EASIEST SCONE RECIPE - Easy Healthy Tasty. Never Fail Scones.

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Easy Healthy Tasty

Easy Healthy Tasty

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Looking for the easiest scone recipe ever? Let me show you my never fail scones. Honestly this recipe super simple! If you enjoyed this recipe please like and subscribe for more Easy Healthy Tasty videos.
3 cups self raising flour
300ml cream (35% fat)
300ml soda water/plain sparkling water
Cook in a hot oven at 220oC/430oF until they’re golden brown and sound hollow when you knock on them. This might take around 15-20mins, sometimes a little longer, depending on how big you make your scones.
Optional extras for Blueberry and White Chocolate scones:
1.5 cups frozen blueberries
1 cup white chocolate chips
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Antionette Wiese
Antionette Wiese Yıl önce
I make these all the time, I don't even roll out the dough, I just spoon the dough in a muffin pan and bake. Easy and no fuss, come out perfectly fine every time.
Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson 6 aylar önce
I just stir up the dough and drop it on a flat sheet pan; in the US, these are drop biscuits. I don't grease my pan because the cream has enough fat to keep them from sticking. Idk how it compares to cream in the UK. The more butterfat, the tastier, though.... Google says my heavy cream is your whipping cream, and it should have at least 30% butterfat. I don't even use the soda, just cream and S/R flour. It works great!
Luseane Tai
Luseane Tai 9 aylar önce
It looks awesome thank you
Antionette Wiese
Antionette Wiese 11 aylar önce
@charlie72 cooked, let them cool down and put them in zip-top bags and trow in the freezer. They don't even stick to each other, you can take them out one at a time and quickly heat them up a bit.
charlie72 11 aylar önce
@Antionette Wiese Are these raw or cooked before you put them in the freezer please?
Antionette Wiese
Antionette Wiese 11 aylar önce
@Dean Mar my pleasure 😊
Carefree Delight
Carefree Delight Yıl önce
Delightful and super informative, and you managed to make us not feel that super sticky is anything to be afraid of. Also helpful to know about the lightness of touch when stirring it all together. Thank you.
W Price
W Price 8 aylar önce
In our NZ household these are called “Winston Peter’s lemonade scones”, after a recipe for them was printed in our newspaper (in an election night special) in 1986. I have shared it with countless people since then. So easy to make, and the ingredients are always available in our house. I have seen them made with pink sparkling wine for a Valentine’s Day celebrations; no doubt you could use other sparkling beverages too!
Betty Kalazich
Betty Kalazich 22 gün önce
What about ginger beer. It works well
Jack Strubbe
Jack Strubbe Aylar önce
@Albert Griffin 220 C or 425 F
Albert Griffin
Albert Griffin 2 aylar önce
What temperature do you cook the scones please.
Manchus S
Manchus S 4 aylar önce
@Easy Healthy Tasty n
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 6 aylar önce
Oooh! The pink sparkling wine sounds like a great idea! Interestingly enough Barbara, who taught me this recipe, is also from NZ 😊
Chris Walton
Chris Walton 11 aylar önce
I adapted this to gluten free self raising flour and added a couple of big handfuls of grated cheddar - amazing. I needed more flour but just keep adding until it started to come together then threw in the cheese, then carried on with your instructions THANK YOU Gluten free is v hard to get fluffy and light but these were divine. Crunchy outside fluffy inside. Yummy
Kathy Paaaina
Kathy Paaaina 2 aylar önce
Aloha hugs did you know Gluten is the protein in Grains GBY
Labwuh .
Labwuh . 9 aylar önce
Such a heartwarming gesture she made by putting her hand on her chest when introducing her name ❤ Thank you for the wonderful recipe.
Lauralei Cathell
Lauralei Cathell Yıl önce
WOW!!! I've been looking for an easy recipe & this is it! Thank You! My mom is 94 & wants some, so now I can give her what she wants! 🇺🇸❤🙏
Vera Davison
Vera Davison Yıl önce
They look great, I make scones all the time but this method is really simple so I look forward to trying it.
