How Evergrande Became China’s Biggest Financial Headache

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Bloomberg Originals

Yıl önce

Once one of China’s most successful developers, Evergrande has been labeled a defaulter and is more than $300 billion in debt. Now it's racing to restructure as bondholders warn of possible enforcement action.
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@JonasPolsky Yıl önce
Virtually every business failure story is about trying to expand too quickly, and taking on too much debt. As much as people extol the idiom "If you're not growing, you're dying" you never hear about a business failing because it stayed small, stayed profitable, and never took on any debt.
@curtisw0234 Yıl önce
If you want to win in the business world you either grow as fast as possible or your competitors out produce you out research you and ultimately put compete you.
@businessclaud Yıl önce
Wow, thanks for this comment
@ErasmusEdewor Yıl önce
China China , i hail thine many houses
@Andrew-rc3vh Yıl önce
Sailing close too the wind + a covid crisis changed the parameters of the market. It would have worked if it were not for covid.
@japzone Yıl önce
Another example of a business building its foundation on an infinite money fountain. The problem with that, is that there is no such thing as infinite money. As a business you should always be prepared for what happens when a revenue source dries up.
@lostinbravado Yıl önce
There is absolutely such thing as infinite money. What is money? It's a concept. An idea. Are ideas limited? No. But is the demand for money unlimited? No, it is not. If you print an infinite supply, people will lose interest and thus it will lose value. Money is basically just the arbitrary value we've assigned to the things we actually value. Like toilet paper. The toilet paper is worth more than the money. The only thing currency does well is endure. But it doesn't endure forever. No currency endures forever. Diversify your investments. And don't put all of your faith into a single story. Lookin at you, China.
@georgesava1 Yıl önce
@@lostinbravado And teach us, what is more valuable than money? Crypto?
@shinji1264 Yıl önce
@@lostinbravado Well then gimme all your money I got some toilet paper for you. Cash only plz no crypto
@johntron3849 Yıl önce
@@lostinbravado exactly it’s a concept that helps us see the line between the economic classes and the rich love to see the line being pushed further and further away (to space/thanks to Amazon workers) from them.
@hectoralejandro9883 Yıl önce
Those suppliers that waived Evergrande's debts are probably not too happy with their decision.
@Tounguepunchfartbox Yıl önce
They had no say in their decision lol
@hectoralejandro9883 Yıl önce
@@Tounguepunchfartbox false, the CCP explicitly told them they could choose to waive or disappear. That’s a choice isn’t it 😅
@carlosalleyman374 Yıl önce
@@hectoralejandro9883 Imagine a goverment bailing out a large corprate entity because it's too big to fail
@semco72057 Yıl önce
That company was the first of many who have gotten into financial trouble there and I feel bad for the people who purchased property unseen and that is terrible and a disaster in the making.
@ryaeon9793 Yıl önce
who cant see that coming?
@rext8949 Yıl önce
Mostly investors, small and big trying to make a killing on margin.
@RoySATX Yıl önce
Feel bad for those who purchased property, yes, but they are just the first to feel the pain. Soon all of us will suffer from the outrages greed and corruption of the politically powerful, people the world over are about to see their quality of living drop by half and it will be decades before we scratch and crawl out of this mess.
@madsam0320 Yıl önce
Most people cannot afford those apartments, only speculators who brought the apartments and left them empty.
@polynesianwarrior2166 Yıl önce
America: hold my 30 trillion dept😂
@thebeautifulmanclub3790 Yıl önce
Building multiple, low-quality properties sold to rich investors as an asset only to be sold later for profit and your average commoner can’t afford to buy them. What can possibly go wrong?
@exudeku Yıl önce
Gee, they have tons of money, why they didnt bought even an ounce of Common sense
@BrotherAlpha Yıl önce
This is exactly what drove the housing bubble in the United States, the one that burst in 2008.
@CrocodileWhispers Yıl önce
just like Crypto, you're looking for a sucker that will pay more for it than you did, and if you can't you'll just hold it until you can....
@johnji3537 Yıl önce
China is fully aware of the Evergrande's financial mess for a long time. They had ignored the corruption of the Chinese property developers for the sake of economic growth. To the 1.5 million Chinese who bought unfinished properties, it's highly unlikely China central government will bail you out. So the road ahead for these people is to continue paying mortgage or declare bankrupt.
