares Scurry
Jamares Scurry 8 gün önce
0:05 I laughed so hard
Zezyzhujikop 9 gün önce
Oh no i plagiarized all my english a essays 😳?????👀 jk Nahwhauwbwidbdiiswnidd
DEMON 9 gün önce
I feel like you're my therapist😃
Garrett Holland
Garrett Holland 9 gün önce
University of Alabama
lixhꨄ 9 gün önce
huh 1:32
raven warrior
raven warrior 10 gün önce
Wait i just noticed when he said they have lunch in a middle of exam half is spell cl and the other is as# yeah lol
Happy Eevee
Happy Eevee 10 gün önce
why is plagiarism an adverb tho
Gavin Ding
Gavin Ding 10 gün önce
did you plagiarize rick astley's rickroll, now that's a minus $1000 on this video good luck buddy.
CharLotte Burton
CharLotte Burton 11 gün önce
Hey, it’s better to go to community college for 3 semesters + have 1 semester at a ‘college college’ than never go to any college. I think dropping out of college for your work is better than dropping out of high school bc you don’t wanna go. I think you should only drop out of something if it’s because of your family or something important, you shouldn’t drop out if you just don’t like school. You should always try your hardest in school, if you have not a good reason to drop out like “my grandma broke her hip and needs help so I need to take and watch over her full time so I need to drop out.” or “my TRshow career is taking off and I need to focus on that right now bc I need to make money and it’s really important to me.” but if your reason is like “I don’t wanna go to school and I wanna travel the world.” Now that is a stupid reason, always try to succeed in school or anything! You should always try to get the degrees you desire and, work really hard for them so you can get a good job and provide for your family or, make TRshow videos for a living and draw. That’s also a awesome career that you can go to school for, let me explain studios she went to animation school and now she’s a TRshowr! Take my advice and try your hardest in school and don’t drop out for a stupid reason. Sincerely- Charlottte Have a splendid day/night! (Oct 10 2021)
Tim 11 gün önce
Why did nobody comment about the intro, strait from Good Mythical Morning
Joshua Rowland
Joshua Rowland 11 gün önce
Am i the only one who saw when lunch split up class and it spelled the a word?
LaZerNinja 12 gün önce
Thank you for 2:42
unknown 12 gün önce
Hi Mr Batman
Mel Mijares
Mel Mijares 12 gün önce
Mythical Coffee
Mythical Coffee 12 gün önce
He wasn't kidding. I did Analyzing Poetry in 6th grade.
Red rice
Red rice 12 gün önce
U said “ IN CASE IF YOU DIDN’T NOTICE” like 18925371546193 times in this vid broooo
the cheetah king gamer
the cheetah king gamer 12 gün önce
You split class to a$$
zoey lockner
zoey lockner 12 gün önce
i did it too me and my sis , i felt vary bad afterword so I had to write a 5 page essay how I'm not going to do it again and no brake for a moth (that was misrule)
Bloody Wankah
Bloody Wankah 13 gün önce
could you imagine plagiarizing? couldn't be me in school 4 years ago
BOIZINHO BOI ;-; 13 gün önce
I never plagiarized in my life, I mean. I proably will cuz im at middle school sooooooo yea.
Yuga Aoyama
Yuga Aoyama 13 gün önce
Before this video started cafe chaos came on. If I had a nickel for every time it happened I would have two nickels which isn’t much but it’s weird scone it happened twice
VeryClearlyYourMother ✔
VeryClearlyYourMother ✔ 13 gün önce
my name is actually matthew lmao
francequit 14 gün önce
2:42 *best rick roll of the millenial*
Blade 14 gün önce
im more focused on the fact that @SWooZie was in your class
Eidna 14 gün önce
Oh gosh, years ago , I had to make a Spanish project and since it was Spanish, I just had To pick random celebrities and basically make a story in Spanish about them. I had to read it in front of the whole class, and since is was the Spanish equivalent of a crazy fanfic Drabbles shipping old political men and nicki manaj, I was just laughing The Whole time while reading aloud to the class. I, I at this point am happy I didn’t get in trouble for may or may not shipping the current president at that time with the queen Elizabeth. May not have. ANYWHOO I like cake
Richard Gosling
Richard Gosling 14 gün önce
I wonder why all schools in Britain are preparatory schools
Family Kids
Family Kids 14 gün önce
I think you mean mr. Bateman
Bub iris
Bub iris 15 gün önce
did anyone notice but the high-lighted part was the full Rick roll lyrics I read the whole thing and damn that was tough
Arnav Khadka
Arnav Khadka 15 gün önce
My favorite part 2:42
amethystian king
amethystian king 15 gün önce
My friend Ella is like James Because she is introverted and good at public speaking (from what I know)
Mathboy91 15 gün önce
He said my name
oh javi
oh javi 15 gün önce
When he split the math class I thought the right side said "that ass"
Pixel Bixel
Pixel Bixel 15 gün önce
The teacher watching this video oh I can!
JustSomeWeirdo 15 gün önce
No I PLAGIARIZED it so it's OK!!!!
Christi Mehl
Christi Mehl 15 gün önce
You (live)are in A.Z.
Christi Mehl
Christi Mehl 15 gün önce
C.G.P. GGGGrey!
KamCRAFTS 16 gün önce
The phobic crack lily visit because pine pivotally knot over a knotty otter. massive, statuesque weasel
NoraNotDora 16 gün önce
One time in 2nd grade I had no idea that plagiarism was, so when we were typing about the Wright bros I just typed out the packet we used for info. I didn’t even use cntrl c! And I still feel bad about it.