Michaela Fletcher
Michaela Fletcher Yıl önce
I've just tried making these scones. Super easy and delicious! Thank you for sharing
Merlins Owl
Merlins Owl Aylar önce
Easy Pendy I added frozen cranberries was super yummy! Cut them into triangles. Yes: be light on working ingredients in. 👍❤️also added lemon zest or orange if I had it and almond extract Vs vanilla Yummo!!!
Connie Jackson
Connie Jackson 4 aylar önce
Fabulous recipe. It’s the scone recipe I always use. I now cook my scones in the Air Fryer on 200 deg C for 12 -15 minutes, depending on how big you’ve made them. Turn them over last couple of minutes
Margaret Davies
Margaret Davies 3 aylar önce
What is an air fryer
JulieStansSuJu Yıl önce
I love the idea of using soda water as a raising agent. And I love the fact that she actually knows how to pronounce the word scone!
lucy lane
lucy lane 2 aylar önce
@Margaret C only if you live in the south everyone else pronounced it like gone
Gerrie Louden Bell
Gerrie Louden Bell 5 aylar önce
@Marilyn Young exactly!!!
Marilyn Young
Marilyn Young 5 aylar önce
@Gerrie Bell You just have to ask Since when has the way a word is spelled in English determined how it is pronounced? Cough/though/through/chough/etc./etc.
Gerrie Bell
Gerrie Bell Yıl önce
@Margaret C The scone is a British food. The correct British (England, Scotland, and Australia too, etc) pronunciation is as you hear on this video. I am an American living in Scotland, and most people here and in England say it like she does here. No, phonetically it doesn’t make sense. But there are many words here that are said totally different from the American way, such as the short-I in vitamin, and a long-o in progress. After living here I hesitate on correcting anyone’s pronunciation! By the way, the fourth line of your poem includes the proper pronunciation.
Ptolemy Glenn
Ptolemy Glenn Yıl önce
@Margaret C the way the presenter said it is correct. The way you want to say it, is considered the low class way of saying it.
theresa94010 Yıl önce
These are definitely THE BEST, THE EASIEST scones I've ever known or made. Thank you so much for giving me a "no fail" way of making something I never had success with. My family (grand children especially) thank you too.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 6 aylar önce
@tylerpurrden and @julie McKnight, this cream is whipping cream with some thickener added to it. It is the easiest and cheapest cream for me to get here in Australia. You can use any cream. I've made them with lower fat and unthickened cream and they still turn out well. 🙂
Trish mcgarvie
Trish mcgarvie Yıl önce
@Julie McKnight looks like our double cream 👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
tylerpurrden Yıl önce
@Julie McKnight same question - what she's using looks more like buttermilk than even our heavy cream; thinking I may try a combo of the two to replicate it
Julie McKnight
Julie McKnight Yıl önce
So I have a question. Here our cream doesn’t look anything like that. Is it the same as what we have here in the US?
Amira elT
Amira elT Yıl önce
Really happy with this simple recipe ..can’t wait to try it. Always reluctant to make scones as it always feels like hit or miss but this sounds the ticket!
Joanne Thomson
Joanne Thomson 11 aylar önce
OMG.. I'm 58yrs old, a really good cook but hopeless at baking. Could never bake scones, have tried heaps of recipes, even the lemonade ones, & they always turned out hard. These are the fluffiest & best scones I have ever made! Thank you, thank you so much. I followed your video to a tee.
Peace Within
Peace Within 4 aylar önce
Try odlums scones I never fail on these. More ingredients but very nice scones. 👌 😉
Elisabeth Lundqvist
Elisabeth Lundqvist 4 aylar önce
Melissa Cuthbert
Melissa Cuthbert 6 aylar önce
Love it and your accent. Trying this today.