@gordonlam2757 Yıl önce
Continue paying for something that isn't complete, you just give a down payment when you purchase a condo, You don't have a mortgage yet, you don't own. So at most you lose the deposit. But why build so many building and none are complete?
@johnji3537 Yıl önce
@@gordonlam2757 It's true at most you lose the deposit. There are many Chinese home and business owners mortgaging their houses and business property for a bank loan to purchase these unfinished property.
@aleksandersuur9475 Yıl önce
Meh at people losing deposits, what happens to debt on all the property sitting empty waiting for future higher prices that are never going to happen? Well, never mind the properties, who is going to pay the debt on them? Interesting times ahead for China as if they weren't interesting enough already.
@tharifdzulfiqar789 Yıl önce
so, its 2008 again?
@iij973 Yıl önce
Except personal bankruptcies essentially doesn’t exist in China in reality, so these homeowners really are stuck in this festering pool of involuntary financial mess indefinitely
@Lion_Heart888 Yıl önce
Tips for business owners: crisis often comes from overconfidence rather than conservatism.
@hunam1464 Yıl önce
Both have their own issues. Even though a conservative company may appear functioning, it fails to take advantage of opportunities. You need balance.
@Dayvit78 Yıl önce
Chinese used to be the most conservative businessmen along with Japanese. At least that was their reputation.
@mayhem1974 Yıl önce
Who knew building ghost cities would not be profitable?
@rlkinnard Yıl önce
@@Fishmans Sure, if you can borrow money and not pay it back, you can do remarkably well.
@gordonlam2757 Yıl önce
geeze I would of never figured it's not profitable ..LOL But looks sooo pretty.
@maolo76 Yıl önce
@@psychoaztecs how is it a ponzi scheme? Buyers pick out a flat in a building and put down payment on it and wait till it finishes building before moving into flat. It's no different than New Home Construction in the US. Buyers pick out a lot and put down payment on new home usually 20% then the builder promise to finished building within timeframe. But there's a clause that says in the event unforeseen the pandemic. The delivery time maybe extended for however long. In Evergrande situation.. The pandemic, lockdowns and supply chain issues have cause the company to stop construction. Eventually bills mount up and the company unable to pay it because no money is coming in.. I see this happening in the US future because supply chain issue causing delays in delivery.
@BGRUBBIN Yıl önce
When I was on the bullet train from Shanghai, I noticed how fast they were building every where. Even my mom's home city looks completely different, massive round abouts and roads I never thought would ever be built.
@wyw201 Yıl önce
Are these new construction works backed by debt or equity?
@BGRUBBIN Yıl önce
@@wyw201 most likely debt, it's a farming town that's been expanded slowly over the last 25 years. I was back in late 2019.
@wyw201 Yıl önce
@@BGRUBBIN What led to municipalities collapsing during 2008 in the US is that government infrastructure debt is backed by credit default swaps with financial firms. As such, when Evergrande went down, the fear is that it will drag investment banks and funds down as well. Hope China regulates the trading and formation of derivatives on government debt and bonds.
@BGRUBBIN Yıl önce
@@wyw201 just like America did, thanks for the info
@hughmungus2760 Yıl önce
@@wyw201 As far as Im aware, this kind of financial gimmickry is banned in china after the 2008 crisis
@thuanvpham 2 aylar önce
This is a real bad disaster for China. Nearly 6 million people lost all their money and soon become bankrupt and homeless. This is a nightmare scenario. I hope they will find a solution to this otherwise it will be years of hardship for the people of China.
@9000legodude Yıl önce
I really like how the government didn't want to bail them out. All companies need to be held responsible for their own bad decisions and not the taxpayer.
@xiaomeinv7 Yıl önce
@@Tounguepunchfartbox 做投资哪有只赚不亏的事,破产倒闭好了
@user-bz5yu1hg3x Yıl önce
You are right .
@eddym5532 Yıl önce
If I owe 300 Billion dollars, the lender is in trouble not me.
@stealthmonkey91 Yıl önce
Unless the lenders are a couple of guys named tony, mario, chris, lorenzo, paulie, silvio, mikey, or gino then your kneecaps are in trouble.
@stefanwolf8558 Yıl önce
Call the bankruptcy court...............................BUT NOT FOR ME!