Darlena Akin
Darlena Akin 16 gün önce
I love the GMM reference!!
CT- 4630
CT- 4630 16 gün önce
One time in 4th grade we had to write a story for a local contest and I remember liking this one special episode of bubble cubbies and thinking it was no big deal I copied a lot of the elements of the episode in my story not thinking anything about it but then I get pulled to the side by my teacher saying I won 3rd place in the whole contest in creative writing and I gotta mention this was a big contest and so I remember going to the ceremony thinking OH EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT DO I DO AHHHHH and nothing came about of it but even to this day I keep wondering if anyone will ever find out and come back to take the award which they should do and I wonder this because one of my other teachers mentioned when we did the same contest the next year that she plagiarized and years later when they found out they came and took her award and so no I’m extremely paranoid and that’s the story of why I will never plagiarize again
Mo hashi
Mo hashi 16 gün önce
The best animator in the planet
Sadie 16 gün önce
2:42 Most clever Rickroll ever
DXV!L 17 gün önce
51 million! views?! WHAT!!!!
Shaharbanu MK
Shaharbanu MK 17 gün önce
1:31 cl a** ??
KamCRAFTS 17 gün önce
The psychedelic square oppositely tap because science cranially approve about a snotty january. utopian, bumpy century
nnvlog 17 gün önce
̇ 17 gün önce
2:40 god damn it james. you ricked rolled me once again.
Clone 17 gün önce
Secret Dude
Secret Dude 17 gün önce
Lol 1:32 got me
Slenvei 18 gün önce
Correction in this video he’s public talking to 51million people
The Insane Challengers
The Insane Challengers 18 gün önce
2:40 Hidden rickroll
S G 18 gün önce
2:41 B R U H
Dino_nuggies 18 gün önce
Sorry but is his name mr Bateman
Dino_nuggies 18 gün önce
Real name
softieclouds 18 gün önce
James: It’s not just me. Every surfer girl/horse girl movie:
JiraYourClassicGiraffe𓃱シ 18 gün önce
Yoooo I go to a German school and in school we did a project where we would split up I think the 3rd graders so around 2 years ago they would split up the 3rd graders into the good side of the Berlin Wall and the bad side of course I got the…bad side-But it didn’t just happen in class in recess too they would make the bad side kids use the field and basketball areas while the good side kids got the playground and the equipment it was a sad- I think 6 or 5 weeks :(
Cein Mejia
Cein Mejia 18 gün önce
The Oddish Mushroom
The Oddish Mushroom 18 gün önce
Why isn't anyone talking about the Rickroll at 2:41?
Lily 18 gün önce
2:42 I don’t know if i’m the only one who saw this but… the writting said to be the conclusion is a rick roll. The words are the lyrics to “never gonna give you up” I can’t believe I never noticed this 😑
SanicManiac 18 gün önce
8:21 *AMOGUS* 😳
Allison S.T
Allison S.T 19 gün önce
I love maths but hate spelling
H00M4N P0T4T0
H00M4N P0T4T0 19 gün önce
Tsk tsk james you could've used quillbot for the conclusion smh😔
Sebastian Cortez
Sebastian Cortez 19 gün önce
Good job
Angelica Cantu
Angelica Cantu 19 gün önce
Omg he copied the beginning of Good Mythical Morning!!!!!
𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐓𝐚𝐢𝐥
𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐓𝐚𝐢𝐥 19 gün önce
They tell us "don't copy" for every subject, and for art we have to copy and even *add our own signiature* PLAGIARISM XD
lets get painting
lets get painting 18 gün önce
Omg yess!
the pink sheep gamer
the pink sheep gamer 19 gün önce
hi world
Ziggy Science
Ziggy Science 20 gün önce
I just imagine Mr Batman watching this video and being like ‘ I don’t remember this at all’
SuperMarioGrant 20 gün önce
On the Berlin Wall essay the entire thing is the script of “Never gonna give you up”
Ayesha Kamran
Ayesha Kamran 20 gün önce
Wanna know something ironic? I'm gonna tell you anyways. I plagairized the thumbnail of this video on a project that talked about plagiarism lol
ThatAwkwardMom 20 gün önce
leila theriault
leila theriault 20 gün önce
I've been Ricked Rolled by pausing the video and reading the damn conclusion of his history essay! How did that happen?! Haha
Michael John
Michael John 20 gün önce
I still remember the first student I ever caught plagiarising. It was at university and the topic they had chosen was Dark Matter (or perhaps it was Dark Energy). It was a pretty complicated topic but the essay was extremely well written. At some point they made a point that was definitely beyond my understanding, so I googled it to check if it was right. Imagine my surprise when I found the whole paragraph from Wikipedia. I then noticed that the copied paragraph was in a different font than the paragraphs before and after it. They hadn't even changed the font! I checked the other paragraphs and found they were copy/pasted from elsewhere without changing the font either. Since then I've caught a few other people who have made the same "forgot to change the font" mistake, but my sense for picking up a sudden change in tone etc. has gotten better so I've picked up a few others as well. It's a serious academic breach at university! You're better off handing in a bad essay than a plagiarised one. Or if you absolutely need to copy a sentence or two make sure you cite it! Now I'm a high school maths teacher, and a tip for any potential cheaters out there. Copy from your smart friends. Because there's no bigger giveaway for copying than the exact same mistakes made in the exact same order. To abuse a quote from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina: "All /correct solutions/ are alike; each /incorrect solution/ is /incorrect/ in its own way."
Jassim Al Thani
Jassim Al Thani 16 gün önce
That was a essay
金森幸子 20 gün önce
To abuse a quote 🤣😂😂
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