Deborah Carlson
Deborah Carlson 6 aylar önce
I can send 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅oo😊😊
Lindsay Ferris
Lindsay Ferris Aylar önce
I'm an old man and making scones is on my bucket list, has been for many years. I have always been afraid to try making them until I saw your method. I made them tonight and they were great, even my wife praised them. Thank you very much
Sujaya 5 aylar önce
I made pumpkin scones today, turned out pretty good 😊 I will try your recipe another time, thanks
7 Christ Saves
7 Christ Saves Yıl önce
Thank you for this simple yet effective recipe. I made the scones with diet lemonade and cranberries and they were dish!!!👍
7 Christ Saves
7 Christ Saves 3 aylar önce
I used dried cranberries, following the desired measurement in the recipe.
Jenny C
Jenny C 3 aylar önce
De-lish even🤭
Dilma Collison
Dilma Collison 4 aylar önce
how much cranberries did you add? I have dried cranberries..could I use them..
Carolyn Daughton
Carolyn Daughton Yıl önce
So happy I found your channel. What a great video! I can't believe how simple this is. Thank you!
Judith Burke
Judith Burke Yıl önce
You could use mini chocolate chips in the pumpkin scone recipe. Yummy! Spices also, if you want to as well.
Maureen Volze
Maureen Volze 9 aylar önce
will for first time try this recipe. i’m 83yrs old and all these years i’ve been going to bakeries !!!
Michelle Pereira
Michelle Pereira Yıl önce
Looks like something I want to try. I appreciate your clear concise instructions.
Miz Lonnie
Miz Lonnie Yıl önce
I made this recipe, added my own seasonings, and everyone loved my spiced black cherry scones! Thank you.
Nina SWIFT 6 aylar önce
@Gma Diddy Always the jam first for me !
sonia hurdle
sonia hurdle Yıl önce
@Polly Zacholl k
Polly Zacholl
Polly Zacholl Yıl önce
@Ava Gates biscuits are more plain, scones has all sorts of add-ons to make them yummy
Gma Diddy
Gma Diddy Yıl önce
@Sheila Gravely - these are English scones, but not dissimilar to American biscuits. These are sliced and eaten with butter, or jam and cream. ( I won’t mention the controversy of which comes first - the jam or the cream..!! )
Ava Gates
Ava Gates Yıl önce
@Sheila Gravely Yes, in the U.S.A. these are called biscuits.
Michelle S.
Michelle S. Yıl önce
Thank you so much for your video. I love your honesty and as we all know baking is a science. I am so excited to try this recipe as I do need a fail proof scone recipe...looks so delicious! All the best to you 💞
Johnny jone
Johnny jone Yıl önce
Hello how are you I'm Johnny from California what about you?...
Tony Dalat
Tony Dalat Yıl önce
Nice presentation. How are you doing @Michelle?
Caj Sheen
Caj Sheen Yıl önce
Stilton and Walnut would be good, especially for the menfolk! I would stir with a spatula, because of the old saying, ' stir with a knife, stir up strife ' . Great demo, Thanks! XXX
Caj Sheen
Caj Sheen 11 aylar önce
@Rosalie Robertson Yes, the options are many and varied. You don't need to use a lot of cheese, just mash in a little, and with chopped walnuts you achieve a piquant flavour. Happy experimenting. XXX
Rosalie Robertson
Rosalie Robertson 11 aylar önce
@Caj Sheen Sounds good for those who love very strong cheese, but I would try extra tasty & add shallots. It will be fun to experiment with different sweet & savoury favours. Kids could "help" & choose their own recipe for their lunch box.
Caj Sheen
Caj Sheen Yıl önce
@Susan Lang Stilton is an English, Blue vein cheese. Lovely with grapes. Loved by lots of gents with port in the evening. Not to everyone's liking of course but enjoyed by many. XXX
Susan Lang
Susan Lang Yıl önce
What is Stilton? I’m American and don’t know what this is. Thx!
Janet Thornton
Janet Thornton Yıl önce
What an easy recipe, Ican't wait to try it out. They look delicious.