@lotus630 Yıl önce
@@stealthmonkey91 worse... the person is named Xi
@polynesianwarrior2166 Yıl önce
America: hold my 30 trillion dept😂
@catonpillow Yıl önce
As they say, better late than never. Glad to see that the Сhinese government has cracked down on the indebted companies in the construction sector. Something which many other countries around the world should also do.
@mathewkeen2356 Yıl önce
This is what annoys me. I remember those protests. Our media made it seem like it was people rising up against the gov. When in reality they were protesting a company.
@cannotcompute7809 Yıl önce
Who’s our media?
@idraote Yıl önce
Frankly, I couldn't care less about financial investors' woes. In the end, their speculations are what drive the economy to bad places. But I worry about the common people who suffer as a consequence of those speculations. Investors don't want the governments to interfere but it is the lack of control the real problem because the market is unable to regulate itself.
@stefanc4520 Yıl önce
Lol I love how these companies can borrow billions and then get bailed out when they fail with no consequences.
@sal88hossain Yıl önce
they are not going to get bailed out. xi will nationalize all the major business with time. going back to mao era
@aldub3848 Yıl önce
@@1one1won if China falls Amerikkka falls too no?
@stefanc4520 Yıl önce
@@sal88hossain that's still a bailout lol
@Avaricumstudios Yıl önce
There's a mistake property developers always seem to make even where I'm from , There's always an assumption that land /property will always appreciate, which More often than not is true but they over estimate the appreciation rates time and time again .
@SRR-rh7id Yıl önce
I've always heard that real estate is the best investment, because it always appreciates.
@TheBooban Yıl önce
@@SRR-rh7id it does. Most rich folks made money in real estate because it always go up. In the long term.
@SRR-rh7id Yıl önce
@@TheBooban is real estate a superior investment as compared to dividend stocks?
@7Bobby7 Yıl önce
@@SRR-rh7id real estate can go up by like 200% over ten years which is not normal but for growing cities it is and if it goes up by 2000% there's a societal issue as people's income rarely rises at the same rate...while something similar can happen in stocks and its no problem if the business is really growing and your not in a bubble... both have their risks but quick money is stocks and slow money
@rogergeyer9851 Yıl önce
Brian Mwaura: That's a big part of what happened to banks in the great recession. Though the vast majority of real estate in real (inflation adjusted) terms will LIKELY end up appreciating over time, there can definitely be steep downsides in the short run, in economic hard times. People running real estate empires SHOULD know this -- there's lots of data showing it out there.
@bar10dr Yıl önce
Bloomberg, the company that tell you the business news after it happened.
@Enonymouse_ Yıl önce
Evergrande has had its hands in tech startups that ended with the startup going into insolvency and the persons in charge of the startup complicit in securities fraud, it's a pattern you can't ignore once you start pulling the thread. These 'cities' if they are in china, they are empty cities. Numerous partially built or fully built cities exist in China that are either mostly empty or entirely empty save for chinese security personnel who chase people out of them.
@hotchi1566 Yıl önce
1990. The Economist. China's economy has come to a halt. 1996. The Economist. China's economy will face a hard landing 1998. The Economist: China's economy entering a dangerous period of sluggish growth. 1999. Bank of Canada: Likelihood of a hard landing for the Chinese economy. 2000. Chicago Tribune: China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin. 2001. Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas: A hard landing in China. 2002. Westchester University: China Anxiously Seeks a Soft Economic Landing 2003. KWR International: How to find a soft landing if China.. 2004. The Economist: The great fall of China? 2005. Nouriel Roubini: The Risk of a Hard Landing in China 2006. International Economy: Can China Achieve a Soft Landing? 2007. TIME: Is China's Economy Overheating? Can China avoid a hard landing? 2008. Forbes: Hard Landing In China? 2009. Fortune: China's hard landing. China must find a way to recover. 2010. Nouriel Roubini: Hard landing coming in China. 2011. Business Insider: A Chinese Hard Landing May Be Closer Than You Think 2012. American Interest: Dismal Economic News from China: A Hard Landing 2013. Zero Hedge: A Hard Landing In China 2014. CNBC: A hard landing in China. 2015. Forbes: Congratulations, You Got Yourself A Chinese Hard Landing …. 2016. The Economist: Hard landing looms for China 2017. National Interest: Is China's Economy Going To Crash? 2020. Economics Explained: The Scary Solution to the Chinese Debt Crisis 2021. Global Economics: Has China's Downfall Started?
