How to Organize Your Calendar - The Ultimate Guide

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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank

2 aylar önce

Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, paper calendar... it's all good if you organize it well.
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Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank 2 aylar önce
Hope you find this one helpful! 🦙 You can also take my productivity systems class on Skillshare for free with a 1-month trial: 📱 Did you know I also have a Notion tutorial channel? 🖊 Quote of the week: "The art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of our great men." - Capt. J. A. Hatfield
Si Gerry
Si Gerry Aylar önce
@Thomas Frank thanks
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover
7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover Aylar önce
This helped me a lot today. I was beginnig to have a really bad day and you helped me avoid overwhelm.
Henrique Vasconcelos
Henrique Vasconcelos Aylar önce
@Thomas Frank thanks, I'll try to figure it out there. Keep up the good content!
Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank Aylar önce
@Si Gerry yep! For computer files, check out this one: - and for physical files, this one:
Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank Aylar önce
@Henrique Vasconcelos not sure about the location - my editor probably got it from Getty!
Hero Guy
Hero Guy Gün önce
A good tip I created is to add a 'Unsure' event in your calendar. For example- I try to wake up every morning at 4:30am and study for two hours. But obviously, not all days goes as planned. Now, the unsure event comes to play. I add the unsure event from 4:30am to 5:30am and then plan self-study to 5:30am to 7:30am. If I wake up earlier than that, say 5:00am or even 4:30am. I give myself a break in the remaining time, as my goal is to study two hours every morning.
BraverThanYouBelieve 2 gün önce
Bit of a side-point to this video, but I was interested to learn about the Planning Fallacy and Segmentation Effect, where we underestimate the amount of time it takes to do things. Only...does anyone else have the exact opposite? Does anyone have any info or advice for that? Perhaps it's just part of my anxiety and I automatically apply the worst-case scenario, but I massively OVER-estimate how long it'll take to do things. Like, for getting ready for work, I give myself five minutes to put on my takes literally 30 seconds, but I allow five minutes in my plan. Anyone else experience this?
Bjørnar Berg
Bjørnar Berg 5 gün önce
Hi Thomas, I really enjoyed your tip regarding a separate calendar for each life bucket! But I have run into a problem which I can’t figure out. Do you know if there is any way of sharing my calendar with my wife, so that she only needs to toggle one button to see all my events? For example making a calendar which syncs all my life buckets calendars to it? Would greatly appreciate if you have any suggestions!
Jay Vyas
Jay Vyas 9 gün önce
Is there a calendar app that displays the event count for a calendar for each day and week? I need to limit the number of events in a particular calendar to 10 a day and 30 in total for the week. I need to see the total counts at a glance so I can control the calendar and limit the weekly event count to 30.
Tyler Chase Business
Tyler Chase Business 9 gün önce
Love your videos man but you talk pretty quick. Slowed it down to 75% and improved my retention a ton. I can understand you fine at 100% but realized I wasn't retaining much. I think I was spending my brain power on understanding your words versus understanding your concepts and teaching. Anyhow, great material, awesome presentation - love your stuff. Keep up the good work, bud!
nebulousJames12345 18 gün önce
Hey! This is Jack who was in the video. I just want to call out Thomas for not meeting me at 3:30. He was a no show.
Kareem Abu Dahab
Kareem Abu Dahab 20 gün önce
You grew into a human boulder with them pecs and guns.
Yasmine D
Yasmine D 20 gün önce
Noticed you were in the 303 too, do you have any local events that we could show up to??
Ali Abbasi Kohanjani
Ali Abbasi Kohanjani 22 gün önce
Your videos are examples of good contents. Not only they're great by them self's but the comments are informative too.
Swarnajyothi Alaghari
Swarnajyothi Alaghari 22 gün önce
Adding relevant information to the event is a game-changer! Not having to go back to emails and check for info saves me a lot of time... Thanks Thomas!!!
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 26 gün önce
Great video Thomas! I'd love to learn more about how to prioritize/manage/eliminate tasks using a system like this when so many things feel like they have nearly equal importance. I emailed you about a collab idea where we might be able to solve that together and help a lot of people. (I did take your Skillshare class on productivity...)
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Aylar önce
Thomas, are you going to follow this up with some other PIM videos, like the Notes and Contacts you mention in the beginning of the video?
Owyn999 Aylar önce
Your content keeps getting better and better each year
Dawn Kulan
Dawn Kulan Aylar önce
You get me!
nobita darthv8ter
nobita darthv8ter Aylar önce
I cannot I don't know how or what I'm looking at
abulFeRr Lifestyle أبو الفر
abulFeRr Lifestyle أبو الفر Aylar önce
Except for Fantastical, I already do pretty much every tip you mentioned… The new tip that I never thought of is using calendars as reference calendars, this can be used for everything, from professors office hours to TV shows… Great tip!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Ramba Zamba
Ramba Zamba Aylar önce
so how do you tie all of this with Notion (tasks)?
Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank Aylar önce
Personally, I sit down and plan my day by looking at both of them - which is what I've always done, no matter what task manager I've used (I never used the Todoist/gCal integration). There are some work-in-progress integrations between Notion and Google Calendar via Notion's new API, but right now I'm not worrying about them. At some point, we'll probably get a much more powerful calendar view in Notion, at which point I'll reevaluate!
Gee MeeL
Gee MeeL Aylar önce
GREAT! Vid ! Very helpful, great for the 'former' generation to brush up on how effective planning is done nowadays . Thanks. Very well presented. I would like to endorse you for making these vids for years now and on a very high and professional level. Well done and respect to you @thomasfrank. 👏🏽
Jeff Mozly
Jeff Mozly Aylar önce
thanks for the video! I looked with an amendment, but the fact that I work in leadertask, but I picked up a lot of interesting things
Dannielle MacDonald
Dannielle MacDonald Aylar önce
Your tip to add additional calendars for events that are optional (in your case, professor office hours- in my case, optional coworking times with certain people!) is SO USEFUL!
andre spruill
andre spruill Aylar önce
Something that is great about an calendar, is that you can plan stuff. If you really want to know some history. People like facts such as months: January, February, and March is celebrated by white people, April is shared by africans, months like May, June, July, and August by mexicans, and you have September, October, November, and December is enjoyed by asians.
Sarah Mauser
Sarah Mauser Aylar önce
The calendar
StayFocused Aylar önce
I forgot about this guy - I see he is still organizing stuff.
Jay-Bernie Tan
Jay-Bernie Tan Aylar önce
9:30 where did you get your wallpaper from!
Lilian Brazil
Lilian Brazil Aylar önce
Lieke Aylar önce
For me its best to have a digital calendar to be able to see it all on the go when i need to make appointments when i am out and it can give me alerts to help me remember all my appointments
S J Aylar önce
Thanks for all the tip. I didn’t finish the video yet. Right now stop at 3:56. I happen to notice do you really take 2 naps in a day? If yes, for how long? Very interesting
Mia Jære
Mia Jære Aylar önce
good tips as always, Thomas, maybe you have some tips on how to organize files in general on the computer and in the cloud as well? I want to secure my work, fotos and videos, but am not sure how or where...
Hiba Aylar önce
Why is there no Arabic translation?🙃
Yash Agrawal
Yash Agrawal Aylar önce
Which plugin/template do you use for the text (eg: at 1:31)?
Gemotillo Aylar önce
So funny to see that photo hahahaha
Anh Tuan Nguyen
Anh Tuan Nguyen Aylar önce
Nice thought Guru. Thanks for your content.
dilara Aylar önce
Oooh, you admiration me. I want to speak like this what is fast and accurate🙂
rob Aylar önce
Very useful video. I might have missed it but at the start you said you would discuss the advantages of a old style calendar, manual.
slsgilly Aylar önce
where can i purchase the matt d'avella calendar... thanks
Julie Williams Voiceover Momentum
Julie Williams Voiceover Momentum Aylar önce
Very helpful.
Larry Stoecker
Larry Stoecker Aylar önce
Honestly, I think you could make three times your salary by modeling. You are ridiculously gorgeous.
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous Aylar önce
Thomas getting cuter day by day ;)
Life with Johar
Life with Johar Aylar önce
Plot twist: His lifting coach "Matt" is Matt D'Avella 😱
Mohmad Auckbaraullee
Mohmad Auckbaraullee Aylar önce
Who else is pausing so see all the apps he has
Matt Pierson Art
Matt Pierson Art Aylar önce
whoa! You are referencing way too many applications all at once. Just the thought of using all those productivity apps feels unproductive. Perhaps I am reading a bit too much into it. I hope you have some videos talking about how to use those calendar apps because the first half felt like you were talking to people who knew exactly how to use all of those features that you gave examples from. Is there a video you have that a person can take more actionable steps immediately after watching your video? It felt like this video was geared towards people who use multiple apps just to manage their time and near the end felt like a plug to sell your productivity class.