Kalib Saisoaa
Kalib Saisoaa Yıl önce
Those blueberry scones look divine 😊
a j l
a j l 2 yıl önce
I love the look of your blueberry white chocolate chip scones it looks so moist and delicious I totally want to make these thank you for the lovely uncomplicated recipe
Susan Hoogsteyns
Susan Hoogsteyns Yıl önce
Me too..
Rona Gouws
Rona Gouws Yıl önce
Thank you so much. My scones were always a flop, so I can't wait to try these. They look delicious.
Linda B
Linda B Yıl önce
Never seen scones made this way will definitely try this , they look yummy 😋 🇬🇧
DLM in Florida
DLM in Florida 2 aylar önce
Love this recipe! Cannot wait to try it. Thanks for doing this!
TOMHD Yıl önce
Going to try with white chocolate, macadamia nuts and frozen cherries…. This looks soooo simple. Thanks tons!
Kayenne54 Yıl önce
I use Bundaberg Ginger Beer in my scones. (because I didn't have any lemonade or soda when I first made them). They turn out great.
Jane Dodson
Jane Dodson Yıl önce
So happy to hear of a simple way to make scones. I’d like cinnamon seasoning too.
S Nob
S Nob 10 aylar önce
Thank you for the recipe. I was just enjoying my afternoon tea at home and missing the scones I was having last week in London. Now I can make some myself 😊
Sally Wilson Spiewakowski
Sally Wilson Spiewakowski Yıl önce
Great fun listening and watching while you make scones. I love scones and will make these for sure! ❤️❤️❤️
Ruth Carter
Ruth Carter Yıl önce
Ooooo! Thank you so much! I love scones, but I have been timid about doing this. I’m going to give it a go now!
Dawn Spencer
Dawn Spencer Yıl önce
These look lovely! I will attempt to bake some tonight! You remind me soo much of my own Mum she was an amazing self taught baker and cook! She sadly passed at a young age and I never had the joy to bake or learn with her. Memories flooded back to my 6 year old self in with such awe and enchantment watching her bake in her big kitchen she adored. Thank you for sharing your gift in such a sweet and lovely way! xx Oh, if I may ask when filling scones as you showed with the blueberries and white chocolate chips may I ask a daffy question as to how?🤗 real beginner here!🙋‍♀️ Cheers!xx
Annette Copas
Annette Copas Yıl önce
Looks delicious 👍
Judy Rea
Judy Rea Yıl önce
Probably fold them in gently before putting out on the floured board.
Sandra Lui
Sandra Lui Yıl önce
Very innovative not to have butter, love this idea of using cream. Also, like your presentation, very natural and homey as opposed to very commercial 😃
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
It’s whipping cream.
claudia m
claudia m Yıl önce
Is it whipping cream? Sweet cream?
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
Thanks for your kind words Sandra! Homey is what we’re all about. This is real life home cooking, not Masterchef 😀
Laiba Habib
Laiba Habib 2 yıl önce
I love savoury scones, so I added one cup of mature cheddar cheese in the mixture and divided 1/2 cup of extra cheese to sprinkle on top of the milk wash before baking them.
Romilla Lala
Romilla Lala Yıl önce
@Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane awesome, agree with you. I've made scones today & they turned out divine... love this recipe...
Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane
Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane Yıl önce
@Romilla Lala I always keep whatever fizzy liquid I’m using cold (eg lemonade aka sprite or soda water or ginger beer or ginger ale). Scones are better with cold ingredients, minimal handling then into a hot oven.
Romilla Lala
Romilla Lala Yıl önce
@LL thanks for all the additional tips... I've used only cheddar & they come out beautiful. This is indeed a "never fail scone recipe.
LL Yıl önce
Cheese scones are my absolute favourite. I add strong cheddar/pinch cayenne/pinch paprika/tsp of Nigella seeds and a tsp of English mustard. Delicious!