@pappachan7267 Yıl önce
@@hotchi1566 it could be the beginning of the end rather than the end of the beginning
@xiaomeinv7 Yıl önce
@101yayo Yıl önce
Those Ghost cities are apparently already paid for my the people who bought properties as an investment so it could be their second or third home. The only problem is people who actually want to buy a house to live in can't afford one. Similar situation in so many parts of the world right now
@patriotsnation9224 Yıl önce
Not really, people in China paid for "real estate" that was not yet built, whereas in most other logical countries we do not buy anything that is not complete.
@alainw77 Yıl önce
The chinese economy grew on credit and now all that debt is starting to have an impact in many sectors. Lack of oversight, rampant bribery and corruption and other shady business practices have taken its toll. Local governments are heavily indebted as well that they have cut the salaries of civil servants. Everyone just got greedy and wanted a piece of the pie. On top of this their zero covid policy is hurting the economy as well by suddenly disrupting economic activity wherever an outbreak occurs.
@maxdc4047 Yıl önce
Which major economies didn't expand on credit ? This is not peculiar to China. Here in Malaysia, corruption is way more entrenched in public and private sectors. Are you surprised that organized crime bosses had become billionaires here and rub shoulder with highest level of government instead of rubbing shoulders with prison inmates? Most of the procurements/borrowings in large companies here were facilitated thru kickbacks. And I am pretty sure all these are happening in the whole of Southeast Asia and throughout the world. To deny is because of ignorance.
@petepowaaa Yıl önce
@@maxdc4047 Yes most economies expand on credit, but most of them did eventually grow to dominate a market (e.g. japan with medical equipment and US with semiconductors). I can't think of a healthy, innovative company in china that isn't software related.
@alainw77 Yıl önce
@@maxdc4047 you don’t see major foreign companies accumulate this much debt like Evergrande has. And expand into creating businesses that has nothing to with its property business. Property development in china accounts for 30% of its GDP, what other major economy has a sector dominate this much? Local governments in china have accumulated $4 trillion in debt in just the last few years and their main revenue source is from property sales, they are not even allowed to levy taxes. How is that sustainable?
@Wulfcry Yıl önce
@@alainw77 So how great is the difference from province to province that this has kept going without the government intervening that the country got overbuild on real estate.
@ihatehandles3 Yıl önce
This is not a China problem. This is a global problem, everywhere developers are bulding even though the demand is not there (yet, if you ask them)... China just poped their bubble, now im just waiting for the waive to get in my country and buy a house for 80% off 😊
@curioussand1339 Yıl önce
The construction on Heinan that was deemed illegal by authorities most likely serves as a warning to the investors behind the project, likely offshore investors, that they should be careful and not demand too much or their assets would be deemed illegal.
@becut95 11 aylar önce
These Bloomberg Quicktakes are excellent
@Monikaestor Yıl önce
In this era where we wake up to changes,it is very much advisable to have a means of multiplying your money so that you won’t wake up stranded and confused.
@chrisaycock5965 Yıl önce
Much akin to the 1920s when people were buying on margin. That ended great.
@t0pz87 Yıl önce
"great" - i see what u did there...
@polynesianwarrior2166 Yıl önce
America: hold my 30 trillion dept😂
@xiaomeinv7 Yıl önce
@chrisaycock5965 Yıl önce
@@xiaomeinv7 The Great Depression people in the united states were borrowing more money than they could actually pay back to buy stock on the idea it would go up forever. This isn't unlike Evergrande constantly borrowing more money on land they've bought with the idea from lenders that it will keep going up.
@odoimia Yıl önce
@@polynesianwarrior2166 *debt
@timothyvs Yıl önce
No one is talking about the government’s strict policies that are affecting evergrands market and leading to its failure rn. Closed boarders , restricted investment from foreigners and foreign businesses in China. All this is part of why evergrand is defaulting rn and no one’s talking about it 🤦‍♂️
@pr0newbie Yıl önce
That's because those aren't the main issues. It's the 3 red lines to curb the debt crisis, CCP over-exuberance at their successes of handling covid 19, and need for capital to flow into more innovative and national security initiatives that have caused this.
@MrPrush-ji4gs Yıl önce
I can't imagine running business in china while also not trying my very best to merge wealth and residency into the untied states.
@RonVillejoConsulting Yıl önce
"Debt-fueled strategy..." whew, enough said!