Carla Collard
Carla Collard 24 gün önce
I agree , every time I watch his videos I’m like, wow that was useful, but wait what, now how do I ACTUALLY do this 🤷🏻‍♀️
Alex Kollár
Alex Kollár Aylar önce
I just love all these easter eggs in your videos, like this calendar. I want one! :D
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Aylar önce
"secret backroom deals" hahaha
Eleni W
Eleni W Aylar önce
throughnel Aylar önce
Sara Aylar önce
It’s like you read my mind! Thank you so much for this video
Dimitris Athanasiadis
Dimitris Athanasiadis Aylar önce
Hey Thomas, could you please take a breath/talk a bit slower? I enjoy the information on your videos but I always feel that I am watching my professors in my undergrad on a late Friday class.. Thanks :)
Babin Dinda
Babin Dinda Aylar önce
Is that a Mark Holcomb sig in the background?
Bruce Mooney
Bruce Mooney Aylar önce
Ive been trying to organize and schedule my life for several years now, but whatever I try, I always end up doing what I want whenever I want, ans most importantly, NOT doing what I dont want to do. Because no, workplace, school and society in general aren’t allowed to have any expectations towards me.
francis bélanger
francis bélanger Aylar önce
I like the fudge ratio!
Pandi Ruvina
Pandi Ruvina Aylar önce
@Thomas Frank Productivity written wrong! Sorry for my english! 😁
Khalid Alrifai
Khalid Alrifai Aylar önce
I love your videos and tips, but for a parent of 3 kids, I feel like I can’t apply much planning to my life anymore because kids are so random and a lot of times I won’t even get to do what I want(/need) to do.
Arc Kocsog
Arc Kocsog Aylar önce
Way too complicated
Felix Ruß
Felix Ruß Aylar önce
You can disable notifications for each calender event, is this guy dumb?
Alito photography
Alito photography Aylar önce
can you do a workflow with just apple apps?
Nicholas Nasr
Nicholas Nasr Aylar önce
I use a physical planner and a digital one. I use the physical one to write down my tasks, keep track of goals, etc. I use the digital one for events and setting time aside
Zeynab Rahimi
Zeynab Rahimi Aylar önce
That was such a nice point to start productivity 😉❤️
Harun SkyWalker
Harun SkyWalker Aylar önce
why post these videos?
HavocX 2 aylar önce
That Voltron mention 😂
Productive Penguin
Productive Penguin 2 aylar önce
the voice that my minimalistic mind wants to hear..... love
Youttok 2 aylar önce
Hello everyone, in short, I have one friend He entered the Medical University in America but he does not know English and the most interesting thing he does not know about medicine is what you advise him to
Chloé Saint-Pierre
Chloé Saint-Pierre 2 aylar önce
wow, it was a very interesting video! I will go organize my calendar right away! Thank you :)
JPKSHUFFLE 2 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for everything that you do for us on TRshow and so on! Your contents are so delightful! Thanks a lot, Frank!
Toa D
Toa D 2 aylar önce
Bruh how did u kno
Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth
Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth 2 aylar önce
Wow that hit me hard, got to share “A genius is the man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him is losing his mind.”
GallantryX 2 aylar önce
Best productivity channel ever actually!
Kristian Dowling
Kristian Dowling 2 aylar önce
Thumbs up for going the entire video without that shirt busting open lol
Nicola Persenico - Educazione Finanziaria
Nicola Persenico - Educazione Finanziaria 2 aylar önce
Per chi fosse interessato all’economia e al mondo degli investimenti offro contenuti gratuiti qui su youtube. Grazie se venite a fare un salto!
Jade 2 aylar önce
Just out of curiosity here. I wonder how old @Thomas Frank? 🤔🤔
John Derpins
John Derpins 2 aylar önce
Why doesn’t this guy ever wear a shirt that fits him?
Gabuda Ichamuda
Gabuda Ichamuda 2 aylar önce
So it's strange, right? I'll make a list day to day of the things I need to do, but then once I write them down, when I get out of work they almost never get done. Yet if I operate purely on instinct, there are days where I'll knock out a bunch of different things in a day.
JustBuns Aylar önce
I have the same issue. Also with planning. The more events I see, the more I get overwhelmed. Just setting a time to work on specific tasks works best for me (one hour of chores in the morning, one hour of exercise in the afternoon). Not go into details.
Helena R
Helena R 2 aylar önce
Great video! I also really like adding the location/address or anything I need to remember for the event in the description. So if there are documents I need to bring or work I need to prepare I can refer to the invite for a refresher!
Topz Institute
Topz Institute 2 aylar önce
It's one thing to have a calendar it's another to know how to use it. Thanks Thomas
Josh Zlaket
Josh Zlaket 2 aylar önce
Hail Zorp!
Mike Bacon
Mike Bacon 2 aylar önce
Those arms aren't going to fit in those sleeves much longer
Wolfich 2 aylar önce
I just now realize that you are getting old...