Romilla Lala
Romilla Lala Yıl önce
@Gloria Bezuidenhout I've just tried it today... I used the soda water chilled from the fridge.
Patricia Schmitt
Patricia Schmitt 2 aylar önce
👍awesome, they look easy, fabulous and I bet they're delicious. Can't wait to try them.
Margaret Roper
Margaret Roper 3 aylar önce
Excellent video which I enjoyed very much. You were clear and showed every step and with tips as well. Thank you for posting this recipe for scones. I will definitely be making these as I love scones ❤️
Chevonne M
Chevonne M Yıl önce
Thank you for this easy to do recipe! I am gluten free and I use a ready to use flour mix that I substitute for cake flour. I will try this with my gluten free version. They look fantastic!
Chris Walton
Chris Walton 11 aylar önce
I used gf self raising flour and some grated cheese fab scones.
Jacqueline Paul
Jacqueline Paul Yıl önce
@Christine Sellers Thanks..I know of that one its nice..but crazy expensive.
Christine Sellers
Christine Sellers Yıl önce
try almond flour that is gluton free
Jacqueline Paul
Jacqueline Paul Yıl önce
Gluten free flour ?
Beatrice Bacon
Beatrice Bacon Yıl önce
I made this twice a week since watching your videos. It’s so easy.
Caroline-Mathilde Yıl önce
Genius recipe! Can't wait to try it! Thank you so much for posting!! xx :]
E Gyap
E Gyap 2 yıl önce
They look amazing, can't wait to give this recipe a try!
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 2 yıl önce
Hi E Gyap, Thanks for your encouragement. Let us know how you go with the recipe 😊
booktoblockbuster Yıl önce
Such a pleasure to watch! Im making both of these scones! Thanks
Deo Larrijie Glovasa
Deo Larrijie Glovasa Yıl önce
I made this today and it was really good ! Thank you!
Igor S
Igor S Yıl önce
It's my first time baking anything other than Brazilian cheesebread. Would be nice to hear also how long you bake them, at what temperature.
Bimsara Galpoththage
Bimsara Galpoththage 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much! I just made these. My first time making them and I must say they taste amazing! I’m not much of a baker but this recipe was super quick and easy and I love scones!
Piedade Rudman
Piedade Rudman 11 aylar önce
That was extremely helpful and the scones look delicious! Thank you!
Vanessa Amos
Vanessa Amos 2 yıl önce
Thank you for sharing 💖 I just came across your channel and boy I have been hunting all over for an easy scone recipe! I am definitely gonna give this a try. Thank you thank you thank you💚
gerilynne1955 Yıl önce
Me too!
JND King
JND King Yıl önce
Thank you for the recipe! Looks delicious.
Manarii Tane
Manarii Tane Yıl önce
These came our beautifully. I added some dried cranberries and everybody loved them. Thank you for this easy recipe.
Patricia Manz
Patricia Manz 11 aylar önce
Loved your video! Your commentary was delightful! I am taking your word for the never fail results, which gives me the confidence to give your recipe a try! Thank you!
Upp Avasyathinu
Upp Avasyathinu 10 aylar önce
This recipe looks absolutely delicious and delightful. Love the way you prepared.
Bee Thethi
Bee Thethi 10 aylar önce
🙏 I like your “never fail” scone recipe & look forward to baking a batch soon. 👍
Frank D'Souza
Frank D'Souza 2 yıl önce
HarrodsFan has said it for me: "Perfect": Simple, straightforward, and refreshingly comprehensive. Can anyone claim that she has missed a single point? Obviously an expert, but makes you feel she is one of your special friends, eager that your results are as good as hers, if not better. Frank
Carole Pope
Carole Pope 2 yıl önce
How much flour is in a cupful as I do not own a cup like this
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 2 yıl önce
Hi Frank. What lovely kind words!!! 😊 I’m not sure that I’m an expert but I’m very keen for everyone to feel like cooking is something anyone can do. Thanks again for your lovely words.