@whiteholeeducationcenter Yıl önce
This happens. Usually once in a 3 decades
@ziiiim Yıl önce
12:10 I went to the same elementary school as Chen. I remember in the early 1990s when I was a student in the school, Chen made an generous amount of donation to the school, in return the school required each of us students to write a personal thank you note to show gratitude to him.
@4evertrue830 Yıl önce
You are just making that up no one believes you.
@MeiinUK 17 gün önce
Are you joking ???..... What are the chances ???.....
@ziiiim 17 gün önce
@@4evertrue830 you don’t need to believe me but I’m telling the truth
@ziiiim 17 gün önce
@@MeiinUK I didn’t expect to see him again. He is a low-key guy you rarely see him taking any interviews
@tobene Yıl önce
The Chinese government actually forced the CEO to sell his yacht and artworks to pay for the company debt. Image that happening in US lol
@kevynfernandezdelarosa1225 Yıl önce
We can only imagine :')
@MrWackozacko Yıl önce
Sometimes China will do something that is painfully obviously needs to be done. I paused immediately when i heard that and came looking to see if anyone else did
@howconnie Yıl önce
We can only dream 🛌
@TreesPlease42 Yıl önce
It's just a distraction from the scale of the theft. Imagine robbing an entire grocery and having to return only the broccoli.
@pootispencer9765 Yıl önce
I really like how there's no apparent angle here. It really is just a video trying to explain an emergent situation in another country.
@elvenkind6072 Yıl önce
This is a giant version of the Great Leap Forward, when ordinary citizens turned all they had of iron into pig-iron, by backyard furnaces, because this was the only method they had to try to follow the state's wishes to try to gain some prosperity.
@akreation Yıl önce
5:48 The heart of the issue is it is too difficult for some people to obtain and keep adequate housing.
@frankgrima Yıl önce
I saw this coming a long time ago, empty apartment buildings all over the place I said to myself I hope they know what they are doing, I guess not.
@intheshadow1200 Yıl önce
And 8 months later ..... the crash!
@Lucky14970 Yıl önce
It would be way cooler if people could pursue their passions and or understand that none of us get through this thing by ourselves. In addition to that, imagine if we could just forgive all debts, work together and see what we can do now that we understand we can all exist on this planet and not be worried about starving or territorial issues.
@Dystopikachu Yıl önce
Oh my gawd that's so deep
@ciaranbyrne62 Yıl önce
What will all the drug dealers do? All the muggers and robbers do. What about the assassins and spy's. All the bankers? With all these job losses what would people do?
@oyinlolafakeye8490 Yıl önce
I hope you are passionate about cleaning streets, unclogging toilets or doing work that is actually essential. It's easy to think in garden of Eden terms when you part of the generation typing from a smartphone.
@MrWackozacko Yıl önce
Ahh i remember going through this phase. Teenage years really are magical
@V4VideoGamer Yıl önce
Everyone who contributes towards loaning these guys $500 billion deserves what they get.
@pande6008 Yıl önce
“This is a market event, it should be handled in market oriented way”
@SY-jq4yw Yıl önce
You can’t just build the hardware without a solid software, a stable economic political social system.
@rogerfilerable Yıl önce
At some point this mirage bubble must reach bursting point for reality to strike home.
@Peter-je6td Yıl önce
The problem is even debt can be sold they just put a date of 10 or 20 years on it and say put interest on the debt so if the debt is 10 million they will add on 10% extra so now the debt to be paid is 11 million for example and someone will buy it looking to make profit of 1 million lol its crazy
@aleksandersuur9475 Yıl önce
@@Peter-je6td Evergrande bonds trade at like 20 cents on the dollar so your estimate is a bit optimistic.
@polynesianwarrior2166 Yıl önce
America: hold my 30 trillion dept😂
@pr0newbie Yıl önce
@@Peter-je6td yeah and hopefully that works out for the world.. Investors in China, especially those of SOE, need to be wary of this.
@ex-muslimraj8652 Yıl önce
The whole Chinese economy has a bubbled up, inflated debt situation, about to go off, it'd be a miracle if they can save it from popping!
@erickariuki6842 Yıl önce
It's the holder of most of US debt and developing countries, what do you think will happen????
@rext8949 Yıl önce
The USA has the largest domestic debt and accordingly comes to a halt periodically.