Wave 2 aylar önce
For future reference How to Organize your calendar 0:08 Be Punctual - Be where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there 1:17 Rule Number 1 - Set up a calendar that suits you (Physical or Digital) 3:15 Life Buckets - Divide different aspects of your life for more of a birds-eye view on things 4:15 Rule Number 2 - Add events and relevant information 4:59 Quick Capture - Minimize the friction by having a quick way to get information into your system 6:21 Recurring Events - For events that constantly repeat 7:12 Optional Events - If you have optional events, you can place these into a separate life bucket 7:47 Reference Calendar - For useful schedule information like professor office hours. 8:22 Personal Development Tip: If you miss events and deadlines like going to the gym or cooking on time, start scheduling time to work on your goals. 9:07 Rule Number 3 - Get information right on time 9:17 Tip 1 - Check your calendar every day 9:39 Tip 2 - Add notifications to remind you of an event (Personal Note: on iPhone, I like to set my calendar notifications alerts to persistent, so my events stay showing until I intentionally swipe away) 9:55 When should you set these notifications 11:20 Additional note - most calendars let you set up multiple notifications which help for birthdays or anniversary where you need prep time 11:39 Recap
Siddhant Chauhan
Siddhant Chauhan 2 aylar önce
Dropping absolute bangers !! Just when I need it too!
G B 2 aylar önce
LOL Martin @ 0:21
Churro 2 aylar önce
0:21 bet they aren’t wearing pants
Seiferboy Gaming
Seiferboy Gaming 2 aylar önce
I only leave the house for grocery shopping, so I don't need to schedule anything. With that being said, I use Scrivener to schedule my year. I created a yearly planner template for myself to use, including a calendar template within the project so I can plan out my TRshow videos, Etsy shop updates, Patreon posts, ect. I'm thinking about simplifying it all and use one monthly calendar and color code everything within the planner. Oh, and a cooking tip: if you run bacon under cold water, or place them into a bowl of cold water, they won't shrink while cooking.
Ibrahima Cisse
Ibrahima Cisse 2 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing!
Mathew Phillips
Mathew Phillips 2 aylar önce
Hey Thomas!
hellotherebunny 2 aylar önce
I spat my cereal at the "A E S T H E T I C" part xD
RadDocu 2 aylar önce
Gravity Falls!
Ella Zhou
Ella Zhou 2 aylar önce
also, the superman hair curl? on point hahah
JKA 2 aylar önce
Quality content as always ❣❣
Adéla Kovalíková
Adéla Kovalíková 2 aylar önce
I personally use my Apple calender (on iPad and iPhone) for adding events instantly and then I use my paper calendar (students assistant) because I like to use highlighters and be creative. :) So I combine these two and it works for me.
Carl Hewitt
Carl Hewitt 2 aylar önce
Were you repping 255 on Bench??
Just A Dude in the World, Man.
Just A Dude in the World, Man. 2 aylar önce
I use paper calendar day to day & then use iCal when traveling or out of pocket. Check cal every morning or night before and if it’s super important while traveling or out of pocket will set a notification. Other than that no notification and it works well for me. All the apps and things are cool but they are too much for me and I agree that you say find what works for you
Sam Sindelar
Sam Sindelar 2 aylar önce
there's some very nice eye candy at 09:25
Ishani Dutta
Ishani Dutta 2 aylar önce
Never clicked on a video quicker
Sandra Carolina Crespo Cárdenas
Sandra Carolina Crespo Cárdenas 2 aylar önce
Where can I get the biceps by matt calendar? Asking for a friend
DreaLightrider 2 aylar önce
Planning fallacy ADHD style... worst case situation "I'm going to hit every red l Iight because I'll get stuck behind a school bus then the apocalypse will start and I'll get stopped by a zombie cop...I'm going to need at least 3 hours to get to work! (Reality: work is 4 miles away and I live in a small city with little traffic. Actual travel time 10 minutes.)
Ethan Kushnirsky
Ethan Kushnirsky 2 aylar önce
Absolutely sick video! Thanks for the tips Thomas, gonna be using them.
Legisly 2 aylar önce
Love from Japan! Hope you visit us someday!
Itkfjhffucmh 2 aylar önce
According to Ali Abdaal: Give yourself a set amount of time to get something done.Reflect,refine by asking yourself- "did I complete the task within the time I gave myself" According to Nir Eyal: " I don't want you to get things done. Time box time for a given activity.Reflect,Refine by asking yourself did I do what I said I would do (a process,not a specific task) for as long as I said I would without getting distracted " Who's right???? I'm confused:(
Karim Abidar
Karim Abidar 2 aylar önce
complicated please do a specific video on the TF explains channel + long tutorial better love ya
Korradoar 2 aylar önce
I was going to make a calendar.... ...but when I tried I realized I not doing anything. all.. ...*slowlysits.
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