Deb Edwards
Deb Edwards Yıl önce
My mum always just used a glass to cut out her scones. 💖 I will definitely be trying this recipe.
Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark 9 aylar önce
I saw this recipe on your channel a while ago, didn't make a note of it and am so ☺ happy to see it back. Thank you so much. I love your style of presenting. Thank you I am definitely going to try these. They look 😋 delicious.
trish3754 Yıl önce
i came across this recipe for scones by accident so i decided to give them a go they are delicious and so easy to do i did jiggle the receipt a bit i added sugar and sultanas and they turned out amazing gave the family some and they love them this is the only recipe i’m going to use from now on …… thank you
Gen's Kitchen Magic
Gen's Kitchen Magic Yıl önce
I like to use self-rising flour, grate in frozen butter and then add buttermilk. Turns out delicious!
Karin Junker
Karin Junker 11 aylar önce
Oh, what an encouraging inspiration ! The only problem could be, that I eat too many of them at once. Thanks for your so charming presentation !
Robert Pritchett
Robert Pritchett Yıl önce
I made these today and they are wonderful! Can't believe something so easy tastes this good. Will make them for all my afternoon teas (my favorite way of entertaining.) I bet Kath & Kim would love these too. lol Thank you for ending my search for the perfect scone recipe.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
😆 Thanks for taking the time to give us such positive feedback, Linda. And I’m glad that Robert enjoyed them too 😊
Robert Pritchett
Robert Pritchett Yıl önce
Actually, I'm Linda. Robert just enjoyed them after I made them.
D Ra
D Ra Aylar önce
Oh, it has been such a long time that I wanted to make my own, and here you are to help me tremendously Wow, cannot wait for Trader's Joe store open so I can buy the cream, so my long waited wish I will enjoy on this ideally rainy Sunday. 😊 It is amazing how right things always come in the right time🤗🌹💫
Priti Walker
Priti Walker Yıl önce
Thanks so much...I don't usually do any baking but tried my hand at this....it came out beautifully. Wish I could offer you some!!!🌹
HappyDays Yıl önce
I really wanted to have a big bite of that yummy looking scone. 😋 Saving this recipe to try, thank you. 😊
Marian Ocheltree
Marian Ocheltree Aylar önce
Love the child’s hand print flower on the refrigerator. Thanks for the scone recipe.
AJD 5 aylar önce
Recipe worked well! However, I'd forgotten why I avoid self-raising flour: it makes my mouth 'go funny' (like a drying, tingling feeling). I'll try next time with normal flour and baking powder instead which is usually better. But if sr flour doesn't bother you, this recipe is a winner!
Villagesteader Yıl önce
I love this video! In the States we call the scone with no sugar is what we would call a biscuit…specifically a cream biscuit. Any variation with perhaps fruit and/or spices would be a scone. It’s fun to experience things from another perspective! Also, we pronounce scone like stone of course with the c instead of the t.🧐 it sounds nicer the way you say it.♥️👍🙏🇺🇸🤓
Marilyn Young
Marilyn Young 5 aylar önce
The pronunciation of the "s" word is an entrenched division in the UK! By the way, the Queen (RIP) said "skon", and not to rhyme with "gone". No matter, they're always a welcome treat!
Villagesteader Yıl önce
@Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis you’re welcome 🤓
Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis
Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis Yıl önce
@Villagesteader thank you!
Villagesteader Yıl önce
@Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis yes, heavy cream and whipping cream are the same and that’s what we use.
Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis
Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis Yıl önce
In the states, what would you use for cream? Whipping cream carton, from the grocery store? I’ve never really seen ‘cream’ pourable cream, I mean.
daphne ramphul
daphne ramphul 5 aylar önce
Charity, this looks so easy to make. My husband has tea & scone daily mid morning (he's diabetic). Sadly, my few attempts at making them were futile, so buy instead, but they're so expensive now.......will give this recipe a shot! Isn't cream too rich though!!!
Biz Pie
Biz Pie Yıl önce
I just made them and used 35% whipping cream. They came out fantastic!