@williamlloyd3769 Yıl önce
It will be interesting to see how this financial as well as personal sagas are resolved. What will the CCP do to maintain order and refocus the country? Now that Oaktree has taken action on secured loans, how will authorities react? So much drama every day!
@mccinnamonbuns5372 Yıl önce
Almost all areas in China are high-rise buildings. Only people in the countryside have single-family houses.
@v12tommy Yıl önce
I'm actually surprised that the Chinese housing bubble hasn't popped yet. I saw it coming many years ago.
@VictorECaplon Yıl önce
To be honest, while I hate the Chinese system especially in terms of human persecution, billionaires are not exempted from the rules unlike in most capitalist states
@saxmanphd Yıl önce
Could you swap USA debt with Evergrand debt?
@samking4179 Yıl önce
9:37 ... I would love to know who Lulu Yilun Chen sold $11 million worth of Evergrande shares to. Who would buy shares in a sinking ship???
@DutchBlackMantha Yıl önce
12:18 I'm pretty sure misconduct will be discovered when it's politically advantageous, and in no other circumstance. This is not something specific to China, but anywhere there's that much money involved.
@ForelliBoy Yıl önce
Money settles where it will grow stable. If Evergrande goes under, the money will move somewhere else...perhaps some place where infrastructure and housing - building new and rebuilding is actually needed.
@rackets7991 Yıl önce
It appears people in China do not buy these properties to live in but as investments..So they generate no income until someone buys it from the owner. Many of these buildings have few occupants according to other videos on the real estate crisis..
@hackermann1404 Yıl önce
this sounds exactly like NFT, but you actually own something.
@nicolasdupont2838 Yıl önce
The CEO of Lowy could play a James Bond film vilain. He would look totally legit.
@Persian-Immortal Yıl önce
Wait... he's not!
@pbreedu Yıl önce
If you owe a million to the bank and can't pay it you are in trouble. If you owe $300 billion that you can't pay than the bank / government is in trouble!
@oneisnone7350 Yıl önce
They keep calling this a headache, but it’s a malignant tumor.
@pn2543 Yıl önce
the video about Evergrande's 100 billion in 17 mega Disneyesque amusement parks that are now half built and never will open, was a mind blower. In 100 years they will make for some interesting ruins.
@ayoitsyayo Yıl önce
If this were in America the government would immediately bail them out with the taxpayers dollar and allow them to keep ducking up, props to Xi for keeping them accountable
@VAVRINA123 Yıl önce
Have you not heard about high speed rail in China? Thats much bigger debt for an industry that failed to find customers (with the exception of few tracks in richest cities like Beijing or Shanghai)
@baselayoub Yıl önce
I want the narrator to recite the eulogy at my funeral
@wendyshoo3476 Yıl önce
It will not collaspe if people does not demand interest due to pandemic & not defaults in home installment. So people should understand his position he is trying to built homes for people.
@tunididit Yıl önce
**PHONE RINGS** -"Sir, he bought Evergrande stocks" - *Bogdanoff* : "DUMP IT"
@qhuizatlantis8484 Yıl önce
I can hear the voice
@binhan6432 Yıl önce
@Tounguepunchfartbox Yıl önce
I think the question is if we see a massive crash in real estate or a long and protracted stagnation of the economy. My guess is we see a significant slowing similar to Japanese crisis. Hopefully not a crash and fortunately that looks unlikely.
@xiaomeinv7 Yıl önce
@ismaelpediten3306 Yıl önce
Can someone translate this to English?
@Shinzon23 Yıl önce
And this is why when you're doing any sort of business with red Chinese, you should always assume they're lying to you in some way shape or form. It's literally baked into them since childhood after all.
@realdemocracy11 Yıl önce
China's 8% growth rate last year positions the country well to deal with this problem.
@fredneil4235 Yıl önce
This blows might humble some people! The proud shall be humbled .
@levineakampa9432 Yıl önce
So who is giving out loans when there is no clear plan for payback. If he defaults, who will pay the investors. How do they regain their money?
@tananga1523 Yıl önce
The whole sector is a bubble.
@aajohnsoutube Yıl önce
Was a bubble. *was*
@E4439Qv5 Yıl önce
@@aajohnsoutube still is, even as it deflates.
@polynesianwarrior2166 Yıl önce
America: hold my 30 trillion dept😂
@anderssorenson9998 Yıl önce
Wait, if they don't give me back my money I will jump in the river. That's refreshingly honest, no threats or impotent ranting appeals to some form of morals.
@henrygarcia1792 Yıl önce
I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade backfires and slaps me in my face. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis but it doesn't work for me . I say to myself, clearly I'm in the 90% that lose money, so I open a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?
@georgecooper8750 Yıl önce
Your problem could be your stop loss is too close or you're watching your trades too much. Place it and walk away. Or you could just give up, trading isn't for everyone.
@helenoliver4838 Yıl önce
Don't listen to him, don't give up. Trading takes time(months, even years) to master, even the pros learn everyday. Never the less, if you lose money no matter which side you take, maybe you need to look at how you are managing active trades rather than how you are entering them. My advice, find a mentor . And also, try incorporating the use of oscillators, Bollinger and pivot points into your strategy. And most importantly move to higher TFs(4h or 1D preferably), you'll thank me later
@henrygarcia1792 Yıl önce
You're correct, I don't lose money every single trade, but my main problem is trying to let my runners run. Very rarely do I catch big moves . Instead they go a few pips in my direction, then go against me if when I try holding them. Also my entries could use a lot of improvement. A mentor would be amazing, but getting one is easier said than done. If it's not too much to ask, do you know any legit ones?
@devdaniel3225 Yıl önce
I think I have seen this name on a trading forum before, And how may I contact her if that isn't too much to ask
@debendragurung3033 Yıl önce
Companies need to build houses for people to live and not their real estate portfolio.
@adamdin6243 Yıl önce
Although China has questionable practises, i do appreciate that they are not bailing out Evergrande. Reminds me of a similar thing in the 2008 western world...
@kartikbisht3453 Yıl önce
they are makings things even worse by not bailing them out
@trolllovindaddy Yıl önce
@@kartikbisht3453 how could you elaborate? Because this bubble has to be burst at some point right? And this is the only way for real estate prices to go back to normal
@adamdin6243 Yıl önce
@@kartikbisht3453 for sure, but the market can't have this safety net of control that is the government. THe 2008 crisis was a giant wealth transfer of tax-payer dollars. It shouldn't be the governments responsibility to bail out greedy CEOs.
@kartikbisht3453 Yıl önce
@@trolllovindaddy the construction sector is one of the core sectors that drives the economy, for example ssectors like cement steel and nbfc's are completely dependent on the real estate/construction sector and all these setors run on credit lines. A company like evergrande defaulting will lead to tens more defaulting and this will lead to banks failing and that is a red zone for a country
@animatedarchitecture Yıl önce
@@adamdin6243 it is still the thousands people invested in the company (who purchased properties) who paid the price of CCPs new regulation not just a single CEO...
@jiaweichew3370 Yıl önce
Chinese mentality: Money can solve everything including loans Real world: 2008 financial crisis and 2001 recession
@ChristophBackhaus Yıl önce
When a communist country is more capitalist than those capitalist countries...
@kuznacbendelejev6924 Yıl önce
quite a true statement you made
@PershingOfficial Yıl önce
@@ThePhuzz well it’s politically communist but economically totally not
@xinyubao5965 Yıl önce
As a Chinese, it is great to see the government now really starts to work on "well-rounded development".
@omarjaafar6020 Yıl önce
Do you think they should bail them out it would be a perfect opportunity to get rid of an inefficient company tho if they dont
@Hansulf Yıl önce
Ah, yes, the Risk is controlable and everything id under control. Just as coronavirus.
@theeraphatsunthornwit6266 Yıl önce
I would feel better if my business fail. 😅
@fred_williams 3 aylar önce
The greater the automated income you can build, the freer you will become. Taking the first step is the hardest, but 5 houses later living off automated income since July 6, 2016. You’ve got to start taking steps to achieve your goal.
@HoangTran-wu6se Yıl önce
Basically the 2008 crisis all over again, people borrowed money but can't payback.
@natbirchall1580 Yıl önce
Bloomberg still refusing to tell the whole story only telling as least as possible. I always thought financial news is the best news, but these days I'm turning to small independent researchers.
@spiritfox89 Yıl önce
If it was Europe or USA they would get government grants to pay their debts without the need to return it after which the bosses would pay themselves millions in bonuses.
@GoGoPooerRangers Yıl önce
And if they didn't then what? It's not a win-win solution, in the end more people would've suffered. China is just stalling for the inevitable...