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
So glad to hear they worked out for you! 😊
Yvonne Moretti
Yvonne Moretti Yıl önce
Glad I don’t have to cut in butter- looking forward to trying them
Ann Norman
Ann Norman Yıl önce
Must admit, the cream and soda water ingredients sound surreal! Probably won't be convinced until I try the recipe myself. I was also never successful using the traditional method until I watched Paul Hollywood (one of the judges in the BBC tv Bake Off) make them his way and have never looked back since. They are now always risen, golden and delicious, too much so...🤪
Jack Strubbe
Jack Strubbe Aylar önce
I tried this technique with what I had in the house, which was Schweppes bitterlemon soda (from my bar) lol. They came out perfectly! The texture was perfect, and the extra lemon taste from the soda paired perfectly with a chutney-style marmalade i make with key limes, kumquats, California dried chilis rehydrated, fresh grated ginger, dark brown sugar, a generous splash of dark rum in each jar, and Chinese 5 spice. A favorite recipe of my great grandmother's. Even though I am now 75, this marmalade chutney on fresh scones reminds me of my childhood in my great grandmother's garden. She showed me how to sprout the seeds from kumquats, and I still raise my own in pots in my windows!
Pip Yıl önce
Thank you. These look delicious. You made me want to try baking lol 😆
1966geordieboy Yıl önce
Good tip on baking close together. It does help them rise and not expand vertically 🤩
theresa94010 Yıl önce
Yes, good observation. Thanks for bringing it up.
N.Barry Yıl önce
I made this today with sugar free lemonade drink, amazing results. thanks for sharing the know how. You made me look like an accomplished cook... haha
Elda Lefler
Elda Lefler Aylar önce
Can't wait to make these. Will let you know how they turn out.
Everson Gagliardi
Everson Gagliardi 3 aylar önce
Super cool recipe, indeed! Definitely give it a try. Cheers.
Tina Miller
Tina Miller Yıl önce
Thanks Charity! Amazing presentation with delicious looking scones. Your recipe will be my goto from now on👌😇
Dr. Disha Shinde
Dr. Disha Shinde Yıl önce
Tried making scones for first time with this recipe.. It’s a no fail recipe.. 💯 however my scones were ready in 12 minutes exactly
Thankyou for your well presented, clear instructions, I like your no fuss attitude and to top it off I’m feeling inspired. Brilliant
Waymakers_ kid
Waymakers_ kid Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'm going to try it with gluten free flours and see if I can get them to turn out close to yours. I miss wheat! They look more like our biscuits than the scones I've been making.
Margie Poulos
Margie Poulos 2 aylar önce
OMG, they look so good!
Aini Bakat
Aini Bakat 6 aylar önce
I think we shouldn't be afraid to try with a sticky dough recipe. Just relax and watch the tutorial over & over again so not to miss any good tips.
Leslie Gray
Leslie Gray 5 aylar önce
I will have to try this! I have made scones many, many times with varying degrees of success (ie: still tasted good, but looked a bit like hell.. lol). I don’t keep soda water on hand, though, so I’ll have to wait until I can get some.
Annette Elliott-Dunn
Annette Elliott-Dunn Yıl önce
This is brilliant. What I hate about making scones is all butter. Thank you!
Geraldine Boyd
Geraldine Boyd Yıl önce
They look amazing, going to try this with Glutenfree self-raising flour and will add the liquid bit by bit to get the right consistency. Have perfected GF bread that way with buttermilk. Many thanks 😊
Sheila F
Sheila F Yıl önce
We need a update on your gluten free scones.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
How did they go Geraldine?
Wattsie Yıl önce
Oo let me know if this work please.
zirconium Yıl önce
I remember a lemonade recipe so i looked up a soda water version, thank you!
Lynne Morrison
Lynne Morrison 11 aylar önce
I make these with 4 1/2 cups of self raising flour much easier. Also you don't have to be to fussy about how much you handle them ,making it them a good recipe for children to help. You can also roll the mixture out oblong, spread with tomato paste , cheese and ham and roll the mixture lengthwise and cut to make swirls.
Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark Yıl önce
They look delicious. Thank you for your presentation.
Joy Kershaw
Joy Kershaw Yıl önce
Love this so simple recipe, thanks x
Sheila 11 aylar önce
Yes, this is an easy method. I used tinned cream and lemonade, as I had them in. Really nice. Thank you for the video..
Jacqui Posener
Jacqui Posener 2 yıl önce
Very clear content. It was a pity we didn’t get to see them coming out of the oven but I will give this recipe a go!
Veronica Melling
Veronica Melling Yıl önce
I would have loved to have seen the scones coming out of the oven. The recipe seems promising.The finished ones with fruit looked delicious .I ' m going to make some
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 2 yıl önce
Hi Jacqui, There should be a shot right at the end of my cup of tea with scones next to it. Admittedly I probably could have made that shot longer but we’re still new to this TRshow thing and learning as we go 😊
Fatuma Abdullah
Fatuma Abdullah Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing, I was skeptic so I did a third of everything. They came out great. I sliced my scone into half and put some cheddar cheese. Yum yum...saving this recipe for a bigger batch.
Zara bees
Zara bees 6 aylar önce
What was the temperature & how long did it take to bake ? Thanks
Vocal Chords
Vocal Chords Yıl önce
You make this non-cook feel even he might try this - your clarity of explanation is so good! Thank you v much.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
Vocal Chords, I’m glad you found the recipe clear to understand! Thanks for your comment 😊
Blondie 11 aylar önce
Thank you Charity. I added chopped dry dates and the result was YUM!! Didn't have soda water so I used lemonade. Oh heck, what's a few more calories.... :) I didn't bother with the scone cutter; simply tore off chunks and rolled in teeny bit of flour. They were just as good the next day - I had popped the left-over scones into a zip-lock bag. Often, store bought scones are dry the following day. Yours is a variation on one I've used in the past. I found the your proportions too wet so I'll be adding less liquid next time and adding in more flour as needed. It often depends on how dry the flour is in the first place.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty 6 aylar önce
Hi Blondie, I’m glad you made some yummy scones! You’re right that the humidity can effect the outcome… I’ve also discovered since filming this video that our Australian measuring cups are larger than in the US and UK so it makes sense that you needed to add more flour.
Cathran Bowyer
Cathran Bowyer Yıl önce
I use the same measurements for my ginger scones, add a good quantity of ground ginger to the flour before you sieve it. I use diet ginger beer then gently fold in chopped glacé ginger, delicious 😋
L G 11 aylar önce
@Rhonda Eckert Wouldn’t that make it too dry?
Lynda ONeill
Lynda ONeill Yıl önce
@Christina LW28 You bet,worry about diet after enjoying them haha.😭👍
Rhonda Eckert
Rhonda Eckert Yıl önce
I use 4 cups flour
Christina LW28
Christina LW28 Yıl önce
Why “diet?” Just go for it. 😉👍🏼
Always in Prayer
Always in Prayer Yıl önce
Yum! Ginger is my fav
JUNO 11 aylar önce
I love scones, this recipe looks easy, I’m going to give them a try.
Annette Steppens
Annette Steppens Yıl önce
This is always my go to receipe for scones. Yum... raspberry jam and a big dollop of Devon Clotted Cream and don't forget a good cuppa as well.
Easy Healthy Tasty
Easy Healthy Tasty Yıl önce
Yes! Can’t forget the cuppa!
Susanne Yıl önce
I love this quick recipe. Thank you. I will use this for sure.
luna maria
luna maria 6 aylar önce
I enjoyed your video. You're very natural and not showy. I learned a lot and can't wait to try.
Trish Butcher
Trish Butcher 5 aylar önce
My Mum used to say ‘stir with a knife, you stir up strife’ Great video, thanks 🙏🏻
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