@spiritfox89 Yıl önce
@@GoGoPooerRangers read my above reply
@davidoff59 Yıl önce
USA continued to buy Evergrande bonds when issues arose with its debt. Its likely that those bad debts are being offloaded to others like pension funds in CDO's
@David-nw9qy Yıl önce
*Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would be appreciated.*
@tsvandyke Yıl önce
Evergrande ( investments in real estate & ... cargo container shipping ) Shipping ? .. YEP - The Suez Canal Ship that ran aground & blocked any other ship from getting through . - Meanwhile - the ( person-in-charge ) the captain ... " abondoned his responsibilities" - ( Sound familiar !? )
@LuxusHauserGroup Yıl önce
This is why many overseas investors prefer to invest in the UK. The rule of law has meaning in our courts and even the government is not above the law.
@adanactnomew7085 Yıl önce
Too big to fail means too big to exist
@skepticalmagos_101 Yıl önce
Incompetence and Greed..... Not the best combo.
@MCorpReview Yıl önce
They all seem savvy until the bubble burst 💥
@estebanperez4171 Yıl önce
Showing the truth about the Chinese economy
@entropicpedro7494 Yıl önce
Chinese real estate...*
@spider6660 Yıl önce
Only Chinese economy, but doesn't show slowdown of other economies.
@tutekohe1361 Yıl önce
“Debt fuelled expansion strategy”. In a nutshell.
@KKOPPONG Yıl önce
At least the Chinese government keeps the wealthy accountable for their recklessness.
@davidhynes Yıl önce
Mr. Kyle Bass was 100% correct again.
@lliamjurdom9505 Yıl önce
Oh well such is greed speculation and fear of missing out ... well they didnt miss out ... they got what was coming ... no sympathy for people who huddle into these concerns only to get burned !!!!
@JohnTube2K 2 aylar önce
Rebecca is a great host
@thtb Yıl önce
It's about Gamestop and predatory failure of regulation by the SEC, DTCC and willful enabling of the exact same issues as 2008. I know you wanna write about it, too bloomberg, but we know who owns you.
@maartent9697 Yıl önce
Explain what influence an American company named Gamestop has on the Chinese housing development sector which is 20% part of China's GDP and has faulted on its loans foreign as well as domestic? Pretty normal that the economy is a bit wobbly when a company goes bankrupt that thought it was too big to fail, especially if it's in the highest GDP earning sector and promoter of growth in China
@gr5603 Yıl önce
@ellielowe4812 8 aylar önce
Sad I hope its employees are okay. I love China Meiji she is beautiful that's my name for her. I hope also that the people can still live in these places and the roads and homes be completed. I wish this company and others all the best. Hopefully Buddha will bless them soon after such bad luck. I love you china. Love jing su xx
@kaustubh14jr Yıl önce
Chinese government assuring that this is not a problem for the world. I wonder where I have heard that before?
@cowdykaradag609 Yıl önce
Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would appreciate 🙏🏻
@christinak1114 Yıl önce
You really need to have a brief analysis on what you wanna invest in carefully before going in
@heidisure5111 Yıl önce
You make it seem unreal to make up to that as a passive income annually, when its clearly possible. I have made over 1Hunred thousand dollars from May till now with no joke game plan. She’s a masterpiece and her name’s Magaret..
@micheljackson9027 Yıl önce
@@heidisure5111 Have heard lots of exciting things about this broker lately but have no idea how to reach out to her.Any idea?would really appreciate please
@heidisure5111 Yıl önce
@@micheljackson9027 its quite easy to reach her on tele gram with her user name *investwithmagy*
@xffan6426 Yıl önce
@lillyie Yıl önce
super idol language omg
@sortof3337 Yıl önce
true. evargrade is just a hype company.
@fuzzman9298 Yıl önce
Hello are you from CHINA ?
@dabrad7828 Yıl önce
Omg, i love bing chilling
@arnepianocanada Yıl önce
As in USA's Trump and WeWork, blame is to both 'perp' and the *tail-wagging supporters* who deny reason and responsibility to throw their lot behind surface charisma.
@abcd60528 Yıl önce
No problem! Just keep printing money like what we have been doing here in the US.
@spider6660 Yıl önce
Meanwhile US president is afraid of Elon Musk and acknowledged that TESLA is the largest EV manufacturer.
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